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Cadbury Creme Egg

Their Solution

Putting the jigsaw together

Our three-pronged solution was to focus on News Feed (because thats where consumers are), increase media spend to ensure reach, and develop a new content approach to make each piece stand out. The Publishing Garage was a brilliant catalyst for this. Getting all of the stakeholders involved in this campaign together including our creative agency, Fallon; the media team, Phd; and the digital team from Elvis was really important. After two days everyone was completely bought into what our tone of voice and visual style should be. When we got everyone working out the four content pillars it was just a beautiful moment where you could feel the jigsaw puzzle falling into place in everyones head. Before the Publishing Garage our brand had a less consistent tone of voice and consumers really feel that. If they dont know why youre there and your brands personality doesnt show through its content, then you jar in the News Feed and people will ignore you. The next step was to put together a specic News Feed publishing strategy. We wanted to make sure that rather than trying to get across the entire campaign message in every single post, we were creating a rhythm throughout the course of the campaign. Finally, we were completely targeted on what we call the

Strategic Value Consumer. Given Facebooks targeting abilities we knew that every pound we were spending would go to exactly the right people. Products used Page Post Ads Objectives solved Reach a mass audience efciently Engage the audience effectively

Success Story

How do you reach yours?

When Cadbury Creme Egg shifted its strategy to focus on reaching 16-24-year-olds at a meaningful scale in the Facebook News Feed, it saw business results that rivalled TV for efciency. European Head of Digital Marketing Sonia Carter explains

unique people reached

unique reach beyond TV

uplift in purchase intent through Facebook + TV versus TV alone

brand consideration via Facebook. Equal to TV for 1/3 the cost

Their Story

Their Goal

Hatching a plan
As an FMCG company we need to reach tens of millions of people, which is all about good creative that gets in front of as many people as possible from our target audience. Prior to Creme Egg digitals power was its capacity for deep engagement, but these days its more than that. Theres no reason now why we cant reach tens of millions of people on Facebook and make a meaningful impact on purchasing behaviour.

Moving the needle

Our business objective was to reach 16-24-year-olds buying single Creme Eggs. As this demographic underindexes on TV and over-indexes on Facebook, it was the opportunity wed been waiting for to really see if we could shift the needle with our brand metrics by approaching Facebook in the same way, or in an even more rigorous way, than we would our traditional advertising. At the same time, we were looking at crossmedia efciencies so making TV perform better, but also making it work harder for Facebook.

Their Success

The sweet taste of success

Facebook drove almost as much consideration as TV for a third of the investment, which is phenomenal. 21% unique reach beyond TV 15 million people reached +6 million on mobile 4x uplift in purchase intent via Facebook + TV than TV alone

Were now doing storytelling at scale and focusing on reach and impact rather than deeply engaging small numbers of fans. This is a positive cultural shift for our organisation.
Sonia Carter, European Head of Digital Marketing

This is going to completely change how we do social going forward, and how we use Facebook for business.
Sonia Carter, European Head of Digital Marketing