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Rectifier DPR 2700C-48 (ESR48/56A B) The Power behind.

Main features
Efficiency 91 % 2750W nominal output up to 50C Compact and light weight Hot swappable, no system shutdown for maintenance Wide input voltage range: 88 - 310 V Power factor correction Constant output power characteristic Operating temperature range up to 65C

The rectifier DPR 2700C-48SD is a single phase, hotpluggable, fan-cooled rectifier. The outstanding power density of this product offers the optimum 1U shelf solutions for easy integration into power systems. The constant output power characteristic supplies the specified power over the full output voltage range. The benefit is an optimised modular system design (fewer number of modules). These performances as well as the extended temperature range and wide input voltage range are the key factors of the success of this rectifier and it offers a cost effective and reliable solution. The typical applications for this rectifier are both in indoor and outdoor environments, which is a perfect solution for wireless base stations, core network, telecommunication & data networks and central offices.

Indoor and outdoor Medium to large power systems Telecom, wireless, datacom, enterprise

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Rectifier DPR 2700C-48 (ESR48/56A B) Technical Specifications

General Efficiency Losses, max. Safety
Vout / Vdc

EMI, radiated Compliant with Cooling Power density Acoustic noise

91.0% 272W EN 60 950 UL 60 950 CAN / CSA C22.2 TUV/CE FCC Part 15, class A EN 55022, class A Fan cooled rectifier 34 W / inch3 50 dB(A) at 25 Degree C

59 . Constant power 54

Adjustment range

Factory setting Constant voltage


Constant current Iout / Idc 46.6 50.9 57.3


User interface Status indication

LED AC ON, Green LED RFA/FF, Red LED CL, Yellow

Input Voltage range Volt. range, red. power

88 310 VRMS 88 184 VRMS

Max. Pout /W 2750

Power system controller Applicable controller



CSU5 (System type) CSU501 (Case type) CSU502 (Case type)







310 Vin / Vrms

Inrush current Harmonic distort. THD Power factor EMI, conducted Mains connector Input protection Input switch

< 21.8 A <5% > 0.99 FCC Part 15, class A Rear side Internal fuse 25A x 1 None

Mechanics Width, overall Height, overall Depth, overall Weight

125.5 mm (4.94 in) 41.0 mm (1.61 in, 1U) 269.9 mm (10.63 in) 2.0 kg (4.4 lb)

Output Voltage, nominal Voltage adjust range Voltage regulation Overvoltage protection Ripple + spikes Psophometric noise Current limit, nominal Power limit Load sharing Output connector Output characteristic:

54 VDC 40 59.5 VDC < 0.6 % 59.5 VDC, 100 mVp-p 2.0 mVRMS (weighted) 50.9 A @ 54.0VDC 2750W <5% Rear side

Environment Operating temperature Reduced power Storage temperature Relative humidity MTBF (Calculated)

-40+65 C (-40+149 F) +50+65 C (122+149 F) -40+70 C (-40+158 F) 95 % max, non condensing 300K hours (Telcordia SR-332)

Subject to change due to technical progress.

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