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Departamento de Ingls Daniela Castillo R.

English test 8vo bsico B Diferenciada Name:______________________________________________ Date:________________ Score:_____/33 Mark:____________ Objetivo: - Reconocer informacin especfica dentro de un texto. - Redactar oraciones comparativas y superlativas. - Utilizar adverbios para dar sentido a oraciones. - Completar informacin relacionada a pases, nacionalidad y lenguas.

Application tasks 1) Matching. Link the words with the correct flag. (4 points) Japanese Spanish French Brazilian American

2) Filling the blank. Use the words in the box to fill the blanks and make comparative and superlative sentences. (6 points) Healthy Dangerous Difficult Easy Quite Hot Long Big Small - Beautiful

Comparatives sentences: My house is littler than your house. Superlative sentences: My house is the littlest in the neighborhood. a) b) c) d) e) f) Chemistry is _______________________ Math. Salads are _________________________ junk food. Chile is the ____________ country in the world. Summer is the ____________ season of the year. Costanera Center is the _____________ building in Chile. In Chile, speak Spanish is ____________________ speak English.

Departamento de Ingls Daniela Castillo R.

3) Multiple choices. Choose the correct alternative referring to adverbs. (4 points) - Maria sings __________ in concerts. a) Loudly. b) Loud. c) Louder. - You walk so fast! Can you walk ___________, please? a) Slow. b) Fastly. c) Slowly. - Tom waits the bus ___________. a) Sweety. b) Patiently c) Specially. - I like how my father drives. He drives very _____________. a) Crazy. b) Carefully. c) Lonely. 4) Complete the chart with necessary information. (9 points) Country Chile China France Germany USA Reading Comprehension Read the text below and complete the activities. La Tirana Festival Each year, from the 12th through the 18th of July, in the small town of LaTirana, (72 km from Iquique) people celebrate the Virgin of Carmel, Chiles patron saint. Activities include singing and dancing that go on 24 hours a day for the whole week. The festival is a mixture of history and religion, legend and myth. An Incan princess vowed to kill any Spaniard after the Spanish conquerors killed her father. She earned the name of The Tyrant of Tamarugal (La Tirana), but she then converted to Catholicism and changed her name to Mara. The priest that discovered her grave built a temple in her memory where pilgrims converge every year. The most memorable feature of the festivals is the procession of Las Diabladas that consists of some 200 people in extraordinary costumes and masks of birds, snakes or devils who dance day and night. 5) Write T if the sentence is true and F is the sentence is false. (5 points) a)_____ The event takes place in Iquique. b)_____ La Tirana Festival last for the whole month. c)_____ La Tirana is a combination of music, dance and food. d)_____ The main event is Las Diabladas. e)_____ People wear spectacular costumes and masks. 6) Complete the fact file based on a he text. (5 points) Name of celebration: Location: Date: Purpose: Attraction: Nationality Chilean Language Spanish