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Data Manuals (CD ROM or Hard copies)

1) RS Component Catalog. 2) National Semiconductor regulator design manual. 3) Analog Devices Data Manual.

I) Basic Linear Design ii) A Designer's Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers: III) Analog-Digital Conversion IV) High-Speed Design Techniques V) Mixed Signal and DSP Design Techniques
4) Motorola, Linear / Switch mode power supplies. 5) Motorola Power Transistors & Thyristors data hand book. 6) Philips Audio Data Manual. 7) BEL Transistor Manual 8) Towers Data Manual. 9) PIC 16XX data book. 10) Texas instruments, Linear interface and applications circuit design 11) CEDT References. 12) ATMEL micro controller data book. 13) Intel Peripheral Manual.

Reference books
1) Paul Horowitz, Art of Electronics. 2) B.S.Sonde, Power Supplies. 3) B.S.Sonde, System Design Using Integrated circuits. 4) Hill and Peterson, Digital System Design. 5) Franklin P. Prosser, David E. Winkel, The art of digital design, (PHI). 6) Fletcher, Introduction to digital design. 7) Tubay Grame & Huelsmann (student Edition-Burr Brown), Operational amplifiers 8) Sergio Franco, Design with Operational amplifiers and analog Integrated circuits, (3rd editionTMH). 9) Peatman, Micro controller system design. 10) Gotlib, Power Supply Design. 11) Palls-Areny, Analog Signal Processing. 12) Handbook on Sound Engineering. 13) Charles H. Roth Jr., Fundamentals of Logic design, Fourth Edition, Jaico Book. 14) Handbook for Design and Application, Tietze, Ulrich, Schenk, Christoph, Gamm, Eberhard

Translated by Schenk, C., Tietze, U. 2nd ed., 2008, XXIV, 1544 p. 1771 illus. With CD-ROM. 15) Introduction to Electronics by Yatindra Nath Singh, Joseph John Publisher: NPTEL 2007 16) Ralph J.Smith, R.C.Dorf, Circuits, devices and systems, John Wiley, 1992 17) R.L.Boylestad, L. Nashelsky, Electronic devices and circuit theory, Prentice Hall, 2002

18) A.S.Sedra, K.C.Smith, Microelectronic circuits, Oxfort University Press, 1998 19) R.A.Gayakwad, Op-amps and linear integrated circuits, Prentice Hall of India 20) Millman, Grabel, Microelectronics, McGraw-Hill. 21) DeCarlo, and Lin, Linear circuit analysis, Oxford Univesity Press, 2001 (second edition). 22) Hayt, Kammerly and Durbin, Engineering Circuit Analysis, Tata McGra hill 23) Op Amp Applications Handbook by Walt Jung ,Publisher: Newnes 2004 ISBN/ASIN: 0750678445,ISBN-13: 9780750678445,Number of pages: 896 24) Circuit Design Using Personal Computers by Thomas R. Cuthbert ,Publisher: John Wiley & Sons 1983,ISBN/ASIN: 047187700X,Number of pages: 509 25) Op Amps for Everyone ,by Ron Mancini ,Publisher: Newnes 2003,ISBN/ASIN: 0750677015,ISBN-13: 9780750677011,Number of pages: 464