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PROCESS/ACTIVITY/STEPS 1. All parties requesting assistance shall be given number and seated on the benches provided for the SEnA Unit. 2. Each requesting party shall be assisted by the SEADOs on duty on his/her specific concerns. For those who have SENA Referral and walkin settlement, they will be advised to proceed to the Complaint Unit. For those needing counseling/ advice , the SEADO on Duty shall advise them accordingly For all other cases, the SEADO on duty shall introduce SENA, its objectives and procedures and convince the requesting party to undergo conciliation and mediation under SEnA

PERSONS RESPONSIBLE SEnA Admin Staff and Guard on Duty




SEADOs on Duty

Action Slip

3. Those who are convinced to undergo SEnA shall SEADO on Duty be assisted by the SEADO on duty to accomplish the Request for Assistance Form (RFA) in two (2) copies

DOLE-SEnA Form No. 1 (Request for Assistance Form

Those who insist on filing of complaint shall be referred to the Complaint Unit through a Certificate to Proceed

Certificate to Proceed (get copy from NCR)

4. Once the RFA is completed, the SEADO on duty shall forward the RFA to the SENA Unit Head for : i. Assignment of reference number using the following format: SEAD-NLRC-NCRAB-YYYYMM-0001 (and so on, in chronological order) ii. Designation of a SENA CM listed in Annex B to conciliate-mediate the RFA. iii. Set two consecutive conferences and prepare Notice of Conference in four (4) based on the SENA Unit Head scheduled conference indicated by the designated and Admin Staff SENA CM. iv. Send the notice of conference to the other party either thru fax or registered mail. v. Provide a copy of the Notice of Conference to the requesting party and instruct him/her to come back on the scheduled conference and proceed to the office of the designated SEnA CM indicated in the Notice. vi. Provide a copy of the RFA and Notice of Conference to the designated SENA CM . vii. Log /encode the pertinent information in the SEnA database for monitoring purposes such as reference number, assigned SEnA CM and date of

DOLE-SEnA Form No. 2 (Notice of Conference) **do we need to provide copy of the RFA to the


other party?

DOLE-SEnA Form No. 3 (Minutes) 5. Designated SEnA CM conducts conciliationmediation and records proceedings in the Minutes Form. DOLE-SEnA Form No. 4 (Settlement Agreement)

5.1. If an agreement is reached, the designated SEnA CM prepares the Settlement Agreement to be signed by both parties and attested by SEnA CM.

Should there be actual payment before the designated SEnA CM based on the terms of the Settlement Agreement, a Quitclaim and Release will be prepared to be signed by both parties, attested by the designated SEnA CM and subscribed by ELA or LA Carpio or EC.

DOLE-SEnA Form No. 5 (Quitclaim and Release)

5.2 If no agreement is reached, the Requesting Party will be advised to file his complaint before the office having jurisdiction over his/her complaint through the Certificate to Proceed to be given to the Requesting Party.

5.2 If the scheduled conciliation-mediation conferences did not prosper due to a) non-appearance of either the requesting party or the responding party; b) either one or both parties declined to submit to the conciliation-mediation process and c) for other reasons, the designated SEnA CM will terminate the proceedings on the RFA. 6. After each disposition of the RFA, the designated SEnA CM shall record the mode of disposition and forward the pertinent documents of the RFA to the SEnA Unit Head.

Certificate to Proceed (get copy from NCR)

DOLE-SEnA Form No. 3 (Minutes) NLRC-SEnA Form No. 09-A (Status of RFAs Handled) NLRC-SEnA Form Every No. 09-A (Status of 25thday of RFAs Handled) the month

6. 7. The designated SEnA CM submits monthly report on the status of RFAs handled.

8. SEnA Unit prepares the report for submission to RIPD

DOLE-SEnA Revised Form No. 06