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JEFFREY R. CLEMENTS Chief of Research (904) 630- 3!!
! "es# $%&a' S#ree# Ci#( )a''* S%i#e 4+,''e* 0L 3++0+ 0A1 (904) 630-3403

Bill Type and Number: Ordinance 2013-694 Introducer/Sponsor(s): Council President at the request of the Mayor Date of Introduction: Septe !er 24" 2013 Committee(s) of Reference: #" $%&" '" #C(" )&* Date of Analysis: Septe !er 2+" 2013 Type of Action: ,uthori-ation of stadiu lease a end ent. authori-in/ and appropriatin/ co ercial paper !orro0in/. Ordinance Code 0ai1ers. reference to construction of this ordinance in accordance 0ith a prior ordinance. desi/nation of o1ersi/ht depart ent Bill Summary: $he !ill authori-es e2ecution of , end ent 312 to the City4s lease 0ith the 5ac6son1ille 5a/uars for use of %1er7an6 'ield" 0hich pro1ides for the financin/ and construction of 1arious i pro1e ents to the stadiu " includin/ ne0 1ideo !oards and reno1ations and i pro1e ents to the 8orth %nd *one 98%*:; $he !ill authori-es the issuance of <43"109"000 in co ercial paper and the appropriation of the proceeds of that !orro0in/ to the stadiu i pro1e ent pro=ect; >t 0ai1es the pro1isions of Ordinance Code Chapter 6?6 @ *onin/ Code @ in Part 13" Su!part 7 @ (o0nto0n Si/n O1erlay *one @ 0ith re/ard to its application to the 8orth %nd *one 1ideo !oard. and 0ai1es the pro1isions of Chapter 126 @ Purchasin/ Code" e2cept for any pro1isions pertainin/ to the %qual 7usiness Opportunity Pro/ra ; $he !ill authori-es the City to directly procure certain construction aterials for the pro=ect on a sales ta2-free !asis; >t 0ai1es the pro1isions of Ordinance Code Section 320;409 @ Schedule of Per it 'ees - to 0ai1e !uildin/ per it fees for the pro=ect" and 0ai1es the pro1isions of Section 122;A119a: @ Sales of $an/i!le Personal Property" Prohi!ition of Sales to Certain Persons @ to per it the direct disposition of tan/i!le personal property !ein/ re o1ed fro the stadiu outside of the nor al City require ents; $he !ill pro1ides that it shall !e construed in accordance 0ith Ordinance 2010-493-% 0hich appro1ed , end ent 310 to the stadiu lease and created a Capital Maintenance 'und for the Sports Co ple2 facilities; $he !ill desi/nates the Office of %cono ic (e1elop ent as the o1ersi/ht a/ency for the pro=ect; Bac !round Information: $he 5a/uars and the City ha1e discussed a pro/ra of i pro1e ents to %1er7an6 'ield" enco passin/ ne0" lar/er 1ideo !oards and a north end -one Bfan -oneC" to !e constructed at a total cost of appro2i ately <63 illion; $he 5a/uars ha1e co itted <20 illion to the pro=ect" 0ith the City payin/ the re ainin/ <43 illion; Mayor 7ro0n has proposed that the City4s contri!ution !e funded usin/ a portion of the tourist de1elop ent ta2 9B!ed ta2C:; $his !ill authori-es short-ter co ercial paper !orro0in/ to pro1ide initial fundin/ to start construction in 5anuary 2014 after the conclusion of the 8') season and Dator 7o0l /a e; "olicy Impact Area: %1er7an6 'ield capital i pro1e ents #iscal Impact: $he City co Analyst: Cle ents its to appropriate <43"109"000 in !orro0ed funds to the i pro1e ents;