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Fuel Saving
The Fitch Fuel Catalyst can be fitted in the fuel line and it is maintenance free. This catalyst improves CETANE rating, suppresses bacterial growth. CATALYST reformulates the fuel to a state of complete combustion increasing the engine power and reduces exhaust emissions.
for Diesel, Gas & Marine Engines

Benefits of Fuel Catalyst Increases Fuel Economy - 5% to 12% Reduced Emissions for A Cleaner Environment Improves Combustion Efficiency Increases Engine Power Dramatically Retards Bacterial Growth Reduced Noise Levels Saves Your Money


Fuel Monitoring
Online fuel monitoring unit can be fitted on the fuel tanks of Generators and Vehicles. This SIM Based Unit Continuously monitors the fuel level in the diesel tank and acquires data regarding the operation of the Generator and Vehicles. We can avoid Airlock, possible theft, wastage of fuel at all times.

Benefits of Using Fuel Monitoring System : Understanding and Improving Fuel Efficiency Addressing any potential theft and pilferage of fuel Real time data on parameters such as fuel level, Refilling data, DG Operations ON LINE logging of Data like DG ON, OFF, Fuel filled, Pilferages Can be connected to Multiple User by way of SMS and ONLINE log in User Can Download the data as per User preference Daily, Monthly etc Maintenance Free installation - Use existing sensors, requires no onsite calibration

Battery (with Inbuilt Charger)

The Pure Lead-Tin Battery has an un-matched peak power performance due to its thin plate design. This is a sealed maintenance free battery with no topping up required for life. The Battery charger with in built protection ensures optimum charging of the batteries always. The battery is plugged on the mains supply ensure battery under full charge always. The periodic Running of Generator for charging the Batteries is totally eliminated.

Features and Benefits : Maintenance Free : No topping up or Specific Gravity Checks Ready to use : Filled and factory charged Reliability : In-Built Charger ensures that battery is always Fully charged Cost Advantage: Low cost of ownership over its Long life time Sleek Design : Intergrated Battery + Charger in a Protective Steel Enclosure

for Generator, Vehicles, UPS, Inverter

98407 33887 / 044-2656 6444

Pre Owned Generators Buying and Selling

Our Aim is to supply Quality Pre Owned Generators ( CATERPILLAR & CUMMINS ) at Lower Cost to match the performance and reliability of New Generators backed up by round the Clock Product Support and Warranty. We have a huge selection of Pre-owned Fully Rebuilt and tested Generators of various ranges at competitive prices. Catalyst Power's Pre-owned Generator sets are carefully purchased by our Technical Team after careful study and investigation. These Generators are sent to our workshop for servicing, Re Building, Testing and handing over to our customers at very Optimal Costs.

Sailent Features Fully built Engine with Quality internal parts DG Sets are Backedup with Warranty for any manufacturing defects Fully Backed up by Service and Spares round the clock Optimal Cost - Better Reliability and Longevity Annual Service Contract can be extended at Optimal cost

Generator Rental
We offer Diesel generators in the Range of 30 1500 KVA on Rental for Short and Long term basis. Larger Capacities of Power plants can be offered by Paralleling two or more units. Generator sets are available in vehicle mounted, trailer and skid based designs. Our DG sets can be offered with Best quality sound proof acoustics that assures minimal noise. We have a team of qualified, dedicated technicians taking care of maintenance on these DG sets at the work place.

Acoustic / Sound Proof Enclosures

We offer high quality Acoustic Enclosures / Sound Proof Canopies at Competitive Prices for a wide range of Generators. All our Acoustic Enclosures undergo quality control checks and are manufactured to the highest material specialty standards. Acoustic Enclosures are designed for quick assembly and dismantling for meeting critical requirements of noise suppression of DG Sets & Compressors. The types available include both fixed or trolley mounted versions. The Canopies meet the norms for noise Pollution.


Other Services Offered

Parts & Service AMC & Overhauling

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