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AGH Advanced Gas Handling Device

The AGH* advanced gas handling device is a highly modified, multistage, high-specificspeed centrifugal pump designed specifically for the gassy electrical submersible pump (ESP) market. Gassy wells are those having up to a 45% gas
AGH advanced gas handling device.

volume factor (GVF) at low intake pressures. The AGH gas handling device is normally installed in series below a center tandem multistage submersible REDA* pump. The AGH device functions by reducing vapor bubble sizes and changing the gas-bubble distribution, homogenizing the gas-liquid mixture to the point of its behaving like a single-phase fluid before entering the pump. The AGH gas handling device can also be installed in series above rotary or vortex-type gas separators.

Applications ! High GOR wells that are too gassy for dynamic gas separators ! Subsea oil wells ! Gassy wells with deepset packers above the pump ! Gas well dewatering ! Gas lift to ESP conversion wells Benefits ! Increases production dramatically in wells previously considered too gassy for submersible pumps ! Prevents degradation of pump performance by conditioning gas liquid mixture ! Extends equipment life by eliminating pump cycling because of gas lock ! Superior reliability in sandy or abrasive environments Features ! Eliminates surging and gas lock in wells with up to 45% GVF and low bottomhole pressure ! Abrasion-resistant construction ! High-strength Inconel shafts

Production doubled
In Kuwait a well consistently gas locked after 60 to 70 min of operation using a REDA pump with a rotary gas separator. An advanced gas handling device was added to the equipment string above the gas separator with no other equipment changes. Production increased from 900 B/D to 2,100 B/D with no cycling because of gas lock.

New lift alternative

A well in Mexico was producing 4,774 B/D (258 scf/STB GOR) with gas lift using one million scf of gas per day. A submersible pump with an AGH device was installed below a packer in a well with fluids having 29% GVF. Production increased to 9,409 BOPD at 363 scf/STB GOR with no gas locking.

The AGH advanced gas handling device can make a well more economical by increasing the drawdown and the amount of oil produced. This increases recoverable reserves and extends the economic life of the field.

Case study showing the production results before and after installing the AGH advanced gas handling device.

Before AGH installation

AGH Gas Handling Device Specifications D5-21 Outside diameter (in. [mm]) Length (ft [m]) Weight (lbm [kg]) Power consumption with 1.0 SG fluid (hp@ 60 Hz) Shaft size (in. [mm]) Shaft power rating (hp @ 60 Hz) Bearing systems Liquid flow rate (B/D)

After AGH installation

D20-60 4.000 [101.6] 6.3 [1.9] 135 [61.3] 13 0.870 [22.1] 410 ES 2,0006,000

G20-40 5.130 [130.3] 6.3 [1.9] 272 [123.5] 37.5 1.000 [25.4] 600 ES, ARZ 2,0004,000

G40-80 5.130 [130.3] 6.3 [1.9] 272 [123.5] 45 1.000 [25.4] 600 ES, ARZ 4,0008,000

S70-100 5.380 [136.7] 6.3 [2.1] 284 [129] 53 1.000 [25.4] 600 ES, ARZ 7,00010,000

H100-250 5.620 [142.7] 5.7 [1.7] 229 [104] 102 1.180 [30.0] 637 ES, ARZ 10,00025,000

4.000 [101.6] 6.3 [1.9] 135 [61.3] 13 0.687 [17.5] 200 ES, ARZ* 5002,100

ES is enhanced stability; ARZ is Abrasion-Resistant Zirconium. Liquid flow rate is based on 60 Hz power.
04-AL-060 April 2004


* Mark of Schlumberger Inconel is a registered trademark of Inco Alloys International, Inc.

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