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Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) proudly celebrates the 50th year anniversary of Aeronautical and Aerospace study in Indonesia. The study was established in 1962 under the department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, as a result of few persons that had completed similar study overseas. During the course of 50 years, Aeronautical and Aerospace Study has evolved into elite department in ITB. Aeronautical & Aerospace Study contributes in many historical milestones of Indonesian Aviation, e.g. design and manufacturing of first turboprop of Indonesia CN235 and most recently the design of KFX with Korean Aviation Industry. Not only that, their alumni has been known to have a strong sense of knowledge and high degree of independency in workplace. They have filled many top notch positions in government, industries, airlines, MRO; not only in aviation industry but also other industry, not limited to Indonesian industry but also international manufacturer or industry. This 50th year anniversary is a good moment to reflect all the contributions that have been made and to formulize as far as next 50 year. I believe that aeronautical and aerospace studies will become one of the leaders in nation building of Indonesia. Their professional signature will be crafted in many aspects of human life. So, we are proud to present the 50thyear of anniversary of Aeronautical and Aerospace Study. Hopefully through this event: excellent ideas and dreams will be generated, as well as action planning to fulfill those visions.


Hari Tjahjono Chairman of IAP ITB

|50 Years Anniversary of Aeronautics Engineering Education In Indonesia

ContributeToIndonesia:DevelopingIndonesiaasaMainPlayerintheWorldAviation BusinessandIndustry

Collaborationamongallaviationindustry(Airline,MRO,Manufacturer,Governmentand Academician)forbetterIndonesiansaviationindustry.Andtostrengthenbondbetween alumniofAeronauticsEngineeringITB.

Time 08.00 08.2008.25 08.3010.00 Agenda MorningCoffee&Registration Opening KeynoteSpeech ContributetoIndonesia:DevelopingIndonesiaasaMainPlayerintheWorldAviationBusinessandIndustry

10.0013.00 PanelDiscussion ContributetoIndonesia:DevelopingIndonesiaasaMainPlayerintheWorldAviationBusinessandIndustry Speaker: HerryBakti(DirectorGeneralofCivilAviation,MinistryofTransportationRI) EmirsyahSatar(CEOGarudaIndoensia) RudySetyopurnomo(CEOMerpati),RusdyKirana(CEOLionAir),ArifWibowo(CEOCitilink)*) BudiSantoso(CEOPTDI) RichardBudihadianto(CEOGMFAeroAsia) Prof.Dr.Ir.IchsanSetyaPutra(DirectorofQualityAssuranceITB) Hostby:NinokLeksono ExecutiveBuffetLunch&Networking AviationExhibition 14.0016.00


Talkshow ContributetoIndonesia:TheRolesofAlumni

16.0016.30 16.3018.00

Speaker: SupraDekanto(PTDI,PN81) AnantaWidjaja(SriwijayaAir,PN89) CornelisRadjawane(GMF,PN88) Kol.NovyanSamyoga(TNIAU,PN89) SyahmudrianLubis(PSTech,PN88) TaufiqMulyanto(ITB,PN90) Hostby:Prof.OetarjoDiran(FounderofTeknikPenerbanganITB) DoorPrizesandBookLaunching GatheringAlumni *)tobeconfirmed


Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)

Event Organizer
Councilman: Prof. DR. Ing. B.J. Habibie Prof. OetarjoDiran Bpk. Nugroho Bpk. HerryBakti Bpk. Budhi M. Suyitno Bpk. JusmanSyafiiDjamal Bpk. Ichsan S.P. Bpk. Eddy Prayitno Steering Committee: Bpk. HariTjahjono Bpk. Richard B Bpk. AnantaWidjaja Bpk. CornelisRadjawane Bpk. Soerjanto Tjahjono Bpk. Taufik Mulyanto Bpk. Rudy SetyoPurnomo Bpk. Sofyan Danu Siswantoro

Chairman Committee

: : : : : : :

Ahmad Ulya Suhanto Diki Hartanto Andi Fahrurozi Lia Yuanawati Agung WulanPiniji AriniSyahradzi

Budget Estimation
Budget Expenses
Site Decoration Publicity Book of 50 Years of Aeronautics Refreshments Event Program Doorprize Miscellaneous

150,000,000 15,000,000 10,000,000 75,000,000 30,000,000 20,000,000 10,000,000 10,000,000

IDR 320,000,000


|50 Years Anniversary of Aeronautics Engineering Education In Indonesia

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1. Networking opportunities with your peers, organizational leaders, expert and customers from various aviation industry and education. 2. Associate your brand and key personnel with leading issues and experts in the industry. 3. Strengthen your brand existence, which will contact directly with potential customers/market, in order to grab more business. 4. Increasing your brand reputation. 5. Contribute in the accelerating and building the future of Indonesian Aviation Industry.

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|50 Years Anniversary of Aeronautics Engineering Education In Indonesia

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