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CD(Compact Disc) / DVD(Digital versatile disc)

Both use Digital optical disc storage format.
Digital: Data stored in form of 1 and 0. Optical disc : flat surface that stores bits in form of pits(0) and lands(1)

Analog Recording and Digital recording.

ANALOG RECORDING Very low fidelity. (Fidelity: similarity between original signal and the reproduced signal.) Reproduction is not perfect. DIGITAL RECORDING Very high fidelity.

Perfect reproduction: Recording sounds the same everytime you play it.

Understanding the CD material

Spiral Track of Data

if u lift the data track off a CD and stretch It is 5 km long


Bumps on CD suraface

How CD Player works

Inside your CD player

Laser and Lens system : They focus on bumps to read them. Tracking Mechanism:It moves Laser Assembly so that the lasers beam can can follow the spiral track. Drive Motor: To Spin the disc.
: Presicely controlled to rotate between

200rpm and 500 rpm.

Tracking in CD player
As the Laser moves from center of disc to circumference the rpm of the Drive Motor decreases to keep the product (radius * rpm) constant.

CD data Encoding issues

EFM : Eight Fourteen Modulations Subcode data Error correcting codes Interleaving the data on disc

How can DVD store more data than a CD even if they look similar? How is DVD different from CD? DVD stores almost 7 times more Data than CD.

DVD storage Capacity

DVDs can store more data than CDs for a few reasons: 1:Higher-density data storage 2:Less overhead, more area 3:Multi-layer storage

Multi Layered Storage

Higher Density Data storage

Spiral Track of Data On DVD

IF u could lift the track and Open it u will find

sided single layered : 12km Double sided single layered: 24km Single sided double layered: 24km Double sided Double layered: 48km

Comparison CD /DVD

Track Pitch: 1600nm Min pit Length: 830nm

Track Pitch : 740 nm. Min Pit Length for single Layered: 400nm Min pit Length for double Layered:440nm

DVD Audio vs CD Audio

Blu-ray-disc(BD) :Future of DVD

Blu-ray vs DVD capacity

Recycling The polycarbonate material and possible gold or silver in the reflective layer would make CDRs highly recyclable. However, the polycarbonate is of very little value and the quantity of precious metals is so small that it is not profitable to recover them.

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