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Wider Community Development Feedback Report


Developed by M.E.A Ltd for the Interim Wider Community Working Committee, on 24/09/13

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Acknowledgments .................................................................................... 3 Executive summary .................................................................................. 4 Introduction ............................................................................................... 5 What took place at the Motuti hui? ......................................................... 6 What did our Whanau say? ...................................................................... 8 Working Committee Preparing for the future .................................... 12 Conclusions and recommendations ..................................................... 14
Conclusions ........................................................................................................................14 Recommendations .............................................................................................................14

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Appendices ............................................................................................. 15
Appendix 1 Attendees Registration:...................................................................................15 Appendix 2 Budget: ............................................................................................................18

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page ii


Nau te rourou, Naku te rourou Ka ora ai tatou. It is with your contribution and mine, each and every one of us shall prosper! Kei konei ra e Ninihi, hei konei puhanga tohora, hei konei ra e Taiamai, ka haere ahau ki Panguru, ki Papata, ki te rakau tupatapata nui ki te hau a uru, ki nga uri o wharewhare I te rangi, kia Te Reinga, ki te Tawa rau nui, ki te ngaru nui a Pahu, ki te angaanga whawhao puku, ki te ana, ki te tahuna, e kore e pikitia e te wai, ki te angaanga titi iho i te rangi. Tu te ao, tu te po, ki te whei ao ki te ao marama, Tihei mauri ora Firstly, we would like to acknowledge the contribution from the Panguru Motuti Forestry Trust, who invited us all to come and continue our wider community conversation at their AGM weekend with them. They also contributed significantly to many of the costs associated with the wider community development hui and have set a wonderful precedent for co-hosting future wider community hui. We must also acknowledge Te Runanga o Te Rarawa who through requests from our marae provided a koha towards the costs of hosting this event as well as providing the projector, screen, stationery and printing for our hui. Te Runanga o Te Rarawa have also offered to assist with any future hui as well as support with website development if required. We also acknowledge the North Hokianga Development Trust who has helped to initiate the conversation on community development over the past two years. A mighty thank you also to our whanau from Motuti and all the kai mahi for welcoming, accommodating, feeding and loving us all throughout the duration of the hui. Finally, a huge thank you to all of our whanau who took time out of their busy lifestyles to attend the hui and contribute to the wider community discussions that have taken place to so far. Nga mihi nunui atu ki a koutou katoa.

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 3

Executive summary

This report aims to provide a detailed and up to date account of what took place at the wider community development hui which was held at Motuti Marae, on the 6-7 of September 2013. It will focus on sharing the information extracted and collated from this hui, highlighting key themes and overarching principles that developed during the facilitated group discussions and will provide an overview of potential points that will require further consideration prior to our next wider community development hui. The key points that were explored at the hui were: I. Whether there was enough interest/desire for individuals, whanau, marae and hapu groups, existing Trusts and long serving organisations to come together and talk about the formation of some type of wider community forum/body/structure that would facilitate a collective/collaborative approach.

II. If this was to happen who might be the key individuals/groups/organisations to be responsible/accountable for providing the foundation for this to happen and III. What type of structures/systems and criteria would be required by the people who would effectively manage this kaupapa moving into the future. There is unanimous support for the key groups within the community to continue to work together. There is also unanimous support for the working committee to continue to prepare for the next hui and identify any opportunities for our respective whanau, groups and organisations to consider. Matihetihe Marae has agreed to host the next meeting, 7-8 December 2013.

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 4


This report is written for the benefit of all whanau and hapu connected to the following Marae and their surrounding communities: Ngai Tupoto Motuti Waipuna Ngatimanawa Waihou Waiparera and Matihetihe

It has been designed with the following objectives in mind: I. To invite and include the input and considerations of all whanau who are interested in discussing and identifying the opportunities and challenges facing our wider community

II. To identify, analyse and measure the effectiveness of the organisations, structures and systems already established within the wider community III. To explore the establishment of an overarching governing body and any other complementary organisations, structures and systems, that will be responsible/accountable for considering and actualising the needs and requirements of our wider community to enable and maximise the power of a collective approach IV. To encourage, facilitate and actualise optimum health and well-being for all our whanau (residing both, in and outside of the area).

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 5

What took place at the Motuti hui?

The spirit of this hui was to invite all the attendees to participate in an intentional discussion to contemplate the potential of bringing the community together as individuals, whanau, hapu, committees, boards and organisations, to consider how we could work more effectively and collaboratively together to achieve greater benefits for our people and make the community prosper and thrive once again. It was clear from the korero that took place and the information gathered at this hui that there was resounding support for a discussion to happen that would enable us to look at establishing some sort of medium/forum/structure that would enable us all to contribute into, whilst still maintaining our autonomy and independence as individuals and members of the different groups that we associate, affiliate or belong to. It was also evident that there was unanimous support of the key groups and organisations that had been identified at the previous hui to provide foundational representation of a wider community body/structure that would offer leadership, transparency, a warm and inviting ear, support and resources to strengthen and mobilise the community and make things happen. These were namely our Marae, our kuia/kaumatua, the existing trusts within the community and the other longstanding established organisations that have served the community, i.e. the church, our kura and others. With a strong impetus on community development it was identified that to actualise communal goals and aspirations it was essential that we fully understand and appreciate our whakapapa connections to each other. It was also identified how whakapapa would support us to achieve what we needed for today and the importance of strengthening and maintaining these connections/relationships for the future. Once again, Pa Tates role in sharing practical case studies highlighting key aspects of the building and design philosophies behind the carvings and tukutuku patterns of Tamatea and the contributions by the wider community of gathering resources to build their Marae helped to solidify the usefulness and importance of whakawhanaungatanga. As Pa said, We can establish whanaungatanga (familiar connections) through whakapapa, thats easy. However, we have to focus on maintaining these connections through hard work and being pono, tika and adopting aroha towards one another. Pa then delivered his presentation on the principles of engagement in which he fully defined and described the application of Pono, Tika and Aroha to daily life. The second half of the day focussed on eliciting and harvesting participants thoughts on the following questions: I. II. III. IV. If there was an overarching body to provide support, leadership and guidance what might this look like? What principles would this entity fall under? Who are the key groups that need to be involved and Do we agree to work together?

It was unanimously agreed that the individuals and groups present wanted to work together and that there was a need to explore a structure/kaupapa that had a clear philosophical/principle base, was flexible enough to meet the needs of the community, could help to strengthen leadership, used what was already in place, was transparent and accountable and had strong business and management capacity.

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 6

We also had a brief session on what different initiatives and projects had been introduced into the community over the past 50 100 years. Attendees took time to identify what worked, what didnt and what would we do differently. It was identified that there have been a wide range of initiatives that have taken place within the community, many of which were successful in the short term but have not been successful or sustainable in the long term. The reasons provided were there was very little resource and support in place, government funding stopped, agency interference, lack of local capability and capacity, lack of consultation and communication and a move towards tauiwi practices which undermined the natural systems of whanaungatanga and the environment that helped to build and nourish the local economy and community. It is important to note that the most successful projects identified were the ones that were designed, led, resourced and managed by the community. There were many key learnings to be had from these previous experiences and it is clear that we learn from, and not repeat, the mistakes from the past. It was also identified that for far too long we have been dancing to the beat and timeline of others and that rush and haste is our greatest enemy. It was urged that care is taken to take time to plan, to do things properly and well. We have been here for generations we can take time

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 7

What did our Whanau say?

This is a summary of the workshop notes gathered at Motuti Marae: 1. If there was an overarching body to provide support, leadership and guidance what might this look like? It will look like Te Runanga o Te Rarawa only smaller more action It would belong to us Determines that we have a say with TROTR, Govt groups etc. Rather than a formal structure, it acts as a leadership forum Potential of an online collaborative platform that provides whanau anywhere in the world to post their ideas, skills, projects, services and resources and share this information with anybody that could be interested in supporting the kaupapa. Works under the Dynamics of Whanaungatanga (DoW) framework. Business-like approach not marae committee


What formation/structure might best suit our Takiwa? A forum for leadership Legal entity to access any funding etc. Good governance and sound business principles A council forum made up of 3 reps from marae Existing groups Co-operative


What are the principles we would we like this kaupapa to work under? Whanau Kotahi Pono, Tika and Aroha Collaboration, Communication, Representation, Capacity Building Strategic Focus Better understanding of each others purpose Open communication Different kaupapa than that of marae


Who are the key whanau/groups/organisations to carry this kaupapa forwards? All the groups agreed that the 7 Marae need to be represented, existing trusts, whanau businesses, important that marae retains autonomy Accountability back to these groups Kuia and Kaumatua Reps People, culture and kids are will be what makes it happen Skilled people from each community Representation (by people with necessary attributes) Other sources of support to consider MSD, TPK and Reconnecting Northland

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 8


What are the criteria of the people/groups to be involved? Pono, Tika, Aroha Honesty, integrity, transparency Good communicators Sharing not power base Demographic, age Ahi Kaa Accountability Forward Thinking Innovative Positive, Can do attitudes Business like Mixture of hau kainga and seeking any additional/missing expertise from outside


Do we work together? Unanimous Yes Ae marika (non-negotiable)


What are the key projects you know have taken place in and around the community over the past 50 years? Pihopa Pompalliers return to the rohe Historical relationship with our Chinese/Tibetan whanau Vetnor Building of the Tavern shift from communal - previously shared among the marae (fundraising/dances) transferred to the Tavern) Mudbrick scheme Motukaraka Co-Hort Kowhitikaru Road PEP scheme Establishment of Te Puna Topu Trust, Panguru Motuti Trust, Waireia Trust Purchase of shop by Waireia Trust Marae Trustees 1953 Oyster Farm (B Mclean) mid 1970s Panguru Festival of Faith 1978 Waireia Trust 1980 (Blair Whanau writing the history) Panguru High School closing of the convent 1982 Area school opens 1983 Motuti Community Trust 1983 Motuti Walkway 1989 Kaumatua Flats Rangi Point Motuti Tourism Tourism (Motuti Walkway, Vetnor, Pomaplier all still have promise) Warawara cultural and eco tourism Mitimiti Trust Oyster Farm Panguru Sports and Rec Small Businesses Tourism Hokianga Health Aquaculture - Motukaraka Community Centre Rangi Point Te Hononga Building of Te Ao Marama Waka Diary co-operative scheme Whanau Gardens produce/pigs

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 9


Mechanical/Service station for local support

What worked well? We naturally co-operated with each other Dairy Farming worked well under the co-op scheme, Oyster Farming (good spat) Co-Hort (good skill development and distribution, good healthy food for community and manaakitanga of manuhiri) Waireia Trust lots of potential butchery, service promise for the future Projects were successful because they are NGOs - not government controlled


What didnt work so well? Owners werent asked Lack of communication Whanau differences People resources Government funding stopped Govt and agency interference, council amalgamation undermined, poor marketing and distribution, Maori Affairs collapsed, debt, closure of factory, changes in regulations, infrastructure (roads,etc) Whaunangatanga struggled to flourish under tauiwi practice which took away our rangatiratanga Oyster farming (not well planned, not a business-like approach, sales difficult, too much sediment for mature oyster sales, lack of govt advice) Waireia Trust (debt created to buy back Waireia from Maori Affairs, hard job to get Waireia back on its feet)


What would we do differently? Return to whanaungatanga Utilise the skills and abilities within our own whanau Re-establish potentially viable businesses Encourage kids to be involved in hui like this (tomorrows world is theirs) not only the top students the way we are doing things is perhaps shutting them out. Encourage parents to be actively involved in shaping our future Whakatauki (the fruit doesnt fall far from the tree) Encourage, imperative that all whanau are involved in the process Co-operation is critical by joining together the capacity to succeed is improved co-operatives $$$ is critical but so is belief that we can do it!! Nursery Diversity, not single industry


What are the key barriers/challenges we face? Commitment Confidence Capacity Resourcing

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 10


Other great ideas for exploration Tourism, Honey, Aqua culture Possibility of land co-op to utilise dormant lands needs planning/workable timeframes, physical support with no government assistance Sporting Facilities Totara, Manuka, Honey Kahakaharoa Potential for young people to be involved (trekking/walkway development) Eco-planting Community Building Homekill Processing Provide more support for some of the existing groups and initiatives eg Kaumatua/kuia group, Permablitz, Kapa Haka, Warawara Kaitiaki Development of support group/network for young parents/whanau Walkway developments fitness, small tourism ventures Creation of appropriate legal entities to enable management/governance/funding of new initiatives eg: experience with waterline Exploration of co-operatives in todays world eg. Honey, tourism Liaison, cooperative relationship with the school and possibly with wananga, Northtec Get involved in relationship with DOC (Crown) embodied in treaty settlement Building capacity of entities

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 11

Working Committee Preparing for the future

The interim wider community working committee was established to build upon the momentum that was created from the previous series of community development hui that were held during the period of August 2012 through to the hui held at Waipuna Marae July 19-20. At the Waipuna Marae based hui July 19-20 2013 the following members were elected and confirmed onto the committee: Andrew Kendall Matihetihe Marae, Wairea and Te Puna Toopu Trusts; Wendy Ferguson Te Karaka, the North Hokianga Development Trust; Abe Witana Waipuna Marae Chair and Te Runanga o Te Rarawa Trustee; Mita and Kaye-Maree Dunn Ngatimanawa Marae, MEA Ltd; Rongo Makara, Motuti Marae, Panguru Motuti Forestry and the Panguru Development Trusts and Jean Martin, Motuti Marae and the North Hokianga Development Trust. At the Motuti Marae based hui an invitation for further working Committee nominations was put forward. The following individuals were nominated, confirmed and added to the working committee: Jackie Thompson and Lisa Waipouri Ngai Tupoto, Tapuwae Incorporation, Bridget Hotere North Hokianga Devt Trust, Wiremu Peita , North Hokianga Devt Trust, David Mules Motuti Marae,. Due to a heavy workload Rongo Makara indicated that she is unable to fully commit to the Working Committee role until November 2013. However, she has indicated that she will contribute and tautoko where possible. The role of the working committee is to meet and: discuss the overarching themes, principles outcomes of our hui explore how to support and meet the objectives set by our people help co-ordinate and deliver the next hui December at Matihetihe Marae approve external communications to share information, views, ideas, and strategies to manage and mitigate risks provide detailed reports and other communications for our wider community approve and sign off budget and financial decisions for the community hui

To help promote the key messages that have come from our hui and work towards: sharing the key outcomes of our hui with our respective groups and get feedback on our documents and information shared at our hui ensuring individuals, whanau, marae and our respective organisations understand what is taking place and get involved in the planning process actively promote this kaupapa among our networks Where possible physically connecting, visiting and/or calling whanau to invite them to attend and engage.

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 12

As this stage the North Hokianga Development Trust are the financial umbrella of this kaupapa, responsible for accounting for any putea received and spent in relation to the delivery of our community hui.

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 13

Conclusions and recommendations

From all accounts the hui held at Motuti Marae was a constructive hui providing a safe platform to discuss and explore options and opportunities for a direction forward. There was strong support from attendees to continue and build upon the momentum created as a result of these hui, with a view to find ways to collaborate, share information and work more effectively together.


Matihetihe Marae have offered to host the next wider community development hui in December. Reports will be distributed to attendees and organisations for further discussion and feedback


If you have any considerations for the wider community, or if you know of anyone else who does, find a way to get your message heard at these wider community hui as well as: Share what was heard and talk about this kaupapa to your whanau, marae trustees, trustees Share this report with your organisations Review and discuss the Draft Strategy Direction and provide your whakaaro either via a member of the working party identified in this report, via email or kanohi ki te kanohi at our next hui. Attend our next proposed hui at Matihetihe December 7 8th and invite more whanau to attend

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 14


Appendix 1 Attendees Registration:
1 .List of Registrants at Motuti Hui

Name Bridget Hotere Ani Topia Jean Martin Mita Dunn Snr Tari Morunga Boy Te Wake Paul White David Mules Lisa Waipouri Ashlee Morrison William Bercich Henry Tahana Charlie Dunn Mereana Robinson Silbery Ben Neho Maria Larkins Joe Andrews Joe Arama Phil Te Tai Pa Henare Tate David Cook (Boxer) Jill Paaka

Address Mangamuka

Motuti/Mitimiti Whangarei Panguru Panguru/Ngati Manawa Rawene/Ngai Tupoto Matawera/Motuti Ngai Tupoto Ngai Tupoto Waiparera Mitimiti Mitimiti

Panguru NgatiManawa/Panguru Kaikohe/Motuti Mitimiti Waihou Motuti Panguru/Waipuna Waihou

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 15

R Dargaville B Maxwell Dawn Davis Sr Rose Harris Jackie Thompson Eric Peita Melanie Ruka Rongo Makara Andrew Kendall Jean Martin Abe Witana Sr Magdalen Shehan

NgatiManawa Motuti Motukaraka/Motuti Motukaraka Ngai Tupoto Waipuna/Panguru Waipuna/Panguru Panguru Mitimiti Motuti/Mitimiti Waipuna/Whangarei Motuti

Name Ben Neho Phillip Te Tai Rongo Makara Jill Paaka Joesph David Adams Tatiana Materoa Thompson nee Morunga David Cook (Boxer) Sr Magdalen Shehan David Mules Joe Andrews Boy Te Wake Maria Larkins

Adrdress Panguru Waihou Panguru Waihou Matihetihe


Panguru Motuti

Matawera Road Kaikohe Panguru/NgatiManawa Panguru

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 16

Wendy Fergusson Tari Morunga William Bercich Andrew Kendall Charlie Dunn Abe Witana Joan Daniels Mita Dunn Snr Rihari Takuira Jackie Thompson Ashlee Morrison Lisa Waipouri Henry Tahana Daniel Wijohn R Dargaville

Te Karaka Panguru ki Papata Waiparera Mitimiti Mitimiti Kaitaia Motuti Whangarei Paihia Ngai Tupoto Ngai Tupoto Ngai Tupoto Mitimiti Motuti Panguru

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 17

8.2 Income

Appendix 2 Budget: Amount 200 200 200 200 1,000 1,800

th th

Waireia Trust Te Puna Topu O Hokianga Trust Ngai Tupoto Panguru Development Trust Board Te Runanga o Te Rarawa Total Received

Expenditure for Motuti Hui 6 and 7 of September Hui Items Motuti Marae Hire 6-7th Kai x 2 days Projector & Screen P.A. System B.Cook Facilitators Travel Koha Wtn Panguru Kai Mahi travel Printing Stationery, pens, blue tac Flipcharts x 6 Koha Te Hononga 2 Boxes of CDs Whiteboard Total Budget Total Chq Payments Total Donated TOTAL HUI COSTS 60 $3.450.00 $760.00 $2,650.00 $3410.00 60 Proposed 600 1500 60 60 700 50 50 50 120 200 60 700 50 50 50 120 200 Panguru Motuti Trust Te Runanga o Te Rarawa Te Runanga o Te Rarawa Te Runanga o Te Rarawa Pa Henare, Taumata, Kaimahi Wendy Henwood Motuti Marae Paid by Cheque Donated 500 1500 60 Donor Panguru Motuti Trust Panguru Motuti Trust Te Runanga o Te Rarawa/Wayne Te Tai B Cook

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 18

Tena koutou katoa

Final Report - Wider Community Development Hui Motuti Marae 6 & 7 September Page 19