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Seattle, WA Cell Phone: 480-522-5988 Land Line: 206-232-5770 chipreno@gmail.


Strategic data-driven leader skilled at analyzing complex business objectives and innovating solutions for consumers. Deliberate product manager who uses passion and creativity to drive results in highly dynamic/ambiguous environments. Proven ability to identify marketing opportunities and grow businesses in emerging markets. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON SEATTLE, WA Technology Master of Business Administration Sept 2011- June 2013


Used data mining techniques including association rules, decision trees, cluster analysis, classification, logistic regression, text mining, and marketing analytics to analyze customer data. Studied core statistical functions including descriptive statistics, cross-tabs and Chi-square analyses, correlations, t-tests, multiple and multivariate regression, and analysis of variance. Developed marketing strategies from data generated by consumer focus groups, surveys, and industry/competitor trends for the operations of a high-tech consumer products company. Analyzed over 70 attributes on more than 70,000 customers to identify the demographic and psychographic characteristics of high value customers to optimize and target advertising. Generated consumer segments, clusters, and profiles as well as market forecasting models for the launch of a Health+Wellness gamification platform. Conducted RFM analysis and list scoring on a database of marketing and operations data to for over 200,000 customers to build a predictive advertising response model. Designed a multivariate experiment survey to determine statistical significance of influencers on product adoption. Aug 2007- Dec 2010

NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY, AZ B.S. in Computer Information Systems, minor in Enterprise Systems

Used C#, SQL, HTML, and .NET programming to develop object-oriented information systems in Visual Studio, Oracle and SAP to manage and report business intelligence.


ALACER GROUP Senior Product Manager

April 2013-Present

Innovating new methods to collect, analyze, and report consumer data to provide marketing insight for large multinational corporations. Managing developers, designers, and analysts for the development of a dynamic HTML/PHP crowdsourcing interface, and applying data mining algorithms to discover consumer sentiment. Using web mining algorithms to collect structured and unstructured data from Twitter, Forums and Blogs to understand consumer sentiment around product/services and to analyze the competitive landscape for clients.

IBM Marketing Attribution Consultant

Feb 2013-July 2013

Discovered highest ROI marketing activities across Paid, Owned and Earned channels, and presented predictive model and recommendations to IBM senior executives. Collected data from multiple business units within IBM to build a predictive marketing attribution model using VBA/Macros in Excel, SPSS, and Tableau to analyze IBMs web log, SEO, SEM, social media, influencer and advertising data over the past 2 years. Mined over 300,000 tweets from IBM competitors, influencers and key hashtags relevant to big data and analytics to discover trends, influencers and topic evolution. Designed and launched a consumer survey, applied statistical models and customer segmentation algorithms to analyze the delta across IBMs B2B and B2C customers in order to customize advertising for specific IBM demographics. Feb 2012-April 2013


Identified an opportunity in an emerging market, analyzed consumer demands, designed and launched surveys, and used quantitative/qualitative data to develop a go -to-market strategy and successfully launch an international consulting organization. Designed website, wrote copy, and implemented SEO strategies driven from Adwords and Moz data resulting in 1st rank on Google for multiple keywords and 5X lift in web traffic. Planned and managed email campaigns and social media strategies that grew sales funnel to over 115 organizations worldwide, and nurtured leads throughout the customer life-cycle using Salesforce. Created customer acquisition and multi-channel marketing strategies that grew lead generation by 3X within 60 days, and developed online application platform to streamline the sales process. Aug 2007-May 2011


Developed, designed, and brought to market online retail pricing software to establish and maintain profitable values for consumer goods on multiple online retail marketplaces. Grew margins and decreased overhead cost by developing an automated inventory management system for listing batches of inventory to the Amazon Marketplace. Jan 2004- June 2007


Designed a professional recording studio from the ground up and managed budget, employees, marketing, and strategic partnerships. SPSS Statistics Premium, SPSS Modeler Premium, Oracle, SAP, SAS Salesforce, Marketo, Tableau, Google Analytics, SiteCatalyst Excel: VBA Script, Macros, Data Analysis Tools, XLMiner Visual Studio, Crystal Ball, DecisionPro



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