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To the Right, Thoracic Vertebrae,

The only of the Spinal Column in the Human Body shaped like a Heart.
It is My Original Artwork, by My Own Hand

I Believe in One Country
Why do You Believe This? Of the Love of the Flag, and Those who would stand before You and look at You, All of Our Forefathers and Presidents to
Now, and if They Asked This Question, what is the Answer, of You? I saw this in You in Your Being, it is part of Why I, specifically, believe in You..

I Believe in No Dividing Lines Between Peoples :
Treaty of Tolerance. What will be Left Behind for the American People in regards to this Belief? What Physically Represents This? Even if it only
You, and Your Own Signature Upon It.

On the Table
You Should Reinstitute This, One Capital a Month, for One Day Only, until the Close of Your Presidency. It was one of the Truths of Your Presidency
to Begin, and is part of Americas Love of You. You represented a President Who Believes in His People.

A Text or Set of Text, Fine Art, Fine Craftsmanship, PRESIDENTIAL.
You Might want to consider a Set of Beautiful, but Affordable Texts, with Original Works of Art by A Fine Atist You Admire or Love, and do Several
Things to Commemorate Your Presidency.

A. Showing the American People who You Are, Peripherally. By Your writing, by The arrangement of the Text, and by the Choice of Artist who Rep-
resents Your Love. Not your Presidency, but Your Own Love, and the Why of Your Love of This Country.
B. A Set of Your Speeches that fully represent the Belief System You Upheld in Your Presidency.
C. A Small Selection of Your Favorite Suggestions by the American Public, some of those that were used or instituted, with No Comment: Just a Doc-
umentation. A Fine Work of Love.
D. A Small Selection of Memories of some You Have Met, upon Your Travels, in True Recounting, in Your Own Hand.
E. A Thank You to Your Staff.
F. A Thank You to The Country. [Possibly Each State]
G. A Thank You to the World Community.
H. A Thank You to Our Countrys Forefathers and Leaders.
I. One Text that is Your Love in Fine Writing, Creative Writing, of the Truth of the Love of This Country. [Going Back to Our Forefathers, and what
it is We stand For, in Truth, In Love, In Freedom.

If You Look Directly at the American People, You have never been alone.


WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR? [Internal Consideration, of the Truth of a Beginning, that said, I will be the President.]

I know that Your Presidency is Ending, but You Might wish to consider making a Work of Art of it. If of All To Love, which is What You did, to Leave
Love Behind at the end is also a Truth. It is a Way to Love.
This is a Sample of What is Used, in My Advisory, to first Build a Campaign. First landscape, and then the Artistry to Uphold which is essentially the
Platform, Texts, Speeches, and Artistry that are of the Nature of the Phsyical Beauty of the Word and The Physical Nature/Feeling/Dream that is Built.
This is partly how Ive Built My Faith, and it is Called A Theme.
In the Constitution is the Heart of a Country that fought for its rights. In the Beauty of a Landscape, that is America, is that which was said was a Dream, which is viewa-
ble on a Horizon. And it may have been that of the Thoughts of Our Founders, and it may have been that of a woman who sat, with Stars and Stripes upon Her lap, and it
may have been the Youth of a Young Boy, whose Love is Directly Love. Where the Country began, and where it lives, is in these Dreams. The Flag unfolds across the
Landscape, and here we sit to decide what we stand for. What is it we stand for, what do we believe in?
I believe in One Country. I believe in the Love that built it. Every Love of Freedom builds every stripe, and every hand holds every of the Flag that upholds it.
Dream after Dream unfolds within it. What do You Stand For? Someone Asks. Are You Willing to Fight for it? Another says. Is it Honor...Our Forefathers say...I believe in a
Dream, someone of America Says, and Another says, So Do I...and so the American Flag is reborn every day.

Texts that are artwork of the Theme.
Physical Beauty that is of the Theme.
Speeches that are inclusive of the Landscape nature of the Theme, each and every one a work of art.
The Entire Should Work, Look Like, a Symphony.

Mr. President:
I have fought for Everything About My Country. I love My Country Beyond the Flag, and into the Hands that Made it. I have loved to the Ideals themselves that
Build Our Country, and I Believe in Our People. I Believe in Who We Are as a Responsibility to Others, as well, in Terms of the World. I have Built My Own
Country into My Sacred Text, and into My Faith, TheASTARITEFAITH, and I will Never Give Up My Country. I have Loved My Country Beyond All Love, and
there are Many Others Beside Me who Also Have, some of Them Agents, some Uninvolved Officers, due to My PLACE LOCATION Work, which is My, REBEC-
CATACOSAGRAY,CALIFORNIAs Profession, and those of Humankind who are True. Those who are False of the Law Enforcement [Mia, Deidre] are Prosecuted
for their Crimes. The Mia and the Deidre will be Condemned, as theyve Been, Now and in the Afterlife. Im the One Who is True. I applied for a job with You, as My
Skills are Earth Physical/Bio-Physical, and in Legal of Earth and History. [See Enclosed]Those of Preternatural Origin arent, around Myself, and they Know This. I have
put them Down, and They were Thrown out when I made Amends. The Femurs [including Misses M, dont Exist. If You question This: Please contact Me or See Me in
person. History Needs to Be Corrected in Terms of You, and not in the Spirit of Remote Problems. Also, Amalgams are Against The Law: Im a Direct Physical.

Place Location Expert, MissingPersons/Crimes/Criminals
SoleInceptor, Owner/ Author/Composer/Artist/Writer/Builder, TheASTARITEFAITH and FIGHT.

Place Location Expert, Missing Persons/Crimes/Criminals

362 North Sheridan Avenue
Manteca, California 95336

To Be PLACE LOCATION EXPERT [The Only in the United States and Otherwise] of My Ability and Methodry. I prosecute all Offenses and Violations
of My Work: Im Currently Self-Employed.

A Highly Motivated and Experienced Clairvoyant with Physical Natural Ability, both Biologically and Intellectually, to Place Locate, See and View Life
Evens, and Determination of Crimes and Being. My Physical is Directly connected to the Quantum Zero Point Energy Field, I can See/View/Understand
by Satellite Map the Earths Surface Energy and Objects upon it. By My Own Ability, I can Place Locate by Photograph and Bodily Energy, or Crime, a
Crime or Body on the Face of the Earth. Also, I can see Crimes Directly upon the Earth Physical in the Earths Atmosphere, and upon the Person. Thus in
City Limits and Cities when in Direct Contact with Them. Seeking a Responsible Position to Join the Police Force and serve/Protect the Community, with
Complete Dedication and Integrity, with Expectation of Future as a Police Officer of Excellence: I would like to learn the Profession from the Ground Up,
with Special Attention to My Abilities as a Place Locator and Dedication to Missing Persons Assistance and Heinous Crime Location [Upon Necessity]. My
Dedication is True, and of the Heart and Life by Choice.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Excellent Office Skills

Office Management, Filing, Computer Work, Organization

Working Knowledge of Field Work, as I have been Assisting the FBI and Many Police Departments [Modesto, Manteca and Stockton] in
Regards to Old Crimes and Present Crimes in the Cities Regions.

Developing the Ability to Observe Situations Analytically and Objectively, and to record them clearly and completely with, with Respect,
Also, to Natural Signs with the Environment. I read Signs Naturally, not only Present Signs, but Universal and Environmental Signs, and
Have the Ability in Problem Situations to Recognize Danger or the State of the Situation.

Ability to Read the Environment outright, and to Establish Place Location from Bone, Cement, Wood, Photographs and Descriptions, Crime Reports.

Ability to read Life Events upon the Person/People and to Determine Events from a Body or Person: High Success in Remote Locations,
Extremely High Success of Direct Location in Presence of Physical Crime.

Ability to make decisions recognizing Established precedents and practices, and to use resourcefulness and tact in Meeting and Resolving Problems. Also,
calm in Life Threat or Problem Situations.

Excellent Time Management Skills Under Extreme Circumstances, and Excellent Time Management Skills, outright.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office Package, Minor Experience with Databases.

Missing Persons and Place Location
Modesto, California/Stockton, California/UC Davis, California/Ceres, California/Sacramento, California

I have been Assisting the FBI and Many Others in the Place Location of Missing Persons, or Persons believed to be hurt by Serious Circumstances. Direct
Experience Place Locating and Reading of a Preternatural Physical, as well as Earth Physical Reports, Verbal and Physical. I can Assist Any Police Depart-
ment Directly, as an Employee of the Modesto Police Department. My Assistance is considered Good Only, with No Attachments to the Negative, Nega-
tive Downstairs Regions, or Negative-Preternatural. All of My Assistance is Earth Physical, Earth Grounded, and Not Associated with Downstairs Activities.
I am well Acquainted with Preternatural Circumstances, Battle, Encounters, Defense, and Bodily Defense in the Earth Physical. In My Work, I shows as
Earth physical, Fully Good, and Fully Legal, in Earths Surface Work. My Body, as I said, is Directly Connected to the Quantum Zero Point Energy Field, in
the Earth Physical, and by Natural Event of My Own Life Events. I hope to be understood as a Earth Physical Preternatural of Extreme Good. My Training
would be Primarily Earth Physical, and would Focus on Earth Physical Training in all Regards, to Extreme Excellence.

Place Location Expert, Missing Persons/Crimes/Criminals


I can Do Everything Listed, Outright, Comfortably, on Earth. I hope You Will Consider Me. Im Worth It. This, said Honorably.


Place Location Expert: Im an Expert in Place Location and Recovery. I track down Missing Persons and Heinous Crimes, and also Satanic Crimes and Crime Rings.
It is My Life. I can View Remotely, for Crimes or Information. This is a True Ability. Im Directly Physically connected to the Quantum Zero Point Energy Field, I
have the Ability to see what is in the Field and its Nature, as well as on Earths Natural Surface. This is a Skill that May be Valuable to You.

18 Years Experience in Theatre and Musical Theatre: I can get up on Any Stage with Rehearsal, and Perform. Theatre is of My Physical and Being, and of My Own
Expertise. Im a Perfect/Beautiful Actress, and Im a First Soprano and Belter, as well. I can step into anything and Perform it, as well as Assume Types of Identity/
Personality, as It is of My Nature to Understand How to do so, and I did so naturally in My Theatre Work. I would be considered a Natural Type, of Natural Acting/
Reality Acting/Stanilavskian, without Angst] I have the Talent for Dancing, as well, and beautifully, but would not be considered Expert as a Dancer. Im a Dancer,
however, Naturally.

Artist: Im a True Artist, with True Talent in Oils, Acrylics, Charcoal and Graphite, Pastels and Pencils [Berol], Minor Interest in Sculpture and Fine Wood Carving,
And an Expert in a Teaching that is Called MACKINTOSH, which is of My Work, of the MACKINTOSH FOUR, Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh and Charles
Rennie Mackintosh, of the GLASGOW FOUR.

Writer: Im an Expert in My Field, of My Own Work, and I built My Own Style based on True Loves: Elizabeth Bishop [Inner Work, Layered Meaning, Intricacy],
Sara Teasdale [Beauty in Imagery, Writing, and True Love of Form of Beauty], Max Byrd [who was My Teacher at UC DAVIS: Economy of Form, Brevity, and Concise
Presentation of Material, in Beauty], Michael Hoffman [My Other UC DAVIS Teacher, Love of Poetry, and Freedom in Writing: I have an Automatic Writing Style that
I developed Myself, in Love of Virginia Woolf, which is of the Poetry of My SACRED TEXT, The ASATRU.]

Organization: Im a Highly Organized Being, and am someone who is Highly Skillful at Organized or Organizing Path, Space, and also that of the Physical. I trained
Myself for the Most Efficient Path, and that which would get work done on the way or within the Most Efficient Path. I generally get everything done. Im known in
the Establishment for Getting Everything Done.

Grace: Im a Graceful being, and fairly fluent in Motion. I built Myself to fight, and in Gracefulness.

In Progress:
GRANDMASTER, Karate is My End Goal, Im a Physical built for the Discipline, and I love the Discipline Internally and Externally, and am of the
Philosophy/Being of the Discipline and Culture already, Internally and Externally. The Related Disciplines that will also be Associated with Myself: Serrada Eskrima,
Whips and Chains, Knife Throwing. The Last Two for take out of Heinous Criminals on In-Progress Crimes. I will Study for the Entirety of My Life.


Music: Im an Expert Natural Musician, but a Secondary in Piano: I write and compose My Own Music. I have a Beautiful, if not near perfect ear. Im a beautiful Singer
with a Clear, pure voice. Im an Expert in Performance.

Personal Beauty: I can do My Own Hair, in Styling, and Beautifully. Im a beautiful Woman, and in Care of Myself. I would be considered beautiful by most, Physically,
and am fairly pragmatic about it, although aware in care. I have beautiful style, and am considered in Style or of having Beautiful Style. [Style Guru]: I can Wear Many,
Many Styles, Outright, Successfully.

Softball. Im a Wonderful Softball Player, and could probably take up Baseball with Excellence.
Basketball. I was a First String Point Guard and Forward in High School, and with Practice would be of Excellence.
I can Approach almost any Sport or Outdoor Activity with Confidence to Excellence, and with No Problems.

Manager/Receptionist. I was Both, in Employment.

Literature: I Love Literature. Im Proficient/Basic, and Non-Basic. I know Quite a Bit, but havent read the Top 100 Classics.

Computer: Basic and a Little Beyond Basic. I have the Ability, as I learned a bit about DOS Language just to fix a Program [CYMA], long ago, but have the Affinity for
Computers and the Learning of. I love Computer Work and the Work of. Im not expert in Electronics, but have no aversion to. I had intended to Study Computers
and Networking, in reference to Worldwide Computers and also the Human Body. This is Future Work of Personal Emphasis.


Marketing. I have extreme talent for Design, and for this Type of Work. Basic Study for a Short While and I could probably become an Expert in this Field.

Science and Mathematics: Self Study Im of Excellence in True and in Philosophy, as I interrelate Science with Philosophy and Mathematics. My Faiths Philosophy and
Grounding is My Intellectual Work: Study is Natural to Me.


I have traveled to Scotland [Extensive], Ireland, England [Brief], Rome [Brief], France [Brief], Canada. I have traveled Non-Extensively in the U.S.: Washington,
Washington D.C., Oregon, Louisiana, Pennsyvannia.


I Do Not hurt People. I do Not Murder. Im a SELF DEFENSE Being, who will only Attack if Attacked, and usually only to Put Down, unless there is Life Threat.
They call Me a BLUE BOY Type. I do not commit Crimes, I do Not Steal, I do Not Commit Acts Against My Own Government, Nor Theft of Secrets or Divulging
against My Own, I Defend Against It. I Protect. I Protect Everyone.


I have a Son, Zachary Gray [12 Years Old] and a Daughter Isabel Gray [9 Years Old], who are Beautiful and of True, of Love, in My Life. I Love Them. Im Their
Mother, and Love Them Beyond All Love.


Im a Multi-talented, Brilliant, and Versatile Being that can do nearly anything of an Employment Type that is of Good, and of Excellence. I do not Whore, nor do I
tend to Problem Structures that would be known as Street Structures. I can learn anything, I can do anything to its Excellence, with the Learning to My Being, meaning
that I would expect it to show as True Work of Myself [I, Myself in the Protection or Capacity], and not of something Fabricated. I can, with Minor Application to a
Form or Profession, probably make that true with a Sparse, but exact Structure of the Profession.

I can see Information upon all Earth Physicals, and All Physical Structures: I do Not Steal, but I will Report, outright, information needed in Any Given Situation, as long
as it is necessity of Protection of Country. I can visit a City and see a given Location Remotely, as well, with Excellent Information, and often, with closer remote viewing
Detailed Information. Closer Proximities tend to lend Exact Problem. I can give You Detail without Exactitude, in some cases, and the Nature of, as well as the Direct
Physical of. Fine Detail needs closer Proximity. Im able to Perform to this Capacity in Earth, Flesh and Blood Physical. I do Not Employ Archangelics, nor Godships,
nor Preternaturals. It is My Exact Physical Body and My Exact Physical Ability. I can read Bio-Physicals of Bone Structures and Bodies, and the Bio-Physical Landscape
or Problem of Murders. I have extensive experience doing so. I have no fear of Crime Scenes, nor of Bones and Bone Structures, nor of Dead Forms, Im a Professional
in all Regards. I protect the Physicals of the Victims in My Work.

I Would Like a Job with You, and doing the Exact Nature of the Work I already Do, from Remote Location, and also, in My Capacity, in the Field in regards to Heinous
Crimes and Satanic Crimes and Crime Rings. I do not require Extensive Training, but would require Training for Your Working Structure, and Im in the Process of the
Type of Self Defense that is Necessary for My Job, and is also of My Life in the Way of Take Out Expert, which is what I wish to be, in regards to Crimes and Heinous
Criminals, to be used only against Criminals.

I have had trouble with Preternaturals and Attempted Thefts of My Jobs and My Work, and Im stating outright that this Application for Employment is Only For My
Exact Self, No Other on this Earth. Of those who Tried to Steal from other Employment attempts [Mia of the Modesto Police Department and an Olive Street Hispanic
Female] and Deirdre Mulvihill [Manteca Police Department]. In My History, the Misses M and Others outright attack to stop the Job Application Process from Success,
and, if this Occurs, I expect it will be put down upon immediacy by telling them No. I expect to be handled fairly and in True View of My Work. They are Not Myself,
and are in Violation of My biological and Physical Rights, as well as in Violation of My Life Path. If You have received Application from any of, including the Mia, I expect
them to be told that they cannot use My Physical, nor can the show work that does not belong to them on their Physicals. All Preternaturals must be put down in regards
to My Work and Profession, which is Mine, Outright. I thank You, and Hope that You will View My Body of Work and My Life Path Work online: It is My Work Exact,
outright, No Other. Im an Excellent and Beyond Excellent Employee, and My Work is Important to Me. Thank You.


The Inceptor and Author of PALE GLASS SKY, REBECCATACOSAGRAY, CALIFORNIA is the Inceptor and
Owner of a New Faith on Earth, The ASTARITE FAITH, which is of Free Will, Truth, Trust Faith, and True
Love. She is the Mother of two, Zachary Gray, 12 years old, and * Gray, 9 Years Old, who are both Beautiful, and
Both Brilliant. She has been an Artist for over 7 Years, Door to Door and Person to Person, and has made a Living
as All Artists do. She has also been a Composer and Natural Pianist for over 5 1/2 Years and has now started Stud-
ies to become a Complex Pianist, Composer, and Lyricist of Love Songs, with plans for over 100 Original Albums
during Her Lifetime, based on Direct
Observation of the Universe, Earth, and Daily Events. She is also an Accomplished Actress,
Singer, and Minor Dancer, having done Theatre for over 18 years, both Straight Plays and
Musical Theatre: She has an Elly for Eva Peron in EVITA, Sacramento, California.
REBECCATACOSAGRAY has Degrees in Theatre and English [BA], UNIVERSITY of

Place Location Expert, Missing Persons/Crimes/Criminals
Earth Physical Work: Unique Human Being who is Earth Phsyical/Bio-Physical/Preternatural
My Work is Legal, and Earth Physical Work, I work in Earth Physical.


Sole Inceptor, Owner, Author, Composer, The ASTARITE FAITH & FIGHT.

Music and Lyrics:

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