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in front of the answerIT Essentials: PC Hardware and SoftwareNote there are no images or image reports in this post please wait or loo for anupdated posthereno updated post !et if !ou now of a site that will allow "#$%b of data on one post let me nowin the comments so I can post it&& Chapter 11'hich t!pe of memor! is primaril! used as cache memor!( )*+%*+%*,% S*+%$'hich two considerations would be of the greatest importance when building awor station that will run multiple virtual machines( -Choose two#. high/end sound card number of CP0 coreswater coolingpowerful video card amount of *+%1'hich two devices are considered input devices( -Choose two#. digital cameraprinter 11 style01border6 2p=7 &erti al-align6 bottom71> 11 style01border6 2p=7 &erti al-align6 bottom7 &isibility6 hidden7 display6 none71> spea ers biometric authentication devicepro2ector3'hich three devices are considered output devices( -Choose three#. headphones e!board4ngerprint scanner

monitormouse printer"+ user pla!ing a game on a gaming PC with a standard EI)E "355 *P% hard drive4nds the performance unsatisfactor!# 'hich hard drive upgrade would improveperformance while providing more reliabilit! and using less power(a 6$55 *P% S+T+ hard drive a 6$55 *P% EI)E hard drive an SS)a 157555 *P% S+T+ hard drive 8'hich hardware upgrade would allow the processor in a gaming PC to provide theoptimal gaming performance(a fast EI)E drive large amounts of fast *+%li9uid coolinga

high capacit! e:ternal hard drive 11 style01border6 2p=7 &erti al-align6 bottom71> 11 style01border6 2p=7 &erti al-align6 bottom7 &isibility6 hidden7 display6 none71> 6'hich two storage devices use a magnetic medium for storing data( -Choose two#. tape drivesolid state drive hard dis drivecompact dis driveblue/ra! dis drive*efer to the e:hibit# 'hich t!pe of adapter isshown( networ interfacesoundvideo*+I);'hich component controls the communications and interactions between the CP0 andother components on the motherboard(*+%C%,S chipset<I,S15'hich two pieces of information are needed before selecting a power suppl!( -Choosetwo#. the total wattage of all components 11 style01border6 2p=7 &erti al-align6 bottom71> 11 style01border6 2p=7 &erti al-align6 bottom7 &isibility6 hidden7 display6 none71> the voltage re9uirements of peripheral devices the form factor of the casethe t!pe of CP0the installed operating s!stem11'hich memor! module has a front side bus speed of $55 %H=( ))*1/886PC155 S)*+% ))*/355))*/1111$'hat are two factors that must be considered when choosing a computer case(-Choose two#.the number of >E) indicators at the front of the case the si=e of the motherboard and the power suppl!the vendor that manufactured the motherboardthe si=e of the monitor

the number of internal drive locations11This is a ?ash item# Please clic below to answerthis item# 13'hich unit of measurement is used to indicate the hard drive speed( pages per minutegigab!tes revolutions per minuteclusters per minute*efer to the e:hibit# 'hich t!pe of video card e:pansion slot is depicted( 11 style01border6 2p=7 &erti al-align6 bottom71> 11 style01border6 2p=7 &erti al-align6 bottom7 &isibility6 hidden7 display6 none71> PCIeIS+PCI +@P18'hat t!pe of connector can be used to connect an eS+T+ interface to an e:ternal S+T+drive( 6/pin connector;/pin connector1"/pin connector"/pin connector16'here can the input voltage selection be changed from 115 volts to $$5 volts on acomputer s!stem(on the motherboardin the <I,S on the bac of the power suppl!in the operating s!stem control panel*efer to the e:hibit# 'hich t!pe of cable is shown in the graphi 0S<parallelAire'ire serial$5'hich two activities are normall! controlled b! the Northbridge part of the chipset(-Choose two#.communication between the CP0 and the sound cardcommunication between the CP0 and the hard drive access to the *+%communication between the CP0 and the IB, ports access to the video card$1+ technician loo s at a motherboard and sees a $3/pin connector# 'hat componentwould connect to the motherboard through the use of this $3/pin connector( power suppl!S+T+ drivevideo cardP+T+ optical drive 11 style01border6 2p=7 &erti al-align6 bottom71> 11 style01border6 2p=7 &erti al-align6 bottom7 &isibility6 hidden7 display6 none71> ?opp! driveChapter $1'hich tool in 'indows CP gives a technician access to initiali=e dis s and createpartitions()efragScandis Aormat

)is %anagement)is Cleanup$'hich 'indows CP command/line utilit! scans the critical 4les of the operating s!stemand replaces an! 4les that have been corrupted( S!stem Aile Chec er)is CleanupScan S!stem)efrag)is %anagementCh ds 1'hich two t!pes of tools can help protect a computer from malicious attac s( -Choosetwo#.)is %anagement Sp!ware *emover +ntivirus software)is CleanupScandis Adis 3+ technician wants to limit the chances of ES) affecting the wor space# 'hich threeprecautions should be ta en( -Choose three#. Ensure antistatic mats are on the wor bench and ?oor#Deep humidit! in the environment ver! low#Ensure that all ?ooring is carpeted# 'ear an antistatic wrist strap# Deep all components in antistatic bags#Store all computer components in clear plastic bags#"'hat are two signi4cant sources of E%I( -Choose two#.infrared mice electrical storms*+% modules power lines>C) monitors8'hich precaution should be ta en when wor ing inside computer s!stems( +void using magneti=ed tools#'ear ES) protection to repair monitors in humid environments#>eave the power cord attached to an outlet for grounding# +void using ES) wrist straps and ES) mats simultaneousl!#6'hich cleaning solution is recommended to clean the contacts of computercomponents( isoprop!l alcoholglass cleaner with ammoniawater that is mi:ed with a small amount of dishwashing li9uidrubbing alcoholE'h! should a pencil never be used as a tool when wor ing inside a computer(

Pencil lead is conductive#The lead in a pencil can induce current#+ pencil can hold a static charge#Pencil lead is corrosive#;The performance of a computer is reduced after using the Internet# 'hich three toolscould be run to tr! to improve the performance of the computer( -Choose three#.Adis a <I,S updater Sp!ware remover )efrag )is Cleanup)evice %anager15'h! is documentation of all services and repairs an important organi=ational tool for atechnician(It allows the public sharing of information on the Internet# It increases the cost of services and repairs#It reduces the technical s ills re9uired of new technicians# It provides reference material for similar problems when the! are encountered in thefuture#11How does an inline 0PS protect computer e9uipment against electrical powerbrownouts and blac outs(b! stopping the ?ow of voltage to the computerb! grounding e:cess electrical voltageb! switching from main power to a standb! power source b! using a batter! to suppl! a constant level of voltage1$'hich two actions pose a potential safet! ha=ard to a technician( -Choose two#.standing on an antistatic mat while wor ing on a computerplugging a printer into an 0PSusing a magnetic screwdriver while wor ing on a hard drive cleaning the inside of the computer while it is turned on wearing a wrist strap while wor ing inside

a power suppl!11'hich circumstance increases the li elihood of ES) damage to a computer(self grounding against the computer caseusing a magnetic screwdriver while wor ing on a hard driveplugging a printer into an 0PS wor ing in low levels of humidit!13'hich tool is designed to loosen or tighten crosshead screws( tor: driver phillips screwdriver?at head screwdriverhe: driver1"'hich tool could potentiall! cause data loss on hard dis or ?opp! drives(compressed air a magnetic screwdrivera lead pencila computer vacuum cleaner18'hich condition refers to a reduced voltage level of +C power that lasts for an e:tendedperiod of time(sagspi esurge brownout16+ technician accidentall! spills a cleaning solution on the ?oor of the wor shop# 'herewould the technician 4nd instructions on how to properl! clean up and dispose of theproduct(the local ha=ardous materials teamthe insurance polic! of the compan! the material safet! data sheetthe regulations provided b! the local occupational health and safet! administration1E 'hich two devices commonl! affect wireless networ s( -Choose two#. microwaves cordless phonese:ternal hard driveshome theaters<lu/ra! pla!ersincandescent light bulbs1;'hat is a proper directive for using a can of compressed air to clean a PC(0se a long7 stead! stream of air from the can# )o not spra! the compressed air with the can upside down#)o not use compressed air to clean a CP0 fan#Spra! the CP0 cooling fan with the compressed air to verif! that the fan blade isspinning freel!#$5'hich t!pe of fastener is loosened and tightened with a he: driver(

si: sided boltcross head screwslotted screwtor: boltChapter 11+ technician has 2ust 4nished assembling a new computer# 'hen the computer ispowered up for the 4rst time7 the P,ST discovers a problem# How does the P,STindicate the error( 11 style01border6 2p=7 &erti al-align6 bottom71> 11 style01border6 2p=7 &erti al-align6 bottom7 &isibility6 hidden7 display6 none71> It issues a number of short beeps#The >E) on the front of the computer case ?ashes a number of times#It loc s the e!board#It places an error message in the <I,S#$+ technician is troubleshooting a PC that will not boot# 'hen the PC is powered on7 itemits a series of beeps and indicates that the <I,S settings have changed and need tobe recon4gured# The technician recon4gures the <I,S settings7 saves them7 and thecomputer boots# >ater when the PC is powered off and bac on again7 the same errormessage appears7 and all the <I,S changes are gone# 'hat should the technician doto 4: the problem(*eseat the *+%#*eplace the motherboard#0pgrade the <I,S 4rmware# *eplace the C%,S batter!#1'hat t!pe of connector would be used to suppl! power to an P+T+ optical drive(PSB$+T<erg %ole:3'hat is the best wa! to appl! thermal compound when reseating a CP0(Put a thic la!er of thermal compound over

the e:isting thermal compound beforereseating the CP0# Clean the CP0 and the base of the heat sin with isoprop!l alcohol before appl!ingthe thermal compound# Scrape off the old thermal compound on the heat sin with a sharp nife and appl!the thermal compound liberall!#Change the base of the heat sin before appl!ing the thermal compound#0se rubbing alcohol to clean the base of the heat sin before appl!ing thermalcompound#"+ technician has assembled a new computer and must now con4gure the <I,S# +twhich point must a e! be pressed to start the <I,S setup program(after the P,ST7 but before 'indows starts to loadduring the 'indows load processbefore the computer is powered on

during the P,ST8'hat is a function of the <I,S(provides graphic capabilities for games and applicationsenables a computer to connect to a networ performs a power/on self test of internal componentsprovides temporar! data storage for the CP06+ technician has 2ust 4nished assembling a new computer# 'hen the computer ispowered up for the 4rst time7 the P,ST discovers a video subs!stem problem# Howdoes the P,ST indicate the error( b! issuing a number of beepsb! ?ashing the >E) on the front of the computer case a number of timesb! loc ing the e!boardb! placing an error message in the <I,SE Fou are monitoring a new technician who is installing a device driver on a 'indows/based PC# The technician as s wh! the compan! re9uires the use of signed drivers#'hat would be the best response to give(+ signed driver has been approved b! the compan! that created the device driver# + signed driver has passed the lab test of %icrosoft for 9ualit! and helps prevent as!stem from being compromised#+n unsigned driver can cause 4les to be fragmented as the! are processed#Signed drivers prevent ph!sical damage to devices#+ll companies ma ing devices for a 'indows computer have to have %icrosoft sign offon the new driver before it can be added to the operating s!stem#;'hat is an important step when installing a second P+T+ hard drive in a computer(Set the drive I) number with the correct 2umper# Ensure that pin one of the P+T+ data cable is correctl! aligned with the connector#Con4gure the <I,S settings to auto/detect the master drive#Set the swap 4le si=e on the new drive#15'hat number of dis s is the re9uired minimum to implement *+I) 5( $11311+ technician is assembling a new computer# 'hich two components are often easier toinstall before mounting the motherboard in the case( -Choose two#.sound cardvideo card CP0NIC memor!1$+ technician is troubleshooting a computer that has a malfunctioning ?opp! drive# Thetechnician observes that the ?opp! drive

light remains lit constantl!# 'hat should thetechnician do to repair the problem( Connect the data cable ma ing sure that the colored stripe on the cable is aligned withpin 1 on the drive and the motherboard#*emove the ?opp! drive via +ddB*emove Hardware#Change the 2umper setting to master for the ?opp! drive#*eplace the ?opp! drive#11+ technician is installing additional memor! in a computer# How can the technicianguarantee that the memor! is correctl! aligned(The label on the memor! module should alwa!s face the CP0#The arrows on the memor! module should be aligned with the arrows on themotherboard slot# + notch in the memor! module should be aligned with a notch in the memor! slot#%emor! slots are color coded7 with one end red and one end blue#13'hat is used to prevent the motherboard from touching metal portions of the computercase(GIA soc etsan IB, shieldthermal compound standoffs1" 'hat is an advantage of using signed drivers(The! never need upgrading# The! are veri4ed to be compatible with the operating s!stem#The! are guaranteed b! the manufacturer to wor with an! hardware#The! are guaranteed to wor with all operating s!stems#HHHThe! are free of errors#18'here is the saved <I,S con4guration data stored(hard drivecache C%,S*+%16'hich statement describes the purpose of an IB, connector plate( It ma es the IB, ports of the motherboard available for connection in a variet! ofcomputer cases#It provides multiple connections for S+T+ hard drives to connect to the motherboard#It plugs into the motherboard and e:pands the number of available slots for adaptercards#It connects the PCIe adapter slots used for video directl! to the CP0 for

fasterprocessing#1E'hat are two e:amples of settings that can be changed in the C%,S settings( -Choosetwo#.swap 4le si=e boot order enabling and disabling devices chapter 31'hich tas should be part of a software maintenance routine( Chec for and secure an! loose cables#*emove dust from the power suppl!# )efragment the hard drive#<ac up the data7 reformat the hard drive7 and reinstall the data#$'hat is the purpose of documenting the information that is obtained from the customerin the wor order(to create a centrali=ed database of possible problemsto use the information for mar eting purposesto eep trac of parts that are ordered to use the information to aid in solving the problem1'hat is a recommended procedure to follow when cleaning computer components( <low compressed air on cooling fans so that the! will spin when dust is being removed# Hold cans of compressed air upright while spra!ing#0se window cleaner on >C) screens#*emove the CP0 before cleaning# 3+fter a technician tests a theor! of probable causes7 what two actions should thetechnician ta e if the testing did not identif! an e:act cause( -Choose two#. Establish a new theor! of probable causes# )ocument each test tried that did not correct the problem#Test all remaining possible causes starting with the most comple:#0se a top down approach to isolate the cause of the problem#*andoml! replace components one at a time until the problem is solved#"'hich device is most li el! to be affected b! an incorrect setting saved in C%,S or anincorrect 2umper setting(

hard driveprinterpower suppl!monitor8+ technician is performing hardware maintenance of PCs at a construction site# 'hattas should the technician perform as part of a preventive maintenance plan()evelop and install forensic trac ing software#Perform an audit of all software that is installed# *emove dust from inta e fans#<ac up the data7 reformat the hard drive7 and reinstall the data#6+ user has opened a tic et that indicates that the computer cloc eeps losing thecorrect time# 'hat is the most li el! cause of the problem(The CP0 needs to be overcloc ed#The operating s!stem needs to be patched# The C%,S batter! is loose or failing#The motherboard cloc ing cr!stal is damaged#E'hich two common computer problems could cause a motherboard to short/circuit(-Choose two#.a dust! CP0 fana loose P+T+ cable loose case screwsbent drive cable pins unseated adapter cards;+n emplo!ee reports that each time a wor station is started it loc s up after about "minutes of use# 'hat is the most li el! cause of the problem(The hard dis is failing#The *+% is malfunctioning# The CP0 e:periences overheating#The power suppl! fails to provide ade9uate voltage and current#15+n emplo!ee reports that the antivirus software cannot obtain updates# The supporttechnician notices that the license for the software has e:pired# The technician adds anew license to the software and completes the update service# 'hat should thetechnician do ne:t(*ecord the new license number in the log#)ownload advanced antivirus software from another vendor# *un a full virus scan on the computer#*eview the Event Iiewer for the date and time that the last software update wasperformed#11 'hich two items could be used to help establish a plan of action when resolving acomputer problem( -Choose two#.<I,S diagnosticsa multimeter the computer repair histor! loga loopbac plug

the computer manual1$+fter a new PCIe video card is added7 the computer seems to boot successfull! but itwill not displa! an! video# The computer was wor ing properl! before the new videocard was installed# 'hat is the most li el! cause of the problem(The monitor cable is fault!# The saved C%,S settings are set to use the built/in video adapter#The PC does not have enough *+% to support the new video card#The new video card is not compatible with the CP0 in the PC#11+ scienti4c e:pedition team is using laptops for their wor # The temperatures where thescientists are wor ing range from /11 degrees Aahrenheit -/$" degree Celsius. to E5degrees Aahrenheit -$6 degrees Celsius.# The humidit! level is around 35 percent#Noise levels are low7 but the terrain is rough and winds can reach 3" miles per hour -6$ ilometers per hour.# 'hen needed7 the scientists stop wal ing and enter the data usingthe laptop# 'hich condition is most li el! to adversel! affect a laptop that is used in thisenvironment( the windthe rough terrainthe humidit! the temperature13'hat is part of creating a preventive maintenance plan( performing hardware upgradesperforming a forensic audit of securit! breaches documenting the details and fre9uenc! of each maintenance tas discarding all replaced parts1"'hat is the preferred method to remove a disc from an optical drive that fails to e2ectthe disc(*emove the top of the drive enclosure#Send the drive to an authori=ed repair depot# Insert a pin into the small hole on the front of the drive#0se a small screwdriver and pr! the drive door open#18+ customer reports that recentl! several 4les cannot be accessed# The servicetechnician decides to chec the hard dis status and the 4le s!stem structure# Thetechnician as s the customer if a bac up has been performed on the dis and thecustomer replies that the bac up was done a wee ago to a different logical partition onthe dis # 'hat should the technician do before performing diagnostic procedures on thedis (Install a new hard dis as the primar! dis 7 then ma e the current dis a slave#Perform 4le restore from the e:isting bac up cop! at the logical partition#*un the CHD)SD utilit!# <ac up the user data to a removable drive#16)uring the process of testing a theor! of several probable causes to a problem7which

should be tested 4rst( the easiest and most obviousthose chosen b! random selectionthe most comple: and dif4cult to diagnose those the customer believes to be the most important1E)uring the troubleshooting of a PC that will not boot7 it is suspected that the problem iswith the *+% modules# The *+% modules are removed and put into another PC7 whichsuccessfull! powers on# The *+% modules are then put bac into the original PC and itnow successfull! powers on as well# 'hat was the most li el! cause of the problem( The *+% modules were not seated 4rml!#The *+% modules were inserted bac wards into the )I%% slots#The *+% modules did not match the PC specs#The *+% modules have bad bloc s#1;'hich component can be easil! damaged b! the direct spra! of compressed air whencleaning the inside the computer case(cable connectorspower suppl! fanheat sin CP0$5'hich step of the si:/step troubleshooting process is where a technician would as thecomputer user to print a document on a newl! installed printer(Test the theor! to determine the cause# Ierif! full s!stem functionalit! and7 if applicable7 implement preventive measures#Establish a theor! of probable cause#)ocument 4ndings7 actions7 and outcomes#Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution#Identif! the problem#

$1'hich two t!pes of data should be bac ed up before troubleshooting a computer for acustomer( -Choose two#.'indows operating s!stem 4les<I,S s!stem 4le Internet E:plorer favorites 4lesdriver 4les for the hard dis documents that are created b! the customer$$+ web designer installed the latest video editing software and now notices that when theapplication loads7 it responds slowl!# +lso the hard dis >E) is constantl! ?ashing whenthe application is in use# 'hat is a solution to solve the performance problem(replacing the hard dis with a faster modelupgrading to a faster CP0replacing the video card with a model that has a )II output adding more *+%chapter"1'hat are two features of the active partition of a hard drive( -Choose two#. The active partition must be a primar! partition#0p to four primar! partitions can be mar ed as active# The operating s!stem uses the active partition to boot the s!stem#The active partition ma! include the manufacturer recover! partition#+n active partition must be assigned C: as the drive letter# $'hich 'indows administrative tool displa!s the usage of a number of computerresources simultaneousl! and can help a technician decide if an upgrade is needed(Services Performance %onitorComponent ServicesEvent Iiewer1+ 'indows computer loc s with a stop error during startup then automaticall! reboots#The rebooting is ma ing it dif4cult to see an! error messages# 'hat can be done so thatthe error messages can be viewed(0se the Event >og and other diagnostic utilities to research the stop error messages#Iiew the error messages and recover the s!stem using the S!stem Image *ecover!tool# In Safe %ode use the +dvanced Startup ,ptions menu to disable the auto restartfunction#0se the >ast Dnown @ood Con4guration option to restart the operating s!stem#3'hat are two functions of an operating s!stem( -Choose two#.web browsingcontrolling the <I,S

controlling hardware access managing application s?ow chart editingprogram compilationte:t processing"'hat two terms can be used to describe the 'indows Iirtual PC( -Choose two#. s!stem resource managementserver consolidation h!pervisor Iirtual %achine %anageroperating s!stem sharing8+ technician has loaded an incorrect video driver on a 'indows 6 computer# How canthe technician revert to a previous driver( Select the video adapter card Properties in )evice %anager7 select the )river tab7 andclic *oll <ac )river#0se the )evices and Printers control panel to right/clic on the monitor7 and selectProperties#Select *oll <ac )river#Select Create a *estore Point from S!stem Tools#0se regedit to remove the information about the graphics driver from the registr!#6'hich two 'indows utilities can be used to help maintain hard dis s on computers thathave had long periods of normal use( -Choose two#. )is Cleanup)is Aormat)is %aintenance)is Partition )is )efragmenterE'hich command is used from the 'indows command prompt to schedule a program torun at a speci4c time(T+SDDI>> +T C%)T+SD>IST;+ user notices that some of the programs that are installed before upgrading to'indows 6 no longer function properl! after the upgrade# 'hat can the user do to 4:this problem( *un the programs in Compatibilit! %ode#>ower the 0+C setting in the Change 0ser +ccount Control settings dialog bo: of the0ser +ccounts control#0se the S!stem *estore utilit!#0pdate the driver for the graphics card#15+ technician notices that a program that is listed in the registr! of a 'indows computeris not found on that computer# 'hat is a possible solution to the problem(*estore the ntdetect#com 4le from the installation media#*un fdis Bmbr from the command prompt#*estore the boot#ini 4le from the installation media#

*einstall the application# Then7 run the uninstall program#11'hich 'indows 6 feature allows a user to view the contents of the des top b! movingthe mouse to the right edge of the tas bar(thumbnail previewsSearch 2ump listsSha eSnap +ero Pee 1$+ computer with the 'indows 6 operating s!stem fails to boot when the s!stem ispowered on# The technician suspects that the operating s!stem has been attac ed b! avirus that rendered the s!stem inoperable# 'hat measure could be ta en to restores!stem functionalit!(*un ch ds on the affected drive to restore s!stem 4les to their post/installation state#0se an incremental bac up to restore the s!stem# 0se a s!stem image that was created prior to the failure to restore the s!stem#0se a differential bac up to restore the s!stem#11+fter upgrading a computer to 'indows 67 a user notices that the 0+C -0ser +ccountControl. panel appears more fre9uentl!# How can the user reduce the fre9uenc! withwhich the 0+C appears(*eplace the graphics card with one that meets the minimum hardware re9uirements for'indows 6#In the Performance ,ptions dialog bo: of the Performance Information and Tools controlpanel7 choose +d2ust for <est Performance# >ower the 0+C setting in the Change 0ser +ccount Control settings dialog bo: of the0ser +ccounts control panel#*einstall all user programs in Compatibilit! %ode#13How much *+% can theoreticall! be addressed b! a 83/bit operating s!stem(1$ @< ma:imum83 @< ma:imum18 @< ma:imum3 @< ma:imum 1$E @< or more1" 'hat is the term for the abilit! of a computer to run multiple applications at the sametime( multitas ingmultiusermultiprocessingmultimedia18+ 'indows CP s!stem is unable to boot properl!# 'hat is the procedure to use to bootthis s!stem into Safe %ode(*eboot the s!stem and press )el or A$ depending on the s!stem#

*eboot the s!stem7 press and hold AE until a menu is displa!ed7 and thenchoose Safe %ode#Arom the command prompt run the shutdown /r /s command# *un the %SC,NAI@ utilit! and choose the option Selective Startup#16+ technician has installed a new video driver on a 'indows CP computer and now themonitor shows distorted images# The technician needs to install a different video driverthat is available on a networ server# 'hat startup mode should the technician use toaccess the driver on the networ ( )ebugging %odeSafe %ode Safe %ode with Networ ingSafe mode with Command Prompt1E+ technician needs to upgrade the 4le s!stem on a 'indows CP computer from A+T1$to NTAS without losing user data# 'hich course of action should be ta en to upgradethe 4le s!stem to NTAS(0se the )is %anagement utilit! to convert the drive from <asic to )!namic7 whichchanges the 4le s!stem to NTAS automaticall!# *eformat all of the e:isting partitions and use the NTAS 4le s!stem# *un the C,NIE*T#ECE utilit! to convert the 4le s!stem to NTAS#*einstall 'indows CP and to format the drive choose NTAS when prompted #1;To which categor! of h!pervisor does the %icrosoft Iirtual PC belong(T!pe 1 T!pe $T!pe 1T!pe 3$5+ college uses virtuali=ation technolog! to deplo! information securit! courses# Some ofthe lab e:ercises involve stud!ing the characteristics of computer viruses and worms#'hat is an advantage of conducting the lab e:ercises inside the virtuali=ed environmentas opposed to using actual PCs(The viruses and worms will have limited functionalit! inside the virtuali=ed environment# Iirus and worm attac s are more easil! controlled in a virtuali=ed environment7 thushelping to protect the college networ and its devices from attac #The virtuali=ation environment has better tools to develop mitigation solutions#The lab e:ercises are performed faster inside of the

virtuali=ed environment#$1'hat are two advantages of the NTAS 4le s!stem compared with A+T1$( -Choose two#.NTAS is easier to con4gure# NTAS provides more securit! features# NTAS supports larger 4les#NTAS allows faster access to e:ternal peripherals such as a 0S< drive#NTAS allows faster formatting of drives#NTAS allows the automatic detection of bad sectors# $$'hich two statements are true about restore points( -Choose two#.+ technician should alwa!s create them after updating the operating s!stem# The! are useful to restore the computer to an earlier time when the s!stem wor edproperl!#The! recover personal 4les that have been corrupted or deleted# The! contain information about the s!stem and registr! settings that are used b! the'indows operating s!stem# The! bac up personal data 4les# $1+ user notices that a PC is running slowl! and e:hibits a dela!ed response to e!boardcommands# 'hat is a probable cause of this s!mptom(The video card does not support the resolution that is being used#+ recentl! installed device driver is incompatible with the boot controller# + process is using most of the CP0 resources#,ne or more program 4les have been deleted#$3'hat would be the result of having a corrupt %aster <oot *ecord(The printer will function incorrectl!# The operating s!stem will fail to start#+ new application will fail to install#The e!board will be unresponsive to the user#ITE Chapter 8 / IT Essentials -Iersion "#5. 1'hich networ device ma es forwarding decisions based on the destination %+Caddress that is contained in the frame(repeaterhub switchrouter$+ customer is considering a multipurpose device to create a home networ # 'hich threedevices are usuall! integrated into a multipurpose networ device( -Choose server

router switchweb server wireless access pointprint server1'hich technolog! would be recommended for a business that re9uires wor ers toaccess the Internet while visiting customers at man! different locations(+)S>IPN cellularIS)N3'hen is a dial/up connection used to connect to an Internet provider(when a high/speed connection is provided over a cable TI networ when a digital connection is provided using IS)N when a regular telephone line is usedwhen a cellular telephone provides the service"'hich t!pe of connection to the Internet is capable of the fastest transfer rates(IS)N <*Idial/upIS)N P*I cable8'hich statement describes the logical topolog! for a >+N( It describes how computers access the >+N medium#It depicts the locations of main routers and switches in a >+N#It lists the number of computers7 routers7 and switches on the >+N#It de4nes how computers connect to a >+N#6+<C Compan! re9uires preventive maintenance for all local networ cabling once a!ear# 'hich tas should be included in the preventive maintenance program(*eplace all labeling on the cables#*eplace all cable supports to prevent loose attachment points#)isconnect and reconnect all patch cables# Inspect all patch cables for brea s#E'hat is an e:ample of networ maintenance(immediatel! turning off a networ device if the networ device is ma ing an unusualsound educating users on IT policies and proceduresusing cable supports to identif! the devices to which the cables are connectednot doing preventive maintenance regularl! if the maintenance interrupts networ activit!;+ technician is troubleshooting a problem where the user claims access to the Internetis not wor ing7 but there was access to the Internet the da! before# 0pon investigation7the technician determines that the user cannot access the networ printer in the of4ceeither# The networ printer is on the same networ as the computer# The computer has18;#$"3#155#EE

assigned as an IP address# 'hat is the most li el! problem(The router that connects this networ to other networ s is down#The networ interface card driver needs to be updated#The IP default gatewa! on the computer is incorrect# The computer cannot communicate with a )HCP server#15'hich technolog! is most often used to connect devices to a P+N( <luetoothIEEE E5$#11n wireless4ber optic cablingcoa:ial cabling11'hich three la!ers of the ,SI model map to the application la!er of the TCPBIP model(-Choose lin applicationnetwor transportph!sical session presentation1$+ device has an IPv8 address listed as $551:5)<E:6"a1:5$13:5856:1$13:aa15:ba51#'hat is the interface I) of the device(ba51 5856:1$13:aa15:ba51$551:5)<E:6"a1$551:5)<E11'hat is a characteristic of the 0)P protocol( low overheaderror correctionguaranteed deliver!end/to/end establishment before deliver!13'hat would be a disadvantage of con4guring a wireless router or access point tooperate onl! in accordance with the E5$#11g protocol standard( E5$#11a wireless devices will not be able to connect to the wireless networ #The E5$#11g standard does not support static IP addressing#The E5$#11g standard does not support advanced networ securit! features#0sing onl! E5$#11g will cause multiple SSI)s to be broadcast#1"'hat is the ma:imum segment length that is speci4ed b! the 1555<+SE/T standard(1835 ft -"55 m.;E3 ft -155 m.

1$E ft -155 m.1$E5 ft -1555 m.856 ft -1E" m.18'hich two characteristics describe Ethernet technolog!( -Choose two#. It is supported b! IEEE E5$#1 standards#It is supported b! IEEE E5$#" standards#It t!picall! uses an average of 18 %bBs for data transfer rates#It uses a ring topolog!# It uses the CS%+BC) access control method#16'hich three factors are reasons for a compan! to choose a clientBserver model for anetwor instead of peer/to/peer( -Choose three#. The compan! networ re9uires secure access to con4dential information#Each user understands how to safel! share 4les across a networ #+ll emplo!ees passed a strict bac ground chec as part of the corporate hiringpractices# The data gathered b! the emplo!ees is critical and should be bac ed up on a regularbasis#The networ is small with fewer than eight users# The users need a central database to store inventor! and sales information#1E'hat bene4t is provided b! a computer data networ ( increased securit!decentrali=ed administration resource sharing simpli4ed troubleshooting1;'hen would a printer be considered a networ host(when it is connected to a wor stationwhen it is connected to a laptop when it is connected to a switchwhen it is connected to a PC$5+ user can print to a printer that is on the same networ 7 but the traf4c of the usercannot reach the Internet# 'hat is a possible cause of the problem( The PC default gatewa! address is missing or incorrect#The NIC on the PC is fault!#The PC has an incorrect IP address#The networ cable connected to the user PC is fault!#$1'hat is identi4ed b! the 155 in the 155<+SE/TC standard(the ma:imum cable distance in metersthe series number of the standardthe ma:imum number of networ nodes

the ma:imum bandwidth in %bBs$$+ user installs a new gigabit NIC in a PC# The user notices that the data transfer rate ismuch slower than e:pected# 'hat should the user do to 4: the problem( Change the NIC duple: setting from half duple: to full duple:#)isable sleep mode#)isable hibernation mode# displa!CP01'hat is the 4rst step in the process of troubleshooting a laptop(Ierif! full functionalit!#)etermine the e:act cause#Establish probable causes# Identif! the problem#3'hat is the 4nal tas for a technician after troubleshooting a laptop(Ierif! full functionalit!#Correct the problem# )ocument the problem and the solution#Implement preventive measures#"'hat can a user do to reconnect a laptop to a functioning wireless networ after alaptop has been moved and the connection has been lost(*eboot the operating s!stem#Plug in the power cord to the wall outlet#*echarge the batter!# Change the orientation of the laptop#8'h! are S,)I%%s well suited for laptops(The! do not produce heat# The! have a small form factor# The! are interchangeable with des tops#The! connect to e:ternal ports#6+n administrator tries to con4gure Power ,ptions within 'indows7 but is unable to doso# 'hat is the possible cause(Thermal management has been enabled# +CPI has not been enabled in the <I,S#The administrator does not have user privileges to change the settings#'a e/,n/>+N has been enabled#E+ technician is tr!ing to remove a S,)I%% module from a laptop# 'hat is the correctwa! to do this(Pull outward b! holding the center of the S,)I%% module#+ppl! downward force on the S,)I%% module#

Press outward on the clips that hold the sides of the S,)I%%#)esolder the S,)I%% module#;'hat should a technician do prior to replacing a e!board on a laptop( *emove all sources of power from the laptop#*emove the >C) screen#*emove the outer casing of the laptop#*emove the power inverter#15'hich two internal e:pansion slots in laptops are commonl! used to install wirelessadapter cards( -Choose two#.IS+PCIe %ini/PCIePCI PCI E:press %icro11'hat is the ne:t step in the troubleshooting process after a solution has beenimplemented on a laptop(*eturn the device to the customer# Ierif! the solution#)ocument the solution#+s the customer to e:plain the problem#1$+ technician notices that a laptop displa! appears stretched and pi:elated# 'hat is aprobable cause of this(The power inverter is failing# The displa! properties are incorrectl! set#The screen has been burned in#The power management features are incorrectl! set#,ne of the *+% modules is failing#11'hich statement is true about laptops( %ost of the internal components that are designed for laptops cannot be used fordes tops#>aptop CP0s do not use cooling devices#>aptops use fewer components than des tops use#>aptop motherboards have standard form factors#13 'hat is a de4nition for CP0 throttling(overcloc ingupgrading the CP0 without changing the motherboardthe sharing of processing between two or more cores the abilit! to modif! CP0 cloc speed as needed1"'hat is the purpose of the e2ect button on a laptop doc ing station(to open the C)B)I) tra! to detach the laptop from the doc ing stationto disconnect a 0S< deviceto remove the laptop batter!18'hich e! se9uence ma! be used to control whether the content of the screen will bepresented on a built/in displa! or on an e:ternal displa!(

An J Kdispla!LShift J Kdispla!LCtrl J Kdispla!L+lt J Kdispla!L16'hat would be the most effective preventive maintenance routine for compan! laptopsthat are sub2ect to high use(a reactive routine that is performed monthl! a proactive routine that is performed monthl! and as neededa proactive routine that is performed ever! si: monthsa reactive routine that is performed onl! as needed1E To clean laptops7 which two products are recommended( -Choose wa:rubbing alcohol cotton swabsammonia mild cleaning solution1;+ technician has been as ed to decide which laptop components should be cleaned ona monthl! basis as part of a maintenance routine# 'hat are two e:amples ofcomponents that should be included( -Choose two#.CP0hard dis platters and heads e:terior case e!board*+%$5+ technician has installed a wireless Ethernet card in a 'indows 6 laptop# 'here wouldthe technician con4gure a new wireless connection( Control Panel L Networ ing and Sharing Center L Set up a new connection or networ Control Panel L S!stem L )evice %anagerControl Panel L +dministrative Tools L ServicesControl Panel L Internet ,ptions$1'hich component or components would be interchangeable between a laptop and anda des top PC(CP0 peripheral devices motherboardpower suppl!$$+ user needs to connect a <luetooth device to a laptop# 'hich t!pe of cable is neededto accomplish this(0S< cableEI+BTI+ $1$ cable None# <luetooth connections are wireless#parallel cableI@+ cableITE Chapter E / IT Essentials -Iersion "#5.1'hat is a good source for safel! downloading +ndroid apps(the +pple +pp StoreiTunesfreeware sites

@oogle Pla!$'hat two functions can be performed with the home button on an i,S mobile device(-Choose two#.loc the device the same functions as the +ndroid navigation buttons start voice controlreset the device to the factor! defaultstart the TouchA>, interface1'hat are two potential user bene4ts of rooting or 2ailbrea ing a mobile device( -Choosetwo#.+ custom ,S ma! reduce sandbo:ing features# The operating s!stem can be 4ne/tuned to improve the speed of the device#The operation of the carrier cellular networ ma! be affected# The user interface can be e:tensivel! customi=ed#The root director! of the device is bloc ed#3'hat are two purposes of the passcode loc feature on mobile devices( -Choose erase all personal data from the deviceto remotel! loc the device if it is stolento return the device to the default factor! state to place the device into a power saving stateto restore and re/s!nchroni=e the device to help prevent theft of private information"'hat is an advantage of using ?ash memor! to store data in mobile devices(Alash memor! has a drive head that moves7 reducing the see time to locate data# Alash memor! re9uires ver! little power to store and retrieve data#Alash memor! is not affected b! ES)#Alash memor! is highl! resistant to water and cold# 8'hat are two touchscreen characteristics that are used b! most mobile devices(-Choose two#. an electrical 4eld of the screen that is interrupted when the user touches the screenthree la!ers responsible for conducting electricit! with a small air gap between thema glass screen that is coated with a capacitor

two transparent la!ers of material capable of conducting electricit!two colored la!ers of material capable of conducting electricit!6'hich component is 4eld/replaceable in most mobile devices( memor! card*+%touchscreenCP0E'hich mobile device troubleshooting procedure is correct( 'hen a problem appears with a mobile device7 the owner should anal!=e if it is cost/effective to 4: it#%obile devices change so rapidl! in design and functionalit! it is alwa!s better toreplace the device rather than repair it#%obile device problems alwa!s result in sending the device to the manufacturer fortroubleshooting#Ever! time a mobile devices free=es7 the owner can reinitiali=e it b! pressing the resetbutton#;+ user accidentall! drops a mobile device into a pool# 'hat corrective action should beta en( Contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement# 0se a hair dr!er to dr! the phone#,pen the device and replaced damaged components#If the mobile device does not turn on7 throw it awa! and bu! a new one#15+fter being left in a car for man! hours on a hot da!7 an iPhone cannot be turned on#'hat should the user do to 4: this problem(<u! a new power button and replace it#)isassemble the phone and loo for heat related damage# *eturn the phone to the manufacturer for repair#Place the phone in a refrigerated space and allow the unit to cool down#11+fter an upgrade to a mobile device7 some applications are no longer wor ing7 but somewor 4ne# The user can ma e calls and send and receive email# 'hich two inds ofproblems could be related to these issues( -Choose two#. a software problema touchscreen problema cell service problema circuit board problem a memor! problem1$'hich scenario or situation would prevent a user from upgrading the ,S on an +ndroiddevice(The software cop!right was not obtained before the installation#The correct patches were not installed# The hardware does not meet speci4cations#Permission was not obtained from the manufacturer# 11'hich two conditions must be met for mobile device securit! measures such as remoteloc and remote wipe to function( -Choose two#.The @PS

locator must be enabled#The passcode must be disabled#Sandbo:ing must be enabled# The device must be powered on# The device must be connected to a networ #13'hich two items common to both +ndroid and i,S devices can be remotel! bac ed up(-Choose two#.photossettings contacts calendarmessages1"'hich statement is true about wireless connectivit! on an +ndroid mobile device(If the networ SSI) is not being broadcast7 the device will not be able to connect to thenetwor # 'hen the device roams out of the range of an! 'i/Ai networ s7 it can connect to thecellular data networ if this feature is enabled#The +ndroid ,S does not support wireless connectivit! that uses 'P+$ securit!#If a 'i/ Ai networ is secured with a password7 the networ must be manuall! con4guredon the device#18This is a ?ash item# Please clic below to answer this item# 16In the conte:t of mobile devices7 what does the term tethering involve( connecting a mobile device to a 0S< port on a computer in order to charge the mobiledeviceconnecting a mobile device to a hands/free headset connecting a mobile device to another mobile device or computer to share a networ connectionconnecting a mobile device to a 3@ cellular networ 1E'hich statement is true about industr! standards for cellular networ s(Airst generation cellular standards are mostl! digital standards#Third generation cellular standards re9uire a ma:imum of 1 @bBs for devices movingslowl!7 such as when a user has a mobile device and is wal ing#Cellular standards have made it more dif4cult and e:pensive to ma e calls to peoplethat are on a different networ # Cell phones that use a single standard can often onl! be used in speci4c geographicareas# 1;'hich statement about s!nchroni=ing a mobile device to a PC is true( To s!nchroni=e data on an i,S device7 iTunes must be installed on the PC#%otocast 0S< can be used to s!nchroni=e data when using an i,S

device#i,S s!nchroni=ation can onl! be performed over a 0S< connection#)ata on +ndroid devices cannot be s!nchroni=ed with a PC#$5+ technician is con4guring email on a mobile device# The user wants to be able to eepthe original email on the server7 organi=e it into folders7 and s!nchroni=e the foldersbetween the mobile device and the server# 'hich email protocol should the technicianuse(%I%EP,P1S%TP I%+P$1'hich mobile device securit! feature re9uires the user to slide a 4nger over the screenin a speci4c se9uence to unloc the device(simple passcode patternremote wipeslide$$'hich term describes the abilit! of a mobile device to recogni=e when two or morepoints of contact are made on the screen(large touchman! touch multitouch long touchchapter;1'hich factor affects the speed of an in 2et printer( the desired 9ualit! of the imagethe cost of the in 2et cartridgesthe si=e of printer power suppl!the 9ualit! of the paper$'hat are two cables that are used to connect a computer to a printer( -Choose two#. Aire'ireH)%I serialPSB$eS+T+1'hat is a characteristic of thermal in 2et no==les(Heat is applied to the in reservoir of each no==le#The vibration of the cr!stal controls the ?ow of in #+ charge is applied to the printhead# The heat creates a bubble of steam in the chamber# 3In laser printing7 what is the name of the process of appl!ing toner to the latent imageon the drum(fusing developingchargingtransferring"'hat is the purpose of the +dditional )rivers button in the Sharing tab of the PrinterProperties( to add additional drivers for other operating s!stemsto add additional drivers for duple: printingto add additional drivers for other printers connected to the computerto add additional drivers for other printers in the networ 8+ small >+N uses a shared printer that is connected to a computer# None of the userscan print but all of the users can access the

shared resources on the computer to whichthe printer is locall! connected# 'hat is a possible cause of this( The cable that connects the printer to the PC is fault!#The printer needs a new ribbon#The printer has the wrong paper loaded#The printer spool is full#6How would a user install a new 0S< printer on a PC that is running 'indows 6Professional(Con4gure the <I,S to accept the speci4c model of printer in the 0S< port#Cop! the printer driver to the S!stem1$ folder# Clic Start L +ll programs L Control Panel L Printers and Aa:es L right/clic on thedesired printer and choose +dd# Connect the printer and power it on# 'indows will detect the printer and install theneeded drivers#E+ 'indows 6 computer has several printers con4gured in the Control Panel )evicesand Printers window# 'hich printer will the computer choose to be the 4rst option forprinting(the software/based printer that is used to create CPS 4lesa manual selection7 which is alwa!s needed the printer that is set as the default printerthe software/based printer that is used to create P)A 4les ;'hat are two methods to share a printer wirelessl!( -Choose two#. infraredsatellite'i%a: IEEE E5$#11 standardsmicrowave15+ user discovers that an in 2et color printer is printing different colors from those that areshown on the screen# 'hat can be done to solve this problem(*eplace the fuser#*eplace the drum#+d2ust the printer spool# Calibrate the printer#11 The users on a >+N are reporting that computers respond slowl! whenever highresolution photographs are being printed on the color laser printer# 'hat would be thecause of this problem(The printer is not con4gured for duple: printing# The printer does not have enough memor! to buffer an entire photograph#The paper is not ade9uate for photograph printing#The printer is not con4gured for the proper paper orientation#1$'hat is a characteristic

of global and per/document options in print settings(It is not possible to con4gure per/document options# Per/document options override global options#@lobal options ta e precedence over per/document options#It is not possible to con4gure global options#11'hat is true about the PostScript language(It prints faster than other languages do# It handles comple: printing 2obs#It re9uires less printer memor! than other languages re9uire#It allows the page to be rendered in the local wor station#13'hat are two closed/ended 9uestions that a technician could as a user while tr!ing toidentif! the problem with a printer( -Choose two#. Can !ou print a test page on the printer('hat were !ou doing when the problem occurred('hat recent software or hardware changes have been made to !our computer( Is the printer powered on( 'hat error messages were displa!ed when the problem occurred(1"+fter appl!ing a solution to a printer problem7 a technician restarts the printer and printsa test page# 'hich step of the troubleshooting process is the technician appl!ing(documenting 4ndings7 actions7 and outcomestesting a theor! to determine the cause of the problem verif!ing the solution and s!stem functionalit!identif!ing the problem18+ user notices that a 2ob submitted to a printer is displa!ed in the print 9ueue7 but theprinter is not printing the document# 'hat is a probable cause of this problem(an incorrect printer driverthe wrong paper t!pe a bad cable connectiona printer spooler not installed16+ technician recorded that a new fuser roller unit was installed in a laser printer to solvea printing problem# 'hich step in the troubleshooting process did the technician 2ustperform(verif!ing the solution and s!stem functionalit!testing a theor! to determine the cause of the problemidentif!ing the problem documenting 4ndings7 actions7 and outcomes1E'here would networ printer sharing be con4gured in a 'indows 6 environment( Networ and Sharing CenterEase of +ccess Center

)evices and printersPrinters and ,ther Hardware1;'hat are two functions of a print server( -Choose two#.ensure that the connected client computers have up/to/date printer driversstore bac ups of documents sent to the printerprovide uninterrupted power to the printer provide print resources to all connected client computers store print 2obs in a 9ueue until the printer is read!$5'hich action supports an effective printer preventive maintenance program(Clean in 2et print heads when the! stop wor ing#*eplace laser printer toner at set predetermined time intervals# *eset the printer page counters if available#)isconnect the printer from the power source when it is not in use#$1'hich two replacement parts are t!picall! found in a laser printer maintenance it(-Choose two#.pac of papertoner cartridgereplacement print head transfer rollers fuser assembl!$$How can the life of a thermal printer be e:tended(Clean the inside of the printer with a vacuum cleaner with a HEP+ 4lter# 'ipe the outside of the printer with a damp cloth# Clean the heating element regularl! with isoprop!l alcohol#Deep the paper dr! in a low humidit! environment#ITE Chapter 15 / IT Essentials -Iersion "#5.1+ user receives a phone call from a person who claims to represent IT services andthen as s that user for con4rmation of username and password for auditing purposes#'hich securit! threat does this phone call represent( social engineeringanon!mous e!loggingspam))oS$'hich two securit! precautions will help protect a wor place against social engineering( -Choose two#. ensuring that each use of an access card allows access to onl! one user at the timeensuring that all operating s!stem and antivirus software is up to dateencr!pting all sensitive data stored on the serversperforming dail! data bac ups

registering and escorting all visitors to the premises1'hat are two t!pical ph!sical securit! precautions that a business can ta e to protect itscomputers and s!stems( -Choose two#.Perform dail! data bac ups# *eplace an! software 4rewalls with a hardware 4rewall# Implement biometric authentication#Ensure that all operating s!stem and antivirus software is up to date# )isable the autorun feature in the operating s!stem#3'hich ph!sical securit! technolog! can hold user authentication information7 includesoftware license protection7 provide encr!ption7 and provide hardware and softwareauthentication that is speci4c to the host s!stem( biometric authentication Trusted Platform %odule -TP%.card e! accesstwo/factor securit!"It has been noted that the computers of emplo!ees who use removable ?ash drives arebeing infected with viruses and other malware# 'hich two actions can help prevent thisproblem in the future( -Choose two#. Set virus protection software to scan removable media when data is accessed#Con4gure the 'indows Airewall to bloc the ports that are used b! viruses#Enable the TP% in the C%,S settings#*epair7 delete7 or 9uarantine the infected 4les# )isable the autorun feature in the operating s!stem#8In which situation would a computer technician use the 4:mbr command at thecommand prompt of a 'indows CP computer to resolve a securit! issue(when unauthori=ed users have changed the C%,S settings and the C%,S passwordmust be reset when a virus has damaged the master boot record of the s!stem dis when a virus has damaged the boot sector of the s!stem dis when the folder permissions for user members of a group are incorrect6+ll users wor ing with a particular 'indows 6 computer are able to install unauthori=edsoftware# In addition to educating the users about correct securit! behavior7 whichaction should also be performed to solve this issue(Set the user folder permissions to )en!#)isable the usersM accounts#Change the user 4le permissions to *ead ,nl!#

Enable 0+C on the computer#EFou want to dispose of a $#" terab!te hard drive that contains con4dential 4nancialinformation# 'hat is the recommended procedure to achieve this(0se data wiping#)rill through the H))# Smash the platters with a hammer#Immerse the H)) in a wea solution of bicarbonate of soda#;'hat is the most effective wa! of securing wireless traf4c( 'P+$SSI) hiding'EPwireless %+C 4ltering15'hich two items are used in as!mmetric encr!ption( -Choose two#.a to ena TP% a private e!a )ES e! a public e!11'hich two characteristics describe a worm( -Choose two#.hides in a dormant state until needed b! an attac erinfects computers b! attaching to software codee:ecutes when software is run on a computer is self/replicating travels to new computers without an! intervention or nowledge of the user1$'hich t!pe of securit! threat uses email that appears to be from a legitimate sender andas s the email recipient to visit a website to enter con4dential information(worm phishingadwarestealth virus11'hich three 9uestions should be addressed b! organi=ations developing a securit!polic!( -Choose three#.How should future e:pansion be done( 'hat are the possible threats to the assets of the organi=ation( 'hat is to be done in the case of a securit! breach('hen do the assets need protecting( 'hat assets re9uire protection('hat insurance coverage is re9uired( 13'hat does a malware detection program loo for when running a scan(a service pac patterns in the programming code of the software on a computermirror sitespatches that prevent a newl! discovered virus or worm from ma ing a

successful attac 1"Port triggering has been con4gured on a wireless router# Port $" has been de4ned asthe trigger port and port 111 as an open port# 'hat effect does this have on networ traf4c(+n! traf4c that is using port $" going out of the internal networ will also be allowed totransmit out port 111#+ll traf4c that is sent into port $" to the internal networ will also be allowed to use port111# +ll traf4c that is sent out port $" will open port 111 to allow inbound traf4c into theinternal networ through port 111#+n! traf4c that comes into port $" allows outgoing port 111 to be used#18'hich two characteristics of networ traf4c are being monitored if a networ techniciancon4gures the compan! 4rewall to operate as a pac et 4lter( -Choose two#.pac et si=eph!sical addresses protocolspac et speed ports16'hat is the primar! goal of a )oS attac (to facilitate access to e:ternal networ s to prevent the target server from being able to handle additional re9ueststo scan the data on the target serverto obtain all addresses in the address boo within the server1E'hich 9uestion would be an e:ample of an open/ ended 9uestion that a technicianmight as when troubleshooting a securit! issue(Have !ou scanned !our computer recentl! for viruses( 'hat s!mptoms are !ou e:periencing()id !ou open an! attachments from a suspicious email message(Is !our securit! software up to date(1;'hich action would help a technician to determine if a denial of service attac is beingcaused b! malware on a host(Install rogue antivirus software on the host#>og on to the host as a different user#)isable +ctiveC and Silverlight on the host# )isconnect the host from the networ #$5+ technician is troubleshooting a computer securit! issue# The computer wascompromised b! an attac er as a result of the user having a wea password# 'hichaction should the technician ta e as a preventive measure against this t!pe of attac happening in the future(

Ensure the securit! polic! is being enforced#Chec the computer for the latest ,S patches and updates#Scan the computer with protection software#Ierif! the ph!sical securit! of all of4ces#$1 + user has reported that a computer web browser will not displa! the correct home pageeven if the default page is reset# 'hat is the li el! cause of this problem(+ virus has damaged the boot sector of the s!stem dis # The computer has been infected with sp!ware#0+C has been disabled on the computer#Aolder permissions have been changed from )en! to +llow#$$'hat is the name given to the programming/code patterns of viruses(mirrors signaturesvirus de4nition tablesgra!wareITE Chapter 11 / IT Essentials -Iersion "#5.1'hich two actions should a technician ta e if illegal content7 such as child pornograph!7is discovered on the hard drive of a customer computer( -Choose two#. Contact a 4rst responder#Confront the customer immediatel!#Shut down the computer until authorities arrive# )ocument as much information as possible#*emove and destro! the hard drive#$'hat is the de4nition of c!ber law( a single law de4ning criminal acts that are committed onlinea contract that de4nes e:pectations between and organi=ation and IT service vendorsfor an agreed upon level of supportthe process of collecting and anal!=ing data from computer s!stems7 networ s7 wirelesscommunications7 and storage devices the collection of international7 countr!7 and local laws that affect computer securit!professionals1'hen performing computer forensics7 what can be prevented with a properl! andcarefull! documented chain of custod!( identit! theftcop!ing of cop!righted materials evidence tamperingc!ber crime3)uring the process of troubleshooting7 a technician gains access to customer privateinformation# 'hat is e:pected that the technician do with this information(Send this information to the manager of the customer#<ac up the information 2ust in case the customer needs it some da!#)ocument all information in a log 4le#Send this information to the technician manager#

Deep it con4dential#"*efer to the e:hibit# )uring the troubleshooting of software that is installed on acomputer s!stem7 a level one technician re9uires help from a level two technician# The4le shown in the e:hibit must be sent to the level two technician# How should the levelone technician deliver this 4le( Send the 4le as it is to the level two technician#)eliver the 4le in printed format onl!# *eplace all passwords in the 4le with Kpassword omittedL before emailing the 4le andthen suppl! the passwords b! secure means7 if re9uired#This 4le should not be shared with the level two technician#8'hat are two sections that are usuall! included in an S>+( -Choose two#. supported e9uipment and softwarehome contact information of the technicianservice provider part suppliers time of service availabilit!contact information of other clients6'hich two rules pertain to the general dail! activities of emplo!ees in a call centerenvironment( -Choose two#. The technician should contact the customer if the technician is going to be late for afollow/up appointment#The technician should ad2ust the wor chair to a height that is high enough so that wristsangle downwards toward the e!board# The technician should be sure to treat all customers e9uall!#If a customer complains about another technician7 the technician who is ta ing the callshould agree with opinion of the customer# If a technician ta es a call from a customer the technician does not li e7 the technicianshould pass the call to another technician#E'hich statement describes a best practice related to time management(The technician can ta e the call of another technician7 even without permission to do so#The technician should give better service to a customer for whom the technician feelsmore s!mpath!#The technician should ta e the easier calls 4rst7 regardless of the urgenc!# The technician should ma e sure to call the customer bac as close to the callbac time as possible#;'hich two statements are correct about level one and level two technicians( -Choosetwo#.

>evel two technicians usuall! respond to the Ndown callsN as the! ma! be able toresolve them faster#>evel one technicians usuall! wor on the problems that re9uire opening up thecomputer case#>evel two technicians are often referred to as Nincident screeners7N and level onetechnicians are often referred to as Nproduct specialists#N >evel two technicians are usuall! more nowledgeable about technolog! than thelevel one technicians are#>evel two technicians prepare a wor order and escalate it to a level one technician if aproblem cannot be resolved within ten minutes#15'hat should a level two technician do immediatel! after receiving an escalated wor order from a level one technician( Call the customer bac to as an! additional 9uestions and resolve the problem#Call the level one technician and as 9uestions about the problem#)ocument suggestions to solve the problem in the wor order and return it to the levelone technician# Send the wor order to a level three technician and as for support#11+ customer calls to report a computer problem# 'hich two actions can the technicianta e to establish a good rapport with the customer( -Choose two#.0se technical terms to determine the level of nowledge the customer possesses# +llow the customer to spea without interruption#Personali=e the call b! periodicall! as ing 9uestions unrelated to the computer problem# *efer to the customer b! name whenever possible#+s onl! closed/ended 9uestions#1$'hat is the correct wa! to conduct a telephone call to troubleshoot a computerproblem(+lwa!s gather information from the customer and escalate the problem#+s personal 9uestions to get better ac9uainted with the customer#E:plain each step to help the customer understand the troubleshooting process# %aintain professional behavior at all times#11+ technician receives a call from a customer who is too tal ative# How should thetechnician handle the call(Politel! step in and gain control of the call b! as ing the customer social 9uestions# +llow the customer to spea without interruption and then tr! to use closed/ ended9uestions to gather data#0se open/ended 9uestions and repeat all

the information bac to the customer topolitel! show that unnecessar! information is being given#Tal over the customer and 9uic l! gather the necessar! information to be of help#13'hat are two e:amples of displa!ing professional communication s ills while tal ing toa customer( -Choose two#. focusing on what !ou cannot do to give customers an idea of the magnitude of theproblem clarif!ing what customers sa! after the! have 4nished their e:planationsinterrupting customers with a 9uestion to gather more informationas ing customers to paraphrase their e:planations the use of active listening7 with occasional inter2ections such as NI seeN or NIunderstandN1"'hat are three pieces of information a level one technician should gather from acustomer( -Choose three#. details of an! recent changes to the computer description of the problemoutput from diagnostic softwareoutput from a remote connection to the customer computercurrent C%,S settings contact information18'hich situation would re9uire that a support des call be given the highest priorit!(+ couple of computers have operating s!stem errors# The compan! cannot operate because of a s!stem failure#Some computers cannot log in to the networ #Two users are re9uesting an application enhancement#+ user is re9uesting a *+% memor! upgrade#16'hich two data storage locations contain persistent data that can be used b! computerforensics specialists( -Choose two#. solid state drivesCP0 registers*+% hard dis drivescache1EIn a computer forensics investigation7 which t!pe of data is considered volatile data andcan be lost if power is removed from the computer( data in transit between *+% and the CP0data stored on an internal drivedata stored on an e:ternal drivedata stored on magnetic dis s1;'hat

customer support procedure would li el! cause an upset customer to becomemore upset( +s the customer to do obvious or unnecessar! steps#*eiterate that !ou want to solve the problem#Aollow a step/b!/step approach to solving the problem#+pologi=e for the wait time if there has been no wait time#$5'hat name is given to a certain set of general rules that appl! to written communicationover the Internet(?ame warsonline interactionsInternet slang neti9uette $1'hen performing computer forensics what is re9uired to prove a chain of custod!(an admission of guiltcollected evidence proper documentation procedurese:pert testimon!$$'hat is a reason to escalate a problem from a level one technician to a level twotechnician( when the e9uipment needs to be rebootedwhen the screen resolution of a customer PC needs to be ad2usted when drivers7 applications7 or operating s!stems need to be installedwhen a peripheral device needs to be replacedITE Chapter 1$ / IT Essentials -Iersion "#5.1+ technician arrives and as s a customer7 NCan !ou describe the problem(N Thecustomer replies7 N+ll email messages that I send have the wrong date# I have restartedthe computer several times7 but this does not seem to help#N'hat could be the problem(The %<* is corrupted#The CP0 voltage is set too low# The C%,S batter! has failed#The hard drive is beginning to fail#$+ customer using a 'indows CP computer is complaining that a new card reader is notwor ing# + technician tests the card reader on a 'indows 6 computer and does notdetect an! problems# 'hat are two possible solutions to the problem with the CPcomputer( -Choose two#. Install additional *+%#%odif! the options in the <I,S# Install the driver from the C) provided with the card reader# )ownload and install the driver from the manufacturer of the card reader#0pdate the C%,S 4rmware#1+ technician is replacing an internal hard drive used as a secondar! drive on a PC# +fterconnecting the new hardware and powering up the computer7 an N,S not foundN errormessage

is displa!ed# 'hat is the most probable cause for that error message(The power suppl! is fault!# The hard drive 2umper is set incorrectl!#The motherboard needs replacing to be able to support the new hard drive#The 0S< port has too man! attached devices to suppl! ade9uate power#The <I,S needs updating#3+ technician is upgrading an older PC with a dual core CP0# 'hen the PC restarts7 it isslower than it was before the upgrade# The Performance tab from the Tas %anagerdispla!s onl! one CP0 graph# 'hat is the most probable solution to this problem(*eplace the H)) with a higher capacit! hard drive#,vercloc the CP0#Increase the amount of *+% available# 0pdate the <I,S 4rmware to support the dual core CP0#"+ laptop that is running 'indows CP displa!s N%issing NT>)*N after the P,ST# 'hatare the two most probable reasons for this problem( -Choose two#. <oot#ini is missing or damaged#There is a con?ict with a newl! installed device# <,,T%@* has been corrupted# The boot order is not set correctl! in the <I,S#The inde: service is not inde:ing in the correct locations#8Several times during the last few da!s7 a user has e:perienced the <lue Screen of)eath when plugging an e:ternal hard drive into a laptop via 0S<# 'hat is a possiblesolution for this problem(*einstall the operating s!stem#0pgrade the operating s!stem# *esearch the ST,P error and the name of the module that produced the error#*esearch the boot error beep code to identif! the source of the error#6+ computer repeatedl! loc s without an! error message# 'hich two conditions ma! bethe cause of the problem( -Choose two#.The 0+C has been turned off#The user has breached the user securit! polic!# The computer has a virus#The inde: service is not running#The CP0 needs to be upgraded#

+n update has corrupted the operating s!stem#E'hat are two possible solutions to an! 'indows computer restarting continuousl! andnever displa!ing the des top( -Choose two#.0pgrade the processor#0pgrade the video card# Press AE to open the +dvanced ,ptions menu and choose )isable +utomatic *estarton S!stem Aailure# *eset the hard drive 2umpers# *un ch ds BA B* from the recover! console#+ccess the <I,S and change the boot order options#;+ PC is not able to connect to a wired networ # Pinging the loopbac address issuccessful7 but the gatewa! cannot be reached# ,n the networ switch all the interfacelights are on7 e:cept for the interface connected to the PC# The >E) on the networ card is off# 'hat is the most li el! cause of this problem(The networ switch is fault!#The gatewa! needs to be 4:ed# The networ cable is fault!#The PC has an incorrect IP address for the )NS server#150sers in a recentl! installed wireless networ are complaining of slow data transfer andfre9uent loss of connectivit!# The technician chec s that the wireless securit! is correctl!implemented7 and there is no evidence of unauthori=ed users on the networ # 'hichtwo problems might the technician suspect( -Choose two#. The wireless signal is too wea #The )HCP server is fault!# There is interference from outside sources#The antenna on the access point is too powerful#The networ passwords need to be reissued to the users#11+ group of users is unable to connect to the networ # 'hen testing several of the PCsand issuing the command ipcon4g7 the technician notices that all of them have an IPaddress in the 18;#$"3#:#: range# 'hat is the most li el! cause of this problem(The )NS server is not operational#The Internet connectiion is down#

The gatewa! address is incorrect# The )HCP server is not operational#1$ + technician is wor ing on a laptop that has a dar displa!# +fter attaching an e:ternaldispla! and verif!ing that it wor s7 the technician now has a better idea as to theproblem# 'hat could be the problem(The displa! driver is incorrect#The motherboard has failed#The CP0 has failed# The power inverter of the >C) screen or bac light lamp has failed#11+ technician replaces a laptop e!board that was no longer functioning7 and has veri4edthat the newl! replaced e!board functions properl!# 'hat is the 4nal step thetechnician should ta e as part of the troubleshooting process(+s a list of closed/ended 9uestions#*esearch the problem# )ocument all 4ndings7 actions7 and outcomes#Implement preventive measures#13+ user complains that when a page is printed on a laser printer7 the page smears whentouched# 'hat is a possible cause of this issue(The laser assembl! is fault!#The EP drum is damaged#The pic up rollers are defective# The fuser has failed#1"+ technician 4nds that occasionall! when a networ printer is restarted7 clients areunable to print to it7 receiving a N)ocument failed to printN message# 'hat is a probablecause of this(

The drum is damaged#The printer does not have enough memor!#The toner level in the EP cartridge is low#The power suppl! on the printer is failing# The printer is con4gured to get an IP address using )HCP#18+ user complains that a printer is outputting random characters instead of the desireddocument# 'hat is a probable cause of this(There is dirt or debris in the printer#The printer does not have enough memor!#The pic up rollers are defective# +n incorrect print driver is installed#16+ freshl! installed 'indows 6 laptop is plugged into the networ and con4gured with anIP address# The technician then attempts to ping the laptop from another computer#'hile the laptop is able to connect to other devices7 the ping re9uests fail# 'hat is theli el! cause(The networ drivers for the NIC are out of date#The port speed for the NIC is incorrect#TP% must be enabled# The 'indows Airewall is bloc ing ping re9uests#1E + computer displa!s this message when the computer boots: N%<* has been changedor modi4ed#N 'hat could cause this problem(The C%,S batter! has failed#+ *+% module is not full! inserted into the memor! slot#+ virus has altered the 'indows ernel#

+ boot sector virus has altered the master boot record#1;0sers are complaining that the! are receiving spam from the email account that belongsto a co/wor er# 'hat could cause this problem(+ virus has damaged the master boot record on the s!stem that is used b! the co/ wor er#The networ adapter on the computer that is used b! the co/wor er is malfunctioning# The email account belonging to the co/wor er was hi2ac ed because of malware#The email client belonging to the co/wor er is not con4gured properl!#$5+ technician is troubleshooting a laptop that has the power light on and the hard drivespinning# However7 the laptop onl! displa!s vertical lines that change color# 'hat is theproblem(The <I,S is corrupt# The >C) screen has failed#The bac light lamp has failed#The >C) screen inverter has failed#$1+ technician is troubleshooting a laser printer that outputs blan paper for all print 2obsincluding printer test pages# 'hat is a probable cause(The laser printer does not have ade9uate memor!# The drum is failing to hold a charge#The drum wiper blade is worn#The fuser has failed#$$+ technician is troubleshooting a 'indows 6 laptop infected with a virus that hasdamaged the master boot record# The technician has booted the laptop using theinstallation media and is attempting to repair the laptop from the command line

interface# 'hich two commands can the technician use to repair the corrupt master bootrecord( -Choose two#.regeditch ds regedt1$ bootrec B4:boot bootrec B4:mbrITE Practice Ainal / IT Essentials -Iersion "#5.1'hich two elements should t!picall! be included in a computer securit! polic!( -Choosetwo#.technical details of the biometric s!stems useda list of acceptable user passwords an acceptable computer usage statement for the organi=ationdetails of the data 4le access procedures re9uirements necessar! for data to remain con4dential on a networ $'hich t!pe of power connector is used to connect devices such as optical drives andhard drives($3/pin %ole:PEP;$5/pin<erg

1+ networ administrator has been informed about a problem with the networ printer#'hat is the most reliable wa! to prevent print 2obs from being added to the 9ueue whilethe printer is being repaired( Stop the print spooler#0nplug the printer from the print server#Send a networ message to all users telling them to stop sending an! print 2obs to theprinter#Send an email to all users telling them to stop sending an! print 2obs to the printer#3+ client has provided a 3 @< S,)I%% module to a technician to perform a memor!upgrade on a wor station7 but the technician is having problems installing it# 'hat is aprobable cause for this(The wor station re9uires ?ash memor!# The module is incompatible with the wor station#The wor station lac s an available slot#The wor station re9uires solid state memor!#"How should a hard drive be partitioned to support a 'indows 6 installation over anetwor (+n NTAS partition of at least $ @< must be created# + A+T1$ partition of at least " @< must be created#+n NTAS partition of at least 1 @< must be created#+ A+T18 partition of at least $ @< must be created#8+ new technician has 2oined the IT team and is about to service a heav! printer# 'hatadvice would !ou give this technician to avoid an! in2ur! when transporting the heav!printer to the service area(<end !our bac to pic the printer up# 0se !our arms and bac to lift the printer# <end !our nees to use the strength in !our legs to lift the printer#+void bending !our nees when lifting the printer#6+ customer used the Convert utilit! to ta e advantage of NTAS securit! features# Thecustomer later discovered that the applications on the computer can onl! read A+T1$4les# +fter the hard drive was formatted bac to A+T1$7 the customer noticed all of thedata 4les were missing# 'hat should the customer do ne:t(*un convertfat1$#*estart the computer after updating the hard drive to A+T1$# *estore the data 4les that were bac ed up in preparation for the conversion#*eset the 4le attribute to show hidden 4les#E+ technician is tr!ing to determine where a networ cable terminates in the wiring closet# 'hich tool is best suited for this tas (

toner probeP,ST cardmultimeterloopbac adaptor;'hich component uses the greatest amount of power on most mobile devices(cameramedia pla!erCP0 >C) screen15+ technician is troubleshooting a printer that prints un nown characters instead of thecorrect document# 'hat are two probable causes for this( -Choose two#. The printer service is stopped# The computer has an incorrect driver installed#The paper is old7 and moist from humidit!# The printer has a loose data cable#The paper tra! is empt!#11'hich two memor! t!pes are installed using )I%% slots( -Choose two#. S)*+%cache memor!AP% )*+%S*+% ))* S)*+%1$Emplo!ees in the 4nancial department have reported that an un nown technician hasbeen as ing 9uestions about the networ # 'hich t!pe of attac might the emplo!ees beobserving( spammingspoo4ngphishing social engineering11+ customer reports that after booting a 'indows Iista computer with a C) and runningantivirus software to remove a boot sector virus7 the computer still fails to boot from thehard dis # 'hat should the technician do to tr! to solve this problem(Enter the hard drive password to unloc the hard drive#<oot the computer from the Iista installation media7 select * / *ecover! Console andthen issue the 4:mbr command# Enter the <I,S settings when the computer starts up and enable <oot *ecover!# <oot the computer from the Iista installation media and select *epair !our computerfrom the Install 'indows screen#13+ technician needs to add a new wireless device to a small '>+N# The '>+N is ami:ture of old and newer E5$#11b and E5$#11g devices# 'hat choice for the new devicewould provide the most interoperabilit! for present and future growth(+dd a new E5$#11g device#+dd a new E5$#11a device#

+dd a new E5$#11n device#+dd a new E5$#11b device#1"+ user notices that some of the programs that are installed before upgrading to'indows 6 no longer function properl!# 'hat can the user do to 4: this problem( 0pdate the driver for the graphics card# *einstall the programs in Compatibilit! %ode#>ower the 0+C setting in the Change 0ser +ccount Control settings dialog bo: of the0ser +ccounts control#Change the 4le s!stem to A+T18#18+ technician installed a networ adapter in a computer and wants to test networ connectivit!# The ping command can onl! receive a response from local wor stations#'hat could be causing the problem(The NIC driver is out of date# The default gatewa! is not set#The operating s!stem is not compatible with the remote sites#The TCPBIP protocol stac is not loaded#16 + technician has repaired a failing laser printer that was not able to pull the paper fromthe input tra!# +fter installing the replacement parts7 the technician tested the printerwith a test page and ever!thing wor ed as e:pected# 'hich would be a possible ne:tstep to complete the troubleshooting process(Search for information on how to con4gure the printer# )ocument an! components that were used in the repair#*oll bac the last device driver#+s the customer to describe the problem#1E'hich wireless securit! mode supports government grade securit! and offers bothpersonal and enterprise authentication(>E+P'P+'EP 'P+$1;'hat are three bene4ts of computer preventive maintenance( -Choose three#.improvement in *+% access timetime savings for technicians ma ing repairs e:tension of the life of components improvement in data protectionelimination of the need for repairs reduction in the number of e9uipment failures$5'hich t!pe of securit! threat can be transferred through email and is used to gainsensitive information b! recording the e!stro es of the email recipient(gra!ware

virusadwareTro2anworm$1+ technician is troubleshooting a networ where it is suspected that a defective node inthe networ path is causing pac ets to be dropped# The technician onl! has the IPaddress of the end point device and does not have an! details of the intermediatedevices# 'hat command can the technician use to identif! the fault! node(ipcon4g B?ushdnsping tracertipcon4g Bdispla!dns$$Hard drives in a grocer! warehouse eep failing because of the adverse warehouseenvironment# 'hat would be a possible solution for this high failure rate(Install a more powerful power suppl! in each computer# Install an SS) drive in each computer#Install an antistatic mat under each computer#Install each computer in a speciali=ed high air?ow case#$1+ technician is as ed to con4gure the time that the s!stem must be idle before the harddis spins down on all the 'indows/based laptops in the compan!# The techniciancon4gured the power options in 'indows but it appears to have no effect# 'here shouldthe technician loo to enable power management(+dministrative ToolsCommand Prompt <I,S Safe modeS!stem *egistr!$3'hat are three common input devices found on laptops( -Choose three#.+C power connectore:ternal monitorPSB$ e!board touchpad 4ngerprint reader web camera$",n which two occasions is it most li el! that a technician will have to perform a cleanoperating s!stem installation if a bac up has not been performed( -Choose two#.+ user re9uires access to a new printer# + new replacement hard drive is installed in a computer#The e:isting securit! software re9uires upgrading# The e:isting operating s!stem is corrupted#The computer is being moved to a different networ #$8+ customer reports poor telephone communications when using a copper telephone linethat also has a )S> service# 'hat is the most li el! cause of the problem(The telephone does not compl! with

the IEEE E5$#1"#1 standard#The HS)P+ -High Speed )ata Pac et +ccess. is interfering with the telephoneoperation#The )S> modem is incorrectl! con4gured# The )S> 4lter is fault! or not connected# $6'hich statement correctl! describes the cancellation effect( The signals in the wires in each twisted/pair circuit generate magnetic 4elds whichcancel each other out#Aiber optic cables use light/emitting diodes to cancel noise on the cable#Twisted/pair cabling pairs two positivel!/charged wires or two negativel!/charged wires7which doubles the signal strength and cancels noise#Coa:ial cables have a positivel!/charged end and a negativel!/charged end7 whichcancel each otherMs magnetic 4elds#$E'hich is a characteristic of the +ndroid operating s!stem( It allows for the user to change the source code#Programmers cannot modif! the source code#+ndroid is one e:ample of the i,S mobile operating s!stem#+ ro!alt! must be paid to change the source code#$;+ technician is as ed to wire a networ that supports CS%+BC)# 'hich architecture andph!sical topolog! should the technician use for supporting this access control method(To en *ing and )ouble *ing'ireless and *ing Ethernet and StarA))I and *ing15'hat is an accurate description of as!mmetric encr!ption technolog!(It is an encr!ption protocol that is used to encr!pt data as the data is sent over the IPN#It is an encr!ption process that uses identical e!s on both ends to establish the IPN# It is an encr!ption process that uses a public and private e! pair to encr!ptBdecr!ptdata# +s!mmetric encr!ption is an encr!ption process that compares traf4c on both ends toma e sure the traf4c has not been altered#11'hich software installation method is used when a customer runs @oogle pla! from amobile device(s!nchroni=e pullpushload1$'hen a 'indows CP computer has completed the P,ST for each adapter card that hasa <I,S7 what is the ne:t step during the boot se9uence( <I,S reads the %<*#NT)>* reads the registr! 4les#NT)ETECT#C,% is used to detect an! installed hardware#The 'IN>,@,N#ECE program is

started#11+ technician wants to allow users to bac up and restore all the 4les on their computers7but does not want the users to be able to ma e changes to the s!stem# How should thetechnician give users this functionalit!( %a e the users members of a group called <ac up ,perators#Chec the Aolder is *ead! for +rchiving bo: in the properties of each folder#@ive the users administrator rights on their computers#@rant the users read permissions on all 4les#13+ technician recentl! implemented securit! on a new computer used b! a web/basedprogram developer# Initiall! the computer was allowed to access a number of programsover the networ 7 but now the developer has found that new programs cannot be accessed# 'hich 4rewall setting should the technician appl! to allow new programswhile also eeping the computer secure( Notif! the user when 'indows Airewall bloc s a program#Enable authentication between computers#<loc all incoming programs#Turn on 'indows Airewall#1"'hich technolog! allows a user to securel! access a compan! >+N across a publicnetwor (%)" IPNSH+TCP18+ technician is troubleshooting a 3/!ear/old computer that ta es a long time to boot7 andidenti4es that the <I,S rediscovers all the hardware at ever! boot# The technicianthin s that the C%,S batter! is losing the charge# 'hat would be the ne:t step in thetroubleshooting process( Test the theor! to determine the cause#Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem#Identif! the problem#Establish a theor! of probable cause#16+ computer technician has decided that a problem with a laptop can be solved b!repairing a hardware component# 'hat should be done 4rst before attempting to repaira hardware component on a laptop(+s a fellow technician for advice# Consult the service manual for the laptop# *emove the e!board#<ac up the <I,S settings#1E+ business is concerned that computers are susceptible to malware infection# 'hichtwo actions will help solve this problem( -Choose two#.Con4gure a hard drive password#Con4gure antimalware software to run whenever the computer is e:periencing heav!usage#

Enable real/time virus and sp!ware scanning# Enable automatic antivirus and antisp!ware software updates#Encr!pt the hard drive contents#1;+ support des trainer is teaching a new support des technician some basic rulesabout starting a conversation with a customer# 'hich statement describes the rules thetrainer should be teaching(Start b! as ing close/ended 9uestions about what the customer understands of theproblem and then direct the customer through the correction process# >earn the name of the customer and create a connection with the customer# Ne:t as 9uestions that assess the nowledge level of the customer#+s the customer what the problem is and then introduce !ourself#+ssess what the customer nows of the support des process and then use close/ended 9uestions to guide the customer through the correction process#35'hich three components are t!picall! found in laser printer maintenance its( -Choosethree#.paper tra!sprimar! corona fuser assembl! pic up rollers transfer rollerssecondar! corona31+ supervisor received a complaint that one of the technicians was rude anddisrespectful# 'hich action b! the technician most li el! caused the customer tocomplain( The technician interrupted a number of times to as 9uestions#The technician ended the call without sa!ing MHave a nice da!M#The technician occasionall! con4rmed an understanding of the problem#The customer was escalated to a level/two technician#3$'hat precaution should a technician ta e when chec ing a thermal printer that suddenl!stops functioning(+void the corona wire7 which can retain a high voltage#+void the platen7 which can retain a high voltage# +void the thermal head7 which can become hot#+void the fuser unit7 which can become hot#31+ technician wishes to secure the networ authentication for all remote users# 'hichsecurit! technolog! uses radio communication with a computer before accepting ausername and password(securit! donglessmart digital cardsbiometrics

e! fobs33'hich two actions must be performed before installing *+% into a laptop( -Choosetwo#. )isconnect +C power#)isconnect the displa! from the bottom of the laptop# *emove the batter!#0se thermal compound to attach the memor! to the motherboard#<efore installing the *+%7 update the saved C%,S settings to the newl! con4guredamount of *+%#*emove the memor! module retaining clips from the slots where the new *+% willinsert#3"+ call center technician is on a call with a customer when a colleague indicates thatthere is something to discuss# 'hat should the technician do(Tell the customer that the call will be put on hold for a few minutes# Signal to the colleague to wait#%ute the line to the customer while discussing the issue with the colleague#Interrupt the customer and as whether the customer would mind going on hold for afew minutes#38'hat categor! of technician uses remote access software to update a computerbelonging to a customer(level one techniciansbench technicians level two technicians4eld technicians 36'hat determines to which device the computer searches 4rst to locate boot 4les(partition si=e <I,S boot se9uence option t!pe of partitionthe order in which the operating s!stem or operating s!stems were installed3E'hich port is used onl! for input(parallel PSB$networ )IIspea er

3;'hen a dual core CP0 with H!per/Threading features is installed on a motherboard7how man! instructions can the CP0 simultaneousl! process($ 38E

"5'hich two pieces of software are included with most new printers and are installed b!the user( -Choose two#.operating s!stem con4guration softwareword processorprinter patches printer driver<I,S update "1'hich measure can help control *AI effects on wireless networ s( Ensure the humidit! and temperature levels are set as low as possible# Ensure the wireless networ is on a different fre9uenc! than the offending source#Ensure the number of wireless NICs e:ceeds the number of wireless phones#Ensure each wireless NIC is con4gured to operate at different fre9uencies from all otherwireless NICs#"$'hat are two reasons wh! static IP addressing would be con4gured instead of )HCPwhen setting up a wireless networ ( -Choose two#. The networ has relativel! few wireless devices#)HCP limits the number of IP addresses that can be assigned# Speci4c securit! policies can be applied to static IP addresses#Static IP addresses enable large networ s to be managed easil!#)HCP is not reliable when used with wireless networ s#"1+t which TCPBIP model la!er would a %+C address be found(internettransportapplication networ access"3+ technician is attempting to install an application that is not supported b! the 'indowsCP operating s!stem on the PC# How can the technician ma e this application run onthe PC(Install the application with elevated permissions as administrator#Install the application in safe mode# Create a virtual machine with an operating s!stem that supports the application#0se the 'indows Compatibilit! mode#""'hich factor should be considered when selecting cooling fans for a PC case(the t!pe of CP0 that is installed the number of installed adapter cardsthe amount of installed *+%the current <I,S version"8+ technician is replacing a failing e!board on a laptop computer# +fter the installation7the technician 4nds that none of the e!s on the e!board are wor ing# 'hat should thetechnician do ne:t(

Chec if the cable is properl! connected#Enable the e!board in the <I,S#,pen )evice %anager then use the option Scan for New Hardware#Install new drivers#"6+ networ administrator has a user that is changing the rights to 4les in a folder for otherusers# 'hat rights does the administrator need to remove from the user( Aull Control%odif!*ead and 'rite*ead and E:ecute"E'hich two wireless con4guration features ma e it harder for a hac er to see and attachto a wireless networ ( -Choose two#.enabling the pro:! 4rewall con4guring %+C address 4lteringdisabling the )HCP con4guration disabling SSI) broadcastsdisabling port forwarding";+ user installs a new sound card driver in a computer that is wor ing properl!# +fter theinstallation of the drivers for the new sound card7 the computer fails to boot# 'hich9uic 4: can the user implement to return to the previous wor ing state(<oot to Start 'indows Normall!# <oot to >ast Dnown @ood Con4guration#<oot to Emergenc! *ecover! State#<oot to *ecover! Console#85+ technician is tas ed with connecting a printer directl! to the networ and ma ing itaccessible to all staff in the general vicinit!# 'hat t!pe of networ cable is most li el!used to connect the printer(coa:ial*O/114ber/optic twisted/pairITE "#5 +J Cert Practice E:am 1 / IT Essentials -Iersion "#5. 1This is a ?ash item# Please clic below to answer this item#$'hich three PC des top functions are t!picall! provided on the front panel and must beconnected to the motherboard( -Choose three#. PC power buttonCP0 temperature indicatoraudio power button networ activit! lightdrive activit! light 0S< connectors1 This is a ?ash item# Please clic below to answer this item# 3'hat wireless networ ing standard has a range of $"5 meters -E$5 feet.( E5$#11aE5$#11gE5$#11b

E5$#11n"+ customer as s for a solution to a printer problem that is be!ond the nowledge level ofthe technician# 'hat should the technician do( @ather as much informatio n as possible and escalate the problem#+s the customer to call again when another technician can provide a solution to theproblem#Tell the customer to call the printer manufacturer to 4: the problem#Tr! to 4: the problem an!wa!#8'hat is the e:pected behavior of an +)S> service(The download and upload rates are the same#The upload rate is faster than the download rate#The user can select the upload and download rates based on need# The download rate is faster than the upload rate# 6This is a ?ash item# Please clic below to answer this item#E+ technician attempts to increase the brightness of a laptop screen b! using the function e!s but the attempt fails# 'hat could be the problem(The >C) screen has failed#The video displa! driver is corrupt# The inverter has failed#The laptop batter! is bad#;+ user is reporting that an in 2et printer is printing colors different from what the printershould be printing# The printer has separate cartridges for each color and the userchanged the c!an cartridge recentl!# 'hat is the action that could 4: the problem(0se a different t!pe of paper#Purchase a maintenance it#Chec for loose printer cables# Perform a printer head cleaning#15 'hich two statements are correct about the inverter and bac light displa! componentsin a laptop( -Choose two#.>E) monitors re9uire the use of an inverter# )C power is re9uired b! the bac light in some t!pes of screens#The inverter converts )C power to +C power#The inverter converts +C power to )C power# +C power is re9uired b! the bac light in some t!pes of screens#11+ technician is re9uired to replace a fault! power suppl! in a des top PC# The PCmotherboard has a $3/pin +TC soc et but the onl! available replacement power suppl!is one with a $5/pin connector# )eliver! of new power supplies with $3/pin connectors isnot e:pected until the ne:t da!7 but the user re9uires the PC to be operational as soonas possible# 'hat can the technician do in these circumstances(

The technician can install the power suppl! and insert the $5/pin connector into the$3/pin soc et on the motherboard#The technician can recover the $3/pin connector from the fault! power suppl! andattach it to the replacement power suppl! for connection to the motherboard#The technician can use a $5/pin/to/$3/pin adaptor to connect the power suppl! to themotherboard#Power supplies with $5/pin connectors are not compatible with motherboards with $3/pin soc ets7 so the technician can do nothing until the new power supplies arrive#1$+ computer technician has recommended a data storage s!stem that combines datastriping and parit!# The user has a limited budget and is prepared to forego performanceto implement this s!stem# 'hich *+I) s!stem would meet these re9uirements(*+I) 5*+I) 1 *+I) "*+I) 5J111 + technician is troubleshooting a PC unable to connect to the networ # 'hat commandshould be issued to chec the IP address of the device( nsloo up ipcon4gtracertping13This is a ?ash item# Please clic below to answer this item#1"'hich feature will assign a computer an IP address even if there is no wor ing )HCPserver in the networ ('INS +PIP++*P)NS18'hich two motherboard components connect to the Northbridge chipset( -Choose two#.0S< 1#5 devices *+% video card 0S< $#5 devicesAire'ire devicesNIC16'hat are the two widths of internal hard drives in laptops( -Choose two#.1#" inches"#$" inches 1#E inches $#" inches1#E inches1E+ user has a computer with a single hard drive and a *+I) adapter installed# 'hichadditional component is necessar! to complete the *+I) installation(a )I) drive one or more additional hard drivesa 0S< connectiona ?opp! dis drive1;'hat are two e:amples of component information that can usuall!

be displa!ed whenusing the <I,S utilit! of a computer( -Choose two#.power >E) statusmotherboard form factor *+% capacit! CP0 manufacturer and speed P,ST results$5 + user has 2ust upgraded a gaming s!stem with E@< of ))*1 E55 %H= *+% and still4nds that the s!stem lags during gamepla!# The s!stem has a high end graphics card7li9uid cooling7 and a 67$55 rpm EI)E drive# 'hat can the user do to improve s!stemperformance(+dd two more case fans# *eplace the EI)E drive with an SS)#*eplace the li9uid cooling s!stem with a high speed ball bearing fan cooling s!stem#Change the voltage setting for the *+%#$1+ PC has one ?opp! drive7 two EI)E drives7 and one EI)E )I) drive# 'hich twoconnector t!pes would have to e:ist on the power suppl! unit to power on all thesedevices( -Choose two#.PS$Aire'ireS+T+ <erg %ole:$$+ user wants to purchase a monitor that will be light7 consume the least amount ofpower7 and provide deep dar levels in the displa!# 'hich displa! t!pe would best meetthese re9uirements(plasma>E) ,>E)>C)$1+ user has connected a 0S< 1#5 device to a computer using a 1 ft -1m. 0S< 1#5 cable#However7 instead of an e:pected data transfer rate of up to " @bBs7 the user notes adata transfer rate of no more than 3"5 %bBs# 'hat is the most probable reason for thislower than e:pected data transfer rate( The cable used e:ceeds the ma:imum length that allows 0S< 1#5 to transfer data at"@bBs#The 0S< 1#5 cable is fault!#The device was connected to a 0S< 1#1 port on the computer# The device was connected to a 0S< $#5 port on the computer#$3'hat is a characteristic of ))* S)*+%())* S)*+% modules have double the number of pins of S)*+% memor! modules#It operates at double the voltage of S)*+% memor!#It is d!namic memor! whereas S)*+% is static memor!#

It transfers data twice per cloc c!cle compared to once per cloc c!cle for S)*+%#$"'here is the integrated 'i/Ai antenna t!picall! located in a laptop(on the s!stem boardon the e!boardintegrated into the wireless card above the screen$8<ecause of limited space on a laptop e!board7 some e!s have a dual/purpose# 'hatare these e!s called(special purpose e!s function e!salternate e!scontrol e!s$6'hich setting must be turned on in order to share a printer in 'indows 6( 'indows Airewall Aile and Printer SharingSharingShare this Printer$E+ technician wor ing on a computer discovers what is suspected to be illegal activit!#'hich three pieces of information should be immediatel! documented( -Choose three#. evidence of the suspected illegal activit! location of the computerdetails of all past users of the computertechnical speci4cations of the computerduration of the suspected illegal activit! wh! the computer was accessed b! the technician$;'hich two PC settings can be con4gured using the <I,S setup utilit!( -Choose two#.P,STallocation of memor! to applications boot se9uenceenabling device drivers virtuali=ation support15+ technician wants to allow man! computers to print to the same printer7 but does notwant to affect the performance of the computers# 'hat will the technician do to achievethis(Install a second printer#0se a software print server# 0se a computer/shared printer# 0se a hardware print server#11'hat memor! t!pe is also nown as PC1/ 15855())*$/E55 ))*1/1111))*$/1855))*1/18551$'hich protocol automates assignment of IP addresses on a networ 7 and which portnumber does it use( -Choose two#.

)HCP)NSS%<"1 86E511'hich two motherboard components are directl! managed b! the Southbridge chipset(-Choose card*+% 0S< 1#5 devices Aire'ire devicesCP0 13'hich laptop component is re9uired to be replaced or upgraded b! a technician ratherthan b! a computer user( inverter*+%batter!hard drive1"'hich two 4eld replaceable units could be found in a laser printer maintenance it(-Choose two#. fuser assembl!toner cartridgedrum pic up rollerspaper tra!spower suppl!18'hat is a feature that can be used b! an administrator to prevent unauthori=ed usersfrom connecting to a wireless access point( %+C 4lteringsoftware 4rewall'P+ encr!ptionpro:! server16'hat technolog! is an IP based 3@ broadband technolog! that offers high speedInternet access for distances up to 15 miles -3E m.('i/Ai 4ber broadband 'i%+Csatellite1E'hich design speci4cation criterion is most important when designing a computer thatwill be a thin client whose applications are accessed from a remote virtual server(number of processor coresamount of *+%amount of local hard drive storage speed of networ card1;'hich adapter would a technician install in a des top computer to enable a video signalto be recorded from a video recorder to the computer hard drive(video adapter video capture cardTI tuner cardnetwor interface card35+ support des technician is dealing with an angr! customer# 'hich two approachesshould the technician ta e in dealing with the customer( -Choose two#.Immediatel! transfer the customer to a higher level technician#+s sociall! related 9uestions to direct the customer awa! from the problem#

'or to redirect the conversation to solving the problem#*epl! to the customer with the same level of anger# >et the customer e:plain the problem without interrupting#31 'hich t!pe of networ consists of several geographicall! dispersed networ s that covera large area(>+N '+NP+NS+N3$'hich three components would a technician use in building a C+) wor station(-Choose three#. multicore processors'indows 6 Home editionTI Tuner card ma:imum *+%high/end sound card speciali=ed graphics card31How should a technician dispose of an empt! in 2et printer cartridge( Aollow local regulations for disposal#@ive it bac to the customer#*e4ll it#Throw it awa!#33'hich displa! t!pe uses the most power(>E),>E) plasma >C)3"'hat are plenum rated cables used for(for cables that are used between buildingsfor cables that are used to connect wor stations to wall soc ets for cables that are installed inside the ?oors and ceilings of buildingsfor cables that are used to connect computers bac /to/bac 38+ technician opens up a PC to wor on it7 and 4nds that it is ver! dust! inside# 'hatshould the technician do( 0se a can of compressed air to remove e:cess dust#0se a moistened cotton swab to remove e:cess dust#0se a lint/free cloth spra!ed with a cleaning solution to remove e:cess dust#Ignore the dust7 as it does not affect the computer#36This is a ?ash item# Please clic below to answer this item#3E + technician is building a wor station that will be used for virtuali=ation# 'hich twocomponents would the technician use( -Choose two#.dual monitors

multicore processorsli9uid coolinghigh/end graphics card ma:imum amount of *+%3;+ technician is troubleshooting a PC in a wor place environment and 4nds man! piratedmovies on the hard drive# 'hat should the technician do(%a e a cop! of all the pirated content and send it to the law enforcement authorities#*emove the pirated content and document all wor done# *eport the 4ndings through the proper channels#+dvise the user that downloading pirated content is illegal and that the user shouldrefrain from doing so#"5'hich two adapter card slots are used b! video adapter cards installed in des top PCs(-Choose two#.)I%% +@PIS+%C+ PCIe"1'hich device provides a consistent 9ualit! of power when brownouts and blac outsoccur7 and ma! enable a computer to safel! shut down after saving data when a poweroutage occurs(E%I shield generator uninterruptible power suppl!surge suppressor"$'hich two hardware features would a technician monitor within the <I,S if a computerwas suspected of overheating( -Choose two#.motherboard voltageTrusted Platform %odulehard drive speed CP0 fan speed CP0 cloc speed"1This is a ?ash item# Please clic below to answer this item#"3'h! should a technician avoid opening the casing of a power suppl!(,nl! the power suppl! manufacturer can open the casing of a power suppl!# Ha=ardous levels of electricit! ma! be present inside the power suppl!# Power supplies must alwa!s be replaced7 not repaired#Power supplies are ver! fragile7 e:pensive7 and eas! to damage#""'hich three features can be con4gured in the <I,S settings to secure a computer(-Choose three#.4le encr!ption passwords

TP%TDIP e! drive encr!ption%+C 4ltering"8'hat process ta es place in a laser printer after the drum is conditioned for the newlatent image( e:posingdevelopingtransferringchargingfusing"6'hich two items are e:pansion options for a laptop( -Choose two#.PCI Card E:pressCardPCI/e CardIS+ Card PC Card "E'hich securit! mode supports robust encr!ption7 and can be enabled with passwordauthentication -personal. or server authentication -enterprise.(TDIP'EP 'P+$'P+";+ technician is con4guring a PC for ma:imum performance and the highest level of dataprotection# 'hich *+I) con4guration would the technician use(511" 5J185+ technician is performing a memor! upgrade# 'hat would be the result of attempting toinstall a ))*$/E55 module in a computer that alread! has a ))*$/886 moduleinstalled( The computer will run at the slower memor! speed#The module will not 4t#It will be necessar! to con4gure the <I,S to recogni=e the different memor! speeds#The computer will not boot#81'hich t!pe of storage would be best in a tablet computer that belongs to a small child(S+T+P+T+ eS+T+ SS)8$+ user needs to connect a cable to the PC to deliver digital video signals onl!# 'hicht!pe of cable should be used(%ini/ H)%IcompositeI@+H)%I )II/)81'hich two t!pes of connector are used for 4ber optic cable( -Choose two#. SC ST<NC*O/11*C+*O/3"83'hich solid/state storage technolog! allows a computer <I,S to be upgraded b!?ashing(S)*+%

EEP*,%*,%S,)I%% 8"'hich topolog! t!pe describes the process that hosts use to access and communicateon a networ (ph!sicalstarbus logical88'hich resolution would provide the best visual 9ualit! on a plasma monitor(C@+I@+ nativeSI@+86This is a ?ash item# Please clic below to answer this item#8E'hich three connection technologies allow a user to connect a printer to a computerusing a wired connection( -Choose three#.<luetooth infrared Ethernet 0S<E5$#11: parallel8;+ customer who travels fre9uentl! wants to now which technolog! is the most suitablefor being connected to the corporate networ at all times at low cost# 'hich networ technolog! would a networ administrator recommend(IS)N cellularsatellitemicrowave65+ user is con4guring a wireless access point and wants to prevent an! neighbors fromdiscovering the networ # 'hat action does the user need to ta e(Con4gure )%G settings#Enable 'P+ encr!ption# )isable SSI) broadcast#Con4gure a )NS server#61+ technician is building a thic client wor station that would be used to run a databaseand wants to ensure the best protection against errors# 'hat t!pe of memor! would bebest suited for this( ECC))*1*)*+% ))*$6$In which situation would it be appropriate for a technician to bac up personal andcon4dential data from a computer belonging to a customer( if the customer permits itif the technician feels it necessar! to bac it upif the customer forgets to sign the wor orderif illegal content is discovered on the customer computer61,n a laptop e!board7 which three functions can

t!picall! be accessed through the useof special function e!s( -Choose three#. wireless functionalit! displa! brightnessTas %anagerControl Panels'indows Start menu volume settings63'hich device converts digital signals to analog signals and vice versa( modemswitchrouterhub6"'hich 4re protection s!stem would be best for a universit! computerBelectronics lab( a nonwater based 4re e:tinguisher 4re suppressing ha=mat blan ets and supressorsan overhead sprin ler s!steman electronic ion spreader68'hat is the 4rst step a technician should ta e when preparing to wor on the inside of acomputer( )isconnect the computer from power#*emove the power suppl!#*emove e:ternal devices such as a mouse#)isconnect the computer from the networ #

66'hat is an advantage of using a printer that is connected to a hardware print servercompared with a computer/shared printer( + hardware print server is alwa!s available to all users#+ hardware print server will have more memor! to store the print 2ob than a computerwill have that shares a printer#+ computer that shares a printer alwa!s prioriti=es the printing tas s#+ computer that shares a printer alwa!s allows for faster printing of documents# 6E'hich connector would be used for a laptop e:ternal hard drive()II eS+T+S+T+P+T+SBP)IA 6;

+ technician is setting up a networ in a new room# 'hat is the best device to use toconnect the PCs to each other and to the rest of the >+N( switchrouter4rewallgatewa! E5+ user is connecting a home entertainment s!stem and wants to use one cable to carr!all the digital video and audio signals from the source device to the >C) TI# 'hat t!peof cable should the user use()II/)I@+S/Iideo H)%IE1'hich *+I) level allows for e:tension of a d!namic volume without an! redundanc!( 51$13"E$'hat t!pe of printer re9uires the ribbon to be changed when producing faded and lightcharacters(laserthermal in 2et impact'hat wireless networ ing standard has a ma:imum available bandwidth of 11 %bBs(E5$#11 bITE "#5 +J Cert Practice E:am $ / IT Essentials -Iersion "#5.

1 *efer to the e:hibit# In what situation would atechnician use this tab( 'hen the device will not be using the Internet#'hen a device is behind a 4rewall and software is being used that needs access to aremote networ #'hen the computer will be using a IPN connection and accessing the Internet whileconnected through the IPN# 'hen a laptop is used both at wor with )HCP and at home with a static IP address# $+ technician is attempting to repair a 'indows 6 laptop that has a missing or corrupt ,S4le that prevents 'indows 6 from starting up# The technician reboots the laptop andaccesses the 'in*E via the AE e!# 'hich option must the technician choose in theS!stem *ecover! menu to locate and 4:

the missing or corrupt s!stem 4les(S!stem *estore'indows %emor! )iagnostic Startup *epairS!stem Image *ecover!

1+fter complaints from users7 a technician identi4es that the college web server isrunning ver! slowl!# + chec of the server reveals that there are an unusuall! largenumber of TCP re9uests coming from multiple locations on the Internet# 'hat is thesource of the problem(The server is infected with a virus#There is insuf4cient bandwidth to connect to the server#There is a repla! attac in progress# + ))oS attac is in progress#

3+ user reports that a laser printer is printing shadow images and letters# 'hich partshould the technician replace to correct this problem(pic up rollerfuser drumnetwor cable

"+ user has determined that the computer hard drive is failing# <efore the failure7 theuser implemented a bac up scheme running a normal bac up ever! end of the monthand then incremental bac ups ever! other da!# 'hat is the correct se9uence that theuser has to follow in order to restore the bac up(*estore the last incremental bac ups in inverse order7 and then restore the last normalbac up# *estore the last normal bac up 4rst7 then restore the incremental bac ups in order#*estore the last incremental bac up and then restore the last normal bac up#*estore the last normal bac up 4rst7 then restore the last incremental bac up#

8'hat are two possible causes of a computer running slowl!( -Choose two#.The *+% is not compatible with the motherboard#The hard drive has been partitioned# Not enough *+% is installed in the s!stem# The hard drive is full#The CP0 has been overcloc ed#

6+ technician connects a new >C) monitor for the 4rst time and 4nds the displa! ver!pi:ilated# 'hat is a possible solution to this problem( Set the screen to native resolution#Change the monitor video connector from )II to H)%I#Power c!cle the monitor#Set the screen resolution to I@+#

E'hich statement that is related to running 83/bit software is correct(83/bit software re9uires a 83/bit processor but can run on a 1$/bit operating s!stem#83/bit software can run on a 1$/bit processor but re9uires a 83/bit operating s!stem# 83/bit software re9uires a 83/bit processor and a 83/bit operating s!stem#83/bit software can run on a 1$/bit processor using a 1$/bit operating s!stem but thesoftware performance will be slower#

;'hich user account should be used onl! to perform s!stem management and not as theaccount for regular use(standard user administratorguest power user

15+ technician is troubleshooting a networ connectivit! problem# Pings to the localwireless router are successful but pings to a server on the Internet are unsuccessful#'hich C>I command could assist the technician to 4nd the location of the networ ingproblem(mscon4gipcon4gipcon4gBrenew Tracert

11'hat are two features of the +ndroid operating s!stem( -Choose two#. +ndroid has been implemented on devices such as cameras7 smart TIs7 and e/boo readers#Each implementation of +ndroid re9uires a ro!alt! to be paid to @oogle#+ll available +ndroid applications have been tested and approved b! @oogle to run onthe open source operating s!stem#+ndroid applications can onl! be downloaded from @oogle Pla!# +ndroid is open source and allows an!one to contribute to its development andevolution#

1$'hich two guidelines are appropriate for creating strong passwords( -Choose two#.0se onl! upper case and numeric values in passwords#Include letters7 numbers7 and s!mbols#0se at least eight characters#Change the password once each !ear#Passwords should contain s!mbols onl!# 11+ technician is about to install and con4gure a wireless networ at a small branch of4ce#'hat is the 4rst securit! measure the technician should appl! immediatel! uponpowering up the wireless router()isable the wireless networ SSI) broadcast#Con4gure encr!ption on the wireless router and the connected wireless devices#Enable %+C address 4ltering on the wireless router# Change the default user/name and password of the wireless router#

13+ technician is troubleshooting a 'indows 6 laptop that ta es signi4cantl! longer thane:pected when performing a 4le search# 'hat is the possible cause(The 4le permissions are not set#The dis t!pe is d!namic#The dis t!pe is basic#The 4le s!stem is corrupt# The inde: service is not running

#1"'hich two methods are used to directl! connect mobile devices such as tablets andsmartphones to a data networ ( -Choose two#.wired Ethernet<luetooth 'i/Ai'i%a: cellular communications

18+ user is viewing the )is %anagement utilit! on a PC that is running 'indows CP andnotices that one of the dis s is mar ed as Aoreign# 'hat does this mean(This is a d!namic dis whose partition has been deleted# This is a d!namic dis from another PC running 'indows CP#This is a basic dis that has 2ust been converted to a d!namic dis #This is a dis that does not contain a valid signature#

16'hat action should a technician ta e before upgrading computers from Iista to'indows 6(0ninstall all programs#*un Iista 0pgrade +nal!=er# *un 'indows 6 0pgrade +dvisor#0pgrade the video card #1E'hat are two 4le attributes( -Choose two#.detailsgeneral

archive read/onl!securit!

1;'hich t!pe of malware is disguised as a legitimate program(worm Tro2ansp!wareadware $5 + technician has successfull! removed malware from a PC and 4nds that when thes!stem is rebooted error messages are displa!ed about missing and corrupt s!stem4les# 'hat utilit! can the technician use to replace or 4: an! corrupted s!stem 4les(*egedit+S* (Ai:bootSACAi:mbr

$1+n N,S not foundN error message is displa!ed when a computer is started# Thetechnician determines that the single hard drive is con4gured as a slave# 'hat needs tobe done to correctl! con4gure the hard drive as a master(Change the masterBslave setting in S!stem Tools#*eplace the hard drive#Change the masterBslave setting in <I,S# Change the 2umper settings on the hard drive#

$$+ technician is troubleshooting a server and wants to see all open shared 4les on it#'hat command could the technician use to do this(net accounts net 4lenbtstatnet groupntstat

$1+ technician is troubleshooting a problem where man! websites return a Ncerti4cate notvalidN error# The technician notices that the date and time are not current and resetsthese to the correct settings# The previousl! inaccessible websites are now accessible# However7 when the computer is restarted the same problem reoccurs# 'hat can thetechnician do to prevent the date and time from resetting( *eplace the C%,S batter!#*einstall the ,S#0pgrade the <I,S#Change the power settings in the <I,S#

$3'hich two issues are li el! to cause <S,) errors( -Choose two#. *+% failingpower suppl! failureout/of/date browserlac of antivirus software device driver errors

$"+ technician wants to use *emote )es top to con4gure another PC# 'hich 4rewall porton the remote PC should be open in order for *emote )es top to wor ($1$5 and $1E511"1E; 11E;

$8+ technician needs to permanentl! destro! data on some drives before disposing ofthem# 'hat is the best wa! to do this( Shatter the drive platters with a hammer# ,verwrite the drivesPartition the hard drives#Perform a full format#

$6'hat ind of tool or substance is better to use to remove spilled toner on a laserprinter(compressed airmild detergent solutionregular vacuum cleaner special vacuum cleaner

$E,n a PC that is running 'indows 6 0ltimate7 a user sets up a home entertainments!stem and creates a homegroup# The user then 2oins two other PCs to the wor group7one PC running 'indows 6 Starter and the other running 'indows 6 Home <asic# 'hatelse must the user do in order to have the user accounts on the 'indows 6 Home <asicand 'indows 6 Starter PCs access the shares on the home entertainment s!stem( Nothing has to be done# +ll users accounts on all the PCs will automaticall! be addedto the homegroup#0ser accounts on all three PCs have to be added to the homegroup#0sers on the PC that is running 'indows Starter cannot 2oin the homegroup#

$;+ user wants to e:tend a primar! partition formatted with the NTAS 4le s!stem with theunallocated space on the hard dis # 'hat must the user do after the primar! partition ise:tended to ma e it usable(Aormat the dis with the A+T83 4le s!stem# Convert the dis t!pe to d!namic# Ensure that the dis t!pe is basic#Partition the new space as a basic dis # 15+ user has detected that one of the virtual machines in a computer is infected with avirus# 'hich statement about the situation is li el! to be true(The host machine antivirus program re9uires an update# The host operating s!stem is not necessaril! infected with a virus#+ll of the virtual machines running on the host are infected with a virus#The host machine operating s!stem has a bug#

11'hat t!pe of 4le s!stem allows the use of 4les larger than " @< and is mostl! used oninternal hard drives(e:A+TA+T83C)ASA+T1$ NTAS 1$+ user purchases a new E5$#11n wireless router and sets it up at home# The usernotices that E5$#11n devices can connect to the wireless router but E5$#11g devicescannot connect# 'hat is the problem(The wireless router is set to use the wrong channel# The wireless router has not been set for mi:ed mode#The wireless router is fault!#The wireless router is using the wrong SSI)#

11 'hich two possible errors ma! be displa!ed when a laser printer does not have enoughmemor! to handle the t!pe of printing 2obs that the users are tr!ing to print( -Choosetwo#.incorrect t!pe of memor! memor! overloadincorrect slot of memor! usedprint 2ob incomplete out of memor!buffer over?ow

13'hat is true about restore points( *estore points should alwa!s be created before ma ing changes to a s!stem#,nce S!stem *estore is used to restore a s!stem7 the change is irreversible#*estore points bac up personal data 4les#*estore points recover corrupted or deleted data 4les#

1"+ technician has created a customi=ed image of 'indows 6 and wants to deplo! it to 15PCs# 'hich utilit! can the technician use to do this( Ch ds Sfc*egedit S!sprep

18+ user reports that a computer is unable to print on an in 2et printer# The technician hasdetermined that there is no paper in the paper bin# 'hat is the ne:t step in thetroubleshooting process()etermine the e:act cause# Establish a plan of action#)ocument the 4ndings#Ierif! s!stem functionalit!#

16+ user wants to map a networ drive on a PC that is named N',*D$N and runs'indows 6# The name of the shared resource the user wishes to map to is calledNinstallsN and is located on a wor station called N',*D1N# 'hat would be the correctpath for mapping the networ drive(

1E'hat are two functions of h!pervisors( -Choose two#. to allocate ph!sical s!stem resources to virtual machines

to manage virtual machinesto partition the hard drive to run virtual machinesto protect the host from malware infection from the virtual machinesto share the antivirus software across the virtual machines

1;'hat is a possible situation when it might be necessar! to boot 'indows 6 from a 0S<device7 a C)7 or a )I)( to repair the s!stemto disable bac ground servicesto delete registr! e!sto partition the hard drive

35'hat is re9uired in order to connect a 'i/Ai enabled laptop to a 'P+ secured wirelessnetwor (an updated wireless driver a securit! encr!ption e! a username and passworda %+C address

31'hich securit! threat hides the resources that it uses from antivirus programs( root itwormTro2ansp!ware

3$+ technician is troubleshooting a wor station in a domain that has been infected with avirus# 'hat is the 4rst step the technician should ta e to clean the infected wor station(*un the antivirus software#0pdate the antivirus software#Turn off s!stem restore# )isconnect the wor station from the networ #

31'hich feature of a mobile device uses sensors to detect the orientation of the screenand changes the displa! to landscape or portrait as re9uired( s!nchroni=ation@PSscreen calibration +ccelerometer

33+ 'indows CP PC that was formatted with the NTAS 4le s!stem displa!s a missing orcorrupt )>> error message when a certain program is run# 'hat is the cause of this(The ,S must be 83 bit in order to support the )>># The NTAS 4le s!stem does not support )>>s#The )>> 4le was not installed with the program# The )>> 4le was not registered during installation of the program#

3"+ user has a computer that is infected with sp!ware# 'hat should be performed beforeremoving the sp!ware(*un 'indows 0pdate# )isable S!stem *estore#Create a full bac up#*un a dis defragmentation#

38This is a ?ash item# Please clic below to answer this item#36'hich e:pansion card can assist in troubleshooting a computer problem when no videois available(<I,S card0S< e:pansion card P,ST cardadvanced graphics card 3E+ wired networ is undergoing several changes that could leave it vulnerable toconnection b! unauthori=ed devices while the wor is in progress# 'hich two temporar!measures would enable the authori=ed devices to continue to have networ access butprevent unauthori=ed devices from connecting( -Choose two#.Subnet the networ #

)isable )HCP#)isable SSI) broadcast#)isable )NS# +ssign static IP addresses to the authori=ed devices# 3;+ technician successfull! removes malware from an infected PC# 'hen the PC isrebooted it displa!s error messages about missing s!stem 4les# How can the technician4: this problem()isable un nown services using %scon4g#'rite a new boot record with Ai:boot#*un Ch ds # *un Sfc# "5+ user has shared a director! on the networ # The 4les in the director! can be modi4ed7created7 and deleted when accessed from the local computer7 but when accessed fromanother computer7 the 4les can onl! be viewed# 'hat can the user do to gain all thepermissions when the 4les are accessed over the networ (0pdate to the NTAS 4le s!stem#+d2ust 4rewall settings#*un a full antivirus scan# +d2ust share permissions#

"1+ technician is tr!ing to troubleshoot a 'indows 6 PC remotel! and 4nds that pings tothe target machine fail and that telnetting into it fails as well# 'hat changes should the technician ma e on the 'indows 6 4rewall in order to telnet into the target PCremotel!(,pen ports $5 and $1 on the target machine# ,pen port $1 on the target machine#,pen port E5 on the target machine#+llow IC%P messages on the target machine#

"$'hich statement is correct about installing a 1$/bit operating s!stem on a :83architecture(

The ,S will run correctl!#This combination will provide better securit!#The ,S will alwa!s ma e use of all the *+% available#The ,S can address more than 1$E @< of memor!# "1'hat tool can be used to 4nd and attempt to 4: 4le structural errors on a hard dis in'indows 6(Ai:mbrScandis Ch ds Aormat

"3'hat t!pe of partition has the abilit! to create volumes spanning across more than onedis ( d!namicprimar!activee:tended ""+ user needs to fre9uentl! access data from a shared folder on a remote computer#'hich command would be used to map a networ drive to the remote share( net usenbtstattas listipcon4g

"8+ user reports that a PC is losing 4les7 not opening some 4les7 and is performing slowl!#The technician suspects problems with the hard drive# 'hat should be done to protectthe data that is on the PC and to determine the source of the problem7 without ris ingtotal drive failure( <ac up all important 4les7 then run CHD)SD#

"6'hich 'indows utilit! can be used to schedule a regular bac up for preventivemaintenance('indows Tas %anagerS!stem *estore 'indows Tas Scheduler)is Cleanup

"E'hich two mobile device components are 4eld replaceable( -Choose two#.internal SS) batter! Subscriber Identit! %odule cardtouch screenaccelerometer sensors ";'hich two common connection t!pes are used to s!nchroni=e mobile devices with a PCor laptop( -Choose two#.@PS<luetooth 'i/Ai 0S<SS) 85+ business organi=ation is con4guring securit! on the mobile devices that are used inthe organi=ation# The securit! polic! states that business data on mobile devices shouldonl! ever be accessed b! emplo!ees# 'hich mobile device securit! feature can be usedto best ensure that business data is rendered completel! inaccessible if the device islost or stolen( sandbo: remote wipepasscode loc remote loc

81Aor mobile devices7 what are two advantages of using ?ash memor! storage technolog!that is the e9uivalent of solid state drives( -Choose two#. light weight componentshigh capacit!?ash memor! storage is 4eld/ serviceable power ef4cienc!ease of upgrading 8$+ technician troubleshooting a networ problem has used C>I commands to determinethat a computer has not been allocated a correct IP

address from the )HCP server#'hich command can the technician use to solve this problem(pingtracertipcon4gBrelease ipcon4gBrenew 81+ computer technician has successfull! returned a laptop to full operation and veri4eds!stem functionalit!# +ctions the technician performed included modif!ing the registr!and appl!ing patches to the operating s!stems# 'hat is the ne:t step in thetroubleshooting process that the technician should do(Consult manufacturer manuals and repair logs#*eboot the computer#*e/attach and test all peripherals# )ocument the solution# 83This is a ?ash item# Please clic below to answer this item# 8"How can a user prevent speci4c applications from accessing a 'indows computer overa networ (Enable %+C address 4ltering#)isable automatic IP address assignment# <loc speci4c TCP or 0)P ports in 'indows Airewall#Change default usernames and passwords

#88'hen a 'indows CP computer starts7 a N%issing NT>)*N message is displa!ed afterthe P,ST# 'hat are two possible solutions to this problem( -Choose two#.0se the last nown good con4guration to boot the computer# *un fdis Bmbr from the command prompt#*un the bootrecB4:mbr command from the S!stem *ecover! console#*estore the <,,T%@* 4le from the 'indows installation media# *estore ntdetect#com from the 'indows installation media#

86+ computer loc s up fre9uentl!7 and no error message can be seen on screen# Theproblem occurs ever! time the user attempts to restart the computer# 'hat is the mostli el! reason for this problem(The power suppl! has failed# The computer is overheating#The inde: service is not running#+ startup 4le has become corrupted

8E+ technician has replaced the power suppl! unit of a PC7 but notices that when the PCboots up the *+I) arra! cannot be found# The technician veri4es that the wattage of thereplaced power suppl! unit matches the original one and that the *+I) controller isreceiving ade9uate power# 'hat is the problem(The *+I) controller re9uires a higher voltage setting# The C%,S settings have not been saved# The power cables were incorrectl! reconnected to the arra! of drives#The power suppl! unit is not suppl!ing the correct voltage#

8;+ user notices that there is intermittent wireless connectivit! on a laptop that is runninga wireless PCI E:press %icro card using the wireless E5$#11n standard# 'hat shouldthe user do to 4: the problem(*eplace the ,S on the laptop# %ove the laptop to a new location#*eplace the PCI E:press %icro card with a %ini/PCIe card#*eplace the PCI E:press %icro card with a %ini/PCI card#

65'hich t!pe of user account is created automaticall! during a 'indows CP installation( +dministrator@uestStandard userPower user

61+ cleaner attempts to enter a computer lab but is denied entr! b! the receptionistbecause there is no scheduled cleaning for that da!# 'hat t!pe of attac was 2ustprevented(shoulder sur4ng social engineeringwar drivingTro2anphishing

6$+fter consulting the manufacturer manuals7 a technician applies a series ofrecommended solutions that resolve a problem with a wor station computer# 'hat is thene:t step in the troubleshooting process that the technician should perform()etermine the ne:t steps to resolve the problem#Test the theor! of probable cause#)ocument the 4ndings7 actions7 and outcomes# Ierif! the solution and con4rm full s!stem functionalit!#

61+ user is able to onl! access 4les re9uired to perform a speci4c tas # 'hat t!pe ofsecurit! practice is being applied( principle of least privilegeprinciple of necessar! privilegeprinciple of most privilegeprinciple of privileges 63+ user replaced a PC CP0 with a faster one7 but now the PC displa!s a <S,) onbootup# 'hat is the problem(The C%,S settings have not been saved on bootup#The CP0 multiplier has not been set#The front side bus is set too low# The CP0 voltage is set too high# 6"+ user receives an email re9uesting veri4cation of the password that is used to accessban 4les# 'hat t!pe of securit! threat is this(malwaresocial engineeringvirus Phishing

68+ compan! has replaced 4ve des top computers in the accounting and 4nancedepartment with new computers# The plan is to donate the recovered computers in afull! functional state to a not/for/pro4t communit! organi=ation# How can the compan!ensure that sensitive 4nancial data cannot be accessed once the computers aredonated( )ata wipe the hard drives b! using speciali=ed software#)elete all the 4les and directories on the hard drives#

66'hich ping command option would be used to resolve the hostname when testingconnectivit! to a speci4c IP address( ping /aping /tping /sping Pn 6E'hich two precautions can help prevent social engineering( -Choose two#. Escort all visitors#)o not allow an! customers into the wor place# +lwa!s as for the I) of un nown persons# 6;+ compan! has a guest wireless networ available for visitors while on the compan!premises# + technician has noted that unauthori=ed users are connecting to this wireless networ from outside the premises# 'hich action can be ta en to reduceunauthori=ed connections to the guest wireless networ while enabling visitors to stillconnect 9uic l! and easil! without assistance while on the compan! premises()isable SSI) broadcast#Con4gure 'P+ encr!ption# *educe the radio power level#Enable %+C address 4ltering# E5'hich three items are biometric securit! devices( -Choose three#. voice recognition

4ngerprint reader retina scannersmart cardpassword e! fob E1'hich statement is correct about appl!ing 4rmware updates(Airmware updates should not be included as part of the preventive maintenanceprogram#It is possible to use the *oll <ac feature to reverse the change# Airmware updates are sometimes irreversible#The E$'hen a user tries to run a program a missing or corrupt )>> message is displa!ed#'hat are two possible solutions to this problem( -Choose two#. *un sfcBscannow in Safe %ode# *egister the )>> 4le using the regsvr1$ command#*einstall the correct drivers# 9 ti&ity I:J Filters 9dd to olle tion'e&iew9dd noteLike?mbed Showing 9ll$ost 'e ent'e&iews9ll @otesLikes Top of Form 'ating 2+G

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