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Mobile: 00000000000 E-Mail: Senior Level Assignments ~ Sales and Operations Management ~ Financial Services ~ Customer PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Senior E"ecutive offering ## $ears of strong, decisive executive leadership in well-known organizations. An accomplished professional who has successfully diverse facets including Hard Core ales, !ackend elations!ip Management

"perations, Accounts and #inance, $nternal audit %#inance and &uality', (isk )anagement, Customer ervice, *egal and Compliance, Admin and upport, +echnology, ,ew !ranch etup, Human (esource

-epartment . )$ . Have su/stantial experience in managing services to meet operational and /usiness o/0ectives, inclusive of growth and margin targets. 1roven record of handling pro0ects re2uiring smooth . seamless relocation of !usiness 1rocesses. 3ith significant experience in managing process . ensuring conformity to the preset process42uality parameters, possess skills in conducting various training sessions for enhancing the performance and 2uality of service. An am/assador of Change with the distinction of successful /usiness process re-structuring, implementation of /usiness solutions in organizations within preset /udgets and deadlines. 5xcellent communication and people management skills that have /een honed through managing multi skilled teams. Core competencies entail:

Operations Management: Conceiving4implementing term plans for achievement of process o/0ectives. Administering operations and leading teams for excelling /usiness targets . service delivery metrics. 5xploring potential /usiness avenues . managing operations for achieving increased /usiness growth . initiating development efforts. -efining service standards and guidelines that serve as /enchmark for excellent service delivery there/y contri/uting towards ameliorated service revenue generation. "verseeing a team of managers involved in setting up targets, 1roviding high 2uality "perational "1 . *A, setting and maintaining C+& %Critical to &uality'4C+1 %Critical to 1rocess' targets and planning for the process. upport to improve overall customer satisfaction6 managing respective section and ensuring that instructions are processed as per the service levels.

Process Management: )apping /usiness re2uirements and coordinating in developing and implementing processes in line with the pre-set guidelines. Analysing the data and providing the information that helps in overall growth of the organisation. 7ndertaking responsi/ilities of removing unnecessary procedures in processes6 ensuring uniformity in the process understanding at the client8s and the organization8s end. )onitoring the overall functioning of processes, identifying improvement areas and implementing ade2uate measures to maximize customer satisfaction level.

%eam Management: (ecruiting, mentoring . monitoring the performance of team mem/ers, assessing 2uality of work and ensuring efficiency in process operations . meeting of targets. Creating and sustaining a dynamic environment that fosters development opportunities and motivates high performance amongst team mem/ers.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS &&&&&& ' till date +ice ,resident %!e Accountabilities: &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&( )*

-etermine . formulate strategies and set the overall direction of the organization for $nsurance, )utual #unds and 9eneral $nsurance within the guidelines set up /y the !oard of -irectors. 1lan, direct, and coordinate operational activities at the highest level of management with the help of su/ordinate executives and staff managers.

,ew /ranch set ups with all infrastructures. $mparting training to the team on the products and various processes. $dentification, short listing . appointment of right :endors . ervice -elivery 1artners.

5nsuring smooth and uninterrupted sales and operations /eing conducted as per set guide lines. -evelop financial plans /ased on analysis of clients; financial status and discuss financial options with clients. &uarterly /udgeting< )$ on the sales, expenditure vs. /udget on revenue expenditure = cost control.

$nterfacing with other support areas such as product controllers, corporate treasury and operations.

Ma$-0. ' Mar -0/ Associate +ice ,resident %!e Accountabilities:

&&&&&&&&&&&&( )*

upervising sales . operations of *ife $nsurance, 9eneral $nsurance . )utual #unds for >arnataka and 9oa region.

pearheading sales and operations of ?@ retail /ranches with a team size of ABC mem/ers. )onitoring the overall functioning of processes, identifying improvement areas and implementing ade2uate measures to maximize customer satisfaction level. (eviewing and ensuring transaction acceptance4processing are carried out at desired efficiency level with less than ?D error rate across all /ranches in the (egion. upervising customer service operations for rendering and achieving 2uality services6 providing first line customer support /y answering 2ueries . resolving issues , ensuring minimum +A+.

1reparing and reviewing )$

reports . other statements with a view to apprise management of the

process operations and assist in critical decision-making process.

trengthen relationship with /usiness partners . ensure proper expansion of /usiness as per agreed plan.

etting out 2uality systems for various operational areas, ensuring a high-2uality customer experience, while adhering to the work processes and 2uality standards.

(ecruiting, managing . monitoring the performance of team mem/ers to ensure efficiency in process operations, ales and meeting of individual . group targets.

-etermining training needs of associates and conducting suita/le training programs on technical and soft skills to enhance their operational efficiency leading to increased productivity.

%!e Attainments:

*ed the preparation of training manuals of )utual #unds application processing, )#$ +racker, )#$ 5xplorer . analyzing portfolio of institutional clients. 1repared C )anual using /ottom up approach.

uccessfully initiated new processes for minimizing re0ections of applications4lost of applications. $nitiated compliance over track of #)1 rollovers . pending documents register for $nstitutions. (eceived the E!est ,ew Comer AwardF for turning around the retail /usiness.

0ul-01 ' Apr-0. 2usiness 3evelopment Manager


%!e Accountabilities:

(esponsi/le for managing a team of ?C

ales 5xecutives . "fficers.

Achieving the /udgeted target /y setting up a strong distri/ution network. +o create, develop and close new /usiness opportunities. Achieving the sales targets, forecasting, planning, execution and training etc.

CERTIFICATIONS -iploma in !usiness )odule

ACADEMIC 2ac!elors in 2usiness Management4 5onors in 6nternational 2usiness taffordshire 7niversity taffordshire 7niversity GGGG GGGG

E&% A C)



epresented as ?' College 5vents )anager H' 1u/lic (elationship "fficer


) -"##$C5, )#$ +racker, )# 5xplorer, "-$,, H+)*, Iava, +ally, 3e/ -esigning.