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%1' $ %" year old primigra&ida at ' wee(s pregnancy attends antenatal clinic. She is worried for the ris( of )own*s syndrome in +a+y at this age. $, -ow will you counsel her. B, what methods would you offer her for screening and diagnosis. %2' $ primigra&ida at /! wee( of pregnancy presents with intermittent painless &aginal +leeding. 0n e amination she is &itally sta+le. Fetal hear sounds are audi+le. $, what is the most li(ely cause. B, -ow would you follow her through antenatal period. C, -ow would you deli&er her. %0' $ woman in her third pregnancy presented in antenatal clinic with random +lood sugar report of !1" mg per dl at 2% wee(s of pregnancy. $, 0ut line management plan. B, 3numerate neonatal complications associated with maternal )ia+etes Mellitus. %2' $ woman in her se&enth pregnancy with pre&ious all normal &aginal deli&eries came for antenatal chec( up at term on e amination she had trans&erse lie of fetus. $, 3numerate causes of trans&erse lie. B, What are the ris( factors associated to mother and +a+y. C, What will +e the mode of deli&ery.

%,' $ !4 year old woman in her fourth pregnancy has come for her antenatal +oo(inga at 4 wee(s gestation. $, Write down the pattern of ta(ing o+stetrics history. B, Briefly outline the +asic in&estigations re5uired. C, What is anomaly scan and when is it performed. ), 0ut line stops of antenatal e amination. 3, -ow will you plan fre5uency of antenatal &isits for her.

With courtesy from Bilal Bashir Final Year MBBS Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi (www. raheel.!"

%3' $ woman in her third pregnancy at !6 wee(s of gestation presented with intermittent painful uterine contractions. 7re&iously she had spontaneous preterm +irth at /" wee(s gestations. $, What is your diagnosis. B, What are its ris( factors. C, -ow will you confirm the diagnosis. ), Briefly descri+e its medical management. %*' $ primigara&ida at term admitted n the first stage of la+or for last 6 hours. She is &itally sta+le. 0n a+dominal e amination she had longitudinal cephalic fetus with regular F-R in normal range. 0n &aginal e amination the cer&i is 6cm dilated and in ne t two hours her progress of la+or was less than 2cm per hour. $, What would +e the causes of slow progress of la+or. B, -ow would you augment the la+or if uterine contractions are irregular and mild. C, What the contraindications for augmentation of la+or in this case.

With courtesy from Bilal Bashir Final Year MBBS Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi (www. raheel.!"