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Emily Morgan 11-12-13 2nd Block Bus. Tech. D.

Moore Excel Scavenger Hunt

1. How many ribbons are available in Excel? 7. 2. Which ribbon has a section used to align text in a cell? Home. 3. Auto sum is available on two ribbons. What are the two ribbons? Home Tab and Format Tab. 4. How do you move the Quick Access Toolbar below the ribbons? Click the drop down arrow to the right, scroll down, and click show below the ribbon. 5. Place the cursor in cell F17; what happens when you hold down Ctrl and press the right arrow button? It jumps to the last cell in that row. 6. Press Home, what cell does it go to? The cell at the beginning of the current row. 7. Place the cursor in cell A1, press Page Down; what happens? It goes to the cell below it, which is B1. 8. Place the cursor in cell A1, press Alt + Page Down; what happens? It goes to the last cell the column. 9. Press F5, in the cell reference type J400. What dialog box appears? The go to box pops up. 10. In the name box, type A2:B19; what does it do? It will go to that cell. 11. At the bottom of the worksheet in the tabs, type Vacation in sheet 1; Disney in sheet 2; Beaches in sheet 3. What was the procedure you used to do this? It changes to different sheets. 12. How do you select all rows and columns in a worksheet? Click the Select all button or Ctrl + A. 13. Press shift + spacebar what does it do? It will select certain objects on the worksheet. 14. Press Ctrl+spacebar what does it do? Zoom Out. 15. Press Ctrl+; what does it do? Unhides any hidden rows within the selection. 16. Ctrl+ shift+; what does it do? Unhides any hidden columns within the selection. 17. Press F2 button; what does it do? Enables you to edit the cell. 18. Press shift+F3 button; what does it do? Use formulas.

19. Change the Margins to Top: .7; Bottoms: .7; left: 1; Right: .5. Where did you go to do this? Page Layout, then Margins. 20. Add a Custom Header with your name in the left section, center section select page numbers; left section current date. What ribbon did you use to add the header? What view are you in when you are working in a header? Page layout view. 21. How do you change back to normal view? Click View, then full screen. 22. List two ways to enter a formula in a spreadsheet. In the formula bar or in the cell. 23. What is the symbol for a function? Fx. 24. Where is the help button? What does it look like? Top right corner below the close button. It is a small blue circle with a white question mark. 25. Enter numbers or words in the range A5:C7. What is the shortcut to select all the active cells in that range? (Use the help menu) Ctrl + /. 26. Enter a in D14 and a in D15. Explain how you entered these symbols. Where did you find them? Insert, then symbols. 27. Copy the range A5:C7 to A11:C14 using the drag and drop method. Explain how you did this. Select the range, and then click on it and drag and drop to the location you want it to be. 28. Enter numbers in A20:A24. Without using formulas, explain how you would know the average and sum of those numbers. It is like a faction. 29. What ribbon would you use to add a chart to your spreadsheet? How will Excel know what you want in your chart? Located in the insert ribbon. You must select the calls you want in the chart. 30. Can you do spell check in an Excel worksheet? If so, what ribbon do you use? Yes. The review button.