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Mullen 1 Kimberly Mullen Cathy Black Dance 461 7 April 2011 Balanchine Body To an audience ballet i! a "orld o# #anta!

y $race beauty and lo%e& 'hat they do not !ee behind the !cene! i! the hard("ork rehear!al! bli!ter! !"eat in)urie! and #ati$ue that $o into "hat !eem! to be an e##ortle!! per#ormance& The determination o# a ballerina i! unparallelled a! the utmo!t per#ection i! demanded o# them #rom their audience! director! and abo%e all other! them!el%e!& The!e pro#e!!ional ballerina! "ork tirele!!ly to per#ect their body*! ali$nment !tren$th #le+ibility control and o%erall ima$e and un#ortunately thi! determination #or per#ection i! o#ten taken too e+treme!& ,atin$ di!order! !uch a! anore+ia ner%o!a and bulimia ner%o!a ha%e become a !eriou! problem in the dance "orld a! dancer! "ill literally !tar%e them!el%e! to achie%e the -ideal. ballerina body& Thi! ideal ha! become that o# a !keletal body a !tandard that "a! initiated and hea%ily promoted by /eor$e Balanchine in the mid 1010*! a! he opened hi! o"n company the 2e" 3ork City Ballet 4-2e" 3ork City Ballet . 'eb5& Balanchine created thi! no" de!ired !keletal ae!thetic #or ballerina! throu$h public humiliation o# hi! company #orce#ul !tar%ation to in!titute "ei$ht lo!! and throu$h hi! ob!e!!ion "ith the ballerina and by doin$ !o can thereby be held accountable #or the dan$erou! trend! o# eatin$ di!order! and un!ound practice! that "e !ee in the dance "orld today& Balanchine "a! kno"n to thro" out comment! to hi! dancer! !uch a! -eat nothin$. and -mu!t !ee the bone!. 4Kirkland 665& 7e "ould publicly demean dancer! "ho he thou$ht "ere o%er"ei$ht and con!tantly empha!i8e the de!ire #or the ballet ae!thetic o# lon$ limb! and a !keletal #rame accentuatin$ the collarbone! and len$th o# the neck a! "ell a! ab!ence o# brea!t! and hip! 4Benn and 'alter! 65& 7o"e%er di!torted Balanchine*! methodolo$y o# achie%in$ thi! ae!thetic may be it ha! become a

Mullen 2 cultural norm in the ballet "orld to publicly humiliate dancer! and !imilar remark! ha%e been made by !e%eral choreo$rapher! in numerou! companie!& 9or in!tance Bary!hniko% "a! another "ho !eemed to ha%e no tolerance #or any dancer did not ha%e a -Balanchine body. and "a! kno"n #or makin$ blunt and humiliatin$ remark! publicly to any one he deemed too -#at&. :ne e%enin$ he e%en #ired American Ballet Theatre 4ABT5 corp! dancer ;amela 2earhoo# mid rehear!al !ayin$ -he couldn*t !tand to !ee her on!ta$e anymore. becau!e !he "a! too -#at. 4/ordon 1605& 'ith ab!olutely no notice !he #ound her!el# )oble!! becau!e o# ballet*! unethical e+pectation! to be !ickly thin& Thank#ully in thi! !peci#ic ca!e mana$ement !tepped in to ree%aluate the !ituation and ;amela 2earhoo# "a! rehired !hortly a#ter< ho"e%er many other ballerina! ha%e not been a! lucky& =t ha! not an uncommon practice #or a dancer to enter their cla!!room e+pectin$ their u!ual ballet cla!! and in!tead #indin$ a !cale !et up in the middle o# the room& A !urpri!e -"ei$h(in&. :# cour!e they are a !urpri!e #or a! >ichard Cammack a #ormer ABT !oloi!t !tated -To "arn !tudent! in ad%ance "ould de#eat the purpo!e& 9ore"arned i! #ore!tar%ed& /i%en prior notice !tudent! "ould #a!t #or !e%eral day! thu! "ei$hin$ in at a li$hter "ei$ht than normal rate. 4/ordon 415& 2ot only are the dancer! "ei$ht! mea!ured and recorded but then publicly announced to the cla!!& The embarra!!ment i! only #urthered a! their #ello" dancer! $a!p in di!$u!t "hen !ome one "ei$h! in o%er one(hundred(ten pound! 4/ordon 415& ;ractice! !uch a! thi! terri#y dancer! into becomin$ more and more thin in #ear o# bein$ publicly humiliated or e%en #ired in the pro#e!!ional "orld& 'ith the ideolo$y that one can ne%er be too thin in mind dancer! o#ten take e+treme! to lo!e "ei$ht& They re!ort to method! !uch a! anore+ia bulimia abu!in$ la+ati%e! and !e%ere dietin$ or !tar%ation to a%oid !uch embarra!!ment and !hame o# their body& 'e tend to think that thi! pre!!ure to be thin e+i!t only in the pro#e!!ional "orld but in reality

Mullen 1 pre!!ure! #or the -Balanchine body. i! pre%alent e%en #or adole!cent be$innin$ dancer! in local !tudio! and !chool!& Accordin$ to /ordon -"ei$h(in!. occur e%en at e+tremely youn$ a$e! "here ele%en year old $irl! "ill $a!p in horror a! they "ei$h in at #i#ty(!i+ty pound! 4415& 'e !ee it time and time a$ain a! thinner $irl! are $i%en !olo! and are placed the #ront o# a #ormation "hile hea%ier children take their place hidden in the back ro"!& 3oun$ dancer! are o#ten told that they are not meant to be a dancer becau!e they are too bi$ or )u!t don*t ha%e a -dancer!* body&. Countle!! #riend! o# mine ha%e $ro"n up bein$ told that they "ill not be able to per#orm in a !ho" becau!e they are too #at to #it the co!tume or that they "ould thro" o## the ae!thetic o# the routine& At !uch a youn$ a$e it i! p!ycholo$ically dama$in$ #or a de%elopin$ adole!cent brain to be trained to think that they can ne%er be too thin and that lo!in$ "ei$ht i! al"ay! a po!iti%e thin$& =t i! e!!ential that dance teacher! e%en o# !mall local !tudio! a!k them!el%e! i# they place too much empha!i! on bein$ thin petit and !kinny in!tead o# healthy #it and !tron$& Althou$h it i! important that dancer! are not o%er("ei$ht and #itne!! !hould be addre!!ed it become! a problem "hen dancer! are con!tantly pre!!ured to al"ay! be !kinnier e%en "hen they are already at a healthy "ei$ht& =t i! e!!ential that "e do not #eed the!e tainted per!pecti%e! that a !keletal body i! nece!!ary #or ballet to our youn$ !tudent! throu$h demeanin$ tho!e "ho may not be ultra(thin& =# "e cau!e the!e youn$ dancer! to be embarra!!ed by their "ei$ht and body a! the dance "orld tend! to do "e are mo!t de#initely are !ettin$ them to becomin$ anore+ic ballerina! in the #uture al"ay! tryin$ to lo!e more "ei$ht& 'e ha%e !een that Balanchine mo!t de#initely ha! !et a trend #or publicly humiliatin$ hi! dancer! that ha! la!ted throu$h the decade! and i! !till practiced today& 3et another method Balanchine e+hibited durin$ hi! time that contributed to eatin$ di!order! "a! #orce#ul "ei$ht lo!! and !tar%ation in order to be a more !ucce!!#ul ballerina& Thi! "a! clearly demon!trated throu$h hi! relation!hip "ith hi! !econd "i#e Maria Tallchie#& Ann Bar8el a dancer at the ?chool o# American Ballet recall! thi! memory o# dancin$ "ith Balanchine or *Mr& B* a! they "ould call him<

Mullen 4 -A#ter per#ormance! "e*d all retire to a %ery #lee8y little re!taurant ha%in$ !pa$hetti a#ter the !ho" and Mr& B "ould be there "ith u!& And he "ould ha%e a bi$ di!h o# !pa$hetti too& And he al"ay! brou$ht one apple "ith him and that*! all Maria could ha%e cau!e he "a! $ettin$ her ready to be a ballerina and !he "a!n*t to put any "ei$ht on& A! an arti!t that "a! hi! intere!t and !he took it all in. 4-/eor$e Balanchine. youtube documentary5& A! "e can !ee Balanchine practiced ab!olute inhumane acti%ity o# #orce#ul !tar%ation e%en to hi! "i#e& 7o"e%er becau!e it i! put in the name o# the art it i! accepted a! a "ay to !ho" dedication !acri#ice and commitment to achie%in$ "hat you !o de!perately "ant( that i! to become a ballerina& Balanchine*! dancer! adored him and "anted to !ho" their dedication to the art and !tar%in$ them!el%e! to achie%e hi! de!ired body type "a! an e##ecti%e method to do !o& 7o"e%er "ith the $reat kno"led$e o# nutrition that "e ha%e today "e cannot accept !uch un!ound principle! or be pre!!ured by any in!tructor to harm our bodie! e%en in the name o# -art&. Too o#ten ballerina! lea%e their health in the hand! o# their arti!tic director! "ho care nothin$ #or that indi%idual*! "ell(bein$& =# the dancer $et! !ick or in)ured the arti!tic director %ie"! them a! di!po!able and "ill !imply hire another to take their place& There#ore "e !ee #orce#ul "ei$ht lo!! e%ident all o%er the country and dancer! de!troyin$ their bodie! in e##ort to plea!e the "i!he! o# their director!& 'e not only !ee thi! in the pro#e!!ional ballet "orld but in amateur! a! "ell& 9or in!tance at !ummer inten!i%e dance camp! dancer! are o#ten in cla!! #rom @am(@pm "ith only a hal# an hour break #or lunch& The lunch i! pro%ided and i! !er%ed in minimal Auantitie! !o a! to control "hat the dancer! eat inducin$ e+treme "ei$ht lo!!& :#ten dancer! lo!e "ei$ht !o rapidly that their health i! compromi!ed and it take! them day! or e%en "eek! to reco%er 4/uilott5& :# cour!e the!e camp! are )u!t #or a period o# a #e" "eek! but pro#e!!ional! li%e year! under !uch condition! ha%in$ minimal control on the len$th o# their daily e+erci!e and the amount o# #ood they eat& 2o "onder "e !ee them !hri%el into nothin$ne!!& The!e companie! literally "ork them to the bone e+pectin$ too much ri$orou!

Mullen 6 dancin$ "ith not enou$h #ood to !u!tain it and i# the dancer "ant! to keep their )ob they ha%e no choice but to obli$e& 'ith the %a!t kno"led$e o# nutrition that "e ha%e a%ailable to u! today "e kno" that too much e+erci!e "ith too little #ood i! detrimental to our bodie!& ?tar%in$ a dancer not only denie! them o# nutrient! that they need to per#orm at their #ulle!t potential but can al!o !horten their per#ormin$ career& ?tudie! !ho" that a! many a! 16B o# !tudent ballerina! in the country*! mo!t pre!ti$iou! ballet !chool! !u##er #rom true anore+ia ner%o!a and many more are borderline ca!e! 4/ordon 1475& ?uch !tar%ation i! in)uriou! to the body #or "hen the body i! depri%ed o# nutrient! it be$in! to eat it!el#& The body #ir!t con!ume! it! #at re!er%e! but once tho!e are depleted the body be$in! to #eed on it! mu!cle!& :nce it reache! thi! point the #atty re!er%e! are permanently depleted "hich can cau!e e+ce!!i%e bleedin$ o# the #eet and hand! permanent lo!! o# men!trual cycle and #ertility due to dama$e to the o%arie! and reproducti%e or$an! 4/ordon 1665& Al!o "hen the body i! de#icient in nutrient! !uch a! calcium and protein it take the!e nutrient! #rom the bone! and mu!cle! to help !u!tain the body*! natural #unction!& Thi! lea%e! the bone! brittle and the mu!cle! "eak lea%in$ the body !u!ceptible to !train! #racture! and other #orm! o# in)ury& 4Mu!il5& 'ei$ht control throu$h %omitin$ or abu!in$ la+ati%e! or diuretic! can al!o cau!e !eriou! health repercu!!ion! in addition to mu!cle "eakne!! and decrea!ed bone den!ity& ?tomach acid! be$in to erode a"ay the !ur#ace! o# tooth enamel and !eriou! dental problem! #rom #reAuent %omitin$& =t can al!o dama$e the e!opha$u! e%en to the point o# tear or rupture #rom the inten!e pre!!ure!& Ca+ati%e! and diuretic! can cau!e mineral imbalance! in the body and e!pecially a lack o# pota!!ium( e!!ential #or mu!cle and heart #unction& -The hi$h mortality rate amon$ anorectic! i! o#ten a re!ult o# compromi!ed coronary #unctionin$ due to pota!!ium depletion. 4/ordon 1665& 9urther more !tar%in$ the body compromi!e! the emotional and hormonal le%el! in the body leadin$ to depre!!ion and a decrea!e in !e+ual appetite& Alon$ !ide "ith de$enerati%e bone and mu!cle di!ea!e! the!e !ymptom!

Mullen 6 "ill !horten their per#ormin$ career due to a hi$h !u!ceptibility to in)ury inability to reco%er and inadeAuate !tren$th to meat the demand! o# the cra#t 4/ordon 16@ 1415& The emotional and phy!ical dama$e done to the body throu$h the!e method! o# e+treme "ei$ht lo!! are o#ten unrepairable and althou$h dancer! take the!e e+treme! in hope! o# reachin$ their dream! o# becomin$ a ballerina they do not reali8e the permanent toll thi! take! on their body& =t !horten! their per#ormin$ career de!troy! their health and !ometime! e%en take! their %ery li%e!& :ne #urther contribution that Balanchine made to #urther eatin$ di!order! in the dance "orld "a! throu$h hi! ob!e!!ion "ith the ballerina& A! he "a! hi$hly #ocu!ed on the #emale dancer additional pre!!ure! to achie%e per#ection may ha%e been placed on hi! #emale dancer!& 7i! ideal ima$e #or hi! ballerina! "a! e+ce!!i%e yet e+pected and they "ere demanded to reach hi! e+pectation!& =# their body dimen!ion! did not meet hi! e+pectation! they !imply "ould not be ca!ted& 7o"e%er i# they did achie%e hi! ideal ima$e they "ere re"arded "ith leadin$ role! and !olo! a hi$hly moti%atin$ re"ard to an a!pirin$ ballerina& ?o moti%atin$ in #act that they "ould do anythin$ e%en !tar%e them!el%e! to recei%e !uch reco$nition 4Black5& ,atin$ di!order! acro!! the board are more #reAuent in #emale! than in male! yet perhap! a correlation can be made "ith Balanchine*! ob!e!!ion and #ocu! on the #emale and their increa!ed likelihood to practice anore+ia& ;erhap! hi! e+pectation! #or hi! ballerina! to be -pared do"n to the bone. could e+plain "hy #emale dancer! no" ha%e a $reater !tru$$le "ith eatin$ di!order! than male dancer! do 4/ordon 1625& ?ince Balanchine "a! not a! #ocu!ed on the male dancer! o# hi! company the pre!!ure! may not ha%e been a! inten!e #or them& :# cour!e there i! a natural tendency #or "oman to be more concerned about their "ei$ht and ima$e but throu$h Balanchine*! practice! empha!i8in$ the!e pre!!ure! on #emale! he mo!t de#initely ha! e+a$$erated the problem and #urthered it to $reater e+treme! than e%er& The ar$ument ha! been made that it i! nece!!ary #or dancer! to be %ery thin !o that they may be

Mullen 7 ea!ier and li$hter to li#t durin$ partnerin$& 7o"e%er !tudie! ha%e !ho"n thi! not to be the ca!e& Male dancer! ha%e e+pre!!ed that it i! not ea!y to partner !uper thin dancer! becau!e they are !o ea!ily hurt !o the men become a#raid to touch them& -=t*! not ea!y to partner %ery thin dancer! . !ay! ABT dancer ;atrick Bi!!ell& -They !cream out all o# a !udden becau!e you pick them up& = #eel like =*m hardly doin$ anythin$ and they*re !creamin$ in pain& =t make! you %ery tentati%e about ho" you touch them. 4/ordon 1615& =t !eem! that it make! the male*! )ob o# li#tin$ e%en more di##icult "hen the!e anorectic ballerina! become !o thin& They brui!e ea!ily and become too #ra$ile to handle& Dane De!t #ormer principle dancer #or ?an 9ranci!co Ballet $oe! e%en #urther e+pre!!in$ hi! di!$u!t in "orkin$ "ith e+tremely thin ballerina!E -=*m $ood at partnerin$& That*! my #orte& But tho!e anorectic ballerina!.( he !hudder!( -= can*t bear to touch them& = mean you partner a "oman and li#t her at the "ai!t and you "ant to touch !omethin$& The!e !kinny ballerina! it*! a"#ul& There*! nothin$ there& 7o" can you do a pa! de deu+ "ith one o# tho!e $irl!F Their bone! become brittle. 4/ordon 1625& =t i! clear that male dancer! #eel !tron$ly about the thinne!! o# their partner! yet "e continue to think that thi! i! a de!irable trait #or our ballerina!& De!t continue! to !hare hi! "onder#ul e+perience dancin$ "ith Cynthia /re$ory not a #at dancer but a "oman "ith !ub!tance& Contra!tin$ thi! to dancin$ "ith !ickly thin ballerina! "a! a much more de!irable and !ucce!!#ul partnerin$ !ituation& There#ore "e #ind that the theory that ballerina! need to be thin in order to be a better pa! de deu+ partner i! yet another myth contributin$ to the di!turbin$ number o# eatin$ di!order! that "e !ee in the ballet "orld today& =n e##ort! to addre!! the eatin$ di!order! and un!ound practice! occurrin$ in the pro#e!!ional ballet "orld Tan!in Benn and Dorca! 'alter! #rom Gni%er!ity o# Birmin$ham ha%e conducted e+ten!i%e re!earch to !ee i# teachin$ dancer! teacher! and choreo$rapher! !ociolo$ical theorie! o# the body per#ormance nutrition and di!ordered eatin$ "ould help re!ol%e the problem& 7o"e%er e%en

Mullen @ thou$h they #ound the dancer! to be better in#ormed and educated about the!e i!!ue! the inten!e pre!!ure! that dominate the dance "orld o%erpo"ered their kno"led$e about "hat i! $ood #or them and they $a%e "ay to the trend! o# eatin$ di!order! any"ay!& 4Benn 'alter 15& =t i! de%a!tatin$ to think that "e ha%e created a "orld "here "e care more about the pro#e!!ion than takin$ care o# our health and "ell(bein$& 'e become determined to reach the unreali!tic e+ception! !et de!pite the co!t e%en "hen "e are a"are o# it! dama$in$ e##ect! on the body& 7o"e%er "e #ind our!el%e! to ha%e reached thi! lo" in our dance !ociety and educatin$ dancer! doe! not !eem to be enou$h to correct it& There#ore thi! !tudy recommend! -a re(apprai!al o# the ballet ae!thetic and body culture in the mana$ement o# the pro#e!!ion and more empo"erment o# dancer! to encoura$e them to Aue!tion critiAue and impro%e the culture o# their art #orm rather than merely accept it! ideal! and demand!. 4Benn 'alter 15& =t i! critical that "e e%aluate the ethic! behind "hat the ballet "orld i! #orcin$ their ballerina! to do& 'e mu!t not )u!t merely accept the!e method! a! acceptable becau!e they are tradition #or they are inhumane and detrimental to ballerina!* health& =t "ill be di##icult to alter the -ideal(ima$e. o# the ballet "orld but it i! po!!ible& =t "ill take the deliberate action! o# many mana$er! arti!tic director! and teacher! in order to do !o but to$ether "e ha%e the potential to make thi! nece!!ary chan$e& A! one company at a time demand! health amon$ their dancer! in!tead o# encoura$in$ eatin$ di!order! "e can chan$e the ideal body(type #rom an unhealthy !keletal one to a healthier(athletic build& =n #act much pro$re!! ha! already been made& >ichard Cammack admit! that there i! a problem "ith anore+ia in hi! !chool ho"e%er "a! plea!ed to report that e##ort! to make a healthier en%ironment #or hi! dancer! ha%e been made& Althou$h the !chool i! %ery body and "ei$ht oriented they ha%e loo!ened up their on their method! o# achie%in$ thi!& 7o"e%er hi! idea o# -loo!enin$ up. i! only doin$ !i+ "ei$h(in! a year in!tead o# nine& =t al!o mean! tellin$ !uper(thin dancer! to $ain "ei$ht but "aitin$ a! lon$ a! a year to !ee i# they "ill on their o"n #ir!t 4/ordon 1605& There#ore "e !ee that hi! idea o#

Mullen 0 #i+in$ the!e problem! are !till !ome"hat !ke"ed and are not adeAuate #or the !e%erity o# the problem& Much bi$$er action! are reAuired in order to make pro$re!!ion in the dance "orld*! body e+pectation!& =t ha! been !een that !e%eral ma$a8ine! are be$innin$ to ad%erti!e and !hi#t their !upport #rom the -Balanachine body. to a more athletic build& The model! in their ma$a8ine! are becomin$ more #illed( out and mu!cular and ha%e le!! o# the anorectic look& There are o#ten article! e+pre!!in$ concern #or nutrition eatin$ habit! "orkin$ out to maintain a healthy body and to pre%ent in)urie!& =n Pointe ma$a8ine there i! an entire !ection dedicated to dancer*! health and ho" to properly be treatin$ their bodie!& They addre!!e! i!!ue! !uch a! replacin$ #ood "ith !upplement! #a!tin$ durin$ the day and e%en dancer! that "ill take up !mokin$ becau!e it can act a! a "ei$ht deterrent 4Carman 105& 9or the reader! o# the!e popular dance ma$a8ine! thi! may help to rai!e a"arene!! o# the!e i!!ue! and pro%ide healthier alternati%e! #or ballerina! to be !ucce!!#ul "ithout de!troyin$ their bodie! in the proce!!& They e+pre!! ho" the de!ired ae!thetic i! !hi#tin$ #rom the anorectic look to a !lender mu!cular more athletic build& Thi! i! a much healthier body #or dancer! to be "orkin$ to"ard! and the!e e##ort! "ill $reatly a!!i!t in dimini!hin$ the eatin$ di!order tendencie! in the ballet "orld& A! "e ha%e !een Balanchine promoted eatin$ di!order! in ballerina! throu$h public humiliation #orce#ul !tar%ation and throu$h hi! ob!e!!ion "ith the ballerina& 7i! idea! and methodolo$y ha%e la!ted throu$h the year! and are !till implemented today& 7o"e%er throu$h the )oint e##ort! o# dancer! arti!tic director! dance )ournali!t! and nutritionali!t! the -ideal. ima$e o# a !keletal body can be chan$ed to a healthier and more !u!tainable athletic and mu!cular build&

Mullen 10 'ork! Cited Benn T& H 'alter! D& 420015& Bet"een ?cylla and Charybdi!& 2utritional education %er!u! body culture and the ballet ae!theticE the e##ect! on the li%e! o# #emale dancer!& >e!earch in Dance ,ducation 2 425 110(164& Carman Io!eph& -The Dan$er Jone< Dancer*! "or!t health mi!take!( and ho" to a%oid them&. ;ointe Ma$a8ine& AprilKMay 2010E 20& George Balanchine: 1904-1983. 2e" 3ork City Ballet& 2e" 3ork Choreo$raphic =n!titute& ?chool o# American Ballet& 2011& 'eb 10 March 2011& L/eor$e Balanchine&L Youtube& 'eb& 1 Apr 2011& MhttpEKK"""&youtube&comK"atchF%N0mK+?T2( O9GH#eatureNrelatedP& /ordon ?u88ane& :## balanceE The real "orld o# ballet& 2e" 3orkE ;antheon 10@1& /uilott Katie& ;er!onal inter%ie"& 11 March 2011& Kel!o ;aula& Behind the CurtainE -The Body Control and Ballet&. Edwards ille !ournal o" #ociolog$ 1E2 420015& n pa$& 'eb 10 March 2011& Kirkland /el!ey& Dancin$ on my $ra%eE An Autobio$raphy& /arden City 23E Doubleday H Company 10@2& Mu!il ;am& LDance 142 Kine!iolo$y and >elated ?cience! #or Dancer!& ?tudy ;acketL KcompK& ;rint&

Mullen 11

15 ;ublic humiliatin$ BalanchineE !urpri!ed "ei$h in!& 9ired on the !pot #or bein$ #at& T:DA3E bein$ told you*re #at( publicly in cla!!&

4more !ubtle in !tudio! $ro"in$ up5 Co!tume!& Bein$ the #act& /ettin$ the !oloKattention i# you*re !kinny& 25 9orce#ul "ei$ht lo!! BlanchineE promoted by the "ei$h(in! and pre!!ure to be thin 4to $et )ob or !olo5 4hi! "i#e Maria Tallchie# 5 a#ter !ho" all "ould $o out to eat !pa$hetti him too "ould ha%e a bi$ helpin$ but he "ould al"ay! brin$ one apple "ith him and that*! all maria "a! allo"ed to ha%e cau!e he "a! $ettin$ her ready to be a ballerina and !he "a!n*t to put any "ei$ht on& A! an arti!t that "a! hi! intere!t and !he took it all in&. (youtube %ideo hi! dancer! "ould do anythin$ #or him -!tand on my head&. Today( but al!o throu$h ?ummer inten!i%e! control "hat meal! you eat e+tended rehear!al hour! !o you don*t ha%e time to eat& :%er e+cer!i!in$ "Ko enou$ caloric and nutritiou! intake eatin$ di!order! encoura$edKnot di!cour$aed& Don*t take the time to educate dancer! about the!e i!!ue!& 4concern! in kine!( bone den!ity lo!! !horter career( the company doe!n*t care about that dancer5& 15 :b!e!!ion "ith ballerinaF

Mullen 12 >e"ardin$ !kinny "ith !olo!Kattention& 9ocu!ed on the "omen 4!o maybe that*! "hy it !tarted bein$ a bi$$er i!!ue #or "oman than it i! #or men but that may )u!t be natural tendencie! too5& Black !"am mo%ieF

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Tor$o%nick Kate& -'ill *Black ?"an* ,ncoura$e ,atin$ Di!order!F. ABC 2e"!& 11 Dec& 2010& 'eb 6 April 2011&