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Literature - Trivia Questions and Answers Including The Hobbit, Oscar Wilde, Goet more.

Trivia Quiz Questions about Literature and books, Mark The Alchemist, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and more
Trivia questions with answers

What was the pen-name of the Mississippi river-boat pilot who created the fictional charac Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn? A: Mark Twain. What was the title of Tolkien's sequel to The Hobbit? A: The Lord of the Rings. What sort of animals did Richard Adams write about in Watership Down? A: Rabbits.

What was the name of the Onondaga chief about whom Longfellow wrote and epic poem? A: Hiawatha. Which English poet became poet laureate in 1843? A: Wordsworth. Whose fan did Oscar Wilde write of? A: Lady Windermere's. Which Roman writer was famous for his Satires and Ars Poetica? A: Horace. Whose novels include The Aunt's Story and The Tree of Man? A: Patrick White. Which famous writer was prime minister at the Weimar court from 1775-85? A: Goethe. Which of King Lear's three daughters was murdered? A: Cordelia. Who wrote The Alchemist? A: Ben Jonson. Which of Tolkien's fantasy characters inhabit the world of Middle Earth? A: The Hobbits. As a creator of which type of novels was Zane Grey a pioneer? A: Westerns.

Which magic land did C S Lewis write of? A: Narnia. What is a three-line, 17-syllable Japanese verse-form? A: Haiku. Who wrote the 1988 novel Foucault's Pendulum? A: Umberto Eco. Which English prime minister wrote Coningsby and Sybil? A: Disraeli. Whose work Parallel Lives inspired Shakespeare's Roman plays? A: Plutarch. Complete the Beatrix Potter book title: The Heart of... A: Gloucester. Which French writer won the Nobel Prize in 1947? A: Andre Gide. What happened one night to the central character of Kafka's Metamorphosis? A: He turned into an insect. Who did Jane Eyre marry after working for him? A: Mr. Rochester. Who wrote The Book of Nonsense? A: Edward Lear. Which great book was started in Bedford Jail in 1675? A: The Pilgrim's Progress. Which annual British literary prize has been won by Salman Rushdie, Kingsley Amis and Brookner? A: Booker Prize.

Who wrote the 18th-century novels The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle and The Adventu Random? A: Tobias Smollett. Which Dickens novel was left unfinished at the time of his death? A: Edwin Drood. Whose letters describe the eruption of Vesuvius and the death of his historian uncle? A: Pliny the Younger. Who wrote Boris Godunov? A: Pushkin.

Who recited The Gift Outright' at President Kennedy's inauguration? A: Robert Frost.

Which English poet was the Latin secretary to Oliver Cromwell's Council of state during t Commonwealth period? A: John Milton.

Which phrase refers to the group of British writers that included Colin Wilson, Kingsley A Braine and Alan Sillitoe? A: Angry Young Men. What is the name of Don Quixote's servant in the novel by Cervantes? A: Sancho Panza.

Which French author, the son of one of Napoleon's generals, spent 19 years exiled in Guer A: Victor Hugo. Which title is held by the character Edmund Dantes in a novel by Alexander Dumas? A: The Count of Monte Cristo. Who wrote Of Human Bondage? A: Somerset Maugham. Who led the crew of the Argo in their search for the Golden Fleece? A: Jason. Who created the detective Father Brown? A: O K Chesterton.

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