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Term 4 2013
Wednesday 13 November Newsletter 2014 schedule of Contribution and Charges Breakfast club 8-8.30am Thursday 14 November West Coast Song Fest Uniform Shop 8.45-9.15am Friday 15 November Hearbeat Skipping Demo: WA Basketball Stadium Monday 18 November Breakfast club 8-8.30am Wednesday 20 November Breakfast club 8-8.30am Thursday 21 November Uniform Shop 8.45-9.15am Friday 22 November Room 7 assembly Monday 25 November Breakfast club 8-8.30am Wednesday 27 November Newsletter Breakfast club 8-8.30am

Over the next week the choir will participate in the West Coast Song Fest at Joondalup on Thursday and the Wanneroo Heart Beats will compete against other skipping demonstration teams from 4.00 pm at the WA Basketball Centre on Friday. A big thank you to Ms Armstrong for all her work with the choir and to Mrs Orzel, Miss Kelley, Miss Millar and Miss Reed who have prepared the skipping team for the competition. I continue to be proud of the way they conduct themselves in public and represent our school with pride.

Documents going home 2014 Voluntary Contributions, Charges and Personal Use Items 2014 Uniform Pre-Order Form

The Choir will be performing in the West Coast Song Fest

Next Tuesday 19 November, there will be an information session for the parents of children who have enrolled their child to attend kindergarten at our early childhood centre in 2014. The staff will outline the specialised approach we have to early childhood education at Wanneroo Primary. Please note the evening session is for adults only. On the night, parents will be invited to bring their child into one of the orientation sessions to be conducted the following week.
With the year drawing to an end, there are several community events to which you are invited. On Friday 6 December we will conduct our special awards assembly at which certificates of excellence will be presented. The ceremony will be followed by a thank you morning tea for parents in the library. If you have contributed to the school in any way this year, I would urge you to join the staff in order to thank you for your commitment to the school. On the same night starting at 6pm the P&C will conduct Carols by Candlelight to which all families are invited. Bring along a picnic to share with family and friends.

Our School Values Respect Tolerance Self Discipline Courtesy Cooperation Confidence

Our School Vision

The Wanneroo Primary School Community will be highly regarded for its strong partnerships creating an inclusive learning environment where students are supported to achieve and successes are celebrated.

Last Friday the staff farewelled Ms Jane Wood who has left the school after 28 years. Ms Wood asked that her thanks be passed onto you for the lovely gift the P&C presented to her on your behalf using the donations sent in by families. Ms Wood will be missed especially by the school community with whom she has many long and pleasant memories dating back to when she was registrar at the Wanneroo JPS. We extend a special welcome to Mrs Suzanne Tenaglia who will undertake the role of school officer until the end of the year. Penny Halleen Principal Week 5 13 November, 2013 Term 4

Issue Number: 18

Room 16 Assembly
The following students and classes were presented with certificates and awards at our recent assembly Aaron, Liam, Karter, Kimberley, Year 1 Kurtis, Anneya, Jack, Shae Ramda, Byron, Maria, Jessica Year 2 Philip, Josh, Connor, Brandon, Year 3 Colin, Ewan, Jakob, Sakura, Mackenzie Izabela, Tyler, Tyson, Megan, Year 4 Jayden Callum, Jarrod, Harmony, Corbin, Year 5 Cody, Jaiden Duncan, Jake Year 6 Charlie, Sam, Bronson Year 7 Room 4 LOTE Drama Room 11 LOTE Visual Room 10 Music Jacob, Joel, Cody, Lindsay Mathletics Room 18, Room 19 Mental Maths Assembly Spy Room 12, Thomas, Tamika

Congratulations to Room 16 who with the support of Mrs Lanham and Mrs Cook presented an informative assembly last week about the history of gold in Australia. They shared lots of interesting information through skits including the fact one gram of gold can be hammered out to a one square metre sheet and the biggest nugget of gold found in Australia was 71 kg! Our last class assembly for the year will be conducted by Miss Horsfalls Year 2/3 Room 7 class on Friday 22 November. Please pencil into your diary the Special Awards Assembly on Friday 6 December. Parents, family and friends are welcome to join us in the covered assembly area followed by tea or coffee with the school chaplain.

Our Dedicated Staff

At Wanneroo Primary we have a dedicated staff who put in an inordinate amount of work to not only provide a stimulating learning environment for your child but also to provide additional opportunities including choir, skipping, iPads, robotics, drama and sports activities. Despite our embedded values of tolerance, respect and compassion occasionally I need to deal with unwarranted attacks on staff. Last week I had the joy of a parent emailing me to congratulate a class and their teacher which we celebrated at the assembly. Unfortunately it was counteracted by a parent making an anonymous attack on a teacher which when I investigated was unwarranted and vexatious. Every parent has the right to make a complaint and we have a commitment to deal with it in a timely and appropriate manner. However, if you are going to make a complaint please have the courtesy to identify who you are, direct it through the appropriate channel which is either the teacher or me and remember vexatious attacks do not fit with our community values. Penny Halleen

This fortnight we focus on the virtue

Self discipline auto-disciplina

Self discipline means self control. It is getting yourself to do what you really want to do, rather than being tossed around by your feelings like a leaf in the wind. With self discipline, you take charge of yourself.

Out of School Growth Groups

AAS Sport Choir iPads Robotics Skipping

Mr Hourani Miss Armstrong Mrs Lilburne, Miss Horsfall Mrs Edwards
Miss Kelley, Mrs Orzel, Miss Reed, Miss Millar

Mon, Tues pm Tues pm Wed am Cancelled until further notice Fri am(Heartbeats) Mon am(Jumpstarts) Recess & lunch breaks Mon am Mon am

Sustainability Visual Arts Mathletics

Ms Barry, Mrs Edwards Miss Condello Miss Kelley

2014 Class Planning

We have commenced the process of planning classes for 2014. Should there be an educational reason pertaining to your childs placement, you are invited to put your reasons in writing to Penny Halleen (email address is on the front page), marked confidential and be received no later than 29 November. Requests should not be made through class teachers. While your concerns will be considered, it will be in the context of other factors including the social, emotional and academic needs of all students. For this reason parent requests cannot automatically be accommodated.

Leaving Us?
As we are in the process of determining the class structure for 2014 it is important that you inform us, as soon as possible, if your child will not be returning next year. Likewise if you know of a family who is moving into the area please ask them to enrol. Thank you.

Applications for Gifted and Talented Programs Now Open for Year 7 in 2015
With Year 7 students moving to secondary school from 2015, Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Programs will start a year earlier. This is an exciting opportunity for you, our parents, as you consider secondary school opportunities for your children. Gifted and Talented academic, languages and arts programs provide a unique and challenging curriculum designed to bring out the very best in your child. If your child is in Year 5 now, you can apply for entry into Year 7 in 2015. The selection process will take place in 2014 when your child is in Year 6. Limited places may also be available for children entering Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 in 2015. Applications close 12.00 noon on Monday 10 February 2014. All applications must be made online. For more information: W: E: T: 9264 4307

Library Borrowing
Week 7 will be the last week for students to borrow from the Library. All books need to be returned by Week 8. Please have a quick look around the house, through bags etc. to locate any school books. If found, please return them to Mrs Smith in the library as soon as possible. Thank you

Morning Tea
At Wanneroo Primary the support of parents/carers and community members is crucial in providing a learning environment that is special for your child. If you have helped in the school this year we invite you to join us at a special thank you morning tea on Friday 6 December in the school library following the Special Awards assembly. To assist with catering if you will be attending please notify the office on 9306 0500.

Name the Chicken Competition

Congratulations to Kiana and Caiden who won our chicken naming competition. The names they chose are Lola and Pippy. Miss Kelley, Deputy Principal

Are You Putting Your Child in Danger?

At a recent P&C meeting concern was raised about the risk some parents are putting their child in the early childhood car park. The P&C asked that the school put out a reminder to parents about the inherent dangers including leaving children unattended in cars, letting children play in between the cars and allowing children to climb on the roof of cars and over fences. If you see a child unattended in a car you have a community responsibility to notify the police on 131444 immediately as it could potentially be life threatening. The P&C also asked that parents be reminded that the early childhood car park is strictly not a kiss and drive area.

2014 Voluntary Contributions, Charges and Personal Use Items Schedule

With this newsletter is a schedule for the 2014 voluntary contributions, charges and personal use items. The voluntary contribution for equipment and materials can be paid in 2014. The options for payment are listed on the information provided. A hard copy is also going home this week.

VacSwim 2013-2014
Enrolments for VacSwims December/ January swimming program are now open. Enrolment is available online at Wanneroo Heartbeat Skipping Demo Team Competition

This years competition will be held this Friday 15 November at WA Basketball Stadium from 4pm. The demonstration team has trained well and we are looking forward

Swimming Lessons for Pre-primary Students

Swimming lessons commenced for our Preprimary students last Wednesday. Please ensure your child has bathers, towel and a plastic bag for wet bathing gear each day.

to the competition. Everyone is welcome to come down and support the team.

Chaplains Chat
The Lord Mayors Christmas Appeal collection bin will be in the office until next week for your donations of non-perishable food items. If you wish to catch up with me please contact the office or email I am available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Hope to see you soon. Carolyn Campbell YouthCARE School Chaplain

Jumpstarts Skipping Team Show Time

On Friday 29 November our Jumpstarts skipping team will perform their routine at 2.20pm in the undercover assembly area. Family and friends are invited to attend this demonstration of our talented young skippers.

Jump Rope for Heart

Thank you to everyone who got involved in raising money for this worthy cause. We raised a whopping $2,695.10 for the Heart Foundation. Well done Wanneroo Primary School.

P&C Notices
Uniform Shop The uniform shop is only open on Thursday mornings from 8.45am-9.15am. Orders together with payment can be left at the front office for the coordinator to process. Pre-order forms for 2014 are being sent home this week. If you pre-order and pay by 5 December 2013, not only will your order be packed ready for you to pick up on 31 January 2014 between 12 and 3 pm, you will also go into the draw to win a $100 gift voucher to Caf Elixir.

2013 Year 7 Graduation

This year the Year 7 Graduation ceremony will be held at school on Friday 13 December from 9.00am.

Mathletics Top Performers

Congratulations to Mathletics Champion Maxwill (Room 11) and the best class, Room 10. Lindsay Room 13 won a double gold medal and Cody, Jacob and Joel won a gold medal. Rooms: 1 Rhys Rooms: 2 Ada 3 4 Riley Nirjari 5 6 Joel Koopar 7 8 Phillip Tayah 9 10 Kaileb Jessica 11 12 Maxwill Sakura 13 14 Lindsey Lara 15 16 Chelsea Rebecca Maths 17 Maths 18 Utah Charli Maths 19 Maths 20 Michael Tea

Wanneroo Secondary College

Year 7 Transition Day will be held on Tuesday 3 December 2013 and information will be mailed out soon. Uniform Shop opening hours: Mon- Fri 8-9am and Wed 2-4pm (Term 4) Year 7 Transition Day open 7.30am to 4pm. Mon 2 Dec - Fri 13 Dec 2pm to 4pm Uniform order purchase and pick up day: Tue 28 JanFri 31 Jan (8am 4pm) Term 1 2014: Mon 3 Feb-Fri 7 Feb (7.30am-10am, 2pm 4pm) Mon 10 FebFri 14 Feb (8am-10am) Wed 12 Feb 2pm to 4pm Week 3 Return to normal hours

Community Notices
Bushfire Safety: Prepare Act Survive During the bushfire season it is important that all families develop a Bushfire Survival Plan to prepare for the possibility of bushfire. For further information and suggestions visit City of Wanneroo Holiday Programmes For information about the many activities on offer at various centres over the summer school holidays send your email address to or phone 9405 5600. Bookings are essential. Uniforms for sale For sale 4 size 6 skirts $30. Excellent condition. Please text Debbie on 0414290791 Carramar Primary School Fete The Carramar PS Community Fete will be held on Sunday 17 November from 10am 4pm with craft and food stalls, face painting, dunking machine and performances by the school choir and local groups. Multi-Sport Multi-sport is being offered on Saturday mornings from 10:30am 12:00pm at Peridot Park, Banksia Grove. For more information call Maria on 9349 9660 or 0423320180.

Health information
The front office has been informed of a confirmed case of whooping cough in the community. Information on communicable diseases is available by visiting the Department of Health website

by Michael Grose - No. 1 parenting educator

Raising Kids To Thrive!

If we are to prepare children adequately for the future then parents need to take a step back and provide an environment that develops their condence, their character and their resilience.
Currently theres a great deal of confusion about the best way to raise kids. The perception that the world is a dangerous place is causing us to closet or over-protect our children. We have a greater propensity than our own parents did to satisfy our childrens material demands, so we run the risk of raising an indulged generation. Many children grow up with an exaggerated sense of entitlement to rights, freedoms and goods, which are often way beyond their means or grasp. In wanting whats best for kids we do run the risk of doing too much for them, giving them too much and also removing all risk from their environment. If we are to prepare children adequately for the future then parents need to take a step back and provide an environment that develops their condence, their character and their resilience It is these three qualities that will enhance childrens prospects of future success in all areas of life, including their relationships, their family and their future working lives.
ALT KA Cover 19/2/10 1:52 PM

the gamut of emotions that come with loss, failure, disappointment and other childhood hardships, frustrations and difculties they routinely face so they learn they can cope when life doesnt go their way. Resilience is linked with good mental health habits and also with a childs success. These three qualities dont develop in a vacuum. They may develop by accident but I wouldnt count on it. They best develop in an environment where parents purposefully adopt principles and techniques that promote them. Using large family principles is at the heart of the thriving way of Michael Groses parenting. Its not a return to the past. Rather, its recognition that Thriving if we are to prepare our childrenParenting adequately for the future, then we need to step back and provide an environment that develops their
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The development of one impacts on the others. When kids develop a greater sense of self-condence they usually behave better and they are more likely to bounce back from setbacks, particularly social injustices.

nfi de

Kids need strong, confident leadership . . . from their parents. Thats quite a challenge these days, as parents are increasingly unsure of their place in the lives of their children. And todays kids live with pressures that previous generations didnt have to face. They grow up with fewer siblings, which mean parents focus their attention more sharply on them. No wonder so many children today are anxious and risk-adverse. But it doesnt have to be this way!


ara cte

In this easy-to-read, no-nonsense book, renowned parenting educator Michael Grose shows us how to be confident family leaders, able to develop real character and resilience in our kids the keys to their future success in this ever-changing world. In this book youll find:

Condence is about taking your rightful place in the world and grabbing your rightful space. It is about making the most of the opportunities presented to you. Condent kids take more learning risks and are likely to challenge themselves more than kids who are low on condence. They are less likely to place limits on themselves or their achievements. Condence is so crucial today as so many kids are anxious and fear failure.

Simple ways to achieve great family communication,

even when youre busy

Easy ways to help kids cope when life throws them curveballs How to build a strong food culture to keep your family strong The secrets to working from the same page as your partner

How to get cooperation from your kids without tears, fears or bribery Why you must develop independence in your kids from an early age
Thriving! is the new road map for parents of children aged three to twelve years of age. With clarity, wisdom and insight, Michael sets out a series of ideas and practical, common-sense strategies that will enable our kids to flourish.



Cover photograph: Cover design: Darian Causby/Highway 51 Design Works

More information at condence, their character and their resilience. These qualities will enhance childrens prospects of success in all areas of life in this constantly changing world.

Character refers to the attitudes and behaviours a child develops that maximise his or her success. Personality may attract initial attention but it wont guarantee success. Character more than likely will. Character has greater substance and depth. The development of depth of character in children is at the heart of effective child-rearing. Character is about doing what's right, not what's easy!

Parents can nd out more about the Thriving Way of parenting in my new book "Thriving! Raising exceptional kids with condence, character and resilience." Its available at www. Published by Michael Grose Presentations. All rights reserved. For more ideas, support and advice for all your parenting challenges visit:

Children need to be resilient. They need to be able to bounce back from lifes bigger and smaller setbacks. They need to experience

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2010 Michael Grose