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Strategies Radio Show and Essay November 11, 2013. SUMMARY: TOEFL Tips Knowledge of English is an important competition for us as students, because it increases our competitiveness and improve our international job opportunities. Our goal is to improve the TOEFL score, for this the best tips for me are: Learn and review and familiarize yourself with the parts and to practice with TOEFL exercises. Do not waste time, come early to prevent unexpected things as the bathroom or sharpen, not distracted during the exam. Do not try to understand all the words but try of distinguish the main ideas. In all parts of the TOEFL, practice is paramount. Practice listening with videos or music, practicing grammar with exercises or quizzes, practice reading with readings in journals or books. The TOEFL requires work and study well worth relax and reward yourself afterward. In conclusion it is important to have control at the time of the exam, the tips do not guarantee a high score but are tools that will support to focus and improve.

TOEFL Study Tips & Test-Taking Strategies Radio Show Link: Claudia Janeth de Jess Bruno Citlalli Lara Alvarez

Claudia-Hey, everybody. I hope you are ok. Thanks for tune in our radio show Below Freezing, the place where you can find the cool advices for

your inner calm before the TOEFL exam. Cl: -Today we have a special guest: she is a TOEFL supervisor in recognized companies and in different universities in the England. Her name is Citlalli Cl: -Hello Citlalli. How are you? I think we should star with general strategies before you take the exam. Cit: -Hi Claudia. Im fine. Thanks for invite me. I think youre right. Lets begin with general strategies 1. First, familiarize yourself with the TOEFL format, so you dont lose time in reading instructions. 2. Every day you should schedule practice tests, at least one hour per week. 3. It is absolutely necessary that you get a good nights sleep before this test. You cannot afford to be tired. 4. You have to schedule your meal, in that way you can avoid feel asleep. Make sure to drink water or an energetic drink before the test, so you can pay attention. Cl: -Totally agree. Cl: -I think that we can combine grammar and reading, dont you? Cit: -Of course, because with both strategies you can improve your abilities in grammar and reading. -I think the most important is that you need to become an active reader. Read as much as you can in English books, magazine, newspaper or read the news in the internet. Any topic: business, related with our health, nature, etcetera. So you can reaffirm all the grammar checkpoints that you study before and you can get many new words (vocabulary). -The first thing that you need to know is that the language tested is mostly formal, not conversational. -Pay attention to the clues in the sentences. Then you can find the right answer. Keep up to date with all the grammar tested in TOEFL. Cl: -Sure. Im totally agree. And what about listening? Cit: Yes, yes. There are critical strategies that you must follow in listening comprehension: 1 If you distracted easily during the listening, try to focus your sight in a fixed point, in that way you will avoid view in all directions 2 Pay attention to the second speakers intonation many times that reveal the answer.

3 Try to learn one or two idioms, tested in TOEFL, per day, so you dont have to learn all the night before the exam. Oh! Yes and dont forget the phrasal verbs. 4 And excellent strategy is practice seeing movies in English. If you have the opportunity to change the idioms of your favorite channel, dont hesitate DO IT. In that way of exposure you accustomed your ear to the English. And that's it with the listening strategies of TOEFL. Cl: Thank you very much for being here and share with us some strategies. Cit: Its a pleasure to be here and share knowledge with your audience. Cl: Well. The rest is all in your hands. We will return after these commercials. And remember Where you can find the coolest advice for your English study? Here in below freezing.