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org/wiki/Norwegian_Armed_Forces) The Norwegian Armed Forces (Norwegian: Forsvaret, "The Defence") is the military organization responsi le for the defence of Norway! "t consists of five ranches, the Norwegian Army, the #oyal Norwegian Navy, which incl$des the %oast &$ard, the #oyal Norwegian Air Force, the 'ome &$ard and the %y er Force, as well as several (oint departments! The armed forces are s$ ordinate the )inistry of Defence! "n practice conscription military service is vol$ntary! *n +, -$ne ./+0 the Norwegian 1arliament voted to e2tend conscription to women ma3ing Norway the first NAT* mem er and first 4$ropean co$ntry to ma3e national service comp$lsory for oth men and women!5,6 The military e2pendit$re of 789:!. illion is the highest per capita in 4$rope! 2.Irland( !"rw#$%.dp&') The army of "reland, 3nown simply as the Army ("rish: an tArm), is the main ranch of the Defence Forces5.6 of "reland! The Army is organised on conventional military lines providing a s$fficiently fle2i le str$ct$re to carry o$t all the roles assigned y &overnment! The Army is a standing force and provides the primary capa ilities for (oint military operations at home and com ined military 1eace 8$pport *perations a road! The Army ;rigades +st ;rigade The +st ;rigade is responsi le for military operations in the so$thern region of the co$ntry! "ts area of responsi ility incl$des the co$nties of: %arlow, <aois, *ffaly, =il3enny, >e2ford, >aterford, %or3, =erry, <imeric3 %lare, Tipperary and &alway! '? of the +st ;rigade (;de) is located in %ollins ;arrac3s, %or3! The other ;arrac3s located in the +st ;rigade area of responsi ility (A*#) incl$de: %ollins ;arrac3s in %or3 8arsfield ;arrac3s in <imeric3 8tephens ;arrac3s in =il3enny =ilworth Training %amp in =ilworth D@n 7A )haoliAosa, &alway .nd ;rigade The .nd ;rigade is responsi le for military operations in the northern region of the co$ntry! "ts area of responsi ility incl$des the co$nties of: >ic3low, D$ lin, <o$th, =ildare, <ongford, , )eath, >estmeath, #oscommon, %avan, )onaghan, Donegal, 8ligo, <eitrim B )ayo! '? of the .nd ;rigade is located in %athal ;r$gha ;arrac3s in #athmines, D$ lin! The other ;arrac3s located in the .nd ;rigade area of responsi ility (A*#) incl$de: )c=ee ;arrac3s , D$ lin C 8t ;ricins 'ospital, D$ lin &ormanstown %amp in %o )eath Ai3en ;arrac3s, D$ndal3 %$st$me ;arrac3s, Athlone Finner %amp in ;allyshannon Defence Forces Training %entre The Defence Forces Training %entre (DFT%) is located in The %$rragh %amp in %o =ildare! The DFT% consists of a '? element and all Defence Forces training, ed$cation and logistical $nits! The following Defence Forces D#eserveD 7nits are also located in the DFT%: + )echanised "nfantry %ompany +st Armo$red %avalry 8E$adron The Army #anger >ing (A#>)

The Army consists of the following %orps: "nfantry %avalry Artillery %omm$nications and 8ervices (%"8) 4ngineers *rdnance )edical Transport )ilitary 1olice (.)ermnia(*&ndeswehr) The ;$ndeswehr (&erman for "Federal Defence"F listen (helpGinfo)) is the $nified armed forces of the Federal #ep$ lic of &ermany and their civil administration and proc$rement a$thorities! The 8tates of &ermany are not allowed to maintain armed forces of their own, since the &erman %onstit$tion states that matters of defense fall into the sole responsi ility of the federal government! The ;$ndeswehr is divided into a military part (armed forces or 8treit3rHfte) and a civil part with the armed forces administration (>ehrverwalt$ng)! The military part of the federal defense force consists of the 'eer (Army), )arine (Navy), <$ftwaffe (Air Force), 8treit3rHfte asis (-oint 8$pport 8ervice), and the Ientraler 8anitHtsdienst (%entral )edical 8ervices) ranches! +.Franta, ( anches) The French Armed Forces encompass the French Army, the French Navy, the French Air Force and the National &endarmerie! The 1resident of the #ep$ lic heads the armed forces, with the title "chef des armJes" ("chief of the military forces")! The 1resident is the s$preme a$thority for military matters and is the sole official who can order a n$clear stri3e! The French armed forces are divided into fo$r ranches: French Army (Arme de Terre)[edit] "nfantry ("nfanterie) )o$ntain infantry (%hasse$rs Alpins) Armo$red %avalry (Arme ;lindJe %avalerie) Air orne %avalry (+st 1arach$te '$ssar #egiment) Artillery (Artillerie) French Foreign <egion (<Jgion KtrangLre) Tro$pes de )arine (Tro$pes de )arine) French Army <ight Aviation (Aviation <JgJre de lDArmJe de TerreMA<AT) 4ngineers (&Jnie) 8ignals (Transmissions) Transport and logistics (Train) 8$pply ()atJriel) French Navy (Marine Nationale) Naval Air Arm (Aviation Navale) 8$ marine Force (Forces so$sNmarines)

Naval Action Force (Force dDaction navale) Naval "nfantry and Naval %ommandos (F$siliers )arins) The )arseille )arine Fire ;attalion "n addition, the National &endarmerie form a %oast &$ard force called the &endarmerie )aritime which is commanded y the French Navy! French Air Force (Arme de l'Air) Dassa$lt #afale of ArmJe de lDAir! )ain article: French Air Force Territorial Air Defence Air force gro$nd troopss (F$siliers %ommandos de lDAir) 1aratroopersO8pecial forces (%ommando parach$tiste de lDair) National Gendarmerie (Gendarmerie Nationale) )ain article: National &endarmerie &endarmerie DJpartementale (&D) N "s a territorial police force! &endarmerie )o ile (&)) N "s an antiNriot $nit and co$nterNterrorism gro$p (&"&N)! &arde rJp$ licaine N "s the rep$ lican g$ard of France! &endarmerie des Transports AJriens N "s an airports sec$rity force! &endarmerie de lDAir N 7sed for Air Force sec$rity! &endarmerie )aritime N "s a coast g$ard $nit! The national &endarmerie is primarily a military police force which serves as a r$ral and general p$rpose police force, incl$ding! P!4lvetia The Defence sector is an organisation of the Federal Department of Defence, %ivil 1rotection and 8port DD18! The Defence sector consists of 'eadE$arters with the Armed Forces 8taff and the -oint 8taff, <and Forces and Air Force, the Armed Forces %ollege as well as the Armed Forces <ogistics *rganisation and the %ommand 8$pport *rganisation! 8wiss <and Forces 8wiss Air Force Armed Forces <ogistics *rganisation Armed Forces %ommand 8$pport *rganisation'_$wit1erland 2.3ehia,'_the_31ech_4ep&/lic The Army of the %zech #ep$ lic (%zech: ArmQda Res3J #ep$ li3y) comprise the land forces, the %zech Air Force and s$pport $nits! 8tr$ct$re of the %zech Armed Forces consists of three parts:

&eneral 8taff of %zech Armed Forces (1raha) <and Forces (1raha) Air Force (1raha) 5.$lo.acia,'_$lo.akia The Armed Forces of the 8lova3 #ep$ lic n$m er +0,P// $niformed personnel! 8lova3ia (oined NAT* in )arch .//,! From .//: the army transformed into a f$lly professional organization and comp$lsory military service was a olished! 8tr$ct$re of the Armed Forces &ro$nd Forces N are made $p of two active mechanized infantry rigades! Air and Air Defence Forces N comprising one wing of fighters, one wing of $tility helicopters, and one 8A) rigade! Training and 8$pport Forces N comprising N84 N National 8$pport 4lement ()$ltif$nctional ;attalion, Transport ;attalion, #epair ;attalion), &arrison of capital city ;ratislava, as well as Training ;attalion, and vario$s logistics and comm$nication and information ases! )iscellaneo$s forces $nder the direct command of the &eneral 8taff N the Pth 8pecial Forces #egiment! 6.7it&ania, <ith$aniaDs defence system is ased on the concept of "total and $nconditional defence" mandated y <ith$aniaDs national National 8ec$rity 8trategy! The <ith$anian Armed Forces consist of the <ith$anian <and Force, <ith$anian Air Force, <ith$anian Naval Force, <ith$anian 8pecial *perations Force and other $nits: <ogistics %ommand, Training and Doctrine %ommand! 8.*&lgaria,'_*&lgaria The )ilitary of ;$lgaria, officially the ;$lgarian Army (;$lgarian: STUVWXYZW WX[\]) represents the Armed Forces of the #ep$ lic of ;$lgaria! The %ommanderNinN %hief is the 1resident of ;$lgaria (c$rrently #osen 1levneliev)! The )inistry of Defence is in charge of political leadership while overall military command remains in the hands of the Defence 8taff, headed y the %hief of the Defence (formerly called the %hief of the &eneral 8taff)! There are three main ranches ^ the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force! 8ervice ranches ;$lgarian <and Forces ;$lgarian Air Force ;$lgarian Navy 'eadE$arters 8ofia 19.:stonia,'_:stonia'ence;'orces The 4stonian Defence Forces (4stonian: 4esti =aitsevHgi) is the name of the $nified armed forces of the #ep$ lic of 4stonia! The 4stonian military is a defence force consisting of 4stonian <and Forces, )erevHgi (Navy), _h$vHgi (Air Force) and a paramilitary organization =aitseliit (Defence <eag$e)!

The <and Forces component of the operational str$ct$re consists of an infantry rigade and a homeland sec$rity str$ct$re! The Navy is responsi le for protecting the territorial waters of 4stonia! "n case of a crisis sit$ation the Navy m$st e ready to defend sea approaches, har o$r areas, sea lines of comm$nication and to coNoperate with coalition $nits! The 4stonian Air Force consists of three $nitsF Air Force 'eadE$arters, the `mari Air ;ase and Air 8$rveillance >ing!