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ADVERTISING PLANNING Marketing Plan vs Advertising Plan Marketing Plan focuses on sales Advertising Plan focuses on Communication Goals

The Advertising Plan An Advertising Plan Matches the Right Audience to the Right Message and Presents It in the Right Mediu to Reach That Audience ! "as Three Ele ents#

Targeting the Audience$ %ho are &ou tr&ing to reach' Message Strategy$ %hat do &ou sa& to the ' Media Strategy$ %hen ! (here (ill &ou reach the '

Four Major Steps:

Identif&ing target audience# Defining the selling conce)t# Setting advertising goals# Develo)ing a )lan of e*ecution#

Ste) +$ Identif&ing Target Audience# %a&s to identif& target audience$ ,-.ective /haracteristics Su-.ective Res)onses ,vert 0ehavior Ste) 1$ Defining the selling conce)t

Selling Premises
Product Product Benefit Benefit Promises Promises Reason ReasonWhy Why Unique UniqueSelling Selling Proposition Proposition Support Support
Advertisements Advertisementsthat thatfocus focuson onthe theproduct product itself by looking at attributes. itself by looking at attributes. Product Productis ispromoted promotedon onthe thebasis basisof of hat hatit it can do for customers. can do for customers. Promises Promisesthat thatsomething something ill illhappen happenif ifyou you use the advertised product. use the advertised product. Based Basedon onlogic logicand andreasoning reasoningand andclearly clearly states a reason for the benefit states a reason for the benefitgained. gained. A Abenefit benefitstatement statementthat thatis isboth bothunique uniqueto tothe the product and important to the user. product and important to the user. !ends !endscredibility credibilityto tothe theselling sellingpremise. premise.

Selling conce)t has 2 )arts$ +# /onsu er Pro-le /avities 1# /onsu er Pa&off No /avities 3# Product Selling )oints /rest has$ 4luoride A#D#A# Endorse ent 2# /o )etitive Positioning ,nl& tooth)aste (ith A#D#A# endorse ent Ste) 3$ Setting Advertising Goals Each goal ust do 3 things

State an effect

4or e*a )le Raise A(areness Introducing a ne( )roduct 0uild an I age 5outh 0rand 6Ree-ok7 8ualit& 60M%7 9 SEE /LASS /"ART: fill in -elo($

1# S)ecif& ho( an& )ros)ects ;<= of target arket# 3# Set a deadline %ithin one &ear %ithin one &ear: ;<= of the target /rest# Ste) 2$ Develo)ing a )lan of e*ecution for###

arket (ill kno( that A#D#A# endorses

1# Media )lan

Messages Media 0udget Evaluation

>Media ,-.ectives

Media Selection

Media Schedule 5outh Market 0udget Seven ethods for setting advertising a))ro)riations Ar-itrar& ethod All availa-le funds /o )etitive )arit& 4i*ed Su )er unit Percentage of sales 0udget -uild9u)?Task ,-.ective Method /o -ination of ethods

2# Evaluation$ Measuring effects: )re9test and )ost9test

RE/AP$ 2

a.or ste)s in advertising )lanning )rocess Identif&ing the Target Market Defining the Selling /once)t Setting Advertising Goals Develo)ing a Plan of E*ecution