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Alwar (Rajasthan) Course Code : TA101 - COURSE HANDOUT

Semester: First Semester Course Title: Programming the C Language Session: LTPC: 2013 - 2013 2 0 4 0 Course No.: TA101

Course-in-Charge: Sachidanand Swami

Other Course-Instructors:

Course Description: This course covers: Fundamentals of C programming 1. Session Plan ( Tentative, to be customized if felt necessary ) Sl No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Topic Introduction to the C programming environment. Programming lifecycle, basic data types, Input output commands ( printf, scanf, getchar ) Implementing logic in C programs. ( conditions and iterations : if, else, while, for, do while, switch case ) Working with single dimension arrays and strings ( integer arrays, character arrays, null terminated strings ) Using pointers Multi-dimensional arrays Functions, Modular programming File operations Organizing data into structures Sessions 03 03 04 04 02 03 03 02

2. Evaluation Scheme There would be two Mid Term Tests, and one comprehensive examination. Evaluation Instrument Mid Semester Test I Mid Semester Test II Date Weightage 25% 25% Time 1 hour 1 hour Comment Closed Book Closed Book

To be Announced To be Announced

Comprehensive Exam 3. Evaluation Policy

To be Announced


3 hours

Closed Book

Students are NOT to miss any examination/test as per the scheduled dates. Re-test would NOT be allowed. If due to any exceptional reason the examination is missed, a re-test would NEED to be taken within 07 days of the originally scheduled date. Absolutely no relaxation on this. The request would need to be ratified by your parents and duly approved by concerned authorities at NU. The decision of the Course Instructor-in-charge in this matter shall be final. 4. Grading Policy The Marks obtained in all the components of Evaluation shall be totaled and the final marks shall be converted in the letter grades, namely, A, B, C, D and E. The grading is relative. 5. Reference Books 1. The C programming Language, by Kerningham and Ritchie 2. Programming with C, SCHAUM series. 3. Let us C, Yashwant Kanetkar

All students NECESSARILY need to regularly interact on the online platform of MOODLE. Students need to come to the lectures and lab sessions in a timely manner. NOTE: Attendance in lectures and lab sessions is absolutely necessary. A cumulative attendance of at least 75% sessions is required to appear in Examinations. Students absent from a session/part-session, need to give written explanation for EVERY absenteeism.