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Quick Rotary Cutter Pam Bono Designs Quick Rotary Cutter ® Dedicured te my dished, Robert, iho has cupported me, vcorked Fy iy side and given mesmrength when | mecded it. Because: of this book, he discov ered untapped talines he never knew he possessed. From this book comes @ met Bonet hestiond-and-wife tea. We ore malanig mesic in oner chat wer. Special thanks to: My ldedlong friend, Lenn Mana Iierbeny, for her wonderful coeedburices to thie bowik, Lynn bon eccupational thempier who works wah leaménistisebled children. Her dean talents metfsced long before mine, and | am pleased to present her work ie this hook. She peoduced a monuenenal numberof devggns ina short time, while working w full-time jok, | am greatly appreciative and proud-of her accomplishenents Jimet Frine, who ws Lynn’ right hand, Janet contriband teevery quilt thar Lan adhe. Jarurt ix u jewel, ans beer desbicathura is appreciazed, The oumers of The Bree Bod of Homewood, Alabina, for thre bed picsured on page 25 and tos Lon 6 Lockside of Birmingham for the bed pictured on page 168. Dosignors Damn’ Boo: Skiby Bamnies, Chil Popber Thbleckieh Friends, Best Frient Dall, Safi Path, South of the Bonider, Stained Class Floral, Which Came First? Pam and: Robert Bone: Ble Stars, Country Hoarss, Seminole Flower Best, Trelis, ‘Tiare Cars, Water Lily Lynn Isenberg: Aenish Triangles, Black-Hiyed Shut, Celtic Rie, Formal Garden, High Siosmner, Moo-table Feast, Moontain Greenery, Chientall Desire, Pase of che Beary, Stars & Sirpes, Til the Cows Chvine Homme Contributor Nancy Birger Juet Frane Cunt of Ars Quilt Group Judy DeVries Borys Quilt Shap (Simiby Jockos, firiea Chaileing Debhie McComnac Bathars Mongin, Animas Quilts Mother of the Liniverse Quilt Group Melieu Mullgarss Winds Nebon Buarbests Rinclaly Ella Rath Elicabet}i Simath, Fom Stewart (Gail Thomason MMarquletar Wiest brew Rotary Cutters and Cutting Tools EZ Intemational POV Box 895 Saddle Brook, My O7662 Fiskaey, Inc. 7811 West Stewart Avenue ‘Wau, WT 544001 Fabric ‘Seated Cas Fist WIP Fabrics 1412 Broaduny New Yoek, NY 10018 — Able of Yontents How To Use These Instructions .. The Rotary Cutter Quilt Collection ..o.0....28 sce wf ic 0 104 Ws | i | Weick Piecing: Techniques... ra ving oe short cuts to yuck ie Flower Bed Fornaal Garces th of the Border st to dew togater. in Srecthe tmonner; ayers ef lobe ord ing ta moke a product of anny sie (Gcct is used for warmth, decoration cmndi/oe csire quick “iewicl a Iraceng or cope ble of acting with speed: done or ing place with ropichty; 2: marked by sosed ot pearpees B caplet being easly ond spoachly prepored & hovenee! or accwleroted Layered fe nom hroughe I designed and made mostly my care appliqué quilts. As a beginner, the thought of all thos + ina patchwork quilt hogeled my mind and, as my time to complete each pr wis limited, Favoided pieced quilts, Looking aver the procedures required to make a patch quilt, [became convinced that I'd newer finish one mp lates hi be made ery pattern picee, and cutting was a ma ordeal, For sameone not adept with scissors, it was agony! Accuracy was.essenti But the pieces thar! cut with | scissors never seme ether properly The introduction of rotary curring and quick piccing opened up a whole i new work! of quilts to me. Developed by talented profe techniques are among the greatest inn of all cite te Usinigthise medhods | was pleasanely aunptteed how quickly T could cut utand sew all those - pieces together Now we can approach work with anew artitude and finish a quilt alf the time it took only afew y TS EO, Today’s lifestyle generally does not allow us the py ecious time we'd like to spend or quilti Bur with the speedy techniques in this book, we can save time and get the quality results ou dmothers expected. You'll find a variety of de: ns tomake quilts for every room in your ings, holiday projects, baby es house—bed quilts for young and old, wall hz quilts, pillows, shams, and tablecloths. Whichever.project you choose, | hi to make your quilting a faster, more rewarding experience with projects that sou will be proud t0 give as gifts or treasure for years to ex Betise beginning any project in this hook, read the Workshop chapter so that you will understand the presentation of the insteuctions and methods used ro make each one. Five basic quick-piecing techniques are used to make the quilts in this book. Each quilt employs one or more hese methoxk. Practice these quick teckniques—it doesi’t take long to become proficies , and the time spent will yield spectacular results. 3 create something is che greatest feeling in the world. Happy quilting! = * fie Cone Tools & Supplies Iron and troning Board, (ce on haley an steam Pins and Pincushlans, {ls “ stu Basic Supplies Sewing Machine. Aiy baw Pencils and Markors. Use pencils smu grab porter shapes on fabric Keep pencils dhonp sind eucke thie lites. A gpenl ecclam gal pete that hols O.-oum (thin) lead fun excelles pe matkinys quilt toon, cry chalk masher ficrica and wanlies on ervsable crorkers ore exey.t0 wie, but the hvscuicals frown these soenetinecy 0 in thefatnc even afer # coll witser mise, cauming pormanent disca 1 ue a athe guilty es Frodest you chow, felt Hon scape first ber same wt rus Ue peramncnet Sabie er ithe lines ti roimain fot- ned three colons of Fine tipped penminent fabrec marking person the Ferdi quilt and doll. These pens are pout epiea Cs sehen you an Template Plastic. Available tn dhowts ‘of lighuweght plastic, shia maceria fonmgasent enough to allow *u thepatrern thresh it and tree the padtean directly onto it. fe ts dire ermugh to cut with pects, bot arog, enough to witherand repeoced tse. Tem plates are wend fe applique ibapes aed for marking faces on the Friends gait, TearAway Stabilizer. This ltehtwsi fhocauven material is placed wader the bavckgronend fabric ee oor it Foe lip ping during machine app Erasas, A white plntic eraser callin ‘Magic Buh isan withoat a thin dle finger of your sewing andl the needle foo diggings ince: Quitting Neadies, Purchapem jacka sed petit ed “sharp” for general hard ig ar package at "betrc” for anal qailtivey: Shapes we ener and have larger eye then betucens: Fo: thamd quilting, selost the herrea that ib taint comfortable toring. Lane wise foe hard gp betters theead ecficencier than sewing} th tact ged 19> prevent © ng ou ib regular sswing thresdehat ene aching. For the top machise galling), The ayien therad omy bute cmd recast lage teregulanisics a the ita, When unin negular threads the on nop, sds previa Boke lors Bicycle Clips. For machine quilting, tue tino metal er plantic Hand to ck the railed edges of the api iw Throse ips arr sel kv aul seeps and brie sores. Walking Foot. Thuis special prostcr foot is-cucellene fhe machine quilrie saraaght Hises o¢ gids as well wf foot certainly miuhes these tasks feed Boon: that cemier It am eve feeds the tog faleric throwgh thy rmuchine ot preciely the sans rte thet the feel digs mave the boveom fabs. Seen sutchicies have ables even feed feature. Quitting Hocps and Frames. cult: op hus deeper sles shat Sery hog ns acacneincdate the visknzeics of a gil, Few heen alas you ean canny iy he fk: ou op eo tae dc asivetahe oF PAC. pops are foe 14 A. quilting ame ts loge and thie fined in place while ahs quilts peogrens hecpuine at your local fy mail onder somos le. paice, anal see tafe ear ne — {fu fabian Yanyand, pand, 3+ sand oF &yard cuts. | uy senall pote jot to bave them fee seraps yualts. Ha fabric ts a good wecetie, IH burt yond. {Wh Xan tha tabtie wil make grat hickground smerlat aed 6 ifthe bite feof sale oral irs a vane fire cardane for major slevign elensents ral hondens Directional Prints. Always buy xtra bic when aning stripes or other ditec- tional prints: These ate effective tn eee designs, but curbing them ts keep thedirccuvin consbtemt can be waste- fil (I the arinpes don't go an the right enction. your quilt can have a chaotic appestance,) Do nor uae a directional rset Sir backgrounel fabric. See purge 12 hemor on duectional prints, Prewashing Wak. dry ara ing all fabrics before Saning. Wining remiwes excess cbye edd sbirig from the fabric and may tank wt. Wah light atid dark cots sgpaneely a warm water waing a ened recent or peetemmbly, Orvus Paste fax raid soup originally developed for wash inglivestock, which ister avatlalde t fran quit chops), Befons washing, siqy ** rriamgle off cach earner od thu fab fe. The belo pxewent erreling, Arete Dry Cleaning. Nurvy peuple Fre towcrlcon unwashed fabric und sebveauently have the finished quilt dy- bi # For pieced, or double, :bisgonal car: nner, join the firs ome to the man Press the sear allowances: then jos the second diagonal corner: Boch strip st ix identifica and ithe atest. The segments to cut froen each set are alsa shim, Phecing instructions for bl ssven far one block Make the ‘af blocks specified rm complete the pro} fect as thown of the oumber cede projects of yout own desi, such a8 accessary pallorars cot wall hurycinags. Practice the uick-curtiny: and quick-piccing: methods with scrap fabs tice betore beginning a project, Refer i senernby diagrams frequen, fall the unit ie Oegonvicing yo minimize confasioi ans ss time The quilts en this book wece made i a relatively shore ime bec «quick method used. But re each person works ac his or her own anced —lon't feel like you'te racing the) clock to get your quilt finished. Relax | anal enjoy the creative peoccn eee ecg See ’ HA CIN OTE Cutting eT . | From Fate te " tiara : 2 ‘ ' From Fabric V, ext ' ‘ . : : 4 , \ : From Fab il, ct : wet From Fate Vet ’ . se tat @ sin Fn? From Fabele Vil, cut: #8 ned, Heart Boek, Make 30. Piecing the Heart Block a a 1. Ue shingoral fink i ‘ Heewrt Block Assernbly Ui SAT Anserably eSB INS OER] ce Pee By oo ey, High ummer A tnecddow of hisurious green Ssorounds traght sionmer flowers, interpreted & optical Hhusion of circles within ign. Th am easy-to-piece geometric differe The blocks ave random combinations of light, medium, and dark wahaet) roolined blocks creates the sense of scfanate beds ‘af pretty pos As you sew, vary the placement of walta’s within the blocks: asty wiry ym to create a geen unidquely yours. or | Quick-Piecing Te rs Bs! or | Finished Size Blacks 15 Hacks, A paste Cathy eet Materials [_) Rac VS ern taghe sof yard och Fabric 11 (15 sesrzed light mectruns wil) Pte IV (15 snicrtocl tniestnonn scllnbe) abeic 1 (15 ascarid dat slid) ‘Fabenc V (light greets sahil) viele Fabic VI (nats green tl yond Fabric Vl dirk grees sok) 535 yank Bathing fabosc Se yank mquaros (11) <4°(12) xP i) cutting From each Fab, ut: © One Def" eenp, From thin cuit #14) squares (Ba) * x8 UB on ‘From Fabric W, cut: a1 x42 ari (14, ashing), From Fabele: Wi, cut: # Three 1 aayghes an shar i grams te get gh tla piece for x eal il 5" panten for mangle squares (1) From Fabric Vil cut: Tens Nc 42" aig foe bering Ton Bhd? stip foe wsitoned hoadets Piecing the Blocks Quilt Assembly & Referr Country Yfearts “Lavish fringe decorates the edges of this linen throw. When made with corn fabmics, it can be bound traditionally w make a cozy lap ‘guilt. The combmation of ie solids and one primi makes the fabric ction easy in ancy colar scheme. ‘Quick-Piocing Techniques: hd Throws 48° x 70", plus fringe Finished Size Becks 24 Blocks, 117 game Fabre | Goranberry solid) Ye yund Fabs Il (eranbeery plaid) 134 yah Fabric It zea sot) Vyas Bucking taleie 24 puts * Thheow plcuned ds ade with uphudaters nen, Vendages guen ane for S54" linen. To mae the sme sige theoue with 44°-wade cca fabric, sald yada each fal Sic Ih 48" rips Frocthese, cur #288 17 sepoures (Ie, Ba, 94), 4 Thee 1)" 248" ane. Foe these ent + Nineey-ale 1" aguares (5): 46 Tecnnydour Wat AS ange Fron there, cu © 192 Lia" x 214" (6s, 96), #192 Ta aT 4 Tou 8 x 487 for fringe. (If using ‘cotton fabric. we these pices to sake binsing,) to disgramison puge 38 0 Messi!) Mocks andl unats desigmated faring bat. ‘When using "ene fabric, cut aldeioral stripe an mecwesetry to cunt Janht of proces specified. From Fate 1, cut Jaw 212" x 72° lengthwise serps and fey 214" x 46° crosograin strips for From Fabric tl, cut: 4 Nine 27 54 strips From these, ue: Hal} Ninety-six 2 squares (21 4 Sin Pat x SP enps. From these, cut: #192 Vi" ques (1c, 1), Five PP a 4 stip Fiom these, cit Ninety-six 1" squares (89). © Ninetyain 10 113" (17a) 4+ Bich 10 5 4° sips From these, cu imety-sin | nary sis | (4h os" (16), From Fabric fli, cet: 4 Thineyfour 17234" sri. From these, cut #07 1 squuazes (40, Za, Za, 114), 1x39" (8). Ire" (10), Px (1 © Minetyaly 1? 5 7° (1 @ Five De 4" wernt From these, cur: 2244) (Ab). x4 serps From thee, a © Ninety-six 1" x2" G). Ninetyeaix LVi? xpuates (4) #-Sevengoen TMi" a 38" saripm. From these, cus: = 192 15 x 286" (6,9. © Nineey-sbx 12" aguates (TH. # Nipetysats Nex 2 (11) 4 Bou Poe" x42" seripis From ches, cut: # Miety:sin 194" squames (15) { se Chmnery Hearts Mirch--Make 24. Piecing the Blocks 1. Releriau te Section A ol Qhuurter Bilbck Awembly ibingram, (we slixporal Ginter tec linger tered Li pices toe feadjacent correrrs of piceg 1 an shown Use iapanal-encl rochaige 10 sakd Uh pos oppontte sle af piece: | psoas Lean Lue iasnnial commen Make four Unit 1 far och oeke D. Uning dhiapoaal- 3- ‘Shore Figg Hersler—Matke 4. —_—= Sathing Unit Make $6, tunel bottom codecs ol alle lnm semen allowances. coward Insalless thon Frien eaves falsic frotn bob enh of borer, Ac side hordeesin the sare marince Quilting (utline-cpalle pautchwek wal boedees om in bed Tiy bata ac eevee arth quale tops Corner Pockets 1. Wilh wrong sabes farame, fs ech 11° sire ie all diagoeut ly: Base rae sedges wather: sere ade se scrips ib Wah ight abbey alee, triongle's agonal oder: T: wer ta wrorg thie c€ farsie andl stich, Trim paces bari erie, 4) Marching raw eelger ut corners; baal rriamgtes to sale cop, nating Finishing Make 250° of straighe-yuacn See page 2 foe dinccetonson maki, avd applying Pioeting ‘Seabiteg Uvat 2 rte Thi charming quilt gives your little gil 23 dolls to sleep with, and He'll love naming each new friend. The diagonal-comer technique makes the dolls quick to sew. You'll enjoy creatmy individual outfiss for nich doll with scraps of fabric, ribbon, and lace. The hair is made i Fecaeel oe of gt lt ies ecey aeal ws fehl The quit peared has Puttoms for added whimsy, but parents shoald consider icy when choosing embellishments. To make one more friend, see Jus 94 for patterns and insrpuctioms for che Best Friend Diol auites 65° FON Fabric | (muslin or other flesh color) Ys yard Fabric II\(ptnk-and-blue marlsed-look print) Fabric I (solid rk park) Fitric IV (acti medium pink) 114 yards Fobvic V (hunpandy print) 2 yards | Fabric VI (scraps of 30 wsserted pink onl ie fics) Heary unbleached muslin for hair bows Backing fabric Assorted buttons Aworted scraps of lace and ribbon trims Brown, red and Mack fine-tipped fabric markers ae Cutting From Fabric |, cut: # Throe 57x 42" strips, From these, ¢ 4 Twenty-three 404° x5" (A-l, Bel, 4 Top 174" x 42" strips From these, cut # Fortyeix Lit x 17 C7. # Ong 2! From this, cut: * Twenty-three 142 x 200" (A-12, Bz, C12). Note: Legealor i optional. To make tights fe sore dolls, substitute tick ing scrap for some of these pisses, From Fable il, cust: 4 Bight 1° x42" strips for middle borders, Feoin four of these, cut * Four Ix 32) ao, * Fou 4 Tuo 1 42" stip From these, out: + Fenir 13° sqates, Char each saquate it half diagonally eo get eight triangles for quilt comers. 4 Five 446" squares. Cus each square ie half diagonally to ger 10 Aaiangles (A), 4 Five 376" squares. Cut each spare in half diagonally vo ger 10 triangles (A-10) > Fomy 184" squares (A-la, A-Ila}, # Ten I" x 14" (A-13), # One Hi" x4 cut: 2 Ten Ala x 4" (A) © Three 242" x42" strips. From these, cus 2 Ten At 1 (AS ‘Block A—Make 5. 4 From strip scraps, + Tao 44 x42" atips. Ten ¥ x 34 (A-15) From these, cut: © Thiny squares (16a) ‘© Nine 44" squares. Cur each square it hal diggornally tet 18 sriangles (B-9), © Nine Mi squazes. Cat each square iri half diagerlly to se 18 triangles (B10). we dhs a AS ripe rr thew, cuts Eigheeen Net 484" (12) hhawe 1° 9 42" stig to thew, cts Eigheoen 1° a1" (BT), Eighecee 1° aguares (-6a). Righecer 1° x 195" (B+1 7a) wes J 4D Sep, wenn tps, coats ‘ Highton. 3° x M4" (B15), - + Eaghtctn $6" a SS" (BUA). ber 2a 42M" tele, mom thew Edhacen 204" 86" (116s), © Fatcio WW, cut: ce 1)? 42" arp: en cae, its + Severtytwe 1" paren (Ca, Clay ino #0" 242? rg fer then, city b Eighteen 4UA* 9 420" (C2) 40 aT aps. hee, cut — "Hine 414" syaeen: Cut each “Mock B—Maker 9 with these, Eihtces 1° x 14 (C15). Frocn serig scraym, cots igkioen {° ayes (C-Ita). * Score 1* pues (Bt Gh Higteren 1" 5 WSS" (C-17a). Crk), $ Teenty 1H 1 <2" sory, From 14 af then, 9 Tao 19" x TS" nd int thew, chit: Hee LY" Fae ourer bainder em DS BY CHB. -» Elghe 14S" 9 A? for comer foeken, # Thirry-sie: 1" 244" (BIRR, CA5h) © Tharty-tte: 110" squares (B-17b, sca" aquanes (21). CATH 40" a Oh E224. 3 242" sams fa barading. bosckugrowom Pobre TH ‘Blog C— Maks 9 sth iackgrouna! Favic IV. From assorted Fabikc Vi seraps, cut the following sieges for each dou block: © Cine 9/0" BU Ciba) Cee yet 9 44 Cepkaer te? © Tow 4A" spares (1G akien eg siden). © One fin a4)" Cte) © One Hie 4 Giblouned, # Treo TW" S347 (alee) © pe 319" ape (1 4-dockad Tau 2! 5340" (b-ahoxst "Nose! Cur obits 5, BO and 1 from some fibric to give unutorm appearance to hkrt, Max and maaech other fabwace se deured. 21 Piecing the Doll Blocks 1. Center face pieces (Unit 1) over full-size face parte on pase 96, leaving 14° seam allowance extending, ‘anall sides. Using pen color indicated an pattern, trace face details onto each piece: Adi red dons for freckles if de- ‘eed. Let ink dry before posing Unit 2 Refering to Block A Assembly dia: gram, sse dixporsal-comer technique to make one each of unite 1, 11, ans 16, 1. For each arms, join nits 6, T, and 8 ina row ayshown in Block A Assembly lagen, 4, Refesting to Arm Assersbly diagram, add Unit 9 to left side of one arm, plac- na triangle ar top of arm sa that tips overlaps arm top V4 a¢ shown. Press tri- amhe open. Aligning suler with top ceddge of triangle, trim arm top at a 45° angle as shown, Neat, align ruler with, left edge of triangle to trie bottom of anit, Jain Unit 10 to right side of arm with tip overlapping arm top 44° as before. Press triangle oped: then alg uly with criangle edge to: trim bosom of hand as shonen. Trim mangle tps from sear allowances. Adkl diagonal comet 10a as shown in Black A Assern- bly diagram to complete arn nie 5. Make right arm unit in the same manner, reversing triangle positions to make a mirrst-image unit 6, Runa wathenieg stitch down sides af each Unit 14 ptece. Gather sides to reduce height to 2°. Tupatitel aides and center to secure gathers 7. To assemble Sectiog A, join one of Unit 2 to-oppesite sides of cack Unit 1 eo shown in Block A Assembly diagram &. To anemble Section B, begin by join. ing unite 3, 4,and 5 ia tom as shown, Jos are units to sides, making sure that sam tops match at blouse shooklérs 9. To assemble Section C, begin by jotting one of Unit 13 to bodh sides af Unie 12, Add Unit 14 10 bottom ofthis unit a» shown. foin one of Unit 15 60 cach side of combinted unit Jott ws of ‘Unie 16-ar shown: then add one of Unie 17 wo each end of row: Jin, this row to bottom of assembles units 14 ane 15, Join Unit 11 to top: then ad ane.of Unit 18 to each side as shown, 9 ‘Arm Assembly 1. Jotn sections A, IB, and C:\Com- plete Block A by uhling Unit 19 ‘and Unit 20 to bortom. Make five Block A. Th. To make blocks Band C, follow steps E through 8 abowe, Nowe that Unit 16 has rao colors af diagonal comers in these Mocks. Fo and 18, join a and b pars complete unit; then fallw Step 9 above to assemble Section C. Join tions. In this manner, make mine of Block Band nine of Block C, Referring tor iguilt photography, fe A blacks ir tow, turniny blocks 2 a shown, M wsdl heads alan S17 scp of Fab Vend:to-end Gow each side bores Matching eqnters of bbe rom onal fou sew bonder teach king vide of section, Press seazn allow atsccs wl borders. oun, | de: Veo each thom side wi co dene neti. ; 1, Redearing tix phon, join sts doll Hh for each kong vide of quit, alter fing Band (blocs ane matching Fitri Vat fet. kn thace Mocks for lech shor nice isthe wamse raster A Beds at both tals of tach tow venere Refer augram. pick: own wtice op Tn sriaraghe frown bead J, With righ sides facinyg, pin comment togeches, matching meangles and bor- dees Beginning accomer of icher fooler, stach each mitered seam. Prose scam allowances tp one sake A Tor veder 14" on all edges of each ther bho and press, Center a heat fon. ac cuimet wo that tp of nae nsewes dot haga, Hiatt cleft an boa ‘tam postet doh aligns with enite ted scum Harabopptigat hearts bt place, bpebepsosi rcegririwtt 101'-long boeder for each wlie- jos ne [cS straps to maiz a 69" border for each en. Matching centers, joss Tong towers to qui ses: Press seae alkowatiges toward Boris oped tri exe os banker fabric. juin shor borders te remaining sides in the aime manner, 10. For cxner border, poin a 1" x 42" senp-af Fabeic W to boeh endvotan Ue" -long emp no make a 101 bores for each pale od, Jour thes 10 lows sea of quilts Befvecs Mean, jot 110" ‘asipa to both enh of 42" snip to make 1 68"dong bordet for each end. Joon these 17 een inn quilt wien, and Finishing. Mark qualtioyg design wots quilt top at Seite wane horsesnake of purchased secticila: The gilt rss fas seal heart quilsed at Hock corery snd late Ihecrts quilt bt Rewer Mocks. D. Qhifii a bere dwn conter of legs anal swockn. Quilt mated denigrate quilt parchwork anal corner hearts L Make 336" of hindi. See page 23 ‘fx directionacon roabing and apphring seoughr-grain Hiding. A Tearbeavy malin in rresry-three V2! wipe; then torr each strip into, 4\0" pleces. Tear 443" pieces of rap drove eles Tic aight kant i center of each piece. Thom excem thvads. Scot: te fetes on each dots Beco ae deste aval ursl-tack-secirey in place 5. Eambellinh rena with scp of eih> ten and face. Aad buttons mw deste, Buttots shusalt tir be ined rales intended tor very wong chien ob St o. This best friend will go eurryutiere with the little gir! tho loves and chooses her special name. This easy-t0-make doll 6 finishing: woweh w the Friends quilt or an ideal gift for any 0 sion, You com make her from scrap fatmics, but soll find y for prercheaved materials below Finished Size Approximately 21? tall Materials Fabric (rnin or other fieth enter) hea ‘Frnborbe Li {ashe elie bose) Vigor Moved Babee 1 (laghyprumbetry print) Fabric LV (ulate Bhar esinisioa) Fabric V (blucgasivury sinpe or ockina? Vavuid Fabric V1 (white obi) Vaya ioe ut Lac tre Dyan ‘Prowde Hacc tum wth aie cencer strip vant Taw SM afiametes deocearive Fumo (One Wohiameree mbbon re Becarris rod ane ack fime-tipped tabric enarkers Template paatereal Polyester filling froma Fabric Hl ext: from Fabric mt, cut Doll Body Assembly 1 Pe US. Put ocd down a little 10 cover Aepttboe seam lines, giving socks a nun lid look. Sew buttons co top front hors: Remeowe ary wine basting finches. Making Doll Hair Fear acrnps of fabrics J HL, amd EV! inte oil stripe. Tene acrip imac 5*-Lowag pisces Tie knoe in center of each piece, Clip enveled trench. Tack bere 1a daly head risen colores xen with epuslin bows evenly. Cover bead ‘hock. top, and arcane Eace sith bum 2. ¥ Extend rides 64" for dell boxy. Doll Dress Assembly ‘Le Wink macht sides facing. yous sbrt teem. Pinition 8 lace trim on tog. bem and topsritch, securing bem 2 Tian under 441 hewn at rap exige of Petticaat and gaches Shp petticoat coated wna tall gathers tft wrist ‘Seoure gather and hand-ack peeticot tu body 3. To make neck and back opening, Kd cone Henne piece hull length wre sree then clomaee, croming ts math es center. On wrong side of fabric, alan rales war crewmine crave wend drow 2284 log line (14 each side of cester padi) shown in Poe iagram. Sent, draw 0 line on erat seve crea from certen fk 9 cade shown Pc both blows piece reqgethce with right es fasirg ed seitch Vy" fro dawn lines Cat though loth Layers mast lines snd clip cneriere minced ioe 4h Turn Mowe righ side ent ard ork Haru-sew V4" aoe (rm atc neck eg unud down onc nie feck opening 3. Tian binge wrens pale out. Ar ‘oat skde, join fron ra tack from itor withio 3147 of shpubler fucksrech. Dh rest tare A Tishaems enc acre potede, tan jester "0 one long eslge, Tuer, funder YA agaan and pees. Cn fescth of Va" Lace trim foreach dleeve eles anal toqetinch actin place. secur: tog berms 7, Wath right shoe facing, fo each ‘Teen tilowee righ vide unat. Task ity noc GO Cntiter front at nocklicn Tovotahe skirt, join shows sides of peceowinh right sides facing, staet- lag one le apd stoping ¥ facen sine edge. Backorinchh. Press rice allremice an toth sider of 3° ‘Gather bottom of cach eeve Yi" 12, Turt ansder i" allang one hog exkge of apg endl Both dhorr vides. Pres then tarts trnhes-sracther "or fl thece skbes. Topstiich side bucwsa. engthiof 4° lace trim vn fit bottoen adex, taming ends of lace: over sides 11 bak. Tipit Sec, meine bata hem. Gaither top cdg of agus Sh." VR Guna length of 2*owide Lace nr 19 Fit acomond lls wale, omretbapitng V2" tn hack. Center wastharal on gathered apron top and topes. Turn uncer en oncend af trim 14, Pur apron on doll, pinning waist ‘beinad acmane! swine 1S. Tombs apron shouker eraps, cut ewor8" length od Me! Lace trim. Taek Ome end uf each piece inside apron watstlond at front about 255° apart ‘Tian Lace aver shoulders ard exci ‘pemattsinyg: onda irindde wenietband back. Tack apesn sealsthand! 1 dren @hverlap watsthsind erude at hack tnd ack co pectin a Blouse acinar Co Rect the Blocks i diagonal comer cechn te ight of Uivit 2 aul Block A Assen Unor2 Join these combined ots pstal hectic, Make liver moet petal sections ts the % Jour one Ur Unda thos 4 Tianna petal recthonn as sh Sto oneend of eww of Sige igs of fabrics | > of tcp sets WO. Fer Black Ceut aateer: 2 Senp Set bande ments of Strip Strip Set 1—Muake 3. Block B Assembly VW. Amange anges in hexcocal pure on shares Hhock <2 Assesabahy lagriem: Rist’ a agent feoen Strip Sot Rom Spa Ste Sot f stgmenit vwaht » Fabric L npaare seetwqeesd For fet fone, mrjsainte Strap Set Laem evoren thiel ara! ourth aqustes ut showers the shrce-mgasee anit becomes Ris Ts and ihrem enguare uni ecumes tow 1h The bint row: Toga. fi Haven te (plete cee Mock. Mabe exghy af Block € TR: Ricdettisic yp Alain of tnt we sarc joi ony acs TT rd IV as shown. Gach finished wip act sb ease 649" wide. Prem sam allow acs tried Pabse T HL Got thutty nwo 286" ride memerie frome Steyp Set ara 1 acgrsents fos Strip Sd Mi Referriagno Sine. Pach) Avserwhle bingrsci, herange Fw Strip Sor J ae cots uo soe Sexip Sec 4 argent mene usw, foi rows: Make fot pase qutches tue each Filuck DD. WS. Redierrarag tos Block 1? Asscmbty che erm. Join a pie-qwach Moergeme sales of tm of Unit 8. Prewe seu les ances tread Unis & 1. To enuke Teck 0 copter bom. yi iii to ogyponine shes is ects Unit @ Tree scege allowances wemaed Linit & Joa rime pateh vanes ts opps shes cloner hae oe shat fo Akl nog and hora cf Hock se unas) block gram Joun Uni 1 so remaining eke wr com plene Blox D, Mabe tine of Black 1D. cers cf Fabric W F Then jain. rows 2. Belper alin hone ‘euttet and acavlic ruler ubvig fuen dizer of Block 2. For tide borden, oun eenery Gimbine scraps with three quick-piocing techniques amin that celebrates our native land. The four blo hs devi represen ble skies and puople-tinged mountains sheltering frests and u giles; Dimensional ears and jute wils add charm to frolicking deer, ife. Smp piecing makes quick work of mee munks and fhe Christmas wee shirt on page [11 is made with the same blocks Quick-Piecing Techniques: = | (white soled) Vayard ec IE (vis aetotted Laven old wi 1 yards INL resednas blae solid) cic IX (navy sali) Cutting Before cut Thx 44" (23, AA) from ¢ edium, Laver (e3} fron Testi Prom Fabele Ill scraps, cut: © Thirty-two 4¥67 x 406" (D.11. m3 (D3, Bb, 9, AVA (Be, Be, BLD, oe Strip See 4 Sup Sec. square in half diagonally na ger 10 triangles (8-1) = Bou 37x 841 (C1). # One 1" x42" strip. we I x HIT (22), Ix LY tC), strips Block A—-Muke 4. rrianisles (20). Black B=Muke 10; From Fabric IX, cut From Fabric Vil, ext Free hase ok aa? From Fabric Vill, ext: From Fabele Vi, owt Te AP vp BLA A Assombdy Dharam t J, Join dlixgoesal edges of unde 1 abshran in Block Fl Asserisly dingeasn, veanbing: w sepamne: Press seam aller toward Usie 3 4, Join Unit 3 co rey of maprars: ders ald Linge 4 to left ste ay shown §, Join Unit Sarone end of Unit 6: then join 5-6 unit ea nop of blocs. Join, anather nut 5 t0-one eed of Unit 7) thers jin $7 urnin ey fe Sake ‘ds cf units 7 aml » Une 10 Joi and 13, join Bick DAwembty d Make 10 if Tock: B. Sip Ser 2—Make 2 Serip Set 3 Mae 1. sroed (Tiel: DY bests bay erating ric of Seip Se jocrang rw 2° stripscn Fabric V ioioppante des ef one I" 64" exip iol Fabris $V for gal sins at {eum allowances roar Fab 7, Fortonkiry Piecing the Deer Blocks. 1. Referring ro Strip Sea 3 disuram, 2M! x2! atipot Fibre Wino * sarap of Fads (W. Feein cls, soit a4 signet nh omg ally scram cut fms bot be “4 cach seyme E crisgte. Next ict of triamae facing, fold each cof Fabric Il in halt” ovr ies Onaga 2 1, cat hrc both boetoe feft toto Disc en rem tip of gle srkbe stp ain Bs ‘wide stip in mille, ancl 1/2" wade = Frocaaha stip se eat 4th Feil cach a | tet ot ie Long Diigerars 2 @R gman, join-a Unie 1) alicrine tis [ikick EY Asowinbly ea rae 1, one etry ‘Diagram 3 nplete pane eee Block, Make J2 of £D. Diagram 4 . Diagram 5 Block D Acsrmnbly Secton B. brtruanbee hack C Ase ai vere lorving straigha edge cipe a Fudd bettonis corrans od ent is a eheren in Dea rw edges anal with ‘ear be beet il U pax ALLL setae poi Hopes le Seerion A ¥) fodrewmien banal 4 meshinen Quilt Assembly In Aen Quilt Auwembly Ku ountain?} “Greenery Tree Skirt ® Finished Size Materials Quick-Piecing Techniques: a Cutting ‘Detier curtiog, make 3 t parse (pone 207), eof ear From Fabric |, cut: © Ch 20° square for rrumgle-yaares AD) 4 Chon TV" musaee for ok From Fabric ll, cut: 0 One 20° square for trtariphe-paate (AD. From Fabric It scrape, ext: © Eighr t10" x 0" (B3) and eight Wi a 4b Bh), ypaites. Cut each my antares (C2 © One 1 5 42 strip Frou thins ree (ean) © Fou x 2M (C9) ‘ai. (C38 #08 wees ores (C-1% Clb mruares ( With righew ountain-“Yreenery Stockings There's nothing like plaid w evoke the coxy amusphere of a counmy Christmas. Mix up scraps af plaics checks, andl little prints in tan, enonberry, cand forust given to) make this pain of holiday swockings,. Hung only you wil by the mantel with cure, they will delight and impress your family and guests—and Aanow hone fern cere easy they re to male J ra == Quick-Piecing Techmiques: z a pice DY x 18 From th = One LI"-x back, i chicck} om plac solid) Stn Seip Set 4 F for Strip Sec 4 ae ¥ for Strip Se Va mde set i iC, 6 iawn 244 yards # (C10) (CLA, Femplite suatetul Te pasta fe minh lice snbrodbery cin) Peeeitunwn ne # squares (6-5, -l6b) eon Fabeic Ui, cut: 1 Tr 46" farcuth rom Fabre 1, cut From Fabele W, cut Piecing the Blocks ' From Fabric Wi, eut From Fabel Vil, cut 2 ' . From oach of thing and flenes, cut: Stocking Assembly 1. Far pine tee stockifg, tue Block: B hint Join Stocking} triamecles 1 tottim and Stocking-t tangles 10 ter edge: Aligning jor ruler with rangie ssdes, aim bloek comers as shown in, Pine Tree Stocking Assembly diagram. Join Stocking-1 w bottom edge of pine ave block and Stocking-5 to top edie: 2. Fue deer stocking, join Seockini tectum edge af Block © and Stocktns to top ese. 4 3. Sandwich one piece of fleece Ieeween stocking front (faceup) and Hing (facedown), Qutline-qailt patch work on each stocking front then add random quilting limes to aockin desired: Trim fleese and lining to edge if stocking fronts. If desired, add cleo tative machine siteling 4 feces stocking edge. A, With right sides facing, place nos ing frome on 11" x 20" piece of backing, falsbe- Using feo as a peatter, cut cocking back. Repeat for back lin. Ingand feece. | l | | E \ Stocking:1 \ Cut 1 for each stocking. \ | | 5. Layer buck, fleece, and lining. laine backs we Esmendoraly curving lines or-as desired, Ik Cor 10 square of Fabric Vilin half Repeal Geintiag ere Anlesben cut piping. Use a tipper foot on your machine to stiteh piping to'each ng from. (les all right if pepiins ‘creach top-of stocking since cult * over gt) 1 Wich right sides facinip, join backs to i, leaving tops open. Trim ant eligy allowances. Turn stockings right nt. Deer Stocking Assembly (B Press under 14° om both long sides of ‘each hanger strip. With wrong sides fhcing, fold each pressed scrip in Buf erythiwise, bringing folded edges together. Topstitch through afl layess close to edge Mueching raw edges, stitch hanger enule tw lining back at seam on left side of stockings. With wrong sides acing, fold each cuff piece in half lengthwise and press to crease: Unfold cuff, By hand or by machine, satin-stitch a namse or initials in center of strip, positioning bortom of letters Ys" from crease. Letters should bbe approximately [4" high, 10. Wath right sbfes fncing, join ence of cach cuff, Press sevtn allowntices open. ‘Tum tubes right side oat. Press under 44" ac bottom edlge of each cult (ellge farthest from embroidery). Ti Lise pins to mark ceneer back om each stocking. With raw edges alge, Place one unfolded cuff tniiche cach, swocking top, with right side of ctf angina lining. Align cuff searn with cen ter hack of wocking. Seiech cuff ts stock ing top, catching hanger end in stitching. 12. Pullcach cuff out, With wrong sides facing, eefold cuff on crease fembrondery ‘will be upside denen and facing in}, Pin hemmed eclge over seam allowance at stocking top ane topstitch oe slipaciech by hand: Fold each cuff down over rocking ‘op and pall each hanger up. rellis A variety of quick-piecing techniques creates blossoms of luscimis grape and teal climbing a patchwork trellis, When the flower blocks and leaf blocks ave joined, the block cudlines seem to disappear _amden of pretty posies. Even the flowers at the howler comers blend! so swell into the seem te have grown there. We recommend this quilt for experienced quiltmakers. Quick-Plecing Techniques: |” be Finished Size Block: 10 leaf block 10 fle comer flower Muck: [(lighe mauve-aral Ui (whi sttked-took print) white print) ack: menuve solid) Fabric VI(bungunely. print) Fabric Vil (stark mauve-sind:-teal texture-look print) Fabric VIII (lighs ena Fiaheic 1X (lark teal y 5 fe t — ied ea = Hock Amba 100, From Fabric 1¥, cut: From Fabric Wil, ext ‘From Fabirte IX, cut: O Two 4's AL rips + Ehgha 602" 42° orig # Ten 304" erp fier berating Fria these, cut Prot four of these, cig (0 ight 25 42" age for Bonde b + THAIS" squaeee € © Four OU" 5 sarcbalf dhagrvsall + One Site 4? ‘ites (B+. B-5) From this, cur * Two 1M Reader! * Four Ponder L fev half ranges From Faibrke V, 4 One © Thice Ib Fran thin i From thee # Tao 00" apiarrs. Cur each ape spears (ATi). If diapocually to get Sone Piecing the Flower Blocks 4 Hour Tie x ar ange, ranithes (CB). Vs Hotere iy Bock A Aimy de From these. cut: # Three 2" 2 78" amnps, ‘dram we diagonal -cemer.technskpor nl Fro thene, ca xquaiien. Cac each sepanre ally vor pet eight ‘D. Liing Signal ene textinigue one of Unirg, 1, Referring t2:Strip Set | dagen, (C9), yon shesegnaedd pipe of faberce amd] Four tit 21° (10) as shown, Make frve strip sera (a fi 4 From scraps, cut: LOY wide segments Frc ack sa 4 Fenty: four 100 Squares (Cla, uy get 20k Un Ch. 4 Referring to top of Block A Asem Hy diagram, we diagenalcome: trae: From Fate: Vill, xt: incgoe tor add Bas ee of nic Por | so Thareystwee: 1M" mares AC tah Tem 294 0 43 seripe for Border 2 ac then add Sb an the ame mee | # Ties DA Fiven these, cut $. Reterting to boatean of Block A From thee, * x2 Avembly diagram, ure diagonal-cora | # Staten Ha" x 4¥ (Cod * Four 4" vec inkque nv add Be tn ope Unt + Frown scraps, cur 4 From scraps, ca © Soneen 18-1 2" (C2), © Four Ic i * Eich | squats (C-TbS EN) IME ‘Sivip Set 1Make 4 k: Rforieuy hopper hte cones els Lit 2 a0 bop a thong oir Unit 3:t0 left sie jake thse meee 1-2-3 ues nthe janse maminet fit petal socthoes 7, Join rae petal eections with oneof Unie 4 burweeh them. Press beam alkow mecoe tywand Unit 4, Repeat with several pait of petal tections A, Joan onc ed Unit 4 te oppisitewide: ot Lie 4. Praltioning petal section’ ae shorn. wir both wectiew thy eppeatite ade ut combined 4-5-4 ui 1A. Jon: Unit 6 a bet ede flock: ae es aod rie 7 ih le sei Sa und Be show. fn Une 8 stp to top ard beste 12, Posinivaing 9a io howe, join « Lai t0 encty nid 10-cemgplete Mock Moke 10 ot Blick AV ary shin meamsics, Piecing the Leaf Blocks Voit Bofoee conatracting blocs, wesc phat EHfortipeon stabilising triangles io freene drveteh ig bila edie. This block: te made by anserabling lane tanger swhuch es ed Ui pink oad Sewn 19 cpponite sides od the center stem ploce: 1, Tes make riidngle $:2-3, begin by wy it in eat a hua nt Bock B Assembly de thon leg of thangle with ride and Jory Wine tose Ler fg 0 LMagtan De argle edges and evi To aumbe Unie Sx aie ares ca half-sqearo antag Dewreng ride cf" 21245" piece of Faire ti denw a x $xquatn grid vt ies Wile ght ide Ec, rat match marked tahesc wth ate trian, prakciining ubanghe-aqure Pisce of Fobric h Sicch ydelinected’ fabocran! yeam as chown in Diagram on page 17, Cua 10 triangle spanter F Ling shugenal-comer technique From grid. stitch diagonally across puaee. pexpen 3, Wah nsfu ndes fang place one cular to mangle squace seam. Tits pelespuune wt oomnee ofone Unit Sune paevssagoral cert Piecing the Corner Flower Blocks. 1 Refesring no Block (diagram, ssseeubte ures 1-6 in the same manner im foe Block A. Bee careful to note prot tom off comeranting fabestx ir tani, Mb, and 6. 1B. Unite dingenal-comes technique, jose C-Ta ts Gorwers OFC 7 etalon 4 Referring ro Block: Ci diagram, join one af Unit 7 mm opposite sides af each Bock © Add Unic# i shomn, making combine! unics ingo a Lange triangle: 4 Join Unde 9 and thers Unie shorens Align miler with Unie 7 trim gles and in enh of tnjes 9 anak 10 Sill incYfFows Come Home Rosenel and round the cattle go) thronggh paatcheoomk fields and forests that suerenenel the homes at the heer of this whimsical guilt. You can make all 36 bovine beauties from the same fabrics'or with scraps for mime diverse herd. Seip piecmg makes quick work of all the fences, tree trunks, and checkerboard her ders, Because thete ts so muich piecing in this quilt, we recommend it for experienced quiltmakers. Cutting ro Refer ne diagram + LS te Quick-Plecing Techniques: ident Histo mel one esac Lt scouting Lise, ‘From Fabric 1, cuit: sertps fr bindine Finished Size Blacke 16 cow Hock, 12 lange tree Quite dom acre © Two 14" equates (4) abric 1 (black-0n-bungundy check) Tyan From Fabric ti, cut: esnips One 14 x 42 strip Foc this, cut Fatrie 11 (slark salenom pein) Ua pander mcrops © Four Lace © Tao! Fabric 1 (brick red print) Fabric 1V (salmon-pink sold) Fabric V From Fabric IV, cut: oH x 2 arn fe VEL Garren print scraps vic VEIL (ivory n FEB atic 1 Ghark brown or black prime) i yard oe seth NN uactiecaaes eal eee HH cic Xt horpaneiy windy a an Backing tube A yun Hepa op eae Lak Rock F Asserable cing the Cow Blocks Pie We | a erne aI Pia mt \ en : oe LE ee | Projects for Kids of all ages! Create a quilted treasure for the special young person in your life. These charming. designs combine playfulness and practicality and will detight kids (and adults!) of all ages and interests F 11 fun-filled designs for quilts, pillows, and wallhangings with vouchable surfaces and delightful decorative embellishments F Complete project instructions using popular quilting techniques, including rotary cutting, strip piecing, machine appliqué, and photo transfer F Unique projects with clever “pocket” storage for toys and hands-on play features Instructions for using the popular quilting: tool, The Angler 2™ .06Z- $Z0°90« pene emctinet rf BE) Ma Le ae eh be