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Mothman Prophecies By John A. Keel

Copyright - 1975 irst Printing - 197! "i#rary o$ Congress Catalog %&m#er - 7'-1!272 (can )ersion * + 1., ormat * -e.t /ith co+er an0 ta#le pict&res. 1ate (canne0* Jan21222,,2 Poste0 to 3%e/sgro&p4* alt.#inaries.e-#oo5 -(alm&n

Contents* A#o&t the A&thor 1 Beel6e#&# )isits 7est )irginia 2 -he Creep 7ho Came in $rom the Col0 3 -he l&tter o$ Blac5 7ings ' -a5e the -rain 5 -he Col0 7ho Came 1o/n in the 8am ! Mothman9 7 -he %ight o$ the Blee0ing :ar ; Procession o$ the 1amne0 9 <7a5e =p 1o/n -here9< 1, P&rple "ights an0 April oolishness 11 >$ -his >s 7e0nes0ay? >t M&st Be a )en&sian 12 @ames %onpeople Play 13 Phantom Photographers 1' (i0e/ays in -ime 15 Misery on the Mo&nt 1! Paranoiacs Are Ma0e? %ot Born 17 <:+en the Be0o&ins Aate -heir -elephone Company< 1; <(omething A/$&l >s @oing to Aappen...< 19 <7here the Bir0s @ather ...<


A#o&t the A&thor

John A. Keel /rote his $irst article on &ni0enti$ie0 $lying o#Bects in 19'5? #&t it /as not &ntil a +isit to the As/an 1am in =pper :gypt in 195' that he sa/ his $irst gen&ine $lying sa&cer. Ae has /ritten $or n&mero&s national p&#lications? an0 his #yline0 ne/spaper $eat&res? syn0icate0 #y the %orth American %e/spaper Alliance? ha+e appeare0 in more than 15, maBor ne/spapers in the =nite0 (tates an0 a#roa0. Ais many articles on = Cs an0 his personal research on the s&#Bect res&lte0 in his #eing a/ar0e0 a plaD&e as <=$ologist o$ the Eear< at the 19!7 Con+ention o$ (cienti$ic =$ologists.

1 - Beel6e#&# )isits 7est )irginia

ingers o$ lightning tore holes in the #lac5 s5ies as an angry clo&0#&rst 0renche0 the s&rrealistic lan0scape. >t /as 3 A.M. on a col0? /et morning in late %o+em#er 19!7 an0 the little ho&ses scattere0 along the 0irt roa0 /in0ing thro&gh the hills o$ 7est )irginia /ere all 0ar5. (ome seeme0 &nocc&pie0 an0 in the $inal stages o$ 0ecay. Cthers /ere &npainte0? neglecte0? $orlorn. -he /hole setting /as li5e the opening scene o$ a @ra0e B horror $ilm $rom the 193,s. Along the roa0 there came a stranger in a lan0 /here strangers /ere rare an0 s&spect. Ae /al5e0 &p to the 0oor o$ a cr&m#ling $armho&se an0 hammere0. A$ter a long moment a light #lin5e0 on some/here in the ho&se an0 a yo&ng /oman appeare0? 0ra/ing a cheap mail-or0er #athro#e tightly a#o&t her. (he opene0 the 0oor a crac5 an0 her sleep-s/ollen $ace /ince0 /ith $ear as she stare0 at the apparition on her 0oorstep. Ae /as o+er si. $eet tall an0 0resse0 entirely in #lac5. Ae /ore a #lac5 s&it? #lac5 tie? #lac5 hat? an0 #lac5 o+ercoat? /ith impractical #lac5 0ress shoes co+ere0 /ith m&0. Ais $ace? #arely +isi#le in the 0ar5ness? sporte0 a neatly trimme0 m&stache an0 goatee. -he $lashes o$ lightning #ehin0 him a00e0 an eerie e$$ect. "May I use your phone?" Ae as5e0 in a 0eep #aritone? his +oice lac5ing the $amiliar 7est )irginia accent. -he girl g&lpe0 silently an0 #ac5e0 a/ay. "My husband ..." (he m&m#le0. "Talk to my husband." (he close0 the 0oor D&ic5ly an0 #ac5e0 a/ay into the 0ar5ness. Min&tes passe0. -hen she ret&rne0 accompanie0 #y a r&gge0 yo&ng man hastily #&c5ling his tro&sers in place. Ae? too? t&rne0 pale at the sight o$ the stranger. "We ain't got a phone here," he gr&nte0 thro&gh the crac5 in the 0oor B&st #e$ore he slamme0 it. -he co&ple retreate0 m&rm&ring to themsel+es an0 the tall stranger $a0e0 into the night. Bear0s /ere a +ery rare sight in 7est )irginia in 19!7. Men in $ormal s&its an0 ties /ere e+en rarer in those #ac5 hills o$ the Chio +alley. An0 #ear0e0? #lac5-gar#e0 strangers on $oot in the rain ha0 ne+er #een seen there #e$ore. >n the 0ays that $ollo/e0 the yo&ng co&ple tol0 their $rien0s a#o&t the apparition. C#+io&sly? they concl&0e0? he ha0 #een a $ear$&l omen o$ some sort. Perhaps he ha0 #een the 0e+il himsel$9 -hree /ee5s later these t/o people /ere 0ea0? among the +ictims o$ the /orst trage0y e+er to stri5e that section o$ 7est )irginia. -hey /ere 0ri+ing across the (il+er Bri0ge /hich spanne0 the Chio 8i+er? /hen it s&00enly collapse0.

-heir $rien0s remem#ere0. -hey remem#ere0 the story o$ the #ear0e0 stranger in the night. >t ha0? in0ee0? #een a sinister omen. Cne that con$irme0 their religio&s #elie$s an0 s&perstitions. (o a ne/ legen0 /as #orn. Beel6e#&# ha0 +isite0 7est )irginia on the e+e o$ a terri#le trage0y. >>. Being a 0e0icate0 noncon$ormist is not easy these 0ays. > gre/ my #ear0 in 19!! /hile loa$ing $or a /ee5 on the $arm o$ my $rien0? 6oologist >+an -. (an0erson. > 5ept it &ntil 19!; /hen hair #ecame pop&lar an0 hal$ the yo&ng men hi America s&00enly #egan #&rying their i0entities in a great sea o$ $acial hair. >n those more innocent 0ays only artists? /riters? an0 college pro$essors co&l0 get a/ay /ith #ear0s. People e+en seeme0 to e.pect it o$ &s. Perhaps i$ cre/ c&ts e+er come #ac5 an0 #ear0s 0isappear > /ill regro/ my o/n. B&t to0ay it /o&l0 #e sprin5le0 /ith gray. -oo m&ch gray? pro#a#ly. "i5e/ise? long hair /as once the sym#ol o$ the s&per-intellect&al? the property o$ concert +iolinists an0 :instein-type mathematiciansFthe &ltimate sD&ares? really. > /o&l0 pre$er to #elie+e that > 0i0 not loo5 li5e the 0e+il in my late #ear0. > certainly ha0 no intention o$ la&nching ne/ legen0s /hen my car ran o$$ the roa0 in 7est )irginia that %o+em#er an0 > plo00e0 $rom ho&se to ho&se searching $or a telephone so > co&l0 call a to/ tr&c5. > ha0 B&st come &p $rom Atlanta? @eorgia? /here > ha0 0eli+ere0 a speech to a local = C cl&#. 7est )irginia /as almost a secon0 home to me in those 0ays. > ha0 +isite0 the state $i+e times? in+estigating a long series o$ +ery strange e+ents? an0 ha0 many $rien0s there. Cne o$ them? Mrs. Mary Ayre? the star reporter o$ the Athens? Chio? Messenger? /as /ith me that night. 7e ha0 #een o&t tal5ing to = C /itnesses? an0 earlier that e+ening /e o&rsel+es ha0 /atche0? a +ery strange light in the s5y. (ince there /as a hea+y? lo/ clo&0 layer it co&l0 not ha+e #een a star. >t mane&+ere0 o+er the hills? its #rilliant glo/ +ery $amiliar to #oth o$ &s $or /e #oth ha0 seen many s&ch lights in the Chio +alley that year. Mrs. Ayre /aite0 in the car /hile > tr&0ge0 thro&gh the m&0 an0 ram. 7e ha0 #een trying to clim# a slippery hill to a spot /here /e ha0 seen many &n&s&al things in the past. > $o&n0 that the telephones in the ho&ses closest to o&r location /ere not /or5ing? apparently 5noc5e0 o&t #y the storm. (o > ha0 to 5eep /al5ing &ntil > $inally $o&n0 a ho&se /ith a /or5ing phone. -he o/ner re$&se0 to open his 0oor so /e sho&te0 #ac5 an0 $orth. > ga+e him a phone n&m#er to call. Ae o#lige0 an0 /ent #ac5 to #e0. > ne+er 5ne/ /hat he loo5e0 li5e. My point? o$ co&rse is that Beel6e#&# /as not /an0ering along the #ac5 roa0s o$ 7est )irginia that night. >t /as B&st a +ery tire0 John Keel #&sy catching a /hale o$ a col0. B&t $rom the +ie/ o$ the people /ho li+e0 on that roa0? something +ery &n&s&al ha0 happene0. -hey ha0 ne+er #e$ore #een ro&se0 in the mi00le o$ the night #y a tall #ear0e0 stranger in #lac5. -hey 5ne/ nothing a#o&t me or the reasons $or my presence so they /ere $orce0 to spec&late. :+en spec&lation /as 0i$$ic&lt. -hey co&l0 only place me in the $rame o$ re$erence they 5ne/ #estFthe religio&s. Bear0e0 men in city 0ress simply 0i0 not t&rn &p on isolate0 #ac5 roa0s in the mi00le o$ the night. >n 7

$act? they 0i0nGt e+en t&rn &p on the main streets o$ Chio +alley to/ns in #roa0 0aylight9 (o a per$ectly normal e+ent 3normal? that is? to me4 /as place0 in an entirely 0i$$erent conte.t #y the /itnesses. -he $inal proo$ o$ my s&pernat&ral origin came three /ee5s later /hen t/o o$ the people > ha0 a/a5ene0 /ere 5ille0 in the #ri0ge trage0y. (ome $&t&re in+estigator o$ the paranormal may /an0er into those hills some0ay? tal5 /ith these people? an0 /rite a /hole chapter o$ a learne0 #oo5 on 0emonology repeating this piece o$ $ol5lore. Cther scholars /ill pic5 &p an0 repeat his story in their #oo5s an0 articles. -he presence o$ the 0e+il in 7est )irginia in %o+em#er 19!7 /ill #ecome a historical $act? #ac5e0 #y the testimony o$ se+eral /itnesses. -hose o$ &s /ho some/hat sheepishly spen0 o&r time chasing 0inosa&rs? sea serpents? an0 little green men in space s&its are pain$&lly a/are that things o$ten are not /hat they seemH that sincere eye/itnesses canFan0 0oF grossly misinterpret /hat they ha+e seenH that many e.traor0inary e+ents can ha+e 0isappointingly m&n0ane e.planations. or e+ery report > ha+e p&#lishe0 in my articles an0 #oo5s? > ha+e shel+e0 may#e $i$ty others #eca&se they ha0 a possi#le e.planation? or #eca&se > 0etecte0 pro#lematical 0etails in the /itnessGs story? /hich cast 0o&#t on the +ali0ity o$ a paranormal e.planation. Cn the other han0? > ha+e come across many e+ents /hich seeme0 per$ectly normal in one conte.t #&t /hich /ere act&ally most &n&s&al /hen compare0 /ith similar e+ents. -hat is? some apparent coinci0ences cease to #e coinci0ental /hen yo& reali6e they ha+e #een repeate0 again an0 again in many parts o$ the /orl0. Collect eno&gh o$ these coinci0ences together an0 yo& ha+e a /hole tapestry o$ the paranormal. As /e progress? yo& /ill see that many seemingly straight$or/ar0 acco&nts o$ monster sightings an0 = C lan0ings can #e e.plaine0 #y irritatingly comple. me0ical an0 psychological theories. >n some cases? the theories /ill seem more &n#elie+a#le than the original e+ents. Please #ear in min0 that the s&mmaries p&#lishe0 here are #ac5e0 #y years o$ st&0y an0 e.perience. > am no longer partic&larly intereste0 in the mani$estations o$ the phenomenon. > am p&rs&ing the so&rce o$ the phenomenon itsel$. -o 0o this? > ha+e o#Becti+ely 0i+orce0 mysel$ $rom all the pop&lar $rames o$ re$erence. > am not concerne0 /ith #elie$s #&t /ith the cosmic mechanism </hich has generate0 an0 perpet&ate0 those #elie$s. >>>. -here is an ol0 ho&se on a tree-line0 street in %e/ Eor5Gs @reen/ich )illage /hich har#ors a strange ghost. Aans Aol6er an0 other ghost-chasers ha+e incl&0e0 the ho&se in their catalogs o$ ha&nte0 places. -he phantom has #een seen #y se+eral people in recent years. >t is 0resse0 hi? a long #lac5 cape an0 /ears a /i0e-#rimme0 slo&ch hat p&lle0 0o/n o+er its eyes as it slin5s $rom room to room. (el$-style0 parapsychologists ha+e /o+en all 5in0s o$ $antasies aro&n0 this apparition. C#+io&sly a spy $rom the re+ol&tionary /ar /as ca&ght an0 5ille0 in the ol0 ho&se. B&t /ait. -his ghost may not #e a mem#er o$ the restless 0ea0 at all. -here /ere ne+er any reports o$ ha&ntings there &ntil a#o&t t/enty years ago? a$ter the ho&se /as ;

+acate0 #y a /riter name0 7alter @i#son. Ae /as? an0 is? an e.traor0inarily proli$ic a&thor. or many years he ch&rne0 o&t a $&ll-length no+el each month? an0 many o$ those no+els /ere /ritten in the ho&se in @reen/ich )illage. All o$ them /ere centere0 aro&n0 the spectac&larly s&ccess$&l character @i#son create0 in the 193,s? that nemesis o$ e+il 5no/n as -he (ha0o/. >$ yo& ha+e rea0 any o$ -he (ha0o/ no+els yo& 5no/ that he /as $on0 o$ l&r5ing in 0ar5 alleys 0resse0 in a cape an0 #roa0#rimme0 slo&ch hat. 7hy /o&l0 a (ha0o/-li5e apparition s&00enly appear in an ol0 ho&seI Co&l0 it #e some 5in0 o$ resi0&e $rom 7alter @i#sonGs +ery po/er$&l min0I 7e 0o 5no/ that some people can mo+e o#Bects? e+en #en0 spoons an0 5eys? /ith the po/er o$ their min0s alone. Mental telepathy is no/ a teste0 an0 +eri$ie0 phenomenon. An0 a#o&t 1, percent o$ the pop&lation has the a#ility to see a#o+e an0 #eyon0 the narro/ spectr&m o$ +isi#le light. -hey can see ra0iations an0 e+en o#Bects in+isi#le to the rest o$ &s. A +ery large part o$ the = C lore is? in $act? #ase0 &pon the o#ser+ations o$ s&ch people. 7hat seems normal to them seems a#normal? e+en ri0ic&lo&s? to the rest o$ &s. People /ho see ghosts or the /an0ering (ha0o/ ha+e these a#ilities. -hey are peering at $orms that are al/ays there? al/ays present aro&n0 &s li5e ra0io /a+es? an0 /hen certain con0itions they can see these things. -he -i#etans #elie+e that a0+ance0 h&man min0s can manip&late these in+isi#le energies into +isi#le $orms calle0 t&lpas? or tho&ght proBections. 1i0 7alter @i#sonGs intense concentration on his (ha0o/ no+els ina0+ertently #ring a t&lpa into e.istenceI 8ea0ers o$ occ&lt literat&re 5no/ there are inn&mera#le cases o$ ghosts ha&nting a partic&lar site year a$ter year? cent&ry a$ter cent&ry? carrying o&t the same min0less acti+ities en0lessly. B&il0 a ho&se on s&ch a site an0 the ghost /ill lea+e loc5e0 0oors aBar as it marches thro&gh to carry o&t its programme0 acti+ity. Co&l0 these ghosts really #e t&lpas? resi0&es o$ po/er$&l min0s li5e the phantom in the #roa0-#rimme0 hatI %e.t? consi0er this. = C acti+ity is concentrate0 in the same areas year a$ter year. >n the Chio +alley? they sho/ a penchant $or the ancient >n0ian mo&n0s /hich stan0 thro&gho&t the area. Co&l0 some = Cs #e mere t&lpas create0 #y a long $orgotten people an0 0oome0 $ore+er to senseless mane&+ers in the night s5iesI -here are archaeological sites in the Mississippi +alley /hich ha+e #een 0ate0 to ;?,,, years ago ... long #e$ore the >n0ians are s&ppose0 to ha+e arri+e0. (ome o$ the >n0ian mo&n0s 3there are h&n0re0s o$ them scattere0 thro&gho&t %orth America4 are lai0 o&t an0 constr&cte0 /ith the same 5in0 o$ mathematical precision $o&n0 in the pyrami0s o$ :gypt. 7hile it is 5no/n that the >n0ians /ere still a00ing to some o$ the mo&n0s in the so&th /hen the :&ropeans $irst arri+e0? other mo&n0s seem to #e consi0era#ly ol0er. (ome are #&ilt in the $orm o$ elephants. 7hat 0i0 the #&il0ers &se $or a mo0elI Cthers are in the shape o$ sea serpents. -hese $orms can only #e seen $rom the air. -o plan an0 #&il0 s&ch mo&ntains o$ shape0 earth reD&ire0 technical s5ills #eyon0 the simple noma0ic /oo0s >n0ians.

C&rrently there is a re+i+al in 0i$$&sionism? a pop&lar scienti$ic concept o$ the 192,s /hich asserte0 that many o$ the p&66ling arti$acts an0 ancient constr&ctions $o&n0 thro&gho&t the /orl0 /ere the pro0&cts o$ a single /orl0/i0e c&lt&re. -he c&lt o$ #elie+ers in Atlantis /ere the principal a0+ocates o$ this i0ea? so so#er scientists nat&rally t&rne0 a/ay $rom it $or a theory that is almost impossi#le to s&pport. -his /as the notion that many in+entions an0 i0eas simply occ&rre0 sim&ltaneo&sly to /i0esprea0? isolate0 c&lt&res. -he $lying sa&cer entities ha+e allege0ly contacte0 many people in almost e+ery co&ntry an0 ha+e immo0estly claime0 cre0it $or e+erything $rom the #&il0ing o$ the pyrami0s to the sin5ing o$ Atlantis. :rich )on 1ani5en? a (/iss a&thor? has pop&lari6e0 the concept that mem#ers o$ an e.traterrestrial ci+ili6ation 0i0 contact early earthlings? #asing his theories on e.pansi+e misinterpretationsFan0 in se+eral instances? 0eli#erate misrepresentationsFo$ archaeological c&riosities. )on 1ani5en seems to #e totally ignorant o$ the /or5 o$ :&ropean scholars s&ch as Brinsley -rench? Pa&l Misra5i? an0 7. 8aymon0 1ra5e? /ho ha+e e.amine0 the same c&riosities +ery care$&lly in the past ten years an0 0e+elope0 ela#orate philosophical hypotheses a#o&t the intr&sion an0 e$$ect o$ alien #eings on man5in0 since the #eginning. -heir concepts are /i0er in scope an0 signi$icance? an0 $ar #etter 0oc&mente0 than )on 1ani5enGJ simplistic e$$orts. -hat &ni0enti$ie0 $lying o#Bects ha+e #een present since the 0a/n o$ man is an &n0enia#le $act. -hey are not only 0escri#e0 repeate0ly in the Bi#le? #&t /ere also the s&#Bect o$ ca+e paintings ma0e tho&san0s o$ years #e$ore the Bi#le /as /ritten. An0 a strange procession o$ /eir0 entities an0 $rightening creat&res ha+e #een /ith &s B&st as long. 7hen yo& re+ie/ the ancient re$erences yo& are o#lige0 to concl&0e that the presence o$ these o#Bects an0 #eings is a normal con0ition $or this planet. -hese things? these other intelligences or C>%-s as >+an (an0erson la#ele0 them? either resi0e here #&t someho/ remain conceale0 $rom &s? or they 0o not at all an0 are act&ally special a#errations o$ the h&man min0Ft&lpas? hall&cinations? psychological constr&cts? momentary materiali6ations o$ energy $rom that 0imension #eyon0 the reach o$ o&r senses an0 e+en #eyon0 the reaches o$ o&r scienti$ic instr&ments. -hey are not $rom o&ter space. -here is no nee0 $or them to #e. -hey ha+e al/ays #een here. Perhaps they /ere here long #e$ore /e starte0 #ashing each other o+er the hea0 /ith cl&#s. >$ so? they /ill &n0o&#te0ly still #e here long a$ter /e ha+e incinerate0 o&r cities? poll&te0 all the /aters? an0 ren0ere0 the +ery atmosphere &n#reatha#le. C$ co&rse? their li+esFi$ they ha+e li+es in the &s&al senseF/ill #e m&ch 0&ller a$ter /e ha+e gone. B&t i$ they /ait aro&n0 long eno&gh another $orm o$ so-calle0 intelligent li$e /ill cra/l o&t $rom &n0er a roc5 an0 they can #egin their games again. >). Bac5 in the 192,s? Charles ort? the $irst /riter to e.plore ine.plica#le e+ents? o#ser+e0 yo& can meas&re a circle #y #eginning any/here. Paranormal phenomena are so /i0esprea0? so 0i+ersi$ie0? an0 so spora0ic yet so persistent that separating an0 st&0ying any single element is not only a /aste o$ time #&t also /ill a&tomatically lea0 to the 0e+elopment o$ #elie$. Cnce yo& ha+e esta#lishe0 a #elie$? the phenomenon 1,

a0B&sts its mani$estations to s&pport that #elie$ an0 there#y escalate it. >$ yo& #elie+e in the 0e+il he /ill s&rely come stri0ing 0o/n yo&r roa0 one rainy night an0 as5 to &se yo&r phone. >$ yo& #elie+e that $lying sa&cers are astrona&ts $rom another planet they /ill #egin lan0ing an0 collecting roc5s $rom yo&r gar0en. ManyFmostFo$ the mani$estations accompanying the = C phenomenon simply 0i0 not $it into the enth&siastKs concept o$ ho/ a s&perior intelligence $rom another gala.y /o&l0 #eha+e. (o the $lying sa&cer cl&#s care$&lly ignore0? e+en s&ppresse0? the 0etails o$ those mani$estations $or many years. 7hen a #lac5-s&ite0 man in a Ca0illac t&rne0 &p? he co&l0nGt possi#ly #e one o$ the en0earing space people so he ha0 to #e a rotten? snea5y go+ernment agent. >t /as inconcei+a#le to the har0core = C #elie+ers that the $lying sa&cers /o&l0 #e a permanent part o$ o&r en+ironment an0 that these men in #lac5 /ere resi0ents o$ this planet associate0 /ith the = Cs. B&t this is a $actH the <tr&th< the = C $ans ha+e so&ght $or so long. An0 as 1aniel 7e#ster p&t it? <-here is nothing so po/er$&l as tr&th? an0 o$ten nothing so strange.< Eo& canGt learn the tr&th #y chasing = Cs helter-s5elter thro&gh the s5ies in planes. -he air $orces o$ se+eral go+ernments trie0 that $or years. >t is +ain to hire astronomers. -hey are not traine0 in the 5in0 o$ 0isciplines nee0e0 to in+estigate earthly phenomena? or e+en to inter+ie/ earthly /itnesses. >nter+ie/ing is an a0+ance0 art? the pro+ince o$ Bo&rnalists an0 psychologists. Cne 0oes not hire a parach&tist to go spel&n5ing in a ca+e or a #alloonist to go 0i+ing $or treas&re. >$ yo& nee0 a #rain s&rgeon yo& 0onGt hire a hortic&lt&rist /ho has spent his li$e trimming plants. Eet this is the approach o&r go+ernment has ta5en to the = C phenomenon. > reali6e0 the $olly o$ trying to meas&re the circle $rom some 0istant point? so > pic5e0 a microcosm on the e0ge o$ the circleFa place /here many strange mani$estations /ere occ&rring sim&ltaneo&sly. An0 > hit the Bac5pot imme0iately? rather li5e the opening o$ an ol0 Ma. (ch&lman no+el* <Bang9 Bang9 Bang9 Bang9 o&r shots rippe0 into my groin an0 > /as o$$ on the greatest a0+ent&re o$ my li$e.<


2 - -he Creep 7ho Came in $rom the Col0

>. ri0ay? 1ecem#er 22? 19!7? /as #itter col0 an0 the $raye0 Christmas 0ecorations str&ng across the main street o$ the little 7est )irginia to/n o$ Point Pleasant seeme0 to hang limply? sa0ly? as i$ to match the grim? ashen $aces o$ the to/nspeople /ho sh&$$le0 a#o&t their #&siness? their eyes a+erte0 $rom the gaping hole /here the (il+er Bri0ge ha0 stoo0 only a /ee5 #e$ore. %o/ the se+en-h&n0re0-$oot span /as gone. Cl&sters o$ /or5men? police o$$icers? an0 assorte0 o$$icials stoo0 along the #an5s o$ the Chio? /atching silently as 0i+ers contin&e0 to #o# into the #lac5 /aters. Cccasionally ropes /o&l0 Ber5 an0 a #loate0? /hitene0 #o0y /o&l0 #e ha&le0 to the s&r$ace. >t /as not going to #e a merry Christmas in Point Pleasant. A $e/ yar0s $rom the place /here the #ri0ge ha0 #een? Mrs. Mary Ayre sat in her o$$ice re+ising a list o$ the missing an0 the 5no/n 0ea0. A sto&t /oman in her early $i$ties? her normally cheer$&l? alert $ace /as #l&rre0 /ith $atig&e. (he ha0 ha0 almost no sleep in the past se+en 0ays. A$ter t/enty years as the local stringer $or the Messenger? recor0ing all the #irths? marriages? an0 0eaths in the little to/n? Mrs. Ayre s&00enly $o&n0 hersel$ at the center o$ the &ni+erse. Camera teams $rom as $ar a/ay as %e/ Eor5 /ere perche0 o&tsi0e her 0oor. -he s/arms o$ ne/smen /ho ha0 0escen0e0 on Point Pleasant to recor0 the trage0y ha0 D&ic5ly learne0 /hat e+eryone in the Chio +alley alrea0y 5ne/. >$ yo& /ante0 to $in0 o&t anything a#o&t the area an0 its people? the D&ic5est /ay to 0o it /as to <as5 Mary Ayre.< or se+en 0ays no/ her o$$ice ha0 #een $ille0 /ith strangers? relati+es o$ the missing? an0 /eary resc&e /or5ers. (o she har0ly loo5e0 &p that a$ternoon /hen t/o men entere0. -hey seeme0 almost li5e t/ins? she recalle0 later. Both /ere short an0 /ore #lac5 o+ercoats. -heir comple.ions /ere 0ar5? some/hat Criental? she tho&ght. "We hear there's been a lot of flying saucer activity around here," one o$ them remar5e0. (he /as ta5en a#ac5. -he #ri0ge 0isaster ha0 0ominate0 e+eryoneGs tho&ghts $or the last /ee5. lying sa&cers /ere the $&rthest thing $rom her min0 at that moment. "We have had uite a fe! sightings here," she respon0e0? t&rning hi her chair to p&ll open a $iling ca#inet. (he ha&le0 o&t a #&lging $ol0er $ille0 /ith clippings o$ sighting reports an0 han0e0 it to one o$ the men. Ae $lippe0 it open? ga+e the pile o$ clippings a c&rsory glance? an0 han0e0 it #ac5. ""as anyone told you not to publish these reports?" (he shoo5 her hea0 as she sho+e0 the $ol0er #ac5 into the 0ra/er. "What !ould you do if someone did order you to stop !riting about flying saucers?" 12

"I'd tell them to go to hell," she smile0 /anly. -he t/o men glance0 at each other.. (he /ent #ac5 to her lists an0 /hen she loo5e0 &p again they /ere gone. >>. "ater that same a$ternoon another stranger /al5e0 into Mrs. AyreGs o$$ice. Ae /as slightly #&ilt? a#o&t $i+e $eet se+en inches tall? /ith #lac5? piercing eyes an0 &nr&ly #lac5 hair? as i$ he ha0 ha0 a #r&sh c&t an0 it /as B&st gro/ing #ac5 in. Ais comple.ion /as e+en 0ar5er than that o$ the t/o pre+io&s +isitors an0 he loo5e0 li5e a Korean or Criental o$ some 5in0. Ais han0s /ere especially &n&s&al? she tho&ght? /ith &n0&ly long? tapering $ingers. Ae /ore a cheap-loo5ing? ill-$itting #lac5 s&it? slightly o&t o$ $ashion? an0 his tie /as 5notte0 in an o00 ol0-$ashione0 /ay. (trangely? he /as not /earing an o+ercoat 0espite the $ierce col0 o&tsi0e. "My name is #ack $ro!n," he anno&nce0 in a hesitant manner. "I'm a %&' researcher." "'h," Mary p&she0 asi0e the pile o$ papers on her 0es5 an0 st&0ie0 him. -he 0ay /as en0ing an0 she /as rea0y to go home an0 try to get some sleep at last. A$ter a #rie$? almost incoherent str&ggle to 0isc&ss = C sightings Bro/n stammere0? "What(!ould(!hat !ould you do(if someone ordered(ordered you to stop? To stop printing %&' stories?" ")ay, are you !ith those t!o men !ho !ere here earlier?" she as5e0? s&rprise0 to hear the same /eir0 D&estion t/ice in one 0ay. "*o. *o(I'm alone. I'm a friend of +ray(+ray $arker." @ray Bar5er o$ Clar5s#&rg /as 7est )irginiaGs #est-5no/n = C in+estigator. Ae ha0 p&#lishe0 a n&m#er o$ #oo5s on the s&#Bect an0 /as a $reD&ent +isitor to Point Pleasant. ",o you kno! #ohn -eel?" Ais $ace tightene0. "I(I used to think(think the !orld of -(-(-eel. Then a fe! minutes ago I bought a(a maga.ine. "e has an article in it. "e says he's seen %&'s himself. "e's(he's a liar." "I kno! he's seen things," Mary $lare0. "I've been !ith him !hen he sa! them/" Bro/n smile0 /ea5ly at the s&ccess o$ his simple gam#it.


"0ould you(take me out(t(t(take me !here you( you and -(-(-eel sa!( sa! things?" "I'm not going to do anything e1cept go home to bed," Mary 0eclare0 $latly. "Is -(-(-eel in 2(2(2oint 2leasant?" "*o. "e lives in *e! 3ork." "I(I think he m(m(makes up all these stories." "4ook, I can give you the names of some of the people here !ho have seen things," Mary sai0 /earily. <Eo& can tal5 to them an0 0eci0e $or yo&rsel$. B&t > B&st canGt escort yo& aro&n0.< "I'm a friend of +(+(+ray $arker," he repeate0 lamely. C&tsi0e the o$$ice a massi+e crane crea5e0 an0 r&m#le0? 0ragging a h&ge h&n5 o$ t/iste0 steel o&t o$ the ri+er. >>>. Cn April 22? 1;97? an o#long machine /ith /ings an0 lights "!hich appeared much brighter than electric lights" 0roppe0 o&t o$ the s5y an0 lan0e0 on the $arm near 8oc5lan0? o/ne0 #y John M. Barclay. Barclay gra##e0 his ri$le an0 hea0e0 $or the machine. Ae /as met #y an or0inary-loo5ing man /ho han0e0 him a ten-0ollar #ill an0 as5e0 him to #&y some oil an0 tools $or the aircra$t. "Who are you?" Barclay as5e0. "*ever mind about my name5 call it )mith," the man ans/ere0. -he = C lore is pop&late0 /ith mysterio&s +isitors claiming inor0inately common names li5e (mith? Jones? Kelly? Allen? an0 Bro/n. >n 1;97? they o$ten claime0 to come $rom 5no/n +illages an0 cities an0 /ere e+en a#le to name prominent citi6ens in those places. B&t /hen reporters chec5e0? they co&l0 $in0 no recor0 o$ the +isitors an0 the name0 citi6ens 0isa+o/e0 any 5no/le0ge o$ them. Cne o$ the pro+e0 o$ 1;97 3there /ere many largely the /or5 o$ mischie+o&s ne/spapermen4 concerne0 an o#Bect /hich is s&ppose0 to ha+e crashe0 into J&0ge ProctorGs /in0mill in A&rora? -he remains o$ a tiny pilot /ere s&ppose0ly $o&n0 in the /rec5age an0 #&rie0 in the local cemetery #y the to/nspeople. -he story /as p&#lishe0 in the 1allas :+ening %e/s. rom time to t&ne? A&rora /as +isite0 #y sel$-style0 in+estigators /ho si$te0 the 0irt on the ol0 Proctor $arm an0 marche0 thro&gh the cemetery rea0ing tom#stones? al/ays /itho&t $in0ing anything. -he story /as re+i+e0 in 1972? an0 in 1973 a man i0enti$ying himsel$ as ran5 %. Kelley o$ Corp&s Christi arri+e0 in A&rora. Ae sai0 he /as a treas&re h&nter o$ long e.perience. Ae set to /or5 /ith his metal 0etectors an0 instr&ments an0 D&ic5ly &nearthe0 se+eral $ragments o$ metal near the /in0mill site. -hey appeare0 to #e something li5e the s5in o$ mo0ern aircra$t? he anno&nce0. Ae 5ept some o$ the pieces 1'

an0 t&rne0 the rest o+er to a reporter name0 Bill Case. Analysis sho/e0 the pieces /ere 9; percent al&min&m. KelleyGs allege0 0isco+ery create0 a stampe0e to A&rora. = C in+estigators 0escen0e0 $rom as $ar a/ay as >llinois an0 #attle0 $or permission to 0ig &p gra+es in the cemetery. -he story recei+e0 /i0e play in the national press in the s&mmer o$ 1973. <7hen e$$orts /ere ma0e to $in0 ran5 Kelley in Corp&s Christi it /as $o&n0 that he ha0 gi+en a phony a00ress an0 phone n&m#er? an0 that no one in treas&re-h&nting circles ha+e e+er hear0 o$ him. Mr. Kelley /as apparently another one o$ the impressi+e #&t el&si+e hoa.sters /ho ha&nt the = C $iel0. -he Bo5e /as pointless? e.pensi+e? an0? sa0ly? +ery s&ccess$&l. >). -he moment > met Mrs. AyreGs niece Connie Carpenter in 19!!? > 5ne/ she /as telling the tr&th #eca&se her eyes /ere re00ene0? /atery? an0 almost s/ollen sh&t. > ha0 seen these symptoms many times in my tre5s aro&n0 the co&ntry in+estigating = C reports. 7itnesses /ho /ere &nl&c5y eno&gh to ha+e a close enco&nter /ith an &ni0enti$ie0 $lying o#Bect? &s&ally a 0a66lingly #rilliant aerial light? are e.pose0 to actinic rays ... &ltra+iolet rays ... /hich can ca&se <eye#&rn?< me0ically 5no/n as 5lieg conB&ncti+itis. -hese are the same 5in0 o$ rays that tan yo&r hi0e at the #each. >$ yo& lie in the #right s&n /itho&t protecting yo&r eyes yo& can get conB&ncti+itis. 7hate+er they are? = Cs ra0iate intense actinic rays. -here are no/ tho&san0s o$ cases in /hich the /itnesses s&$$ere0 eye-#&rns an0 temporary eye 0amage ... e+en temporary #lin0ness ... a$ter +ie/ing a strange $lying light in the night s5y. Cne o$ the most e.treme cases o$ = C #lin0ness occ&rre0 on the night o$ 7e0nes0ay? Ccto#er 3? 1973? in so&theastern Misso&ri. :00ie 7e##? $orty-$i+e? o$ @reen+ille? sa/ a l&mino&s o#Bect in his rear-+ie/ mirror. Ae p&t his hea0 o&t the /in0o/ o$ his tr&c5 an0 loo5e0 #ac5. -here /as a #right /hite $lash. 7e## thre/ his han0s to his $ace? crying? <Ch? my @o09 >Gm #&rne09 > canGt see9< Cne lens ha0 $allen $rom his glasses an0 the $rames /ere melte0. Ais /i$e too5 o+er the /heel o$ their +ehicle an0 0ro+e him to a hospital. ort&nately? the 0amage /as not permanent. 7hat p&66le0 me a#o&t ConnieGs case? ho/e+er? /as that she ha0 not seen a splen0i0 l&mino&s $lying sa&cer. (he ha0 seen a giant </inge0 man< in #roa0 0aylight. Accor0ing to her story? Connie? a shy? sensiti+e eighteen-year-ol0? /as 0ri+ing home $rom ch&rch at 1,*3, A.M. on (&n0ay? %o+em#er 27? 19!!? /hen? as she passe0 the 0eserte0 greens o$ the Mason Co&nty @ol$ Co&rse o&tsi0e o$ %e/ Aa+en? 7est )irginia? she s&00enly sa/ a h&ge gray $ig&re. >t /as shape0 li5e a man? she sai0? #&t /as m&ch larger. >t /as at least se+en $eet tall an0 +ery #roa0. -he thing that attracte0 her attention /as not its si6e #&t its eyes. >t ha0? she sai0? large? ro&n0? $iercely glo/ing re0 eyes that $oc&se0 on her /ith hypnotic e$$ect


"It's a !onder I didn't run off the road and have a !reck," she commente0 later. As she slo/e0? her eyes $i.e0 on the apparition? a pair o$ /ings &n$ol0e0 $rom its #ac5. -hey seeme0 to ha+e a span o$ a#o&t ten $eet. >t /as 0e$initely not an or0inary #ir0 #&t a man-shape0 thing /hich rose slo/ly o$$ the gro&n0? straight &p li5e a helicopter? silently. >ts /ings 0i0 not $lap in $light. >t hea0e0 straight to/ar0 ConnieGs car? itKs horri#le eyes $i.e0 to her $ace? then it s/oope0 lo/ o+er her hea0 as she sho+e0 the accelerator to the $loor#oar0s in &tter hysteria. C+er one h&n0re0 people /o&l0 see this #i6arre creat&re that /hiter. ConnieGs conB&ncti+itis laste0 o+er t/o /ee5s? apparently ca&se0 #y those glo/ing re0 eyes. At the t&ne o$ my $irst +isit to Point Pleasant in 19!! > 0i0 not relate the /inge0 /eir0o to $lying sa&cers. "ater e+ents not only pro+e0 that a relationship e.iste0? #&t that relationship also is a +ital cl&e to the /hole mystery. ). Ma.Gs Kansas City is a $amo&s /atering hole $or %e/ Eor5Gs hip cro/0. >n the s&mmer o$ 19!7 an o00#all character /an0ere0 into that resta&rant note0 $or its o00#all clientele. Ae /as tall an0 a/5/ar0? 0resse0 in an ill-$itting #lac5 s&it that seeme0 o&t o$ style. Ais chin came to a sharp point an0 his eyes #&lge0 slightly li5e <thyroi0 eyes.< Ae sat 0o/n in a #ooth an0 gest&re0 to the /aitress /ith his long? tapering $ingers. ")omething to eat," he m&m#le0. -he /aitress han0e0 him a men&. Ae stare0 at it &ncomprehen0ingly? apparently &na#le to rea0. "&ood," he sai0 almost plea0ingly. ""o! about a steak?" she o$$ere0. "+ood." (he #ro&ght him a stea5 /ith all the trimmings. Ae stare0 at it $or a long moment an0 then pic5e0 &p his 5ni$e an0 $or5? glancing aro&n0 at the other 0iners. >t /as o#+io&s he 0i0 not 5no/ ho/ to han0le the implements9 -he /aitress /atche0 him as he $&m#le0 helplessly. inally she sho/e0 him ho/ to c&t the stea5 an0 spear it /ith the $or5. Ae sa/e0 a/ay at the meat. Clearly he really /as h&ngry. "Where are you from?" she as5e0 gently. "*ot from here." "Where?" "6nother !orld."


Boy? another p&t-on artist? she tho&ght to hersel$. -he other /aitresses gathere0 in a corner an0 /atche0 him as he $&m#le0 /ith his $oo0? a stranger in a strange lan0. )>. A large /hite car /ith a $a&lty m&$$ler /hee6e0 an0 rattle0 &p the #ac5 street in %e/ Aa+en? 7est )irginia? /here Connie Carpenter li+e0? an0 Jac5 Bro/n 5noc5e0 at her 0oor. "I'm a(a friend of Mary "yre's." Ais strange 0emeanor an0 0isBointe0 D&estions 0istresse0 her an0 0ist&r#e0 her h&s#an0? Keith? an0 her #rother "arry. >t D&ic5ly #ecame o#+io&s that he /as not partic&larly intereste0 in ConnieGs sighting o$ the man-#ir0 the year #e$ore. Ae seeme0 mainly concerne0 /ith Mrs. Ayre an0 my o/n relationship /ith her 3/e /ere pro$essional $rien0s? nothing more4. <What do you think(if(!hat !ould Mary "yre do( if someone told her to stop !riting about %&'s?" he as5e0. ")he'd probably tell them to drop dead," Connie replie0. Most o$ his D&estions /ere st&pi0? e+en &nintelligi#le. A$ter a ram#ling con+ersation he 0ro+e o$$ into the night in his noisy car. Connie calle0 her a&nt imme0iately? p&66le0 an0 &pset #y the +isit. Ae /as s&ch a +ery o00 man? she note0? an0 he /o&l0nGt spea5 at all i$ yo& /erenGt loo5ing 0irectly into his 0ar5? hypnotic eyes. Connie? Keith an0 "arry not only notice0 his long-$ingere0 han0s? #&t there /as also something +ery pec&liar a#o&t his ears. -hey co&l0nGt say e.actly /hat. B&t there /as something.... )>>. ",id you ever hear of anyone(especially an air force officer(trying to drink #ell7 '?" Mrs. 8alph B&tler o$ C/atonna? Minnesota? as5e0. "Well, that's !hat he did. "e acted like he had never seen any before. "e picked up the bo!l and tried to drink it. I had to sho! him ho! to eat it !ith a spoon." Mrs. B&tler /as 0escri#ing the man /ho ha0 +isite0 her in May 19!7? $ollo/ing a $l&rry o$ = C sightings in C/atonna. Ae sai0 he /as MaBor 8ichar0 rench o$ the =.(. Air orce altho&gh he /as 0resse0 in ci+ilian clothes an0 /as 0ri+ing a /hite M&stang. Ais neat gray s&it an0 e+erything else he /as /earing appeare0 to #e #ran0-ne/. :+en the soles o$ his shoes /ere &nsc&$$e0? &n/al5e0 &pon. Ae /as a#o&t $i+e $eet nine inches tall? /ith an oli+e comple.ion an0 a pointe0 $ace. Ais hair /as 0ar5 an0 +ery longFtoo long $or an air $orce o$$icer? Mrs. B&tler tho&ght. =nli5e Jac5 Bro/n? MaBor rench /as a $l&ent con+ersationalist an0 seeme0 per$ectly normal &ntil he complaine0 a#o&t his stomach #othering him. 7hen Mrs. B&tler o$$ere0 him the Jell-C she s&specte0 $or the $irst time that something /as o&t o$ 5ilter. 17

8ichar0 rench /as an imposter. Cne o$ the many /an0ering aro&n0 the =nite0 (tates in 19!7. or years these characters ha0 ca&se0 ac&te paranoia among the $lying sa&cer enth&siasts? con+incing them that the air $orce /as in+estigating them? silencing /itnesses an0 in0&lging in all 5in0s o$ &nsa+ory acti+itiesFincl&0ing m&r0er. 7hen > $irst #egan collecting s&ch reports > /as nat&rally s&spicio&s o$ the people ma5ing s&ch reports. >t all seeme0 li5e a massi+e p&t-on. B&t gra0&ally it #ecame apparent that the same min&te 0etails /ere t&rning &p in /i0ely separate0 cases? an0 none o$ these 0etails ha0 #een p&#lishe0 any/here ... not e+en in the little ne/sletters o$ the = C c&ltists. -here /as some#o0y o&t there? all right. A $e/? li5e 8ichar0 rench? almost p&lle0 o$$ their capers /itho&t 0ra/ing attention to themsel+es. B&t in nearly e+ery case there /as al/ays some small error? some slip o$ 0ress or #eha+ior /hich the /itnesses /ere &s&ally /illing to o+erloo5 #&t /hich stoo0 o&t li5e signal $lares to me. -hey o$ten arri+e0 in ol0 mo0el cars /hich /ere as shiny an0 /ell 5ept as #ran0-ne/ +ehicles. (ometimes they slippe0 &p in their 0ress? /earing clothes that /ere o&t o$ $ashion or? e+en more pert&r#ing? /o&l0 not come into $ashion &ntil years later. G-hose /ho pose0 as military o$$icers o#+io&sly ha0 no 5no/le0ge o$ military proce0&re or #asic military Bargon. >$ they ha0 occasion to p&ll o&t a /allet or note#oo5? it /o&l0 #e #ran0-ne/ ... altho&gh most men carry #eat-&p ol0 /allets an0 note#oo5s D&ic5ly gain a /orn loo5. inally? li5e the $airies o$ ol0? they o$ten collecte0 so&+enirs $rom the /itnesses ... 0elighte0ly /al5ing a/ay /ith an ol0 maga6ine? pen? or other small e.pen0a#le o#Bect. 7hat tro&#le0 me most /as the $act that these mystery men an0 /omen o$ten matche0 the 0escriptions gi+en to me #y contactees /ho claime0 to ha+e seen a = C lan0 an0 ha0 glimpse0? or con+erse0 /ith? their pilotsH pilots /ith either pointe0 $eat&res or Criental co&ntenances 0&s5y s5in 3not %egroi04? an0 &n&s&ally long $ingers. )>>>. "in0a (car#erry came home $rom the hospital on 1ecem#er 23? 19!7? #ringing /ith her 1aniella "ia (car#erry? her #ran0-ne/ 0a&ghter. (he an0 her h&s#an0? 8oger? li+e0 in the #asement apartment in the home o$ her parents? Mr. an0 Mrs. Par5e Mc1aniel. >t /as a mo0est #&t com$orta#le home an0? li5e Mary AyreGs o$$ice? ha0 #een a $ocal point $or strangers e+er since "in0a? 8oger? an0 another co&ple ha0 seen the <Bir0<F the prepostero&s /inge0 man o$ Point PleasantFthe year #e$ore. %o/ there /as a stea0y $lo/ o$ $rien0s an0 neigh#ors stopping #y to loo5 at the ne/ #a#y? one o$ the $e/ Boyo&s occasions that #lea5 1ecem#er. 7hen Jac5 Bro/nGs noisy /hite car p&lle0 into the Mc1aniel 0ri+e/ay he /as /elcome0 as so many reporters? monster h&nters? an0 = C researchers ha0 #een #e$ore him. Ae Ganno&nce0 himsel$ as a $rien0 o$ Mary Ayre? @ray Bar5er? an0 John Keel an0 entere0 the ho&se ha&ling a large tape recor0er /hich he set &p on a 5itchen ta#le. >t #ecame imme0iately o#+io&s that he /as &n$amiliar /ith the machine an0 0i0nGt 5no/ ho/ to threa0 or operate it. 1;

-he Mc1aniel $amily /as &se0 to reporters an0 tape recor0ers? an0 ans/ering the same tiresome D&estions. B&t Bro/nGs D&estions /ere not B&st tiresome. -hey /ere +ag&e? 0etache0? an0 &nintelligent. Ae o#+io&sly 5ne/ nothing /hatsoe+er a#o&t the comple. s&#Bect o$ $lying sa&cers? an0 he /as totally 0isintereste0 in the legen0ary <Bir0.< Ais main interest seeme0 to #e meFmy present /herea#o&ts an0 the nat&re o$ my relationship /ith Mrs. Ayre. %ot s&rprisingly? he as5e0 the Mc1anielKs ho/ they tho&ght Mary Ayre /o&l0 react i$ someone or0ere0 her to stop reporting $lying sa&cer sightings. rien0s an0 neigh#ors 0roppe0 #y all e+ening to +ie/ the ne/ #a#y. Altho&gh the #a#y /as the center o$ all attention? Bro/n totally ignore0 the chil0? not e+en #othering to sho/ polite interest. 7hen -om C.? a ne.t-0oor neigh#or? /as intro0&ce0 Bro/n e.ten0e0 his th&m# an0 t/o $ore$ingers $or a han0sha5e. Ae sai0 he /as $rom Cam#ri0ge? Chio? a small to/n B&st o&tsi0e o$ Col&m#&s? Chio. "ater a reporter $or the Col&m#&s? Chio? 1ispatch arri+e0 an0 in the co&rse o$ their cas&al con+ersation it #ecame apparent that Bro/n ha0 ne+er hear0 o$ the 1ispatch? one o$ the stateGs largest ne/spapers? an0? in $act? 0i0 not e+en 5no/ /here Cam#ri0ge /as. Ais general 0emeanor ma0e e+eryone &ncom$orta#le. Ais ina#ility to con+erse intelligently an0 his hypnotic? piercing ga6e #othere0 e+eryone. 1espite the gro/ing coolness? he lingere0 $or $i+e ho&rs? lea+ing a#o&t 11 P.M. :arly in the e+ening he 0enie0 5no/ing me personally. "ater on he sai0 he an0 > /ere goo0 $rien0s. Ae seeme0 s&rprise0 that > ha0 not r&she0 #ac5 to Point Pleasant a$ter the #ri0ge 0isaster. Perhaps he e.pecte0 to $in0 me there. Among other things? he sai0 <@ray Bar5er tol0 him that a = C ha0 #een seen o+er the (il+er Bri0ge B&st #e$ore it collapse0. "ater /hen > spo5e to Bar5er a#o&t this inci0ent he 0enie0 emphatically 5no/ing Bro/n or anyone matching his 0escription. @ray ha0 phone0 me the night o$ the 0isaster an0 mentione0 hearing a ra0io inter+ie/ in /hich a /itness reporte0 seeing a $lash o$ light B&st #e$ore the #ri0ge /ent 0o/n. A$ter/ar0 it #ecame clear that this /as a $lash ca&se0 #y snapping po/er ca#les str&ng along the #ri0ge. Jac5 Bro/n /as ne+er seen again. Ae 0i0 not t&rn &p in other = C $lap areas. Ae B&st got into his /hite car an0 rattle0 o$$ into the night? Boining all the other (miths? Joneses? Kelleys? an0 renches /ho seem to ser+e no p&rpose e.cept to e.cite the latent paranoia o$ the = C enth&siasts an0 5eep one set o$ myths ali+e. >L. >n room 'C922 o$ the Pentagon #&il0ing in 19!! there /as an "-shape0 c&#icle occ&pying a#o&t $i$ty sD&are $eet o$ area. A gray-haire0? grim-+isage0 lie&tenant colonel name0 Maston M. Jac5s hel0 $orth there? sitting #ehin0 a cl&ttere0 0es5 an0 Bangling phones. Ais Bo# in those 0ays /as to han0le reporters inD&iring a#o&t the = C sit&ation. Ais opening line /as a sho/-stopper. 19

"There's nothing to it, Mr. -eel. It's all a lot of hearsay.< Cn another 0es5 there /as a large re0 $ol0er /ith the /or0s -op (ecret em#la6one0 in #ig #lac5 letters. 7hile /e tal5e0? a secretary entere0 an0 p&t a ne/spaper clipping into the $ol0er. My $irst con+ersation /ith "ie&tenant Colonel Jac5s D&ic5ly t&rne0 into an arg&ment. Ae parrote0 the /ell-5no/n air $orce anti-= C line an0 > e.plaine0 gently that > ha0 seen some o$ the 0amne0 things mysel$. At one point he p&lle0 himsel$ &p an0 glare0 at me. "6re you calling an officer in the %.). 6ir &orce a liar?" "ater on the phone rang an0 $rom his in$lection it /as o#+io&s he /as tal5ing to a s&perior o$$icer. > 0iscreetly strolle0 to the $ar en0 o$ the room an0 stare0 o&t the tiny? prisonli5e /in0o/. Ae m&m#le0 something a#o&t some mo+ie $ilm an0 then in a +ery lo/ +oice he a00e0? "I'll have to call you back.7There's somebody here in my office that I've got to stop." A$ter he h&ng &p /e res&me0 o&r arg&ment. Ae ha0 clearly gone thro&gh this many times #e$ore. >t /as all an act. Ais moo0s change0 a#r&ptly $rom rage to politeness to ch&mminess. inally he escorte0 me 0o/n the hall to a li#rary an0 0&mpe0 me. Jac5s tol0 me se+eral times that the air $orce 0i0 not ha+e any 5in0 o$ a = C photo $ile. A year later? ho/e+er? a science /riter name0 "loy0 Malian /as gi+en o+er one h&n0re0 pict&res $rom that none.istent $ile. Jac5s also in$orme0 me that no = C reports /ere store0 in the Pentagon. -hey /ere all at 7right-Patterson Air orce Base in Chio. > 0i0nGt +isit 7right-Patterson #&t Mort Eo&ng o$ the no/-0e$&nct %e/ Eor5 Jo&rnal-American 0i0. > as5e0 Mort to /rite his e.perience $or this #oo5. "8ecords of %&' reports, I !as told at the 2entagon, are all kept at Wright7 2atterson 6ir &orce $ase in ,ayton, 'hio," Mort e.plains. (o > /ent to 1ayton. -here > /as tol0 that = C reports are $ile0 at the Pentagon? an0 > co&l0 ha+e seen them in 7ashington. > later learne0 that not only are = C reports $ile0 at the Pentagon an0 at ProBect Bl&e Boo5 hea0D&arters in 1ayton? #&t are also $or/ar0e0 to at least t/o other a00resses /here? pres&ma#ly? they are also $ile0. Cne might hope that at these other places? the $iles are in #etter or0er than at Bl&e Boo5? /here in0i+i0&al sightings are incomplete. iles > as5e0 $or /ere either han0e0 to me /ith pages missing? entire parts missing? or the $ile itsel$ /as missing* the air $orce ha+ing <no in$ormation< on the sighting in D&estion. (ome $iles /ere in 0isrep&ta#le state* page &pon page Bamme0 into #ro/n $ol0ers. -he in$ormation that /as there /o&l0 ha+e to #e sorte0 chronologically? at least? #e$ore one co&l0 sit 0o/n? rea0 it thro&gh an0 come o&t the /iser. > /o&l0 rather try to e.plain a = C than ma5e sense o&t o$ an air $orce = C report 2,

(ome o$ the allegations o$ the = C #elie+ers ha0 merit. -he air $orce /as str&ggling to 5eep the iss&es con$&se0. -hey 0i0 lie? an0 on occasion they lie0 o&trageo&sly? to reporters. Photographs sent to them #y /ell-meaning citi6ens o$ten 0isappeare0 $ore+er into the ma/ at 7right-Patterson. B&t $rom my o/n in+estigations > co&l0 not honestly acc&se them o$ ha+ing a /ing o$ Criental o$$icers /hose assignment /as to sD&elch /itnesses. Cther /riters s&ch as "loy0 Malian /ere reaching similar concl&sions. By 19!7? "ie&tenant Colonel Jac5s ha0 retire0 an0 #een replace0 #y "t. Col. @eorge P. reeman. reeman /as a 5in0er? more tact$&l so&l an0 ga+e o&r reports serio&s consi0eration. Cn e#r&ary 15? 19!7? a con$i0ential letter /ent o&t $rom the Pentagon to all comman0s. >n$ormation has reache0 hea0D&arters =(A that persons claiming to represent the air $orce or other 0e$ense esta#lishments ha+e contacte0 citi6ens /ho ha+e sighte0 &ni0enti$ie0 $lying o#Bects. >n one reporte0 case? an in0i+i0&al in ci+ilian clothes? /ho represente0 himsel$ as a mem#er o$ %C8A1? 0eman0e0 an0 recei+e0 photos #elonging to a pri+ate citi6en. >n another? a person in an air $orce &ni$orm approache0 local police an0 other citi6ens /ho ha0 sighte0 a = C? assem#le0 them in a schoolroom an0 tol0 them that they 0i0 not see /hat they tho&ght they sa/ an0 that they sho&l0 not tal5 to anyone a#o&t the sighting. All military an0 ci+ilian personnel an0 partic&larly in$ormation o$$icers an0 = C in+estigating o$$icers /ho hear o$ s&ch reports sho&l0 imme0iately noti$y their local C(> MC$$ice o$ (pecial >n+estigationsN o$$ices. 3(igne04 Ae/itt -. 7heless? "t. @en. =(A Asst )ice Chie$ o$ (ta$$ ProBect Bl&e Boo5 /as $ormally sh&t 0o/n in 1ecem#er 19!9. B&t the <Men in Blac5< ha+e not retire0. -hey /ere #&sy again in the /a5e o$ the Ccto#er 1973 = C /a+e. An0 in Jan&ary 197' they e+en appeare0 in (/e0en? &sing the same tactics that /ere so e$$ecti+e here. :+en the gasoline shortage $aile0 to 0eter those #lac5 Ca0illacs $rom their mysterio&s ro&n0s.


3 - -he l&tter o$ Blac5 7ings

>. Another 5in0 o$ Man in Blac5 ha&nte0 Broo5lyn? %e/ Eor5? in 1;77-;,. Ae ha0 /ings an0 per$orme0 aerial acro#atics o+er the hea0s o$ the cro/0s o$ s&n#athers at Coney >slan0. A Mr. 7. A. (mith $irst reporte0 these strange $lights in a letter to the %e/ Eor5 (&n? (eptem#er 1;? 1;77. -he creat&re /as not a #ir0? #&t <a /inge0 h&man $orm.< -his $lying man #ecame a local sensation an0? accor0ing to the %e/ Eor5 -imes? (eptem#er 12? 1;;,? <many rep&ta#le persons< sa/ him as he /as <engage0 in $lying to/ar0 %e/ Jersey.< Ae mane&+ere0 at an altit&0e o$ a#o&t one tho&san0 $eet? sporting <#atGs /ings< an0 ma5ing s/imming-li5e mo+ements. 7itnesses claime0 to ha+e seen his $ace clearly. Ae "!ore a cruel and determined e1pression." -he entire $ig&re /as #lac5? stan0ing o&t sharply against the clear #l&e s5y. (ince he /asnGt to/ing an a0+ertising sign #ehin0 him? an0 since the primiti+e gli0ers o$ e.perimenters 0&ring that perio0 rarely tra+ele0 $ar? an0 then &s&ally 0o/nhill? the inci0ents are /itho&t e.planation. "eonar0o 0a )inci st&0ie0 the $lights o$ #ir0s in the $i$teenth cent&ry an0 trie0 to #&il0 a man-po/ere0 ornithopter /itho&t s&ccess. -ho&san0s o$ other #asement in+entors ha+e /or5e0 on the i0ea sinceH constr&cting can+as /ings that /ere mo+e0 #y the m&scles o$ the optimistic pilots. Most o$ these /eir0-loo5ing machines #ecame instant B&n5 on their $irst test $lights. An0 se+eral o+ercon$i0ent types /ent crashing to their 0eaths /hen they leape0 o$$ cli$$s an0 high #&il0ings in their homema0e /ings. >t /as not &ntil May 2? 19!2? that a man really s&ccee0e0 in $lying &n0er his o/n po/er. Mr. John C. 7impenny $le/ 993 yar0s at an altit&0e o$ $i+e $eet in a contraption /ith rigi0 /ings an0 a pe0al-0ri+en propeller at Aat$iel0? Aert$or0shire? in :nglan0. -he principle o$ the ornithopterFprop&lsion thro&gh the #ir0li5e mo+ement o$ /ingsFhas #een 5no/n $or cent&ries #&t no one has #een a#le to ma5e it /or5. %o h&man? that is. Machines $lying thro&gh the air /ith mo+ing /ings ha+e $reD&ently #een sighte0 0&ring = C /a+es. B&t the = C enth&siasts ten0 to ignore any reports /hich 0escri#e things other than 0is5s or cigar-shape0 o#Bects. >n 19,5 <a titanic /hite #ir0< $l&ttere0 aro&n0 Cali$ornia. Cne /itness? J. A. Jac5son? <a /ell-5no/n resi0ent o$ (ilshee?< /as paying a +isit to his o&tho&se at 1*3, A.M. on A&g&st 2 /hen he sa/ a #rilliant light in the s5y. >t seeme0 to #e attache0 to a se+enty-$oot <airship< /ith /ings. <-he mysterio&s machine appeare0 to #e propelle0 #y the /ings alone an0 rose an0 $ell as the /ings $lappe0 li5e a gigantic #ir0?< the Bra/ley? Cali$ornia? %e/s reporte0? A&g&st '? 19,5. Cthers in the area reporte0 seeing the same thing. 7inge0 #eings are an essential part o$ the $ol5lore o$ e+ery c&lt&re. rom the times o$ Ba#ylonia an0 the Pharaohs? sc&lptors /ere preocc&pie0 /ith p&tting /ings on lions 22

an0 &ni0enti$ia#le #easts. Altho&gh the angels o$ #i#lical times /ere ne+er 0escri#e0 as #eing /inge0? painters an0 sc&lptors ha+e al/ays persiste0 in gi+ing them $eathere0 appen0ages. 3Act&ally? the ol0-time angels appeare0 li5e or0inary h&man #eings. -hey e+en ha0 s&pper /ith "ot.4 7hen 0emons o+erran the planet 0&ring the 1ar5 Ages they /ere also recor0e0 as monstro&s entities /ith #atsG /ings. 8emote areas o$ the /orl0 are still sai0 to #e inha#ite0 #y harpies an0 /inge0 h&mans. Cn J&ly 11? 19,;? the $amo&s 8&ssian tra+eler ). K. Arsenye+ /as tre55ing along the @o#illi 8i+er /hen he ha0 this enco&nter* 3O4 ... > sa/ the mar5 on the path that /as +ery similar to a manGs $ootprint. My 0og Alpha #ristle0 &p? snarle0 an0 then something r&she0 a#o&t near#y trampling among the #&shes. ---MON E&ri B. Petren5o? < orer&nner o$ the lying G"a0yG o$ )ietnamI< lying (a&cer 8e+ie/? +ol. 19? no. 2 3March-April 19734* 29-3,. ---Ao/e+er? it 0i0nGt go a/ay? #&t stoppe0 near#y? stan0ing stoc5-still. 7e ha0 #een stan0ing li5e that $or some min&tes ... then > stoope0? pic5e0 &p a stone an0 thre/ it to/ar0s the &n5no/n animal. -hen something happene0 that /as D&ite &ne.pecte0* > hear0 the #eating o$ /ings. (omething large an0 0ar5 emerge0 $rom the $og an0 $le/ o+er the ri+er. A moment later it 0isappeare0 into the 0ense mist my 0og? #a0ly $rightene0? presse0 itsel$ to my $eet. A$ter s&pper > tol0 the =0ehe-men a#o&t this inci0ent. -hey #ro5e into a +i+i0 story a#o&t a man /ho co&l0 $ly in the air. A&nters o$ten sa/ his trac5s? trac5s that appeare0 s&00enly an0 +anishe0 s&00enly? in s&ch a /ay that they co&l0 only #e possi#le i$ the <man< alighte0 on the gro&n0? then too5 o$$ again into the air. >n Me.ico there are stories o$ the i5als? tiny #lac5 men en0o/e0 /ith the po/er o$ $light /ho li+e in ca+es an0 5i0nap h&mans. >n >n0ia the giant #ir0 5no/n as the @ar&0a is an important part o$ the mythology. -he go0s )ishn& an0 Krishna tra+ele0 aro&n0 the hea+ens on the #ac5 o$ a great @ar&0a. %orth American >n0ians ha+e e.tensi+e legen0s a#o&t the -h&n0er#ir0? a h&ge #ir0 sai0 to carry o$$ chil0ren an0 ol0 people. >t /as accompanie0 #y lo&0 noises? h&ms? #&66es an0? apparently? r&m#les $rom the in$rasonic an0 &ltrasonic le+els. Kno/n as Piasa to the >n0ians o$ the 1a5otas? it /as s&ppose0 to ha+e terri$ying re0 eyes an0 a long tail. 7e are 0ealing /ith three types o$ phenomena in these cases. -he $irst is the /inge0 manH the secon0 is a giant #ir0? so h&ge it is a #iological impossi#ilityH thir0? /e ha+e a monstro&s 0emon /ith re0 eyes? #atGs /ings? an0 a #o0y closely h&man in $orm. All three are pro#a#ly interrelate0.


8esearch is still $ragmentary #&t there is Bo&rnalistic e+i0ence that the /inge0 man o$ 1;;, /as not con$ine0 to Coney >slan0. Ais acti+ities there /ere B&st a p&#licity gam#it? attracting the notice o$ the stai0 %e/ Eor5 -imes an0 th&s attaining a meas&re o$ respecta#ility so that /hen anyone any/here else sa/ him they ha0 a $rame o$ re$erence. Accor0ing to the "o&is+ille? Kent&c5y? Co&rier-Jo&rnal? J&ly 29? 1;;,? the /inge0 man /as #&sy in that area. -/o men? C.A. Eo&ngman an0 Bo# le.ner? reporte0 seeing <a man s&rro&n0e0 #y machinery /hich he seeme0 to #e /or5ing /ith his han0s.< Ae ha0 /ings or $ans on his #ac5 /hich he /as $lapping rather 0esperately to 5eep alo$t. -he startle0 men /atche0 him $l&tter &nstea0ily o&t o$ +ie/. B&t he /o&l0 #e #ac5. >>. A year #e$ore the $irst $lying sa&cer <scare< er&pte0 in the state o$ 7ashington in 19'7? a gro&p o$ si.teen people in (an 1iego? Cali$ornia? /itnesse0 a strange phenomenon. -hey /ere gathere0 on a roo$top to /atch a meteor sho/er on the night o$ Ccto#er 9? 19'!? /hen a #l&ish-/hite /inge0 o#Bect appeare0 in the s5y. >t loo5e0 li5e an e.tremely long airplane carrying t/o re00ish lights an0 it le$t a l&mino&s contrail. "The strange ob9ect !as certainly no airplane," one /itness tol0 Aarol0 -. 7il5ins. 314 <-he /ings? /hich mo+e0? /ere too /i0e $or any #ir0. >n0ee0? they /ere rather li5e the /ings o$ a #&tter$ly. -he /hole o#Bect emitte0 a re0 glo/.< -he o#Bect /as especially conspic&o&s as it crosse0 the $ace o$ the moon. (ome o$ the /itnesses tho&ght it resem#le0 a gigantic #at. Astronomers ha+e also reporte0 similar o#Bects. >n Pop&lar Astronomy? 1912? 1r. .B. Aarris state0* <lathe e+ening o$ Jan&ary 27? 1912? > sa/ an intensely #lac5 o#Bect? li5e a cro/? poise0 &pon the moon. > estimate0 it at 25, miles long #y 5, miles /i0e. > cannot #&t thin5 that a +ery interesting phenomenon happene0.< >n that cra6y year 1;;,? an >talian astronomer name0 8icco? on the o#ser+atory at Palermo? (icily? /as st&0ying the s&n at ; A.M.? %o+em#er 3,? /hen he sa! "!inged bodies in t!o long parallel lines slo!ly traveling, apparently across the disk of the sun. They looked like large birds tor cranes." Cranes on the s&nI Cro/s 25, miles long on the moonI Blac5-gar#e0 men s/imming thro&gh the s5ies o+er Coney >slan0I Crnithopters o+er Kent&c5y an0 (an 1iegoI M1N Aarol0 -. 7il5ins? lying (a&cers on the Attac5 3%e/ Eor5* Cita0el Press? 195'4? chapter >>>.


Cn 1ecem#er 3,? 19'!? :lla Eo&ng? an American /riter? sa/ one o$ o&r #ats at 0&s5 near Morro/ Bay? Cali$ornia. <Cn the gol0en s5y it loo5e0 +ery #lac5?< she reporte0. <>t came $or/ar0 hea0 on? an0 ha0 a #at li5e appearance? o/ing to the c&r+at&re o$ its /ings. > am not s&re i$ there /ere motions at the e.treme tip o$ the /ingsH #&t the strange machine seeme0 to stan0 still $or se+eral min&tes? an0 its $orm /as +ery 0istinct. (&00enly? it either lo/ere0 itsel$ to/ar0 the hori6on or the #an5 o$ clo&0-mist ma0e an &p/ar0 mo+ementFmay#e? #oth mo+ements occ&rre0F$or the machine passe0 #ehin0 the clo&0 an0 0i0 not reappear. >mme0iately a$ter/ar0? a great $l&sh o$ color sprea0 o+er the sea.< May thro&gh A&g&st 19'7 sa/ the $irst mo0ern = C /a+e in the =nite0 (tates. C00 lights? glistening circ&lar machines? an0 re00ish $lying cigars capt&re0 the American imagination. -i$$any -hayer? the eccentric no+elist an0 $o&n0er o$ the ortean (ociety? name0 a$ter Charles ort? chortle0 o+er the air $orce e.planations in the societyGs Bo&rnal? 1o&#t. C#+io&sly the go+ernment /as 0etermine0 to co+er &p the tr&e $acts in this ne/ sit&ation. Mystics an0 cran5s D&ic5ly appeare0? e.plaining the phenomenon as the /or5 o$ people $rom o&ter space. -he press ga+e the sensation a t/o-/ee5 r&n? then /ent #ac5 to the intricacies o$ the col0 /ar. %o one? not e+en the #ea0y-eye0 orteans? pai0 m&ch attention to the giant #ir0s an0 machines /ith $lapping /ings that ret&rne0 to o&r s5ies in 19';. :arly in Jan&ary 19';? Mrs. Bernar0 Pailo/s5i reporte0 seeing a " and !< man /ith sil+er /ings mane&+ering a#o&t 2,, $eet a#o+e her #arn in Chehalis? 7ashington. -he air $orce sco$$e0. o&r months later? t/o la&n0ry /or5ers in "ong+ie/? 7ashington? a#o&t $orty miles so&th o$ Chehalis? claime0 to see a trio o$ <#ir0men< circling the city at an altit&0e o$ 25, $eet. <7hen they $irst came into sight? > tho&ght they loo5e0 li5e g&lls? #&t as they got closer > co&l0 ma5e o&t that they /erenGt g&lls an0 > 5ne/ they /ere men?< Mrs. )iola Johnson tol0 reporters. <> co&l0 see plainly that they /ere men. ... -hey /ore 0ar5? 0ra# $lying s&its. > co&l0nGt ma5e o&t their arms #&t > co&l0 see their legs 0angling 0o/n an0 they 5ept mo+ing their hea0s li5e they /ere loo5ing aro&n0. > co&l0nGt tell i$ they ha0 goggles on #&t their hea0s loo5e0 li5e they ha0 helmets on. > co&l0nGt see their $aces.< -hat happene0 on April 9? 19';. -hat same 0ay? a co&ple in Cale0onia? >llinois? reporte0 seeing <a monster bird ... bigger than an airplane." 8esearchers Jerome Clar5 an0 "oren Coleman 0&g into >llinois ne/spapers an0 0isco+ere0 that state ha0 an epi0emic o$ $&nny #ir0s in -19';. 324 -hat Jan&ary James -rares? t/el+e? e.cite0ly e.claime0 to his mother? "There's a bird outside as big as a $(:;/" -hey li+e0 in @len0ale? >llinois. >n April? a h&ge #ir0 /as reporte0 in Alton? Cale0onia? C+erlan0? 8ichmon0 Aeights? an0 reeport? all in >llinois. 7alter (iegm&n0? a retire0 army colonel? sa/ it on April '.


"I thought there !as something !rong !ith my eyesight?< he sai0? "but it !as definitely a bird and not a glider or 9et plane .... &rom the movements of the ob9ect and its si.e, I figured it could only be a bird of tremendous si.e." -hree people in C+erlan0? >llinois? +ie/e0 the creat&re on April 1,. At $irst they tho&ght it /as an airplane? then it #egan to $lap its /ings. By late April the @ar&0a /as #&66ing the city o$ (t. "o&is. 1r. Kristine 1ole6al sa/ it on the t/ A gro&p o$ instr&ctors at the Mississippi (chool o$ Aerona&tics o#ser+e0 <an a!fully big bird< at 1?2,, $eet the ne.t 0ay. A salesman name0 Aarry Bra0$or0 complaine0? "I've seen it three times in the last four days and that's too much tomfoolery for a man of fifty to take.< "I thought people !ho reported seeing the thing !ere 'bugs' until I looked into the sky last night," Charles 1&nn? an inspector $or =.(. (teel? 0eclare0 on April 3,. "It !as flapping its !ings and moving uite fast at about <,=== feet altitude and it appeared to be illuminated by a dull glo!. It looked about the si.e of a 2iper 0ub plane but there !as no engine sound and it !as not a plane. I could hardly believe my eyes." Altho&gh the plane-si6e0 #ir0 /as seen spora0ically 0&ring the ne.t 0eca0e? the $lying sa&cers stole the limelight. -he air $orce an0 the amate&r in+estigators chose to p&rs&e the more e.citing Martians an0 )en&sians. B&t the $ig&re o$ a man /ith "!ings like a bat," 0resse0 in tight-$itting #lac5 clothes an0 s&rro&n0e0 #y an eerie glo/ startle0 three people in Ao&ston? on J&ne 1;? 1953. "I could see him plain and could see he had big !ings folded at his shoulders," Mrs. Ail0a 7al5er sai0. ""e !as about si1 and a half feet tall and !as perched on the limb of a pecan tree". ---M2N <Jerome Clar5 an0 "oren Coleman? <7inge0 7eir0ies?< ate? March 1972. ---Ais halo o$ light slo/ly $a0e0 o&t an0 he +anishe0. "Immediately after!ard," Mrs. 7al5er contin&e0? "!e heard a loud s!oosh over the housetops across the street. It !as like the !hite flash of a torpedo7shaped ob9ect." "I may be nuts, but I sa! it, !hatever it !as," Ao/ar0 Phillips? another /itness? 0eclare0. -he ne.t #ig year $or o&r phantom $liers /as 19!1. 8esi0ents along lori0aGs -amiami -rail #egan seeing /hat one /oman 0escri#e0 as "a big vulture ... !ith a !ingspread of about fifty7five feet. Isn't that sorta unusual?" >n May 19!1? a %e/ Eor5 2!

pilot /as #&66e0 #y "a damned big bird, bigger than an eagle. &or a moment I doubted my sanity because it looked more like a pterodactyl out of the prehistoric past." -he thing ha0 s/oope0 at his plane as he cr&ise0 &p the A&0son 8i+er +alley. ar a/ay? in the Chio 8i+er +alley? another startle0 pair ha0 an e+en more #reathta5ing e.perience. A /oman prominent in ci+ic a$$airs in Point Pleasant? 7est )irginia? /as 0ri+ing on 8o&te 2 along the Chio 8i+er /ith her el0erly $ather. As they passe0 thro&gh a sector on the e0ge o$ a par5 5no/n as the Chie$ Cornstal5 A&nting @ro&n0s? a tall manli5e $ig&re s&00enly appeare0 on the roa0 in $ront o$ them. "I slo!ed do!n," she tol0 me years later? "and as !e got closer !e could see that it !as much larger than a man. 6 big gray figure. It stood in the middle of the road. Then a pair of !ings unfolded from its back and they practically filled the !hole road. It almost looked like a small airplane. Then it took off straight up ... disappearing out of sight in seconds. We !ere both terrified. I stepped on the gas and raced out of there". <We talked it over and decided not to tell anybody about it. Who !ould believe us, any!ay?" 1r. JacD&es )allee? rench statistician an0 comp&ter e.pert? /as gi+en access to the air $orceGs = C $iles an0 he came across a c&rio&s report $rom an air $orce colonel /ho /as 0ri+ing alone along a roa0 in >llinois one night 3no 0ate is gi+en4 /hen he #ecame a/are o$ something $lying a#o+e his car. >t /as? he sai0? a h&ge #ir0 the si6e o$ a small airplane. >t $lappe0 its /ings an0 soare0 a/ay. -here are shaggy #ir0 stories #y the po&n0. A #&sinessman in Arlington? )irginia? /rote to me recently? 0escri#ing an e.perience he an0 three $rien0s ha0 in the /inter o$ 19!;-!9. -hey /ere at a $arm near Aaymar5et /hen they hear0 a strange r&shing so&n0 near a small la5e. >ntrig&e0? they set o&t /ith $lashlights an0 a co&ple o$ 0ogs to in+estigate. (&00enly the 0ogs ho/le0? t&rne0 tail? an0 ran. -here? stan0ing #y a tree /as a h&ge 0ar5 sha0o/ #et/een eight an0 t/el+e $eet tall. -he D&artet sc&rrie0 #ac5 to their car? t&rne0 on their lights? an0 s/&ng to/ar0 the sha0o/. "6ll !e sa!," he reporte0? "!as this huge thing !ith large red7orange eyeballs and !ing like arms. We couldn't get out of there fast enough." 7e e+en ha+e a na5e0 /oman /ith /ings in o&r collection. -he case /as in+estigate0 #y 1on 7orley? an e.perience0 st&0ent o$ the &n5no/n? /ho inter+ie/e0 the /itness in 0epth. ""e is a reliable observer," 7orley notes? "and he s!ears that this event is !ell beyond the capacity of his imagination." :arl Morrison? the /itness? /as ser+ing as a pri+ate? $irst class in the Marine Corps in )ietnam in the s&mmer o$ 19!9. Ae an0 t/o #&00ies /ere sitting on top o$ a #&n5er near 1a %ang on a /arm s&mmer e+ening. "6ll of a sudden(I don't kno! !hy(!e all three looked out there in the sky and !e sa! this figure coming to!ard us. It had a kind of glo! and !e couldn't make out !hat it !as at first. It started coming to!ard us, real slo!ly. 6ll of a sudden !e sa! 27

!hat looked like !ings, like a bat's, only it !as gigantic compared to !hat a regular bat !ould be. 6fter it got close enough so !e could see !hat it !as, it looked like a !oman. 6 naked !oman. )he !as black. "er skin !as black, her body !as black, the !ings !ere black, everything !as black. $ut it glo!ed. It glo!ed in the night(kind of a greenish cast to it. " "There !as a glo! on her and around her. >verything glo!ed. 4ooked like she glo!ed and thre! off a radiance. We sa! her arms to!ard the !ings and they looked like regular molded arms, each !ith a hand, and, fingers and everything, but they had skin from the !ings going over them. 6nd !hen she flapped her !ings, there !as no noise at first. It looked like her arms didn't have any bones in them, because they !ere limber 9ust like a bat". ")he started going over us, and !e still didn't hear anything. )he !as right above us, and !hen she got over the top of our heads she !as maybe si1 or seven feet up. " "We couldn't do anything. We didn't kno! !hat to do. We 9ust fro.e. We 9ust !atched !hat !as going over because !e couldn't believe our eyes. ... )o !e !atched her go straight over the top of us, and still she didn't make any noise flapping her !ings. )he blotted out the moon once(that's ho! close she !as to us ... 6s !e !atched her(she got about ten feet or so a!ay from us(!e started hearing her !ings flap. 6nd it sounded, you kno!, like regular !ings flapping. 6nd she 9ust started flying off and !e !atched her for uite a !hile. The total time !hen !e first sa! her and could almost define her until !e lost sight of her and !ere unable to define her !as bet!een three or four minutes. ? 334 )ietnam ha0 a #ig = C /a+e in 19!;-!9? /hich incl&0e0 an epi0emic o$ phantom helicopters. Cn se+eral occasions the military $orces on #oth si0es $ire0 at the o#Bects /itho&t e$$ect. P$c. MorrisonGs acco&nt stan0s as one o$ the #est close-&p sightings o$ a /inge0 entity. >>>. A #right <star< appeare0 o+er the trees o$ (an0ling Par5? Aythe? in Kent? :nglan0? on the night o$ %o+em#er 1!? 19!3? an0 so #egan one o$ the classics in &$ology. o&r teen-agers /ere strolling along a co&ntry roa0 near the par5? going home $rom a 0ance? /hen the mo+ements o$ the <star< ca&ght their eyes. >t 0ippe0 o&t o$ the s5y an0 hea0e0 straight $or them? $inally 0ropping 0o/n #ehin0 some near#y trees. John la.ton? se+enteen? sai0 he s&00enly $elt +ery col0? an0 a sense o$ o+erpo/ering $ear eng&l$e0 the gro&p. -hey starte0 to r&n. -he light? no/ a gol0en o+al-shape0 o#Bect? reappeare0 $rom #ehin0 the trees an0 seeme0 to mo+e along /ith them $rom a 0istance o$ a#o&t t/o h&n0re0 $eet. 7hen they stoppe0? the light stoppe0. -hen it /as lost $rom sight #ehin0 the trees. -he $o&r yo&ngsters slo/e0 0o/n? catching their #reath. 2;

(&00enly a tall? 0ar5 $ig&re emerge0 $rom the /oo0s an0 /a00le0 to/ar0 them. >t /as completely #lac5 an0 ha0 no 0iscerni#le hea0. Mer+yn A&tchinson? eighteen? 0escri#e0 it as loo5ing li5e a h&man-si6e0 #at? /ith #ig #at /ings on its #ac5. All $o&r too5 o$$ as $ast as they co&l0 go. M3N (8 Case Aistories? %o. 1,? J&ne 1972. More strange lights /ere seen in (an0ling 7oo0s in the 0ays that $ollo/e0. >n+estigators $o&n0 three giant $ootprints? an inch 0eep? t/o $eet long? an0 nine inches across. -hree /ee5s later a gro&p o$ people? incl&0ing t/o ne/spaper reporters? +isite0 the site an0 $o&n0 the /hole $orest ill&minate0 #y a strange p&lsating light. -hey /atche0 it $rom a 0istance $or hal$ an ho&r? a$rai0 to go closer. 3'4 -hese great @ar&0as an0 /inge0 #eings are closely associate0 /ith l&mino&s phenomena. -hey ten0 to appear in areas /here = Cs ha+e #een acti+e an0? li5e = Cs? they ten0 to linger $or 0ays or e+en /ee5s in the same speci$ic area. -he #ig l&mino&s #ir0 o$ the >llinois-(t. "o&is region in 19'; /as +isiting an area o$ the Mississippi +alley that /o&l0 see contin&o&s = C an0 hairy monster acti+ity therea$ter. >n many instances the /itnesses ha+e clearly seen the o#Bects in the process o$ materiali6ation or 0emateriali6ation. A glo/ is o#ser+e0 $irst? &s&ally a re00ish glo/ mar5ing the emergence o$ the o#Bect $rom the in+isi#le #an0 o$ the spectr&m into in$rare0 an0 then into the narro/ #an0 o$ +isi#le light. Cr? i$ the o#Bect is passing thro&gh the +isi#le #an0 to the higher $reD&encies it is cyan 3#l&ish-green4 #e$ore it $a0es into #l&e 3har0 to see at night4 an0 then enters the &ltra+iolet range. -he chills e.perience0 #y John la.ton an0 his gro&p /ere pro#a#ly ca&se0 #y micro/a+es a#o+e the in$rare0 3/hich pro0&ces heat4? B&st as the +ery col0 atmosphere accompanying ghosts is a ra0iation e$$ect. -he a#sence o$ any o+erpo/ering o0or? either sic5ly s/eet li5e +iolets or roses or na&seo&s li5e hy0rogen s&l$i0e? in these #ir0 an0 #atman cases p&66les me? ho/e+er. -his co&l0 in0icate some s&#tle 0i$$erence in the #asic str&ct&re o$ these creat&resH a 0i$$erence in the energy components or molec&lar str&ct&re. People are still seeing $lying $rea5s. Cn May 21? 1973? a gro&p o$ men in a /oo0 near Kristiansta0? (/e0en? reporte0 an incre0i#ly h&ge #lac5 #ir0 /hich passe0 /ithin one h&n0re0 $eet o$ them. Cne /itness ha0 a camera /ith a telephoto lens an0 attempte0 to ta5e a pict&re? #&t his $ilm Bamme0. Camera mal$&nctions are remar5a#ly common among /o&l0-#e = C photographers? an0 e+en those /ho try to ta5e pict&res o$ the serpent at "och %ess. >t almost seems as i$ some o&tsi0e $orce $o&ls &p cameras /hen monsters an0 = Cs are aro&n0. M'N Charles Bo/en? e0.? -he A&manoi0s 3"on0on* %e+ille (pearman? 19!94.


' - -a5e the -rain

>. < rom Ba0 A.e to Bethes0a the happy ne/s comes in?< /rote an anonymo&s <-al5 o$ the -o/n< contri#&tor in -he %e/ Eor5er? April 9? 19!!. < lying sa&cers9 ... 7e rea0 the o$$icial e.planations /ith sheer 0elight? mar+eling at their st&pen0o&s ina0eD&acy. Marsh gas? in0ee09 ... C&r theory is that $lying sa&cers are not o$ this earth. -he #eings /ho control them are attempting to ma5e contact /ith man in the gentlest possi#le $ashion ....< 1r. >saac Asimo+? 0ean o$ science /riters? commente0* <> am tol0? tho&gh? that so many people ha+e seen o#Bects that loo5e0 li5e spaceships that Gthere m&st #e something in itG .... May#e there is? #&t thin5 o$ all the people in the history o$ the /orl0 /ho ha+e seen ghosts an0 spirits an0 angels. >tGs not /hat yo& see that is s&spect? #&t ho/ yo& interpret /hat yo& see.< At a scienti$ic con+ention hel0 in Baltimore in 19!!? 1r. :0/ar0 C. 7alsh? secretary o$ the %ational Aerona&tics an0 (pace Co&ncil? remar5e0* ")o many airline pilots report seeing them, that's !hy I take the train." 7here+er yo& /ere in the year 19!!? yo& m&st ha+e hear0 a#o&t the coming o$ the $lying sa&cers. -he ne/s me0ia #eat the story into a $roth o$ enn&i. -he ne/sstan0s /ere gl&tte0 /ith one-shot = C maga6ines an0 D&ic5ie paper#ac5s <rehashing the reporte0 sightings $rom pre+io&s $lap years. :+ery/here great cro/0s o$ people gathere0 on hilltops? in s/amps an0 cemeteries? an0 aro&n0 reser+oirs an0 gra+el pits? their eyes t&rne0 hea+en/ar0. (a&cer-h&nting #ecame a national sport? rallying to the e.cite0 cry? <-here goes one9< -hat year > stoo0 on hilltops an0 #eaches /ith those cro/0s? /atching $&nny lights #o# aro&n0 in the night. B&t an &neasiness /as o+erta5ing meH a 0ar5 s&spicion that 1r. Asimo+Gs tong&e-in-chee5 o#ser+ation may ha+e containe0 more tr&th than e+en he 5ne/. -he Eear o$ the @ar&0a /as at han0. A 0ar5 $orce /as closing o+er a little to/n > ha0 ne+er e+en hear0 o$* Point Pleasant? 7est )irginia. >n a matter o$ months > /o&l0 #e arri+ing there li5e some #lac5-s&ite0 e.orcist? l&gging my tattere0 #rie$case? /a+ing the gol0en cross o$ science. My li$e /o&l0 #ecome intert/ine0 /ith the li+es o$ the people o$ the Chio +alley. >n March 19!!? a shapely ho&se/i$e? /hom > /ill call Mrs. Kelly #eca&se she as5e0 that her name #e /ithhel0? /as /aiting in her car $or her chil0ren near the Point Pleasant school /hen she sa/ an &n#elie+a#le apparition lo/ in the s5y. >t loo5e0 li5e a glistening metal 0is5 an0 /as ho+ering 0irectly a#o+e the school playgro&n0. A 0oor li5e apert&re /as open at its rim an0 there /as a man stan0ing o&tsi0e. Ae /as not stan0ing in the 0oor/ay? he /as stan0ing o&tsi0e the o#Bect in mi0air9 Ae /ore a 3,

sil+ery s5in-tight cost&me an0 ha0 +ery long sil+ery hair. Ae /as loo5ing 0o/n into the school yar0 intently. (he /atche0 him $or a long moment &ntil her chil0ren #o&n0e0 &p to the car. 7hen she loo5e0 again? the man an0 o#Bect /ere gone. (he 0eci0e0 not to tell anyone a#o&t this strange +ision? attaching religio&s signi$icance to it. -hat s&mmer? Mrs. Mary Ayre /as 0ri+ing along the Chio si0e o$ the ri+er /hen a s&00en glint in the s5y attracte0 her attention. "6t first I thought it !as a plane," she recalle0. "Then I got a better look at it. It !as perfectly round. I couldn't make out !hat it !as but I didn't give it any thought at the time." Another ro&n0 o#Bect chose to ho+er a#o+e -inyGs resta&rant B&st o&tsi0e Point Pleasant that s&mmer? /here it /as seen #y a n&m#er o$ c&stomers incl&0ing the /i$e o$ a local police o$$icer. -inyGs stan0s on the corner o$ the street /here the Mc1aniels li+e. -he Mc1aniel $amily /o&l0 later ser+e as the $oc&s $or many o$ the strange mani$estations. %ot one person #othere0 to report a = C sighting to the la/ or press in Point Pleasant? altho&gh there /ere many s&ch sightings all s&mmer long. People in 0istant (alt "a5e City? =tah? /erenGt so sD&eamish? ho/e+er. 7hen a #ir0 "about as big as a 2iper 0ub airplane< circle0 that Mormon comm&nity on J&ly 1;? 19!!? some people ran $or co+er /hile others ran $or their telephones. (hortly a$ter 2 P.M. on (eptem#er 1? Mrs. James >5art o$ (cott? Mississippi? gra##e0 her phone to call the 1elta 1emocrat -imes 3@reen+ille4. (he an0 her neigh#ors /ere /atching a /hitish man-shape0 $lying o#Bect. "It got do!n pretty lo! and then !ould go up," Mrs. >5art sai0. "I never sa! anything like it." John A&rsh? a local meteorologist? /hippe0 o&t (tan0ar0 :.planation %o. '25. <>tGs apparently some#o0yGs research #alloon thatGs gotten a/ay?< he anno&nce0. 7hate+er it /as? it #o&nce0 aro&n0 (cott most o$ the a$ternoon. >>. -hree tho&san0 years ago a small gro&p o$ #rilliant men in+estigate0 an0 sol+e0 the mystery o$ &ni0enti$ie0 $lying o#Bects. (ince then a great many others ha+e approache0 the same mystery $rom 0i$$erent perspecti+es an0 sol+e0 it o+er an0 o+er again. =n$ort&nately? their staggering sol&tions /ere o#$&scate0 #y intellect&al e.trapolations an0 the pon0ero&s terminology o$ philosophy an0 theology. e/ mo0ern = C enth&siasts ha+e the e0&cational #ac5gro&n0 to &n0erstan0 s&ch literat&re. -hey choose? as an alternati+e? to 0eal /ith the phenomenon on a materialistic le+el? ass&ming that the presence o$ &nli5ely o#Bects an0 entities in o&r atmosphere is e+i0ence o$ some e.traterrestrial ci+ili6ation. Lenophanes? one o$ the $irst great philosophers cent&ry B.C.4? o#ser+e0 that the :thiopians tho&ght their go0s /ere #lac5 an0 sn&#-nose0 li5e themsel+es. -o0ay 31

many o$ &s no longer #elie+e in 0irect +isits /ith o&r @o0? so /e ha+e shape0 a ne/ mythology #ase0 &pon the #elie$ in spacemen car+e0 in o&r o/n image. 7hen the ancients sighte0 giant? sham#ling #ipe0s co+ere0 /ith hair? their eyes #la6ing li5e $ierce coals? they ass&me0 they /ere con$ronting 0emons. :arly in+estigators e+ent&ally concl&0e0 that s&ch 0emons 0i0 not really e+en tho&gh they o$ten le$t $ootprints #ehin0 an0 ca&se0 physical 0amage. -hey coine0 the /or0 5himaira 3chimera4 to 0escri#e them. Cthers note0 that the eerie aerial lights change0 colors &p an0 0o/n the +is&al spectr&m an0 the /or0 specter /as #orn. (e+eral times each year tall? hairy creat&res /ith re0 eyes are still seen thro&gho&t the =nite0 (tates an0? in $act? thro&gho&t the /orl0. "i5e many $orms o$ chimeras? they are &s&ally accompanie0 #y the smell o$ rotten eggsFhy0rogen s&l$i0e. -he <$ire an0 #rimstone< o$ the ancients. -he same o0or $reD&ently s&rro&n0s the $a#le0 $lying sa&cers an0 their space-s&ite0 pilots. (eeing a spaceman 0isem#ar5 $rom a $lying sa&cer is no more remar5a#le than seeing an angel 0escen0 in a l&mino&s clo&0 3an0 angels are still reporte0 h&n0re0s o$ t&nes each year4. -he report o$ a nine-$oot-tall h&manoi0 strolling 0o/n the main street o$ B&$$alo Mills? Pennsyl+ania? on A&g&st 19? 1973? /as no more o&tlan0ish than the 0inosa&rs /ho appear $rom time to time to terri$y /itnesses an0 #a$$le police posses. >n 19!9 there /ere 0inosa&r reports in >n 197, the police in >taly sco&re0 a mo&ntain range a$ter se+eral /itnesses reporte0 seeing a sa&rian. -o the regret o$ the tr&e #elie+ers? the maBority o$ the /itnesses to chimerical e+ents /ere alone at the time o$ their e.perience. 7hile the amate&r in+estigators ten0 to Concentrate on the +ery s&#Becti+e 0escriptions o$ the o#ser+ers? > pro#e0 0eeper an0 st&0ie0 the /itnesses themsel+es. Many? > $o&n0? s&$$ere0 certain me0ical symptoms s&ch as temporary amnesia? se+ere hea0aches? m&sc&lar spasms? e.cessi+e thirst an0 other e$$ects? all o$ /hich ha+e #een o#ser+e0 thro&gho&t history in religio&s miracles 3the appearances o$ religio&s apparitions4? 0emonology? occ&lt phenomena? an0 contacts /ith $airies. All o$ these mani$estations clearly share a common so&rce or ca&se. 7hile chimeras can come in all si6es an0 shapes? ranging $rom t/enty-$oot giants to animate0 tin cans only a $e/ inches in height? the most $ascinating type is one /ho has appeare0 in almost e+ery co&ntry on earth. >n other ages he /as regar0e0 as the 0e+il incarnate. Ae 0resse0 in #lac5 an0 ro0e a #lac5 horse. "ater he arri+e0 in #lac5 horse0ra/n carriages? e+en in hearses. -o0ay he steps o&t o$ $lying sa&cers in remote $arm $iel0s. Ae is #&ilt e.actly li5e &s? stan0s $rom $i+e $eet si. inches to si. $eet tall? loo5s +ery h&man #&t has high chee5#ones? &n&s&ally long $ingers? an0 an Criental cast to his $eat&res. Ais comple.ion is oli+e or re00ish. Ae spea5s e+ery lang&age? sometimes mechanically as i$ he is reciting a memori6e0 speech? sometimes $l&ently. Ae has tro&#le #reathing? o$ten /hee6ing an0 gasping #et/een /or0s. "i5e o&r 0inosa&rs an0 hairy #ipe0s? he o$ten lea+es a $e/ $ootprints #ehin0 ... $ootprints /hich s&00enly en0 as i$ he ha0 +anishe0 into thin air. > ha+e #een chasing these critters $or t/enty-$i+e years an0 ha+e tra+ele0 $rom -i#et? the lan0 o$ the A#omina#le (no/man? to 7est )irginia? home o$ the strangest &n5no/n <Bir0.< >n the co&rse o$ all these a0+ent&res an0 $renetic acti+ities > ha+e come to reBect o&tright the pop&lar e.traterrestrial hypothesis. 32

My long an0 +ery e.pensi+e e.c&rsions into the #or0erlan0 /here the real an0 &nreal merge ha+e $aile0 to pro0&ce any e+i0ence o$ any 5in0 to s&pport the i0ea that /e are entertaining shy strangers $rom some other gala.y. 8ather? > ha+e come to reali6e that /e ha+e #een o#ser+ing comple. $orces /hich ha+e al/ays #een an essential part o$ o&r imme0iate en+ironment. >nstea0 o$ thin5ing in terms o$ e.traterrestrials? > ha+e a0opte0 the concept o$ &ltraterrestrialsF#eings an0 $orces /hich /ith &s #&t are on another time $rameH that is? they operate o&tsi0e the limits o$ o&r space-time contin&&m yet ha+e the a#ility to cross o+er into o&r reality. -his other /orl0 is not a place? ho/e+er as Mars or An0rome0a are places? #&t is a state o$ energy. -he = C phenomenon itsel$ is only one tri+ial $ragment o$ a m&ch larger phenomenon. >t can #e 0i+i0e0 into t/o main parts. -he $irst an0 most important part consists o$ the mysterio&s aerial lights /hich appear to ha+e an intelligence o$ their o/n. -hey ha+e #een o#ser+e0 thro&gho&t history. C$ten they proBect po/er$&l searchlight-li5e #eams to/ar0 the gro&n0. Persons ca&ght in these #eams &n0ergo remar5a#le changes o$ personality. -heir >Q s5y-roc5ets? they change their Bo#s? 0i+orce their /i+es? an0 in any n&m#er o$ /ell-0oc&mente0 instances they s&00enly rise a#o+e their pre+io&s me0iocre li+es an0 #ecome o&t-stan0ing statesmen? scientists? poets an0 /riters? e+en sol0iers. >n religio&s lore? #eing #elte0 #y one o$ these light #eams ca&ses <mystical ill&mination.< 7hen (a&l? a Je/ish tent-ma5er? /as 6appe0 #y one o$ these #eams on the roa0 to 1amasc&s it #lin0e0 him $or three 0ays an0 he /as con+erte0 to Christianity on the spot an0 #ecame (t. Pa&l. -he secon0 part o$ the phenomenon consists o$ the co+er or camo&$lage $or the $irst part? the <mean0ering noct&rnal lights< as the air $orce has la#ele0 them. >$ these lights appeare0 in cycles? year a$ter year? cent&ry a$ter cent&ry /itho&t any accompanying e.planatory mani$estations they /o&l0 ca&se m&ch greater $ear an0 concern. B&t e.planatory mani$estations ha+e accompanie0 them al/ays? an0 these mani$estations ha+e al/ays #een a0B&ste0 to the psychology an0 #elie$s o$ each partic&lar perio0 in time. -he $lying sa&cer2e.traterrestrial +isitants are not real in the sense that a 7'7 airliner is real. -hey are transmogri$ications o$ energy &n0er the control o$ some &n5no/n e.tra-0imensional intelligence. -his intelligence controls important e+ents #y manip&lating speci$ic h&man #eings thro&gh the phenomenon o$ mystical ill&mination. C&r religions are #ase0 &pon o&r longtime a/areness o$ this intelligence an0 o&r str&ggle to re0&ce it to h&manly accepta#le terms. -he ancient :thiopians +ie/e0 their go0s as #lac5? sn&#-nose0 entities. -he @ree5s an0 8omans pop&late0 their mo&ntaintops /ith longhaire0? han0some go0s an0 go00esses. -he >n0ians o$ (o&th America /orshipe0 #ear0e0 go0s /ho tra+ele0 the night s5ies in l&mino&s 0iscs o$ light? as 0i0 the ancient :gyptians. B&t religio&s +ie/s /ere mo0i$ie0 in the nineteenth cent&ry /ith the coming o$ the >n0&strial Age. -he lights /ere still there #&t a ne/ $rame o$ re$erence /as nee0e0 to co+er their acti+ities. (ome#o0y some/here 0oes not /ant &s to &n0erstan0 the tr&e nat&re o$ this phenomenon an0 its tr&e p&rpose. or years the = C enth&siasts #elie+e0 the =.(. Air 33

orce /as the c&lprit an0 that go+ernment agents /ere tapping the phones o$ teenagers an0 little ol0 la0ies? tampering /ith their mail? an0 $ollo/ing them aro&n0 in #lac5 Ca0illacs. > /ish the ans/er /as that simple. 7e ha+e #een +ictimi6e0 #y this phenomenon? not B&st since 19'7 #&t since e+er9 >t is the $o&n0ation o$ all o&r religio&s an0 occ&lt #elie$s? o$ o&r philosophies? an0 o&r c&lt&res. -he ancient Chinese mar5e0 o&t the ro&tes o$ the lights in the s5y 3">-(4 an0 calle0 them <0ragon trac5s< #eca&se? apparently? $earsome 0ragons appeare0 along /ith the mysterio&s lights. >n a later age? these #ecame $airy lights an0 /ere associate0 /ith the little people /ho act&ally plag&e0 /hole generations not only in :&rope #&t also in %orth America ... $or the American >n0ians /ere telling stories a#o&t the little people long #e$ore the :&ropeans arri+e0 here. 1&ring the /itchcra$t cra6e a $e/ h&n0re0 years ago? people really tho&ght they sa/ /itches $lying thro&gh the air ... /ith lanterns hanging $rom the $ront o$ the #rooms. -he +ampire legen0s o$ mi00le :&rope are almost i0entical to the mo0ern = C lore. As late as the nineteenth cent&ry the 0e+il e.iste0 as a physical personage to many people. >$ yo& sa/ a strange light in the s5y in 1'75 yo& 5ne/ it ha0 to #e a /itch on a #room #eca&se yo& ha0 hear0 o$ others /ho ha0 seen /itches on #rooms s5irting the tree-tops. %o/ in 1975 yo& might 0eci0e it is attache0 to a spacecra$t $rom some other planet. -his concl&sion is not a D&ali$ie0 0e0&ction on yo&r part. >t is the res&lt o$ years o$ propagan0a an0 e+en #rain/ashing. >$ yo& are &n0er thirty? yo& gre/ &p on a 0iet o$ comic #oo5s? motion pict&res? an0 tele+ision programs /hich e0&cate0 yo& to #elie+e in the e.traterrestrial hypothesis. A small 5not o$ n&ts has tal5e0 to yo& year a$ter year on inter+ie/ programs? telling yo& ho/ the sinister air $orce has #een 5eeping the tr&th a#o&t $lying sa&cers $rom the p&#licH that tr&th #eing that = Cs are the pro0&ct o$ a s&perior intelligence /ith an a0+ance0 technology? an0 that the $lying sa&cers ha+e come to sa+e &s $rom o&rsel+es. -he go0s o$ ancient @reece are among &s again? in a ne/ g&ise #&t still han0ing o&t the ol0 line. Belie+e.

Belie$ is the enemy. -he people o$ the Mi00le Ages /ere as con+ince0 o$ the reality o$ the little people an0 their &n0ergro&n0 palaces as yo& might #e o$ an e.traterrestrial ci+ili6ation /ith gleaming cities o$ glass on some $ar-o$$ planet. Cne h&n0re0 years $rom no/ the phenomenon may #e playing some ne/ game /ith &s. -he /hole interplanetary #ag may #e $orgotten. B&t those lightsFan0 that 0amna#le procession o$ strange critters an0 nine-$oot h&manoi0sF /ill still #e marching in o&r mi0st. >solate0 in0i+i0&als on lonely #ac5 roa0s /ill still #e getting ca&ght in s&00en #eams o$ energy $rom the s5y? then sh&c5 their $amilies? D&it their Bo#s? an0 roc5et into notoriety or pl&nge into the hell o$ insanity an0 #an5r&ptcy.


>>>. <7hile 0ri+ing to/ar0 %e/ C&m#erlan0? /e sa/ a light ho+ering near a hillsi0e?< John )&Bno+ic? an attorney $rom 7eirton? 7est )irginia? sai0? 0escri#ing his e.perience on the e+ening o$ Ccto#er 7? 19!!. <-he light starte0 coming to/ar0 the car an0 > g&ess my son /as $rightene0 an0 > slo/e0 the car so that /e /ere a goo0 0istance #ehin0 the o#Bect<. <-he o#Bect ha0 an o&ter circ&lar light that glo/e0? #&t there /as no so&n0 at all. > stoppe0 the car $or a #etter loo5 an0 the thing starte0 coming 0o/n o+er the high/ay. > thin5 it /as a#o&t $o&r h&n0re0 $eet in the air.< Mr. )&Bno+ic /as 0ri+ing so&th on (tate 8o&te !! $rom Chester? 7est )irginia? to 7eirton in the northernmost tip o$ the state. Ais /as one o$ the $irst important sightings in 7est )irginia that Ccto#er ... a month that /o&l0 pro0&ce sensational inci0ents all &p an0 0o/n the eastern sea#oar0. <At one time? it loo5e0 as i$ there /ere /in0o/s in the cra$t an0 a$ter it got past /e co&l0 see a re+ol+ing light. -he o&ter glo/ o$ the light ma0e a $ast-$lic5ering type o$ light as the o#Bect /as ho+ering.< >t e+ent&ally 0isappeare0 as Mr. )&Bno+ic /ent on his /ay. >n the /ee5s that $ollo/e0? the lights an0 some 0ar5 o#Bects o$ a/esome si6e /ere seen $rom one en0 o$ the state to another. >n (isters+ille? a to/n mentione0 in the 1;97 <airship< reports? local = C $ans organi6e0 an in$ormal /arning system? calling each other on party lines to anno&nce c&rtly? <= CFnortheast?< etc. -he to/nGs ne/spaper 0i0 not #other to p&#lish a single report. :+ery night at appro.imately ; P.M. one o$ these #rilliant $lashing lights /o&l0 cr&ise maBestically o+er the Chio 8i+er? tra+ersing Point Pleasant $rom north to so&th. -hose /ho #othere0 to notice it at all ass&me0 it /as an airplane. Mrs. Kelly? the la0y /ho ha0 seen the longhaire0 man stan0ing in the s5y se+en months earlier? li+e0 in a ho&se on the e0ge o$ a 0eep g&lly. (he an0 her chil0ren /ere seeing #lin0ing glo#es o$ light tra+eling close to the gro&n0 along that g&lly nightly. An0 her telephone /as #eha+ing strangely? ringing /hen there /as no one on the line? an0 sometimes emitting #eeps li5e Morse co0e. :arly in %o+em#er? an el0erly man /al5e0 into Mary AyreGs ne/spaper o$$ice. "I've 9ust got to tell somebody," he #egan ner+o&sly. -he story he &n$ol0e0 seeme0 totally &n#elie+a#le to Mrs. Ayre? /ho 5ne/ nothing o$ = Cs at the time? #&t she 5ne/ the man an0 /as impresse0 #y his sincerity. Cn %o+em#er 2? 19!!? he sai0? he an0 another /or5man /ere 0ri+ing home to Point Pleasant $rom their Bo# near Marietta? Chio? on >nterstate 77. As they neare0 Par5ers#&rg? 7est )irginia? an elongate0 o#Bect appeare0 lo/ in the s5y an0 35

0escen0e0 0irectly in $ront o$ them. -hey stoppe0 their car an0 a man emerge0 $rom the o#Bect an0 /al5e0 o+er to them. Ae loo5e0 li5e a normal man an0 /as grinning #roa0ly. Ae /ore a #lac5 coat an0 5ept his arms $ol0e0 /ith his han0s o&t o$ sight &n0er his armpits. -he /itness rolle0 his /in0o/ 0o/n an0 there /as a +ery #rie$ con+ersation. -he stranger as5e0 the pair /ho they /ere? /here they /ere $rom? /here they /ere going? an0 /hat time /as itI -hen he strolle0 #ac5 to the 0ar5 cylin0er an0 it rose D&ic5ly into the chill? 0ri66ling s5y. -he t/o men ha0 a strong emotional reaction to the seemingly pointless enco&nter. -hey 0e#ate0 /hether they sho&l0 tell any#o0y? 0eci0ing against it. B&t the Point Pleasant resi0ent $o&n0 himsel$ s&$$ering $rom $rom insomnia. An0 /hen he $inally slept he ha0 strange nightmares. Ae starte0 to hit the #ottle? something +ery &n&s&al $or him. Mrs. Ayre listene0 to his story? nonpl&se0? an0 ma0e a $e/ notes. A 0ay or so later the manGs son calle0 on her an0 as5e0 her not to print the story. (e+eral /ee5s later she repeate0 the story to me an0 /e calle0 the man on her o$$ice phone. Ae +eri$ie0 the 0etails an0 then sai0, "4ook, don't use my name. I don't !ant to get involved in this thing. That scientist fella told me(" "What scientist?" > as5e0. "6 couple of !eeks after this thing happened, a scientist from 'hio came to see us. "e told us it !ould be better if !e forgot the !hole thing." ""o! did he hear about it? "o! did he find you?" ",amned if I kno!." ",id he identify himself?" ")ure ... but I can't remember his name. $ut he seemed to kno! !hat he !as talking about." > co&l0nGt get m&ch else o&t o$ him. > /o&l0 ha+e ignore0 the /hole story e.cept $or one Barring $act. -he same thing ha0 happene0 that same night on the same roa0 to another 7est )irginian. =nli5e the t/o Point Pleasant resi0ents? he ha0 gone to the police /ith his story. A press con$erence /as hel0 an0 he /as catap&lte0 into the ne+er-ne+er lan0 o$ the = C contactees? the center o$ one o$ the #iggest = C stories o$ 19!!. ------------------------------------------


5 - -he Col0 7ho Came 1o/n in the 8ain

>. 7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger is a tall? h&s5y man /ith close-croppe0 san0y hair? t/in5ling #l&e-gray eyes? an0 an honest open $ace. >n 19!! he /as in his early $i$ties #&t loo5e0 consi0era#ly yo&nger. Ais li$e ha0 #een normal to the point o$ #eing m&n0aneFa long s&ccession o$ mo0est Bo#s? har0 times? constant mo+ement $rom one rente0 ho&se to another p&rs&ing no partic&lar am#ition. (&r+i+ing. ee0ing an0 clothing his attracti+e yo&ng /i$e an0 t/o chil0ren. %o/ he /as /or5ing as a salesman $or an appliance company an0 li+ing in a simple t/o-story $armho&se in Mineral 7ells? 7est )irginia. >t /as a goo0 time in his li$e. At 7 P.M. on %o+em#er 2? 19!!? he /as hea0ing home in his panel tr&c5 a$ter a long? har0 0ay on the roa0. -he /eather /as so&r? chill? an0 rainy. As he 0ro+e &p a long hill o&tsi0e o$ Par5ers#&rg on >nterstate 77 a s&00en crash so&n0e0 in the #ac5 o$ his tr&c5. Ae snappe0 on his interior lights an0 loo5e0 #ac5. A se/ing machine ha0 $allen o$$ the top o$ a stereo? #&t there 0i0nGt seem to #e any real 0amage. A car s/ept &p #ehin0 him an0 passe0 him. Another +ehicle seeme0 to #e $ollo/ing it. Ae ease0 his $oot on the accelerator. Ae ha0 #een spee0ing slightly an0 tho&ght it might #e a police car. -he +ehicle? a #lac5 #lo# in the 0ar5? 0re/ alongsi0e him? c&t in $ront? an0 slo/e0. 7oo0y 1eren#erger gape0 in ama6ement at the thing. >t /asnGt an a&tomo#ile #&t /as shape0 li5e <an ol0-$ashione0 5erosene lamp chimney? $laring at #oth en0s? narro/ing 0o/n to a small nec5 an0 then enlarging in a great #&lge in the center.< >t /as a charcoal gray. Ae slamme0 on his #ra5es as the o#Bect t&rne0 cross/ays? #loc5ing the roa0? stopping only eight or ten $eet $rom it. A 0oor sli0 open on the si0e o$ the thing an0 a man steppe0 o&t. "I didn't hear an audible voice," 7oo0y sai0 later. "I 9ust had a feeling ... like I kne! !hat this man !as thinking. "e !anted me to roll do!n my !indo!." -he stranger /as a#o&t $i+e $eet ten inches tall /ith long? 0ar5 hair com#e0 straight #ac5. Ais s5in /as hea+ily tanne0. @rinning #roa0ly? his arms crosse0 an0 his han0s t&c5e0 &n0er his armpits? he /al5e0 to the panel tr&c5. Ae /as /earing a 0ar5 topcoat. =n0erneath it 7oo0y co&l0 see some 5in0 o$ garment ma0e o$ glistening greenish material almost metallic in appearance. 1o not #e a$rai0. -he grinning man 0i0 not spea5 alo&0. 7oo0y sense0 the /or0s. 7e mean yo& no harm. > come $rom a co&ntry m&ch less po/er$&l than yo&rs. Ae as5e0 $or 7oo0yGs name. 7oo0y tol0 him. My name is Col0. > sleep? #reathe? an0 #lee0 e+en as yo& 0o.


Mr. Col0 no00e0 to/ar0 the lights o$ Par5ers#&rg in the 0istance an0 as5e0 /hat 5in0 o$ place it /as. 7oo0y trie0 to e.plain it /as a center $or #&siness an0 homesFa city. >n his /orl0? Col0 e.plaine0? s&ch places /ere calle0 <gatherings.< 7hile this telepathic con+ersation /as ta5ing place? the chimney-shape0 o#Bect ascen0e0 an0 ho+ere0 some $orty or $i$ty $eet a#o+e the roa0. Cther cars came along the roa0 an0 passe0 them. Col0 tol0 7oo0y to report the enco&nter to the a&thorities? promising to come $or/ar0 at a later 0ate to con$irm it. A$ter a $e/ min&tes o$ aimless generalities? Col0 anno&nce0 he /o&l0 meet 7oo0y again soon. -he o#Bect 0escen0e0? the 0oor opene0? Col0 entere0 it? an0 it rose D&ic5ly an0 silently into the night. 7hen he got home? 1eren#erger /as in a +ery 0istra&ght state. Ais /i$e &rge0 him to call the Par5ers#&rg police. -hey seeme0 to accept his story /itho&t D&estion an0 as5e0 i$ he nee0e0 a 0octor. -he ne.t 0ay he /as D&estione0 at length #y the city an0 state police. -he story appeare0 in the local press an0 on ra0io an0 tele+ision. People /ho ha0 0ri+en that same ro&te the night #e$ore came $or/ar0 to con$irm that they ha0 seen a man spea5ing to the 0ri+er o$ a panel tr&c5 stoppe0 on the high/ay. Mrs. ran5 A&ggins an0 her t/o chil0ren ha0 reporte0ly stoppe0 their o/n car an0 /atche0 the o#Bect soar lo/ o+er the high/ay min&tes a$ter 7oo0y /atche0 it 0epart. Another yo&ng man sai0 the o#Bect ha0 $rightene0 him o&t o$ his /its /hen it ho+ere0 o+er his car an0 $lashe0 a po/er$&l? #lin0ing light on him. 7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger #ecame a s&per-cele#rity. Cro/0s o$ people gathere0 at his $arm e+ery night? hoping to glimpse a spaceship. Ais phone rang 0ay an0 night. Ae s/itche0 to an &nliste0 n&m#er #&t /ithin a short time the calls #egan again. Cran5 calls? threatening him i$ he 0i0nGt <sh&t &p.< Calls that consiste0 o$ nothing e.cept eerie electronic so&n0s an0 co0eli5e #eeps. Mr. Col0 5ept his promise. Ae ret&rne0. >>. -he >n0ians m&st ha+e 5no/n something a#o&t 7est )irginia. -hey a+oi0e0 it. Be$ore the :&ropeans arri+e0 /ith their glass #ea0s? $ire/ater? an0 g&npo/0er? the >n0ian nations ha0 sprea0 o&t an0 0i+i0e0 &p the %orth American continent. Mo0ern anthropologists ha+e /or5e0 o&t maps o$ the >n0ian occ&pancy o$ pre-Col&m#ian America accor0ing to the lang&ages spo5en. 314 -he (ha/nee an0 Chero5ee occ&pie0 the areas to the so&th an0 so&th/est. -he Monacan settle0 to the east? an0 the :rie an0 Conestoga claime0 the areas north o$ 7est )irginia. :+en the inhospita#le 0eserts o$ the ar 7est /ere 0i+i0e0 an0 occ&pie0. -here is only one spot on the map la#ele0 <=ninha#ite0<* 7est )irginia.


7hyI -he 7est )irginia area is $ertile? hea+ily /oo0e0? rich in game. 7hy 0i0 the >n0ians a+oi0 itI 7as it $ille0 /ith hairy monsters an0 $right$&l apparitions /ay #ac5 /henI Across the ri+er in Chio? in0&strio&s >n0iansFor someoneF#&ilt the great mo&n0s an0 le$t &s a rich heritage o$ >n0ian c&lt&re an0 lore. -he a#sence o$ an >n0ian tra0ition in 7est )irginia is tro&#lesome $or the researcher. >t creates an &ncom$orta#le +ac&&m. -here are strange ancient r&ins in the state? circ&lar stone mon&ments /hich pro+e that someone ha0 settle0 the region once. (ince the >n0ians 0i0nGt #&il0 s&ch mon&ments? an0 since /e 0onGt e+en ha+e any lore to $all #ac5 on? /e ha+e only mystery. ---M1N American >n0ian "ing&istic amilies an0 -ri#es? a map iss&e0 #y C.(. Aammon0 R Co.? %e/ Eor5. ---Chie$ Cornstal5 an0 his (ha/nees $o&ght a #attle there in the 17!,s an0 Cornstal5 is s&ppose0 to ha+e p&t a c&rse on the area #e$ore he $ell. B&t /hat happene0 there #e$oreI 1i0 someone else li+e thereI -he Chero5ees ha+e a tra0ition? accor0ing to BenBamin (mith BartonGs %e/ )ie/s o$ the Crigins o$ the -ri#es an0 %ations o$ America 3179;4? that /hen they migrate0 to -ennessee they $o&n0 the region inha#ite0 #y a /eir0 race o$ /hite people /ho li+e0 in ho&ses an0 /ere apparently D&ite ci+ili6e0. -hey ha0 one pro#lem* their eyes /ere +ery large an0 sensiti+e to light. -hey co&l0 only see at night. -he $ierce >n0ians ran these <mooneye0 people< o&t. 1i0 they mo+e to 7est )irginia to escape their tormentorsI -here are still r&mors o$ an o00#all gro&p o$ al#ino people in the #ac5 hills o$ Kent&c5y an0 -ennessee. B&t there are also myths an0 r&mors o$ mysterio&s people li+ing in the hills o$ %e/ Jersey $orty miles $rom Manhattan. >>>. -he 0ay #e$ore 7oo0ro/ 1eren#ergerGs &ne.pecte0 meeting /ith Mr. Col0 in the rain? a national g&ar0sman /as /or5ing o&tsi0e the %ational @&ar0 armory on the e0ge o$ Point Pleasant /hen he sa/ a $ig&re perche0 on the lim# o$ a tree #eyon0 the high $ence. At $irst he tho&ght it loo5e0 li5e a man? #&t a$ter he st&0ie0 it $or a/hile he 0eci0e0 it /as some 5in0 o$ #ir0. -he #iggest #ir0 he ha0 e+er seen. Ae /ent to call some $rien0s an0 /hen they came the #ir0 /as gone. >). Cn %o+em#er '? 1eren#erger /as ri0ing /ith a co-/or5er on 8o&te? 7 o&tsi0e Par5ers#&rg /hen he $elt a tingling sensation in his $orehea0. -hen tho&ghts $rom Mr. Col0 #egan to spring $&ll-#lo/n into his min0. Col0 e.plaine0 that he /as $rom the 39

planet o$ "an&los /hich /as in the <gala.y o$ @anyme0e.< "an&los? he sai0? /as +ery li5e the earth? /ith $lora? $a&na? an0 seasons. Ae /as marrie0 to a la0y name0 Kimi an0 ha0 t/o sons. ol5s on "an&los ha0 a li$e e.pectancy o$ 125-175 earth years. %at&rally there /as no /ar? po+erty? h&nger? or misery on "an&los. 7hen the transmission /as complete0? Col0 &rge0 7oo0y to #race himsel$ #eca&se /ith0ra/al /o&l0 #e pain$&l. 7oo0y $elt a sharp pain in his temple an0 nearly passe0 o&t. -/o /ee5s later? tho&gh 7oo0y /asnGt a/are o$ it at the time? t/o salesmen +isite0 Mineral 7ells an0 /ent $rom ho&se to ho&se /ith their /ares. -hey /erenGt +ery intereste0 in ma5ing sales. At one ho&se they o$$ere0 Bi#les. At another? har0/are. At a thir0 they /ere <Mormon missionaries $rom (alem Cregon< 3a = C /a+e /as ta5ing place in (alem at that time4. Cne man /as tall? #lon0? an0 loo5e0 li5e a (can0ina+ian. Ais partner /as short an0 slight? /ith pointe0 $eat&res an0 a 0ar5 oli+e comple.ion. -hey as5e0 D&estions a#o&t 7oo0y an0 /ere partic&larly intereste0 in opinions on the +ali0ity o$ his allege0 contact. ). <Cl0 Ban0itGs gone?< the si.-year-ol0 #oy sai0 sa0ly. <Mister? 0o yo& thin5 yo& can #ring him #ac5I< @ray Bar5er shi$te0 his large $rame &neasily. -he #oyGs $ather? %e/ell Partri0ge? or0ere0 the chil0 o$$ to #e0. "It's all so !eird," Partri0ge complaine0. "I 9ust can't figure it out." Bar5er smile0 &n0erstan0ingly. :+er since he ha0 in+estigate0 the lat/oo0s monster #ac5 in 1952? he ha0 #een listening to /eir0 stories. A pioneer &$ologist? @ray ha0 ma0e many o&tstan0ing contri#&tions to the s&#Bect. Ae ha0 also manage0 to ma5e himsel$ a some/hat contro+ersial character in a $iel0 ri00le0 /ith contro+ersies an0 characters. -he 0iehar0 $anatics /ho 0ominate0 sa&ceriana 0&ring the early years /ere a h&morless lot an0 @rayGs mischie+o&s /it #a$$le0 an0 enrage0 them. At times it #a$$le0 me? too. -his to/ering #ear o$ a man /as +ery har0 to <rea0.< B&t his in+estigations /ere al/ays thoro&gh an0 &ncompromising. %o/ he /as sitting in the home o$ %e/ell Partri0ge near (alem? 7est )irginia? tal5ing a#o&t an errant tele+ision set an0 a missing 0og. Cn the e+ening o$ %o+em#er 1' 19!!? Ban0it? a #ig? m&sc&lar @erman shepher0? ha0 0ashe0 into the 0ar5ness an0 +anishe0. "It !as about @=A<= that night, and suddenly the TB blanked out," 2artridge said. "6 real fine herringbone pat7ten appeared on the tube, and at the same time the set started a loud !hining noise, !inding up to a high pitch, peaking and breaking off, as if you !ere on a musical scale and you !ent as high as you could and came back do!n


and repeated it. ... It sounded like a generator !inding up. It reminded me of a hand field generator that one might use for portable radio transmission in an emergency." C&tsi0e on the porch? Ban0it #egan /ailing. Partri0ge pic5e0 &p a $lashlight an0 /ent o&tsi0e to in+estigate. "The dog !as sitting on the end of the porch, ho!ling do!n to!ard the hay barn in the bottom," 2artridge continued. "I shined the light in that direction, and it picked up t!o red circles, or eyes, !hich looked like bicycle reflections. )till there !as something about those eyes that is difficult to e1plain. When I !as a kid I night7hunted all the time, and I certainly kno! !hat animal eyes look like7such as coon, dog and cat eyes in the dark. These !ere much larger for one thing. It's a good length of a football field to that hay barn. 2robably about @C= yards5 still those eyes sho!ed up huge, for that distance." As soon as the $lashlight pic5e0 o&t the <eyes< Ban0it snarle0 an0 ran to/ar0 them. A <col0 chill< s/ept o+er the man an0 he $elt a /a+e o$ $ear /hich 5ept him $rom $ollo/ing the 0og. -hat night he slept /ith a loa0e0 g&n #esi0e his #e0. -he ne.t 0ay he /ent loo5ing $or the 0og. "I !alked out to the barn, looking for tracks. "ere and there I could see $andit's pa! prints. These !ere rather easy to find, for he !as a heavy dog, and the area !as muddy." At the appro.imate position o$ the <eyes< he $o&n0 a large n&m#er o$ 0og trac5s. "Those tracks !ere going in a circle, as if the dog had been chasing his tail," Partri0ge e.plaine0? "though he never did that. 6nd that !as that. I couldn't see them go off any!here, though I did see a series of fresh tracks !hich apparently led from the porch to the spot !here he ran in circles. There !ere no other tracks of any kind." Ban0it simply +anishe0 into thin air. "I think that the hardest thing to e1plain is the feeling involved ... e1cept to say it !as an eerie feeling. I have never had this sort of feeling before. It !as as if you kne! something !as !rong, but couldn't place 9ust !hat it !as." (&00en $ear. :erie $eelings. (omething &nnat&ral /as stal5ing the hills o$ 7est )irginia that %o+em#er. -he $ear /o&l0 #ecome contagio&s. -hose $rightening re0 eyes /o&l0 settle in Point Pleasant? /hile Mr. Col0 an0 his cre/ o$ cosmic 6anies /o&l0 sprea0 their propagan0a in Mineral 7ells? $orsa5ing their $lying lantern chimney $or a #lac5 )ol5s/agen. -------------------------'1

! - Mothman9
>. Aigh e.plosi+es /ere man&$act&re0 in Point Pleasant 0&ring 7orl0 7ar >>. (e+en miles o&tsi0e o$ to/n part o$ the 2?5,,-acre McClintic 7il0li$e (tation? an animal preser+e an0 #ir0 sanct&ary? /as rippe0 &p. Miles o$ &n0ergro&n0 t&nnels /ere 0&g? lin5ing camo&$lage0 #&il0ings an0 $actories. Cne h&n0re0 <igloos< /ere scattere0 across the $iel0s an0 /oo0sFh&ge concrete 0omes /ith hea+y steel 0oors /here the $inishe0 e.plosi+es co&l0 #e sa$ely store0. 1irt an0 grass co+ere0 the 0omes so $rom the air the /hole area ha0 a harmless? pastoral appearance. A $e/ scattere0 #&il0ings lin5e0 #y &nimpro+e0 0irt roa0s /ith no s&ggestion o$ all the acti+ity going on #elo/ gro&n0. >t loo5e0 li5e nothing more than /hat it /as s&ppose0 to #e? a ha+en $or #ir0s an0 animals in the Chio 8i+er +alley. A$ter the /ar most o$ the e.plosi+es /ere carte0 a/ay. -he $actories /ere 0ismantle0. -he entrances an0 e.its o$ the t&nnels /ere pl&gge0 /ith thic5 concrete sla#s. (ome o$ the igloos /ere gi+en to the Mason Co&nty go+ernment as possi#le storage +a&lts. -hey still stan0 empty. Cthers /ere sol0 to the -roBan-=.(. Po/0er Co. an0 the " C Chemical Co. (ome /ere lease0 to American Cyanami0. -he years /ashe0 a/ay the camo&$lage an0 no/ the igloos stan0 o&t star5ly on the lan0scape? ro/ &pon ro/ o$ /hite mo&n0s /ith 0eer an0 ra##its r&nning #et/een them. -he ol0 $actory #&il0ings are #ro5en shells. -he #ig generator plant near the entrance to the area still stan0s? its #oilers r&sting? its /in0o/s gone? /ater 0ripping shyly across its $loor /hile the /in0 rattles the high steel cat/al5s an0 pigeons $l&tter in its ra$ters. "ocal teen-agers &se the 0ecaying 0irt roa0s $or 0rag strips? an0 $&rther #ac5? /here the /oo0s thic5en? lo+ers par5 in the 0eep sha0o/s 0&ring the s&mmer mating season. 7hile the -%- area ha0 /itnesse0 many #iological e+ents o+er the years? it ha0 no rep&tation as a ha&nte0 place. -he local police cr&ise0 thro&gh it e+ery e+ening? occasionally $lashing their lights into a 0ar5ene0 car. :+eryone raise0 in the area 5no/s e+ery corner o$ the place. (portsmen cl&#s ha+e #&ilt an archery range an0 picnic area there. At 11*3, P.M. on the night o$ %o+em#er 15? 19!!? t/o yo&ng co&ples $rom Point Pleasant? Mr. an0 Mrs. 8oger (car#erry an0 Mr. an0 Mrs. (te+e Mallette? /ere 0ri+ing thro&gh the -%- area in the (car#errysG 1957 Che+y. -hey /ere loo5ing $or $rien0s #&t no one seeme0 to #e o&t that night. All o$ the t/isting #ac5 roa0s /ere 0eserte0. -he $e/ homes scattere0 among the igloos /ere 0ar5. 8oger? then a strapping #lon0 eighteen-year-ol0? /as 0ri+ing. -hey aimlessly ma0e the circ&it o$ the roa0s aro&n0 the igloos? ret&rning to the ol0 generator plant near the &nloc5e0 gate. As they p&lle0 alongsi0e the plant? "in0a (car#erry gaspe0. -hey all


loo5e0 into the #lac5ness an0 sa/ t/o #right re0 circles. -hey /ere a#o&t t/o inches in 0iameter an0 si. inches apart. 8oger slamme0 on his #ra5es. "What is it?" Mary Mallette? a stri5ingly attracti+e #r&nette? crie0 $rom the #ac5 seat. -he lights #o##e0 a/ay $rom the #&il0ing an0 the startle0 $o&rsome sa/ they /ere attache0 to some h&ge animal. "It !as shaped like a man, but bigger," 8oger sai0 later. <Maybe si1 and a half or seven feet tall and it had big !ings folded against its back." <$ut it !as those eyes that got us," "in0a 0eclare0. "It had t!o big eyes like automobile reflectors." "They !ere hypnotic," 8oger contin&e0. "&or a minute !e could only stare at it. I couldn't take my eyes off it." >t /as grayish in color an0 /al5e0 on st&r0y manli5e legs. >t t&rne0 slo/ly an0 sh&$$le0 to/ar0 the 0oor o$ the generator plant /hich /as aBar an0 hanging o$$ its hinges. "4et's get out of here/" (te+e yelle0. 8oger steppe0 on the gas an0 they shot thro&gh the gates? sp&n onto the roa0? an0 hea0e0 $or 8o&te !2. (&00enly they sa/ it? or another one li5e it? stan0ing on a small hill near the roa0. As they h&rtle0 past it? it sprea0 its #at li5e /ings an0 too5 o$$ straight &p into the air. "My +od/ It's follo!ing us/" -he co&ple in the #ac5 seat crie0. 8oger s/&ng onto !2 on t/o /heels. "We !ere doing one hundred miles an hour," 8oger sai0? "and that bird kept right up !ith us. It !asn't even flapping its !ings." "I could hear it making a sound?< Mrs. Mallette a00e0. "It s ueaked like a big mouse." "It follo!ed us right to the city limits," 8oger /ent on. "&unny thing, !e noticed a dead dog by the side of the road there. 6 big dog. $ut !hen !e came back a fe! minutes later, the dog !as gone." Panic-stric5en? the re0 eyes still #&rning in their min0s? they /ent 0irectly to the Mason Co&nty co&rtho&se? charge0 into the sheri$$Ks o$$ice? an0 #l&rte0 o&t their story to 1ep&ty Millar0 Aalstea0. "I've kno!n these kids all their lives," Aalstea0 tol0 me later. "They'd never been in any trouble and they !ere really scared that night. I took them seriously."


Ae hoppe0 into a patrol car an0 $ollo/e0 8ogerGs car #ac5 to the -%- area. At the e0ge o$ to/n they loo5e0 $or the 0ogGs #o0y. >t /as gone. Bac5 at the po/er plant there /as no sign o$ the re0-eye0 specter. Aalstea0 s/itche0 on his police ra0io an0 a +ery lo&0 signal #laste0 o&t o$ the spea5er? 0ro/ning o&t the +oice o$ the police 0ispatcher in Point Pleasant. >t /as a lo&0 gar#le? li5e a recor0 or tape recor0ing #eing playe0 at +ery high spee0. 1ep&ty Aalstea0? an e.perience0 cop? loo5e0 ta5en a#ac5 #&t sai0 nothing. Ae s/itche0 the ra0io o$$ D&ic5ly an0 peere0 &ncom$orta#ly into the 0ar5ness? rel&ctant to really search the ol0 #&il0ing. B&t he /as con+ince0. -he ne.t morning (heri$$ @eorge Johnson calle0 a press con$erence. "ocal reporters inter+ie/e0 the $o&r /itnesses. Mrs. Mary Ayre sent the story o&t on the AP /ire an0 that e+ening the <Bir0< /as the chie$ topic at s&pper ta#les thro&gho&t the Chio +alley. (ome anonymo&s copy e0itor ga+e it a name? sp&n o$$ $rom the Batman comic character /ho /as then the s&#Bect o$ a pop&lar -) series. Ae tagge0 the creat&re Mothman. >>. %o+em#er 1!? 19!!. -hree years to the 0ay since John la.ton an0 his companions ha0 seen the am#ling /inge0 monster in Kent? :nglan0. "ong lines o$ cars circle0 the -%- area slo/ly. Men #ristling /ith g&ns s&rro&n0e0 the ol0 po/er plant? po5ing into e+ery #&sh. -here /asnGt m&ch to 0o in Point Pleasant? a to/n o$ si. tho&san0 people? t/enty-t/o ch&rches? an0 no #arrooms? so Mothman /as almost a /elcome a00ition. A large re0 light mo+e0 aro&n0 in the s5y 0irectly a#o+e the -%- area that night #&t $e/ o$ the monster-h&nters pai0 any attention to it. 3O4 Cne carloa0 o$ people /as /atching it? ho/e+er. Mr. an0 Mrs. 8aymon0 7amsley an0 Mrs. Marcella Bennett an0 her #a#y 0a&ghter? -eena? st&0ie0 it? p&66le0. "It !asn't an airplane. We couldn't figure out !hat it !as," Mrs. Bennett sai0. (he an0 the 7amsleys /ere pro#a#ly the only people in the cro/0 /ho /ere not loo5ing $or the re0-eye0 creat&re. -hey /ere on their /ay to +isit the 8alph -homases /ho li+e0 in a neat #&ngalo/ #ac5 among the igloos. Mr. -homas /as the s&perinten0ent o$ the -roBan-=.(. operations there. Ais /i$e? )irginia? /as a slen0er? gentle /oman #lesse0For c&rse0F/ith secon0 sight. (he ha0 acc&rately pre0icte0 n&mero&s acci0ents an0 local e+ents o+er the years. (he /as care$&l not to see5 attention an0 only her $rien0s 5ne/ o$ her remar5a#le a#ilities. 1eeply religio&s? she /ent to ch&rch almost e+ery e+ening an0 on this night #oth she an0 her h&s#an0 /ere o&t. -he 7amsleys an0 Mrs. Bennett $o&n0 only three o$ the -homas chil0ren? 8ic5ie? Connie? an0 )ic5ie? at home. A$ter e.changing a $e/ /or0s /ith the yo&ngsters? they


hea0e0 #ac5 to their car. C$$ in the 0istance they co&l0 hear some trigger-happy hero $iring a ri$le aro&n0 the po/er plant. ---MON >n one o$ my note#oo5s co+ering this perio0 > $in0 the $ollo/ing notation* <%o+. 1!th-=P> man $rom Charleston sa/ lo/-$lying o#Bect o+er -%- areaFma0e h&mming so&n0F$lashing re0 light. (ome girls /ith him. -hey /atche0 o#Bect $or se+eral min&tes.< ---(&00enly a $ig&re stirre0 in? the 0ar5ness #ehin0 the par5e0 car. "It seemed as if it had been lying do!n," Mrs. Bennett tol0 me. "It rose up slo!ly from the ground. 6 big gray thing. $igger than a man, !ith terrible glo!ing red eyes." Mrs. Bennett &ttere0 a little cry? so horri$ie0 she 0roppe0 the small #a#y in her arms. -he chil0 #egan to cry? more ins&lte0 than h&rt? #&t her mother co&l0nGt mo+e to pic5 her &p again. (he stoo0 trans$i.e0? hypnoti6e0 #y the #la6ing re0 circles on the top o$ the to/ering? hea0less creat&re. >ts great /ings &n$ol0e0 slo/ly #ehin0 its #ac5. 8aymon0 7amsley gra##e0 the paraly6e0 /oman an0 the chil0 an0 they all ran #ac5 into the ho&se? slamme0 the 0oor? an0 #olte0 it. -here /as a so&n0 on the porch an0 the t/o re0 eyes peere0 in thro&gh a /in0o/. -he /omen an0 chil0ren #ecame hysterical /hile 7amsley $rantically phone0 the police. >t /as 9 P.M. A&n0re0s o$ people? many o$ them arme0 to the teeth? /ere less than a mile a/ay an0 /o&l0 not 5no/ a#o&t the episo0e &ntil they rea0 it in the local papers the $ollo/ing e+ening. By the time the police reache0 the ho&se the creat&re /as gone. B&t $or Mrs. Bennett this /as B&st the #eginning o$ a long an0 $rightening series o$ a0+ent&res. >>>. 7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger /as li+ing in #e0lam. A gro&p o$ local = C enth&siasts representing the 7ashington-#ase0 %ational >n+estigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena 3%>CAP4? largely a lo##y &rging congressional = C in+estigations? +isite0 or phone0 him 0aily? raising his ire #y or0ering him not to tal5 to anyone else a#o&t his e.periences. Ais $arm loo5e0 li5e the -%- area. :+ery night streams o$ cars /o&l0 par5 all o+er the property he /as renting an0 people /o&l0 sit D&ietly in the 0ar5. 7atching. 7aiting. (ome #ro&ght g&ns an0 hi5e0 into the near#y hills to sit #ehin0 trees. 7i0esprea0 r&mors sai0 the = Cs planne0 to come #ac5 an0 lan0 on the $arm. (ome o$ 7oo0yGs +isitors /ere 0etermine0 to #ag themsel+es a spaceman. >n the mi0st o$ all the chaos? a #lac5 )ol5s/agen 0ro+e &p? par5e0? an0 a tanne0 man in a neat #lac5 s&it got o&t Ae an0 7oo0y /al5e0 cas&ally to the e0ge o$ the '5

porch an0 tal5e0. A$ter a $e/ min&tes? the man got #ac5 into his )7 an0 0ro+e o$$. -he great h&nters contin&e0 to sit in the #itter col0 #ehin0 their trees? their eyes searching the s5ies. Accor0ing to 1eren#erger? he ha0 #een s&$$ering $rom a stomach ailment $or some time. Mr. Col0 ga+e him a +ial o$ me0icine? he claime0? /hich c&re0 his pro#lem instantly. Col0 no/ ha0 a $irst nameF>n0ri0. >). Across the Chio 8i+er? almost 0irectly opposite the -%- area? a m&sic teacher? Mrs. 8oy @rose? /as /a5ene0 #y the #ar5ing o$ her 0og at '*'5 A.M. on the morning o$ %o+em#er 17? 19!!. >t /as &n&s&al $or her little pet to #ar5 late at night? so she got &p to in+estigate. -he moon /as o&t an0 /as +ery #right? she recalle0. (he loo5e0 o&t the 5itchen /in0o/ an0 sa/ an enormo&s o#Bect ho+ering at treetop le+el in a $iel0 on the other si0e o$ 8o&te 7. >t /as circ&lar? the si6e o$ a small ho&se? an0 #rilliantly ill&minate0. >t seeme0 to #e 0i+i0e0 into sections glo/ing /ith 0a66lingly #right re0 an0 green lights. "I !as stunned," she sai0. Be$ore she co&l0 /a5e &p her h&s#an0? the o#Bect ma0e a 6ig-6ag motion an0 s&00enly 0isappeare0. (he 0i0 not mention the sighting to anyone o&tsi0e her imme0iate $amily &ntil /ee5s later. -hat a$ternoon a se+enteen-year-ol0 #oy /as 0ri+ing 0o/n 8o&te 7? not $ar $rom Mrs. @roseGs home in Cheshire? Chio? /hen a h&ge #ir0 s&00enly 0o+e at his car an0 p&rs&e0 him $or a mile or so. Cn the eighteenth t/o $iremen $rom Point Pleasant? Pa&l Eo0er an0 BenBamin :nochs? /ere in the -%- area /hen they enco&ntere0 a giant #ir0 /ith #ig re0 eyes. "It !as definitely a bird," they state0 $latly. "$ut it !as huge. We'd never seen anything like it." :+eryone /as no/ seeing Mothman or the <Bir0?< or so it seeme0. (ightings /ere reporte0 in Mason? "incoln? "ogan? Kana/ha? an0 %icholas co&nties. People /ere tra+eling $or h&n0re0s o$ miles to sit in the col0 -%- area all night? hoping to glimpse the creat&re. -hose /ho /ere &nl&c5y eno&gh to see it +o/e0 they ne+er /ante0 to see it again. >t e+o5e0 &nspea5a#le terrors. "i5e $lying sa&cers? it 0elighte0 in chasing cars ... a +ery &n-#ir0-li5e ha#it an0 it seeme0 to ha+e a penchant $or scaring $emales /ho /ere menstr&ating? another = C2hairy monster pec&liarity. i+e teen-agers 0ri+ing along Camp#ells Cree5 on the night o$ %o+em#er 2, got the shoc5 o$ their li+es /hen their hea0lights #o&nce0 o$$ a man-si6e #ir0li5e creat&re stan0ing #esi0e a roc5 D&arry. >t t&rne0 an0 sc&rrie0 into the /oo0s. "*obody believes us because !e're teen7agers," Bren0a Jones o$ Point "ic5 complaine0. "$ut it !as real scary."


An el0erly #&sinessman in Point Pleasant $o&n0 Mothman stan0ing on his $ront la/n. Ae steppe0 o&tsi0e to see /hy his 0og /as #ar5ing an0 con$ronte0 a si.- or se+en-$oot-tall gray apparition /ith $laming eyes. Ae stoo0 trans$i.e0 $or se+eral min&tes? &na/are o$ the passage o$ time. (&00enly the creat&re $le/ o$$ an0 he staggere0 #ac5 into his ho&se. Ae /as so pale an0 sha5en his /i$e tho&ght he /as ha+ing a heart attac5. ). 7hile the people o$ 7est )irginia /ere #eing o+err&n /ith @ar&0as? the rest o$ the co&ntry /as #eing eng&l$e0 in /ingless $lying o#Bects. A great /a+e #egan that Aallo/een an0 contin&e0 thro&gh %o+em#er. Cn %o+em#er 22 a $amily $rom 7il0/oo0 Crest? %e/ Jersey? near the tip o$ thinly pop&late0 Cape May? crosse0 the thin line that separates o&r reality $rom something else. At 7*'5 P.M. the :0/ar0 Christiansen $amily? se+en people? /ere 0ri+ing so&th/ar0 along the @ar0en (tate Par5/ay? B&st north o$ May+ille? /hen a #right re0? green? an0 /hite o#Bect pl&mmete0 $rom the s5y an0 0isappeare0 0irectly in $ront o$ them. -hey tho&ght an airplane ha0 crashe0 &ntil they /ere parallel to B&rleigh? %e/ Jersey. -hen they sa/ a large glo/ing sphere B&st a#o+e the treetops a $e/ miles to the $ront an0 right. -hin5ing it /as a $ire $rom the crashe0 plane? they p&lle0 o+er to the si0e o$ the par5/ay an0 stoppe0 3an illegal mane&+er4. All o$ the /itnesses got o&t o$ the car to /atch. -ra$$ic /as light #&t se+eral cars 0i0 spee0 past them. As they /atche0? the o#Bect #egan to mo+e an0 they reali6e0 it /as not a $ire #&t some 5in0 o$ $lying sphere. >t a sharp t&rn an0 came to/ar0 the /itnesses? passing 0irectly o+er their hea0s. >t /as completely silent. As it approache0 their position? three po/er$&l <hea0lights< #ecame +isi#le on the $ront o$ the o#Bect -hese lights appeare0 to #e elongate0 an0 passe0 $rom the top o$ the cra$t to the &n0ersi0e. -he o#Bect 0isappeare0 north/ar0 an0 the /itnesses e.perience0 a strong emotional reaction. Mrs. Arline Christiansen an0 her sister @/en0oline Martino #ecame hysterical? alarming their $o&r chil0ren. -/o o$ the yo&ngsters #egan to cry. -hey all ret&rne0 to the car an0 0ro+e home to 7il0/oo0 Crest. :0/ar0 Christiansen? $orty? a har0-nose0 #&sinessman? re$&se0 to #elie+e in $lying sa&cers an0 trie0 to ass&re the /omen that there ha0 to #e a nat&ral e.planation. Ais sister-in-la/ @/en0oline 0eci0e0 to call the local air $orce #ase at Palmero. (he spo5e to an o$$icer there an0 he seeme0 D&ite intereste0 in her story an0 as5e0 se+eral D&estions. An ho&r later the $amily recei+e0 a long-0istance phone call $rom another air $orce #ase 3none o$ them co&l0 remem#er the name o$ the #ase or the names o$ the o$$icers /hen > inter+ie/e0 them se+eral months later4. :ach one o$ them /as inter+ie/e0 at great length #y <three or $o&r o$$icers.< -hey /ere tol0 that their con+ersation /as #eing tape0? an0 the D&estions $ollo/e0 a pattern /hich s&ggeste0 the o$$icers /ere $illing o&t 0etaile0 $orms on the other en0 o$ the line. Ao/e+er? all o$ them /ere 0isappointe0 to $in0 the air $orce /o&l0 not gi+e them any in$ormation or ans/er their o/n D&estions.


(omething e.traor0inary seems to ha+e happene0 that night. >nstea0 o$ simply $iling a report thro&gh normal channels? the o$$icer at the Palmero #ase may ha+e calle0 7right-Patterson in Chio imme0iately. C$$icers $rom proBect Bl&e Boo5 then calle0 the Christiansens $or a00itional 0etails. Ao/e+er? it is p&66ling that <three or $o&r 0i$$erent o$$icers< /o&l0 participate in the D&estioning. >nci0entally? these /itnesses are a#o+e a+erage in income an0 intelligence an0 their o+erall relia#ility is &nD&estione0. "ater that e+ening as Mrs. Martino? /ho /as spen0ing the night at the Christiansens? /as preparing $or #e0 she s&00enly hear0 a lo&0 ra0io signal ... a series o$ 0ots an0 0ashes. (he 5ne/ her #rother-in-la/ ha0 a porta#le CB 3Citi6enGs Ban04 ra0io an0 she ass&me0 he ha0 acci0entally le$t it t&rne0 on. Ae an0 his /i$e /ere alrea0y in #e0 an0 asleep #&t she 0i0nGt &n0erstan0 the ra0io an0 0i0nGt /ant to tamper /ith it. (he contin&e0 to hear the signals as she entere0 their #e0room an0 a/a5ene0 them. -hey /ere &na#le to hear the signals ... an0 the ra0io /as t&rne0 o$$ an0 in its case. -he signals $a0e0 an0 Mrs. Martino /ent to #e0 #a$$le0. A #ea&ti$&l? lithe 0i+orcee? Mrs. Martino ha0 not ha0 any &n&s&al psychic e.periences #e$ore. )>. 8oger an0 "in0a (car#erry /ere li+ing in a ho&se trailer at the time o$ their Mothman sighting. >n the /ee5 that $ollo/e0 they /ere s&00enly plag&e0 #y strange so&n0s aro&n0 the trailer late at night. Beeps an0 lo&0 gar#le0 noises li5e a spee0e0&p phonograph recor0. -hey co&l0 not locate the so&rce o$ the so&n0s o&tsi0e or insi0e the trailer. 7orrie0 an0 $rightene0? they $inally mo+e0 o&t o$ the trailer an0 settle0 in the #asement apartment in the home o$ "in0aGs parents? Par5e an0 Ma#el Mc1aniel. )>>. Cn %o+em#er 2'? $o&r people? t/o a0&lts an0 t/o chil0ren? /ere 0ri+ing past the -%- area /hen they sa/ a giant $lying creat&re /ith re0 eyes. -heir report a00e0 to the gro/ing chaos. %o/ tho&san0s o$ people /ere po&ring into the ol0 m&nitions site nightly? some tra+eling $rom h&n0re0s o$ miles a/ay. -ele+ision cre/s an0 ne/smen $rom other states ho+ere0 aro&n0 the ol0 generator plant? hoping to glimpse the monster. (ome +isitors 0i+i0e0 their time #et/een the -%- area an0 7oo0ro/ 1eren#ergerGs $arm in Mineral 7ells. Mothman /as not to #e o&tsmarte0? ho/e+er. Ae stage0 his appearances /ith cle+er sho/manship? popping &p in &ne.pecte0 places in $ront o$ /itnesses /ho ha0 pre+io&sly #een s5eptical. At 7*15 A.M. on %o+em#er 25? a yo&ng shoe salesman name0 -homas =ry /as 0ri+ing along 8o&te !2 B&st north o$ the -%- area /hen he notice0 a tall? gray manli5e


$ig&re stan0ing in a $iel0 #y the roa0. ")uddenly it spread a pair of !ings," =ry sai0? "and took off straight up, like a helicopter". <>t +eere0 o+er my con+erti#le an0 #egan going in circles three telephone poles high.< Ae steppe0 on the gas as the creat&re 6oome0 0o/n o+er his +ehicle. <>t 5ept $lying right o+er my car e+en tho&gh > /as 0oing a#o&t se+enty-$i+e.< Mr. =ry spee0 into Point Pleasant an0 /ent straight to the sheri$$Gs o$$ice thoro&ghly panic5e0. "I never sa! anything like it," he con$i0e0 to Mrs. Ayre later. "I !as so scared I 9ust couldn't go to !ork that day. This thing had a !ingspan every bit of ten feet. It could be a bird, but I certainly never sa! one like it. I !as afraid it !as going to come do!n right on top of me." -he ol0 $amiliar symptom? &nreasona#le terror? too5 hol0 o$ him. <>G+e ne+er ha0 that $eeling #e$ore. A /eir0 5in0 o$ $ear?< he sai0. <-hat $ear grippe0 yo& an0 hel0 yo&. (omeho/? the #est /ay to e.plain it /o&l0 #e to say that the /hole thing B&st /asnGt right. > 5no/ that may not ma5e sense? #&t thatGs the only /ay > can p&t into /or0s /hat > $elt.< -hat same /ee5 some +ery $rea5ish #ir0s appeare0 in Chio an0 Pennsyl+ania? $ar north o$ Point Pleasant. @eorge 7ol$e? Jr.? t/enty-three? o$ Bea+er alls? Pennsyl+ania? /as o&t h&nting /hen he came across a "seven7foot7tall bird that looked something like an ostrich" in a corn$iel0. "I could see it dodging in and out among the trees," he sai0. "It didn't leap over the brush like a deer !ould do, but 9ust .ig7.agged through the trees, in a strange side!ise motion". "I !as so startled I didn't take a shot at it. It had a long neck and a round body !ith a plumed tail that reached high above its body". "It !as a grayish color and looked about seven feet tall. It !as about fifty feet from me !hen it stood up and began to run. My dog ran after it, but !hen 'ld 8ingo caught up !ith it, he let out a ho!l. '"e ran back to me !ith his tail bet!een his legs and he !as ho!ling and !himpering." >n "o/ell? Chio? a#o&t se+enty miles north o$ Point Pleasant? Mar+in (hoc5 an0 his $amily /atche0 a gro&p o$ gigantic #ir0s $or a#o&t t/o ho&rs on %o+em#er 2!. "They looked about as big as a man !ould look moving around in the trees," (hoc5 reporte0. "When !e started !alking to!ard them for a closer look(!e !ere about one hundred yards from them(they took off and fle! up the ridge." (hoc5? his t/o chil0ren? an0 :/ing -ilton? a neigh#or? /atche0 the creat&res $rom a 0istance. -hey /ere $rom $o&r to $i+e $eet tall an0 ha0 a /ingsprea0 o$ at least ten


$eet. -here /as <a re00ish cast< to their hea0s? #&t the /itnesses 0i0 not see the $amo&s glo/ing re0 eyes. "They had dark bro!n backs !ith some light flecks," :/ing -ilton note0. "Their breasts !ere gray and they had five7or7si17inch bills, straight, not curved like those of ha!ks or vultures." -hese reports in0icate that some +ery &n&s&al #ir0s /ere in the general region at the time o$ the Mothman $racas? e+en tho&gh a systematic search o$ ornithological literat&re has $aile0 to i0enti$y the creat&res seen #y 7ol$e? (hoc5? an0 :/ing. Cne Chio college pro$essor insiste0 it /as a rare san0hill crane? so > carrie0 a pict&re o$ the san0hill crane in my #rie$case an0 not a single /itness recogni6e0 it or tho&ght it resem#le0 /hat he or she ha0 seen. Altogether? more than one h&n0re0 a0&lts /o&l0 see this /inge0 impossi#ility in 19!!-!7. -hose /ho got a close loo5 at it all agree0 on the #asic points. >t /as gray? apparently $eatherless? as largeFor largerFthan a #ig man? ha0 a /ingsprea0 o$ a#o&t ten $eet? too5 o$$ straight &p li5e a helicopter? an0 0i0 not $lap its /ings in $light. >ts $ace /as a p&66le. %o one co&l0 0escri#e it. -he t/o re0 eyes 0ominate0 it. 3>n a maBority o$ the reports o$ angels? 0emons? an0 sa&cer spacemen the $aces are also either co+ere0 in some manner or are none.istent.4 -he <ostrich< in Pennsyl+ania an0 the #ig #ir0s in Chio 0i0 not seem to $it into the pict&re. >$ they /ere real #ir0s o$ some 5in0? /here 0i0 they goI 7hy /erenGt they seen againI Cn the e+ening o$ %o+em#er 2!? a ho&se/i$e in (t. Al-#ans? a s&#&r# o$ Charleston? 7est )irginia? $o&n0 Mothman stan0ing on her $ront la/n. Mrs. 8&th oster /as one o$ the +ery $e/ /itnesses /ho claime0 to see a $ace on the creat&re. "It !as standing on the la!n beside the porch," Mrs. oster sai0. "It !as tall !ith big red eyes that popped out of its face. My husband is si1 feet one and this bird looked about the same height or a little shorter, maybe". "It had a funny little face. I didn't see any beak. 6ll I sa! !ere those big red poppy eyes. I screamed and ran back into the house. My brother7in7la! !ent out to look, but it !as gone." -he ne.t morning the /inge0 phantom p&rs&e0 yo&ng Connie Carpenter near the Mason? 7est )irginia? gol$ co&rse 3Chapter -/o4. -hat e+ening? it encore0 in (t. Al#ans. (heila Cain? thirteen? an0 her yo&nger sister /ere /al5ing home $rom the store /hen they sa/ an enormo&s <something< stan0ing ne.t to a local B&n5 yar0. 3O4 "It !as gray and !hite !ith big red eyes," )heila reporte0? "and it must have been seven feet tall(taller than a man. I screamed and !e ran home. It fle! up in the air D and follo!ed us part of the !ay."


Aero0ynamically? Mothman /as ill-s&ite0 $or $light. A > creat&re larger than a #ig man? an0 there$ore /eighing in e.cess o$ t/o h&n0re0 po&n0s? /o&l0 reD&ire more than a ten-$oot /ingspan to get alo$t. An0 large #ir0s ta5e o$$ #y r&nning along the gro&n0 an0 $lapping their /ings $rantically. My $a+orite? the gooney #ir0 o$ the Paci$ic? r&ns #ac5 an0 $orth 0esperately trying to #&il0 &p airspee0 an0 then? more o$ten than not? $alls $lat on his $ace. Mothman? /ith his helicopter li5e ta5eo$$s? /as impossi#le. > /as in 7ashington? B.C.? that %o+em#er? harassing the air $orce in my #lac5 s&it? /hen > spo5e to @ray Bar5er on the phone. 1espite the $&ror then ta5ing place in 7est )irginia? > ha0 not hear0 or rea0 a thing a#o&t the <Bir0Gs< arri+al. 7hen @ray #ro&ght the matter &p? > tho&ght he /as Bo5ing. A re0-eye0 #ir0 /ith a ten-$oot /ingspan /ho lo+e0 to chase spee0ing a&tomo#iles seeme0 &tterly ri0ic&lo&s. %o/ i$ it ha0 #een a ten-$oot-tall hair-co+ere0 monster /ith a terri#le smell > might ha+e ta5en it serio&sly. B&t @ray con+ince0 me it /as no Bo5e. > loo5e0 Point Pleasant &p on the map ... it /as a#o&t eight h&n0re0 miles $rom %e/ Eor5 ... oile0 my $o&rteen-$oot monster traps? got into my car? an0 hea0e0 $or the Chio +alley. ---MON Monsters? = Cs? an0 apparitions ha+e an? interesting a$$inity $or gar#age 0&mps an0 B&n5 yar0s. :+en the $amo&s miracle at "o&r0es? rance? in 1;5;? too5 place at the local gar#age 0&mp. ---------------------------------------


7 - -he %ight o$ the Blee0ing :ar

>. @/en0oline Martino /as #ac5 in her apartment in Cherry Aill? %e/ Jersey? early in 1ecem#er 19!!? pac5ing her things $or a trip to :&rope. Aer &nliste0 phone rang. A $emale +oice /ith a slight $oreign accent came on the line. ""ello, +!en?" "3es, this is +!en ..." "+!en )tevens?" "*o, this is +!en Martino." "3ou're not +!en )tevens?" "*o ... you've got the !rong +!en." -his same /oman calle0 #ac5 again on t/o s&ccessi+e nights. -he con+ersation /as al/ays the same. Mrs. Martino /as mil0ly irritate0 that the /oman /o&l0 call her three times in a ro/ #&t she tho&ght nothing o$ it &ntil > met her a $e/ months later an0 as5e0 my ro&tine D&estions a#o&t &n&s&al phone calls. Beca&se o$ the /omanGs accent? it is possi#le she /as as5ing $or <Jen (te+ens.< Mrs. Martino ha0 ne+er hear0 o$ anyone name0 either @/en or Jen (te+ens. B&t at that time a /oman name0 Jenni$er 3<Jen<4 (te+ens /as +ery acti+e in = C research in the Al#any-(chenecta0y area o$ %e/ Eor5 (tate. Mrs. (te+ens e.perience0 a /i0e range o$ pro#lems /ith her &nliste0 phone an0 a personal trage0y /hich seeme0 to #e relate0 to her = C in+estigations. >n e#r&ary 19!;? Mrs. (te+ens reporte0 the $ollo/ing* MCneN night /hen my h&s#an0? Peter? an0 > ret&rne0 home /e $o&n0 Jenny? o&r $i$teen-year-ol0 0a&ghter? in a highly ner+o&s state. (he sai0 the phone ha0 #een ringing all e+ening. (he /o&l0 ans/er it an0 hear nothing at the other en0 #&t hea+y #reathing. 7hen her #oy$rien0 calle0 they /ere interr&pte0 se+eral times #y highpitche0 #eeping noises an0 /ere also c&t o$$ t/ice. -he ne.t 0ay the calls contin&e0. (ometimes there /o&l0 #e mechanical so&n0s? an0 others? the high-pitche0 /hiningH #eeping so&n0 that sent sharp pains thro&gh the mastoi0 #ones. C&r n&m#er is &nliste0 so > 5ne/ no one co&l0 ha+e gotten it o&t o$ the phone #oo5 or thro&gh the operator. 7e ha0 long since screene0 all calls thro&gh another n&m#er in or0er to a+oi0 cran5s. > calle0 the telephone company an0 they ga+e o&r line a complete chec5 /ith %C $in0ings. -he ser+ice man o$$ere0 his personal opinion that the line <co&l0 ha+e #een tappe0.<


(e+eral 0ays a$ter o&r telephone pro#lems #egan? my h&s#an0? /ho is a #&il0ing contractor? /as in a large 0o/nto/n (chenecta0y store inspecting some /or5 an0 0roppe0 into the snac5 #ar $or a c&p o$ co$$ee. A $e/ moments a$ter he seate0 himsel$? a tall? tan? <sat&rnine<- loo5ing man? /hom my h&s#an0 ha0 ne+er seen #e$ore? sat 0o/n ne.t to him an0 starte0 a con+ersation. Ae #egan /ith? "There have been people !atching the sky every night do!n by the river in )cotia.< (ince Peter /as one o$ <those people?< he /as shoc5e0 ... #&t 5ept cool an0 sai0? <> #eg yo&r par0onI< -he man procee0e0 to tal5 a#o&t = Cs. Peter trie0 to 0ra/ him o&t an0 as5e0 his name? an0 so on. All his D&estions /ere either parrie0 or a+oi0e0. My h&s#an0 /as #eginning to $eel a #it &ncom$orta#le /hen the stranger $inally e.c&se0 himsel$ a$ter noting? "2eople !ho look for %&'s should be very, very careful." At my reD&est? Peter (te+ens ma0e t/o s5etches o$ the <sat&rnine<- loo5ing man. -hey sent me one copy an0 5ept the other. A $e/ /ee5s later their home /as #ro5en into an0 thoro&ghly ransac5e0. B&t nothing /as stolen... e.cept their copy o$ the s5etch. 314 -/o months later Peter (te+ens? a yo&ng man in his thirties? 0ie0 +ery s&00enly. Ang&ishe0? Jen a#an0one0 = C research. > ne+er learne0 the $&ll circ&mstances o$ his 0eath. (he /o&l0 tell me only that it /as <relate0< to the = C #&siness in some /ay. ---M1N %o one e+er trie0 to steal my copy. >t /as s&#seD&ently p&#lishe0 in a special iss&e o$ lying (a&cer 8e+ie/? J&ne 19!9. ---> ha+e sho/n Peter (te+enKs 0ra/ing to n&mero&s Men-in-Blac5 /itnesses o+er the years an0 the &s&al response is? <>t loo5s close eno&gh to #e a #rother.< -o0ay <hea+y #reathers< plag&e telephone s&#scri#ers $rom coast to coast an0 are &s&ally ass&me0 to #e se. n&ts. 7hen > recei+e0 many s&ch calls in 19!7-!; > recor0e0 some o$ them an0 st&0ie0 the tapes. -he so&n0 is more mechanical or electronic than h&man an0 is pro#a#ly ca&se0 #y the intro0&ction o$ a mo0&late0 c&rrent into the telephone line. -his phenomenon is not isolate0 to the cities. People in remote to/ns /ith a pop&lation o$ only t/enty-$i+e or so also get these calls. -he hea+y #reathing o$ the se. n&t /ho 3s&ppose0ly4 mast&r#ates /hile he listens to a $emale +oice on the line contains certain recor0a#le +ocal characteristics /hich are totally a#sent in the hea+y #reathing calls > tape0. Playe0 at a slo/er spee0? the recor0e0 <#reathing< /as an e+enly space0 series o$ p&lses resem#ling the s/ishing so&n0 o$ a phonograph /hen the nee0le reaches the en0 o$ the recor0 an0 0oes not reBect. Aea+y #reathing /o&l0 not #e so &ni$orm.


>> Mr. Ke+in 1ee an0 his %>CAP s&#committee &rge0 7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger to s&#mit to a psychiatric an0 me0ical e.amination. >n early 1ecem#er 7oo0y +ol&ntarily entere0 (t. JosephGs Aospital in Par5ers#&rg an0 &n0er/ent ho&rs o$ tests a0ministere0 #y 1r. Morgan 3> ha+e change0 his name here $or reasons that /ill #ecome o#+io&s later on4? a lea0ing local psychiatrist? an0 Peter )olar0i? an ::@ technician. >n his $inal report? 1r. Morgan state0* -here /ere no e+i0ences o$ a#normalities at all. (&#seD&ently? a report an0 interpretation /as o#taine0 $rom Baltimore? an0 the report in0icate0 no a#normalities at all an0 /as a per$ectly normal electroencephalogram. -here /as no e+i0ence o$ organic #rain 0amage or o$ sei6&re 0isor0ers. 7e /ere partic&larly concerne0 a#o&t epilepsy an0 there /as no e+i0ence o$ this. -he recor0 /as a normal recor0 /ith no in0ication o$ any central ner+o&s system pathology at all. -here /as no e+i0ence o$ any psychiatric 0isor0ers. > s&#mitte0 a report to the Pitts#&rgh (&#committee o$ %>CAP? o$ the psychiatric e.amination o$ Mr. 1eren#erger in /hich > state0 that > co&l0 $in0 no e+i0ence o$ mental 0isor0er. -here /as no in0ication o$ any lo/er pathology. > $o&n0 Mr. 1eren#erger to #e normal. -he %>CAP in+estigators sent the me0ical recor0s on to the 7ashington o$$ice o$ the organi6ation? along /ith 0etaile0 reports on 7oo0yGs enco&nter an0 his personal #ac5gro&n0. -ypically? the %>CAP ne/sletter later 0e+ote0 a co&ple o$ paragraphs to the 1eren#erger case? 0eno&ncing it as a hoa.? misspelling 7oo0yGs name? an0 re$erring to Col0 as <K&l0.< 7oo0y ha0 spelle0 the name C-o-l-0 $rom the o&tset an0 it /as spelle0 that /ay thro&gho&t the s&#committeeGs 0oc&ments. Ao/ %>CAP arri+e0 at the K-&-l-0 spelling is a mystery in itsel$. >>> "4ook at that cra.y character coming in do!n!ind in that plane," :00ie A05ins commente0. Ae an0 $o&r other men /ere stan0ing on the $iel0 o$ the @allipolis? Chio? airport? B&st across the ri+er $rom Point Pleasant on (&n0ay? 1ecem#er '? 19!!. At 3 P.M. that a$ternoon a large /inge0 $orm came cr&ising maBestically along the Chio 8i+er? B&st #ehin0 the airport. -he pilots later estimate0 that it /as a#o&t three h&n0re0 $eet in the air an0 /as tra+eling a#o&t se+enty miles an ho&r. As it 0re/ closer they reali6e0 it /as not a plane #&t /as some 5in0 o$ enormo&s #ir0 /ith an &n&s&ally long nec5. >t seeme0 to #e t&rning its hea0 $rom si0e to si0e as i$ it /ere ta5ing in the scenery. -he /ings /ere not $lapping. <My @o09 >tGs something prehistoric9< one o$ the men crie0. :+erett 7e0ge gra##e0 his camera an0 sprinte0 to his small plane. B&t #y the time he /as air#orne the giant creat&re ha0 +anishe0 some/here (o/n ri+er.


-hree 0ays later? on 1ecem#er 7? > arri+e0 in Point Pleasant $or the $irst time. > $o&n0 a sleepy little to/n? clean? /ell-manage0? prospero&s. -he Chio +alley is a #&sy in0&strial area an0 the ri+er is line0 /ith chemical $actories an0 thri+ing #&sinesses. >t is a $ar cry $rom the 0reary coal mining to/ns o$ Appalachia $&rther east. -he neat? mo0ern homes o$ the +alley #oaste0 more than their share o$ color tele+ision sets an0 late mo0el cars. -he people are not hill#illies #&t? $or the most part? are s5ille0 technicians employe0 in the many $actoriesH /ell-e0&cate0? /ell-pai0 Americans lea0ing D&iet? a+erage li+es. Altho&gh there /as a hotel in Point Pleasant > chose to cross the (il+er Bri0ge an0 ta5e a room in one o$ the many mo0ern motels on the Chio si0e o$ the ri+er. My $irst stop /as the Mason Co&nty co&rtho&se an0 a chat /ith 1ep&ty Aalstea0? a so$t-spo5en? serio&s man /ith a rece0ing hairline an0 B&st a trace o$ the c&rse o$ all small-to/n policemenFthe pot#elly. <-hereGs something to it?< he ass&re0 me. <-he people /ho ha+e seen this Bir0 /ere all mighty scare0. -hey sa/ something. > 0onGt 5no/ /hat. (ome say itGs B&st a crane.< > as5e0 him i$ there ha0 #een any $lying sa&cer reports in the area. <%o? /e ha+enGt ha0 any o$ that. J&st the GBir0.G -hatGs eno&gh9< Ae tol0 me ho/ to $in0 the Mc1aniel home an0 > 0ro+e o&t to 0o the thing > hate0 mostF5noc5 on the 0oor o$ a total stranger? intro0&ce mysel$ as a hotshot /riter $rom %e/ Eor5? an0 in+a0e the pri+acy o$ people alrea0y /eary $rom the p&#licity? reporters? an0 sel$-style0 in+estigators. Ma#el Mc1aniel came to the 0oor? an attracti+e /oman not at all li5e the $rail? 0ra/n sparro/ li5e /omen > so o$ten met &p in the hills o$ Appalachia. >t /as early e+ening an0 /ithin an ho&r Ma#el ha0 ma0e a series o$ phone calls an0 the little ho&se /as $ille0 /ith people. 8oger an0 "in0a? (te+e an0 Mary Mallette? an0 Connie Carpenter an0 her $iance Keith? an0 Mrs. Mary Ayre all arri+e0. My $irst reaction to Mrs. Ayre /as negati+e. :+ery to/n has a local #&sy#o0y an0 > pegge0 her as that? erroneo&sly it t&rne0 o&t. ConnieGs eyes /ere re0 an0 s/ollen? as > ha+e alrea0y note0? #&t she /as the only one /ho ha0 e.perience0 this telltale reaction. (he seeme0 to #e an emotionally $ragile girl? #&t 0o/n-to-earth. 8oger an0 (te+e? li$elong #&00ies? tal5e0 /ith great enth&siasm a#o&t their great a0+ent&re. B&t > ha0 learne0 long ago that yo&ng men &s&ally ten0 to color their e.periences /ith rich imagination an0 heroic post&ring. Ao/e+er? there /ere no $alse heroics here. -hey ha0 #een gen&inely $rightene0 o&t o$ their /its an0 /ere not ashame0 to a0mit it. "ater Mary Ayre tol0 me she ha0 hear0 them reco&nt the episo0e 0o6ens o$ times to inn&mera#le reporters an0 in+estigators. <%one o$ them ha+e e+er change0 it or a00e0 a /or0?< she note0.


(ince they ha0 +ie/e0 the creat&re only #rie$ly an0 in the 0ar5? their 0escriptions /ere &n0erstan0a#ly lac5ing in signi$icant 0etail. :+en Connie? /ho ha0 seen the creat&re in #roa0 0aylight? co&l0 not 0escri#e the thing #eyon0 the $act that it /as gray? h&ge? an0 $le/. >ts $ace? she sai0? /as <science-$iction-li5e.< -he glo/ing re0 eyes ha0 ma0e the #iggest impression on her? as they ha0 on the others. An0 the o+erri0ing sense o$ &nreasona#le $ear /as the main reaction. -here ha0 #een no smells in the areas o$ the sightings. %o $ootprints or 0roppings or other tangi#le e+i0ence. A$ter taping their in0i+i0&al stories? /e 0eci0e0 to go o&t to the -%- area so > co&l0 ha+e my $irst loo5 at the site. At a#o&t 9 P.M. /e 0ro+e to the ol0 amm&nition 0&mp. -he police ha0 no/ loc5e0 the ol0 gate lea0ing to the po/er plant? #&t it /as no pro#lem to sD&ee6e thro&gh the $ence. -he night /as 0ar5 an0 o+ercast an0 the ric5ety #&il0ing /as B&st a h&ge? #lac5 l&mp on the lan0scape. 7e gathere0 o&tsi0e the main entrance. -he cro/0s /ho ha0 s/arme0 there /ee5s earlier ha0 gi+en &p so /e /ere alone ... ten people. > carrie0 my po/er$&l si.-cell $lashlight. -o me? this /as B&st another #ro5en? 0eserte0 #&il0ing in a remote spot. > /as &se0 to pro/ling aro&n0 s&ch places alone in the 0ar5? #&t > /as tro&#le0 #y the $ear that no/ seeme0 to #e gripping o&r little e.pe0ition. -heir ner+o&sness /as real. Cnly Connie an0 Keith +ol&nteere0 to enter the #&il0ing /ith me. -he others cl&stere0 o&tsi0e. -he three o$ &s /ent into the r&in. Connie /as Bo5ing an0 in goo0 spirits. Keith /as so#er an0 D&iet. -he interior o$ the #&il0ing /as $ille0 /ith 0e#ris an0 silence e.cept $or the so$t so&n0 o$ 0ripping /ater. "arge r&sting #oilers stoo0 on the gro&n0 $loor. > peere0 into them /ith my $lashlight. Mothman /asnGt hi0ing there. > clim#e0 the steel la00ers an0 strolle0 the cat/al5s. :+en the pigeons seeme0 to ha+e 0eserte0 the place. (atis$ie0 that the #&il0ing /as empty? /e starte0 $or the > prece0e0 the other t/o /ith my $lashlight. As she steppe0 thro&gh the 0oor /hich le0 into the smaller cham#er /here the main /as locate0? Connie glance0 o+er her sho&l0er an0 let o&t a horri$ie0 gasp. <-hose eyes9< she screame0. <AeGs there9< (he 0issol+e0 into total hysteria? crying &ncontrolla#ly. -he #ra+e? cheer$&l girl o$ a moment ago /as no/ a #l&##ering /rec5. Keith an0 > r&she0 her o&tsi0e. <I sa! those eyesFt/o #ig re0 eyesFby the !all in the back?< she manage0 to cho5e o&t 7hile e+eryone gathere0 aro&n0 her an0 trie0 to calm her? > t&rne0 an0 r&she0 #ac5 into the #&il0ing. -he /all at the $ar en0 o$ the #oiler room /as #lan5. -here /as nothing there that co&l0 ha+e re$lecte0 the light $rom my $lashlight. Again > searche0 the #&il0ing $rom top to #ottom an0 $o&n0 nothing. 7hen > got #ac5 o&tsi0e > $o&n0 a police o$$icer? 1ep&ty Al+a (&lli+an? ha0 Boine0 o&r gro&p. "i5e the others? he ha0 #een rel&ctant to enter the #&il0ing an0 help me 5!

/ith my search. -hey /ere all loo5ing thro&gh a $ence $acing a $iel0 that /ent #ehin0 the po/er plant. <7e tho&ght /e sa/ something #ac5 o$ the plant?< Mary Ayre e.plaine0. <A tall $ig&re r&nning. 7as it yo&I< <%o ... > ne+er le$t the #&il0ing.< <7hat /as that noise /hile yo& /ere in thereI< Ma#el Mc1aniel as5e0. <7hat noiseI< <>t /as metallic an0 hollo/. A lo&0 noise. "i5e a piece o$ metal ha0 $allen all the /ay 0o/n $rom the top or something.< :+eryone ha0 hear0 the so&n0 ... e.cept me. An0 > ha0nGt 0one anything to ma5e s&ch a noise. Keith le0 Connie? still crying? to their car. <Please? letGs get o&t o$ here?< she #egge0. "I'm bleeding," Mary Mallette s&00enly e.claime0? c&pping her han0 to her ear. > $lashe0 my light into her ear. A small tric5le o$ #loo0 /as oo6ing o&t. ",id you hear anything else?" > as5e0. :+eryone shoo5 his hea0. <%o? #&t it 0oesnGt $eel right here? 0oes itI< Mary Ayre o#ser+e0. <>t $eels oppressi+e ... hea+y.< > ha0 to agree /ith her. (omething 0i0 seem to #e o&t o$ /hac5. (te+e Mallette le0 his /i$e a/ay. %o/ /e ha0 t/o hysterical /omen on o&r han0s9 <1i0 yo& really see some#o0y #ac5 thereI< > as5e0 1ep&ty (&lli+an D&ietly. <>tGs har0 to say. Might ha+e #een an animal. A 0eer or something.< -he /hole gro&p /as no/ in a state #or0ering on sheer panic. > co&l0 see that their $eelings /ere real. -his /as not B&st some 5in0 o$ act #eing stage0 $or my #ene$it. >Gm no hero? #&t > 0i0 not share their $ear. Mrs. MalletteGs #lee0ing ear /as a sign o$ conc&ssion? meaning the air press&re ha0 change0 s&00enly. Connie ha0 apparently ha0 an hall&cinatory or psychic glimpse o$ those $rightening eyes. -he metallic clang co&l0 not ha+e come $rom insi0e the #&il0ing or > /o&l0 ha+e hear0 it? too. >t may ha+e #een associate0 /ith the s&00en change in air press&re. > scanne0 the #lac5 s5ies. -here /as not a star? not a light +isi#le.


7e all $ile0 #ac5 to o&r cars an0 ret&rne0 to the Mc1anielsG home. Mary MalletteGs ear stoppe0 #lee0ing. Keith 0ro+e a still-sha5ing Connie Carpenter home. An0? #eing an all-time i0iot? > ret&rne0 to the -%- area $or another loo5. >t /as /ell past mi0night as > 0ro+e aimlessly &p an0 0o/n the 0irt roa0s among the igloos. Mothman 0i0 not pop o&t o$ the #&shes to cry <Boo9?< #&t > 0i0 ha+e one c&rio&s e.perience. As > passe0 a certain point on one o$ the isolate0 roa0s > /as s&00enly eng&l$e0 in $ear. > steppe0 on the gas an0 a$ter > /ent a $e/ yar0s my $ear +anishe0 as D&ic5ly as it came. > contin&e0 to 0ri+e? e+ent&ally ret&rning again to the same spot. An0 again a /a+e o$ &nspea5a#le $ear s/ept o+er me. > 0ro+e D&ic5ly a/ay $rom the place an0 then stoppe0? p&66le0. 7hy /o&l0 this one stretch o$ roa0 pro0&ce this hair-raising e$$ectI > t&rne0 aro&n0 an0 slo/ly hea0e0 #ac5? trying to note trees? $ence posts? an0 other lan0mar5s in the 0ar5. Cnce again? /hen > reache0 that partic&lar point the hair tingle0 on the #ac5 o$ my nec5 an0 > #ecame gen&inely a$rai0. 7hen > emerge0 $rom the other si0e o$ this in+isi#le 6one > stoppe0 an0 got o&t o$ my car. -he air /as per$ectly still. -here /asnGt any a&0i#le so&n0 ... not e+en a #ir0 call. > /as remin0e0 o$ the ho&r o$ D&iet that settles ine.plica#ly o+er the B&ngle in early morning /hen s&00enly? &s&ally aro&n0 2 A.M.? all o$ the animals? #ir0s? e+en the insects? #ecome totally silent $or a#o&t t/o ho&rs. >$ yo&Gre not &se0 to the B&ngle an0 its /ays? this s&00en silence can /a5e yo& $rom a 0eep sleep. > /al5e0 #ac5 to the <6one o$ $ear< slo/ly? alert $or any r&stle o$ #&shes? meas&ring my o/n #reathing an0 emotions. > /as per$ectly calm &ntil > too5 one step too many an0 /as #ac5 in the 6one. > almost panic5e0 an0 ran? #&t > $orce0 mysel$ to loo5 aro&n0 an0 procee0 slo/ly. By no/ > ha0 $ig&re0 o&t that > /as pro#a#ly /al5ing thro&gh a #eam o$ &ltrasonic /a+es an0 really ha0 nothing to #e a$rai0 o$. A$ter > ha0 gone a#o&t $i$teen $eet > steppe0 o&tsi0e the 6one an0 e+erything /as normal again. %o/ > ha0 to /al5 thro&gh that 0amne0 spot again to get #ac5 to my car9 >t /as too 0ar5? almost pitch-#lac5? an0 > /as too &n$amiliar /ith the -%- area at the time to attempt to go aro&n0 the 6one. Altho&gh > 5ne/ it /as harmless? > 0rea0e0 re-entering it. > act&ally consi0ere0 remaining there? only yar0s $rom my car? &ntil 0ay#rea5. B&t > $inally steele0 mysel$ an0 /al5e0 once more thro&gh that in+isi#le stream? scare0 o&t o$ my /its in transit yet pri+ately please0 /ith my 0isco+ery. >n 0aylight > ret&rne0 to the same spot. -he 6one o$ $ear /as gone. > searche0 $or po/er transmission lines? telephone micro/a+e to/ers? an0 anything that might ha+e ra0iate0 energy thro&gh the area. -here /as nothing. %or 0i0 a 0aytime e.ploration o$ the po/er plant re+eal anything Connie might ha+e mista5en $or re0 eyes. Mrs. MalletteGs #lee0ing ear an0 my 0isco+ery o$ the &ltrasonic 6one o$ $ear con+ince0 me that = C-type phenomena /ere present in the -%- area e+en tho&gh the police an0 press ha0 not recei+e0 any reports. > as5e0 Mrs. Ayre an0 the Mc1aniels to #e alert $or any r&mors o$ sightings. 7ithin 0ays > trac5e0 0o/n 0o6ens o$ = C /itnesses thro&gho&t the Chio +alley. At 2 A.M. on the morning > /as $irst pro/ling the -%- area? a yo&ng man li+ing $&rther &p the Chio 8i+er got &p to go to the #athroom an0 sa/ a #rilliantly ill&minate0 o#Bect $loating in the air B&st a#o+e the /ater. >t /as circ&lar in shape an0 appeare0 to ha+e /in0o/s in it co+ere0 o+er /ith c&rtains li5e cr&mple0 al&min&m $oil. -/o ho&rs later? Mr. an0 Mrs. Charles Aern o$ 5;

Cheshire? Chio? sa/ something +ery similar. -heir home /as 0irectly opposite the -%area on the Chio si0e o$ the ri+er. Mr. Aern /as /al5ing his 0og /hen he notice0 a re0 light on the opposite ri+er#an5. At $irst he tho&ght it might #e a trapper in a #oat chec5ing his m&s5rat traps. -hen he reali6e0 it /as on the #an5? not on the /ater? an0 in the glare o$ the light he co&l0 see $ig&res mo+ing a#o&t. Ae calle0 his /i$e o&tsi0e an0 they #oth /atche0 $or se+eral min&tes trying to $ig&re o&t /hat it /as. -he $ig&res seeme0 to #e +ery small in stat&re. 1a66le0 an0 0is#elie+ing? the Aerns /o5e &p their neigh#ors? Mr. an0 Mrs. 7alter -aylor? /ho Boine0 them. 8e0 an0 orange lights $lashe0 on an0 o$$? an0 one light seeme0 to #e 0irecte0 to/ar0 the /ater most o$ the time. inally the lights /ent o&t an0 a #right greenish light came on. -hen the o#Bect rose straight &p into the air an0 0isappeare0 into the s5y. <>G+e li+e0 on this ri+er#an5 since > /as t/el+e years ol0?< Mr. Aern tol0 Mary Ayre an0 mysel$? <an0 > 5no/ e+ery #oat light? #&t this /as 0e$initely something >G+e ne+er seen #e$ore.< <>tGs a $&nny thing?< Mrs. Aern a00e0. <7e /ere so st&nne0 /e 0i0nGt e+en tal5 a#o&t it a$ter/ar0s. 7e B&st sat silently at the 5itchen ta#le. 7e e+en $orgot to say o&r Gthan5 yo&GsG that morning.< As soon as Mrs. Ayre #egan p&#lishing = C reports in the Messenger 0o6ens o$ other people came $or/ar0 /ith their o/n stories. (he /as a#le to print only a small percentage o$ all the reports she recei+e0. >). 1r. Morgan? the Par5ers#&rg psychiatrist? /as /atching a $oot#all game on tele+ision in his home in a s&#&r# o$ the city that 1ecem#er /hen he /as o+ercome #y a strange sensation. A +oice #egan to spea5 to him? anno&ncing that it came $rom a spaceship some/here o+erhea0. Ae /as #ecoming a contactee9 3A year later? 7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger /as a g&est on "ong John %e#elGs ra0io tal5 sho/ in %e/ Eor5 an0 > /as one o$ the panelists. "ong John phone0 1r. Morgan on the air an0 he 0escri#e0 his e.periences in a #eeper-phone con+ersation.4 7hile 1r. Morgan /as t&ning in to that phantom reality o$ the s&per spectr&m? 7oo0y /as entertaining more interesting +isitors at Mineral 7ells. A man i0enti$ying himsel$ as Captain Br&ce Parsons o$ the %A(A sec&rity police at Cocoa Beach? lori0a? calle0 on him an0 in+ite0 him to Cape Kenne0y? home o$ o&r space program. (hortly a$ter Christmas? 7oo0y? his /i$e? an0 chil0ren $le/ to Cape Kenne0y to spen0 a /ee5 /ith Captain Parsons. By 0ay they to&re0 the great roc5et-la&nching installation. B&t each e+ening 7oo0y /as ta5en to a room some/here on the Cape /here he /as D&estione0 $or ho&rs? co+ering e+ery 0etail o$ his +isits /ith >n0ri0 Col0. Cne o$ his D&estioners /as a man i0enti$ie0 as the hea0 o$ %A(A an0 calle0 simply <Charlie.< 3O4


Accor0ing to 7oo0y? at the en0 o$ the /ee5 his interrogators sho/e0 him a star map an0 pointe0 to a spec5 on it telling him? <-hatGs /here theyGre $rom.< -hey sai0 they ha0 inter+ie/e0 se+eral other contactees? all /ith stories similar to his o/n. 7hen he as5e0 /hy they 0i0nGt release their = C in$ormation to the p&#lic? they allege0ly replie0 that it /o&l0 only ca&se panic. 7omen /o&l0 commit s&ici0e? thro/ #a#ies o&t the /in0o/? an0 this 5in0 o$ panic co&l0 s/eep the /orl0? they sai0. 1eren#erger #ro&ght home a $loc5 o$ so&+enirs as proo$ o$ his trip* photographs an0 e+en a scrap o$ the material &se0 in o&r astrona&tsG space s&its. -his? 7oo0y says? is the same 5in0 o$ re$lecti+e material /orn #y >n0ri0 Col0 &n0er his coat on that rainy %o+em#er e+ening. ---MON -he hea0 o$ %A(A at that time /as 1r. -homas C. Paine. ----


; - Procession o$ the 1amne0

7hile Mothman an0 >n0ri0 Col0 attracte0 all the p&#licity an0 t&rne0 e+eryoneGs eyes to the 0eep s5ies o$ night? the strange ones #egan to arri+e in 7est )irginia. -hey troope0 0o/n $rom the hills? along the m&00y #ac5 roa0s? &p $rom the /in0ing <hollers?< li5e an army o$ leprecha&ns see5ing impo+erishe0 shoema5ers. >t /as open season on the h&man race an0 so the ancient procession o$ the 0amne0 marche0 once more. A 0octor an0 his /i$e 0ri+ing along a co&ntry roa0 in a sno/storm sa/ a h&ge? cape0 $ig&re o$ a man str&ggling thro&gh the sno/? so they stoppe0 to gi+e him a ri0e. Ae +anishe0. -here /as nothing #&t /hirling sno/$la5es an0 night /here he ha0 stoo0. Blac5 limo&sines halte0 in $ront o$ the hill homes an0 0eeply tanne0 <cens&s ta5ers< inD&ire0 a#o&t the n&m#er o$ chil0ren li+ing /ith the $amilies. Al/ays the chil0ren. >n se+eral instances? the occ&pants o$ the #ig #lac5 cars merely as5e0 $or a glass o$ /ater. -he ol0 $airy tric5? ta5en &p $rom the Mi00le Ages an0 0&ste0 o$$. A #lon0 /oman in her thirties? /ell-groome0? /ith a so$t so&thern accent? +isite0 people in Chio an0 7est )irginia /hom > ha0 inter+ie/e0. (he intro0&ce0O hersel$ as <John KeelGs secretary?< th&s /inning instant a0mission. -he clip#oar0 she carrie0 hel0 a complicate0 $orm $ille0 /ith personal D&estions a#o&t the /itnessesG health? income? the type o$ cars they o/ne0? their general $amily #ac5gro&n0? an0 some $airly sophisticate0 D&estions a#o&t their = C sightings. %ot the type o$ D&estions a r&n-o$the-mill = C #&$$ /o&l0 as5. > ha+e no secretary. > 0i0nGt learn a#o&t this /oman &ntil months later /hen one o$ my $rien0s in Chio /rote to me an0 happene0 to mention? <As > tol0 yo&r secretary /hen she /as here ...< -hen > chec5e0 an0 $o&n0 o&t she ha0 +isite0 many people? most o$ /hom > ha0 ne+er mentione0 in print. Ao/ ha0 she locate0 themI -here /ere other /eir0 types on the loose. >n early 1ecem#er one o$ them trie0 to /aylay Mrs. Marcella Bennett? one o$ the la0ies /ho ha0 ha0 the $rightening meeting /ith Mothman in the -%- area on %o+em#er 1!. (he an0 her small 0a&ghter? -eena? /ere 0ri+ing along a 0eserte0 #ac5 roa0 o&tsi0e o$ Point Pleasant /hen she #ecame a/are o$ a re0 or0 $ollo/ing her. >t /as 0ri+en #y a large man? a stranger? she sai0? /ho appeare0 to #e /earing a +ery #&shy $right /ig. (he slo/e0 0o/n? e.pecting the +ehicle /o&l0 pass. >nstea0? it trie0 to $orce her o$$ the roa0. (he accelerate0 an0 the other car race0 aro&n0 her? shot 0o/n the roa0? an0 0isappeare0 aro&n0 a #en0. 7hen she circle0 the #en0 she /as alarme0 to $in0 that the or0 /as no/ par5e0 cross/ays on the narro/ 0irt roa0? #loc5ing it. Ba0ly $rightene0? she /arne0 her 0a&ghter to hol0 on an0 Bamme0 the gas pe0al to the $loor. -he other 0ri+er? seeing that she 0i0nGt mean to stop? p&lle0 o+er hastily an0 let her pass. (he ha0 ne+er seen the man #e$ore. An0 she ne+er sa/ him again. Molestations o$ this sort /ere rare? +irt&ally none.istent? in Point Pleasant #e$ore Mothman arri+e0. Mrs. Mary Ayre entertaine0 the $irst o$ her long string o$ pec&liar +isitors early in Jan&ary 19!7. (he /as /or5ing late in her o$$ice opposite the co&nty co&rtho&se /hen her 0oor opene0 an0 a +ery small man entere0. Ae /as a#o&t $o&r $eet si. inches tall? !1

she tol0 me in a phone call soon a$ter/ar0. Altho&gh it /as a#o&t 2,S . o&tsi0e? he /as /earing nothing #&t a short-slee+e0 #l&e shirt an0 #l&e tro&sers o$ thin-loo5ing material. Ais eyes /ere 0ar5 an0 0eepset? an0 /ere co+ere0 /ith thic5-lense0 glasses. Ae /as /earing o00 shoes /ith +ery thic5 soles /hich pro#a#ly a00e0 an inch or t/o to his height. (pea5ing in a lo/? halting +oice? he as5e0 her $or 0irections to 7elch? 7est )irginia? a to/n in the so&theastern tip o$ the state. (he tho&ght at $irst that he ha0 some 5in0 o$ speech impe0iment. Ais #lac5 hair /as long an0 c&t sD&arely <li5e a #o/l hairc&t< an0 his eyes remaine0 $i.e0 on her in an &n$linching? hypnotic /ay. <Ae 5ept getting closer an0 closer?< she reporte0. <Ais $&nny eyes staring at me almost hypnotically.< Ae tol0 her a long-/in0e0? 0isBointe0 story a#o&t his tr&c5 #rea5ing 0o/n in 1etroit? Michigan. Ae ha0 hitchhi5e0 all the /ay $rom 1etroit. As he tal5e0? he inche0 closer an0 closer to her? an0 she #ecame $rightene0? thin5ing she ha0 some 5in0 o$ a n&t on her han0s. (he p&lle0 #ac5 $rom her 0es5 an0 ran into the #ac5 room /here her ne/spaperGs circ&lation manager /as /or5ing on a telephone campaign. Ae Boine0 her an0 they spo5e together to the little man. <Ae seeme0 to 5no/ more a#o&t 7est )irginia than /e 0i0?< she 0eclare0 later. At one point the telephone rang? an0 /hile she /as spea5ing on it the little man pic5e0 &p a #all-point pen $rom her 0es5 an0 e.amine0 it /ith ama6ement? "as if he had never seen a pen before." "3ou can have that if you !ant it," she o$$ere0. Ae respon0e0 /ith a lo&0? pec&liar la&gh? a 5in0 o$ cac5le. -hen he ran o&t into the night an0 0isappeare0 aro&n0 a corner. -he ne.t 0ay Mrs. Ayre chec5e0 /ith the sheri$$Gs o$$ice to $in0 o&t i$ there /as any mentally 0e$icient person on the loose. -he ans/er /as negati+e. >> Cn the a$ternoon o$ Jan&ary 9? 19!7? :0/ar0 Christiansen an0 his $amily ret&rne0 to their ne/ home in 7il0/oo0? %e/ Jersey? a$ter a trip to lori0a. -hey ha0 B&st mo+e0 into the ne/ ho&se? some 0istance $rom the place /here they ha0 li+e0 at the time o$ their %o+em#er = C sighting. %either their a00ress nor phone n&m#er /as liste0 in the then-c&rrent phone #oo5. -hey entere0 their ho&se #y the #ac5 0oor. -he $ront 0oor /as still hea+ily #olte0 an0 loc5e0? the /ay they ha0 le$t it /hen they ha0 gone to lori0a. At 5*3, P.M. there /as a 5noc5 on the $ront 0oor. Mrs. Arline Christiansen /as in the 5itchen preparing 0inner.


<Chec5 an0 see /ho that is?< she tol0 her se+enteen-year-ol0 0a&ghter? Connie. <>$ itGs a salesman? 0onGt ans/er.< Connie too5 a pee5 an0 reporte0 #ac5? <>tGs the strangest-loo5ing man >G+e e+er seen.< Mrs. Christiansen /ent to the 0oor? &n#olte0 an0 &nlatche0 it. >t /as gro/ing 0ar5 an0 /as #itter col0 o&tsi0e. -here /as no car in +ie/ an0 this seeme0 pec&liar #eca&se the Christiansen home /as remo+e0 $rom other ho&ses in a rather isolate0 spot. A tall man stoo0 on the 0oorstep. <1oes :0/ar0 Christiansen li+e hereI< he as5e0. Arline a0mitte0 he 0i0. <>Gm $rom the Missing Aeirs B&rea&?< the man contin&e0. <Mr. Christiansen may ha+e inherite0 a great 0eal o$ money. May > come inI< >t /as an approach that /as har0 to resist. (he steppe0 #ac5 an0 in+ite0 him in? calling o&t to her h&s#an0. :0/ar0 Christiansen is si. $eet t/o inches tall an0 hea+yset. -he stranger to/ere0 o+er him an0 m&st ha+e #een at least si. $eet si. inches tall. Ae /as also enormo&sly #roa0 an0 might ha+e /eighe0 at least three h&n0re0 po&n0s. Ae /ore a $&r 8&ssianstyle hat /ith a #lac5 +isor on it an0 a +ery long #lac5 coat that seeme0 to #e ma0e o$ thin material... too thin $or the col0 /eather. "This !ill only take forty minutes," he sai0 as he remo+e0 his hat an0 re+eale0 an &n&s&al hea0? large an0 ro&n0 /hile his $ace seeme0 ang&lar? pointe0. Ae ha0 #lac5 hair /hich /as closely croppe0 to his hea0? as i$ his hea0 ha0 #een sha+e0 an0 the hair /as B&st gro/ing in again. -here /as a per$ectly ro&n0 spot on the #ac5 o$ his hea0 as i$ that area ha0 recently #een sha+e0. Ais nose an0 mo&th seeme0 relati+ely normal? #&t his eyes /ere large? protr&0ing? li5e <thyroi0 eyes?< an0 set /i0e apart. Cne eye appeare0 to ha+e a cast? li5e a glass eye? an0 0i0 not mo+e in &nison /ith its companion. :0/ar0 Christiansen tol0 him at the o&tset that a mista5e ha0 #een ma0e? that he co&l0 not #elie+e that anyone ha0 le$t him any money. -he man ass&re0 him that he might? in0ee0? #e the :0/ar0 Christiansen he /as see5ing an0? in or0er to +eri$y it? he /o&l0 li5e to as5 some D&estions. Ae remo+e0 his coat. -here /as a #a0ge on his shirt poc5et /hich he D&ic5ly co+ere0 /ith his han0 an0 remo+e0? placing it in his coat poc5et. <>t loo5e0 li5e a gol0 or #rass #a0ge?< Connie tol0 me later. <B&t it /asnGt an or0inary police #a0ge or anything li5e that. 7e B&st got a glimpse o$ it ... #&t it seeme0 to ha+e a #ig K on it /ith a small . alongsi0e an0 there /ere some letters or n&m#ers aro&n0 the e0ge. >t /as o#+io&s he 0i0nGt /ant &s to see it.< Ae /as not /earing a s&it Bac5et. =n0erneath his thin o&ter coat he /as /earing a short-slee+e0 shirt ma0e o$ a 1acron-li5e material. Ais tro&sers /ere o$ a 0ar5 !3

material? gray or #lac5? an0 /ere a little too short. 7hen he sat 0o/n they ro0e high &p his cal+es. Ae /ore 0ar5 soc5s an0 0ar5 shoes /ith &n&s&ally thic5 r&##er soles. Arline an0 Connie /ere most $ascinate0 #y a strange $eat&re on his leg. 7hen he sat 0o/n they co&l0 see a long thic5 green /ire attache0 to the insi0e o$ his leg. >t came &p o&t o$ his soc5s an0 0isappeare0 &n0er his tro&sers. At one point it seeme0 to #e in0ente0 into his leg an0 /as co+ere0 #y a large #ro/n spot. Connie seeme0 to ha+e st&0ie0 him the most care$&lly an0 ga+e the #est 0escription. >n many /ays? this o00 man share0 the characteristics o$ Mary AyreGs tiny +isitor o$ only a $e/ 0ays earlier. Mrs. Ayre sai0 the little man ha0 &n&s&ally pale s5in? almost a sic5ly /hite. -he Christiansens sai0 their +isitor ha0 an &nnat&ral pallor. -hey ass&me0 he /as sic5. Ais speech /as also strange? /ith a high <tinny< +oice that seeme0 especially pec&liar coming $rom s&ch a large man. Ae spo5e in a 0&ll? emotionless monotone in clippe0 /or0s an0 phrases? <li5e a comp&ter.< Connie sai0 that he so&n0e0 as i$ he /ere reciting e+erything $rom memory. Mrs. Ayre tol0 me her tiny +isitor ha0 spo5en in a har0-to-&n0erstan0 singsong manner? <li5e a recor0ing.< Both men /ore &n&s&ally thic5 r&##er-sole0 shoes. Both /ere ill-0resse0 $or the /eather? an0 #oth ha0 eccentric hairc&ts. (mall points? perhaps? #&t signi$icant in these cases. A$ter the man ha0 intro0&ce0 himsel$ 3none o$ the $amily co&l0 remem#er his nameH they all sai0 it /as something common li5e Bro/n or (mith? #&t they 0i0 remem#er that he sai0 his $rien0s calle0 him <-iny<4? the $amily 0og? @igi? snarle0 an0 #ar5e0 at him. Ae spo5e to the 0og an0 calme0 it. 7hen -iny ha0 seate0 himsel$? Mrs. Christiansen tol0 him they /ere a#o&t to eat an0 as5e0 him i$ he /ante0 to Boin them. Ae replie0 that he /as on a 0iet #&t that he /o&l0 li5e a glass o$ /ater in a#o&t ten min&tes. Ae seeme0 to /hee6e? they all note0? li5e a man /ith asthma? an0 he appeare0 to ha+e 0i$$ic&lty #reathing. -iny pro0&ce0 a small note#oo5 an0 a pen an0 ass&re0 the $amily that this /as not any 5in0 o$ con$i0ence game. Ae /as loo5ing $or an :0/ar0 Christiansen /ho /as 0&e to inherit a large s&m o$ money an0 he /o&l0 nee0 in$ormation a#o&t :0Gs past history to 0etermine i$ he /as the man. Ae then procee0e0 to as5 a long series o$ D&estions. 1i0 :0 ha+e any scars or #irthmar5sI :0 sai0 he ha0 a scar on his #ac5 $rom an operation an0 an appen0i. scar. -iny as5e0 $or e+ery 0etailFthe length? /i0th? an0 e.act position o$ those scars. Ae also as5e0 $or a complete list o$ all the schools :0 ha0 atten0e0? an0 the n&m#er an0 type o$ a&to +ehicles the $amily o/ne0. At one point he as5e0 the co&ple i$ they /o&l0 #e /illing to $ly to any place in the =nite0 (tates to collect the inheritance? e.plaining they /o&l0 ha+e to #e present /hen the /ill /as rea0. :0 an0 Arline agree0 they co&l0 ma5e themsel+es a+aila#le $or s&ch a trip. Accor0ing to Connie? -inyGs $ace gra0&ally gre/ re00er an0 re00er as he tal5e0 an0 a$ter a $e/ min&tes he t&rne0 to her an0 as5e0* <May > ha+e that glass o$ /ater no/I< (he $etche0 the /ater $or him an0 he too5 o&t a large yello/ caps&le /hich he g&lpe0 0o/n. Ae ret&rne0 to normal a$ter ta5ing it.


-iny mentione0 three speci$ic names an0 as5e0 :0 i$ he recogni6e0 any o$ them. Ae 0i0 not an0 later he /as a#le to remem#er only one o$ themF8oy (te+ens. Connie sai0 she tho&ght another o$ the names /as -aylor? #&t she /asnGt s&re. At this time :0 0i0 not 5no/ a#o&t @/en0oline MartinoGs <@/en (te+ens< /rong n&m#ers in 1ecem#er? nor ha0 @/en hear0 a#o&t -iny an0 the three names &ntil > inter+ie/e0 the $amily in late e#r&ary 19!7. 7e ha0 starte0 o&t #y 0isc&ssing their = C sighting in %o+em#er? then > #egan to as5 my ro&tine $ar-o&t D&estions. 7hen > as5e0 them i$ they ha0 recei+e0 any &n&s&al +isitors a$ter their sighting? they loo5e0 at each other /ith the shoc5 o$ recognition. > separate0 them an0 inter+ie/e0 each mem#er o$ the $amily in0i+i0&ally. All o$ their statements coinci0e0 e.actly. (ince $i+e /itnesses /ere in+ol+e0? Mr. an0 Mrs. Christiansen an0 their three chil0ren? all o$ a#o+e-a+erage intelligence an0 +ery o#ser+ant? > regar0e0 this as an o&tstan0ing M>B-type MMen in Blac5N report. > 0i0 not p&#lish it &ntil t/o years later? /ithhol0ing the 0etails to precl&0e possi#le -iny concl&0e0 his inter+ie/ less than an ho&r a$ter he arri+e0. >t /as pro#a#ly precisely $orty min&tes? B&st as he promise0. Ae 0onne0 his hat an0 coat an0 tol0 :0 he /o&l0 #e noti$ie0 #y mail /ithin ten 0ays. Arline /as in the 5itchen /hen he le$t an0 she 0eci0e0 she /as going to /atch him an0 see /here he /ent. (he steppe0 o&t o$ the 5itchen 0oor an0 stoo0 in the 0ar5 /atching the #ig man as he /al5e0 to/ar0 the roa0. ""is shoes s uished loudly as he !alked," she note0. 7hen he reache0 the roa0? he ma0e a gest&re /ith his han0 an0 a #lac5 19!3 Ca0illac 0ro+e thro&gh the trees an0 p&lle0 &p. >t /as 0ri+ing in the pitch0ar5 /ith its hea0lights o&t so she co&l0nGt see the 0ri+er. -iny clim#e0 into the car an0 it 0ro+e a/ay? its hea0lights still o&t. -he ne.t morning :0 /as alone in the ho&se /hen the phone rang. A $emale +oice e.plaine0 she /as calling a#o&t the missing-heir inter+ie/. "We've located the >d!ard 0hristiansen !e !ere looking for in 0alifornia," she e.plaine0. :0 sai0 he ha0 $elt s&re he /asnGt the right one? than5e0 her? an0 h&ng &p. 7hen he tol0 his $amily a#o&t the call? they all 0ismisse0 the inci0ent $rom their min0s &ntil my inter+ie/ /ith them. -he /ire r&nning &p the leg is one $eat&re > ha+e #een &na#le to $it into my research in other M>B cases. >t has ne+er #een repeate0. 7as -iny /earing electric soc5sI Cr /as he a /ire0 an0roi0 operate0 #y remote controlI As $or his #a0ge? > s&spect that the K /as really the @ree5 letter sigma M:N? /hich has t&rne0 &p repeate0ly in other = C cases? an0 is o$ten &se0 #y scientists to the strange or &n5no/n. >>> -/o 0ays a$ter -iny? the pop-eye0 missing-heirs in+estigator in+a0e0 Cape May? Mothman? the pop-eye0 ptero0actyl? +isite0 -inyGs resta&rant in Point Pleasant. At 5


P.M. on Jan&ary 11? 19!7? Mrs. Ma#el Mc1aniel /as /al5ing near the 0ri+e-in resta&rant /hen she sa/ an o#Bect soaring 0o/n 8o&te !2. "I thought it !as an airplane, then I reali.ed it !as flying much too lo!?< she sai0. (he ha0 #een li+ing /ith Mothman /itnesses $or t/o months #&t ne+er e.pecte0 to see the critter hersel$. %or 0i0 she /ant to. Kno/ing that she /as psychologically prepare0 to? may#e? e+en hall&cinate a sightingH > inter+ie/e0 her +ery care$&lly a$ter/ar0. Aer story hel0 &p. -his /as a real sighting. (he $ro6e in her trac5s? scarcely #elie+ing her eyes. "I thought I could see t!o legs ... like men's legs ... hanging do!n from it. It circled lo! over Tiny's and then fle! off." (he co&l0 not see any hea0 or nec5? the /ings /ere motionless? an0 it /as completely silent. >n a /ay? it so&n0e0 almost li5e a hang-gli0er. B&t hang-gli0ing /as almost a completely &n5no/n sport in 19!7. 3O4 Mrs. Mc1aniel /as ner+o&s an0 e.cite0 a$ter/ar0 #&t s&$$ere0 no ill e$$ects. >). @/en0oline Martino an0 her 0a&ghter ret&rne0 $rom :&rope in Jan&ary an0 +isite0 the Christiansens a $e/ 0ays a$ter -iny ro0e o$$ in his 0ar5ene0 Ca0illac. At 3 A.M. on Jan&ary 13? 19!7? @/en an0 Connie? /ho /ere sharing a room? /ere a/a5ene0 #y a lo&0 so&n0 seeming to come $rom 0irectly o+erhea0. -he so&n0s /ere 0istant at $irst? li5e someone hammering on metal /ith a r&##er mallet or? possi#ly? /al5ing o+er a metal s&r$ace. -he noises gre/ stea0ily lo&0er &ntil they /ere 0ea$ening. "The !hole house seemed to shake," @/en sai0. 7hen she starte0 to get &p to in+estigate? the so&n0s stoppe0 instantly. As soon as she /as #ac5 in #e0? they #egan again. -he t/o /omen 0e#ate0 /hether they sho&l0 /a5e &p :0 Christiansen? a hea+y sleeper. @/en starte0 to get o&t o$ #e0 again? an0 again the noises stoppe0. inally they $a0e0 a/ay. -/o e+enings later Mr. an0 Mrs. Christiansen ret&rne0 home to $in0 their chil0ren in a +ery 0istra&ght state. -hey ha0 hear0 the strange hammering so&n0 again? $ollo/e0 #y hea+y $ootsteps cr&nching thro&gh the thic5 sno/ o&tsi0e the ho&se. ConnieGs nineteen-year-ol0 #oy$rien0 /as present an0 he ha0 loo5e0 o&t a /in0o/ in time to see a tall $ig&re h&rrying a/ay $rom the ho&se. >t /as /earing a long /hite cape an0 /hen it reache0 a $i+e-$oot-high $ence it leape0 e$$ortlessly o+er it an0 0isappeare0 on the other si0e. -he ne.t morning :0 Christiansen e.amine0 the area $or $ootprints. Ae $o&n0 a set o$ large h&man trac5s 0eeply im#e00e0 in the sno/? lea0ing to the $ence an0 contin&ing on the other? si0e. -hese $ootprints /ent on to another #&il0ing some 0istance a/ay an0 stoppe0 a#r&ptly at the /all o$ the str&ct&re. -here /ere no other $ootprints aro&n0 the #&il0ing? an ol0 a#an0one0 she0? an0 the /itnesses /ere p&66le0 as to /here the person co&l0? ha+e gone. "i5e o&r hairy monsters? little green Martians? an0 Mothman? the cape0 intr&0er ha0 +anishe0 into nothingness. ---!!

MON Aang-gli0ers are light/eight $rames co+ere0 /ith nylon. -hey loo5 something li5e 5ites an0 the ri0er hangs &n0erneath on #ars an0 straps. -hey are la&nche0 $rom steep hills or cli$$s. 8o&te !2 r&ns along the e0ge o$ the Chio 8i+er an0 the terrain is +ery $lat. ---) :nter -a0 Jones? a rarity among = C /itnesses #eca&se o$ his +ery common name. A gentle? han0some man in his thirties? Mr. Jones /as a 0eeply religio&s person /ho 0i0 not smo5e or 0rin5. >n 19!7? he li+e0 in 1&n#ar? a s&#&r# o$ Charleston? 7est )irginia? an0 manage0 an appliance store at a place calle0 Cross "anes. =r#ane? intelligent? an0 artic&late? he /as one o$ the most impressi+e = C /itnesses > ha+e met in my tra+els. At 9*,5 A.M. on the morning o$ Jan&ary 19? 19!7? -a0 /as 0ri+ing to his store along the ne/ly complete0 m&lti-lane high/ay? 8o&te !'? a#o&t ten miles o&tsi0e o$ Charleston. A large o#Bect /as #loc5ing the roa0 ahea0 o$ him an0 he $irst ass&me0 it /as a +ehicle #eing &se0 #y a constr&ction gang still /or5ing on the high/ay. B&t as he 0re/ closer he sa/ that it /as ho+ering in the air? a#o&t $o&r $eet o$$ the gro&n0. <>t /as a large metal sphere?< he sai0. <(ince it /as #roa0 0aylight > got a +ery goo0 loo5 at it. >t /as a#o&t t/enty $eet in 0iameter an0 /as the color o$ 0&ll al&min&m.< Ae slo/e0 his car an0 st&0ie0 the thing $or a#o&t t/o min&tes. <-here /ere $o&r legs attache0 to it?< he contin&e0? </ith casterli5e /heels on the #ottom o$ each one. An0 there /as a small /in0o/ a#o&t nine inches in 0iameter on the si0e $acing me. B&t > co&l0nGt see anything insi0e the sphere. Cn the &n0ersi0e there /as something li5e a propeller. >t /as i0ling /hen > $irst 0ro+e &p? then it starte0 spinning $aster an0 the /hole o#Bect #egan to rise &p/ar0. >t 0isappeare0 into the s5y an0 > 0ro+e on to my store.< (ha5en an0 p&66le0 #y his sighting? he 0eci0e0 to call the police an0 report it. Ais story D&ic5ly $o&n0 its /ay into the local papers. -he ne.t morning a cr&0e note /as slippe0 &n0er his 0oor in 1&n#ar. 7ritten on or0inary note#oo5 paper in #loc5 letters? it state0* <7e 5no/ /hat yo& ha+e seen an0 /e 5no/ that yo& ha+e tal5e0. Eo&G0 #etter 5eep yo&r mo&th sh&t.< Ae 0eci0e0 it ha0 to #e the /or5 o$ some local pran5ster. >n near#y (t. Al#ans? Mr. 8alph Jarrett? a chemical engineer an0 the local = C a&thority? /as sha+ing that morning /hen his telephone rang. Ae p&t 0o/n his ra6or an0 /ent into the #e0room to pic5 &p the e.tension.


<> hear0 a +ery clear G#eep-#eepG so&n0?< Jarrett sai0? <-he #eeping contin&e0 $or a#o&t t/o? may#e three min&tes. -hen the phone /ent 0ea0 an0 the 0ial tone came on. >G+e hear0 all sorts o$ co0e transmissions on short/a+e? #&t nothing D&ite li5e that.< Ae /ent 0o/nstairs to #rea5$ast? opene0 his copy o$ -he Charleston @a6ette? an0 rea0 a#o&t -a0 JonesGs sighting ... the $irst he ha0 hear0 o$ it. Jarrett? an aggressi+e? loD&acio&s mi00le-age0 man? /as a highly D&ali$ie0 in+estigator. Ae later contacte0 Jones an0 con0&cte0 a thoro&gh st&0y o$ the case. Ae 0isco+ere0 the o#Bect ha0 #een ho+ering 0irectly a#o+e a maBor gas line /hich passe0 &n0er the roa0. 3-here ha+e #een other sightings o$ = Cs 0irectly o+er #&rie0 gas lines.4 A $e/ 0ays later? another note /as slippe0 &n0er the 0oor o$ JonesGs home in 1&n#ar. -his one /as /ritten on a piece o$ car0#oar0 /hich ha0 #een #&rne0 aro&n0 the e0ges. >t repeate0 the earlier threat? a00ing? <. . . there /ant MsicN #e another /arning.< > arri+e0 on the scene se+eral /ee5s later an0 0&ring my D&estioning he remem#ere0 another inci0ent /hich seeme0 &nimportant to him at the time. A#o&t a /ee5 a$ter his sighting? he /as 0ri+ing along the same high/ay at the same t&ne in the morning /hen he came &pon a man stan0ing #y the roa0 in appro.imately the same spot /here the sphere ha0 ho+ere0. -hin5ing the man /as hitchhi5ing an0 /as stran0e0 in this isolate0 stretch o$ roa0? Jones slo/e0 his tr&c5 an0 calle0 o&t to him? "Want a lift?" -he man 0i0 not reply #&t merely /a+e0 him on. -he ne.t morning this same man /as in the same place #&t this time -a0 0i0 not slo/ 0o/n. <Ae /as +ery tanne0?< Jones recalle0? <or his $ace /as +ery $l&she0. Ae loo5e0 normal an0 /as /earing a #l&e coat an0 a #l&e cap /ith a +isor ... something li5e a &ni$orm? > g&ess. > notice0 he /as hol0ing a #o. in his han0.< <(ome 5in0 o$ instr&ment. >t ha0 a large 0ial on it? li5e a cloc5? an0 a /ire ran $rom it to his other han0.< "ater /e chec5e0 the local gas companies to $in0 o&t i$ they ha0 ha0 a man </al5ing the line< in that area. -he ans/er /as negati+e. > also as5e0 a#o&t instr&ments s&ch as -a0 ha0 0escri#e0. %o s&ch instr&ments /ere in &se. 7hen Mrs. Ayre an0 > +isite0 the spot on 8o&te !' /e $o&n0 a series o$ +ery strange $ootprints in the m&0 #esi0e the roa0. Cne gro&p o$ $ootprints /ere i0entical to those > ha0 $o&n0 #ehin0 the po/er plant in the -%- area the pre+io&s 1ecem#er. -hey loo5e0 li5e h&ge 0og trac5s an0 /ere so 0eep the animal /ho ma0e them m&st ha+e /eighe0 t/o h&n0re0 po&n0s or more. > co&l0nGt relate them to Mothman? an0 there /ere a lot o$ 0ogs in the area? so > 0i0nGt thin5 m&ch a#o&t them at the time. -a0 ma0e plaster casts o$ these ne/ prints? ho/e+er? an0 none o$ the local /il0li$e a&thorities co&l0 i0enti$y them. -hey /ere not 0og trac5s. Poologist >+an (an0erson later reBecte0 the <#ig 0og< e.planation? also? an0 tol0 me similar trac5s $reD&ently


t&rne0 &p in places /here paranormal e+ents ha0 occ&rre0. An0? in $act? > ha+e since come across them mysel$ in se+eral separate spots aro&n0 the co&ntry. Asi0e $rom the 0og trac5s? /e $o&n0 a single $ootprint o$ /hat appeare0 to #e a large? na5e0 h&man $oot. -his /as plante0 in the center o$ a m&00y section /ith no other $ootprints o$ any 5in0 aro&n0 it. B&t a short 0istance a/ay > came across some ol0 $rien0s ... a type o$ $ootprint that has appeare0 at many = C sites aro&n0 the co&ntry. -hey loo5 li5e the prints ma0e #y ripple-sole0 shoes #&t their spacing is al/ays pec&liar. -hey 0onGt start any/here an0 they 0onGt lea0 any/here. 8ipple soles ha0 #een in $ashion in the early 19!,s an0 then ha0 $a0e0 o&t. > once o/ne0 a pair mysel$. B&t these phantom prints ha0 a ri0ge aro&n0 the e0ges. Eears later? /hen the $irst men /al5e0 on the moon? > reali6e0 the photos o$ the prints le$t #y their moon/al5ing shoes /ere i0entical to the $ootprints > ha0 seen o+er an0 o+er again in my tra+els. C#+io&sly? the Martians an0 )en&sians #&y their eD&ipment $rom the same companies that s&pply o&r space program. )>. Connie CarpenterGs sighting o$ Mothman in %o+em#er 19!! triggere0 o$$ a long series o$ /eir0 sit&ations. (he hear0 lo&0 #eeping so&n0s o&tsi0e her #e0room /in0o/ on se+eral occasions. -hen? in e#r&ary 19!7? someone trie0 to a#0&ct her. :arly that month she an0 Keith @or0on /ere marrie0 an0 they mo+e0 across the ri+er to a ho&se in Mi00leport? Chio. -hey 0i0 not ha+e a phone an0 their ne/ a00ress /as 5no/n only to their $amilies an0 close $rien0s. Mi00leport is a to/n o$ a#o&t three tho&san0 people. Connie /as still atten0ing school. An e.cessi+ely slen0er girl? she /o&l0 ne+er /in a 8aD&el 7elch loo5-ali5e contest. At ;*15 A.M. on e#r&ary 22? 19!7? she starte0 o&t $or school. Keith /as alrea0y at /or5. As she #egan /al5ing 0o/n the D&iet? tree-line0 street a large #lac5 car p&lle0 &p alongsi0e. (ince all yo&ng people are a&tomo#ile conscio&s? she sai0 she co&l0 positi+ely i0enti$y it as a 19'9 B&ic5. -he 0ri+er opene0 his 0oor an0 calle0 to her? as5ing $or 0irections? so she /al5e0 o+er to his car. Ae /as a clean-c&t yo&ng man o$ a#o&t t/enty-$i+e? she sai0 later? an0 /as /earing a color$&l mo0 shirt? no Bac5et? 0espite the col0 /eather. Ais thic5 #lac5 hair /as neatly com#e0 an0 he appeare0 to #e +ery s&ntanne0. Ae spo5e /ith no noticea#le accent. -he car? tho&gh nearly t/enty years ol0? /as so /ell 5ept it loo5e0 li5e ne/. :+en the interior ha0 a loo5 o$ ne/ness a#o&t it. 7hen she reache0 the +ehicle? the yo&ng man s&00enly l&nge0? gra##e0 her arm? an0 or0ere0 her to get in /ith him. A$ter a #rie$ str&ggle she manage0 to #rea5 a/ay. (he ran #ac5 to her ho&se an0 loc5e0 hersel$ in? completely terri$ie0. (he co/ere0 in the ho&se &ntil her h&s#an0 came home $rom /or5. An0 she 0eci0e0 to stay home the ne.t 0ay? too. At 3 P.M. she hear0 someone on the porch an0 there /as a lo&0 5noc5 on the 0oor. (he /aite0 a/hile then ca&tio&sly /ent to the 0oor. -here /as no one on the porch an0 no car in sight? #&t a note ha0 #een slippe0 &n0er the 0oor. >t /as /ritten in pencil in #loc5 letters on a piece o$ or0inary note#oo5 paper. !9

<Be care$&l girl?< it rea0? <> can get yo& yet.< -hat night Connie an0 Keith /ent to the local police. -he note /as t&rne0 o+er to C$$icer 8aymon0 Manly. >n March 19!7? > +isite0 the police station? hoping to reco+er the note so > co&l0 compare the han0/riting /ith other notes > ha0 collecte0. Manly ha0 lost it some/here along the /ay. 7hen > as5e0 to see their $ile on the case they pro0&ce0 a printe0 $orm containing ConnieGs name an0 a00ress an0 one scri##le0 line? <1ar5 B&ic5? yo&ng man.< -he police chie$ ass&re0 me that no s&ch car e.iste0 in Mi00leport an0 that it /as o#+io&sly a case o$ some maniac trying to a#0&ct a yo&ng girl. C$$icer Manly tol0 me he /as 5eeping the ho&se &n0er constant s&r+eillance. > ha0 to #rea5 the ne/s that the @or0ons ha0 mo+e0 #ac5 to the 7est )irginia si0e o$ the ri+er shortly a$ter the inci0ent. 1espite my shea$ o$ cre0entials an0 press car0s? #oth men /ere o+erly s&spicio&s o$ me an0 as5e0 me repeate0ly i$ > really /asnGt <$rom the go+ernment.< -his $ear o$ go+ernment agents /as alrea0y &ni+ersal in 19!7? long #e$ore the general #rea50o/n o$ $aith in the go+ernment o$ the 197,s. -he = C enth&siasts ha0 0one then-Bo# /ell. -heir t/enty-year campaign against the air $orce ha0 really sh&t the go+ernment o$$ $rom many = C reports. >n the mi0-195,s > ha0 e.perience0 a +ariation o$ this paranoia /hile tra+eling thro&gh the Crient. -he C>A ha0 alrea0y earne0 an o0io&s rep&tation a#roa0? its #&tter-$ingere0 agents o$ten operating as /an0ering Bo&rnalists? partic&larly in the Aimalayas /here they /ere trying to $oment re+ol&tionary acti+ity against the Chinese /ho /ere then settling 0o/n in -i#et. More than once > /as openly acc&se0 o$ #eing a secret American agent pro+ocate&r. C$$icials /o&l0 <lose< my passport $or 0ays at a time /hile they chec5e0 me o&t $or/ar0 an0 #ac5/ar0. >n Bagh0a0? an0 again in (ingapore? > /as act&ally grille0 #y the a&thorities /ho /ere apparently con+ince0 > /as a$ter state secrets or /as planning to o+erthro/ the go+ernment. (ince > 5ne/ +ery little a#o&t the C>A in those 0ays > /as perple.e0 #y all this attention. :+ent&ally > learne0 that the C>A ha0 a ha#it o$ enlisting +ery yo&ng people #et/een the ages o$ se+enteen an0 t/enty-$i+e? $reD&ently in+ol+ing them in #i6arre scenarios. Consi0era#le e+i0ence e.ists in0icating that "ee Aar+ey Cs/al0 /as a C>A pa/n early on. -o0ay the C>A has an ann&al #&0get in e.cess o$ T11 #illion? an0 it 0oesnGt ha+e to acco&nt to the presi0ent or Congress. A large part o$ this #&0get is pro#a#ly /aste0 on #&rea&cratic nonsense? an0 another large part is spent on /hat can only #e terme0 malicio&s mischie$. -echnically? the C>A has no legal a&thority or responsi#ilities /ithin the continental =nite0 (tates? #&t i$ yo& open a phone #oo5 $or any mo0erate-si6e0 =.(. city yo& /ill $in0 a local C>A o$$ice liste0. -hey also maintain tho&san0s o$ <$ronts?< o$$ices 0isg&ise0 as legitimate #&sinesses? thro&gho&t the co&ntry. 1&ring the recent 7atergate 0e#acle in+estigating reporters 0oc&mente0 the $act that some o$ the participants /ere not only longtime C>A agents? #&t also that these same men ha0 #een in+ol+e0 in the a#orti+e Bay o$ Pigs in+asion o$ C&#a in 19!1? an0 some ha0 #een present in 1ealey Pla6a in 1allas on the 0ay Presi0ent Kenne0y /as 7,

assassinate0. >t is note/orthy that reporters? e0itors? an0 citi6ens engage0 in the in+estigation o$ Presi0ent Kenne0yGs 0eath s&$$ere0 harassment an0 telephone pro#lems i0entical to those e.perience0 #y = C researchers. (ome o$ these tactics /ill #e e.amine0 in 0etail $&rther on. Ao/e+er? > cannot acc&se the C>A as #eing the so&rce o$ the /eir0 inci0ents o&tline0 here. 8ather? the phenomenon is imitati+e. -his paranormal mimicry is 0i$$ic&lt $or many to &n0erstan0 #&t > come across constant e.amples. :arly in Jan&ary 1973? $or instance? a relia#le /itness in Chio o#ser+e0 an &n&s&al-loo5ing helicopter /hich she /as a#le to 0escri#e in 0etail. 7hen she s5etche0 it $or a local = C enth&siast he /as $la##ergaste0. Ae /as an aerona&tical engineer speciali6ing in helicopters an0 he 5ne/ the thing she 0re/ /as a ne/ secret helicopter that /as still on the 0ra/ing #oar09 :+en Closer to home? a $e/ 0ays a$ter -a0 JonesGs sighting on 8o&te !'? -r&e maga6ine hit the stan0s /ith an article o$ mine a#o&t $lying sa&cers. >t /as ill&strate0 /ith 0ra/ings o$ all 5in0s o$ o00-shape0 o#Bects? many o$ them the p&re pro0&cts o$ the artistGs imagination. >t incl&0e0 an e.act replica o$ JonesGs sphere? complete /ith /heele0 legs an0 propeller. An o#Bect e.actly li5e this ha0 ne+er #een 0escri#e0 in the = C literat&re #e$ore ... or since. -he artist ha0 pro0&ce0 his layo&t many /ee5s #e$ore. (omeho/ the phenomenon ha0 mischie+o&sly 0&plicate0 the artistGs conception $or JonesGs #ene$it. ----------------------------------


9 - <7a5e =p 1o/n -here9<

> A yo&ng co&ple? +ery m&ch in lo+e? spra/le0 together in the #ac5 seat o$ an ol0 Balopy on a 0eserte0 0irt roa0 in the isolate0 #ac5 hills east o$ 8a+ens/oo0? 7est )irginia. >t /as a starlit? moonless night in the spring o$ 19!7? B&st /arm eno&gh so the pair /ere a#le to strip to the #&$$ com$orta#ly. -hings /ere rather pleasant on that sD&ea5y #ac5 seat &ntil a#o&t 1,*3, P.M. /hen a #lin0ing #l&ish light po&re0 in thro&gh the /in0o/s o$ the par5e0 car. <At $irst? > tho&ght it /as the police?< the yo&ng man tol0 me later. <-hen /e #oth $elt a $&nny tingling sensation that scare0 &s hal$ o&t o$ o&r /its. > B&mpe0 &p an0 stare0 into the light. >t /asnGt a $lashlight or spotlight. >t /as more li5e a #ig #all o$ #l&ish $ire ho+ering a co&ple o$ $eet o$$ the gro&n0 0irectly alongsi0e the car. -here /as a $&nny so&n0? too? li5e a lo/ h&m.< Ais girl$rien0 screame0? he reporte0? an0 the light seeme0 to #ac5 a/ay slightly /hile the h&mming increase0 in +ol&me. <-he ne.t thing /e 5ne/?< the yo&ng man contin&e0? <it /as gone. J&st li5e that. 7e B&mpe0 into o&r clothes an0 got the hell o&t o$ there. Another $&nny thing? /hen /e got into to/n it /as a$ter 12*3,. 7e co&l0nGt $ig&re it o&t. >t seeme0 li5e /e only loo5e0 at that light $or a co&ple o$ secon0s. B&t someho/ it m&st ha+e ta5en t/o ho&rs.< -heir $irst inclination /as to r&n to the police #&t they 0eci0e0 against it? since they /erenGt s&ppose0 to #e on that roa0 0oing /hat they /ere 0oing in the $irst place. E""er old man !ould've killed me/"F -hey 0ro+e aro&n0 $or se+eral min&tes &ntil their hysteria s&#si0e0 an0 then he 0roppe0 her o$$ at home. -he ne.t morning #oth the #oy an0 the girl /o5e &p to $in0 themsel+es hea+ily <s&n#&rne0< $rom hea0 to $oot. -he #oyGs eyes /ere almost s/ollen sh&t $or t/o /ee5s a$ter/ar0. >t /as not an easy matter $or them to e.plain ho/ they manage0 to get a total? an0 D&ite pain$&l? s&n#&rn at night in the early spring. (hortly a$ter/ar0 he hear0 that > /as in the area an0 so&ght me o&t to tell me the story. Ais s5in /as still re00ish an0 his eyes /ere still #othering him /hen > met him. -he actinic ray #&rns /ere proo$ o$ his story. An0 > 5ne/ that = Cs o$ten 6ero in on lo+ers in par5e0 cars. ManyFmostFo$ the monster episo0es in my $iles too5 place in remote lo+ersG lanes. Eo&ng lo+e has to r&n eno&gh ha6ar0s /itho&t the $ear o$ a hairy /eir0o hammering on the /in0shiel0.


7hat concerne0 me /as the t/o-ho&r t&ne lapse or spell o$ lac&nal amnesia /hich apparently too5 place. 7hat co&l0 ha+e happene0 to the pair 0&ring that $orgotten perio0I -he phenomenon has an almost pornographic preocc&pation /ith o&r mating practices. Cne o$ its most cele#rate0 games is the manip&lation o$ romantic relationships. :arly in+estigators o$ the $airy episo0es? s&ch as no+elist (ir 7alter (cott? note0 that $airies seeme0 to 0elight in #ringing people together an0 $ostering lo+e? or? con+ersely? in0&lging in conspiracies to $orce lo+ers apart. -he Bell /itch o$ -ennessee is s&ppose0 to ha+e manip&late0 the lo+e li$e o$ a Bell 0a&ghter? almost tragically. Bra0 (teiger? one o$ AmericaGs #est-5no/n in+estigators o$ the paranormal? has #een in+ol+e0 in se+eral poltergeist cases in /hich the mischie+o&s poltergeists trie0 to /rec5 romances an0 marriages. 314 %othing can D&ite a$$ect a ne/ groomGs +irility li5e #eing physically h&rle0 $rom his /e00ing #e0 #y an &nseen $orce an0 pelte0 /ith $lying ashtrays thro/n #y in+isi#le han0s. =n#elie+a#le tho&gh it may seem? s&ch things 0o happen. lying sa&cer contactees o$ten ha+e their marriages 0isr&pte0? e+en 0estroye0? a$ter they #egin their liaisons /ith the space people. An0 there are many cases in /hich $lying sa&cer enth&siasts ha+e #een #ro&ght togetherFliterally h&rle0 togetherFthro&gh their m&t&al interest. ---M1N Bra0 (teiger? Aa&nte0 "o+ers 3%e/ Eor5* 1ell? 19714. ---Co&l0 it #e that some people are programe0 to lo+e #y this mysterio&s $orceI >> A p&#lic relations o$$icer $or the =nite0 %ations? 1onal0 :strella? accompanie0 me on one o$ my trips to 7est )irginia in 19!7. >n those 0ays the =% /as 5eenly intereste0 in the = C enigma. Mr. = -hant? then secretary general o$ the organi6ation? hel0 pri+ate meetings /ith a&thor John &ller an0 1r. J. Allen Ayne5? t/o lea0ing = C a&thorities. -he late 1re/ Pearson create0 a sensation /hen he re+eale0 that Mr. -hant regar0e0 $lying sa&cers as secon0 in importance a$ter the /ar in )ietnam. 3-hant later 0enie0 the Pearson story.4 7hen 1on :strella sa/ all the #i6arre things > /as in+estigating? things /hichFto his s&rpriseFseeme0 to ha+e little rele+ance to /on0er$&l spaceships $rom another planet? he tol0 me a#o&t three &nrelate0 e+ents that ha0 happene0 to him o+er a span o$ se+eral years. <(e+en or eight years ago?< he sai0? <> /as ta5ing a +acation trip /ith $o&r $rien0s thro&gh the %e/ :nglan0 states. 7e /ere ri0ing in a high-po/ere0 car along a 73

0eserte0 co&ntry roa0 some/here in %e/ Aampshire? > #elie+e. 7e /ere going D&ite $ast /hen s&00enly /e hit something. -his /as in #roa0 0aylight an0 it /as as i$ /e s&00enly crashe0 into an in+isi#le #ric5 /all. -he /hole $ront o$ the car /as smashe0 in. "&c5ily? none o$ &s /ere h&rt #&t /e /ere a #it st&nne0. 7e got o&t an0 loo5e0 aro&n0. -here /as a#sol&tely nothing on the roa0. 7e ne+er co&l0 $ig&re o&t /hat ha0 happene0.< :.perience ha0 ta&ght me that paranormal e+ents are o$ten interlace0 /ith p&66ling yet seemingly normal things li5e strange phone calls. Aa0 he e+er recei+e0 any o00 callsI <-here /as one thing?< he sai0 slo/ly. <A#o&t $i+e years ago > too5 a train o&t to see a $rien0 o$ mine on "ong >slan0 an0 /hen > got there he acc&se0 me o$ playing a hoa. on him. Ae sai0 heG0 recei+e0 a phone call a#o&t hal$ an ho&r #e$ore > arri+e0. A +oice that so&n0e0 +ery 0istant ha0 sai0? GAello? 1on.G My $rien0 tol0 him that > ha0nGt arri+e0 yet. -he +oice then #egan to recite a series o$ n&m#ers meaninglessly. My $rien0 tho&ght it /as some 5in0 o$ gag an0 h&ng &p.< inally > as5e0 him i$ he ha0 e+er ha0 any really o00 enco&nters /ith pec&liar strangers. Ae loo5e0 at me #e/il0ere0 an0 astonishe0. <-hereGs one thatGs al/ays #othere0 me. >t happene0 aro&n0 the time o$ that phone call thing. Cne night /hen > /as /al5ing home to my apartment > #ecame a/are o$ a man $ollo/ing me. 7hen > loo5e0 at him? he stoppe0 an0 grinne0 at me ... #&t there /as an air o$ e+il a#o&t him. > canGt pinpoint it e.actly.< <7as he possi#ly seme 5in0 o$ se. 0e+iateI< > s&ggeste0. <%o ... > 0onGt thin5 so. Ae /as short an0 slight? an0 /ore a #lac5 coat an0 #lac5 tro&sers. Ais $ace /as 0ar5 an0 $oreign-loo5ing. > 0onGt 5no/ /hy? #&t that e+il grin is #&rne0 into my memory.< 1on sai0 he h&rrie0 into his apartment an0 ne+er sa/ the man again. A mere chance enco&nter on a #&sy %e/ Eor5 street. Perhaps. -he $oolishly grinning man is a staple item in psychic lore. Blac5-s&ite0 /ith a 0ar5 comple.ion an0 craggy $oreign $ace? he has #een 0escri#e0 to me in many places #y many people. As $or strange phone calls? > ha+e in+estigate0 so many that > am no/ practically a telephone engineer. -hey are har0 to nail 0o/n #eca&se there are so many cran5s? hoa.ers? an0 <phone phrea5s< o&t there to0ay. B&t the calls that interest me most $all into patterns that nat&ral e.planations. At ; A.M. on March 2'? 19!1? t/o /omen in Prospect? Cregon? a to/n o$ a#o&t three h&n0re0 people? /ere tal5ing together on the phone /hen s&00enly a strange manGs +oice #ro5e into the line an0 snappe0? "Wake up do!n there/" Cne o$ the la0ies 7'

regar0e0 this as an a$$ront an0 she procee0e0 to a +ery strong opinion. -he +oice starte0 to rattle on in a rapi0-$ire lang&age that so&n0e0 li5e (panish #&t the line seeme0 to #e 0ea0. -he t/o /omen co&l0 not hear each other. A$ter the man s&00enly stoppe0? the line #ecame li+e again. -he ne.t 0ay? at the same ho&r? the /omen /ere on the phone again? an0 again the strange +oice interr&pte0 /ith? "Wake up do!n there/" -his time the /omen listene0 D&ietly as the +oice sai0 something in the $oreign lang&age? an0 then it recite0 the n&m#ers $orty an0 t/enty-$i+e o+er an0 o+er. %o one in Prospect spo5e (panish. -here /as no acco&nting $or the inci0ent. )oices co&nting o$$ meaningless n&m#ers also c&t in on -) reception in = C $lap areas. =s&ally people /ho e.perience this sort o$ thing 0ismiss it as police calls or the /or5 o$ some Aam ra0io operator. -hey 0onGt reali6e that -) so&n0 is #roa0cast on M channels reser+e0 $or the p&rpose an0 there is little chance that a short/a+e or CB 3Citi6enGs Ban04 transmission co&l0 inter$ere. B&t the phenomenon is not al/ays restricte0 to electrical apparat&s. A$ter > p&#lishe0 a co&ple o$ pieces a#o&t it > recei+e0 0o6ens o$ letters $rom people thro&gho&t the co&ntry reco&nting their o/n e.periences. -o my s&rprise? most o$ these people ha0 hear0 the +oices late at night? &s&ally /a5ing them &p /ith a sharp comman0. or e.ample? a man in the (o&th/est claime0 he ha0 #een Barre0 a/a5e on se+eral 0i$$erent nights #y the so&n0 o$ a 0eep male +oice or0ering? <7a5e &p? n&m#er '919< A /oman in Chio hear0 the +oice /hile 0ri+ing? <;73.... Eo& are ;73.< An0 another /oman in Kansas /rote? <Please tell me /ho these people are that 5eep rea0ing n&m#ers to me. -hey so&n0 as i$ they are stan0ing right ne.t to me #&t there is no one there.< 1o /e all ha+e a n&m#er tattooe0 in o&r #rainsI Aar0ly. -here are three #illion people so some o$ them sho&l0 #e n&m#ere0 2?;3'?!;9?357. B&t all o$ the n&m#ers that ha+e come to my attention contain only t/o or three 0igits. Another +ersion o$ this phenomenon are the Morse co0e-li5e #eeps that #last o&t o$ car ra0ios? telephones? an0 -) sets /hen = Cs are acti+e. Cn Jan&ary 31? 19!;? a /oman in Cali$ornia calle0 me long 0istance to tell me o$ a string o$ &n&s&al e+ents aro&n0 her home. Aer phone /as <going cra6y?< the ho&se lights /ere $lashing on an0 o$$ perio0ically an0 the electricians co&l0nGt $in0 the so&rce o$ the pro#lem? an0 other /eir0 things /ere happening. As she tal5e0 > recogni6e0 certain patterns /hich s&ggeste0 that a repeata#le e.periment might #e possi#le. (o > ga+e her some a0+ice /hich /o&l0 ha+e so&n0e0 insane to anyone o+erhearing the con+ersation. > instr&cte0 her to go o&tsi0e at e.actly 9 P.M. that night /ith a $lashlight an0 i$ she sa/ anything in the s5y to signal to it. -he ne.t 0ay she calle0 me #ac5 e.cite0ly. Aer h&s#an0? /ho ha0 #een s5eptical o$ the /hole = C #&siness? ha0 #een con+erte0? she anno&nce0? /ith 0elight. (he ha0 $ollo/e0 my instr&ctions an0? s&re eno&gh? at 9 P.M. that night a large orange sphere 75

appeare0 0irectly o+er her home. (he $lashe0 the light three times #&t there /as no response $rom the o#Bect. A$ter a $e/ moments it sc&rrie0 o$$. (he an0 her h&s#an0 re-entere0 the ho&se /here the tele+ision /as on. As soon as they entere0 the li+ing room three lo&0? +ery lo&0 #eeps shot o&t o$ the -) set. Aer h&s#an0 /as completely $la##ergaste0. > ha+e gi+en the same cra6y a0+ice to other = C sighters? al/ays /ith similar res&lts. (ometimes a$ter /atching an o#Bect their telephones /ill s&00enly ring ... an0 there /ill #e no one on the line. Cr their 0oor#ells /ill ring #y themsel+es. C#+io&sly these things are mani$estations /ithin the electro-magnetic 3:M4 spectr&m. -he +oices? ho/e+er? seem to come $rom a more mysterio&s s&perspectr&m. >n hypnosis there is a simple techniD&e calle0 post-hypnotic s&ggestion. -he hypnotist can tell his s&#Bect that $i$teen min&tes a$ter he comes o&t o$ his trance he /ill s&00enly $eel an imp&lse to clim# &p on a chair an0 cro/ li5e a rooster. 7hen the s&#Bect is #ro&ght o&t o$ his trance he #eha+es normally $or $i$teen min&tes? then he s&00enly clim#s onto a chair an0 cro/s. Ae canGt e.plain /hy he 0i0 it. >t seeme0 li5e a rational action at the moment. -here is a 5in0 o$ post-hypnotic s&ggestion in+ol+e0 in many = C an0 psychic inci0ents. -he /itness is 0ri+ing along a roa0 late at night. Ae hears a #eeping so&n0 an0 lapses into a trance ... as i$ he ha0 #een precon0itione0 to lose conscio&sness at the so&n0 o$ the #eep. "ater? he a/a5es to the so&n0 o$ another series o$ #eeps. %o/ he $in0s he is some 0istance $rom his original point an0 heGs #a$$le0 a#o&t /hat happene0 in the inter+ening min&tesF or ho&rsF$or he canGt remem#er a thing. (e+eral +ariations o$ this hypnosis-in0&cing tactic occ&r. (ome /itnesses see an approaching aerial o#Bect /ith n&m#ers clearly mar5e0 on it. As they st&0y the n&m#ers they lapse into a trance. >n some cases? ancient lettering li5e @ree5 or Chinese appears on the o#Bect. -he e$$ect is the same. Months? e+en years? later the same percipient may again see the same n&m#ers or letters on an o#Bect? or e+en on a set o$ license plates or a sign? an0 again $alls into a 0eep trance. >>> -he =.(. Air orce an0 the C>A /ere #lame0 $or the many /eir0 telephone pro#lems that plag&e0 the tiny #an0s o$ = C in+estigators aro&n0 the co&ntry in the 19!,s. -hey /ere con+ince0 that the go+ernment /as o&t to get them. B&t these things ha+e #een happening $rom the earliest 0ays o$ the mo0ern = C age /hen? in J&ne 19'7? #e$ore the air $orce or the C>A /ere e+en committe0 to = C in+estigation? pilot Kenneth Arnol0 /as chec5ing into the Ma&ry >slan0 sightings in -acoma. Ae an0 a $ello/ pilot ran their in+estigation $rom a hotel an0 some &ni0enti$ie0 person repeate0ly calle0 the local ne/spapers an0 tol0 reporters e+erything that /as transpiring in that hotel room. Arnol0 tore the place apart loo5ing $or hi00en


microphones? #&t there 0i0nGt seem to #e any.

-he o$$icial air $orce report on the sighting o$ a lori0a sco&tmaster? (onny 1es+ergers? in 1952? states* <Captain Corney Man air $orce intelligence o$$icerN /as as5e0 a#o&t the $acts o$ s&ppose0ly anonymo&s threatening telephone calls that Mr. 1es+ergers ha0 recei+e0. Ae state0 that 1es+ergers ha0 calle0 him appro.imately t/o /ee5s ago an0 state0 that he ha0 #een recei+ing anonymo&s threatening telephone calls /hile at /or5 in the esta#lishment in /hich he is employe0. -he gist o$ the calls /ere threats telling 1es+ergers to lay o$$ o$ his story an0 that i$ he 0i0nGt he /o&l0 #e sorry an0 se+eral other things.< 7itnesses to lan0ings an0 lo/-le+el o+er$lights are o$ten single0 o&t $or harassment? e+en /hen they 0onGt report their sightings. P&#lici6e0 contactees li5e 7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger recei+e the $&ll treatment. "i5e many sincere contactees? 7oo0y 0eci0e0 to /rite a #oo5 a#o&t his e.periences an0? li5e most contactees? en0e0 &p paying $or the cost o$ printing himsel$. Contactee #oo5s? an0 there are h&n0re0s o$ them? ha+e a +ery limite0 $ringe mar5et o$ only t/o or three tho&san0 people? so Ma0ison A+en&e p&#lishers &n0erstan0a#ly gi+e them short shri$t >n 7oo0yGs little e$$ort he state0* 324 ---M2N 7oo0ro/ 7. 1eren#erger? /ith Aarol0 7. A&##ar0? )isitors $rom "an&los 3%e/ Eor5* )antage Press? 19714. ---As > /rite this #oo5? > 5eep getting phone calls /arning me to stop. -hey ha+e e+en calle0 my /i$e at her place o$ employment? telling her to stop me or they /ill. -hese people ha+e also calle0 my $rien0s ma5ing the same threat. > ha+e no /ay o$ 5no/ing /ho these people are? yet they are calling too o$ten to #e cran5 calls. (e+eral times > ha+e /ritten material that has 0isappeare0 $rom my home. 7hen > lea+e home $or any reason? > al/ays loc5 all 0oors an0 /in0o/s? yet se+eral times /hen /e ret&rne0 home? /e $o&n0 o&r home ha0 #een ransac5e0? 0ra/ers p&lle0 o&t? papers stre/n all o+er the $loor? an0 +al&a#le tapes missing? an0 my tape recor0er #ro5en. ... > ha+e maile0 letters? 0roppe0 personally #y me in the Post C$$ice letter #o.? that ha+e $aile0 to reach their 0estination. A$ter 7oo0yGs contact #ecame /i0ely 5no/n? t/o gentlemen 0roppe0 into the appliance store /here he /or5e0 an0 /al5e0 0irectly &p to him. <7e thin5 yo& 5no/ /ho /e are? Mr. 1eren#erger?< they sai0 $latly. <7eG0 a0+ise yo& to $orget all a#o&t /hat yo&G+e seen.<


-hey le$t as a#r&ptly as theyG0 arri+e0. 7oo0y 0escri#e0 them as #eing short? stoc5y? 0resse0 in #lac5 s&its? an0 ha+ing oli+e comple.ions. or some reason he concl&0e0 the Men in Blac5 /ere really $rom the Ma$ia. %o matter /here he mo+e0Fan0 he mo+e0 se+eral times in 19!7Fthe phone pran5sters an0 #lac5 Ca0illacs manage0 to $in0 him? he claims. Mean/hile? his pretty yo&ng /i$e an0 their t/o chil0ren also met >n0ri0 Col0 an0 his colleag&es $rom the planet "an&los. Mrs. 1eren#erger /as $rightene0 o$ them an0 $elt they /ere engage0 in something e+il. -hey /ere B&st li5e &s? she tol0 me? tra+ele0 a#o&t in or0inary a&tomo#iles? an0 /ere pro#a#ly in$iltrating the h&man race in large n&m#ers. 7oo0ro/ 1eren#ergerGs story tro&#le0 me $rom the o&tset? an0 $or many reasons. >t 0i0 not $it the mol0 o$ the &s&al = C contact tale. 7hile the telepathy element /as common eno&gh? the total physicality o$ his e.periences seeme0 too real. -hey 0e$ie0 easy classi$ication an0 /o&l0 not $it into any o$ the pigeonholes > ha0 constr&cte0. :ither he /as the /orl0Gs most con+incing liar? an0 ha0 someho/ traine0 his /i$e? chil0ren? an0 $rien0s to #ac5 &p his lies? or he ha0 ha0 a +ery special set o$ e.periences #eyon0 the limits o$ &$ology. By March 19!7 the cro/0s ha0 gi+en &p in 0isco&ragement an0 Mr. Col0 /as a#le to sa$ely lan0 his spaceship on 7oo0yGs $arm. 7oo0y /ent a#oar0? accor0ing to his story? an0 too5 a $light all the /ay to Bra6il an0 #ac5. -he interior o$ the spaceship /as 0isappointingly normal? /ith #&n5s an0 eD&ipment o$ o#+io&s terrestrial man&$act&re. "ater that year? 1eren#erger /o&l0 #e $lo/n to "an&los ... a pleasant little planet /here the people ran aro&n0 nearly n&0e. Most contactees /ho claim to ha+e +isite0 other planets? an0 there are many? &s&ally 0escri#e0 a $&t&ristic /orl0. -here /as something m&n0ane a#o&t 7oo0yGs 0escriptions o$ that n&0ist colony in o&ter space. -oo m&n0ane. >n his later a0+ent&res? 7oo0y &s&ally met the spaceships in some isolate0 spot? o$ten near a high/ay &n0er constr&ctionFa seemingly tri+ial 0etail yet one that is most signi$icant. Col0 or one o$ his partners /o&l0 pic5 7oo0y &p in a )ol5s/agen an0 0ri+e him to the ren0e6+o&s point. Ais /orl0 /as no/ thic5ly pop&late0 /ith space people name0 Kemi? Clinnel? 1emo? Ar0o? Kleta/? etc. -hey ass&me0 real personalities an0 /ere +ery real to him. B&t > 5ne/ that in most = C contacts the entities &se names a0opte0 $rom ancient @ree5 an0 $rom mythology? so > /as p&66le0 #y these <$airy< names. Ao/e+er? many o$ 7oo0yGs e.periences ha0 0e$inite $airy tale o+ertones. An0 t/o o$ his $rien0s ha0 a classic $airy e.perience. A yo&ng man name0 Jim Aac5et? an0 his co&sin 1aria (artor? /ere o&t s5y-/atching at a place calle0 Bogle 8i0ge one night /hen they sa/ a gro&p o$ re0? green? an0 /hite lights 0escen0 $rom the s5y an0 0rop into a g&lly close to their position. A moment later there /as a #right $lash an0 Jim $elt his $ace tingling? li5e a mil0 electric shoc5. -hen he hear0 +oices o&tsi0e the car ... +oices /hich 1aria co&l0 not hear. (&00enly there /as a sharp rap on the /in0o/? ca&sing the pair to B&mp /ith 7;

alarm. A man hol0ing some 5in0 o$ re0 light stoo0 o&tsi0e the car an0 8ac5et recei+e0 a mental message to get o&t o$ the car. <>s she yo&r /i$eI< the man as5e0. <%o? sheGs my co&sin.< -he man tol0 him to tell 1aria to stay in the car. -hen he le0 yo&ng Aac5et o$$ into the 0ar5ness. 7hen he ret&rne0? his shoes? soc5s? an0 /atch /ere missing. Ae sai0 the man ha0 ta5en them. >t ha0 #een raining an0 the gro&n0 /as m&00y so his shoes ha0 #een coate0 /ith m&0 an0 /ater. Jim an0 1aria +isite0 7oo0y the ne.t 0ay an0 the contactee accompanie0 them to the same spot on Bogle 8i0ge that night. >n0ri0 Col0? Karl Ar0o? an0 1emo Aassan /ere /aiting $or them. 7oo0y e.plaine0 /hat happene0 an0 the spacemen sai0 Aac5et ha0 enco&ntere0 <h&manoi0s< /ho /ere no-goo0 thie+es. Ae /as l&c5y he ha0 lost only his shoes? soc5s? an0 /atch. B&t they /o&l0 r&n the c&lprits 0o/n an0 reco+er the items? they promise0. -he ne.t morning /hen Jim steppe0 o&t his 0oor to pic5 &p his morning paper he /as s&rprise0 to $in0 his shoes? no/ neatly shine0? sitting on the step /ith the la&n0ere0 soc5s an0 the /atch insi0e. -he contactee lore is $ille0 /ith silly episo0es li5e this. -he entities ser+e as goo0 g&ys an0 #a0 g&ys alternately. Phantom m&ggers can materiali6e o&t o$ the 0ar5ness an0 attac5 the contactee /ith #ase#all #ats? only to #e th/arte0 #y the s&00en arri+al o$ the goo0 g&ys /ho #eat them &p an0 cart o$$ their carcassesFan0 the #ase#all #ats an0 any other e+i0ence. Many o$ o&r #lac5-s&ite0 <(ilencers< are engage0 in similar games. >). Jim Aac5et /as l&c5y. Ae only lost his shoes. :lse/here thro&gho&t the Chio 8i+er +alley? 0ogs? co/s? an0 horses /ere 0ying s&00enly an0 mysterio&sly? &s&ally $rom s&rgical-li5e incisions in their throats. Animal 0isappearances an0 0eaths go han0 in han0 /ith the = C phenomenon. -he most p&66ling aspect o$ these 0eaths is the a#sence o$ #loo0. C$ten the carcasses seem 0raine0 o$ all #loo0. -he /o&n0s 0onGt #lee0. %o #loo0 is in e+i0ence in the grass or 0irt /here the +ictims lay. Among my grimmer memories o$ 19!!-!7 are those times /hen > 5nelt in $arm $iel0s to e.amine 0ea0 animals? partic&larly 0ogs? /ho ha0 s&$$ere0 ama6ingly clean an0 e.pert c&ts. -hese 0eaths /ere not locali6e0? #&t came in nation/i0e /a+es sim&ltaneo&sly /ith = C /a+es. -his pattern has #een repeate0 since. Prior to the Ccto#er 1973 $lying sa&cer $lap there /as an epi0emic o$ animal 0eaths thro&gho&t the Mi0/est $rom Minnesota to Mississippi? ca&sing D&ite a stir in the local press.


<-/o points con$o&n0ing in+estigators ha+e #een the a#sence o$ #loo0 an0 $ootprints?< the Kansas City -imes reporte0? 1ecem#er 22? 1973. <:+en on /arm 0ays? /ith the carcass $reshly 5ille0? there has #een no #lee0ing on or aro&n0 the animal. (ome #elie+e0 the cattle /ere 0raine0 o$ #loo0. %o h&man trac5s ha+e #een 0etecte0 near each m&tilation? e+en in $resh sno/.< >n 1ecem#er 1973 an0 Jan&ary 197' there /ere /holesale 0isappearances o$ pet 0ogs $rom Connectic&t to Cali$ornia. (mall to/ns li5e )ol&nto/n? Connectic&t? lost a large part o$ their 0og pop&lation in a $e/ 0ays. i$teen 0ogs +anishe0 $rom 7oo0stoc5? %e/ Eor5? in the Cats5ill Mo&ntains 0&ring the same perio0. As in pre+io&s /a+es o$ animal m&tilations an0 0isappearances? a&thorities trie0 to #lame /itchcra$t c&lts? cattle r&stlers? an0 0ognapers? /ho sell the poor animals to hospitals $or e.perimental p&rposes. B&t the total a#sence o$ e+i0ence o$ any 5in0 seems to r&le o&t these con+entional e.planations. :&rope has #een plag&e0 /ith phantom animal 5illers $or generations. (/e0en ha0 a plag&e o$ this sort o$ thing in 1972. -he e.tensi+e +ampire legen0s o$ Mi00le :&rope /ere &n0o&#te0ly #ase0 on s&ch inci0ents. )ampires /ere cloa5e0 #eings? o$ten accompanie0 #y strange aerial lights? /ho co&l0 paraly6e h&mans an0 animals in their trac5s. As recently as t/enty years ago there /ere a series o$ <+ampire< 5illings in E&gosla+ia. o&r #loo0less h&man #o0ies /ere $o&n0 /ith slashe0 throats in a $iel0 near Kle5 Mo&ntain? accor0ing to one report. As > ha+e note0? = Cs? hairy monsters? an0 Mothmen all appear to ha+e the a#ility to $erret o&t h&man $emales 0&ring their menstr&al perio0. > #egan to serio&sly /on0er i$ #loo0 an0 $lesh /ere not +ital ingre0ients in the mysterio&s transmogri$ication process. 1i0 energies $rom the s&perspectr&m nee0 earthly #iological materials to constr&ct temporary entitiesI >t 0oes seem as i$ many = C an0 monster sightings are stage0 as 0istractions? l&ring cro/0s o$ people to places li5e -the -%- area /hile animal m&tilations an0 0isappearances are ta5ing place almost &nnotice0 only a $e/ miles a/ay. (oon a$ter the MothmanGs $irst appearance in %o+em#er 19!!? police $o&n0 the #o0y o$ a 0og in the -%- area. >t /as completely charre0? yet the s&rro&n0ing area /as &n-#&rne0. > /on0ere0 i$ it might not ha+e #een sacri$ice0 in some secret magical rit&al #y some &n5no/n local /arloc5* a rit&al that #ro&ght Mothman into #eingI -he = C /a+es o$ the 19!,s /ere accompanie0 #y the occ&lt e.plosionFthe rapi0 sprea0 o$ /itchcra$t an0 magical practices. An interesting si0e e$$ect o$ the $lying sa&cer phenomenon is that many o$ the people attracte0 to the s&#Bect? people /ith +ery materialistic an0 pse&0o-scienti$ic o&tloo5s? gra0&ally 0ri$t into the st&0y o$ psychic phenomena? a#an0oning the e.traterrestrial theory along the /ay. >n retrospect? $lying sa&cers /ere partly responsi#le $or the occ&lt e.plosion. -he most con$&sing $eat&re o$ the phenomenon is its &se o$ allegorical sit&ations an0 complicate0 0i+ersions meant to co+er &p some more co+ert acti+ity. Aairy monsters are seen carrying 0ea0 0ogs? so people ass&me other missing 0ogs pro+i0e0 ;,

0inner $or the smelly apparition. Act&ally the 0ogs may ha+e ser+e0 some other p&rpose altogether ... a p&rpose that might t&rn o&r hair gray instantly i$ /e 5ne/ the $&ll 0etails. >n messages passe0 along to >talian contactee :&genio (irag&sa? the mischie+o&s entities ha+e trie0 to e.plain their <+ol&metric logic< in cosmic 0o&#le-tal5. 1r. JacD&es )allee has calle0 it <metalogic?< s&ggesting that the entities ha+e a logic system D&ite 0i$$erent $rom o&rs an0 /hen they try to translate things on o&r le+el their statements come o&t a#s&r0. Ae 0oes not consi0er their nee0 $or 0eceit /hich is #ase0 &pon their &rge to manip&late &s thro&gh #elie$s an0 /hat the British call <acceptances.< Cnce 7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger accepte0 >n0ri0 Col0Gs e.istence? an0 the e.istence o$ "an&los? his +ie/ o$ reality co&l0 #e manip&late0 to incl&0e those #eings an0 places. >n March 19!7? a tr&ly astonishing = C <attac5< too5 place in 7est )irginia? apparently s&pporting the +ampiric theories > /as entertaining at the time. 7hile other = C in+estigators ha0 #een collecting en0less 0escriptions o$ things seen in the s5y? > /as o&t e.amining 0ea0 animals in remote $iel0s? pon0ering the real meaning #ehin0 the #loo0less carcasses. Cn the night o$ March 5? a 8e0 Cross Bloo0mo#ile /as tra+eling along 8o&te 2? /hich r&ns parallel to the Chio 8i+er. Bea& (hert6er? t/enty-one? an0 a yo&ng n&rse ha0 #een o&t all 0ay collecting h&man #loo0 an0 no/ they /ere hea0ing #ac5 to A&ntington? 7est )irginia? /ith a +an $ille0 /ith $resh #loo0. -he roa0 /as 0ar5 an0 col0 an0 there /as +ery little tra$$ic. As they mo+e0 along a partic&larly 0eserte0 stretch? there /as a $lash in the /oo0s on a near#y hill an0 a large /hite glo/ appeare0. >t rose slo/ly into the air an0 $le/ straight $or their +ehicle. "My +od/ What is itI< the n&rse crie0. "I'm not going to stick around to find out," (hert6er ans/ere0? p&shing his $oot 0o/n on the gas. -he o#Bect e$$ortlessly s/oope0 o+er the +an an0 staye0 /ith it. (hert6er rolle0 0o/n his /in0o/ an0 loo5e0 &p. Ae /as horri$ie0 to see some 5in0 o$ arm or e.tension #eing lo/ere0 $rom the l&mino&s thing cr&ising only a $e/ $eet a#o+e the Bloo0mo#ile. "It's trying to get us/" the n&rse yelle0? /atching another arm reach 0o/n on her si0e. >t loo5e0 as i$ the $lying o#Bect /as trying to /rap a pincers-li5e 0e+ice aro&n0 the +ehicle. (hert6er po&re0 on the horses #&t the o#Bect 5ept pace /ith them easily. Apparently they /ere sa+e0 #y the s&00en appearance o$ hea0lights $rom approaching tra$$ic. As the other cars neare0? the o#Bect retracte0 the arms an0 hastily $le/ o$$. Both yo&ng people r&she0 to the police in a state o$ hysteria. -he inci0ent /as mentione0 #rie$ly on a ra0io ne/scast that night #&t /as not pic5e0 &p #y the ne/spapers.


>n cases li5e this /e ha+e to as5* 1i0 the = C really inten0 to carry o$$ the Bloo0mo#ileI Cr /as it all a sham to <pro+e< the = CGs interest in #loo0. "ater > trie0 to chec5 to $in0 o&t i$ any Bloo0mo#iles ha0 act&ally +anishe0 any/here. -he 8e0 Cross tho&ght > /as a #it n&ts. B&t > o$ten $o&n0 mysel$ serio&sly /on0ering i$ /e only hear a#o&t the people /ho get a/ay9 ). A $e/ nights a$ter the remar5a#le Bloo0mo#ile inci0ent? Point Pleasant police o$$icer Aarol0 Aarmon /as ma5ing a ro&tine patrol thro&gh the 0ismal? &nlit -%- area /hen a 0ar5 o#Bect ho+ering a $e/ $eet a#o+e a small pon0 ca&ght his eye. <>t /as 0e$initely a soli0 machine o$ some 5in0?< he tol0 me later. <> co&l0 e+en see /hat appeare0 to #e /in0o/s in it. >t roc5e0 &ne+enly li5e a #oat hitting /a+es? an0 then it $loate0 silently a/ay o+er the trees.< Another nation/i0e = C /a+e /as &n0er/ay that March? #&t the no/-Ba0e0 national ne/s me0ia ignore0 it. (cientists $rom the ne/ly commissione0 Colora0o =ni+ersity = C proBect trotte0 aro&n0 the co&ntry trying to in+estigate ne/ reports /hile the proBectGs hea0? 1r. :0/ar0 =. Con0on? complaine0 that it /as li5e a $ire 0epartment that ans/ere0 only $alse alarms. -hat spring some o$ the scientists spent /ee5s in the Aarris#&rg? Pennsyl+ania? area o#ser+ing the <mean0ering noct&rnal lights< that #&sie0 themsel+es there nightly. -heir learne0 concl&sion /as that the Pennsyl+anian s5ies /ere <most remar5a#le.< (hips in the Atlantic /ere reporting h&ge l&mino&s <cigars< 0ischarging small glo#es o$ light /hich saile0 to/ar0 %e/ Eor5 an0 "ong >slan0. An0 on "ong >slan0 an0 neigh#oring Connectic&t? those glo#es /ere c&tting nightly capers. 1&ring my $reD&ent tre5s o&t to "ong >slan0? > sa/ se+eral o$ the o#Bects mysel$ an0 > collecte0 some eye/itness testimony that #oggle0 my alrea0y m&ch-#oggle0 min0. Cne $amily o$ se+en people s/ore they ha0 seen a circ&lar o#Bect lan0 near a /oo0e0 area on "ong >slan0. -hey stoppe0 their car to /atch an0 /ere astonishe0 /hen they sa/ t/o $ig&res? normal-h&man-si6e0 #eings? thro&gh a 0oor in the o#Bect as a large #lac5 car crosse0 the $iel0 an0 stoppe0 near#y. -he t/o #eings got into the car an0 it 0ro+e o$$. -he o#Bect too5 o$$ D&ic5ly an0 0isappeare0 into the night s5y. (imilar inci0ents ha0 #een reporte0 in (o&th America? rance? an0 :nglan0? #&t this /as the $irst time > ha0 come across one in the =nite0 (tates. -he $amily /as terri$ie0. -hey 5ne/ they sho&l0 report it to someone #&t they 5ept silent &ntil they hear0 me on a ra0io program a $e/ 0ays later. Mean/hile? the Chio +alley /as lit &p #y these things nightly? $rom Cairo? >llinois? in the so&th? /here the Chio 8i+er lin5e0 /ith the Mississippi? to the northernmost tip o$ the ri+er in Pennsyl+ania. ;2

Cn March 12? 19!7? a /oman in "etart alls? Chio? /as 0ri+ing home $rom ch&rch at 11*3, P.M.? accompanie0 #y her t/enty-year-ol0 0a&ghter? /hen? as they ro&n0e0 a corner in a /oo0e0 area? a h&ge /hite thing appeare0 0irectly in $ront o$ their car. -hey sai0 it ha0 c&r+e0 /ings a#o&t ten $eet /i0e. -here /as a hea0 on the creat&re an0 it appeare0 to ha+e +ery long hair. >t /as in +ie/ o$ their hea0lights $or se+eral secon0s #e$ore it $le/ &p/ar0 an0 +anishe0 $rom sight. -he /itnesses /ere +ery religio&s an0 ass&me0 they ha0 seen an angel? or e+en Jes&s Christ himsel$. A$ter their sighting their telephone /ent hay/ire an0 their tele+ision /as s&00enly s&#Becte0 to hea+y inter$erence. > $o&n0 a n&m#er o$ = Cs ha0 #een seen in the "etart alls area? /ith concentrations aro&n0 a large gra+el pit there. (ightings in the %ortheast /ere 5eeping me #&sy at that time. B&t > tal5e0 /ith Mary Ayre $reD&ently. (he /as recei+ing more = C reports than she co&l0 print an0 some other strange things /ere happening in Point Pleasant. -hree +ery tall? 0ar5comple.ione0 3not %egroi04 men /ere ca&sing the local police some consternation. -hese men 5noc5e0 on 0oors late at night? p&rporte0ly selling maga6ines tho&gh /e co&l0nGt $in0 anyone /ho ha0 or0ere0 s&#scriptions $rom them. -hey spo5e $l&ent? &naccente0 :nglish an0 /ere 0escri#e0 as <goo0-loo5ing< /ith hea+ily tanne0 s5in. -heir height an0 #roa0ness impresse0 the /itnesses the most. Altho&gh these men contin&e0 to appear thro&gho&t the region $or a month? Mrs. Ayre an0 the police co&l0 not $in0 o&t /here they /ere staying. -hey /ere al/ays on $oot. Apparently they 0i0 not ha+e a car. Mrs. Ma#el Mc1aniel /or5e0 in the local &nemployment o$$ice on Main (treet in Point Pleasant an0 0&ring the secon0 /ee5 in March a strange man #l&n0ere0 into the o$$ice. Ae /ore a #lac5 coat an0 #lac5 cap an0 #eha+e0 in a most pec&liar manner. <Ae 0i0nGt loo5 li5e a colore0 person? #&t still /as +ery 0ar5?< Mrs. Mc1aniel sai0? <an0 his :nglish /as so poor > ne+er 0i0 really $ig&re o&t /hat he /ante0. Ais eyes /ere $&nny-loo5ing? 5in0 o$ starey an0 glassy. rom /hat > co&l0 get $rom him? he /as loo5ing $or an ins&rance company? only he 5ept saying he /ante0 Gtrip ins&rance.G< Ae tol0 her he ha0 also +isite0 the o$$ice o$ the Messenger 3he 0i0 not? accor0ing to Mary4. Ae spo5e in the gar#le0? singsong manner o$ so many o$ o&r /eir0o +isitors an0 mo+e0 in an &nstea0y? almost 0r&n5en /ay. >t seeme0 to me that something phenomenal /as #&il0ing &p in the Point Pleasant area. > 0eci0e0 to shel+e my other proBects an0 ret&rn to the Chio +alley. -his time > /as accompanie0 #y 1aniel 1rasin? a yo&ng mo+ie pro0&cer /ho /as planning to 0o a = C special $or the P&#lic Broa0casting "a#oratories 3PB"4 o$ the e0&cational tele+ision net/or5. 1on :strella also as5e0 to go along. Both men 5ne/ +ery little a#o&t the = C sit&ation at that time? an0 in 5eeping /ith my ha#it > tol0 them nothing. > /ante0 them to see $or themsel+es the incre0i#le scope an0 comple.ity o$ the thing. (o late that March o&r little ento&rage hoppe0 into rente0 cars an0 too5 o$$ on an eight-h&n0re0-mile Bo&rney into the t/ilight 6one. ;3

1, - P&rple "ights an0 April oolishness

> <My phones ha+e gone cra6y?< Mary Ayre note0? <e+en my &nliste0 n&m#ers. (trangers call me at all ho&rs o$ the 0ay an0 night. (ometimes > get $&nny #eeping so&n0s. 1i0 yo& e+er hear a#o&t anything li5e thatI< > ha0 to a0mit > ha0. Ao/e+er? it ha0 #ecome my policy to say +ery little a#o&t these matters to anyone? e+en close $rien0s. A$ter Mary an0 > ha0 concl&0e0 o&r inter+ie/ /ith Charles Aern an0 his /i$e in Chio? Mr. Aern ha0 escorte0 &s to the 0oor an0 remar5e0? "3ou kno!, !e've told you about everything !e've seen ..5 and you haven't told us a damned thing/" > /as so tacit&rn that the = C #&$$s ha0 s&rro&n0e0 me /ith an a&ra o$ mystery 3they ten0 to s&rro&n0 e+erything /ith mystery4. James Moseley? e0itor o$ (a&cer %e/s 3no/ 0e$&nct4? once tol0 @ray Bar5er? <Ae gi+es yo& the impression o$ not only 5no/ing as m&ch as /e a#o&t $lying sa&cersF#&t act&ally 5no/ing a lot moreFa lot that he is not telling.< -he tr&th /as more m&n0ane than the mysterio&s. > /as 5eeping many o$ my $in0ings a secret to pre+ent pran5sters $rom setting &p 3many o$ those $in0ings are #eing re+eale0 here $or the $irst time4. > maintaine0 a <lo/ pro$ile< to c&r# r&mors an0 pre+ent possi#le panic in the areas > /as +isiting. > a+oi0e0 personal p&#licity? &nli5e most o$ the other sel$-style0 = C in+estigators /ho spent most o$ their time staging press con$erences an0 #&il0ing &p scrap#oo5s. inally? some o$ the things > /as st&0ying seeme0 so a#s&r0 on the s&r$aceFespecially to the har0core #elie+ers in e.traterrestrial +isitantsFthat re+ealing them /o&l0 only pro0&ce more gossip? contro+ersy? an0 nonsense. 1an 1rasin an0 1on :strella e.presse0 gro/ing ama6ementFan0 some $earFas they tra+ele0 /ith me &p an0 0o/n the +alley? listening to my strange D&estions an0 the e+en stranger ans/ers /e /ere getting $rom /itnesses. A yo&ng /oman in Point Pleasant /as ha+ing telephone pro#lems. :+ery night /hen she ret&rne0 home $rom /or5 at 5 oGcloc5 her phone /o&l0 ring an0 a manGs +oice /o&l0 spea5 to her in a rapi0-$ire lang&age she co&l0 not &n0erstan0. <>t so&n0s something li5e (panish ... yet > 0onGt thin5 it is (panish?< she complaine0. (he proteste0 to the phone company? #&t they insiste0 they co&l0 $in0 nothing /rong /ith her line. 7e +isite0 her home an0 > e.amine0 her phone in a manner that ha0 #ecome ro&tine $or me. > too5 it apart. 1rasin an0 :strella /atche0 me silently /ith a <heGs really gone #ananas< e.pression. 7hat 0i0 telephones ha+e to 0o /ith $lying sa&cersI 7hen yo& &nscre/ mo0ern telephone earpieces yo& /ill o$ten $in0 a small piece o$ cotton /hich ser+es as a c&shion $or the magnet an0 0iaphragm. Eo& sho&l0nGt $in0 ;'

anything else. B&t /hen > opene0 this /omanGs han0set > /as startle0 to $in0 a tiny sli+er o$ /oo0. (he sai0 no one? not e+en the repairmen? ha0 e+er opene0 &p her phone #e$ore. -he /oo0en o#Bect loo5e0 li5e a piece o$ matchstic5? sharpene0 at one en0 an0 lightly coate0 /ith a s&#stance that loo5e0 li5e graphite. "ater > sho/e0 it to telephone engineers an0 they sai0 theyG0 ne+er seen anything li5e it #e$ore. > p&t it in a plastic #o. an0 store0 it a/ay. Eears later /hile +isiting a magic store in %e/ Eor5 3sleight o$ han0 is one o$ my ho##ies4? > glance0 at a 0isplay o$ practical Bo5es an0 0isco+ere0 a cellophane pac5age $ille0 /ith similar stic5s. Cigarette loa0s9 (omeho/ an e.plosi+e cigarette loa0 ha0 gotten into that Point Pleasant telephone9 7ho p&t it there? /hen? ho/? an0 /hy m&st remain mysteries. (oon a$ter my in+estigation? the /omanGs phone calls cease0. May#e > e.orcise0 the phone #y remo+ing the stic5. Another $amily /as ha+ing telephone pro#lems? an0 many other tro&#les #esi0es? on the Camp Conley 8oa0 on the so&thern e0ge o$ the -%- area. -he /oman in Point Pleasant /ho s&$$ere0 the calls $rom a #i6arre metallic +oice spea5ing in an incomprehensi#le lang&age /as their 0a&ghter-in-la/.

<>t 0i0nGt ta5e &s long to learn that /hen o&r -) starte0 acting &p it /as a s&re sign that one o$ those lights /as passing o+er?< James "illy? a no-nonsense ri+er#oat captain? tol0 &s. <> 0i0nGt thin5 m&ch o$ all the $lying sa&cer tal5 &ntil > starte0 seeing them mysel$. Eo&G+e got to #elie+e yo&r o/n eyes.< At $irst the "illys 5ept their sightings to themsel+es. B&t gra0&ally r&mors #egan to circ&late an0 carloa0s o$ people gathere0 on Camp Conley 8oa0 e+ery night to /atch the space people $ly #y. <7eG+e seen all 5in0s o$ things?< Mrs. "illy sai0. <Bl&e lights? green ones? re0 ones? things that change color. (ome o$ them ha+e #een so lo/ that /e tho&ght /e co&l0 see 0iamon0-shape0 /in0o/s in them. An0 none o$ them ma5e any noise at all.< A&tomo#iles near the "illy home #egan to stall ine.plica#ly. An0 the "illysG little ranch ho&se #ecame ha&nte0 soon a$ter the lights starte0 their nightly $ly-o+ers. Kitchen ca#inet 0oors slamme0 in the mi00le o$ the night. Cnce their li+ing room 0oor? /hich they loc5e0 /ith #oth a chain an0 snaploc5 at night? /as stan0ing aBar /hen they got &p in the morning. -hey hear0 lo&0 metallic so&n0s? "like a pan falling," an0 Mrs. "illy hear0 "a baby crying." "It sounded so plain," she sai0? "that I looked around the house even though I kne! there !as no baby here. It seemed to come from the living room ... only a fe! feet a!ay from me." Cne o$ my sillier-so&n0ing D&estions is* ",id you ever dream there !as a stranger in the house in the middle of the night?" 7hen > 0irecte0 this D&estion at the "illys? Jac5ie "illy &rge0 her D&iet si.teen-year-ol0 0a&ghter? "in0a? to tell a#o&t the <nightmare< she ha0 ha0 that March. (he /as rel&ctant to 0isc&ss it? #&t /ith a little


coaching $rom the si0elines she e.plaine0 ho/ she /o5e &p one night an0 sa/ a large $ig&re to/ering o+er her #e0. <>t /as a man?< she sai0. <A #ig man. )ery #roa0. > co&l0nGt see his $ace +ery /ell #&t > co&l0 see that he /as grinning at me.< <Jim /as /or5ing on the ri+er that night?< Mrs. "illy a00e0. <An0 "in0a /o5e me &p /ith a terri#le scream.(he crie0 o&t there /as a man in her room. > tol0 her she /as 0reaming. B&t she screame0 again.< <Ae /al5e0 aro&n0 the #e0 an0 stoo0 right o+er me?< "in0a 0eclare0. <> screame0 again an0 hi0 &n0er the co+ers. 7hen > loo5e0 &p again? he /as gone.< <(he came r&nning into my room?< Mrs. "illy sai0? <(he crie0? -here is a man in my room9 -here is9G (heGs re$&se0 to sleep alone e+er since.< 7hen > as5e0 $or a 0escription o$ the stranger? "in0a sai0 she tho&ght he ha0 #een /earing a <chec5ere0 shirt.< Be0room phantoms in chec5ere0 shirts are ol0 hat to in+estigators o$ psychic phenomena. > ha+e come &pon this again an0 again. (o o$ten that > ha+e /ritten long articles a#o&t it. >n some cases these ghosts-in-plai0 are accompanie0 #y the o0or o$ hy0rogen s&l$i0e an0 s&00en chills or s&00en #lasts o$ heat? /hile other episo0es are pro#a#ly p&rely hypnopompic. -hat is? they are the resi0&e o$ 0reams /hich o+erlap #rie$ly into the /a5ing state ... a phenomenon /ell-5no/n in psychiatry an0 parapsychology. > once enBoye0 a hypnopompic e.perience mysel$. >n the /inter o$ 19!,-!1 > contracte0 /al5ing pne&monia ... an0 > /al5e0 /ith it &ntil > 0roppe0. :arly one morning /hile > /as still D&ite sic5 an0 my system /as la0en /ith anti#iotics an0 0r&gs > /o5e &p an0 sa/ a large #lac5 $orm ho+ering at the $oot o$ my #e0. >t /asnGt a man in a chec5ere0 sh&t #&t /as ro&ghly the shape o$ a Coca-Cola #ottle. <7hat 0o yo& 5no/I >Gm ha+ing an hall&cination?< > tol0 mysel$ as > li$te0 my hea0 an0 st&0ie0 the apparition. -he #lo# slo/ly rece0e0? gro/ing smaller an0 smaller &ntil it 0isappeare0. -he e.perience /as ne+er repeate0. >> 1rasin an0 :strella ret&rne0 to %e/ Eor5 City in late March /hile > 0eci0e0 to remain on in Point Pleasant. 1an /as con+ince0 that something e.ceptional /as happening in the Chio +alley an0 he planne0 to collect a camera cre/ an0 ret&rn. 7e ha0 seen a n&m#er o$ o00 aerial lights #&t the o00est o$ all /as so #e/il0ering > 0i0nGt e+en #other to ta5e notes. 7e /ere stan0ing on a hilltop o&tsi0e o$ Point Pleasant one night /hen Mrs. Ayre calle0 o&r attention to a #right re0 light slo/ly mo+ing to/ar0 &s. >t ha0 the ;!

shimmering? prismatic appearance o$ the classic = C light an0 1an? /ho /as a st&0ent pilot? agree0 it /asnGt a plane. %o normal /ing lights or taillights /ere +isi#le. -he s5y /as crystal-clear an0 there /as only one small clo&0 o+erhea0. -he light mo+e0 +ery slo/ly an0 appeare0 to #e at a lo/ altit&0e. -here /as no so&n0 /hatsoe+er. 7e /atche0 as the light slo/ly approache0 the little clo&0 an0 0isappeare0 into it? or o+er it. -hen /e /aite0 $or it to reappear. (econ0s tic5e0 into min&tes. -he light 0i0 not come o&t $rom #ehin0 the clo&0. "Maybe it !ent straight up," Mary s&ggeste0. (&00enly there /as the 0istincti+e 0rone o$ an airplane engine an0 the o#+io&s silho&ette o$ a small plane emerge0 $rom the clo&0? /ing an0 taillights $lashing. >t #&66e0 o$$ at an altit&0e o$ three or $o&r tho&san0 $eet an0 /e la&ghe0 at o&rsel+es? momentarily con+ince0 that o&r = C ha0 B&st #een an airplane. Ao/e+er? the more > tho&ght a#o&t the inci0ent the more incre0i#le it seeme0. 7e sho&l0 ha+e #een a#le to see the planeGs silho&ette clearly #e$ore it entere0 the clo&0? an0 it sho&l0 not ha+e ta5en so long to pass thro&gh s&ch a small clo&0. (omething /as 0e$initely o&t o$ 5ilter. "ater? > #egan to st&0y the mystery airplanes an0 phantom helicopters that ha+e appeare0 all o+er the /orl0? an0 se+eral reports o$ = Cs that seemingly t&rne0 into con+entional airplane con$ig&rations s&r$ace0. Cne o$ the most recent comes $rom Cana0a /here a gro&p o$ o&t-0oorsmen on the Co/ichan 8i+er in British Col&m#ia /atche0 a lo/-$lying o#Bect in Ccto#er 1973. 314 <>t 0i0nGt ma5e a so&n0 an0 it /as something /e ha0 ne+er seen #e$ore?< one o$ the /itnesses reporte0. <-here /ere three re0 lights rotating aro&n0 the top part an0 there /ere #lin5ing re0 lights going in the opposite 0irection aro&n0 the mi00le part. -here /as another light at the +ery topFa re0 $lashing one. < <-hen? $rom the #ottom? a /hite light shone o&t li5e a spotlight. >t mo+e0 its #eam &p the ri+er as i$ it /as loo5ing $or something. By this time /e /ere all pretty scare0. 7e tho&ght s&re the others at the camp m&st ha+e seen it? too? #&t a$ter/ar0 they sai0 they ha0nGt seen a thing<. ---M1N John Magor? e0.? Cana0ian = C 8eport? %o. 1!? Bo. 75;? 1&ncan? B.C.? Cana0a. ---<-here /as a #en0 in the ri+er #et/een &s so > co&l0nGt say $or s&re /hether they 0i0 or not.< -he /itnesses claime0 they got a goo0 loo5 at the thing? that it /as circ&lar? a#o&t eighty $eet in 0iameter? ho+ering a#o&t t/o h&n0re0 $eet in the air? an0 ha0 #een in +ie/ $or a $&ll $i$teen min&tes. ;7

Ao/ 0i0 it 0epartI "Well, if !e told people about this, they'd think !e !ere cra.y," the /itness sai0. "$ut all of a sudden it looked as if it had turned into an airplane. It made a noise like a plane and it looked like a plane, only all the lights !ent out e1cept for a little red one. It !ent right past us and disappeared over the trees." -hro&gho&t 7est )irginia > ha0 hear0 stories o$ large? gray? &nmar5e0 airplanes he0ge hopping the treachero&s hills. > 5ne/ the air %ational @&ar0 5ept some cargo planes at the Charleston airport an0 that some training $lights in+ol+e0 he0ge hopping to 5eep #elo/ ra0ar #eams. B&t none o$ the $lights reporte0 to me pro+e0 to #e the /or5 o$ the %ational @&ar0. 1rasin an0 :strella ha0 har0ly starte0 o&t $or %e/ Eor5 /hen all hell #egan to #rea5 loose. "ate on the a$ternoon o$ March 31? a /or5man in the Point Pleasant l&m#er yar0 sa/ a glo/ing o#Bect ho+ering o+er the home o$ Mrs. 1oris 1e/eese. (hortly a$ter/ar0? Mrs. 1e/eese /atche0 a l&mino&s o#Bect 6ip across the s5y an0 crash into a small shac5 on a neigh#oring hillsi0e. -he shac5 ho&se0 the transmitter $or (heri$$ JohnsonGs police? ra0io. >t starte0 to #&rn. 7hat $ollo/e0 /as straight o&t o$ the Keystone Kops. -he police an0 $ire 0epartment r&she0 to the sno/-co+ere0 hill an0 #ogge0 0o/n on the m&shy 0irt roa0. -here /as m&ch $rantic sc&rrying an0 c&rsing as the men #attle0 the #la6e. Part o$ the hillsi0e /as #a0ly scorche0. -he transmitter insi0e the shac5 /as not a$$ecte0 #y the $ire #&t it /as #&rne0 o&t? as i$ it ha0 #een str&c5 #y lightning. (o in the critical 0ays that $ollo/e0? the sheri$$s 0epartment /as /itho&t its main transmitter. > /as 0isenchante0 /ith the -%- area #eca&se o$ the cro/0s that /ere no/ streaming #ac5 there nightly to /atch $or the ne/est sensationF$lying sa&cers. > starte0 searching $or a pri+ate place /here > co&l0 carry o&t my o#ser+ations D&ietly. 1on? 1an? Mary? an0 mysel$ ha0 inter+ie/e0 a n&m#er o$ people in the little comm&nity o$ @allipolis erry? a co&ple o$ miles so&th o$ Point Pleasant on 8o&te 2? an0 > ha0 #een impresse0 #y their testimony. Ao&se lights $reD&ently 0imme0 there an0 tele+ision sets o$ten acte0 &p late at night. @reat #lo#s o$ light ha0 #een seen on top o$ the /oo0e0 hills in the sparsely settle0 animal preser+e calle0 the Chie$ Cornstal5 A&nting @ro&n0s B&st so&th o$ the +illage. Cne resi0ent /as ha+ing tro&#le /ith poltergeist phenomenon ... lights mo+ing thro&gh his ho&se? rappings on the 0oors an0 /in0o/s? the so&n0s o$ #a#ies crying an0 </omen screaming?< telephones mal$&nctioningFthe /or5s. 8ol$e "ee? a $armer /ith a #ig sprea0 in the area? con$esse0 that he ha0 seen so many = Cs o+er his lan0 that he 0i0nGt pay attention to them anymore. C$$icer Aarol0 Aarmon an0 > slippe0 a/ay to @allipolis erry on the night o$ March 31 /hile nearly e+eryone else hea0e0 $or the -%- area. 7e soon sa/ a n&m#er o$ #right starli5e o#Bects /hich $litte0 a#o&t the s5y /ith rapi0 6ig6ag mo+ements. -/o local teen-agers /ere sitting on a near#y hilltop ne.t to a roaring #on$ire? hoping to ;;

l&re the = Cs 0o/n. > calle0 &p to them an0 as5e0 them to p&t the $ire o&t? 5no/ing that #right lights ten0e0 to repel rather than attract the o#Bects. Aarmon $i00le0 +ainly /ith his police ra0io. Ae co&l0 get nothing #&t static. "ater > learne0 that all the police $orces $or miles in #oth 0irections ha0 constant tro&#le /ith their ra0ios that /ee5. Aea+y magnetic inter$erence totally 0isr&pte0 comm&nications among la/ a&thorities /hile the = Cs carrie0 o&t their mysterio&s missions. -he 0estr&ction o$ (heri$$ JohnsonGs transmitter /as B&st one small part o$ the scenario. -elephones? too? /ent #on5ers that /ee5. >t seeme0 as i$ hal$ the phones in the +alley /ere either o&t o$ or0er altogether? or /ere 0ogge0 /ith cra6y #eeps an0 #&66es. Accompanie0 #y the t/o teen-agers? > le$t Aarmon an0 hi5e0 into the near#y hills in the total #lac5ness. As my eyes #ecame acclimate0 to the night > #egan to 0isting&ish a n&m#er o$ +ag&e p&rple shapes ho+ering o+er a /oo0 on 8ol$e "eeGs property. At $irst > tho&ght they might #e stars lo/ in the s5y? gleaming thro&gh the nat&ral ha6e. B&t /hen > $lashe0 my si.-celle0 light at one o$ these p&rple #lo#s it s&00enly an0 Ber5ily mo+e0 to one si0e? as i$ it /ere B&mping o&t o$ my light #eam. ascinate0? > repeate0 the e.periment se+eral times. -hen > trie0 $lashing the light at o#+io&s stars to see i$ this /asnGt B&st some tric5 o$ my eyesight. -he stars 0i0nGt mo+e? nat&rally. 7e sat on the hilltop st&0ying the p&rple #lo#s $or se+eral min&tes /hen s&00enly the /hole $orest in the +alley #elo/ lit &p an0 glo/e0 /ith a #right? eerie p&rple light. -here /ere no ho&ses or roa0s 0o/n there. >t /o&l0 ha+e #een a long hi5e in the 0ar5 an0 the #oys /ere rel&ctant to Boin me? so /e B&st sat an0 stare0 at the glo/ing $orest &ntil the light $a0e0. >>> -he ne.t night? (at&r0ay? April 1? Mary Ayre an0 > 0ro+e &p i+e Mile Cree5 8oa0 #elo/ @allipolis erry &ntil /e reache0 a hilltop /hich comman0e0 a +ie/ o$ the hills an0 +alleys > ha0 +isite0 the night #e$ore. -here /as a single $armho&se on the hill an0 the people /ho li+e0 there /ent to #e0 at 9*3, each night? #eing early risers. (o the /hole area /as silent? 0eserte0? an0 /itho&t lights thro&gho&t the night. A $e/ min&tes a$ter /e arri+e0? Mary pointe0 o&t a small re00ish light lo/ on a steep /oo0e0 hill so&th o$ o&r position. >t appeare0 to #e #lin5ing on an0 o$$? an0 #o##ing &p an0 0o/n in a manner D&ite 0i$$erent $rom any o$ the stars on the hori6on. 7hile /e /atche0 #reathlessly? #arely spea5ing? it slo/ly circle0 the 0istant $iel0s an0 /oo0s an0 crosse0 in $ront o$ &s? e0ging closer an0 closer. -he $armho&se /as a#o&t se+enty-$i+e $eet in $ront o$ &s. -he o#Bect no/ appeare0 to #e sD&are or rectang&lar. >t co&l0 not #e mista5en $or a star. >t +anishe0 momentarily #ehin0 some trees north o$ the $armho&se an0 /hen it reappeare0 it /as m&ch closer. %o/ /e co&l0 ma5e o&t a 0ar5 $orm. -he re0 glo/ seeme0 to #e a /in0o/. >t ho+ere0 a#o&t $i$ty $eet o$$ the gro&n0. > tho&ght > co&l0 see a sha0o/y h&man $ig&re in the </in0o/< #&t Mary tho&ght it /as some 5in0 o$ partition. -his /as the only point on /hich /e 0isagree0.


7e sat trans$i.e0 $or se+eral min&tes? $&lly e.pecting the o#Bect to lan0 0irectly in $ront o$ &s an0 as5 to #e ta5en to o&r lea0er. > $inally got o&t o$ the car an0 $lashe0 my po/er$&l #eam 0irectly at the o#Bect. >t respon0e0 instantly? D&ic5ly shooting straight &p into the s5y? the re0 light going o&t completely. "I guess I ble! it," > groane0. B&t there /o&l0 #e other nights an0 more $&nny lights. -he $ollo/ing night /e ret&rne0 to the same hilltop. -he #rilliant night s5y /as $ille0 /ith stars ... an0 things not on my star map. 7e co&l0 easily recogni6e the = Cs #eca&se they /ere #righter an0 more #rilliantly colore0 than normal stars. (ome /ere re0 $lashers? some /ere col0 p&rple #lo#s? an0 some /ere m&lti-colore0. Mrs. Ayre con$irme0 that they B&mpe0 o&t o$ the /ay o$ my $lashlight. > pic5e0 o&t an especially large o#Bect an0 $lashe0* -..2.2...2-.-.2.2-.2-.. 3<1escen0<4. Mary gaspe0 as it #egan to lose altit&0e. "It looks like it's going do!n a flight of stairs," she note0. 7e /ere /atching the $amo&s <$alling lea$ motion" /hich has #een 0escri#e0 #y many = C /itnesses. A#o&t 12*3, A.M. Mrs. Ayre 0eci0e0 to call it a night. (he 0ro+e o$$ lea+ing me alone in my car sitting? li5e an i0iot? /aiting $or something to happen. An0 it 0i0. Cne ho&r later? at 1*35 A.M. on April 3? 19!7? > ha0 my #est sighting. A clearly 0e$ine0 circ&lar o#Bect s&00enly 6ippe0 0o/n $rom the s5y an0 passe0 parallel to my car. >t /as so color$&l that it is #&rne0 into my memory. -he greenish &pper s&r$ace /as toppe0 #y a #right re0 light. -here /ere re00ish <portholes< or circ&lar lights aro&n0 the rim. -he colors /ere so #rilliant they /ere almost &nearthly. >t 0isappeare0 #ehin0 some trees to my le$t. > $elt it /as +ery close ... perhaps only a $e/ h&n0re0 $eet $rom my car. Altho&gh it ha0 #een in $&ll +ie/ $or se+eral secon0s > ne+er e+en tho&ght o$ pic5ing &p the mo+ie camera on the seat #esi0e me. > ha0 three interesting physical reactions to this sighting. irst o$ all? altho&gh > am &se0 to pro/ling gra+eyar0s an0 -%- areas alone late at night? > /as scare0 to 0eath. My $irst tho&ght /as to start the car an0 get the hell o&t o$ there. B&t > manage0 to #race mysel$. > 0i0 loc5 the car 0oors. (econ0? /hile > /as /atching the o#Bect > tho&ght > hear0 a si66ling or hissing so&n0. "ater > reali6e0 > co&l0nGt #e s&re i$ the so&n0 ha0 #een real. -hir0? the ne.t morning my eyes /ere sore an0 re00ene0. -hey $elt li5e they /ere $&ll o$ san0. > ha0 a mil0 case o$ conB&ncti+itis an0 it persiste0 $or se+eral 0ays. >n my note#oo5 > scri##le0? <2 A.M.? 0ro+e to t&rnaro&n0 point Ma 0ri+e/ay #y a #arn 0o/n the roa0N? t&rne0 an0 ret&rne0 to original par5ing position ... &na#le to see anything in ra+ine ... no lights or signs o$ acti+ity ... still scare0... not to get o&t o$ car...< Another note rea0s? "*o sign of moon !hich !as supposed to rise at @AC; 6.M." -his re$erre0 to something that ha0 happene0 the night #e$ore. A$ter the o#Bect /ith the re00ish </in0o/< ha0 0isappeare0? Mary an0 > sat in the 0ar5ness $or a long time 9,

/hen s&00enly a great glo/ing o#Bect appeare0 #ehin0 some trees on a 0istant hill. >t /as re0 an0 large an0 /e #oth tho&ght /e co&l0 see a h&man $ig&re mo+ing a#o&t on the hill. 7e really tho&ght something ha0 lan0e0 there. A$ter a $e/ min&tes the o#Bect slo/ly rose &p/ar0 an0 to o&r m&t&al em#arrassment /e sa/ that it /as the moon. > ha0 ne+er seen a moonrise e.actly li5e that one so > 0eci0e0 to 0eli#erately /atch the moon the $ollo/ing e+ening. > chec5e0 the papers $or the time the moon /as s&ppose0 to come &p. B&t it ne+er 0i0. -hat night? as > sai0? /as clo&0less an0 star-$ille0 #&t the moon ne+er appeare0. > staye0 in the area &ntil 3*3, A.M. an0 the moon /as still conspic&o&sly a#sent /hen > le$t. -he night a$ter that the moon appeare0 right on sche0&le. (heri$$ Johnson? 1ep&ty Aalstea0? Mary Ayre? an0 > /ent #ac5 to i+e Mile Cree5 8oa0 the ne.t a$ternoon to loo5 $or my sa&cer. 1ep&ty Aalstea0 carrie0 a @eiger co&nter. As Johnson $ollo/e0 my car &p the hill he /as startle0 /hen his car ra0io s&00enly sprang to li$e? emitting police calls $rom the a0Boining co&nty. -he ama6ing thing /as that his ra0io /as t&rne0 o$$ at the time9 >t ha0 to #e t&rne0 on /ith a 5ey an0 the 5ey /as not e+en in the loc59 7e searche0 $or scorche0 mar5s? #ro5en tree lim#s? ra0ioacti+ity? anything that co&l0 ha+e pro+i0e0 e+i0ence o$ my sighting. B&t as Aalstea0 an0 > clam#ere0 aro&n0 the ra+ine > /as chagrine0 to $in0 that my estimates m&st ha+e #een /ay o$$. -he o#Bect m&st ha+e #een $&rther a/ay $rom me than > tho&ght? an0 there$ore it ha0 to #e #igger than > tho&ght 3> estimate0 it /as only $i$teen or t/enty $eet in 0iameter4. >n my $a+or /as the $act that there /ere /i0esprea0 = C sightings on the nights o$ April 2-3. (o&th o$ Charleston? 7est )irginia? a large gro&p o$ people? incl&0ing se+eral state police o$$icers? /atche0 a $ormation o$ $i$teen lights mane&+er o+er a $orest an0 0escen0. :+ery night > /ent to the hill at i+e Mile Cree5 8oa0? sometimes alone? sometimes accompanie0 #y a $e/ others. An0 e+ery night > sa/ a +ariety o$ strange aerial o#Bects. Cnly t/o airplanes passe0 o+er on a reg&lar sche0&le? one at 11 P.M. an0 another at 2 A.M. :ach night $rom three to eight &ni0enti$ie0 <stars< appeare0. -hey /ere al/ays in the same position at the #eginning o$ each e+ening an0 a cas&al o#ser+er /o&l0 a&tomatically concl&0e they /ere really B&st stars. Ao/e+er? on o+ercast nights these &ni0enti$ie0s /o&l0 #e the only <stars< in the s5y? meaning they /ere #elo/ the clo&0s. 7hile the rest o$ the night s5y slo/ly rotate0? these phony stars /o&l0 remain in their $i.e0 positions? sometimes $or ho&rs? #e$ore they /o&l0 #egin to mo+e. -hen they /o&l0 tra+el in any 0irection? &p? 0o/n? cloc5/ise? etc. -hey ha0 a n&m#er o$ c&rio&s traits. 7hen a plane /o&l0 $ly o+er they /o&l0 s&00enly 0im or go o&t altogether. As soon as the plane /as gone they /o&l0 $lare &p again.


>t /as al/ays impossi#le to B&0ge their si6e? altit&0e? or 0istance. (ometimes > tho&ght they /ere relati+ely close only to $in0 they /ere act&ally miles a/ay? tra+ersing the ri+er. Boatmen on the ri+er /ere o#+io&sly /atching them also. Cccasionally a searchlight $rom a ri+er#oat /o&l0 s&00enly shoot into the s5y? aime0 straight at an o#Bect > /as /atching? an0 the o#Bect /o&l0 s5itter o&t o$ the /ay. > 0o&#te0 that these $&nny lights /ere spaceships $rom An0rome0a an0 > ma0e a stren&o&s e$$ort to $in0 rational e.planations. 1r. 1onal0 Men6el? a Aar+ar0 astronomer? a0+ocates an air in+ersion theory? conten0ing that these lights are or0inary lights re$lecting o$$ layers o$ /arm or col0 air an0 pro0&cing a mirage e$$ect. -his theory /asnGt /or5a#le on i+e Mile Cree5 8oa0 simply #eca&se there /erenGt eno&gh light so&rces. A large ra0io antenna some miles 0o/n the ri+er 0i0 pro0&ce some interesting e$$ects. 7hen there /as a ha6e the $lashing re0 lights on the antenna /ere an eerie sight $rom my hill an0 ne+er $aile0 to e.cite $irst-time +isitors to my loo5o&t post. -hree or $o&r 0ays a$ter my mon&mental = C sighting > /as sitting in MaryGs o$$ice /hen she #ecame +ery tho&ght$&l. <Eo& 5no/? thereGs something >G+e #een meaning to tell yo&?< she #egan hesitantly. <> 0onGt 5no/ /hy? #&t it al/ays seems to slip my min0. -hat night that > le$t yo& early ... the night yo& sa/ that colore0 0isc ... /hen > got to 8o&te 2 an0 starte0 $or Point Pleasant > sa/ a #ig glo#e o$ light on the ri+er. > co&l0nGt $ig&re o&t /hat it /as ... #&t > 0i0nGt stop. -he $&nny thing is? > $orgot it completely. > 0i0nGt remem#er it &ntil a 0ay or so a$ter/ar0. -hen > $orgot it again. > canGt &n0erstan0 it. >G+e al/ays ha0 a +ery goo0 memory.< "ac&nal amnesia? loss o$ the memory o$ speci$ic inci0ents or moments in time? is a common part o$ the phenomenon. >n 1ecem#er 19!7 aye Carpenter? ConnieGs mother? ha0 a more #a$$ling attac5 o$ amnesia. -he night that <Jac5 Bro/n< +isite0 Connie 3Chapter -/o4? Mrs. Carpenter ha0 opene0 the 0oor $or him. Ae /as in his shirt-slee+es? no Bac5et or coat altho&gh it /as e.tremely col0. (he /as not going to let him in ... #&t she 0i0. An0 she ha0 a#sol&tely no memory o$ his +isit a$ter/ar0 e+en tho&gh she ha0 #een present /hen he tal5e0 /ith Connie? Keith? an0 "arry. >n the 0ays $ollo/ing Mr. Bro/nGs +isit? a poltergeist settle0 in the Carpenter ho&sehol0. (ec&rely $astene0 pict&res $ell o$$ the /alls. (mall o#Bects 0isappeare0 $rom shel+es an0 reappeare0 in &nli5ely places. -he mani$estations laste0 a#o&t t/o /ee5s. >) 1&ring her ne/s-gathering ro&n0s? Mary Ayre /as approache0 #y a pro$essional /oman in @allipolis? Chio? the to/n 0irectly across the ri+er $rom @allipolis erry? 7est )irginia. (he sai0 she hear0 > /as in the area an0 she /ante0 to tal5 to me. My motel? the Bl&e o&ntain? /as on the o&ts5irts o$ @allipolis so > arrange0 a meeting /ith the


la0y. (he hel0 a +ery responsi#le Bo# an0 insiste0 on anonymity? as so many /itnesses 0o? so > /ill call her Mrs. Bryant. 7e met in a pri+ate o$$ice in a maBor company in @allipolis. Mrs. Bryant /as a reser+e0? /ell-spo5en mi00le-age0 /oman /ho loo5e0 slightly $atig&e0 $rom o+er/or5. (he /as +ery secreti+e an0 s&spicio&s at $irst? #&t a$ter > sho/e0 her my parcel o$ cre0entials she rela.e0 some/hat. >t /as o#+io&s she ha0 #een thro&gh a great 0eal an0 she /as concerne0 > /o&l0 not #elie+e her. (he ha0 gone to the local a&thorities? she sai0? an0 they ha0 la&ghe0 at her. > ass&re0 her that > /o&l0nGt la&gh? that > /as acc&stome0 to hearing incre0i#le stories $rom cre0i#le people. <"ast %o+em#er ... > thin5 it /as the secon0 or thir0?< she #egan? <> /as o&t #ehin0 this #&il0ing? getting rea0y to go home. >t /as se+en or eight oGcloc5. (&00enly there /as a little $lash? li5e a camera $lash g&n going o$$? 0irectly a#o+e me ... an0 then > sa/ a thing ... some 5in0 o$ $lying machine. > co&l0nGt mo+e. > g&ess > /as $ro6en /ith $right. -his thing lan0e0 right there in the par5ing lot not t/enty $eet a/ay $rom me. >t /as li5e a #ig cylin0er. Any/ay? it 0i0nGt ma5e the slightest #it o$ noise. >t B&st 0ri$te0 0o/n an0 stoppe0. "i5e > say? > co&l0nGt mo+e. > g&ess > starte0 praying. -hen t/o men came o&t o$ it an0 they /al5e0 o+er to me.< (he st&0ie0 me as i$ e.pecting me to la&gh. <7hat 0i0 they loo5 li5eI< > as5e0. <-hey /ere B&st normal-si6e0? normal-loo5ing men? #&t their s5ins /ere a $&nny color ... 0ar5? li5e may#e they /ere hea+ily tanne0. -he light /as pretty #a0 there so > co&l0nGt see them all that /ell.< <7ere they %egroesI< <%o. %o? they 0i0nGt ha+e %egroi0 $eat&res. -heir $aces seeme0 5in0 o$ pointe0. Eo& 5no/? pointe0 noses? pointe0 chins? high chee5#ones. -here /as a 5in0 o$ e+il loo5 a#o&t them. > /as a$rai0 > /as going to get ro##e0 or attac5e0.< ""o! !ere they dressed?" > leane0 #ac5 an0 lit my pipe. <As near as > co&l0 tell? they /ere /earing some 5in0 o$ co+eralls? something li5e a &ni$orm. -hen they starte0 tal5ing to me.< (he 5ept /atching me? rel&ctant to contin&e. "What did they have to say?" > prompte0? trying to a+oi0 lea0ing D&estions. <7ell? it /as all pretty silly. -hey B&st /ante0 to 5no/ my name? /here > /as $rom? /hat > 0i0 $or a li+ing? things li5e that (ometimes it /as har0 to &n0erstan0 them. -heir 93

+oices /ere sort o$ singsongy an0 high-pitche0. >t /as li5e listening to a phonograph recor0 playe0 at the /rong spee0. An0 they 5ept as5ing me $or the time. -hey as5e0 G7hat is yo&r timeIG t/o or three times. inally they B&st /al5e0 #ac5 to the thing an0 it too5 o$$. -hen > co&l0 mo+e again. > /as scare0 o&t o$ my /its #&t > 0eci0e0 not to tell anyone. -hen a co&ple o$ 0ays later > hear0 a#o&t a man &p near Par5ers#&rg /ho ha0 the same thing happen to him.< <Ais name is 7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger?< > +ol&nteere0. <Aa+e yo& met himI< <%o. > B&st hear0 something a#o&t him on the ra0io.< (he pa&se0 an0 moistene0 her thin lips. <> /on0er ... 0i0 he e+er see those men againI< <Ae says he 0i0.< (he loo5e0 relie+e0. <7ell? > sa/ them again. > sa/ them in #roa0 0aylight. 7al5ing right 0o/n the main street in @allipolis. -his time they /ere 0resse0 in normal clothes. -hey loo5e0 li5e any#o0y. -hey sort o$ no00e0 to me /hen they passe0 me. > got scare0 all o+er again. 8eal scare0. -hatGs /hen > /ent to the police an0 tol0 them /hat > sa/. -hey la&ghe0 at me an0 sai0 > /as pro#a#ly B&st imagining things.< (he pa&se0 again an0 shoo5 her hea0 sa0ly. <Eo& see? >G+e #een to the police #e$ore .. . a#o&t my cattle r&stlers. > g&ess they thin5 >Gm some 5in0 o$ a n&t. > /ent to the B>? too. -hey came o&t to my place #&t sai0 they co&l0nGt $in0 anything. A$ter that some#o0y tappe0 my telephone. May#e it /as the B>.< > /as scri##ling in my poc5et note#oo5. A year or t/o earlier > /o&l0 ha+e classi$ie0 Mrs. Bryant as a paranoi0-schi6ophrenic. B&t she 0i0nGt seem li5e a common r&n-o$-the-mill n&t. (he an0 her t/o teen-age0 chil0ren li+e0 on a $arm o&tsi0e o$ @allipolis. (he 5ept co/s there an0 #eginning in 19!3-!' she starte0 to ha+e tro&#le /ith cattle r&stlers /ho #&tchere0 the animals in the $iel0. <7hoe+er they /ere?< she o#ser+e0? <they 0i0nGt seem to /ant the choice c&ts. -hey B&st too5 the #rains? eye#alls? &00ers? an0 organs thatFyo& 5no/F/eG0 normally thro/ a/ay.< Aa0 she e+er ca&ght the c&lprits in the actI <(e+eral times?< she sai0. <>G0 see them o&t in the $iel0 an0 go a$ter them /ith a shotg&n. B&t they al/ays got a/ay. -heyGre tall men an0 they /ear /hite co+eralls ... /hich is 5in0 o$ st&pi0 #eca&se they really stan0 o&t in the 0ar5. An0 they can certainly r&n an0 B&mp. >G+e seen them leap o+er high $ences $rom a stan0ing start.< Aer home #&rne0 to the gro&n0 0&ring that perio0 an0 she #&ilt a ne/ one-story ranch ho&se on the same site. Cne night /hen she /as alone in the ne/ ho&se? she 9'

sai0? she /o5e &p an0 $o&n0 hersel$ &na#le to mo+e. (he $elt a /a+e o$ almost o+erpo/ering heat as she hear0 the 5itchen 0oor open. (he ha0 0o&#le-loc5e0 it #e$ore going to #e0. 7hile she lay there helplessly? she sai0 she sa/ a tall $ig&re /al5 thro&gh the 5itchen an0 apparently go o&t another loc5e0 0oor on the other si0e. A$ter it le$t? she /as a#le to mo+e. Cther strange so&n0s per+a0e0 the ho&se? she claime0. (he an0 her chil0ren o$ten hear0 hea+y $ootsteps on the roo$ an0 lo&0 metallic clangs. A$ter inter+ie/ing her? > 0ro+e o&t alone to her ho&se to tal5 to her chil0ren. -he Bryant $arm /as D&ite isolate0 on a hilly #ac5 roa0. -he ho&se stoo0 on a 5noll o+erloo5ing the s&rro&n0ing $iel0s. Aer teen-age0 son /as a 0o/n-to-earth #oy? &se0 to the responsi#ilities o$ #eing the man in the $amily. Ae con$irme0 his motherGs stories a#o&t the r&stlers an0 a00e0 some interesting 0etails. Ae pointe0 o&t some near#y trees. Cne night? he sai0? as he an0 his mother /ere /al5ing &p the roa0 they sa/ a large glo/ing o#Bect ho+ering 0irectly a#o+e the trees. ")he !as scared real bad," he note0. -heir telephone o$ten /ent 0ea0 $or no reason. Cther times they got calls that B&st consiste0 o$ strange #eeping so&n0s an0 "electronic music." Ae also mentione0 the #ig gray <$lying< that o$ten $le/ o+er the area at treetop le+el. "It's a !onder they don't crash," he sai0. "If they fle! any lo!er they'd have to put their !heels do!n." 7hen > e.amine0 the 5itchen o$ the little ho&se > $o&n0 that the loc5e0 0oor thro&gh /hich the noct&rnal phantom ha0 s&ppose0ly e.ite0 le0 to no/here. -here /ere no steps o&tsi0e? B&st a +ery steep 0rop o$ a#o&t ten $eet to the gro&n0. "ater > chec5e0 /ith the local police a#o&t r&mors o$ 0isappearing 0ogs an0 cattle in the area? an0 > #ro&ght &p Mrs. BryantGs name. "That poor !oman," > /as tol0. ")he's al!ays seeing things. #ust a couple of months back she came in here !ith some story about spacemen !alking around +allipolis. $efore that it !as cattle rustlers." (o Mrs. Bryant still sits on her $arm? /atching the strange lights in her $iel0s? an0 /hen her phone rings she /aits a long time #e$ore she pic5s it &p. ------------------------------


11 - >$ -his >s 7e0nes0ay? >t M&st Be a )en&sian

James "illy stoo0 on his la/n s&rro&n0e0 #y reporters $rom Charleston an0 A&ntington ne/spapers? (heri$$ @eorge Johnson an0 his /i$e? an0 a host o$ others. A&n0re0s o$ a&tomo#iles line0 the Camp Conley 8oa0? 0ar5 an0 silent e.cept $or the glo/s o$ cigarettes. Cther cars cr&ise0 in slo/ streams along the r&tte0 roa0s o$ the -%- area to the north. "It's 9ust about that time," Jim "illy anno&nce0? glancing at his /atch. >t /as e.actly ;*3, P.M. "They come over every night right about no!." Aorns s&00enly #egan to #leat an0 e.cite0 sho&ts echoe0 thro&gh the trees. "8ight on time," "illy ch&c5le0. <3ou can set your !atch by "em," "My +od/ What is it?" A reporter an0 no+ice = C-/atcher crie0 o&t as a #rilliant /hite light slo/ly gli0e0 into +ie/. >t arche0 grace$&lly o+erhea0 a#o&t one h&n0re0 $eet a#o+e the trees. Car 0oors slamme0 &p an0 0o/n the roa0 as $amilies scram#le0 o&t o$ their +ehicles to /atch. %e/smen $lo&n0ere0 /ith their e.pensi+e cameras. <What in hell is the matter !ith this? The shutter didn't trip/" -he light passe0 slo/ly to/ar0 Point Pleasant? the gro&n0 #elo/ lighting &p in its glo/ as it passe0? "Where's that guy -eel?" someone as5e0. ""e's probably up there riding in that damned thing," someone else ans/ere0. A light plane s&00enly circle0 o+er the -%- area? all its lights a#la6e. ""ere comes ,oc )ha! again," Jim "illy la&ghe0. "Who does he think he's fooling?" B&t +oices /ere crying o&t in the 0ar5? "There goes another one/" -he plane c&t its engine $or a moment an0 gli0e0. @eorge Johnson t&rne0 to his /i$e. "Well, you !anted to see a %&'." <>t /as li5e seeing a ghost?< she sh&00ere0. -he air /as $ille0 /ith the so&n0s o$ a&to engines grin0ing a/ay impotently an0 0ri+ers snarling an0 c&rsing #eca&se their cars /o&l0nGt start. -he light tra+ele0 on to the ra+ine that passe0 #ehin0 %orth Par5 8oa0? then it 0ippe0 0o/n an0 mo+e0 lo/ along the #ottom o$ the ra+ine. Betty Kelly? thirteen? loo5e0 o&t the 5itchen /in0o/ o$ the Kelly ho&se an0 screame0. 9!

"Ma ... it's back/" -he glo/ing thing /as appearing nightly #ehin0 the Kelly home. >t seeme0 to settle in their #ac5yar0 at times an0 the glo/ $a0e0 slightly so they co&l0 see a 0e$inite o#Bect. -hey e+en tho&ght they sa/ a triang&lar 0oor/ay in it an0 /hat appeare0 to #e $roste0 glass /in0o/s. -heir neigh#ors ha0 all #een /atching? too? #&t ha0 /isely a+oi0e0 p&#licity. -hey 0i0nGt /ant their street to #ecome another Camp Conley 8oa0 or -%- area. 7hen Betty crie0 o&t? Bill Kelly? her $ather? gr&m#le0 in the li+ing room. Ae /as an electronics engineer an0 he ha0 B&st ta5en the #ac5 o$$ the $amilyGs #ran0-ne/ color -) set. -he set ha0 #lo/n o&t the night #e$ore /hen the o#Bect ha0 pai0 a +isit. ")omebody should do something about these things?< he complaine0. -he o#Bect #egan to glo/ more intensely an0 then it +anishe0. "Where did it go?" Mrs. Kelly as5e0 her 0a&ghter. "I don't kno!(it(it 9ust !ent." (he starte0 to cry. (he /o&l0 #e so ner+o&s an0 &pset that she /o&l0nGt go to school the ne.t 0ay. -he phone rang. Bill Kelly loo5e0 at it as i$ it /ere a sna5e. Ae pic5e0 it &p slo/ly? listene0 an0 sco/le0? then replace0 the recei+er. Ais /i$e glance0 at him e.pectantly. "6nother one of those calls ... beep, beep, beep," he no00e0. Cn top o$ a hill east o$ Point Pleasant Mary Ayre an0 > stoo0 #y o&r cars loo5ing 0o/n at the +illage. "Where did it go, #ohn?" > /as straining my eyesight thro&gh a cheap telescope. "I think it !ent do!n that ravine by *orth 2ark. $ut I can't see it no!." "6t least it !as right on schedule." lic5ering re0 an0 green lights s&00enly appeare0. "6 plane," > note0. "2robably ,octor )ha!. "e told me he's been spooking the people at the T*T area." "It's hard to mistake an airplane for one of those %&' lights." "4ook/" she calle0 o&t sharply. ")omething is follo!ing that plane." 97

A $e/ h&n0re0 $eet #ehin0 the plane > co&l0 see a large #lac5 o#Bect? almost as #ig as the plane itsel$ #&t completely /itho&t lights. "Mothman/ Is it Mothman?" > $&m#le0 /ith my telescope. >tGs +ery 0i$$ic&lt to 6ero in on an o#Bect in the night s5y /ith a han0hel0 telescope. > co&l0nGt e+en locate the plane. -he plane crosse0 the ri+er an0 hea0e0 $or the @allipolis airport. -he thing $ollo/ing him /as D&ic5ly lost in the #lac5 s5y. 7e ret&rne0 to MaryGs o$$ice an0 $o&n0 all the phones ringing. People /ere seeing $lying o#Bects all &p an0 0o/n the +alley. (ome ha0 pro#a#ly B&st seen the goo0 0octorGs noct&rnal sortie? #&t others 0escri#e0 /hat so&n0e0 li5e gen&ine = Cs. -hat /as April 5? 19!7? a 7e0nes0ay. > ha0 collecte0 an0 analy6e0 some se+en h&n0re0 = C reports $rom 19!! an0 0isco+ere0 that the greatest n&m#er o$ sightings? 2, percent? too5 place on 7e0nes0ays. > calle0 this <the 7e0nes0ay phenomenon.< -he e+ents o$ 19!7 con$orme0 to this c&rio&s pattern? as ha+e the sightings o$ later $laps. -he maBor e+ents o$ Ccto#er 1973 /ere concentrate0 aro&n0 7e0nes0ays? partic&larly 7e0nes0ay? Ccto#er 17. (o here /as another c&rio&s contra0iction. -he entities pro$esse0 to #e ignorant o$ o&r time $rameH yet the o#Bects manage0 to $ly to a rigi0 sche0&le that co&l0 #e meas&re0 #y o&r cloc5s an0 calen0ars. 7hen > inter+ie/e0 attorney 8o#ert 7right in (isters+ille? 7est )irginia? he tol0 me the things ha+e t&rne0 &p e+ery 7e0nes0ay thro&gho&t the s&mmer o$ 19!!? <li5e cloc5/or5.< %o one e.cept the =.(. Air orce ha0 attempte0 e+en a s&per$icial statistical analysis o$ = C sightings #e$ore? so my $in0ings /ere greete0 /ith ho/ls o$ 0erision #y the scientists /ho pose0 as e.perts on the phenomenon. -hen 1r. 1a+i0 (a&n0ers o$ Colora0o =ni+ersity $e0 se+eral tho&san0 sightings into a comp&ter an0 $o&n0 the 7e0nes0ay phenomenon remaine0 sta#le. -hat 0ay pro0&ce0 the largest n&m#er o$ sightings? /ell #eyon0 the la/s o$ chance an0 a+erages. >n March 19!7? 8alph Jarrett tal5e0 me into +iolating my <lo/-pro$ile< policy an0 > appeare0 /ith him on the Jac5ie C#erlinger sho/ on 7CA(--) in Charleston. >n the co&rse o$ o&r 0isc&ssion > mentione0 that the #est time to see a = C /as 1, P.M. on a 7e0nes0ay. Mrs. C#erlinger? a +i+acio&s #lon0 la0y an0 +ery m&ch a local cele#rity? too5 me at my /or0. Cn 7e0nes0ay? March 29? she an0 a gro&p o$ her $rien0s gathere0 in her #ac5yar0 in Charleston an0? s&re eno&gh? at e.actly 1, P.M. three glo#es o$ #rilliant /hite light passe0 0irectly o+erhea0 in a )-$ormation.


-he 7e0nes0ay phenomenon /or5s. >G+e #een st&0ying it $or years an0 > still canGt say /hy it /or5s. 8esearchers in other parts o$ the /orl0 ha+e no/ $ollo/e0 my e.ample an0 $o&n0 similar time patterns in the sightings o$ their o/n co&ntries. -he ta#le #elo/ is a #rea50o/n o$ sightings recor0e0 in 195,? as analy6e0 #y (a&n0ers? =nite0 (tatesH Ballester-Crlan0o? (painH Bona#ot? Belgi&m. ----

--->> (oon a$ter arri+ing in Point Pleasant an0 getting a han0le on the scope o$ the sit&ation? > phone0 the "oc5#&rn Air orce Base in Chio an0 o&tline0 /hat /as happening to a "ie&tenant Ao$$man? the #ase = C o$$icer. Ae /as +ery polite? #&t he /as also 0isintereste0 an0 it /as clear the air $orce /as not going to la&nch any 5in0 o$ in+estigation. Perhaps an in+estigation /as alrea0y &n0er/ay. As > /an0ere0 aro&n0 Main (treet in early April > notice0 a s&rprising n&m#er o$ strangers /ho B&st 0i0nGt seem to $it in. -hey ha0 the in0eli#le loo5 o$ $e0eral o$$icers ... conser+ati+e ties? sD&are clothes? recent hairc&ts. -here m&st ha+e #een $i$teen or t/enty o$ them. > sa/ them in the local resta&rants an0 0r&gstores? e+ery/here. <>s there a con+ention in to/nI< > as5e0 Mary Ayre. <(o yo& notice0 them? tooI< (he smile0. <:+ery#o0yGs #een as5ing me a#o&t them. B&t so $ar > ha+enGt $o&n0 o&t a thing.< > 0eci0e0 to trap one o$ them into a con+ersation? #&t they all +anishe0 #e$ore > co&l0 0o so.


Cne night 8oger (car#erry? (te+e Mallette? an0 mysel$ /ere 0ri+ing aro&n0 the -%area /hen /e came &pon a large #lac5 Ca0illac par5e0 in the sha0o/s. > slamme0 on the #ra5es? got o&t o$ o&r car? an0 /al5e0 o+er to the other +ehicle. A /ell-0resse0? 0isting&ishe0-loo5ing man /as sitting #ehin0 the /heel hol0ing a microphone in his han0. > trie0 to engage him in a con+ersation #&t he /o&l0 only gr&nt. C#+io&sly he /ante0 to #e le$t alone. > ne+er sa/ him again. My 0ays /ere spent trac5ing 0o/n /itnesses an0 in early e+ening > /o&l0 cr&ise thro&gh the -%- area #e$ore going to i+e Mile Cree5 8oa0 $or s5y/atches that &s&ally laste0 &ntil 3 or ' A.M. -hen > /o&l0 0ri+e #ac5 to Point Pleasant? cross the ric5ety ol0 (il+er Bri0ge into Chio? an0 gra# a $e/ ho&rs sleep at the Bl&e o&ntain. -hree or $o&r miles so&th o$ my secret hilltop there /as a hea+ily $oreste0 ri0ge. -he o#Bect /ith the re00ish </in0o/< /hich Mary an0 > ha0 seen on o&r $irst night seeme0 to ha+e come $rom there. :ach night at e.actly 1, P.M. a #right re0 glo/ /o&l0 appear on that ri0ge? as i$ someone ha0 B&st t&rne0 on a po/er$&l light. -hin5ing there might #e a ho&se there? or a roa0 3an0 /e /ere /atching a&to taillights4? > ret&rne0 in 0aylight #&t $o&n0 it /o&l0 ha+e #een a +ery long hi5e to reach it. %o #&il0ings /ere +isi#le there. > 0ro+e thro&gh the roa0s in the Chie$ Cornstal5 A&nting @ro&n0s? hoping to $in0 a roa0 &p that partic&lar ri0ge #&t apparently it /as inaccessi#le. Cn -h&rs0ay? April !? Mrs. Ayre accompanie0 me to i+e Mile Cree5 8oa0 an0 /e /atche0 as the light came on? right on sche0&le. (&00enly /e sa/ an i0entical-type light #ehin0 the trees north o$ o&r position in the +ery spot /here > ha0 seen the glo/ing 0isc 0escen0. > 5ne/ there /ere no ho&ses or roa0s in that 0irection. 7e 0i+i0e0 o&r attention #et/een the t/o lights. Both seeme0 to #e mo+ing thro&gh the trees +ery slo/ly. > got o&t o$ the car /ith my $lashlight an0 $lashe0 it three times in the 0irection o$ the so&thern ri0ge. An instant later there /ere three e.tremely #right $lashes. Mary nearly B&mpe0 o&t o$ her s5in. <-hey ans/ere0 yo&9< she 0eclare0. -he re0 light rose &p/ar0 &ntil it /as a h&n0re0 $eet or so a#o+e the trees. -hen it /ent o&t? as i$ someone ha0 t&rne0 o$$ a s/itch. -hen the light in the north 0ippe0 0o/n #ehin0 the trees an0 0isappeare0. A >1A)>-o /hom it may concern* >? Mrs. Mary Ayre o$ 219-( (treet? Point Pleasant? 7. )a.? a reporter $or the Athens 3Chio4 Messenger? here#y s/ear that > /as present at the $ollo/ing e+ent an0 personally /itnesse0 it as 0escri#e0. Cn the e+ening o$ April !? 19!7? > accompanie0 Mr. John A. Keel o$ %e/ Eor5 City to an isolate0 hilltop on i+e Mile Cree5 8oa0 so&th o$ @allipolis erry? 7. )a. (hortly 1,,

a$ter 11 p.m. > o#ser+e0 a pale re0 o#Bect o$ &n0etermine0 si6e mo+ing in a controlle0 manner slightly a#o+e tree-top le+el o+er a hill a#o&t 5,, yar0s so&th o$ o&r position. -here are no ho&ses or roa0s on that hill. -he o#Bect appeare0 to mo+e ca&tio&sly an0 slo/ly thro&gh the s5y to the $ar en0 o$ the sloping $iel0? the light $lic5ering on an0 o$$ in an irreg&lar pattern. As the o#Bect 0re/ closer? Mr. Keel got o&t o$ the car an0 $lashe0 a po/er$&l $lashlight 0irectly at it three times. -he o#Bect imme0iately ret&rne0 the signal #y $lashing a #rilliant /hite light three times. -hen it rose &p/ar0s an0 the pale re0 light /ent completely o&t. ----

----his 0ay personally appeare0 #e$ore me in my o$$ice? co&nty an0 state? Mary Ayre? 5no/n to me personally? an0 ac5no/le0ge0 the a#o+e statement to #e tr&e an0 that she personally signe0 her signat&re in my presence. @i+en &n0er my han0 this 21 0ay o$ J&ne 19!7. My commission e.pires J&ne 12 1977 Ao/ar0 (ch&lt6 %otary P&#lic Mrs. Ma#el Mc1aniel an0 t/o other /omen /ent to the hill /ith me the $ollo/ing night. A#o&t 1,*15 the &s&al re00ish glo/ appeare0 on the so&thern hill. -hen a secon0 one poppe0 &p a short 0istance $rom the $irst. > $lashe0 my light at them #&t nothing happene0. (o > clim#e0 a $ence an0 /al5e0 into a $iel0 to try to get a closer loo5. -he t/o o#Bects slo/ly came together. As > crosse0 the $iel0 > s&00enly notice0 something ne/ ... a pale #l&ish #all o$ light ho+ering high in the trees o$ an orchar0 #ehin0 the near#y $armho&se. -he light mo+e0 a#o&t $rom tree to tree as tho&gh it /ere $ollo/ing my mo+ements. > $lashe0 my light at it an0 it $lare0 /ith 0a66ling #rilliance? 0imme0? an0 +anishe0. (im&ltaneo&sly? the lights on the so&thern ri0ge gre/ #righter $or a moment an0 then also /ent o&t. > slo/ly ma0e my /ay #ac5 across the $iel0 in the 0ar5? clim#e0 the $ence? an0 ret&rne0 to Mrs. Mc1anielGs car. > /as s&rprise0 to $in0 all three /omen in a +ery $rightene0 state. "I think !e'd better leave," Mrs. Mc1aniel sai0 ner+o&sly. -hey 0ro+e o$$ D&ic5ly. i+e min&tes later? as > sat alone in my car? the re00ish glo/ $lare0 &p again on the ri0ge. or the $irst time? it change0 color $rom re0 to a glaring /hite an0 rose slo/ly &p/ar0? #o##ing li5e a Eo-Eo to/ar0 the ri+er in the /est. Apparently some #oatmen on the ri+er sa/ the o#Bect also? $or a #right searchlight s&00enly shot &p $rom #ehin0 the hills? aime0 0irectly at the l&mino&s thing. 7hen the searchlight appeare0? the 1,1

o#Bect halte0 in mi0$light? 0roppe0 0o/n/ar0? an0 /ent o&t. -he searchlight contin&e0 to scan the s5y. -he ne.t 0ay > tal5e0 /ith Mrs. Mc1aniel an0 tol0 her /hat > ha0 seen. <-oo #a0 yo& 0i0nGt stic5 aro&n0?< > remar5e0. <7e /ere pretty scare0?< she #egan. <7e ... oh? yo&Gll pro#a#ly thin5 /e /ere #eing silly.< <1i0 that #l&e light $righten yo&I< <>t /asnGt the light?< she sai0 hesitantly. <7e sa/ that. An0 then /e sa/ a tall man in the $iel0. 7e all sa/ him clim# o+er the $ence an0 cross #ehin0 o&r car. 7e tho&ght it /as yo& coming #ac5. -hen yo&r $lashlight /ent on /ay o&t in the $iel0 an0 /e 5ne/ it /asnGt yo&. 7e ran the /in0o/s &p an0 loc5e0 the 0oors an0 /aite0 $or yo& to come #ac5.< > ha0 certainly not seen anyone else in that $iel0. Aa0 their eyes #een playing tric5sI Cr /ere there phantoms on that hilltopI -hat /ee5en0 > 0ro+e into Chio to chec5 o&t some o$ the many /eir0 e+ents happening there. Cne o$ my all-time $a+orites happene0 in the little +illage o$ 1&ncan alls. Aere is the +er#atim entry $rom my Bo&rnal* (ometime in late Ccto#er 19!! 3/itness 0oes not remem#er e.act 0ate4 Mr. "eonar0 <(hy< :lmore? 72? 1&ncan alls? Chio? /as ta5ing a stroll aro&n0 ' A.M. /hen he enco&ntere0 a strange <#&il0ing< /hich $rightene0 him #a0ly. "i5e many el0erly people? Mr. :lmore 0oes not sleep /ell an0 o$ten ta5es long /al5s late at night. Cn this partic&lar morning? he /as /al5ing along a roa0 t/o #loc5s $rom his home /hen he sa/ a strange <"-shape0 #&il0ing that loo5e0 li5e a gal+ani6e0 iron she0< sitting in the mi00le o$ a large $iel0. (ince he ha0 ne+er notice0 this <she0< #e$ore he /al5e0 closer to ta5e a #etter loo5. (omething a#o&t it $rightene0 him ... later he co&l0 not e.plain /hy it ha0 scare0 him ... an0 he t&rne0 an0 starte0 to h&rry a/ay. Altho&gh it /as 0ar5 an0 he co&l0 see no /in0o/s or 0oors in the <she0?< he claims that he 0istinctly hear0 a normal male +oice come $rom it <1onGt r&n ... 0onGt r&n?< the +oice calle0. <> 0i0nGt Gsactly r&n?< Mr. :lmore tol0 me? <#&t > /al5e0 pretty $ast< Ae h&rrie0 home an0 got his ri$le an0 ret&rne0 to the site. -o his astonishment? the <she0< /as gone. -his inci0ent &pset him +ery m&ch an0? accor0ing to his /i$e? he /as a ner+o&s /rec5 $or se+eral 0ays a$ter/ar0s. Ae 0eci0e0 to call the sheri$$ an0 report /hat heG0 seen. -he sheri$$ promise0 to come o&t an0 ta5e a loo5 ... #&t ne+er 0i0. Mr. :lmore tol0 me his story in a 0irect manner /itho&t em#ellishments or /an0ering spec&lations. %o Men in Blac5 came aro&n0 to #other Mr. :lmore. > /as the $irst reporter to tal5 to him. 7hen he sho/e0 me the $iel0 > /as pert&r#e0 to $in0 that it /as right ne.t to 1,2

the 1&ncan alls :lementary (chool. An &n&s&al n&m#er o$ sightings an0 ortean 3O4 e+ents seem to #e concentrate0 aro&n0 schools an0 the largest percentage o$ /itnesses consists o$ chil0ren #et/een the ages o$ se+en an0 eighteen. Another statistical o00ity is that the maBority o$ the a0&lts /ho claim their a&tos /ere p&rs&e0 #y = Cs or monsters are school-teachers? especially teachers speciali6ing in a#normal chil0renFthe +ery #right or the mentally 0e$icient. -his is /hy > /as so intereste0 in the 7est )irginia <cens&s ta5ers< /ho /ere mainly concerne0 /ith the n&m#ers an0 ages o$ the chil0ren li+ing in the Chio +alley. ---MON A ortean e+ent is any e+ent /hich 0oes not ha+e a rational scienti$ic e.planation. -he /or0 /as coine0 a$ter Charles ort. -here is e+en an >nternational ortean Crgani6ation 3>% C4? Bo. 3!7? Arlington? )irginia. -----------------------------------


12 - @ames %onpeople Play

> <7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger is pregnant9< -he /or0 $lashe0 &p an0 0o/n the Chio +alley? an0 many people too5 the a#s&r0 r&mor serio&sly. -he space people ha0 selecte0 7oo0y $or a &niD&e e.periment? so the story /ent? an0 he ha0 gone into hi0ing to n&rt&re his rapi0ly s/elling stomach. Ae /o&l0 soon #e gi+ing #irth to a +ery special #a#yH part earthling? part e.traterrestrial. -he chil0 /as slate0 to gro/ into a great lea0er. -he e+ents o$ 19!!-!7 ha0 $ract&re0 e+eryoneGs sense o$ cre0&lity. Almost anything no/ seeme0 possi#le. A pregnant man /as no more a#s&r0 than the /inge0 #ehemoth? or the gigantic ill&minate0 $orms that cr&ise0 &p an0 0o/n the Chio nightly. A $antastic ne/ /orl0 /as ta5ing shape? pop&late0 #y spacemen /ho 0ro+e Ca0illacs an0 )ol5s/agens? psychiatrists /ho hear0 #o0iless +oices in the night? an0 things that ate 0ogs an0 cattle /hile e+eryone /as loo5ing in the /rong 0irection. "i5e e+eryone else? > /as ca&ght &p in the games? mystery piling &pon mystery. (omeone some/here o#+io&sly 5ne/ e+ery mo+e > /as ma5ing? or so it seeme0. > #ecame +ery secreti+e? not e+en telling my closest $rien0s /here > /as going or /here > ha0 #een. %e+ertheless? something seeme0 to #e $ollo/ing me. > /o&l0 0rop in &nanno&nce0 on a remote $arm an0 soon a$ter > settle0 0o/n to chat /ith the resi0ents their phone /o&l0 ring an0 there /o&l0 #e no one on the line? or a series o$ lo&0 #eeps /o&l0 ring o&t. -he $armer /o&l0 act astonishe0. <7eG+e ne+er ha0 a call li5e that #e$ore9< -he phone /o&l0 ring repeate0ly &ntil > le$t. -his happene0 se+eral 0i$$erent times in se+eral 0i$$erent places. > &se0 a system o$ <spot chec5s?< +isiting homes in $lap areas an0 tal5ing /ith people /ho ha0 ne+er reporte0 anything. Mrs. Ayre accompanie0 me on a n&m#er o$ these spot chec5s an0 /as ama6e0 at ho/ m&ch ha0 #een going on. Aer name an0 $ace /ere $amiliar to e+eryone in the area an0 her rep&tation as a $air? o#Becti+e reporter /as impecca#le. People a&tomatically loosene0 &p /hen they sa/ her an0 tal5e0 $reely. >n the hills s&rro&n0ing Point Pleasant /e hear0 many stories a#o&t $ootsteps on the roo$? strange metallic clangings 3the most common #eing the so&n0 o$ a car 0oor slamming o&tsi0e the ho&se /hen there /ere no cars in sight4. Cne $amily sho/e0 &s ho/ the $lap co+ering the entrance to their attic ha0 #een mysterio&sly mo+e0. >t /as a hole in the ceiling o$ a #e0room an0 co&l0 only #e reache0 /ith a high la00er. Cthers complaine0 o$ <@ypsies< marching across their property late at nightH men in #right re$lecti+e clothing an0 /omen in an5le-length 0resses? all /ith long hair an0 0ar5 Criental $aces. 3-his /as /ell #e$ore the hippie e.plosion o$ the late 19!,s.4


%orth o$ @allipolis? Chio? > imp&lsi+ely stoppe0 at an isolate0 $armho&se one a$ternoon an0 /hen > 5noc5e0 at the 0oor a grim-$ace0 man ans/ere0 /ith a shotg&n in his han0s. > starte0 to sho/ my cre0entials an0 e.plain /ho > /as #&t he c&t me short. <> 5no/ /ho yo& are?< he gro/le0. <7e 0onGt /ant anything to 0o /ith yo&. @et o&t o$ here.< P&66le0? > reporte0 #ac5 to Mary an0 s&ggeste0 that she +isit the $arm to see i$ she co&l0 $in0 o&t the reason $or the manGs strange #eha+ior. -he ne.t 0ay /e /ent #ac5. > remaine0 in the car /hile she tal5e0 /ith him $or se+eral min&tes. inally they #oth came o&t to the car la&ghing. <Eo&Gre not going to #elie+e this?< the $armer #egan apologetically? <#&t ten min&tes #e$ore yo& arri+e0 here yester0ay > got a phone call. >t so&n0e0 li5e a neigh#or o$ mine an0 he sai0 he /as calling to /arn me a#o&t a cra6y man ... a real 0angero&s type ... /ith a #ear0 ... that ha0 B&st #een to see him. (ai0 > sho&l0nGt ha+e anything to 0o /ith him. -en min&tes later yo& sho/e0 &p. A$ter yo& le$t? > calle0 him #ac5. Ae /as o&t in the $iel0s. Aa0 #een all 0ay. Ais /i$e ha0 to go get him. Ae sai0 he ha0nGt ma0e that call.< > loo5e0 sternly at Mary. <>s this some 5in0 o$ a p&t-onI< <A#sol&tely not?< she ans/ere0? t&rning to the $armer. <-ell him the rest o$ it.< <7ell? a#o&t a /ee5 ago something scare0 my co/s real #a0?< he contin&e0. <Eo& 5no/? /e ainGt tol0 anyone a#o&t this? Mrs. Ayre. Eo& arenGt going to p&t it in the paper? are yo&I< <%ot i$ yo& 0onGt /ant &s to.< <Come on. "et me sho/ yo& something.< Ae le0 &s into the $iel0 #ehin0 his #arn. -here /as a thirty-$oot circle o$ scorche0 earth on the hillsi0e. > ha0 seen se+eral o$ these <$airy circles< #e$ore. <-hat night o&r co/s really acte0 &p?< he /ent on. <-hey stampe0e0. -hey /ere so scare0 they /ent right thro&gh the $ence o+er there.< Ae pointe0 to/ar0 a stretch o$ /ire $ence that ha0 o#+io&sly B&st #een repaire0. <>tGs an electric $ence. %o/ yo& 5no/ that it ta5es a lot to ma5e co/s charge thro&gh an electric $ence. Any/ay? /hen > hear0 the r&c5&s > ran o&tsi0e an0 > sa/ my co/s scattering 0o/n the roa0. An0 there /as a #ig re0 an0 /hite glo/ing thing sitting right in the $iel0. >G+e got to say that it scare0 me hal$ to 0eath. > ran #ac5 in my ho&se to get my g&n. 1i0nGt ta5e me more


than a min&te. B&t /hen > got o&tsi0e again the thing /as gone. -his circle /as all that /as le$t. >t too5 the rest o$ the night to ro&n0 &p my co/s.< <7ere any o$ them lost or missingI< > as5e0. <%o.< Ae pa&se0. <B&t Aer5FthatGs Aerc&lesFmy #ig ol0 collie 0og ran o$$ that night an0 /e ainGt seen him? since.< Mary ha0 #een /ith me /hen > ha0 chec5e0 into other missing 0og inci0ents. (he ga+e me a meaning$&l glance an0 he ca&ght it. <(ay? yo& 0onGt thin5 that thing too5 ol0 Aer5? 0o yo&I< <%o. >t /as pro#a#ly B&st some 5in0 o$ electrical phenomenon?< > ans/ere0 gently. <Aer5 /ill pro#a#ly come #ac5.< <> hope so. 7e s&re lo+e0 that 0og.< Ae loo5e0 tho&ght$&l. <:lectrical? h&h. "et me sho/ yo& something else.< Ae le0 &s into his #arn an0 sho/e0 &s a #ran0-ne/ circ&it #o.. <> ha0 to ha+e this p&t in the ne.t 0ay so > co&l0 r&n my mil5er. -he ol0 #o. /as completely #&rne0 o&t. >n $act? it /as melte0 ... li5e some#o0y ha0 p&t a /el0ing torch to it.< ")ee, it must have been some kind of electrical thing," > sai0 lamely. > 5ne/ >+an (an0erson ha0 in+estigate0 an almost i0entical inci0ent in %e/ Jersey only /ee5s #e$ore. B&t in that case the co/s ha0 #een in their stalls in the #arn an0 /ere $o&n0 0ea0.

<Aas anyone else #een aro&n0 to tal5 to yo& a#o&t thisI< <%o ... > ha+enGt tol0 anyone. J&st some $ello/s $rom the electric company /ho t&rne0 &p the ne.t 0ay. -hey $&sse0 aro&n0 /ith the trans$ormer on the pole #y the roa0. > trie0 to tal5 /ith them #&t they 0i0nGt ha+e m&ch to say.< <1i0 yo& 5no/ themI< <%e+er sa/ them #e$ore. Come to thin5 o$ it? they 0i0nGt ha+e a reg&lar electric tr&c5. J&st a panel tr&c5.< <7o&l0 yo& recogni6e them i$ yo& sa/ them againI< <(&re /o&l0. -hey /ere $oreigners. Eo& 5no/? Japs or something. "i5e > sai0? they /erenGt +ery $rien0ly.<


<Ao/ /ere they 0resse0I< <Ch? yo& 5no/ ... or0inary co+eralls. > 0i0 notice their shoes? tho&gh. -hey ha0 on $&nny shoes /ith +ery thic5 r&##er soles. @&ess /hen yo& /or5 aro&n0 electricity yo& nee0 ins&lation.< Mary sh&00ere0 percepti#ly. <(ay? 0o yo& 5no/ these $ello/sI< he as5e0. "Well, I sa! a man !ith thick7soled shoes like that once," Mary #egan. > c&t in sharply? than5ing the man? promising to 5eep him o&t o$ the papers? an0 remin0ing Mary that /e ha0 an appointment else/here. Bac5 in the car? Mary co&l0 no longer c&r# her nat&ral c&riosity. <7hat 0o yo& ma5e o$ all this? JohnI< <-he more > $in0 o&t? the more con$&sing it #ecomes.< <-hatGs the /ay > $eel. -hat phone call ... so&n0s li5e someone 0i0nGt /ant yo& to tal5 to him.< <>t co&l0 /or5 the other /ay? too?< > s&ggeste0. <May#e this /hole thing /as set &p so > /o&l0 tal5 to him. > B&st pic5e0 his $arm o&t at ran0om. >$ he ha0 B&st t&rne0 me a/ay /ith a smile > /o&l0 ne+er ha+e #othere0 him again. B&t /hen he came to the 0oor /ith a g&n ...< <B&t ho/ 0i0 they 5no/ yo& /ere going to stop thereI Ao/ co&l0 anyone ha+e possi#ly 5no/nI< <-hatGs the real D&estion. Ao/ co&l0 anyone ha+e 5no/nI< >>. A $e/ 0ays #e$ore lea+ing %e/ Eor5 > calle0 @ray Bar5er in Clar5s#&rg an0 he agree0 to meet me the $ollo/ing -&es0ay in Point Pleasant. As soon as he h&ng &p? > 0iale0 7oo0ro/ 1eren#ergerGs &nliste0 n&m#er an0 spo5e to his /i$e. <7hen are yo& coming to see &s againI< she as5e0. <> e.pect to #e in 7est )irginia ne.t /ee5?< > replie0. <> 5no/. > hear yo&Gre ha+ing a secret meeting /ith @ray Bar5er on -&es0ay.< > /as st&nne0.


<>Gm meeting /ith @ray?< > a0mitte0? <#&t itGs not +ery secret. > 0i0nGt 5no/ a#o&t it mysel$ &ntil a co&ple o$ min&tes ago? so ho/ on earth 0i0 yo& 5no/I< -here /as a pa&se. <Charlie C&tler o+er in Chio tol0 &s a#o&t it a co&ple o$ 0ays ago?< she $inally sai0. <An0 ho/ 0i0 he 5no/ a#o&t itI< <>F> 0onGt 5no/. > s&ppose he hear0 it some/here.< 7hen yo& enter the &nreal /orl0 o$ the contactees? pre0ictions? prophecies? an0 a mysterio&s in+asion o$ yo&r pri+acy #ecome commonplace. Contactees seem to 0e+elop heightene0 perceptions? :(P? an0 precognition. -he changes occ&r almost o+ernight. >n their meetings /ith the entities they are ser+e0 &p platters o$ propagan0a along /ith r&mors an0 nonsense /hich they accept an0 repeat as $act. Many o$ the choicest ti0#its in = C lore /ere not act&al e+ents #&t /ere p&t into circ&lation #y contactees /ho place0 their complete tr&st in their contacters. -he entities sp&n /il0 tales a#o&t crashe0 sa&cers #eing con$iscate0 #y the =.(. Air orce? $armers shooting an0 /o&n0ing spacemen? an0 so $orth. Contactees repeate0 the stories to /il0-eye0 = C enth&siasts an0 so they sprea0 in e+er-/i0ening circles &ntil they appeare0 in articles an0 #oo5s. 1eren#erger ne+er claime0 psychic po/ers. Ae sai0 he recei+e0 telepathic messages $rom >n0ri0 Col0 gi+ing him speci$ic in$ormation. Cthers s&ch as -e0 C/ens an0 =ri @eller ha+e also claime0 that their psychic a#ilities came $rom space intelligences. Mr. C/ens has rac5e0 &p an impressi+e recor0 pre0icting the o&tcomes o$ $oot#all games. Mr. @eller? an >sraeli psychic? #ecame /orl0 $amo&s a$ter his allege0 contact /ith a $lying sa&cer on a 0esert in the Mi00le :ast. Both men ha+e #een e.amine0 an0 teste0 #y armies o$ scientists an0 parapsychologists. > ha+e pro#a#ly e.amine0 an0 #e$rien0e0 more = C contactees than anyone else. =s&ally their e.periences $ollo/ certain patterns /hich they are not e+en a/are o$ at the time. A long series o$ seemingly &nrelate0 e+ents occ&r prior to the $irst o+ert contact. -hese e+ents can #egin in chil0hoo0 an0 span many years. -hen? too? most contactees ha+e acti+e or latent psychic a#ilities #e$ore contact. People /ho see ghosts or religio&s apparitions ha+e the same patterns as the = C contactees. An0? in $act? the apparitions 0escri#e0 in religio&s <miracles< &s&ally share the same physical characteristics as o&r = C entitiesH that is? long $ingers? 0&s5y comple.ions? pointe0 $eat&res. -he $lying sa&cer lore o$ the past t/enty-se+en years has #een #&ilt on three main components* 314 the sighting reports? &s&ally poorly in+estigate0 #y amate&rs an0 #elie+ers? or #ase0 entirely on $ragmente0 an0 o$ten inacc&rate ne/spaper storiesH 324 the testimony o$ the contacteesH 334 messages recei+e0 thro&gh spirit me0i&ms an0 :(P. >n recent years a ne/ element has #een a00e0 #y the $e/ scientists p&lle0 into the contro+ersy. -his is the tiresome &se o$ pro#a#ilities to e.plain that there m&st #e 1,;

6illions o$ other planets an0 there$ore there m&st #e &nco&nte0 n&m#ers o$ inha#ite0 places in the &ni+erse. >n the early 19!,s e.o#iology #ecame the ne/ scienti$ic rip-o$$. )ario&s $o&n0ations an0 %A(A po&re0 millions o$ 0ollars into the st&0y o$ e.traterrestrial li$e. (ince there /ere no samples a+aila#le $or st&0y? an0 since there is not the slightest #it o$ e+i0ence that e+en a single planet e.ists in any other star system? e.o#iology /as not an easy $iel0. (cientists ha0 to B&sti$y their enormo&s e.pen0it&res /ith reams o$ spec&lati+e papers. 7e 0o not e+en ha+e eno&gh $acts? a$ter $i$teen years o$ st&0y? to $orm a real #asis $or the co+ete0 pro#a#ilities. >$ %ic5 the @ree5 /ere as5e0 to ma5e #oo5 on the e.istence o$ e.traterrestrial li$e? he /o&l0 $in0 the scienti$ic arg&ments so ten&o&s that the o00s /o&l0 ha+e to #e some/here aro&n0 a trillion to one. C$ the nine planets in o&r o/n solar system? only threeF Merc&ry? :arth? an0 MarsFare soli0? an0 only one o$ these three is in$este0 /ith li$e. -he appearance o$ li$e reD&ires a long list o$ en+ironmental an0 chemical con0itions. or all these con0itions to sim&ltaneo&sly on a single planet also reD&ires a /hole series o$ impro#a#le coinci0ences. Men ha+e al/ays ga6e0 at the night s5y an0 0reame0 o$ other /orl0s. o&r tho&san0 years ago? :noch #ecame the $irst space tra+eler? +isiting se+en /orl0s or planets a$ter #eing ro&se0 $rom his sleep #y angelic spacemen. (/e0en#org? the great (/e0ish mathematician? /ent /an0ering thro&gh the cosmos in the 17,,s? an0 a proper Bostonian name0 7illiam 1enton /as gi+en a g&i0e0 to&r o$ )en&s in the 1;!,s. @eorge A0ams5i? Ao/ar0 Menger? an0 se+eral others +isite0 the moon in the 195,s? prece0ing %eil Armstrong #y more than a 0eca0e. Menger? a %e/ Jersey sign painter? #ro&ght #ac5 some <moon potatoes< that loo5e0 li5e roc5s ... an0 they 0i0nGt cost the ta.payers a cent. A0ams5i? a Cali$ornia eccentric? $o&n0 the #ac5si0e o$ the moon rich in +egetation an0 /ater. Cthers o#ser+e0 c&nningly conceale0 &n0ergro&n0 cities there. (till others ha+e tra+ele0 to scores o$ &n5no/n planets in 0istant gala.ies. Planets /ith e.otic-so&n0ing names a0opte0 $rom ancient @ree5? B&st as most o$ the entities /ho stop lone 0ri+ers on isolate0 #ac5 yar0s claim names $rom mythology. or e.ample? on 7e0nes0ay? J&ly 2!? 19!7? Mrs. Marts 1e "ong an0 Michael Kisner /ere 0ri+ing in a par5 near Cali$orniaGs Big -&B&nga Canyon /hen they hear0 a #o0iless +oice /hich instr&cte0 them to /atch $or something &n&s&al. -here /as a $lash o$ light in the s5y an0 a glo/ing 0isc t/enty $eet in 0iameter appeare0. (oon they /ere chatting /ith <Kronin?< master o$ the Kronian race. Ae /as +ery tall an0 #oth #oneless an0 eyeless? an0 sai0 he /as <a space ro#ot encase0 in a time caps&le.< As soon as Mrs. 1e "ong reache0 her home a$ter the +isit her phone rang. >t /as Kronin. (he later recor0e0 se+eral con+ersations /ith him in /hich he e.plaine0 the pro#lems o$ the &ni+erse. (he ha0 ne+er hear0 o$ Cron&s? the 8oman go0 o$ time. Another entity pop&lar in occ&lt circles $or cent&ries is Ashtoreth? the Phoenician go00ess o$ lo+e. A character calle0 Ashtar has #een comm&nicating /ith = C $ans $or years? coming thro&gh /orl0/i0e stances? on C&iBa #oar0s? an0 thro&gh mental


telepathy. Ashtar is a #ig cheese in the >ntergalactic e0eration. Contactees ha+e ch&rne0 o&t 0o6ens o$ #oo5s $ille0 /ith his messages. A /oman on "ong >slan0 ha0 an enco&nter /ith an oli+e-s5inne0 gentleman in a greenish s&it in May 19!7 an0 his name ca&se0 me some pro#lems. Ae calle0 himsel$ Aphloes. > $inally $ig&re0 o&t that it /as $rom aphlogistic? a /or0 0eri+e0 $rom @ree5 meaning <a lamp gi+ing light /itho&t $lame.< 7oo0ro/ 1eren#ergerGs Mr. Col0 0i0 not $it this pattern. >n $act? the name ma0e me s&spicio&s o$ 7oo0yGs story an0 i$ > ha0 not tal5e0 /ith others /ho ha0 share0 similar e.periences on the same night? > might ha+e reBecte0 1eren#erger o&tright #eca&se o$ it. >n earlier times? $airies? 0emons? an0 e+en h&man /itches practicing their Blac5 (a##ath rites? chose gra+el pits? gar#age 0&mps? cemeteries an0 crossroa0s $or their appearances. Mo0ern hairy monsters an0 = Cs select the same sites? an0 D&ite a $e/ = C contacts ha+e occ&rre0 near crossroa0s or on high/ays still &n0er constr&ction at points /here ol0 high/ays once intersecte0. 1eren#ergerGs $irst contact /ith Col0 /as on a ne/ly complete0 high/ay yar0s $rom an ol0 intersection. Across the ri+er? the +ast <>n0ian< mo&n0s o$ Chio stan0 as m&te testimony o$ some earlier c&lt&re almost i0entical to the c&lt&re /hich constr&cte0 the great mo&n0s o$ @reat Britain. -he latter /ere Boine0 #y straight trac5s or <leys< /hich $orme0 a complicate0 gri0 system. > /on0ere0 i$ a similar ley gri0 may not ha+e once e.iste0 in 7est )irginia an0 > st&0ie0 aerial photos an0 ol0 maps loo5ing $or s&ch a system. -here are tiny traces here an0 there? #&t mo0ern $anners an0 #&il0ers ha+e 0estroye0 most o$ the ol0 arti$acts? B&st as they ha0 0estroye0 a great many o$ the mo&n0s? stone to/ers? etc.? that stoo0 on this continent /hen the $irst :&ropeans arri+e0. Aa0 7oo0y #een stoppe0 on a cross-point o$ some ol0 ley net/or5I -he only cl&e lies in Mr. Col0Gs &ncharacteristic selection $or a name. >n his st&0y o$ the British leys? -he )ie/ o+er Atlantis? John Michell state0* A pec&liar $eat&re o$ the ol0 alignments is that certain names appear /ith remar5a#le $reD&ency along their ro&tes. %ames /ith 8e0? 7hite an0 Blac5 are commonH so are Col0 or Cole? 1o0? Merry an0 "ey. >t /o&l0 #e in 5eeping /ith the t/iste0 logic o$ the entities to call attention to a 7est )irginia ley system #y staging their lan0ings at speci$ic points along the gri0 an0 a0opting names li5e Col0. Apparently this is e.actly /hat they 0i0 in 19!!-!7. (o $ar as > 5no/? Col0 an0 his mischie+o&s companions ne+er presente0 themsel+es to other contactees ... or they change0 their names to s&it each occasion. -his? too? is a #rea5 /ith tra0ition. Ashtar? Crthon? an0 se+eral others /ith names that so&n0 li5e synthetic $a#rics ha+e contacte0 tho&san0s o$ people all o+er the /orl0 in the past t/enty years. 11,

>n (eptem#er 1973? B&st #e$ore the great Ccto#er = C /a+e? posters sprang &p all o+er Atlanta? @eorgia? proclaiming the eminent arri+al o$ the space people. A @eorgia psychic /as in mental comm&nication /ith Pan0ar5? /ho i0enti$ie0 himsel$ as <a mem#er o$ the =nite0 Cosmic Co&ncilH a Comman0er in Chie$ in Charge o$ 1irecting -echnical -ransmissions )ia Mental -elepathy or the Com#ination o$ Me0i&mistic -elepathy =n0er the 1irection o$ the Con$e0eration o$ Cosmic (pace Beings.< Pan0ar5 0eli+ere0 the &s&al <7e come to #ring peace< message? claime0 cre0it $or #&il0ing the (phin.? the Pyrami0s? <an0 other str&ct&ral phenomenas?< an0 complaine0 that contactees /ere not #eing ta5en serio&sly eno&gh? #&t /ere #eing <#ran0e0 $ools? $anatics? an0 personal p&#licity see5ers.< 7e /ere a0+ise0 to shape &p. Bach o$ Pan0ar5Gs comm&nications #egan /ith the sal&tation? <A0onai )ass&.< 7hen the sitters at the Atlanta seances as5e0 $or a translation they /ere tol0 it meant? <Peace #e /ith yo& an0 lo+e $ore+er.< =n5no/n to the @eorgia @ro&p? a contactee in >taly? :&genio (irag&sa? has #een in to&ch /ith the space people $or years an0 his contactor al/ays signs o$$ /ith? <May the light o$ the &ni+ersal peace #e /ith yo& ... Msigne0 A0oniesis.< A0oniesis is a man&$act&re0 /or0? a sort o$ 8omani6ation o$ A0onai? an ancient Ae#re/ /or0 $or @o0H )ass& stems $rom the "atin +ass&s? meaning ser+ant. (o A0onai )ass& really means <ser+ant o$ @o0.< Cl0 Pan0ar5 is B&st another angel in 0isg&ise9 A0oniesis an0 A0onai are not so $ar remo+e0 $rom each other. >t is interesting that the same terms /o&l0 t&rn &p at seances an ocean apart. :+en more interesting is the $act that the messages recei+e0 #y psychics e+ery/here #ear remar5a#le similarities in content? e+en in phrasing. > ha+e researche0 o#sc&re contactee-type #oo5s /ritten t/o an0 three h&n0re0 years ago an0 ha+e $o&n0 the same i0entical messages an0 phraseology /ere pre+alent then. (ince m&ch o$ this literat&re is +ery o#sc&re an0 har0 to $in0? an0 since many o$ o&r psychics an0 contactees are poorly rea0? it is 0o&#t$&l i$ this is a D&estion o$ $a5ers repeating the earlier material. 8ather? it seems as i$ there is a phonograph in the s5y en0lessly repeating the same material generation a$ter generation as i$ there /ere a crac5 in the recor0. A&thor Bra0 (teiger inter+ie/e0 scores o$ psychics? prophets? an0 contactees $or his st&0y o$ this phenomenon? 8e+elation* -he 1i+ine ire. Ae $o&n0 that people claiming to #e in comm&nication /ith @o0? angels? spirits o$ the 0ea0? an0 spacemen $rom other planets /ere all recei+ing essentially the same in$ormation. All spo5e o$ an impen0ing 0isaster? B&st as Pan0ar5 /arne0? G-he time $or yo&r planet is cr&cial.< B&t the prophets an0 seers o$ the last cent&ry /ere getting the same spiel. 7illiam Miller 317;2-1;'94 $o&n0e0 the (e+enth-1ay A0+entists in the #elie$ that the /orl0 /as coming to an en0 in 1;'3. >nterestingly? prophets all o+er the /orl0 an0 tri#es o$ Aopi an0 %a+aho >n0ians in the (o&th/est pic5e0 that same year. Clearly?


they /ere all t&ne0 in to the same <static.< Jeho+ahGs 7itnesses /ere $o&n0e0 in 1;72 on a similar premise. -he messages 0eli+ere0 to the chil0ren in atima? Port&gal? in 1917? also 0isc&sse0 the coming 0isaster? #&t phrase0 in o#sc&re theological terms. Again an0 again? psychics an0 contactees ha+e gathere0 their $amily an0 $rien0s together to sit on a hilltop an0 /ait $or the pre0icte0 en0 o$ the /orl0. -his chara0e has #een repeate0 many times in the past t/enty-$i+e years /ith = C contactees preparing $or the /on0er$&l space people to 0escen0 in their $lying sa&cers an0 e+ac&ate a chosen $e/ $rom o&r 0oome0 planet -he /orl0 /as s&ppose0 to en0 on 1ecem#er 2'? 19!7. Ccc&lt an0 = C gro&ps aro&n0 the /orl0 got the message in e+ery lang&age. A 1anish c&lt act&ally #&ilt a lea0-line0 #om# shelter an0 spent the holi0ays cringing in it? /aiting $or the #ig #last. >n 1973? a = C contactee in 7isconsin so#erly anno&nce0 that the comet Kahote5 /as going to /rec5 the earth that Christmas. Ae /as recr&iting people to #e e+ac&ate0 #y his space $rien0s. Pan0ar5? Crthon? Ashtar? Leno? Col0? an0 all their cronies ha+e #een lea0ing many o$ &s aro&n0 #y the noses $or cent&ries. irst they con+ince &s o$ their honesty? relia#ility? the acc&racy o$ their pre0ictions? an0 their /ell-meant intentions. -hen they lea+e &s sitting on a hilltop /aiting $or the /orl0 to #lo/ &p. 7hen the /orl0 /as sparsely pop&late0 an0 the signals $rom the s&perspectr&m /ere not smothere0 in so m&ch static $rom the lo/er spectr&m? men learne0 to place great $aith in these entities an0 their prophecies. Priests? scholars? an0 magicians achie+e0 a mar+elo&s &n0erstan0ing o$ the cosmos an0 the cosmic $orces thro&gh astrology? alchemy? an0 the magical manip&lation o$ matter. B&t as man $ollo/e0 the angelic 0ictate? <M&ltiply an0 replenish the earth?< o&r planet #egan to s&$$er $rom psychic poll&tion. -he recor0 on that great phonograph in the s5y crac5e0 an0 st&c5 in a single groo+e ... single groo+e ... single groo+e ... single.... >>>. -he contactee syn0rome is a $&n0amental reprograming process. %o matter /hat $rame o$ re$erence is #eing &se0? the e.perience &s&ally #egins /ith either the s&00en $lash o$ light or a so&n0Fa h&mming? #&66ing? or #eeping. -he s&#BectGs attention is ri+ete0 to a p&lsing? $lic5ering light o$ 0a66ling intensity. Ae $in0s he is &na#le to mo+e a m&scle an0 is roote0 to the spot. %e.t the $lic5ering light goes thro&gh a series o$ color changes an0 a seemingly physical o#Bect #egins to ta5e $orm. -he light 0iminishes re+ealing a #oat 3i$ the e+ent occ&rs on a la5e or ri+er4? a $lying machine o$ &n&s&al con$ig&ration? or an entity o$ some sort.


7hatGs really happeningI -he percipient is $irst entrance0 #y the $lic5ering light. rom the moment he $eels paraly6e0 he loses to&ch /ith reality an0 #egins to hall&cinate. -he light remains a light? #&t his or her min0 constr&cts something else. -his can #e compare0 /ith normal hypnosis. 3> ha+e #een an amate&r hypnotist $or many years.4 A hypnoti6e0 s&#Bect +ery o$ten thin5s he is $&lly conscio&s? that the hypnosis isnGt /or5ing an0 he is B&st going along /ith the hypnotist? #&t /hen he tries to mo+e or 0iso#ey a comman0 he is s&rprise0 to $in0 he canGt. -he paralysis reporte0 in so many = C cases is really a $orm o$ hypnosis. >n the 19',s me0ical science 0isco+ere0 the $lic5er phenomenonH that some h&man #rains are e.tremely responsi+e to a $lic5ering lightH that s&ch a light can pro0&ce an epileptic-type trance accompanie0 #y ela#orate hall&cinations. >n Battle $or the Min0? 7illiam? (argant pointe0 o&t* >t sho&l0 #e more /i0ely 5no/n that electrical recor0ings o$ the h&man #rain sho/ that it is partic&larly sensiti+e to rhythmic stim&lation #y perc&ssion an0 #right light among other things an0 certain rates o$ rhythm can #&il0 &p recor0a#le a#normalities o$ #rain $&nction an0 e.plosi+e states o$ tension s&$$icient e+en to pro0&ce con+&lsi+e $its in pre0ispose0 s&#Bects. (ome people can #e pers&a0e0 to 0ance in time /ith s&ch rhythms &ntil they collapse in e.ha&stion. &rthermore? it is easier to 0isorgani6e the normal $&nction o$ the #rain #y attac5ing it sim&ltaneo&sly /ith se+eral strong rhythms playe0 in 0i$$erent tempos. -his lea0s to protecti+e inhi#ition? either rapi0ly in the /ea5 inhi#itory temperament or a$ter a prolonge0 perio0 o$ e.citement in the strong e.citatory one. 7hen the $lic5erFor p&lsing so&n0Fhappens to #e synchroni6e0 /ith the alpha rhythm o$ a partic&lar #rain? the #rain is short-circ&ite0. -here are cases in /hich some people /ere triggere0 #y the $lic5ering o$ a motion-pict&re image an0 o+ercome #y an &rge to strangle the persons sitting ne.t to them. 1r. @rey 7alter o$ the B&r0en %emological >nstit&te at Bristol? :nglan0? ha0 a patient /ho passe0 o&t /hile ri0ing a #icycle along an a+en&e o$ trees. -he trees pro0&ce0 the $lic5er phenomenon as he spee0 past them. <A $e/ s&#Bects yiel0e0 epileptic patterns?< 1r. 7alter note0 in his #oo5 -he "i+ing Brain. <A&0itory e.periences /ere rareH #&t there may #e organi6e0 hall&cinations? that is? complete scenes? as in 0reams? in+ol+ing more< than one sense. All sorts o$ emotion are e.perience0H $atig&e? con$&sion? $ear? 0isg&st? anger? pleas&re. (ometimes the sense o$ time is lost or 0ist&r#e0. Cne s&#Bect sai0 that he ha0 #een Gp&she0 si0e/ays in timeGFyester0ay /as at one si0e? instea0 o$ #ehin0? an0 tomorro/ /as o$$ the port #o/.< >n short? a light $lic5ering at e.actly the right $reD&ency can place the /itness in a hypnotic li5e trance. Ae +ie/s this as paralysis since he loses control o$ his lim#s $or the 0&ration o$ the trance e+en tho&gh a part o$ his min0 remains conscio&s. Ae +ie/s the hall&cinations o$ the trance as a contin&ation o$ the reality he /as e.periencing a 113

moment #e$ore. "i5e a normal s&#Bect o$ hypnosis? he loses his sense o$ time. -ime can #e compresse0 or e.pan0e0? as in a 0ream. :+ents /hich seem to span se+eral ho&rs are act&ally hall&cinate0 in secon0s or min&tes? or the re+erse can occ&r. 7hen he comes o&t o$ his trance an0 loo5s at his /atch he $in0s that ho&rs ha+e passe0 e+en tho&gh he tho&ght he only /atche0 the light $or a $e/ secon0s. >n a religio&s miracle s&ch as that at @ara#an0al? (pain? in the 19!,s? cro/0s s&rro&n0e0 the small chil0ren as they entere0 trances an0 con+erse0 /ith entities Gonly they co&l0 see. -he chil0ren sometimes remaine0 motionless $or ho&rs? #&t /hen they came o&t o$ their trances they tho&ght only min&tes ha0 passe0. -he psyche0elic lights an0 $lic5ering stro#es so pop&lar /ith the yo&th c&lt&re in the 19!,s act&ally ser+e0 to in0&ce trances an0 pro0&ce D&asi-religio&s e.periences? partic&larly /hen co&ple0 /ith the min0-n&m#ing #eat o$ har0 roc5 m&sic an0 hall&cinogenic 0r&gs. -he e&phoria o$ the #ig roc5 $esti+als /as a 0irect pro0&ct o$ this phenomenon. Eo&ng people +ol&ntarily? an0 enth&siastically? s&#mitte0 themsel+es to a #rain/ashing process ... reprograming themsel+es? or #eing re-programe0 #y an o&tsi0e $orce /hich? as the +iolence an0 social &psets o$ the perio0 0emonstrate? /as not al/ays #ene+olent. 7hen a contactee comes o&t o$ his trance he o$ten $in0s himsel$ s&$$ering $rom se+ere hea0aches an0 m&sc&lar aches an0 pains $or 0ays a$ter/ar0. @reat lethargy is another common symptom? /ith the percipient in0&lging in e.cessi+e sleep? e.ha&ste0. -hese symptoms are compara#le to those o$ epileptics /ho ha+e s&$$ere0 m&sc&lar spasms. :.cessi+e thirst? another symptom? is pro#a#ly ca&se0 #y something else ... 0ehy0ration $rom e.pos&re to intense lo/ $reD&ency 3)" 4 electromagnetic ra0iation. (&ch ra0iation penetrates an0 0ries e+ery tiss&e. -he mechanismFthe light $lashesFcan #e s&#Becti+e? seen only #y the percipient? or o#Becti+e? seen #y others an0 e+en photographa#le. -he s&#Becti+e $lashes m&st #e ca&se0 #y ra0iation /hich #y-passes the eyes an0 optical ner+es an0 is recei+e0 0irectly #y the #rain. C#Becti+e $lashes are masses o$ energy mo+ing thro&gh the +isi#le spectr&m. 7itnesses /hose min0s are not t&ne0 to the speci$ic $reD&ency o$ the $lic5ering o$ the o#Bect are not a$$ecte0? e.cept #y the actinic rays that may #e emitte0. 7hen in+estigating m&ltiple = C sightings > am not concerne0 /ith the chance /itnesses o$ an o#Becti+e light. 8ather > try to see5 o&t those persons /ho /ere 0irectly a$$ecte0 #y the light. -hey rarely report their sighting? either #eca&se the accompanying hall&cination /as so #i6arre or so terri$ying? or #eca&se they simply ha0 no memory o$ the entire e+entH they s&$$ere0 lac&nal amnesia. 7hen > s&ccee0 in $in0ing s&ch people > o#tain their entire li$e history an0 5eep in to&ch /ith them $or a long perio0 a$ter my inter+ie/ to o#ser+e any changes in personality or o&tloo5 that may occ&r. >n some cases? rapi0 0eterioration ta5es place. -he percipient has inn&mera#le secon0ary hall&cinations? B&st as a person /ho has ta5en "(1 can go on another <trip< &ne.pecte0ly /ee5s later. Ae can #ecome mentally &n#alance0?


a#an0on his $amily an0 his /or5? 0e+elop into a $anatic an0? in se+eral &n$ort&nate cases? en0 &p /ith a ner+o&s #rea50o/n or commit s&ici0e. Cn the other si0e o$ the coin? some percipients e.perience a pro$o&n0 e.pansion o$ conscio&sness? a greatly increase0 >Q? an0 a complete change o$ li$e-style ... $or the #etter. (ince this is a historic process? an0 a contin&ing one? it is pro#a#le that most great lea0ers ha0 a contact e.perience at some point in their early li$e. Cana0ian psychiatrist 1r. 8ichar0 B&c5e con0&cte0 the $irst st&0y o$ this phenomenon in his #oo5 Cosmic Conscio&sness p&#lishe0 in the year 19,,. >n religio&s circles the phenomenon is calle0 <ill&mination.< >n its p&rest $orm? ill&mination is not a religio&s e.perience. or a $e/ #rie$ moments the percipient &n0erstan0s? tr&ly &n0erstan0s? the /or5ings o$ the entire &ni+erse. Ae percei+es all o$ history? past? present? an0 $&t&re? totally. Ae $eels he is a part o$ the s&perspectr&m an0 is one /ith the cosmos. =n$ort&nately? /hen the #rie$ e.perience is o+er he cannot remem#er most o$ it #eca&se it has #een a00e0 to his s&#conscio&s? an0 he cannot artic&late those parts he can remem#er. B&t he has #een re-programe0? e+en prepare0 $or a ne/ role in li$e. -o some the e.perience is <the call< that propels them into the clergy. -here seems to #e a r&le that each cosmic $orce has its imitators. )ictims o$ = C contact are o$ten s&$$ering $rom $alse ill&mination. :ither their min0s ha+e misinterprete0 the e.perience? or a lo/er $orce has re-programe0 them &sing the same mechanism. >n a sense? they ha+e #ecome <possesse0.< -hey s&$$er $rom hall&cinosisFrepeate0 hall&cinations. -heir li+es are manip&late0 0isastro&sly. Cnce a person has &n0ergone $alse ill&mination he #ecomes +&lnera#le to repetitions? B&st as once a person has #een hypnoti6e0 he can #e easily hypnoti6e0 again. -he phenomenon is 0epen0ent on #elie$? an0 as more an0 more people #elie+e in $lying sa&cers $rom other planets? the lo/er $orce can manip&late more people thro&gh $alse ill&mination. > ha+e #een /atching? /ith great consternation? the /orl0/i0e sprea0 o$ the = C #elie$ an0 its accompanying 0isease. >$ it contin&es &nchec5e0 /e may $ace a time /hen &ni+ersal acceptance o$ the $ictitio&s space people /ill lea0 &s to a mo0ern $aith in e.traterrestrials that /ill ena#le them to inter$ere +ery o+ertly in o&r a$$airs? B&st as the ancient go0s 0/elling on mo&ntaintops 0irectly r&le0 large segments o$ the pop&lation in the Crient? @reece? 8ome? A$rica? an0 (o&th America. Ao/e+er they arri+e0 at their 1953 0ecision? the C>A2air $orce plan to 0e#&n5? 0o/ngra0e? an0 ri0ic&le $lying sa&cers /as? in retrospect? the most responsi#le co&rse the go+ernment co&l0 ta5e. B&t they &n0erestimate0 the scope o$ the phenomenon an0 its a#ility to manip&late h&mans an0 generate propagan0a.


>). Cn May 2,? 19!7? (te+e Michala5 /as o&t prospecting near alcon "a5e? Manito#a? Cana0a? /hen he sa/ a large circ&lar o#Bect lan0. >t seeme0 to #e ma0e o$ glittering metal <li5e stainless steel.< Ae approache0 it an0 tho&ght he co&l0 hear +oices m&m#ling insi0e. Ae calle0 o&t #&t recei+e0 no ans/er. >nstea0? the o#Bect spe/e0 o&t some 5in0 o$ gas or $lame /hich ca&ght him $&ll in the chest an0 sent him reeling #ac5/ar0 as it too5 o$$. Both his shirt an0 the s5in &n0erneath /ere #&rne0 /ith an o00 chec5er#oar0 pattern. Mr. Michala5 #ecame e.tremely ill? s&$$ering a /ee5 o$ #lac5o&ts? na&sea? hea0aches? an0 a /eight loss o$ t/enty-t/o po&n0s. >t too5 him many /ee5s to ret&rn to normal. -hen? on (eptem#er 21? 19!7? 12' 0ays a$ter the initial inci0ent? the #&rns on his chest ret&rne0 an0 his #o0y #egan to s/ell. Ae /as hospitali6e0 an0 again ret&rne0 to normal. B&t the mala0y ret&rne0 e+ery 1,9 to 12' 0ays. >n A&g&st 19!;? a$ter a year o$ rec&rring illnesses? he +isite0 the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota at his o/n e.pense. 1octors there tol0 him they ha0 treate0 another = C +ictim $rom Cali$ornia /ho s&$$ere0 $rom the same thing. Ais pro#lems stemme0 $rom <a $oreign s&#stance< in his #loo0? he /as tol0. 7hen scientists $rom the air $orce-$inance0 = C st&0y con0&cte0 #y Colora0o =ni+ersity +isite0 Michala5? they as5e0 to see the place /here the sa&cer ha0 lan0e0 Ae a0mitte0 that he ha0 #een searching $or the spot himsel$? /itho&t s&ccess. Ae /as p&66le0 #y his ina#ility to locate it. 1espite his ine.plica#le inB&ry? the scientists +ie/e0 this ina#ility as proo$ that his story /as a hoa.. >n their $inal report they implie0 he /as not telling the tr&th. Act&ally there are a great many cases in /hich the /itnesses $o&n0 they co&l0 not relocate the site o$ their e.perience. B&il0ings an0 lan0mar5s clearly seen at the time seem to +anish. 8oa0s an0 high/ays 0isappear. -his #e/il0ering phenomenon is /ell5no/n in psychic lore also? pro#a#ly #eca&se many psychic e.periences are hall&cinatory? too. -here are inn&mera#le stories a#o&t resta&rants that seeme0 to 0issol+e a$ter the /itnesses stoppe0 there. -ales o$ 0isappearing ho&ses are common. A /eary tra+eler stops at an ol0 a#an0one0 ho&se $or the night? B&st li5e in the mo+ies? an0 later learns the ho&se he staye0 in 0oes not or ha0 #&rne0 0o/n years ago. -r&e to the re$lecti+e $actor? as > /as /riting this > recei+e0 a letter $rom . 7. Aoli0ay? the British in+estigator? in /hich he tells the $ollo/ing* A $amily in the so&th o$ :nglan0 still spen0 their /ee5en0s 0ri+ing aro&n0 /oo0s loo5ing $or a mysterio&s la5e they enco&ntere0 some $i$teen years ago. C&t in the mi00le they sa/ a h&ge roc5 /ith a s/or0 0ri+en into it. "ater they /ent #ac5 to 0o some research #&t there /as no trace o$ s&ch a la5e. %o one ha0 hear0 o$ it an0 it isnGt on the maps. Cne co&l0 $ill a #oo5 /ith s&ch inci0ents? an0? in0ee0? some a&thors ha+e. "ong ago > classi$ie0 s&ch episo0es as 0istortions o$ reality. -hro&gho&t history people ha+e 11!

#een straying thro&gh AliceGs loo5ing glass? seeing things that 0onGt +isiting places that spill o$$ the maps into some hall&cinatory other 0imension. i$teen years ago there /as a la5e in :nglan0 /ith a s/or0 B&tting o&t o$ a stone? /aiting $or some 5ing to come along< an0 p&ll it o&t? sho&ting? <:.cali#&r9< -his is no more ri0ic&lo&s than st&m#ling &pon a secret $lying sa&cer #ase nestle0 in the hills o$ %e/ :nglan0 an0 #&stling /ith acti+ity. Contactees ha+e claime0 s&ch things. An engineer 8e. Ball s/ears he came &pon a mysterio&s &n0ergro&n0 installation in @eorgia in 19',? manne0 #y small Criental-loo5ing men in co+eralls an0 a $e/ American military o$$icers. 7hen he /as ca&ght in the t&nnels? one o$ the o$$icers iss&e0 the c&rt comman0? <Ma5e him loo5 li5e a n&t9< Ae /o5e &p in a $iel0? &ncertain /hether his e.perience ha0 #een real or a 0ream. -hat seems to #e the #attle cry o$ the phenomenon. <Ma5e him loo5 li5e a n&t9< -------------------------------


13 - Phantom Photographers
> ""o! much did -eel pay you to say these thingsI< a mi00le-age0 man /ith a c&lt&re0 +oice 0eman0e0 o+er an0 o+er again as he systematically calle0 se+eral o$ the /itnesses name0 in my syn0icate0 ne/spaper col&mns. All those long-0istance phone calls m&st ha+e cost him a lot o$ money an0 all he s&ccee0e0 in 0oing /as raising the ire o$ people /ho ha0 alrea0y #een plag&e0 #y an en0less stream o$ &n/elcome +isitors? cran5 phone calls? an0 cra6y letters. (ome o$ them $or/ar0e0 their mail to me? not 5no/ing i$ they sho&l0 ans/er? or ho/. C&r = C enth&siasts are comp&lsi+e letter /riters. A maBor portion o$ the mail recei+e0 #y /itnesses are letters scri##le0 on sheets o$ cheap r&le0 paper in pencil 0eman0ing? ")end me everything you kno!." Cthers are neatly type0 an0 co+er $orty or $i$ty pages. -hreatening letters are not &ncommon? some are la#orio&s paste-&ps &sing /or0s clippe0 $rom maga6ines an0 ne/spapers ... ",o not talk about flying saucers." Cthers are pain$&lly /ritten in #loc5 letters in re0 in5. Almost &nrea0a#le mimeographe0 $orms are sent o&t #y many o$ the teen-age0 = C in+estigators /ho spring &p a$ter each $lap? as5ing s&ch +ital scienti$ic D&estions as* "Which planet did they come from?< =n$ort&nately? no D&ali$ications are necessary to Boin the +ario&s nation/i0e = C correspon0ence cl&#s. Anyone /ho co&l0 scrape &p the $i+e or ten 0ollars co&l0 recei+e an impressi+e-loo5ing mem#ership car0 /hich ga+e them carte #lanche to harass local police an0 /itnesses. Mem#ers o$ the <little ol0 la0ies in tennis shoes< #riga0e $o&n0 instant i0entity in Boining s&ch cl&#s. -hen they troope0 a#o&t their state? lect&ring on the coming o$ the Brothers? appearing on local ra0io an0 tele+ision as the local <e.perts?< an0? more o$ten than not? #ringing more ri0ic&le to an alrea0y ri0ic&lo&s sit&ation. Altho&gh they are largely a harmless? h&morless lot? a $e/ o$ the ego-tripping characters in &$ology are not a#o+e creating a $e/ o$ their o/n? placing pran5 calls? an0? o$ co&rse? circ&lating the i0iotic r&mors. >+an (an0erson re$erre0 to them as <ne&rots?< short $or ne&rotics. 1r. :0/ar0 Con0on o$ Colora0o =ni+ersity la#ele0 them <o#str&ctionist.< Cn se+eral occasions > 0i0 $in0 that some o$ these car0-carrying &$ologists ha0 /arne0 /itnesses to report only to them. Mem#ers o$ competing correspon0ence cl&#s o$ten engage0 in open #attles? trying to reach /itnesses $irst an0 acc&sing each other o$ all 5in0s o$ mis0ee0s. 1onal0 :. Keyhoe? hea0 o$ the 7ashington-#ase0 %>CAP? ha0 spent years #&il0ing an0 p&#lici6ing his case against the air $orce. -he only tangi#le res&lt o$ his campaign /as the D&ality o$ the people attracte0 to &$ology? an0 to his i0eas. Paranoi0-schi6ophrenics an0 o#sessi+ecomp&lsi+e personalities 0ominate0 the $iel0. Many o$ these gro&ps collapse0 in/ar0ly in a short time #eca&se o$ the con$licting egos an0 the e.cessi+e paranoia 3mem#ers o$ten regar0e0 their $ello/ mem#ers as 11;

<agents o$ the air $orce<4. :+en %>CAP? /hich ha0 #een $o&n0e0 in 195! #y a physicist /ho /as hot on the trail o$ the secret o$ $rying sa&cer prop&lsion systems? came apart at the seams in the late 19!,s. -he $e/ D&ali$ie0 mem#ers o$ its hea0D&arters sta$$ 0eparte0 in an atmosphere o$ rancor? ta5ing choice $iles an0 mailing lists /ith them? an0 (t&art %i.on? the o$$ice #oy 0&ring the Keyhoe regime? #ecame 0irector o$ the organi6ation. -he air $orce an0 C>A 0i0 not ha+e to try to 0isr&pt the &$ological mo+ement. >t is #y its +ery nat&re a sel$-0isr&pting net/or5 o$ 0isoriente0 people. >n the spring o$ 19!7? $ollo/ing the p&#licity that atten0e0 Mothman an0 the = Cs? mo#s o$ strangers 0escen0e0 on Point Pleasant. Cars $ille0 /ith st&0ents $rom neigh#oring colleges /o&l0 arri+e &nanno&nce0 at the homes o$ /itnesses name0 in ne/spaper acco&nts? o$ten late at night? an0 e.pect to #e /elcome0. Mary Ayre an0 all the others /ere s&#Becte0 to silly inter+ie/s #y people /ho o#+io&sly 0i0nGt ha+e any notion o$ ho/ to go a#o&t in+estigating anything. (ome o$ these in+estigators /ere tactless an0 impolite? as only teen-agers can #e? to the point o$ #eing o$$ensi+e. Cne #y one the /itnesses $ell silent? re$&sing to tal5 to any more strangers? so ne/comers sa/ a ne/ mysteryFsomeone ha0 o#+io&sly or0ere0 e+eryone in the Chio +alley to sh&t &p. 7hile reporters $rom all the neigh#oring cities /ere $loc5ing to Point Pleasant an0 /riting e.tensi+ely a#o&t the = C an0 monster sightings? the little local 0aily? the Point Pleasant 8egister? ignore0 the /hole sit&ation. 7hen a girl on the 8egister sta$$ /as p&rs&e0 #y a = C one night that spring? Mary Ayre printe0 the story in the Messenger. -he yo&ng e0itor o$ the 8egister remaine0 stea0$astly anti-= C thro&gho&t the $racas. >t /as then my policy to p&#lish only reports in /hich the /itnesses allo/e0 their names to #e &se0. > a+oi0e0 <#lin0< items. B&t as time /ent on an0 > sa/ /hat /as happening to some o$ these people? > reali6e0 they ha0 to #e protecte0? not $rom Men in Blac5 or sinister go+ernment agencies #&t $rom the = C #elie+ers themsel+es. -his &n$ort&nate pro#lem persists? an0 this is /hy > ha+e &se0 #lin0 items here? or? in some cases? altere0 the names o$ the /itnesses or their location. -his is a common policy in me0ical #oo5s an0 scienti$ic literat&re? #&t it is sa0 that it #ecomes necessary in st&0ies o$ this 5in0. >> Cne (&n0ay a$ternoon in the spring o$ 19!7? > /as /al5ing along orty-secon0 (treet an0 -hir0 A+en&e /ith a la0y $rien0. -here /ere +ery $e/ people on the streets at the time. (&00enly a tall? thin man came aro&n0 a corner. Ais $ace /as ga&nt an0 pointe0? an0 he /as carrying a camera. Ae raise0 the camera an0 0eli#erately too5 o&r pict&re? then he t&rne0 an0 ran &p the street. My $rien0 5ne/ nothing a#o&t Men in Blac5? an0 it is not &n&s&al to see to&rists snapping pict&res in %e/ Eor5 City. > 0eli#erately re$raine0 $rom ma5ing any comment.


<-hat /as strange?< she remar5e0. <An0 he /as s&ch an e+il-loo5ing man. 7hy 0i0 he ta5e o&r pict&reI< > co&l0 only shr&g. -he man? inci0entally? /as not 0resse0 in #lac5. Ae /as /earing a sports Bac5et an0 slac5s #&t his clothes seeme0 to hang +ery poorly on his thin $rame. A $e/ 0ays later? 1an 1rasin phone0 me. Ae /as preparing to go #ac5 to 7est )irginia /ith a camera cre/. <Eo& 5no/? this pro#a#ly 0oesnGt mean anything?< he sai0 slo/ly? <#&t the other 0ay > /as /al5ing thro&gh mi0to/n Manhattan an0 an >n0ian too5 my pict&re. Ae /as e+en /earing a #lac5 s&it.< 1an 5ne/ o$ my concern /ith the M>B? #&t he /as not /ell-5no/n to the = C enth&siasts 3> ha0 trie0 to tell mysel$ that the photographer on -hir0 A+en&e /as a &$o-n&t o$ some 5in04. <Pro#a#ly B&st a to&rist?< > o$$ere0. <Pro#a#ly.< >n 7est )irginia? Mrs. Ayre /as contin&ing to ha+e pro#lems. A l&mino&s o#Bect appeare0 o+er her ho&se an0 proBecte0 a po/er$&l #eam o$ light into her #ac5yar0. (he /as not home at the time #&t her h&s#an0 an0 se+eral neigh#ors sa/ it. -hen one e+ening her con$&se0 <little man< reappeare0 on the streets o$ Point Pleasant. (he /as certain it /as the same man /ho ha0 +isite0 her o$$ice in Jan&ary. -his time he /as /earing a 5ha5i-colore0 &ni$orm #&t ha0 on the same thic5-sole0 shoes. 7hen he sa/ Mary approaching him he loo5e0 alarme0? too5 o$$ on a 0ea0 r&n? an0 leape0 into a #lac5 car 0ri+en #y a +ery large man. <By the time > got o&t in the line o$ tra$$ic?< Mary sai0? <he /as gone across the #ri0ge into Chio. > 0i0nGt get the license n&m#er #&t the color loo5e0 orange.< -hree 0ays later? on May ;? Mrs. Ayre arri+e0 home $rom a ci+ic meeting aro&n0 11*3, P.M. J&st as she /as opening her $ront 0oor a large #lac5 car sD&eale0 to a stop 0irectly o&tsi0e her ho&se. (he stoo0 on her porch an0 /atche0 as a man got o&t o$ the +ehicle? raise0 a camera to his $ace? an0 snappe0 her pict&re. <Ais $lash g&n /as +ery #right?< she reporte0. <>t #lin0e0 me momentarily. 7hile > /as stan0ing there r&##ing my eyes he got #ac5 into his car an0 it 0ro+e o$$. > co&l0nGt see i$ there /as anyone else in the car.< (he pa&se0. <%o/ /hy 0o yo& s&ppose anyone /o&l0 /ant to ta5e my pict&re li5e thatI< 7hy in0ee0. C&r Men in Blac5 /ere no/ engage0 in a ne/ game. Cr perhaps the game ha0 #een going $or years #&t no one ha0 e+er notice0 it #e$ore. As i$ > 0i0nGt ha+e eno&gh tro&#le alrea0y? no/ > /as chasing phantom photographers all o+er the lan0scape. 12,

Cn a rainy night in April a man $rom Chio ha0 #een 0ri+ing along 8o&te 2 near the Chie$ Cornstal5 A&nting @ro&n0s /hen a large #lac5 $orm rose $rom the /oo0s an0 $le/ o+er his car. "It !as at least ten feet !ide," he claime0. "I stepped on the gas and it kept right up !ith me. We !ere doing over seventy. It scared the hell out of me. Then I sa! it move ahead of me and turn to!ard the river." Months later? late in Ccto#er? he ret&rne0 home $rom /or5 an0 $o&n0 a pro/ler in his apartment. <7hen > opene0 the 0oor > sa/ this man stan0ing in my li+ing room?< he reporte0. <> thin5 he /as 0resse0 all in #lac5. > co&l0nGt see his $ace? #&t he /as a#o&t $i+e $eet nine. > starte0 to $&m#le $or the light s/itch /hen he too5 my pict&re. -here /as a #ig $lash o$ light? so #right > co&l0nGt see a thing. 7hile > /as r&##ing my eyes the #&rglar 0arte0 past me an0 /ent o&t the open 0oor. > g&ess > arri+e0 B&st in time #eca&se nothing /as missing.< B&rglars /ith $lash g&ns9 (i.ty miles north o$ Point Pleasant? a yo&ng $amily in Belpre? Chio? /as ha+ing the $&ll range o$ = C-associate0 pro#lems. -he man in the $amily? >Gll call #&n Ben? ha0 seen a = C ho+ering near a chemical plant on the ri+er. AeG0 hear0 yo& co&l0 signal to the o#Bects so he $lashe0 his carGs spotlight at it. -he spotlight /ent o&t instantly an0 later he $o&n0 that all the electrical systems in his car ha0 #&rne0 o&t. Ais sighting mar5e0 the #eginning o$ all 5in0s o$ /eir0 happenings. irst? his telephone /ent cra6y. "i5e so many others? he ha0 not reporte0 his sighting to anyone yet he #egan to recei+e the #eeping calls? an0 calls $rom <metallic +oices?< &rging him to atten0 &n0e$ine0 meetings 3he ne+er /ent4. A poltergeist mo+e0 into BenGs ho&se. 1ra/ers opene0 #y themsel+es. C#Bects 0isappeare0. A hea+y ca#inet p&she0 against a /in0o/ /as mo+e0 #y some $orce. 3"ater > trie0 to mo+e this ca#inet #y mysel$ an0 $o&n0 it /as too hea+y.4 BenGs /i$e #egan to notice &n&s&al people in the neigh#orhoo0. Ben recei+e0 a mil0 scare that A&g&st as he /as /al5ing 0o/n the Main (treet in Par5ers#&rg an0 sa/ t/o #lac5-gar#e0 Criental-loo5ing men /ho grinne0 at him #roa0ly as i$ they 5ne/ him. -hey appeare0 to #e con$&se0 or 0r&n5en? he note0? an0 seeme0 to ha+e 0i$$ic&lty /al5ing. Ben 5ne/ nothing o$ the M>B lore? #&t the men so alarme0 him that he crosse0 to the other si0e o$ the street. Ae ha0 more = C sightings. An0 more $rea5 phone calls. inally he mentione0 his tro&#les to Par5e Mc1aniel ... they /or5e0 together ... an0 Mrs. Ayre an0 > 0ro+e to Belpre. -/o /ee5s #e$ore o&r +isit? accor0ing to BenGs /i$e? a #lac5 car ha0 stoppe0 in $ront o$ their ho&se an0 a man in a #lac5 s&it ha0 apparently ta5en photos /ith a large camera. -/o o$ their neigh#ors ha0 also /itnesse0 this an0 corro#orate0 their story. -he photographer 0i0 not pay any attention to any o$ the other ho&ses on the street. Cn "ong >slan0? less than thirty miles $rom %e/ Eor5 City? = Cs? Men in Blac5? an0 phantom photographers /ere all +ery #&sy that s&mmer. :+ent&ally > gathere0 reports 121

o$ the photographers $rom as $ar a/ay as (eattle. An aerospace engineer in the %orth/est reporte0* "&or some three days photographs !ere taken of our house. We thought they might be realtors or someone doing a film on the area. Then began the telephone interference, mail stoppage and misdirection, etc." -he engineer? a /ell-e0&cate0 man /ith a responsi#le position in a maBor aircra$t company? in+ol+e0 himsel$ in = C research as a ho##y. At $irst he ass&me0 the photographers? telephone harassers? an0 all /ere agents o$ the go+ernment. -hen something &ncanny attac5e0 his ne/ home. G-/ice a +ery po/er$&l specterli5e in$l&ence +isite0 the ho&se /hich proBecte0 :A8 o$ an incre0i#le nat&re?< he /rote. <> am certain that anyone /ho 0i0 not &n0erstan0 these things /o&l0 ha+e #een 0ri+en in +ery short or0er to the state mental hospital. Another attac5 /as inter$erence /ith the time Constance o$ a heart #eat. > /o&l0 #e a/a5ene0 /ith a p&lse o$ o+er t/o h&n0re09 Ao/e+er? > al/ays a/a5ene0 #eca&se > sleep /ith plastic ear stoppers an0 in each o$ a#o&t thirty to thirty-$i+e instances the noise a/a5ene0 me.< > ha0 hear0 o$ this heart-#eat phenomenon in Massach&setts an0 se+eral other places? an0 p&t it 0o/n as more psychological than physiological. 7hen Mary Ayre complaine0 o$ hearing a lo&0? p&lsing heart-#eat so&n0 late at night > 5ne/ she ha0 s&$$ere0 one se+ere heart attac5 an0 /orrie0 that she /as really hearing her o/n heart #eat. -he "in0a (car#erry an0 the Mc1aniels complaine0 o$ hearing the same so&n0. 8oger (car#erry /as ha&nte0 #y something else ... #y 0reams o$ a great eye $loating in the s5y o+er MaryGs ho&se. Point Pleasant /as $ille0 /ith omens an0 portents. A man an0 a /oman carrying a camera +isite0 (te+e an0 Mary Mallette? /anting to ta5e pict&res o$ them. Mr. Mallette too5 0o/n the license n&m#er on their )ol5s/agen an0 /hen Mary ha0 the police chec5 it o&t it pro+e0 to #e none.istent. -his #&siness /ith license n&m#ers /as repeate0 o+er an0 o+er? an0 in many places. 7itnesses /o&l0 care$&lly note the plates on the #lac5 Ca0illacs an0 mysterio&s panel tr&c5s? #&t /hen the police ran a ro&tine chec5 the comp&ters came &p /ith a #lan5. 7hen yo& consi0er the many millions o$ licenses iss&e0 in the =nite0 (tates? the o00s against yo&r #eing a#le to man&$act&re an &nliste0 n&m#er are astronomical. Eet o&r M>B al/ays manage to come &p /ith &n&se0 n&m#ers. 3-here /ere more inci0ents o$ this type 0&ring the Ccto#er 1973 /a+e.4 Phantom photographer reports ha+e #een rare in :nglan0? #&t in 1973 t/o lea0ing British &$ologists? Brinsley "e Poer -rench an0 J.B. 1elair? came across an inci0ent in+ol+ing the Bogart $amily /ho li+e in a $orest near Mares$iel0? (&sse.. -he BogartsG isolate0 cottage has #een plag&e0 /ith apparitions? strange so&n0s? an0 poltergeist acti+ity. An0 a large n&m#er o$ lo/-$lying l&mino&s o#Bects ha+e #een seen repeate0ly in the +icinity.


<Cn more than one occasion Mrs. Bogart alleges that she has #een pert&r#e0 to $in0 a yello/ )ol5s/agen car 3ha+ing smo5e0-glass /in0o/s4 $ollo/ing her 0iscreetly at a 0istance?< 1elair reports. 3O4 <Cnce this in+ol+e0 the +ehicle slo/ly $ollo/ing her 0o/n a /oo0lan0 cart-trac5 lea0ing to Pilt0o/n "a5e? o$ it then stopping some 0istance $rom her? o$ t/o me0i&m-si6e0 in0i+i0&als emerging an0 h&rrie0ly ta5ing photographs o$ her? an0 o$ the in0i+i0&als D&ic5ly re-entering the car an0 0ri+ing o$$ in the opposite 0irection. Cn another occasion? in Mares$iel0? the same +ehicle 3or one e.actly similar4 seeme0 to #e G5er#-cra/lingG se+eral yar0s #ehin0 her. Mrs. Bogart has no i0ea to /hom the )ol5s/agen #elongs? or /hy it sho&l0 apparently $ollo/ her a#o&t in s&ch $&rti+e $ashion? nor /hy she sho&l0 #e so mysterio&sly photographe0.< ---MON A/areness? A&t&mn 1973 3J.B. 1elair? e0.? 19 C&mnor 8oa0? 7ootton? BoarGs Aill? C.$or0? Ber5shire? :nglan04. --->>> >$ yo& re+ie/ the tho&san0s o$ = C contact reports yo& /ill $in0 that many o$ them #egin /ith the appearance o$ an entity hol0ing some 5in0 o$ <$lashlight< /hich is shone 0irectly at the /itness. >n cases in /hich the percipient /as ta5en a#oar0 a sa&cer? a light $lashes an0 he is tol0 his pict&re has B&st #een ta5en. >n other instances? some o$ /hich ha+e alrea0y #een 0escri#e0? the entity approaches the /itness an0 s&00enly $lashes a light at him /hich ca&ses paralysis. 7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger /as among the +ery $e/ contact claimants /ho 0i0 not 0escri#e s&ch $lashes. >n trying to nail 0o/n the e.act chronological or0er o$ e+ents in the contactee e.perience? > $o&n0 that the /itnesses o#ser+e0 the $lash $irst an0 then they sa/ the entity approaching /ith some 5in0 o$ $lashlight. A secon0 $lash paraly6e0 them or ren0ere0 them &nconscio&s. -he phenomenon ta5es yet another $orm. -he /itness is stepping o&t his 0oor? or getting o&t o$ his a&tomo#ile? /hen there is a s&00en #&rst o$ light <li5e a $lash g&n going o$$.< %o photographer or camera is +isi#le. -here is no s&00en paralysis or ill e$$ects. -he /itness B&st scratches his hea0 in #e/il0erment an0 goes a#o&t his #&siness. Ao/e+er? those /ho see these $lashes ha+e &s&ally ha0 psychic e.periences pre+io&sly. -hey ha+e seen a = C? a monster? or a ghost? or they are gi$te0 /ith :(P or precognition. >n 19!7? > /as li+ing in one o$ those glass #&il0ings in Manhattan? part o$ a h&ge apartment comple.. > /as on a high $loor $acing an i0entical #&il0ing across a small par5? #&t > also ha0 a splen0i0 +ie/ o$ lo/er Manhattan. >n the e+enings /hile hammering a/ay at my type/riter in $ront o$ a /all-to-/all /in0o/? > #egan seeing 123

s&00en $lashes o$ #l&e light in the space #et/een the t/o #&il0ings. At $irst > ass&me0 there /as a photographer in the other #&il0ing* -hen > sa/ the same 5in0 o$ $lashes high in the air? $&rther 0o/n the a+en&e. > /atche0 them night a$ter night. 7hen $rien0s /ere in my apartment the $lashes seeme0 to stop. > tho&ght o$ them as <psychic $lashes< #eca&se +ery o$ten my phone /o&l0 ring imme0iately a$ter > sa/ one. "ater > mo+e0 to another apartment on the other si0e o$ to/n? /ith no real +ie/ o$ the s5y? altho&gh my st&0y $ace0 a small co&rtyar0 $a+ore0 #y $ighting cats an0 a $e/ scra/ny trees hopelessly #attling $or s&r+i+al. -here /ere no more psychic $lashes &ntil the s&mmer o$ 1971 ... B&st prior to a maBor change in my li$e. (&00enly there /ere #rilliant $lashes o&tsi0e my /in0o/? altho&gh there /ere no photographers? or people o$ any 5in0? in the co&rtyar0 or across the /ay. A co&ple o$ times > /ent 0o/n into the co&rtyar0 to see i$ > co&l0 $in0 o&t /hat /as ca&sing the $lashes #&t there /as no possi#le e.planation. A month later > /as calle0 to 7ashington? 1.C.? to ser+e as a cons&ltant to the 1epartment o$ Aealth? :0&cation? an0 7el$are. > /or5e0 in the Capital $or a year? hea0ing a special proBect &n0er :lliot 8ichar0son? then-secretary o$ A:7. > ha+enGt seen any o$ those $lashes since. 7ere they a part o$ some s&#tle programing processI My li$e has gone thro&gh many a#r&pt changes? an0 each maBor change has #een prece0e0 #y some $orm o$ ine.plica#le phenomena. >n o#ser+ing other /itnesses? this also seems to #e tr&e in their li+es. Are these things cl&es to a psychic $orce /hich controls &s allI -----------------------------


1' - (i0e/ays in -ime

> Eo& are 0ri+ing along a 0eserte0 high/ay late at night /hen s&00enly yo& see a $lash o$ light in the s5y ahea0. -he light 0ra/s nearer an0 a pec&liar $eeling o+erta5es yo&* a 5in0 o$ tingling sensation. Eo&r car ra0io? /hich is t&rne0 o$$? #egins to emit a lo&0 #eeping li5e Morse co0e. Eo&r hea0lights 0im an0 then yo&r engine sp&tters an0 stalls. Eo& coast to the si0e o$ the roa0? o+ercome #y a great /a+e o$ sheer terror. (&00enly it is morning. Eo& /a5e &p in yo&r o/n #e0 /ith a#sol&tely no memory o$ ha+ing 0ri+en home? &n0ressing? an0 retiring. 7hen yo& try to recall the night #e$ore? it all seems ha6y an0 &nreal. May#e it /as all a 0ream? yo& tell yo&rsel$. B&t yo& $eel e.ha&ste0? as i$ yo& ha0 #een on a 0r&n5en #inge an0 yo&r eyes are +ery sore. 7ithin a $e/ 0ays yo& ha+e $orgotten the /hole inci0ent? i$ it /as a real inci0ent? #&t occasionally yo& /a5e &p at night s/eating pro$&sely $rom a rec&rrent nightmare. Eo& 0ream that yo& are in some 5in0 o$ hospital operating room /ith strange $ig&res gathere0 aro&n0 yo&r o&tstretche0 #o0y. -ho&san0s o$ people ha+e share0 this 5in0 o$ e.perience in recent years. >t may ha+e happene0 to yo&r ne.t-0oor neigh#or e+en tho&gh he or she has ne+er mentione0 it to yo& ... or to anyone else. (&ch people are <silent contactees.< Cthers tra+eling that same high/ay may ha+e seen that same light an0 e+en reporte0 it to the local police or ne/spapers. B&t the silent contactee remains &ncertain o$ the reality o$ it all an0 5eeps D&iet. or e+ery p&#licly 5no/n contactee li5e 7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger there are tho&san0s o$ silent ones. (ome later manage to recall $ragments o$ /hat happene0 an0 then their min0 plays tric5s an0 colors /hat they can remem#er /ith $alse 0etails ... con$a#&lations. -he terror they $elt #ecomes lin5e0 /ith a/esome monsters an0 apparitions. -he operating room #ecomes a cham#er on a spacecra$t. "i5e all the other things 0isc&sse0 here? this is not a ne/ phenomenon. Blac5 magicians? /itch 0octors? ari0 shamans o$ other ages e+ol+e0 e.planations as $anci$&l as those o$ mo0ern = C #&$$s. -hey tho&ght spirits 5i0nappe0 h&mans an0 someho/ 0ismantle0 their #o0ies an0 reconstr&cte0 them? or e+en create0 an e.act 0&plicate in some $ashion. -he changeling concept in religio&s an0 occ&lt lore is a +ariation o$ this. (mall chil0ren are s&ppose0ly /his5e0 a/ay an0 s&#stit&te0 /ith #o0ies that loo5 B&st li5e them #&t are really programe0 in an entirely 0i$$erent /ay. A person /ho consorte0 /ith the 0e+il s&ppose0ly ha0 a mar5 some/here on his $lesh as a so&+enir o$ the e.perience. A mo0ern = C contactee 0e+elops these <0e+ilGs mar5s?< sometimes in the $orm o$ a /art or #oil? sometimes a rash or #lotch that loo5s li5e a #irthmar5. >n occ&lt lore? pains in the stomach or solar ple.&s occ&r 0&ring the e.perience? B&st as = C contactee Mrs. Barney Aill tho&ght the spacemen /ere pro#ing her stomach /ith a long nee0le. Bloo0 is 0ra/n $rom the chin? nec5? or the tips o$ the $ingers an0 the a$$ecte0 areas remain sore $or se+eral 0ays a$ter/ar0. A n&m#er 125

o$ contactees ha+e ha0 a re00ish mar5 on the si0e o$ their nec5? B&st #elo/ the ear? an0 recalle0 that an entity ha0 to&che0 them there ca&sing them to pass o&t. A $e/ contactees ha+e claime0 that the entities simply scrape0 their arms /ith some 5in0 o$ instr&ment an0 apparently remo+e0 a $e/ cells <$or st&0y.< Act&ally each cell o$ yo&r #o0y contains the ela#orate memory system calle0 the genetic co0e. >$ someone /ante0 to constr&ct a 0&plicate o$ yo&? an0 ha0 the necessary technology? they /o&l0 nee0 only a cell or t/o $rom yo&r #o0y. Cr a sample o$ yo&r #loo0 might 0o it. >t is? o$ co&rse? really impossi#le to tell /hat is act&ally going on $rom these meager cl&es. -he memory o$ the contactees is &nrelia#leH the phenomenon 0eli#erately sets &p $alse trails an0 creates mani$estations 0esigne0 to s&pport the #elie$s o$ $alse $rames o$ re$erence. By 0ra/ing #loo0 conspic&o&sly $rom a $e/ people /ho let their stories #e 5no/n? they esta#lish an e.planation $or the tho&san0 o$ 0ea0 animals /ho ha+e their #loo0 0raine0 0&ring $lap perio0s. 7e #lame the 0e+il? +ampires? or space people. %othing in the paranormal /orl0 is as it seems. "et &s e.amine three 0i$$erent cases o$ = C contact? each #elonging to a 0i$$erent category? #&t all pro#a#ly ca&se0 #y the same cosmic mechanism. -he $irst is the story o$ :&genio (irag&sa? the >talian contactee /ho is the center o$ a gro/ing c&lt. 314 > ha+e chosen him rather /himsically #eca&se /e share the same #irth 0ate. Ae /as #orn on March 25? 1919. > /as #orn on March 25? 193,. AereGs a s&mmary o$ his story in his o/n /or0s. > /as 33 years ol0 ... an0 $or the reD&irements o$ my Bo#? > /as &p +ery early that morning. Aa+ing arri+e0 at the <Martyrs (D&are?< > /as /aiting $or the #&s as &s&al /hen s&00enly? > spotte0 in the s5y? a 5in0 o$ l&mino&s o#Bect o$ a /hite merc&rial color? /hich 6ig6agge0 +ery rapi0ly. -his l&minosity contin&e0 to intensi$yH it approache0 an0 > sa/ an o#Bect similar to a spinning top /hich stoppe0 a#o+e me. > a0mit that > /as petri$ie0. 7hat co&l0 this o#Bect #eI A /a+e o$ tho&ghts $lo/e0 into my min0 /hen s&00enly? a #rilliant ray le$t the o#Bect an0 str&c5 me? it pierce0 me completely? /hile an in0escri#a#le serenity $lo/e0 into me. =pon that all my $ear le$t me an0 a moment later? the #rilliant ray #ecame thinner an0 0isappeare0? as i$ a#sor#e0 #y the machine? B&st li5e the spot on a tele+ision set /hen it is t&rne0 o$$. As the ray 0isappeare0? this o#Bect? /hich > later &n0erstoo0 to #e one o$ these <$lying sa&cers?< #egan to mo+e an0 le$t an arc in the s5y #e$ore 0isappearing. 7hen > p&lle0 mysel$ together? > rapi0ly 0isco+ere0 more an0 more that something e.traor0inary ha0 happene0 to me* a sort o$ re-0imension o$ my personality? my +oice e+en change0 to a gentle tone. :+er since then an inner +oice has #eg&n to instr&ct me on geology an0 cosmologyH it opene0 my min0 to the mysteries o$ Creation an0 o$ my $ormer li+es. -his re0imension o$ my e.istence /as possi#le than5s to contin&e0 :(P contacts /hich /ere esta#lishe0 #et/een certain :.traterrestrians an0 mysel$. -his e.trasensory perception 12!

/as contin&ally 0e+eloping /ithin meH it laste0 11 long years #e$ore > co&l0 act&ally? physically meet my e.traterrestrial instr&ctors. Cne 0ay? at last > ha0 my $irst meeting /ith them. Aere is #rie$ly ho/ these e+ents &n$ol0e0* ---M1N C.:.J. .C.? 12? me 0es Bossons? 1213 C%:L? @ene+a? (/it6erlan0. ---Cne night? in 19!2? > s&00enly $elt the nee0 to go on the :tna 3(icilian +olcano /hich o+erloo5s Catalina4. > got into my car an0 0ro+e o$$. Cn my /ay > ha0 the 0istinct sensation that instea0 o$ it #eing me? it /as the car /hich /as g&i0e0 #y a s&perior $orce. As > /as /in0ing &p the mo&ntain? > approache0 Mo&nt Man$re at an altit&0e o$ 137, meters. A$ter ha+ing stoppe0 my car on the si0e o$ the roa0? > contin&e0 #y $oot along a path /hich le0 &p to an e.tinct crater. > ha0 gone &p hal$ /ay on this steep path /hen > s&00enly sa/ on top o$ the hill? in the 0ar5ness? t/o silho&ettes stan0ing o&t in the moonlight /ith shining sil+er space s&its. -hey /ere tall? /ell #&ilt? /ith #lon0 hair /hich $ell o+er their sho&l0ers. -hey /ore #rilliant armlets aro&n0 their /rists an0 an5les /hich ha0 the color o$ gol0H they also /ore a l&mino&s #elt aro&n0 their /aist? an0 a strange metallic plate on their chests. 7hen > sa/ them? my #loo0 $ro6e an0 > $elt a col0 s/eat $lo/ o&t o$ me. > ha0 hope0 $or this moment $or ele+en years? #&t as the spot /as isolate0? the noct&rnal o#sc&rity an0 s&00en meeting /ere not sit&ations /hich /o&l0 gi+e me co&rage. Cne o$ the :.traterrestrians then 0irecte0 a green light to/ar0s me? /hich /as proBecte0 #y an o#Bect he ha0 in his han0. >nstantly a strange sensation calme0 me an0 ga+e me an in0escri#a#le serenityH my heart /hich in the #eginning seeme0 to e.plo0e in my chest? set itsel$ to thro# reg&larly. "oo5ing at their t/o $aces enlightene0 #y the moon? > co&l0 a0mire their so$t $eat&res an0 their a&stere an0 serene loo5. (&00enly? one o$ them spo5e to me in >talian* <7e ha+e #een /aiting $or yo&?< he tol0 me. <8ecor0 in yo&r memory /hat /e are going to tell yo&<H they ga+e me a message to sen0 to the go+ernors an0 the responsi#le o$ the earth. >n this message there /as the <repriman0ing< /arning to all those responsi#le? to stop the atomic e.plosions as /ell as to grant h&manity the /ell-#eing o$ tr&e progress? #&t /ith J&stice? ree0om? "o+e an0 raternity. ollo/ing this meeting? /e ha0 se+eral con+ersations 0&ring other meetingsH > /as tol0 that they are part o$ an >nter-@alactic Con$e0eration? to /hich a0here the inha#itants o$ many planets. -hey are the t&tors o$ h&man 5in0? incl&0ing o&r planet. 7e sho&l0 consi0er them as th&s li5e #ig #rothers /ho are concerne0 a#o&t the #a0 t&rning /e ha+e ta5en? ma5ing &s ris5 to #ring the &se o$ the atomic #om#. -hey come all this /ay to &s to /arn &s in time o$ the 0anger /e are hea0ing into? #eca&se the Cosmic Co&nsel con0emns the people o$ :arth $or their inh&man #eha+ior* the people to /hich the tr&th is hi00en? are go+erne0 #y liesH shame$&l crimes are consi0ere0 acts o$ heroismH +iolence #ecomes a necessityH racial hatre0 appears as a normal thing to o&r ci+ili6ationH religion has #een 0e$orme0 an0 #ro&ght to $anaticism....


-hen one 0ay? on a stern tone an0 /ith 0eep sa0ness in their +oices? they tol0 me* <A highly e+ol+e0 h&manity sen0s to yo& astrona&ts an0 missionaries $rom a 0istance o$ se+eral light years to enlighten yo& on the nat&re o$ yo&r e.istence? #&t >nstea0 o$ #eing than5$&l $or their e$$orts? yo& ignore them an0 moc5 all the teachings they #ring to yo&H 5no/ that an e+ol&tion /hich has $aile0 is a planetarian catastrophe? an0 this /ill #e the ine+ita#le conseD&ences o$ yo&r acts.< -hey then a00e0* <>n a past li$e? e+ery one o$ yo& has /or5e0 to/ar0s the esta#lishment o$ the ci+ili6ation /hich e.ists to0ayH yo& ha+e all colla#orate0 in participating in the 0e+elopment o$ h&manity. =n0erstan0 that yo& are preparing yo&rsel+es to0ay9 As t&tors o$ yo&r 5in0? /e can 0o nothing else #&t con0emn yo&r actsH 5no/ this* yo& are rigoro&sly s&per+ise0 #y a s&perior race /ho /ill ne+er permit yo& to come to the 0isaster o$ a Gn&clear /ar.G< Mr. (irag&sa /as reprograme0 in the classic manner o$ all $anatics? an0 he has #een &se0 to 0isseminate propagan0a co&che0 in terms &n0erstan0a#le an0 accepta#le to &s. -he messages incl&0e re$erences to reincarnation? politics? an0 religion? #&t not /ithin the lo$tier intellect&al $rame/or5 o$ some alien <s&perior c&lt&re.< >nstea0 o$ telling &s things /e 0o not 5no/? they tell &s the things /e /ant to hear an0 #elie+e. C&r o/n $ear o$ n&clear annihilation /as epi0emic in the 195,s an0 early 19!,s. (o many o$ the = C messages o$ the perio0 /ere stern /arnings a#o&t o&r mis&se o$ atomic energy. As o&r o/n paranoia s&#si0e0? so 0i0 these threats $rom o&ter space. >> -he most /i0ely p&#lici6e0 = C contact o$ Ccto#er 1973 /as also the least important. -/o $ishermen in Pascago&la? Mississippi? s&$$ere0 a rather ro&tine hall&cination /hich h&rle0 them onto national tele+ision an0 attracte0 the attention o$ = C-philes? crac5pots? an0 astronomers. -he case has #een so /i0ely 0isc&sse0 that > /ill B&st s&mmari6e it +ery #rie$ly here. <>t is my opinion that he tol0 the tr&th /hen he state0 that he #elie+es he sa/ a spaceship? that he /as ta5en into the spaceship? an0 that he sa/ three creat&res?< (cott @lasgo/? a %e/ Crleans polygraph 3lie 0etector4 specialist 0eclare0 a$ter e.amining Charles Aic5son in Ccto#er 1973. 1r. J. Allen Ayne5? an astronomer? also inter+ie/e0 Aic5son an0 his $rien0 Cal+in Par5er. <-here is no D&estion in my min0 that these men ha+e ha0 a terri$ying e.perience?< Ayne5 state0. <=n0er no circ&mstances sho&l0 they #e ri0ic&le0. "etGs protect these men.< Aic5son? $orty-t/o? an0 Par5er? eighteen? /o&l0 nee0 all the protection they co&l0 get. -he t/o men ha0 #een $ishing $rom a pier on the Pascago&la 8i+er /hen at ; P.M. on Ccto#er 11? 1973H they hear0 a lo&0 p&lsing? h&mming so&n0. -hen they sa/ a #rilliant $lic5ering #l&e light mo+ing o+er the /ater to/ar0 them.


Both men #ecame paraly6e0. <> $elt immo#ili6e0?< Aic5son sai0 later. <> co&l0nGt mo+e. B&t > 5no/ > /as scare0 to 0eath.< As the light 0re/ closer it too5 on an egg-shape0 appearance. Eo&ng Par5er lost conscio&sness? $ainting 0ea0 a/ay? so the t/o-/itness sighting no/ #ecame a one/itness e+ent. Aic5son sai0 t/o $i+e-$oot-tall #eings came o&t o$ the o#Bect. -hey /ere grayish /ith /rin5le0 s5in? no nec5s? pointe0 ears? an0 cra#li5e cla/s. -hey pic5e0 &p the t/o men E"It !as like 9ust floating in the air"F an0 carrie0 them into the o#Bect /here "a big eye," some/here #et/een the si6e o$ a large so$t#all an0 a #as5et#all? mo+e0 o+er their #o0ies? apparently st&0ying them. -hen they /ere 0eposite0 #ac5 on the ri+er pier to the e.act spot /here they ha0 #een pic5e0 &p. 7hen the light /ith0re/? the t/o men came to their senses an0 ran in terror to the local sheri$$Gs o$$ice. ollo/ing their e.perience? Aic5son an0 Par5er s&$$ere0 #lin0ing hea0aches. "6t first, those dreams I had !as a!ful," Charlie Aic5son tol0 %BC %e/s reporter 8alph Bl&m? "and the headaches !as so bad(like a pressure on my skull." -he 0ay a$ter the inci0ent a small /o&n0 opene0 &p on Aic5sonGs arm an0 #le0 pro$&sely $or a $e/ ho&rs. -hen it close0 B&st as mysterio&sly as it ha0 come. -he pier $rom /hich the men /ere $ishing /as &n0er s&r+eillance #y a -) system at a na+al installation across the ri+er. -he men monitoring the system sa/ nothing &n&s&al that night. -hey /ere also in $&ll +ie/ o$ a near#y 0ra/#ri0ge? an0 the toll#ooths $or a neigh#oring high/ay. -he men manning those positions 0i0 not see anything &n&s&al on the ri+er. -hey sa/ no lightsH a00itional proo$ that the episo0e /as hall&cinatory. 8alph Bl&m learne0 another interesting $act /hen he as5e0 Aic5son /hy he /as not carrying a /atch. <%e+er co&l0. People sai0 > ha0 electricity?< Aic5son e.plaine0. <-o gi+e yo& an e.ample? #e$ore > /ent into ser+ice? > trie0 t/o or three /rist /atches. B&t they /o&l0nGt 5eep time on me. -heyG0 either lose time? or gain time. Cr theyG0 B&st stop. ... > ne+er 0i0 $in0 one that /o&l0 5eep correct time. > e+en trie0 :lgins? these railroa0 poc5et /atchesI An0 they 0onGt 5eep correct time. (o > 0onGt tote a /atch.< C#+io&sly Mr. Aic5sonGs physical ma5e&p incl&0es some &n5no/n #&t not &nhear0 o$ $orce /hich inter$eres /ith /atches. Ae co&l0 #e s&rro&n0e0 #y that special energy $iel0 or a&ra /hich attracts = C-type phenomena. Cal+in Par5er /as B&st &n$ort&nate eno&gh to #e present /hen the phenomenon 6eroe0 in on Aic5son. (ince the light /as not operating on his alpha /a+e $reD&ency? Par5er /asnGt entrance0 ... he /as 5noc5e0 &nconscio&s. Aic5son entere0 a hypnoticli5e trance an0 hall&cinate0. Besi0es all the press attention? cran5 phone calls? an0 atten0ing nonsense? Cal+in Par5er s&$$ere0 a ner+o&s #rea50o/n. Eet? 0espite the &proar in Pascago&la? the men /ere ne+er properly in+estigate0 #y D&ali$ie0 persons ... asi0e $rom the air $orce. A hy0ra&lic engineer $rom Ber5eley +isite0 them? hypnoti6e0 them? an0 /hen they #egan to reli+e their terri#le $ear he c&t the session short. A$ter/ar0 he so#erly in$orme0 129

reporters that he /as certain the men ha0 #een e.amine0 #y "robots from outer space." -he air $orce in+estigation /as another story. 1ep&ty -om A&ntley accompanie0 the t/o men to the Keesler Air orce Base. "When !e got there it !as something," A&ntley tol0 8alph Bl&m a$ter/ar0. "We !ere in an unmarked car but the guards !ere e1pecting us and !aved us through the moment I said !ho !e !ere. I looked back through my rear7vie! mirror, and damn if t!o cars full of air police hadn't fallen in behind us. They had more air police stationed at each crossing all along the road. We pulled up in this concrete area behind a building. The police had halted all traffic. ,octors !ere !aiting, and man, they looked like space creatures(all !rapped in !hite and masked and gloved. They !ent over 0harlie and 0alvin from head to toe. They ran a radioactive check. They s!abbed bet!een the boys' fingers, along the tops of their shoes, even under the heels. Then they put each s!ab into a little bottle and labeled each bottle." >t /as clear the air $orce 0octors 5ne/ /hat they /ere 0oing an0 ha0 pro#a#ly 0one it many times #e$ore. A$ter the e.amination /as complete0? A&ntley? Aic5son? an0 Par5er /ere escorte0 to another #&il0ing. <>t /as something?< A&ntley sai0. <Arme0 air police at each 0oor an0 all along the ro&te9 o&r o$ Gem in the con$erence room9 An0 the #rassFcolonels? maBorsFthe /hole #ase comman0 m&st ha+e #een there. An0 a heap o$ 0octors.< -he men /ere closely interrogate0 $or se+eral min&tes. (ome o$ the D&estions as5e0 /ere i0entical to the D&estions > as5e0 in my o/n inter+ie/s. Q&estions a#o&t 0iet 3some contactees seem to $a+or a high starch 0iet4? mar5s or p&nct&res? on their #o0ies? $amily history? etc. -he intrig&ing part o$ this is the e.tensi+e sec&rity meas&res ta5en. >t so&n0s as i$ the /hole #ase ha0 #een p&t on alert $or the occasion? an0 the t/o contactees /ere so closely g&ar0e0 0&ring their +isit that it seems as i$ the air $orce e.pecte0 them to #lo/ &p the #ase. -o me? this Keesler Air orce Base in+estigation /as $ar more interesting than the = C contact itsel$. Perhaps someone in the air $orce ha0 rea0 my 19!7-!; articles in lying (a&cer 8e+ie/ a0+ising in+estigators to <$in0 o&t /hat they ha0 $or #rea5$ast< >>> 7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger regar0e0 the &$ona&ts as <time tra+elers.< Ae note0 some interesting 0istortions o$ time 0&ring his Ba&nts to the $ar-o$$ gala.y o$ @anyme0e 3act&ally @anyme0e is the name o$ one o$ J&piterGs moons4. 7hen he /ent o$$ on a trip /ith >n0ri0 Col0? a trip that seeme0 to ta5e ho&rs or 0ays? he al/ays $o&n0 on his ret&rn that only a $e/ ho&rs o$ earth time ha0 passe0. Ae reBecte0 the notion that he may ha+e hall&cinate0 his interstellar +oyages? so time-tra+eling /as the only ans/er accepta#le to him. 13,

>n many o$ the cases o&tline0 here > ha+e pointe0 o&t the entitiesG o#session /ith time. -heir #eha+ior as 0escri#e0 #y +ario&s /itnesses $&rther s&ggests their pro#lems in a0B&sting to o&r time $rame. or e.ample? their rapi0-$ire &nintelligi#le <lang&age< note0 #y /itnesses all o+er the /orl0 as so&n0ing li5e <a spee0e0 &p phonograph recor0< co&l0 #e ca&se0 #y their $ail&re to a0B&st to o&r time cycle /hen they enter? o&r space-time-contin&&m. -hey are tal5ing at a $aster rate #eca&se their time is 0i$$erent $rom o&rs. 7hen they manage to a0B&st? they ha+e to $orci#ly slo/ themsel+es 0o/n? artic&lating their /or0s slo/ly? in a singsong manner. or highspee0 ra0io transmissions /e recor0 signals at a normal spee0? then #roa0cast the tape at a +ery high spee0. -he recei+er recor0s it at the same high spee0 an0 then slo/s the tape 0o/n again to play it #ac5. C&r entities are li5e those ra0io recei+ers? playing #ac5 the message at slo/ spee0s &ntil they hit &pon a spee0 /e can interpret. -he entities also $o&l &p in other /ays. -hey arri+e in clothes that are o&t o$ style? or not yet in style. -heir +ehicles are o&t o$ 0ate. >$ they &se slang? they might come &p /ith archaic terms li5e <t/enty-three (5i0oo< or <h&##a h&##a.< -he poor #astar0s not only $ail to &n0erstan0 /ho or /hat they are? #&t also /here they are or /hat time perio0 theyGre in. (ome o$ these mista5es seem intentional an0 ha+e some allegorical p&rpose. B&t others seem to #e B&st... mista5es. -his #rings &s to one o$ the most p&66ling contact stories in my $iles. At 1*15 A.M. on the morning o$ (&n0ay? 1ecem#er 1,? 19!7? a yo&ng college st&0ent $rom A0elphi? Marylan0? /as 0ri+ing home alone o&tsi0e o$ 7ashington? 1.C. As he /as crossing the then-partially complete0 c&to$$ on >nterstate 7,? lea0ing $rom 8o&te ', to 8o&te 29? he sa/ a large o#Bect on the roa0 0irectly ahea0. At $irst he tho&ght it /as a tractor-trailer Bac55ni$e0 across the roa0. -hen he reali6e0 it /as a #one-/hite re$lecti+e o#Bect shape0 li5e an egg an0 stan0ing on $o&r legs. As he p&lle0 to a stop a $e/ $eet $rom the o#Bect he co&l0 ma5e o&t t/o $ig&res stan0ing ne.t to the thing. -heir appearance terri$ie0 him. Cne o$ the men /al5e0 to his car /ith a #roa0 grin on his $ace. Ae /as a#o&t $i+e $eet ten? /ore light #l&e co+eralls? thic5-sole0 #oots or shoes? an0 he ha0 a r&00y or s&ntanne0 comple.ion /ith large eyes <li5e thyroi0 eyes.< -he grin remaine0 $i.e0 on his $ace thro&gho&t the episo0e. ",o not be afraid of me," he sai0 se+eral times in an a&0i#le +oice. Ais name? he sai0? /as )a0ig. Ae spo5e /ith -om? the /itness? $or se+eral min&tes? as5ing or0inary D&estions a#o&t /here he /as $rom? /here he /as going? /hat he 0i0? etc. inally he sai0 pointe0ly? "I'll see you in time," an0 /al5e0 #ac5 to the o#Bect. A small 0oor opene0 an0 a metal la00er $ol0e0 0o/n. A han0 reache0 o&t an0 helpe0 )a0ig a#oar0? then the thing rose silently into the air an0 0isappeare0. -om tol0 his three roommates a#o&t the enco&nter? #&t they 0i0nGt ta5e him serio&sly so he 0i0nGt mention it to anyone else.


-om /as /or5ing his /ay thro&gh school #y ser+ing as a /aiter part-time in a chain o$ resta&rants in the 1.C. area Ae ha0 not mentione0 this to )a0ig. B&t one (&n0ay night in early e#r&ary 19!;? )a0ig entere0 the resta&rant /here he /as /or5ing an0 sat at one o$ his ta#les. )a0ig /as no/ /earing a con+entional s&it /ith a #lac5 o&ter coat. <1o yo& remem#er meI< )a0ig as5e0. "I sure do." -om ans/ere0? +ery s&rprise0. -hey e.change0 a $e/ /or0s an0 -om #ro&ght him a c&p o$ co$$ee. <My presence here /o&l0 #e 0etrimental to the $amily tra0e?< )a0ig sai0 at one point /ith a ch&c5le. Ae as5e0 -om i$ he /o&l0 #e /illing to meet /ith him the $ollo/ing (&n0ay. -om agree0 an0 )a0ig le$t the resta&rant. <>Gll see yo& in time?< he promise0. A$ter /or5 the ne.t (&n0ay? a /aitress 0ro+e -om home an0 0roppe0 him o$$. As she p&lle0 a/ay? a #ig #lac5 car /ith its lights o&t gli0e0 $rom the sha0o/s an0 halte0 at the c&r#. Mr. )a0ig calle0 o&t to -om. Another man /as in the car. -om later recalle0 only that he /ore a gray coat? ha0 #lac5 hair? an0 ne+er spo5e. -om got into the car. <>t /as a +ery ol0 B&ic5?< he reporte0. <B&t it /as +ery /ell 5ept. >t loo5e0 #ran0ne/. >t e+en smelle0 #ran0-ne/.< -hey 0ro+e $or a#o&t thirty min&tes to a remote spot on a #ac5 roa0 in Marylan0. 7hen -om got o&t o$ the car he /as astonishe0 to see the egg-shape0 o#Bect /aiting $or them. Ae /as p&t into a circ&lar room containing nothing #&t a co&ple o$ #&c5et seats an0 a gray -) screen. )a0ig an0 his companion 0isappeare0 into another part o$ the ship. A$ter a $e/ min&tes the -) screen came ali+e? the o#Bect sh&00ere0? an0 -om /atche0 the image o$ the earth rece0ing to a tiny spec5 on the screen. -hree or $o&r ho&rs passe0. Ae /as still 0resse0 in his /aiterGs &ni$orm an0 0i0 not ha+e a /atch. B&t it seeme0 li5e ho&rs #e$ore another planet appeare0 on the screen? gre/ larger? an0 then the cra$t lan0e0 /ith a th&mp. -he yo&ng /aiter $o&n0 himsel$ in a place not too &nli5e the earth. Ae an0 )a0ig got into a /heelless +ehicle that tra+ele0 along a 5in0 o$ tro&gh. "This is 4anulos," )a0ig anno&nce0 /ith pri0e in his +oice. Ae repeate0 the name se+eral times so it /o&l0 stic5 in -omGs memory.


-heir +ehicle tra+ele0 thro&gh a large city /ith lo/? $lat #&il0ings an0 signs /ritten in some 5in0 o$ Criental-loo5ing characters. -he people? male an0 $emale? /ere all n&0e. <-here /ere some real loo5ers there? too?< -om commente0. A$ter the to&r? they ret&rne0 to the egg-shape0 cra$t an0 too5 o$$ again. -om sat alone in the same circ&lar room /atching the tele+ision screen $or ho&rs. inally they arri+e0 #ac5 on earth at the same place $rom /hich they ha0 le$t. -om? )a0ig? an0 the silent man ret&rne0 to the ol0 B&ic5 an0 0ro+e $or a#o&t thirty min&tes &ntil they reache0 his apartment ho&se. "I'll see you in time," )a0ig 0eclare0? then the car 0ro+e o$$. -om ran into his apartment? 0etermine0 to /a5e &p his roommates an0 tell them o$ his a0+ent&re. Ae $o&n0 they /ere sitting &p? /aiting $or him. B&t /hat ama6e0 him most /as the cloc5 on the /all. -he /aitress ha0 0roppe0 him o$$ aro&n0 mi0night. %o/ it /as only 1*3, A.M. -he /hole trip? incl&0ing the thirty-min&te ri0es to an0 $rom the = C? ha0 ta5en less than t/o ho&rs9 Ais e.citement an0 #e/il0erment /ere real an0 his roommates too5 him serio&sly this time. A month later? 7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger +isite0 7ashington an0 appeare0 on a n&m#er o$ tal5 sho/s. -om /as sleeping /hen one o$ his roommates #&rst into his #e0room e.claiming, "Tom, there's a guy on the radio talking about 4anulos/" All $o&r /ere $la##ergaste0 to hear 7oo0y 0escri#e e.periences +ery similar to -omGs. -hey calle0 the ra0io station an0 spo5e to him a$ter the program. By sheer coinci0ence? > /as in 7ashington at the time an0 agree0 to go /ith 7oo0y /hen he inter+ie/e0 the yo&ng man. B&t > sternly /arne0 1eren#erger an0 his /i$e not to as5 any lea0ing D&estions. %at&rally? > s&specte0 the /hole thing /as some 5in0 o$ p&t-on. :ither -om an0 7oo0y /ere in cahoots? or -om? /ho /as a psychology maBor? /as /or5ing on a paper a#o&t the g&lli#le = C #&$$s? > tho&ght. >t D&ic5ly #ecame apparent that -om an0 his roommates /ere D&ite sincere. -hey /ere too in+ol+e0 in their st&0ies to rea0 = C literat&re an0? in any case? some o$ the 0etails in -omGs story co&l0 not #e $o&n0 in any o$ the s&per$icial = C lore. > $inally ha0 to concl&0e -om /as on the le+el. Ae /as not loo5ing $or p&#licity an0 > 0eci0e0 > /o&l0 not /rite &p his story. Ao/e+er? 7oo0y tol0 others a#o&t him 3> thin5 e+en 7oo0y /as s&rprise0 #y s&ch 0irect con$irmation o$ his o/n e.periences4 an0 some 7ashington = C enth&siasts con+ince0 -om he sho&l0 re+eal his a0+ent&re to the /orl0. -/o years later he lect&re0 #e$ore a = C cl&# an0 appeare0 on "ong JohnGs ra0io program in %e/ Eor5.


(ince he ha0 chosen to come o&t p&#licly? > $inally 0e+ote0 a paragraph to him in one o$ my #oo5s. A$ter the #oo5 /as p&#lishe0? -om /rote me an angry letter. :+er since those appearances ... > ha+e #een pestere0 an0 plag&e0 #y a hor0e o$ 5oo5s. -hey call? /rite? stop to +isit? etc. -hey 0ro+e me cra6y. (ome o$ my +ery close $rien0s #egan to a0+ise me o$ the 0angers to my rep&tation that these types o$ in0i+i0&als /ere posing. > 0eci0e0 to tell them all once an0 $or all that > 0esire0 no more p&#lic contact. ... Altho&gh the e.periences > ha0 /ere completely tr&e? > sometimes /ish > ha0 ne+er re+eale0 them to anyone. -he only reason > ma0e them 5no/n /as #eca&se > tho&ght > co&l0 help to +eri$y an0 help &nco+er some o$ the mystery that shro&0s the = C phenomenon. ... > sho&l0 ha+e 5ept my mo&th sh&t li5e > ha0 planne0 to /hen yo& $irst inter+ie/e0 me. -om marrie0 a #ea&ti$&l girl an0 she 0i0nGt learn o$ his /eir0 meetings /ith )a0ig &ntil months a$ter the ceremony. "i5e so many others #e$ore him? mysel$ incl&0e0? he learne0 that the only thing more #i6arre than the phenomenon itsel$ is the &nr&ly mo# o$ tr&e #elie+ers? cran5s? an0 irresponsi#le sel$-style0 in+estigators /ho p&rs&e the s&#BectH moths attracte0 to the $lame. -hey tormente0 Charles Aic5son an0 Cal+in Par5er in 1973? B&st as they ha0 arri+e0 #y the carloa0 in Point Pleasant in 19!7. ------------------------------


15 - Misery on the Mo&nt

> 1aniel 1rasin /as a#o&t eighteen /hen he $ilme0 a riot in %e/ Eor5Gs 7ashington (D&are? title0 it (&n0ay? an0 /on a n&m#er o$ motion-pict&re a/ar0s. %o/ still in his mi0-t/enties? han0some? D&iet-spo5en? intelligent? an0 percepti+e? he /as /ell into a promising career in the $ilm in0&stry. -he 7est )irginia = C 0oc&mentary /as an important #rea5 $or him an0 he pl&nge0 into the proBect /ith a mi.t&re o$ a/e an0 enth&siasm. As > /as on my /ay to 7ashington? 1.C.? $rom Point Pleasant? he /as hea0e0 in the other 0irection /ith a s5eleton cre/ hoping to get some a&thentic mo+ies o$ those $&nny lights in the s5y. 7hen > reache0 7ashington > par5e0 my car on Connectic&t A+en&e? one o$ the main thoro&gh$ares? in #roa0 0aylight $or a $e/ min&tes. (ome o$ my clothes an0 camera cases /ere in the #ac5 seat so > care$&lly loc5e0 the 0oors. 7hile > /as gone someone smashe0 in the +ent on the si0e /in0o/ an0 ro##e0 my car. -hey le$t #ehin0 my clothes an0 some o$ my cameras. -hey too5 my #rie$case? tape recor0er an0 all my note#oo5s? e.pose0 $ilms? tape0 inter+ie/s /ith /itnesses? cheap telescope an0 other items /ith little or no +al&e to anyone e.cept me. (trangely? they ha0 remo+e0 my <irreplacea#le a00ress< #oo5 $rom one o$ the cases an0 le$t it on the seat. > calle0 the police. 7hen they $inally arri+e0 their attit&0e /as not +ery sympathetic. Anyone /ho /o&l0 lea+e anything plainly +isi#le in a loc5e0 car at 2 P.M. on a main street in 7ashington /as plainly a $ool? or so they s&ggeste0. My pro#lems /ere minor compare0 to 1anGs? ho/e+er. Ae /as seeing plenty o$ aerial lights #&t his #attery-po/ere0 cameras mal$&nctione0 /hen he trie0 to photograph them. inally? he tho&ght he ha0 manage0 to get some $ootage. -hen the precio&s $ilms /ere later acci0entally r&ine0 in a processing la# #ac5 in %e/ Eor5. Mem#ers o$ his cre/ #egan to ha+e tro&#les /ith their telephones? an0 a $emale pro0&ction assistant /as a/a5ene0 one night in her apartment in Broo5lyn #y a lo&0 #eeping noise. (he got &p? loo5e0 o&t the /in0o/? an0 sa/ a large l&mino&s sphere ho+ering 0irectly o&tsi0e her #&il0ing. 1&ring his secon0 +isit to Point Pleasant 1an &nco+ere0 some Mothman /itnesses > ha0 misse0. An0 he also came across some more #a$$ling Men-in-Blac5-type reports. People &p in the #ac5 hills ha0 #een seeing mysterio&s &nmar5e0 panel tr&c5s /hich sometimes par5e0 $or ho&rs in remote spots. -here seeme0 to #e se+eral o$ these tr&c5s in the area an0 the r&mor /as that they #elonge0 to the air $orce. Men in neat co+eralls /ere seen mon5eying /ith telephone an0 po/er lines #&t no one D&estione0 them. A /oman li+ing alone on an isolate0 islan0 north o$ )anco&+er? British Col&m#ia? Cana0a? ha0 t/o c&rio&s enco&nters /ith the same 5in0 o$ #eings. (he ha0 mo+e0 into a tiny one-room ca#in on Keats >slan0 in Ccto#er 19!7 an0 /as soon seeing = C lights nightly. Cn Jan&ary 29? 19!;? $ollo/ing a close sighting o$ <a long 0ar5 #o0y /ith 0im re0 an0 yello/ lights at #oth en0s?< she /as s&rprise0 #y t/o +isitors. Both /ore 135

<neat? 0ar5 co+eralls< an0 claime0 to #e employees o$ the hy0roelectric company. -hey o$$ere0 to help her p&t &p a sto+epipe. -he yo&nger o$ the t/o clim#e0 on the roo$ o$ her ca#in /hile the other han0e0 him the pipes. "I could hear the man on the ground directing him and the one on the roof !ould ans!er, '3es, Master.'< A$ter the pipe /as installe0? the pair Boine0 her $or tea. -hey seeme0 <a little sti$$.< 7hen they le$t she /on0ere0 ho/ they ha0 5no/n she /as there #eca&se "the cabin couldn't be seen from the road GandH the stove !as out !hen they arrived, so there !as no smoke from the chimney." Cn May 2? she again enco&ntere0 t/o men. <Cne /as the G#ossG Ay0ro man in his neat co+eralls?< she reporte0. 314 <-he other /as a 0i$$erent? yo&nger man o$ a#o&t 192,. As > entere0 the path? the #oss man in0icate0 /ith his han0 $or the yo&ng man to get #ehin0 him. -hey got /ell o$$ the path an0 /aite0 $or me? the yo&ng man a little #ehin0 his #oss. -he $ello/ stare0 at me as i$ > /as some 5in0 o$ $rea5 ....< ---M1N Cana0ian = C 8eport? U13? 1972-73. ----his time she 0i0nGt in+ite them $or tea. Cne o00 thing she notice0 0&ring #oth meetings /as their slo/? care$&l /ay o$ /al5ing. -hey loo5e0 at their $eet an0 steppe0 +ery &ncertainly. -he ne.t 0ay a Beep came along the roa0? containing $o&r men inspecting lines ... <carelessly 0resse0? /or5a0ay men? none in co+eralls. -he #oss /asnGt o#+io&sly so. -hey e.presse0 no s&rprise at seeing me there? no concern or any partic&lar interest. > tol0 them t/o o$ their men alrea0y ha0 #een aro&n0 the 0ay #e$ore? inspecting the lines. -hey ass&re0 me yester0ayGs men /erenGt Ay0ro men? that some#o0y ha0 #een Gp&lling my leg.G< (ome#o0y /as also p&lling a lot o$ legs on cosmopolitan "ong >slan0. >n 7est )irginia > ha0 hear0 some stories a#o&t three men /ho loo5e0 <li5e >n0ians< an0 /ere accompanie0 #y a $o&rth man? more normal-loo5ing an0 +ery sha##ily 0resse0 in contrast to the other three. (o > /as nonpl&se0 /hen > hear0 i0entical 0escriptions $rom people on "ong >slan0. An el0erly /oman /ho li+e0 alone in a ho&se near the s&mmit o$ Mo&nt Misery? the highest point on "ong >slan0? ha0 recei+e0 a +isit $rom this D&artet in early April 19!7? imme0iately a$ter a se+ere rainstorm. <-hey ha0 high chee5#ones an0 +ery re0 $aces? li5e a #a0 s&n#&rn?< she tol0 me. <-hey /ere +ery polite #&t they sai0 my lan0 #elonge0 to their tri#e an0 they /ere going to get it #ac5. 7hat $rightene0 me /as their $eet. -hey 0i0nGt ha+e a car ... they


m&st ha+e /al5e0 &p that m&00y hill ... #&t their shoes /ere spotlessly clean. -here /as no trace o$ m&0 or /ater /here they /al5e0 in my ho&se.< -hat same /ee5 another +isitor came to Mo&nt Misery. -his /as a /oman /ith stri5ing /hite hair /ho claime0 to represent a local ne/spaper. (he carrie0 a #oo5 <like a big ledger< an0 as5e0 the /itness a n&m#er o$ personal D&estions a#o&t her $amily #ac5gro&n0. 7hen > later chec5e0 G/ith the ne/spaper > $o&n0 they employe0 no one o$ that 0escription. -he local Mo&nt Misery e.pert /as Miss Jaye P. Paro? a ra0io personality then /ith station 7BAB in Ba#ylon? %e/ Eor5. Miss Paro is a 0ar5-haire0? 0ar5-eye0 yo&ng la0y /ith a so$t? ha&nting +oice. At that time she con0&cte0 an inter+ie/ sho/? largely 0e+ote0 to the historical an0 psychic lore o$ the region. (oon a$ter she reporte0 some = C sightings aro&n0 Mo&nt Misery she #egan to recei+e all manner o$ cran5 calls? #oth at the station an0 on her &nliste0 home phone. Metallic +oices or0ere0 her to meet them on <the Mo&nt< 3she 0i0nGt go4. -hro&gh Miss Paro > met se+eral local = C /itnesses an0 contactees. "ong >slan0? > 0isco+ere0? /as cra/ling /ith contactees o$ all ages an0 #oth Cne o$ these /as a lo+ely yo&ng #lon0e? /hom > /ill call Jane? /ho li+e0 near Mo&nt Misery /ith her $amily. Jane /as not illiterate? #&t she sel0om rea0 anything other than the comic strips an0 <1ear A##y.< (he 5ne/ nothing a#o&t = Cs an0 care0 less. (he /as a <$allen Catholic?< ha+ing a#an0one0 religion /hen she reache0 a0&lthoo0. (he /as a +ery sensiti+e /oman? more ethereal than sens&al. -here /as almost something mystical a#o&t her appearance an0 grace. Mo&nt Misery is a hea+ily /oo0e0 hill /ith a $e/ narro/ 0irt roa0s slicing thro&gh it an0 a n&m#er o$ large mansions set #ac5 among the trees. -he late Aenry (timson? secretary o$ /ar 0&ring 7orl0 7ar >>? maintaine0 a la+ish estate on the s&mmit. or 0eca0es the Mo&nt /as 5no/n as a ha&nte0 place? the site o$ a n&m#er o$ mysterio&s 0eaths an0 0isappearances. >n the spring o$ 19!7 yo&ng co&ples nec5ing on the #ac5 roa0s #egan to see lo/-$lying = Cs? partic&larly aro&n0 a $iel0 that /as &se0 as a B&n5yar0 $or ol0 cars. Cthers claime0 to see a giant hairy monster /ith gleaming re0 eyes. A$ter Miss Paro #egan to #roa0cast reports o$ /hat /as happening on Mo&nt Misery? the &s&al mo#s starte0 to cr&ise the area nightly to the consternation o$ the scattere0 an0 sno##ish resi0ents. Jane an0 her #oy$rien0 8ichar0 Boine0 the stream o$ cars one night in early May an0 e+ent&ally $o&n0 themsel+es alone on a #ac5 roa0 near Aigh Aol0? the ol0 (timson place. 8ichar0? /ho /as 0ri+ing? s&00enly complaine0 o$ $eeling &n/ell. Ae stoppe0 the car an0 a moment later sl&mpe0 o+er the /heel &nconscio&s. Jane /as terri$ie0. B&t #e$ore she co&l0 $oc&s her attention on him? a #rilliant #eam o$ light shot o&t o$ the /oo0s ne.t to the roa0 <li5e a $loo0light.< >t 0a66le0 her an0 she $ell #ac5 in her seat &na#le to mo+e.


-he ne.t thing they 5ne/? they /ere 0ri+ing along Cl0 Co&ntry 8oa0 at the #ase o$ Mo&nt Misery. <Ao/ 0i0 /e get hereI< 8ichar0 -as5e0 her? #a$$le0. <7hat happene0I< "4et's go home," Jane cho5e0. -hey ne+er 0isc&sse0 the inci0ent again &ntil > arri+e0 on the scene. A $e/ 0ays later? on May 17? Jane ans/ere0 the phone 3she ha0 her o/n phone in her room4 an0 a strange metallic +oice a00resse0 her. "4isten carefully," it sai0. "I cannot hear you." >t instr&cte0 her to go to a small p&#lic li#rary near#y an0 loo5 &p a certain #oo5 on >n0ian history. (he 0i0 as she /as instr&cte0. Cn May 19 she /ent to the li#rary at 1,*3, A.M. -he place /as 0eserte0 e.cept $or the li#rarian? /ho str&c5 Jane as #eing &n&s&al. -he /oman /as "dressed in an old7fashioned suit like something out of the @;I=s, !ith a long skirt, broad shoulders, and flat old7looking shoes." 38emem#er? this /as in 19!7? long #e$ore the 19',s styles #ecame pop&lar again.4 (he ha0 a 0ar5 comple.ion? /ith a $ine #one str&ct&re? an0 +ery #lac5 eyes an0 hair. 7hen Jane entere0? the /oman seeme0 to #e e.pecting her an0 pro0&ce0 the #oo5 instantly $rom &n0er her 0es5. Jane sat 0o/n at a ta#le an0 #egan to ri$$le thro&gh the #oo5? pa&sing on page $orty-t/o. Aer caller ha0 tol0 her to rea0 that page. <Eo& /onGt #elie+e this?< she tol0 me? <#&t the print #ecame smaller an0 smaller? then larger an0 larger. >t change0 into a message an0 > can remem#er e+ery /or0 o$ it. < G@oo0 morning? $rien0?G it #egan. GEo& ha+e #een selecte0 $or many reasons. Cne is that yo& are a0+ance0 in a&tos&ggestion. -hro&gh this science /e /ill ma5e contact. > ha+e messages concerning :arth an0 its people. -he time is set. ear not... > am a $rien0. or reasons #est 5no/n to o&rsel+es yo& m&st ma5e yo&r contacts 5no/n to one relia#le person. -o #rea5 this co0e is to #rea5 contact Proo$ shall #e gi+en. %otes m&st #e 5ept o$ the s&ggestion state. Be in peace? Msigne0N A Pal.G <-he print #ecame +ery small again? an0 then the normal te.t reappeare0.< As soon as Jane le$t the li#rary she #ecame D&ite ill an0 +omite0 se+eral times 0&ring the ne.t t/o 0ays. (he approache0 Miss Paro /ith her story an0 /as a0+ise0 to get in to&ch /ith me. Aer e.perience on the Mo&nt? her phone call? an0 the remar5 a#o&t <a&tos&ggestion< all stirre0 my interest. >n those 0ays none o$ the = C enth&siasts 5ne/ anything a#o&t these $actors an0 a hoa. seeme0 +ery &nli5ely. An0? &n5no/n to Miss Paro an0 Jane? > /as in to&ch /ith a 0istant contactee /ho /as comm&nicating /ith <Apholes.< -he signat&re <A Pal< seeme0 close eno&gh to Apholes to ta5e serio&sly. > s&specte0 that Jane ha0 #een programe0 $or a set o$ special e.periences an0 > 5ept in constant to&ch /ith her in the months /hich $ollo/e0? maintaining an e.tensi+e recor0 o$ her e.periences.


>n early J&ne? Jane #egan to see the <li#rarian< /here+er she /ent. Cn J&ne !? /hile /an0ering thro&gh a local 0epartment store? the /oman appeare0 #ehin0 a 0ress rac5. (he /ore the same ol0-$ashione0 clothes an0 trie0 to spea5 to Jane in <#ro5en :nglish< -here /as something /rong a#o&t her speech an0 mo+ements. "It !as as if ... she !ere dead," Jane sai0. 7hen as5e0 i$ she li+e0 aro&n0 Ba#ylon? the /oman la&ghe0 in a strange hysterical /ay? "like an emotionally disturbed person." 3-his /eir0 la&gh has #een 0escri#e0 #y many contactees.4 "Is there any 67% here?" the /oman as5e0. Jane 0i0nGt 5no/ /hat she meant. J&st that /ee5 > ha0 #een pon0ering the signi$icance o$ gol0 in = C an0 religio&s lore. @ol0 is the se+enty-ninth element an0 the chemical sym#ol $or it is A=. Jane o$$ere0 to gi+e the /oman a li$t #&t she 0ecline0 an0 /an0ere0 o$$. =na#le to sleep at night? Jane got &p at the crac5 o$ 0a/n the $ollo/ing morning an0 /ent $or a /al5 on an imp&lse. -he 0ar5-s5inne0 /oman steppe0 o&t o$ an alley an0 approache0 her shyly. "2eter is coming," she anno&nce0. -his statement shoo5 Jane. (he remem#ere0 that Catholic lore pre0icts that the $inal pope /ill #e name0 Peter. <7hy are yo& intereste0 in o&r Mo&ntI< the /oman contin&e0? then repeate0? <Peter is coming +ery soon.< %e.t a large #lac5 Ca0illac came 0o/n the street an0 stoppe0 ne.t to them. >t /as "brand7ne!, very shiny and polished?< Jane recalle0. -he 0ri+er /as an oli+e-s5inne0 man /earing /raparo&n0 s&nglasses an0 0resse0 in a neat gray s&it? apparently o$ the same material as the /omanGs clothes. -he rear 0oor opene0 an0 a man clim#e0 o&t /ith a #ig grin on his $ace. Ae /as a#o&t $i+e $eet eight inches tall? /ith 0ar5 s5in an0 Criental eyes. Jane tho&ght he loo5e0 li5e a Aa/aiian. Ae ha0 the air o$ someone +ery important an0 /as 0resse0 in a /ell-c&t? e.pensi+e-loo5ing s&it o$ the same gray material that /as shiny li5e sil5 #&t /as not sil5. Ae solemnly shoo5 han0s /ith the girl? "his hand !as as cold as ice," an0 stare0 at her stea0ily /ith his Bet-#lac5 eyes? grinning all the /hile. <1o yo& 5no/ /ho > amI< he as5e0. <> am Apol Mprono&nce0 AppleN.< -he Ca0illac p&lle0 a/ay an0 0ro+e o$$? lea+ing the three o$ them stan0ing on the street. Apol pro0&ce0 a piece o$ $ol0e0 paper an0 han0e0 it to Jane. <7ear this al/ays?< he tol0 her. <(o GtheyG /ill 5no/ /ho yo& are.< <7hoGs theyI< she as5e0. <-hey are the +ery goo0 people?< he ans/ere0.


-he paper? a piece o$ +ery ol0 parchment? containe0 a small metal 0isc a#o&t the si6e o$ a D&arter. As they tal5e0 they /al5e0 slo/ly to/ar0 the center o$ to/n &ntil they stoo0 in $ront o$ the post o$$ice. Jane imp&lsi+ely anno&nce0 she /as going to mail the 0isc to someone. (he /ent into the post o$$ice? got an en+elope? an0 sent the 0isc an0 parchment to me special 0eli+ery. -he t/o strangers smile0 #roa0ly at each other. 7hen she came o&t o$ the post o$$ice? Apol tol0 her a n&m#er o$ things a#o&t her chil0hoo0 that no one co&l0 ha+e 5no/n an0 a0+ise0 her to a+oi0 io0ine. 3(he ha0 a minor health pro#lem /hich reD&ire0 her to a+oi0 io0ine in her 0iet.4 -he car reappeare0 an0 the t/o people got into it an0 0ro+e o$$. <> $elt +ery strange /hile > /as tal5ing to them?< she recalle0. <> /as /hoo6y ... li5e > /as in a 0a6e or something.< >$ it ha0nGt #een $or the metal 0isc > /o&l0 ha+e classi$ie0 the entire episo0e as hall&cinatory. -he ne.t 0ay > recei+e0 the special 0eli+ery en+elope an0 /as +ery 0isappointe0 #y the contents. -he 0isc loo5e0 li5e a #lan5 i0enti$ication tag similar to those that come /ith $lea collars. -he parchment seeme0 to #e the remnants o$ a +ery ol0 en+elope. A$ter e.amining it? > p&t the 0isc #ac5 into the paper e.actly as > ha0 recei+e0 it? then place0 the /hole thing in a small en+elope /hich > seale0 /ith (cotch tape. > p&t this into a larger manila en+elope an0 maile0 it #ac5 to Jane special 0eli+ery. (he phone0 me the ne.t 0ay. <7hy 0i0 yo& #en0 the 0isc an0 tear &p the paperI< she 0eman0e0. (he ha0 B&st recei+e0 the en+elope an0 $o&n0 that the parchment in the seale0 inner en+elope ha0 #een rippe0 into three pieces. -he metal 0isc /as #ent? as i$ it ha0 #een $ol0e0 0o&#le an0 then &n$ol0e0 again. >t ha0 also t&rne0 charcoal #lac5 an0 smelle0 li5e <rotten eggs." -he implication /as clear. (omeone ha0 the a#ility to intercept the =.(. mails an0 tamper /ith things in seale0 en+elopes9 >> 7hile Jane /as hol0ing clan0estine meetings /ith Mr. Apol an0 his mysterio&s la0y $rien0? Jaye P. Paro /as #eing entertaine0 #y the re0o&#ta#le Princess Moon C/l? a character /ho /o&l0 #ecome a legen0 on "ong >slan0 #y the en0 o$ 19!7. At 3*3, P.M. on J&ne 11? 19!7? Jaye entere0 the st&0ios o$ 7BAB an0 $o&n0 a +ery /eir0 /oman /aiting $or her. (he /as at least si. $eet tall? /as +ery 0ar5 3%egroi04? /ith large? glassy eyes? an0 /ore a cost&me largely ma0e &p o$ $eathers. (he /as gasping an0 /hee6ing? ha+ing great 0i$$ic&lty #reathing. Jaye tho&ght she /as ha+ing a heart attac5.


"I am 2rincess Moon '!l," she 0eclare0 #et/een /hee6es. <> am $rom another planet. > came here #y $lying sa&cer.< Jaye slappe0 a tape on a tape recor0er an0 o$$ere0 to inter+ie/ her $or the air. -he Princess /as 0elighte0? p&lle0 hersel$ together? an0 0eli+ere0 a hilario&s thirty-min&te monolog&e a#o&t li$e on the planet Ceres in the asteroi0 #elt. (he seeme0 to #e $amiliar /ith all the %e/ Eor52 "ong >slan0 = C #&$$s an0 eccentrics? 0eno&ncing some as <phonies< an0 praising others. As the inter+ie/ progresse0? Jaye #ecame increasingly &ncom$orta#le. Cerians ha0 a pro#lem /ith #o0y o0or. ")he stank like rotten eggs," Jaye sai0 a$ter/ar0. -he smell /as slight at $irst #&t gra0&ally #ecame o+erpo/ering. -he Princess a0mitte0 to #eing ")even 'oongots" ol0 ... or a#o&t 35, :arth years. 7hile the inter+ie/ /as in progress? > /as sitting in my %e/ Eor5 apartment an0 my telephone /as going cra6y. >t rang se+eral times #&t there /as no one on the other en0. 3=ntil this perio0 > ha0 ha0 +ery $e/ pro#lems /ith my personal phone.4 "ater that a$ternoon > recei+e0 a call $rom a mi00le-age0 /oman /ho sai0 she /as Princess Moon C/l an0 that > co&l0 reach her thro&gh <contactee Paro.< -he /omanGs +oice 0i0 not resem#le the +oice on JayeGs tape? /hich > hear0 later. -he tape0 Moon C/l so&n0e0 li5e a man $a5ing an A&nt Jemima accent. Ae /as a +ery #a0 actor. > acc&se0 Jaye o$ a hoa. an0 a0+ise0 her not to p&t the inter+ie/ on the air. >$ it /as not a hoa.? then Moon C/l /as the +ictim o$ 0emonic possession 3JayeGs 0escription o$ the PrincessGs #eha+ior certainly in0icate0 this4. Jaye aire0 the tape any/ay an0 "ong >slan0Gs l&natic $ringe /ent /il0 /ith Boy. At last a gen&ine space person /as in their mi0st. Cnce she ha0 esta#lishe0 her cre0entials on 7BAB? Moon C/l #egan to systematically telephone all o$ "ong >slan0Gs prominent = C enth&siasts. -hey accepte0 her a&thenticity /itho&t D&estion. 7hat tro&#le0 me /as the $act that she manage0 to +ector in on a n&m#er o$ &nliste0 n&m#ers? an0 she o#+io&sly 5ne/ a great 0eal a#o&t the local personalities. -he most s&spicio&s things o$ all /ere her transparent re$erences to a maBor = C con+ention sche0&le0 to #e hel0 that J&ne 2' in %e/ Eor5Gs Aotel Commo0ore. James Moseley? p&#lisher o$ (a&cer %e/s? ha0 rente0 the hotelGs a&0itori&m an0 practically an entire $loor $or the e+ent an0 /as staging press con$erences an0 ra0io an0 tele+ision appearances to promote his in+estment. Princess Moon C/l seeme0 to $it too neatly into the p&#licity campaign. Mean/hile? JaneGs phantom $rien0s /ere +isiting her 0aily an0 help$&lly gi+ing her s&rprising in$ormation a#o&t my o/n <secret< in+estigations. My inter+ie/ /ith the Christiansens o$ Cape May? an0 the 0etails o$ their pill-popping +isitor? -iny? /as then 5no/n only to a $e/ tr&ste0 people li5e >+an (an0erson. B&t on J&ne 12? Mr. Apol an0 his $rien0s +isite0 Jane /hen she /as alone in her ho&se an0 as5e0 $or /ater so they co&l0 ta5e some pills. -hen they presente0 her /ith three o$ the same pills? tol0 her to ta5e one at that moment? an0 to ta5e one other in t/o 0ays. -he thir0 pill? they sai0? /as $or her to ha+e analy6e0 to ass&re hersel$ it /as harmless. -hey &n0o&#te0ly 5ne/ that she /o&l0 t&rn it o+er to me. 1'1

-/o ho&rs a$ter she too5 the $irst pill she came 0o/n /ith a #lin0ing hea0ache? her eyes #ecame #loo0shot? an0 the +ision in her right eye /as a$$ecte0. 7hen her parents came home they e.presse0 concern #eca&se her eyes /ere glassy an0 her right eye seeme0 to ha+e a cast. -he sample pill pro+e0 to #e a s&l$a 0r&g normally prescri#e0 $or in$ections o$ the &rinary tract. - -/o 0ays later she o#ligingly too5 the secon0 pill an0 her phone rang shortly a$ter/ar0. A man /ith <a cr&0e Broo5lyn accent< tol0 her he /as Col. John 1alton o$ the air $orce an0 /ante0 to tal5 to her a#o&t <Mitchell iel0.< (he tol0 him? honestly? that she 0i0nGt 5no/ anything a#o&t Mitchell iel0. Ae insiste0 that he /ante0 to tal5 to her. 7o&l0 she come to his o$$iceI (he as5e0 /here his o$$ice /as an0 he hesitate0 $or a moment? then sai0 he /o&l0 inter+ie/ her at her ho&se. Ae 0i0nGt as5 $or her a00ress an0 since she ha0nGt reporte0 anything to the air $orce? she /on0ere0 ho/ he ha0 gotten her phone n&m#er. At 7*'5 P.M. the ne.t e+ening JaneGs parents le$t the ho&se $or a $e/ ho&rs an0 as soon as they /ere gone? Colonel 1alton an0 his partner? a yo&ng lie&tenant? rang her #ell. Both men seeme0 normal an0 /ere polite an0 /ell-spo5en. Colonel 1alton /as in ci+ilian clothes ... a #lac5 s&it? nat&rally. Ae /as a#o&t $i+e $eet eight inches tall? ha0 #ro/n hair? #ro/n eyes? an0 <a +ery pointe0 nose.< -he lie&tenant /as t/o or three inches taller? in an air $orce &ni$orm? /ith </hitish #lon0 hair that loo5e0 0ye0< c&t +ery short? <li5e a cre/c&t gro/ing #ac5 in.< -hey $lashe0 i0enti$ication car0s /ith their photographs a$$i.e0. -he colonel as5e0 her /hat she 5ne/ a#o&t a local sa&cer lan0ing an0 sa&cer occ&pants in the area. Jane la&ghe0 an0 sai0 she 0i0nGt #elie+e in $lying sa&cers. <7e 5no/ all a#o&t the shenanigans in this #&il0ing?< 1alton tol0 her c&rtly. <A lot o$ $&nny people ha+e #een going in an0 o&t.< <7ell? may#e some o$ my relati+es are a little strange?< Jane smile0. 1alton opene0 his #rie$case an0 #ro&ght o&t a shea$ o$ printe0 $orms. Ae han0e0 her a long? complicate0 $orm an0 as5e0 her to $ill it o&t. (he too5 it? rea0 it o+er? then han0e0 it #ac5. <>$ yo& 0onGt /ant to $ill it o&t?< he sai0? han0ing her a pen? <yo& can B&st sign it.< <%o/ that /o&l0 #e pretty st&pi0? /o&l0nGt itI< Jane sai0. "ater she recalle0 that the $orm 0i0 not as5 any D&estions a#o&t = Cs #&t /as solely concerne0 /ith personal history? e0&cation? me0ical #ac5gro&n0? an0 $amily history. "It even asked !hen my grandmother died and !hat she died of," Jane tol0 me.


inally the t/o men ga+e &p trying to #ro/#eat her an0 le$t. (he sa/ them 0ri+e a/ay in a #l&e station /agon. Aro&n0 this same time t/o yo&ng men +isite0 Mary Ayre at her home in Point Pleasant. Both /ere /earing #lac5 clothes? an0 #oth ha0 short /hite hair. <It looked so unnatural," she e.claime0. "I !ondered !hy such young men !ould dye their hair such an odd color." At $irst she ass&me0 they /ere B&st more in the en0less stream o$ = C #&$$s? #&t they seeme0 to 5no/ +ery little a#o&t $lying sa&cers. -hey /ere mainly concerne0 /ith as5ing D&estions a#o&t me? /hich she he0ge0. <1i0 they &se any &n&s&al /or0s or e.pressionsI< > as5e0 Mary on the phone. <%ot really. J&st /hen they /ent o&t the 0oor ... one o$ them t&rne0 an0 sai0 something li5e? G7eGll see yo& in <time< or <sometime<.G >t so&n0e0 o00 the /ay he sai0 it? li5e it /as meant to mean something.< -omGs meeting /ith )a0ig /as still si. months a/ay so the phrase meant nothing to me. >>> Cn J&ne 19 Mr. Apol ga+e Jane a message to pass along to me. >t /as a pre0iction* <-hings /ill #ecome more serio&s in the Mi00le :ast. -he pope /ill go there soon on a peace mission. Ae /ill #e martyre0 there in a horri#le /ay ... 5ni$e0 to 0eath to a #loo0y manner. -hen the Antichrist /ill rise &p o&t o$ >srael.< > /as shoc5e0. B&t here /as a statement that co&l0 #e chec5e0 against $&t&re e+ents. Apol also sai0 the )atican /as planning to sen0 $oo0 an0 materiel to Ara# re$&gees. -here ha0 #een no anno&ncement in the press a#o&t this. -/o 0ays later Miss Paro ha0 an &nner+ing e.perience. A #lac5 Ca0illac p&lle0 alongsi0e her as she /as o&t /al5ing at ; P.M. an0 a /ell-0resse0 man in the #ac5 seat or0ere0 her into the car. Ae name0 a $rien0 o$ hers an0 she $oolishly o#eye0 him. -he car hea0e0 $or Mo&nt Misery. <-here /as a $&nny smell insi0e?< she reporte0. <Antiseptic ... li5e a hospital. An0 there /ere $lashing lights on the 0ash#oar0. > co&l0nGt ta5e my eyes o$$ them. > $elt li5e they /ere hypnoti6ing me.< -he car tra+ele0 isolate0 #ac5 roa0s &ntil it reache0 a crossroa0s /here another +ehicle /as /aiting. A man hol0ing something li5e a 0octorGs #ag /as stan0ing there. Ae got into the Ca0illac an0 /a+e0 a small o#Bect in JayeGs $ace? li5e a #ottle o$ smelling salts. (he $elt her /ill po/er 0rain a/ay an0 sat there helplessly /hile the men as5e0 her D&estions /hich 0i0nGt ma5e any sense to her. inally they ret&rne0 her to the spot


/here they ha0 pic5e0 her &p. -he /hole episo0e ha0 terri$ie0 her an0 she calle0 me imme0iately. 7as JayeGs e.perience merely an &p0ate0 +ersion o$ the Mattoon <gasser< an0 ol0 (pringheele0 Jac5I 3O4 Months later /hen > inter+ie/e0 -om in 7ashington > remem#ere0 this seemingly meaningless inci0ent. Aa0 -om also #een gasse0 or hypnoti6e0 the moment he steppe0 into )a0igGs ol0 B&ic5I ---MON (pringheele0 Jac5 /as a tall? cape0 phantom /ith a #right light on his chest /ho appeare0 in :nglan0 in the 1;3,s. Ae /as a#le to leap great 0istances an0 he spe/e0 a na&seo&s gas into the $aces o$ s&rprise0 /itnesses. Altho&gh he /as the s&#Bect o$ a massi+e manh&nt? he /as ne+er ca&ght or i0enti$ie0. A #lac5-gar#e0 phantom terrori6e0 Mattoon? >llinois? in the 19',s? spraying a gas into #e0room /in0o/s. ---Cn Ccto#er 23? 1971? the 7ashington Post p&#lishe0 a strange <gas< story in+ol+ing Presi0ent %i.onGs mai0. -he story contains some o$ the elements /e ha+e #een 0isc&ssing here. %i.on Mai0 (tole >n -rance? (he (ays Miami? Cct. 22 3AP4FA part-time ho&se5eeper at Presi0ent %i.onGs Key Biscayne retreat has testi$ie0 she /as p&t in a hypnotic 0a6e #y a stranger /ho tol0 her to shopli$t $o&r 0resses. (hirley Cromartie? 32? an0 a mother o$ three? plea0e0 no contest -h&rs0ay an0 /as gi+en a s&spen0e0 sentence a$ter la/ en$orcement o$$icers an0 a psychiatrist testi$ie0 they #elie+e0 she /as telling the tr&th. Mrs. Cromartie hol0s a sec&rity clearance to /or5 in the lori0a 7hite Ao&se? accor0ing to testimony. (he sai0 a /oman met her in a par5ing lot an0 as5e0 the time? then or0ere0 her to ta5e the items an0 #ring them to her. Mrs. Cromartie testi$ie0 she $ell into a 0a6e /hen the yo&ng /oman release0 a Basmineli5e scent $rom her le$t han0. "I 9ust sort of lost my !ill ... it !as a terrifying e1perience," she testi$ie0. Mrs. Cromartie Boine0 the Key Biscayne 7hite Ao&se ho&se5eeping sta$$ a#o&t a year ago? accor0ing to B> Agent "eo Mc Clairen. Ae testi$ie0 her #ac5gro&n0 /as impecca#le. 1r. Al#ert Jaslo/? a psychiatrist? sai0 he e.amine0 her an0 $o&n0 she co&l0 #e hypnoti6e0 <D&ic5ly an0 easily< an0 #elie+e0 she /as telling the tr&th. 1''

<B&t it /asnGt the same /hen he hypnoti6e0 me?< Mrs. Cromartie sai0. <> co&l0nGt remem#er anything a$ter/ar0s. 7hate+er that yo&ng /oman 0i0 to me? it /as li5e #eing in a sleep /al5? only a/a5e.< -here /as no $&rther comment on this strange inci0ent. At the time > /on0ere0 i$ perhaps this /as not some small 0emonstration $or the #ene$it o$ Presi0ent %i.on? similar to the po/er $ail&res that seeme0 to $ollo/ Presi0ent Johnson in 19!7. 3-he lights $aile0 /here+er he /ent ... $rom 7ashington to Johnson City? to Aa/aii.4 >) 7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger $o&n0 a ne/ /orl0 /ith Col0? Klinnel? Ar0o? an0 company. %o/ Jane /as mo+ing among t/ilight presencesH Mr. Apol? "ia 3the name o$ his $emale companion4? an0 se+eral others /ho mischie+o&sly a0opte0 names $rom my o#sc&re 30amn it4 no+els9 -hey ampli$ie0 their 0ire prophecy $or Pope Pa&l. Ae /o&l0 #e attac5e0 in a cro/0 at an airport? they sai0? #y a man 0resse0 in a #lac5 s&it an0 /iel0ing a #lac5 5ni$e. A$ter his assassination there /o&l0 #e three 0ays o$ 0ar5ness an0 /orl0/i0e po/er $ail&res. Cn J&ne 2; the )atican anno&nce0 that a personal en+oy o$ Pope Pa&l )>? Monsignor A#ramo rescht? /as #eing 0ispatche0 to Cairo to 0isc&ss <)atican assistance to /ar +ictims an0 re$&gees.< Cn J&ne 3, it /as anno&nce0 that the /oo0en throne sai0 to ha+e #een &se0 #y (aint Peter /as going to #e 0&g o&t o$ the )atican #asement an0 place0 on 0isplay $or the $irst time since 1;!7. > /ent o&t to Mo&nt Misery an0 hypnoti6e0 Jane. (he /as a goo0 s&#Bect an0 a$ter per$orming +ario&s tests to ass&re mysel$ that she /as really in a 0eep trance? > #egan to as5 her s&#tle D&estions a#o&t Apol an0 his $rien0s. -o my &tter ama6ement? the impossi#le happene0. -he control /as ta5en a/ay $rom me. > co&l0nGt 0irect the session. >nstea0? > $o&n0 mysel$ tal5ing 0irectly to Apol thro&gh Jane. Ae /ante0 to tal5 a#o&t Marilyn Monroe an0 8o#ert Kenne0y. > 0i0nGt /ant to gossip? > insiste0? #&t /ante0 some har0 $acts on the o+erall sit&ation. Apol persiste0? /arning me that Kenne0y /as in gra+e 0anger. 7here /as he tal5ing $romI Ae sai0 he /as par5e0 near#y in his Ca0illac. Ae ma0e some speci$ic pre0ictions a#o&t pen0ing plane crashes? then ret&rne0 to Marilyn an0 Kenne0y. All the /hile /e /ere con0&cting this insane con+ersation? JaneGs telephone /as ringing ma0ly. :ach time > pic5e0 it &p there /as no one on the line. inally > B&st le$t it o$$ the hoo5. -he session en0e0 a#r&ptly /hen Jane /o5e &p #y hersel$. Another impossi#ility. (he /o&l0 ha+e reD&ire0 a s&ggestion $rom me #e$ore she co&l0 a/a5e. 3O4 ----


MON >n comparing notes /ith psychic in+estigator-a&thor Bra0 (teiger? he tol0 me he ha0 similar e.periences /ith hypnosisH that is? the control /as ta5en o&t o$ his han0s #y some other intelligence. ----he pre0icte0 plane crashes occ&rre0 right on sche0&le. > /as slo/ly con+incing mysel$ that the entities /ere someho/ t&ne0 to the $&t&re. > /as ma5ing other startling 0isco+eries. > ha0 only to thin5 o$ a serio&s D&estion an0 my phone /o&l0 ring an0 Jane /o&l0 0eli+er a message $rom Apol ans/ering it Cther &$ologists /ere also getting pre0ictions $rom contactees. 7hen @ray Bar5er arri+e0 in %e/ Eor5 $or the con+ention at the Aotel Commo0ore he tol0 me that heG0 recei+e0 a pre0iction that <a $amo&s ne/sman in the Mi0/est< /o&l0 0ie +ery soon. -/o 0ays later? on the e+ening o$ J&ne 23? ran5 :0/ar0s 0ie0 s&00enly o$ a heart attac5 in >n0iana. :0/ar0s /as a ne/scaster an0 a&thor o$ the 19!! #estseller lying (a&cersF(erio&s B&siness. -he Eear o$ the @ar&0aF19!!-!7F/as only hal$ o+er an0 > /as tal5ing to hal$-a0o6en entities thro&gh contactees scattere0 thro&gho&t the %ortheast. (cores o$ ne/ games /ere going on at once? each one 0esigne0 to pro+e something to me? not to the contactees. -he latter /o&l0 ne+er D&ite $ig&re o&t /hat /as happening to them or /hat it all meant. "i5e the = C enth&siasts themsel+es? the contactees /o&l0 #e manip&late0? &se0 as ro#ots to propagate #elie$s an0 $alse $rames o$ re$erence? an0 then #e 0iscar0e0 to sit in the 0ar5ness an0 /on0er /hy the /orl0 /as not as they ha0 imagine0 it? /hy the /on0er$&l space people ha0 a#an0one0 them. Cn "ong >slan0? a 0o6en eccentrics still sit #y their phones /aiting $or Princess Moon C/l to call again an0 restore their /aning $aith. -------------------------------


1! - Paranoiacs Are Ma0e? %ot Born

> <-he =.(. go+ernment is #eing ta5en o+er #y the space people9< -his r&mor sprea0 thro&gho&t the co&ntry in 19!7? an &p0ate0 +ersion o$ the ol0 0e+il theory. Act&ally it got its start in 19'1 /hen James ). orrestal? the #rilliant secretary o$ 0e$ense in the -r&man ca#inet? /ent #ananas an0 race0 thro&gh the corri0ors o$ the Pentagon screaming? "We're being invaded and !e can't stop them/" Ae /as con+ince0 that his phones /ere #eing tappe0 an0 some enormo&s conspiracy /as &n0er/ay. (oon a$ter he /as place0 in a hospital he leape0 o&t a /in0o/ to his 0eath. 7hile the press #lame0 his paranoia on the tensions o$ the col0 /ar? the = C enth&siasts 5ne/ #etter. Air $orce >ntelligence ha0 compile0 a -op (ecret :stimate o$ the (it&ation $ollo/ing their = C in+estigations in 19'7-';. -heir concl&sion? accor0ing to the late Capt. :0/ar0 8&ppelt? /as that $lying sa&cers /ere e.traterrestrial. orrestal? so the story /ent? /as one o$ the $e/ to rea0 that report #e$ore Air orce Chie$ o$ (ta$$ Aoyt )an0en#erg or0ere0 all copies 0estroye0? an0 it #le/ his min0. -/o other top military men? @en. @eorge C. Marshall an0 @en. 1o&glas MacArth&r /ere o#sesse0 /ith the $lying sa&cer phenomenon. MacArth&r ma0e se+eral p&#lic statements 0eclaring that the ne.t /ar /o&l0 #e $o&ght against "evil beings from outer space." A $a#le0 <thin5 tan5?< the 8an0 Corporation? /as assigne0 to $ee0 = C 0ata into a comp&ter an0 $ight an imaginary /ar /ith those e+il #eings. (ince /e /o&l0nGt 5no/ /here they /ere $rom? /hat their technology /as? or ho/ to attac5 their #ases? the comp&ter a0+ise0 &s to s&rren0er. Contactees a0ri$t in the hall&cinatory /orl0s /ere con+ince0 the space people /ere /al5ing among &s &nnotice0. "os Angeles alone ha0 a space pop&lation o$ ten tho&san0. Act&ally this /as B&st a tiresome repetition o$ the earlier #elie$s that 0e+ils an0 angels /ere e+ery/here in h&man g&ise. :arly in the Age o$ the lying (a&cers 319'7-!94? air $orce an0 C>A agents &n0o&#te0ly came across M>B cases similar to the ones o&tline0 here an0? #eing h&man? some o$ those early in+estigators leap$rogge0 to = C c&ltistli5e concl&sions. Paranoia grippe0 the &pper echelons o$ .go+ernment. Millions o$ ta. 0ollars /ere s&n5 into = C research. 3>n 1952? Captain 8&ppelt sai0 the air $orce /as spen0ing one million 0ollars a year on the s&#Bect. @en. %athan -/ining 0eclare0 <the #est #rains< in science an0 the military /ere trying to sol+e the mystery.4 Col0 /ar hysteria a00e0 to the atmosphere o$ $ear an0 loathing. A 1953 C>A 0oc&ment? 5ept classi$ie0 $or o+er t/enty years? note0 that the Aerial Phenomena 8esearch Crgani6ation 3AP8C4 <sho&l0 #e /atche0< as a potential propagan0a menace. AP8C ha0 #een $o&n0e0 the year #e$ore #y a 7isconsin ho&se/i$e an0 circ&late0 a mimeographe0 = C ne/sletter to a $e/ 0o6en scattere0 #&$$s. Apparently more tho&san0s o$ ta. 0ollars /ere e.pen0e0 in </atching< AP8CGs Coral "oren6en o+er the years? accor0ing to e+i0ence she p&#lishe0 in a series o$ paper#ac5 #oo5s in the 19!,s. -he only propagan0a she e+er 0istri#&te0 /as anti-air $orce? an0 she ne+er sol0 any o$ o&r $lying sa&cer secrets to the (o+iet =nion.


Military menFan0 the = C enth&siastsFha0 no 5no/le0ge o$ or interest in psychic phenomena. -heir materialistic? pse&0o-scienti$ic approach to the sightings an0 atten0ent mani$estations merely increase0 the lore an0 intensi$ie0 the mystery. -he age-ol0 changeling concept? $or e.ample? m&st ha+e ca&se0 many gray hairs in o$$icial circles /hen it /as intro0&ce0 into the = C lore. 7ere the space people really s/itching h&man #eingsI Many o$ the contactees an0 their open-mo&the0 $ollo/ers #elie+e0 this /as the case. 7ere h&mans #eing 0ragge0 a#oar0 spaceships an0 e.amine0 li5e cattleI -he contacteesG tales in0icate0 this an0 their stories ga+e impet&s to the e.pan0e0 0e+il theoryH that go+ernment o$$icials /ere #eing 5i0nappe0 an0 replace0 #y cle+er an0roi0s o#eying the 0ictates o$ the sinister lea0ers o$ some other planet. >0iocy /as pile0 &pon i0iocy o+er the past t/enty-eight years. -he paranoia once isolate0 to the +ery small l&natic $ringe gre/ &ntil it s/allo/e0 &p a large part o$ the /orl0Gs pop&lation. > /as concerne0 not /ith the sincere #&t $alsi$ie0 memories o$ the contactees? #&t /ith a more /orrisome D&estion. 7hat? > /on0ere0? happene0 to the #o0ies o$ these people /hile their min0s /ere ta5ing tripsI -rips that o$ten laste0 $or ho&rs? e+en $or 0ays. A yo&ng college pro$essor in %e/ Eor5 (tate /as ha&nte0 #y the same D&estion in 19!7. A$ter in+estigating a = C-relate0 poltergeist case he s&$$ere0 possession an0 /as le0 to #elie+e that he ha0 committe0 a 0aring Be/el ro##ery /hile he /as in a trance or possesse0 state. Ae a#an0one0 &$ology an0 nearly s&$$ere0 a total ner+o&s #rea50o/n in the a$termath. 7ere o&r contactees #eing &se0 #y e.terior intelligences to carry o&t crimes? e+en m&r0erI -he ans/er is a 0ist&r#ing yes. >$ yo& re+ie/ the history o$ political assassinations yo& /ill $in0 that many /ere per$orme0 #y so-calle0 religio&s $anatics /ho /ere o#eying the <+oice o$ @o0< or /ere in an o#+io&s state o$ possession /hen they committe0 their crime. :+en the ten co-conspirators in the assassination o$ Presi0ent "incoln /ere in this category. An0 the sol0ier /ho shot an0 5ille0 John 7il5es Booth against the or0ers o$ his s&periors claime0 he p&lle0 the trigger #eca&se a +oice tol0 him to 0o so. -he ma0ness that grips cro/0s an0 pro0&ces +iolent riots? some o$ /hich ha+e change0 history? seems little 0i$$erent $rom the ma0ness that pro0&ce0 the /i0esprea0 0ancing mania o$ the Mi00le Ages /hen tho&san0s o$ people 0ance0 in the streets &ntil they 0roppe0 0ea0 $rom e.ha&stion. -he mania sprea0 $rom >taly to -&r5ey. (&r+i+ors claime0 they #elie+e0 they /ere 5nee-0eep in #loo0 an0 /ere prancing to get o&t o$ it. -his /as a collecti+e or mass hall&cination. :+en to0ay there are ann&al inci0ents in /hich /hole to/ns are sei6e0 #y hall&cinations? &s&ally in o#sc&re parts o$ (o&th America an0 Asia. (&ch e+ents are tra0itionally e.plaine0 as #eing ca&se0 #y tainte0 #rea0 0espite the $act that people /ho ha+e not eaten the local #rea0 are also a$$ecte0. >n contactee parlance? persons /ho per$orm in+ol&ntary acts are sai0 to #e <&se0.< Apparently a relati+ely small part o$ the pop&lation ha+e a&ras or #iological ra0iations /hich attract elements o$ the s&perspectr&m. (&ch people are prone to controlle0 hall&cinations an0 possession. (ince the entities pro#a#ly as energy in a $iel0 1';

o&tsi0e o&r space-time contin&&m they can only see? an0 #e seen? #y these special people. 3>n inn&mera#le = C reports the &$ona&ts apparently co&l0 not see the /itnesses.4 1eren#ergerGs Col0 i0enti$ie0 himsel$ as <a searcher.< (earching $or /hatI or #iological? o00ities li5e 7oo0y? no 0o&#t. A contactee may $eel a s&00en imp&lse to go $or a pointless late-night /al5 or 0ri+e. 1&ring that 0ri+e he enco&nters? he thin5s? the space people an0 has a $ine +isit /ith them. Act&ally his #o0y procee0s on to? say? Point A /here he pic5s &p a letter or o#Bect le$t there #y another contactee. Ae carries the letter or o#Bect to Point B an0 0eposits it. "ater he has no memory o$ these actions. Mean/hile some poor slo# /ith the /rong a&ra? li5e mysel$? recei+es a phone call a0+ising him to procee0 to Point B /here he /ill $in0 something le$t $or him #y the space people. >n short? all physical e+i0ence an0 mani$estations are pro0&ce0 #y h&man #eings. -hey 0ig holes in $iel0s? ri$le an0 /ho 5no/s /hat else. -hese games ha+e #een going on since $ore+er. > ha+e recei+e0 tho&san0s o$ letters $rom contactees since 19!7? many o$ them $ille0 /ith glo/ing praise $or their contacters? other pathetic an0 to&che0 /ith terror. Cne o$ the $irst letters arri+e0 &ne.pecte0ly in the s&mmer o$ 19!7 $rom an el0erly man in %e/ :nglan0. <> $o&n0 yo&r name an0 a00ress on a slip o$ paper 0roppe0 onto my 5itchen $loor #y an G>n0ian-li5eG $rien0?< he /rote. <>$ this letter is not ret&rne0 to me > /ill no MsicN yo& recei+e0 it ... > /ish > co&l0 tell yo& ho/ my li$e has #een ta5en o+er R /hat con0ition o&r co&ntry R go+ernment are in. >$ yo& ha+e #een thro&gh the GmiseryG yo& no MsicN yo& are not alone. > am not a n&t. > am sincere. > am concerne0 $or yo&.... < <P.(. > ha+e #een G&se0G9< -his letter? an0 others li5e them? helpe0 to con+ince me that my o/n in+estigations co&l0 #e manip&late0. > /as #eing le0 to people an0 cases to s&pport /hate+er theory > /as /or5ing on at the time. > teste0 this #y in+enting some rather o&tlan0ish i0eas. 7ithin 0ays > /o&l0 recei+e phone calls? reports? an0 mail 0escri#ing elements o$ those i0eas. -his /as the $ee0#ac5 or re$lecti+e e$$ect. Cther in+estigators concerne0 /ith sol+ing pro#lems s&ch as ho/ $lying sa&cers are propelle0 ha+e a&tomatically #een $e0? or le0 into? cases in /hich the /itnesses s&ppose0ly +ie/e0 the interiors o$ the o#Bects an0 sa/ things /hich con$irme0 the in+estigatorsG theories. >$ the phenomenon can pro0&ce any e$$ect thro&gh hall&cination? it can easily s&pport any theory. >t too5 me a long time to reali6e that many o$ my Men in Blac5 reports /ere B&st $ee0#ac5. >t is e+en possi#le that a$$airs li5e -inyGs +isit to the Christiansens /ere someho/ arrange0 $or my #ene$it? e+en tho&gh > 0i0nGt 5no/ them at the time. > came across the Christiansens 0&ring an in+estigation $ar $rom Cape May. -hey /ere almost 0&mpe0 in my lap? B&st as the letter $rom the man in Massach&setts came at a time /hen > /as in+ol+e0 in cases /ith <>n0ian-li5e< entities on Mo&nt Misery. 3%ote he p&t <misery< in D&otes.4 1'9

My thoro&ghness le0 to the 0isco+ery o$ coinci0ences that seeme0 signi$icant at the time. -/o o$ my silent contactees share0 the same #irth 0ateF(eptem#er !. As soon as > reali6e0 this? circ&mstances a00e0 se+eral ne/ contactees to my sta#leFall /omen an0 all #orn on (eptem#er !9 1&ring one o$ her almost-0aily con+ersations /ith Apol an0 "ia? Jane /as tol0 that a n&m#er o$ /omen /ere #eing selecte0 $or arti$icial insemination9 -hey /o&l0 #e #earing +ery special chil0ren $or the space people. -his le0 to a /hole ne/ game in /hich > $o&n0 mysel$ trying to cope /ith pregnant /omen? tho&gh > e+ent&ally $ig&re0 o&t they /ere +ictims o$ pse&0ocyesisF$alse or <hysterical< pregnancies. -his /as pro#a#ly $ee0#ac5 $rom my concern o+er 1eren#ergerGs statement that i$ the tr&th /ere 5no/n? /omen the /orl0 o+er /o&l0 panic? thro/ their #a#ies o&t the /in0o/? an0 commit s&ici0e. By mi0-J&ly > /as in in0irect contact /ith the entities thro&gh three 0i$$erent systems. irst? contactees /o&l0 relay my D&estions to them an0 relay their ans/ers #ac5 to me. > /as still e.tremely s5eptical? so many o$ my D&estions /ere complicate0 an0 #eyon0 the a#ilities o$ the in0i+i0&al contactees to ans/er ... e+en i$ they spent ho&rs in a li#rary trying to research the ans/ers. (econ0? > /as a#le to comm&nicate #y mail #y sen0ing letters thro&gh the =.(. Post C$$ice to a00resses /hich > later 0isco+ere0 /ere none.istent. > /o&l0 recei+e replies #y mail? o$ten the +ery ne.t 0ay? /ritten in #loc5 letters. (ome o$ these replies co+ere0 se+eral pages. -hir0? > /as sometimes a#le to spea5 to the entities #y telephone9 A contactee /o&l0 call me an0 in$orm me that an entity /as present in his or her ho&se an0 /ishe0 to spea5 to me. (ometimes > B&st as5e0 D&estions an0 the allege0 entity /hispere0 the ans/er to the contactee /ho relaye0 it to me. (ometimes a strange +oice /o&l0 come on the line an0 spea5 to me 0irectly. >n some? i$ not all? o$ these instances the contactee pro#a#ly entere0 a trance state an0 the +oice came $rom their o/n +ocal chor0s B&st as <spirits< spea5 thro&gh me0i&ms at seances. As soon as > entere0 this comm&nication phase my pro#lems /ith the mails an0 telephone intensi$ie0. >mportant letters o$ a non-= C nat&re /ent astray ... or arri+e0 0ays late an0 ha0 o#+io&sly #een opene0 #y someone en ro&te. My telephone rang at all ho&rs o$ the 0ay an0 night /ith #eeping calls? eerie electronic so&n0s? an0? most interesting o$ all? $rantic calls $rom people /ho /ere s&per# actors an0 /ho 0escri#e0 = C inci0ents containing those secret 0etails in cases > /as /or5ing on? #&t /hen > trie0 to chec5 o&t these people > $o&n0 the a00resses they ha0 gi+en me /ere none.istent an0 the phone n&m#ers they ga+e /ere $alse. (omeone some/here /as B&st trying to pro+e that they 5ne/ e+ery mo+e > /as ma5ing? listene0 to all my phone calls? an0 co&l0 e+en control my mail9 An0 they /ere s&ccee0ing.


>> Cn J&ly 2,? 19!7? the )atican anno&nce0 that the pope /as planning a trip to -&r5ey. Ae /o&l0 #e $lying to >stan#&l /here he /o&l0 #e greete0 #y a h&ge mo# at the airport. (e+eral o$ my contactees ha0 #een gra+ely concerne0 /ith the pre0iction o$ the popeGs impen0ing 0eath an0 the three 0ays o$ 0ar5ness that /o&l0 $ollo/. -he acc&racy o$ earlier pre0ictions le0 me to ta5e this one serio&sly. )ery serio&sly. -he assassination /as s&ppose0 to ta5e place on J&ly 2!. >t /o&l0 #e prece0e0 #y a +iolent earthD&a5e. Cn J&ly 22 more than one tho&san0 people /ere 5ille0 in an earthD&a5e in A0apa6ari? -&r5ey? one h&n0re0 miles so&theast o$ >stan#&l. -he ne/s really shoo5 me &p. -he /hole prophesie0 scenario /as #eing carrie0 o&t to the letter9 -he night #e$ore the D&a5e? there /ere a rash o$ telephone thro&gho&t the %ortheast. -hese calls consiste0 o$ t/o people tal5ing in0istinctly $or the most part? #&t certain names /ere clearly a&0i#le. >+an (an0erson recei+e0 s&ch a call on his &nliste0 phone in the mo&ntains o$ %e/ Jersey at mi0night. My call came thro&gh at 11*',. A = C #&$$ on "ong >slan0 recei+e0 one at 1 A.M. Ae hear0? <Aang &p? John ... an0 >Gll t&rn o$$ the recor0er.< Cn my call the name <Jim< /as &se0. -hese calls /ere part o$ a #roa0er nation/i0e pattern /hich ha0 s&ccess$&lly 0isr&pte0? e+en 0estroye0? many local = C gro&ps. -he recei+er hear0 the name o$ a $ello/ = C enth&siast an0 regar0e0 it as proo$ that the other person /as responsi#le $or all the hoa. calls he or she /as recei+ing. -he +ery same ploy /as &se0 against the ci+ilians D&ietly in+estigating the Kenne0y assassination9 Penn Jones? a ne/spaper e0itor /ho has #een in+estigating the 0eath o$ J K $or years? recei+e0 similar calls? incl&0ing the playing o$ a tape o$ his phone con+ersations /ith other in+estigators ... proo$ positi+e that his phone /as #eing tappe0 #y someone an0 they /ante0 him to 5no/ it. -his play#ac5 o$ tape0 con+ersations also happene0 on my phone. -he o#Bect o$ s&ch gimmic5s is clearly to incite paranoia. (ince many o$ the = C enth&siasts are +ery &nsta#le to #egin /ith? the 0e+ice has #een +ery e$$ecti+e. > /as no/ recei+ing many messages phrase0 in #i#lical terms. (ome came $rom &n5no/n el0erly la0ies /ho phone0 me late at night claiming to #e $rom 7estern =nion. -hen they /o&l0 rea0 long Bi#le D&otations that /ere s&ppose0ly telegrams. B&t 7estern =nion 0isa+o/e0 any 5no/le0ge o$ these messages. > ha0 hoo5e0 &p a tape recor0er to my o/n phone so > co&l0 5eep trac5 o$ all these things. <>$ it is the 0ays o$ 0ar5ness?< sai0 a message recei+e0 on J&ly 23? <#ehol0 there /ill #e +oices? th&n0er an0 earthD&a5es an0 0ist&r#ances &pon the earth. An0 at their cry all nations shall $ight one against the other. An0 $ear shall $all &pon the earth an0 the s5y shall #e 0ar5ene0 e.cept $or the ill&minating ro&n0 lights that /ill #e the only spar5s o$ light. An0 rain shall come at the en0 o$ the happening<.


<John* 1o not tro&#le yo&rsel$ o+er tri+ial matters s&ch as strange calls. 7eGre in greater 0anger than yo& can imagine. %ot only is yo&r /orl0 in+ol+e0? #&t many others too.< > am an amate&r herpetologist an0 once 5ept three-$ange0 co#ras in my %e/ Eor5 apartment ... &ntil my concerne0 neigh#ors sD&eale0 to the Boar0 o$ Aealth. (ome o$ the 0escriptions o$ the entities impresse0 me as resem#ling some 5in0 o$ reptile rather than h&man mammals. > 0i0nGt mention this reptile notion to anyone. B&t on J&ly 2'? "ia +isite0 Jane an0 re$&se0 to tal5 a#o&t anything #&t eggs. (he too5 some eggs $rom JaneGs re$rigerator an0 s&c5e0 o&t the contents li5e a reptile9 Jane /as perple.e0 #y this e.hi#ition an0 calle0 me soon a$ter/ar0. -hat e+ening > recei+e0 a phone call $rom Aarol0 (al5in? a 7ashington? 1.C.? = C researcher. Ae /ante0 to tell me that people all o+er 7ashington ha0 #een recei+ing strange phone calls 0&ring the past /ee5. 7e ha0 a per$ect connection &ntil > starte0 to as5 him i$ he ha0 hear0 any r&mors a#o&t Pope Pa&l. 7e /ere instantly 0ro/ne0 o&t #y hea+y static. As soon as > change0 the s&#Bect? the static /ent a/ay. "ater in the con+ersation > trie0 again. -he moment > name0 the pope the static res&me0. 7hen > again 0roppe0 the s&#Bect? the line cleare0 instantly. %o/ they /ere e+en controlling my phone con+ersations9 Con+ince0 that Pope Pa&l /as a#o&t to #e 5ni$e0 to 0eath at the >stan#&l airport? > rente0 a car? loa0e0 it /ith $lashlights? can0les? $oo0? an0 #ottle0 /ater? an0 0ro+e o&t to the Mo&nt Misery area to a/ait the #lac5o&t. Cn the /ay > stoppe0 to see one o$ my contactees an0 he in$orme0 me that a spaceman ha0 B&st #een to see him an0 ha0 le$t a silly message. <-ell John /eGll meet /ith him later an0 help him 0rin5 all that /ater.< -he contactee ha0 no i0ea that > ha0 se+eral D&arts o$ spring /ater in the tr&n5 o$ the car. %ear Mo&nt Misery > pic5e0 o&t a motel at ran0om 3> tho&ght4. -he motel cler5 as5e0 to see my i0enti$ication 3+ery &n&s&al4. "We've got a lot of messages here for you, Mr. -eel," she sai0? p&lling o&t a shea$ o$ message slips. > starte0 to protest since > ha0 not e+en 5no/n > /as going to stay at that motel &ntil min&tes #e$ore. -he messages /ere all nonsensical? meant only to pro+e once more that my mo+ements /ere #eing anticipate0. -he pope lan0e0 in >stan#&l sa$ely. -here /as no three-0ay #lac5o&t. -he /hole episo0e ser+e0 no p&rpose other than to 0emonstrate to me ho/ an0 /hy so many contactees an0 prophets go an0 sit on hilltops to a/ait the en0 o$ the /orl0. -hree years later? on %o+em#er 27? 197,? Pope Pa&l )> arri+e0 at the Manila >nternational Airport in the Philippines an0 the scene 0escri#e0 to me in 19!7 152

s&00enly #ecame a reality. A man 0resse0 in the #lac5 garments o$ a priest came o&t o$ the cro/0 an0 sprang at the pope /ith a long #lac5 5ni$e in his han0s. ort&nately? sec&rity g&ar0s /restle0 him to the gro&n0 an0 the ponti$$ /as &nh&rt. -he /o&l0-#e assassin /as a Boli+ian painter name0 BenBamin Men0o6a /ho allege0ly practice0 #lac5 magic an0 /itchcra$t. 7itnesses sai0 that he ha0 glassy eyes an0 seeme0 to #e in some 5in0 o$ trance 0&ring the attac5. -he entities ha0 correctly 0escri#e0 the general circ&mstances o$ the attempt? #&t their 0ates /ere all /rong? an0 it too5 place in the ar :ast rather than the Mi00le :ast. 3>n Jan&ary 19!;? > recei+e0 a phone call in$orming me that the 8e+eren0 Martin "&ther King /o&l0 #e m&r0ere0 on e#r&ary '. Ae /o&l0 #e shot in the throat? > /as tol0? /hile stan0ing on a #alcony in Memphis. > too5 the pre0iction serio&sly an0 spent some $rantic ho&rs trying to contact King #y phone to /arn him. > ne+er got thro&gh. Ae /as not assassinate0 on e#r&ary '? #&t on April '? e.actly as 0escri#e0 to me $o&r months earlier.4 >>> A&g&st 3? 19!7. Jaye P. Pare /as a/a5ene0 at 3 A.M. #y the so&n0 o$ a #a#y crying. -here /ere no #a#ies in her ho&se. (he got o&t o$ #e0 an0 searche0 $or the so&rce o$ the so&n0 /itho&t s&ccess. 8eports o$ telephone #eeping an0 electronic so&n0s? tapes #eing playe0 #ac5? etc.? reache0 me $rom as $ar a/ay as (eattle? 7ashington. lying sa&cer enth&siasts $rom coast to coast /ere s&00enly ha+ing i0entical pro#lems. C#+io&sly this /as not the /or5 o$ a $e/ ran0om pran5sters. >t /as more li5e a /ell-organi6e0? /ell-$inance0 campaign. Cn the night o$ J&ly 21 #et/een the ho&rs o$ 1, P.M. an0 1 A.M. hoa. calls /ere recei+e0 in lori0a? >llinois? Michigan? Chio? Massach&setts? Cali$ornia? %e/ Jersey? Pennsyl+ania? 7ashington? an0 pro#a#ly many other places that > ne+er learne0 a#o&t. =nliste0 phones /ere no protection. 7ere these calls the /or5 o$ the C>A? as so many o$ the = C enth&siasts #elie+e0I -hey seeme0 too pointless an0 e.pensi+e to #e the /or5 o$ the go+ernment. A$ter the = C con+ention in J&ne? Princess Moon C/l $a0e0 a/ay? B&st as > ha0 s&specte0 she /o&l0. Asi0e $rom the single inter+ie/ on 7BAB? she ha0 not #een gi+en any p&#licity. B&t in late A&g&st she /as phoning = C enth&siasts again? sho/ering them /ith pre0ictions ... all largely silly. -hen? &ne.pecte0ly? she #ecame respecta#le. (he tra+ele0 aro&n0 "ong >slan0 han0ing o&t money? &s&ally less than t/enty-$i+e 0ollars? to people in nee0. -he entertainment e0itor o$ the "ong >slan0 ne/spaper %e/s-0ay? Bo# %ic5lan0? tol0 me he recei+e0 <o+er t/enty-$i+e phone calls< in (eptem#er 0escri#ing the PrincessGs goo0 0ee0s. "ong John %e#el phone0 me to see i$ > 5ne/ ho/ > co&l0 get in to&ch /ith her so he co&l0 inter+ie/ her on his ra0io sho/. > tol0 #oth men that > smelle0 a large rat ... a #latant #i0 $or p&#licity.


-he no#le princess /as the least o$ my /orries. > /as li5e a general a0+ising a 0o6en 0eeply tro&#le0 contactees an0 trying to g&i0e them thro&gh the games they /ere ca&ght &p in. Cne /oman in Broo5lyn /as searching $or a mysterio&s cr&ci$i. that seeme0 to ha+e special meaning to the entities. >t /as li5e the search $or the Aoly @rail. A man on "ong >slan0 /as $rantically ma5ing preparations $or the #ig e+ac&ation. Ae e+en tra+ele0 to a secret &n0ergro&n0 $lying sa&cer #ase? in a #lac5 Ca0illac /ith a 0ash#oar0 $estoone0 /ith $lashing colore0 lights? /here he participate0 in a <0ry r&n.< Cther normal h&man #eings /ere present? he sai0? an0 manne0 +ario&s 5in0s o$ eD&ipment to comm&nicate /ith the resc&e spaceships some/here o+erhea0. "&unny thing, #ohn,< he m&se0? "all the e uipment !as manufactured by Western >lectric, "allicrafters, and other %.). companies." Cne /oman tol0 me she ha0 #een $lo/n to another planet /here she /as place0 in a h&ge glass hospital an0 e.amine0 #y a great eyeli5e machine. Aer hosts tol0 her they /ere <copying< her insi0es. > 5ne/ $rom my lengthy inter+ie/s an0 e.aminations that none o$ these people /ere r&n-o$-the-mill 5oo5s or schi6ophrenics. An0 > /as impresse0 that many o$ their e.periences /ere interrelate0 e+en tho&gh they /ere scattere0 geographically an0 not one o$ them 5ne/ any o$ the others. -he entities a0opte0 a system o$ co0e names? gi+ing each contactee a #i#lical name. > /as the only one /ho 5ne/ /hich name applie0 to /hich contactee. -hey /o&l0 tell Contactee A in %e/ Jersey to gi+e me a message or piece o$ a0+ice a#o&t Contactee B /ho li+e0 in Connectic&t. Contactee A /o&l0nGt ha+e the $aintest notion o$ /hat they /ere tal5ing a#o&t. Another tric5 /as to &se certain 5ey phrases. 7hen a contactee /hispere0 to me? ",o you kno! that cancer is contagious?," > 5ne/ he or she ha0 #een tal5ing to this one set o$ entities. -hen there /ere those 0amne0 synchroni6e0 e+ents. -he contactees stoppe0 tal5ing a#o&t the popeGs $ate. -hey /ere concerne0 no/ a#o&t an <:M e$$ect< sche0&le0 $or sometime in 1ecem#er. All o$ them sai0 it /o&l0 happen in the mi00le o$ the month an0 /o&l0 a$$ect a large part o$ the =nite0 (tates. >t /as going to #e a massi+e po/er $ail&re. Cn (eptem#er 2'? Jaye P. Paro recei+e0 a phone call $rom a man claiming to #e on the city 0es5 at %e/s0ay. Ae tol0 her that Princess Moon C/l /as going to +isit 7BAB that a$ternoon an0 he /as sen0ing a photographer to get a pict&re o$ the t/o o$ them together. Miss Paro /ent to the ra0io station an0 /aite0 all a$ternoon #&t neither the princess nor the photographer sho/e0 &p. B&t? c&rio&sly? a photographer 0i0 t&rn &p in Point Pleasant? 7est )irginia? at the home o$ "in0a (car#erry. Ae /as +ery tall? /ore a #lac5 s&it? ha0 a hea+y <s&n#&rn?< an0 /ante0 to ta5e pict&res o$ "in0aGs <$amily.< (he an0 8oger ha0 no chil0ren #&t she /as +ery pregnant at the time. (he re$&se0 his o$$er an0 phone0 her mother in a panic a$ter he le$t. (omething a#o&t the man B&st ha0nGt seeme0 right... 15'

-he ne.t morning "in0a /o5e &p to $in0 one o$ her eyes /as s/ollen sh&t. All o$ the ma0ness o$ this perio0 came together in a single case re+ol+ing aro&n0 a yo&ng /oman /hom > shall call (hirley. (he li+e0 in (ea$or0? "ong >slan0? a to/n that enBoye0 a #rie$ moment o$ $ame se+eral years ago /hen it #ecame the center o$ a /i0ely p&#lici6e0 poltergeist case. (hirley an0 her h&s#an0 /ere separate0 an0 she li+e0 alone /ith her small chil0. At 3 P.M. on the a$ternoon o$ (eptem#er 2!? she hear0 a lo&0 h&mming so&n0 o&tsi0e her ho&se? /hich /as in an isolate0? /oo0e0 area. (he loo5e0 o&t the /in0o/ an0 sa/ a sil+er 0isc-shape0 o#Bect ho+ering a#o&t one h&n0re0 $eet in the air. >t seeme0 to #e per$ectly smooth /ith no +isi#le /in0o/s or 0oors. 7hile she /as staring at it her 0oor#ell rang. 7hen she ans/ere0 she $o&n0 "an Indian !oman" stan0ing there. -his /oman /as a#o&t $i+e $oot nine inches? 0ar5-s5inne0 "but not *egro," 0resse0 in a long gray go/n that reache0 her $eet an0 /as ma0e $rom someshimmering material. ""ello, 2at," the /oman sai0. "3ou must have the !rong house, my name isn't 2at," (hirley replie0. =n5no/n to (hirley? Pat /as another o$ my long list o$ silent contactees. "I'm sorry ... I meant )hirley," the /oman correcte0 hersel$? a reass&ring grin $i.e0 on her 0ar5? pointe0 $ace. "0ould I have some salt? I must take a pill." (hirley tho&ght this /as +ery pec&liar. (he ha0 no i0ea that another contactee /as in+ol+e0 in a game /hich reD&ire0 her to #&y large D&antities o$ salt? transport it to Mo&nt Misery? an0 lea+e it in a $iel0 $or the space people in the #elie$ that salt /as an essential part o$ their 0iet. (he /ent an0 got a #o. o$ salt an0 han0e0 it to the /oman /ho too5 a large han0$&l an0 s/allo/e0 it. -hen she than5e0 (hirley an0 /al5e0 a/ay into the #&shes. -here /as a lo&0 h&mming so&n0? lo&0er than #e$ore? an0 (hirley sa/ the sil+er 0isc rise &p an0 shoot o$$ into the s5y. An ho&r or so later (hirley ha0 an attac5 o$ na&sea. 7hen > inter+ie/e0 her > $o&n0 her to #e a s/eet? i$ some/hat homely? yo&ng la0y? not +ery #right? an0 certainly not imaginati+e eno&gh to man&$act&re the things that /ere to happen later. A lonely /oman li+ing in a lonely place? separate0 $rom her h&s#an0? per$ect $o00er $or the games the nonpeople lo+e0 to play. Aer #irth0ay /as (eptem#er !. ollo/ing that $irst +isit? (hirley repeate0ly hear0 a #a#y crying /hen her o/n chil0 /as sleeping peace$&lly. 155

-he /oman ret&rne0 on (eptem#er 3,? as5ing $or more salt. (he i0enti$ie0 hersel$ as Cloe 3the name o$ a character in one o$ my &ncele#rate0 no+els4 an0 /arne0 (hirley to loc5 all her 0oors an0 /in0o/s that night. -his time no = C /as +isi#le. "ater that e+ening? Jaye P. Paro phone0 me to tell me that she ha0 B&st ha0 a narro/ escape. 7hile she /as /al5ing along a roa0 near Mo&nt Misery? a #lac5 Ca0illac ha0 roare0 o&t o$ the 0ar5ness an0 come /ithin inches o$ r&nning her 0o/n. All its lights /ere o&t an0 it 0isappeare0 D&ic5ly into the 0ar5ness. (he /as +ery &pset. (hortly a$ter Jaye h&ng &p? (hirley calle0 in a +ery ner+o&s state. A large #lac5 car /as par5e0 o&tsi0e her ho&se? she sai0? an0 t/o men completely 0resse0 in #lac5? /ith #roa0-#rimme0 #lac5 hats an0 t&rtlenec5 s/eaters? /ere setting &p a camera. At $irst she tho&ght they /ere priests. <-heyGre ta5ing pict&res o$ my ho&se9< she e.claime0. <%o/ /hy /o&l0 anyone /ant to 0o thatI At night yet9< -he camera they /ere &sing ha0 a large #right re0 light attache0 to it. <1onGt loo5 at that light?< > a0+ise0 sternly. <1o yo& thin5 > sho&l0 call the policeI< <>Gm a$rai0 ta5ing a pict&re is no crime. -heyG0 pro#a#ly la&gh at yo&.< <-heyGre getting #ac5 in the car. Eo& 5no/? its hea0lights are o&t. > 0onGt 5no/ ho/ they can see. -heyGre 0ri+ing o$$.< 7hile > /as tal5ing to (hirley? Mary Ayre /as trying to call me $rom 7est )irginia. (he $inally calle0 1an 1rasin an0 as5e0 him to get in to&ch /ith me as soon as my line /as $ree. > calle0 her #ac5 an0 she tol0 me she ha0 B&st ha0 a $rightening enco&nter /ith a #lac5 Ca0illac. 7hile she /as /al5ing 0o/n the 0eserte0 Main (treet 3the si0e/al5s roll &p a#o&t 7 P.M.4? a car 0ri+en "by a very large man" p&lle0 a/ay $rom the c&r# an0 slo/ly $ollo/e0 her. (he /al5e0 to her o/n car an0 the Ca0illac slo/ly /ent aro&n0 a corner. (he got into her car an0 /ent loo5ing $or the stranger. <> /as hea0ing o&t to 8o&te !2 /hen > sa/ it again?< she sai0 <>t hea0e0 straight $or me. > p&lle0 o+er as $ar as > co&l0 an0 it almost ran right into me. >t /as the same car ... #&t no/ there /ere three men in it. > co&l0 see that one o$ them /as /earing glasses ... li5e those s&nglasses that /rap aro&n0 yo&r hea0. >G+e ne+er seen any o$ them in Point Pleasant #e$ore. 7hat 0o yo& s&ppose they /ere trying to pro+eI< <> thin5 they /ere trying to pro+e something to me? Mary?< > ans/ere0 slo/ly. <>Gm s&re they 0i0nGt mean yo& any harm.<


As > replace0 the recei+er > tho&ght to mysel$* theyGre 0oing it? theyGre t&rning this ol0 #oy into a ra+ing paranoiac. -he phone rang again. > pic5e0 it &p /earily. Beep? #eep? #eep? #eep. ------------------------------------


17 - <:+en the Be0o&ins Aate -heir -elephone Company< 3O4

>. :+ery phone call $rom >+an (an0erson in %e/ Jersey /as an a0+ent&re in electronic l&nacy. 7eir0 /histles? static? #eeps? an0 lo&0 clic5s li5e an e.tension #eing slamme0 0o/n? ha&nte0 his line. C$ten /e /ere c&t o$$ s&00enly in the mi00le o$ a con+ersation. (an0ersonGs in+ol+ement in = Cs /as strictly periphery. Ae /as primarily a #iologist an0 6oologist an0 earne0 a goo0 part o$ his li+ing /riting animal encyclope0ias. A tall? thin? han0some Britisher in his mi0-$i$ties? >+an /as an electri$ying personality. >n his yo&nger 0ays he /as $amiliar to tele+ision +ie/ers as the animal e.pert on the ol0 @arry Moore sho/? an0 e+en ha0 his o/n program on %BC $or a n&m#er o$ years. >n 19!7? >+an /as &n0er a great strain. Alma? his /i$e o$ thirty years? /as terminally ill. "i5e all a&thors? he ha0 constant $inancial pro#lems. -hat s&mmer he /as $eeling ill. Cnce he too5 to his #e0 an0 s/eate0 pro$&sely $or $orty-eight ho&rs. An0 he con$i0e0 to me that he ha0 s&$$ere0 a t/o-0ay siege /ith the cosmic clap? 3V4 the symptoms 0isappearing as s&00enly an0 mysterio&sly as they #egan. ---MON <:+ery#o0y hates the telephone company. :+en the Be0o&ins hate their telephone company.< "ine $rom the 19!7 mo+ie -he Presi0entGs Analyst. MVN Male = C /itnesses sometimes 0e+elop a temporary set o$ symptoms resem#ling gonorrhea. ---Cne 0ay Jane calle0 me /ith a message $or <the man /ith s5inny arms /ho /ears 0resses.< )ery $e/ people 5ne/ that >+an lo&nge0 aro&n0 his $arm in a s5irtli5e garment pop&lar in >n0onesia. -he message s&ggeste0 that he sho&l0 ta5e a certain 5in0 o$ +itamin s&pplement. > passe0 this on to him an0 a $e/ 0ays later he calle0 to tell me that he $elt <1,, percent #etter< as soon as he starte0 the +itamin regimen. -hat $all a /oman connecte0 /ith the air $orce an0 the Colora0o =ni+ersity = C proBect arrange0 to spen0 a /ee5en0 on >+anGs $arm to go thro&gh his = C $lies? /hich e.ten0e0 all the /ay #ac5 to the 19',s. (he 0ro+e &p $rom 7ashington? 1.C.? an0 /hen she arri+e0 at his o&t-o$-the-/ay $arm on a narro/ #ac5 roa0 she /as e.cite0 an0 ner+o&s. 7hile 0ri+ing &p the %e/ Jersey t&rnpi5e she #ecame a/are o$ a panel tr&c5 $ollo/ing her. 7hen she t&rne0 o$$ the t&rnpi5e onto the co&ntry roa0s that /o&l0 ta5e her to >+anGs? the tr&c5 t&rne0 o$$ an0 contin&e0 to $ollo/ her. (he stoppe0 at a gas station an0 the tr&c5 p&lle0 in #ehin0 her. -he 0ri+er got o&t an0 approache0 her. Ae appeare0 +ery normal? she sai0? #&t his co+eralls /ere +ery neatly presse0 an0 his shoes /ere highly shine0. 15;

<>G+e #een /atching yo&r tires?< he tol0 her. <> thin5 thereGs a #a0 l&mp on one o$ yo&r rear tires.< (he loo5e0 #&t co&l0 see nothing /rong. -he gas station atten0ant came o&t an0 the man got #ac5 into his tr&c5 an0 0ro+e o$$. -he la0y contin&e0 her 0ri+e? $ollo/ing >+anGs complicate0 instr&ctionsFhis $arm /as not easy to $in0F&ntil she came to a small resta&rant an0 0eci0e0 to stop $or a snac5. -he moment she steppe0 o&t o$ her car the man in co+eralls reappeare0. "I'd really better have a look at that tire," he anno&nce0. Be$ore she co&l0 protest? he cra/le0 &n0er the rear o$ her car. A$ter $&ssing &n0erneath the +ehicle $or t/o or three min&tes he cra/le0 #ac5 o&t. "I guess it !ill be okay?< he tol0 her. <7here are yo& goingI< "*ot far from here," she ans/ere0. =nner+e0? she 0eci0e0 to $orego the snac5? B&mpe0 #ac5 into her car? an0 contin&e0 on to >+anGs. As soon as >+an hear0 the story he pic5e0 &p his phone an0 calle0 me. > snappe0 on my tape recor0er an0 s&ggeste0 that he sho&l0 go o&t an0 loo5 &n0er the /omanGs car /hile > tal5e0 to her a#o&t the inci0ent. (he o&tline0 the story to me? then >+an came #ac5 on the line +ery e.cite0. <"isten? Keel?< he #egan #reathlessly. <-hereGs some st&$$ on the #ottom o$ her gas tan5. -hree #ig glo#s o$ it? place0 in a +ery neat triangle? all eD&al 0istances apart.< 7hen he 0escri#e0 the <glo#s< to me a chill ran 0o/n my spine. Ae seeme0 to #e 0escri#ing a material > ha0 han0le0 in #asic training /hen the army /as hopelessly trying to t&rn me into a traine0 5iller. <>t so&n0s li5e plastic e.plosi+e to me? >+an?< > 0eclare0. <May#e yo&G0 #etter call the police.< >+an 0i0 B&st that. -he police came o&t an0 carrie0 a/ay the s&#stance. >t pro+e0 to #e an or0inary? harmless? p&ttyli5e material. -he /oman? /ho ha0 a phenomenal memory? /as a#le to recall the sign on the si0e o$ the tr&c5 /hich name0 an appliance company an0 a near#y to/n. B&t a police chec5 $aile0 to $in0 any s&ch company in that to/n. -he strangest part o$ this episo0e /as my tape recor0ing o$ o&r con+ersation that a$ternoon. 7e ha0 an e.cellent connection /ith none o$ the &s&al inter$erence. >+anGs +oice on the tape came thro&gh lo&0 an0 clear. B&t each time the /oman spo5e to me on the same phone an0 same line there /as hea+y static on the tape 0ro/ning o&t her +oice completely9 Eet /e 0i0 not hear any static at all /hile /e /ere tal5ing.


"ater >+an theori6e0 that the p&tty ha0 #een &se0 to hol0 /ires $orming the antenna to a small electronic homing 0e+ice. -he man in the panel tr&c5 ha0 gone to ela#orate lengths to remo+e the 0e+ice? >+an spec&late0. A$ter this inci0ent > #egan to ha+e more pro#lems /ith recor0ing phone con+ersations. 7hene+er a contactee or mystery +oice /o&l0 call? the tape /o&l0 B&st contain static. > s/itche0 to another? #etter recor0er #&t the pro#lem persiste0. :+en portions o$ con+ersations /ith Mary Ayre /ere 0ro/ne0 in static /hen she /as 0isc&ssing some o$ the more mysterio&s e+ents in Point Pleasant. (ome#o0y /as not only a#le to manip&late my phone #&t also my tape recor0er9 3O4 ---MON 1r. Berthol0 (ch/ar6? a 0ep&ty police o$$icer in Pennsyl+ania? an0 se+eral other in+estigators ha+e ha0 similar pro#lems /ith their tape recor0ers. :+en $ormer Presi0ent %i.on ha0 tro&#le /ith his tape recor0er. --->> A$ter many $rea5ish phone con+ersations an0 e.changes o$ letters to none.istent a00resses? > ha0 a 0e$inite 0ate $or the #ig 1ecem#er <:M e$$ect.< >t /as sche0&le0 $or 1ecem#er 15. By this time Mr. Apol ha0 ass&me0 a 0e$inite personality. Ae /as as real to me as Col0 /as to 1eren#erger? altho&gh > /o&l0 ne+er meet him. > st&0ie0 his psychology? his D&ic5 temper? his mischie+o&s sense o$ h&mor. > arg&e0 /ith him on the phone? sometimes $or t/o or three ho&rs at a stretch. An0 > $elt sorry $or him. >t #ecame apparent that he really 0i0 not 5no/ /ho or /hat he /as. Ae /as a prisoner o$ o&r time $rame. Ae o$ten con$&se0 the past /ith the $&t&re. > gathere0 that he an0 all his $ello/ entities $o&n0 themsel+es transporte0 #ac5/ar0 an0 $or/ar0 in time in+ol&ntarily? playing o&t their little games #eca&se they /ere programe0 to 0o so? li+ingFor e.istingFonly so long as they co&l0 $ee0 o$$ the energy an0 min0s o$ me0i&ms an0 contactees. > co&l0 as5 him any 5in0 o$ o#sc&re-D&estion an0 recei+e an instant an0 acc&rate ans/er? perhaps #eca&se my o/n min0 /as #eing tappe0 B&st li5e my telephone. 7here /as my motherGs $ather #ornI Cameron Mills? %e/ Eor5? o$ co&rse. 7here ha0 > misplace0 my stop/atchI "oo5 in the shoe#o. in the &pper righthan0 corner o$ the #e0room closet 3it /as there4. Cn the /ee5en0 o$ Ccto#er 7-;? 19!7? my phone stoppe0 ringing. My contactees an0 their $rien0s 0i0 not call. -he s&00en silence /as &nner+ing. B&t on Mon0ay the ninth? they all #egan to chec5 in? an0 they all tol0 me i0entical stories. -hey recalle0 nothing e.cept #rie$ glimpses o$ some 5in0 o$ hospital. (hirley sai0 she /ent to sleep -h&rs0ay night an0 0i0 not /a5e &p again &ntil Mon0ay morning. Aer #a#y /as in his cri#? happy an0 /ell care0 $or. %othing in her ho&se /as 0ist&r#e0. (he mentione0 that her $eet /ere sore an0 her legs ache0 as i$ she ha0 0one a lot o$ /al5ing. All she co&l0 remem#er /as +isiting a large str&ct&re ma0e o$ re0 glass. Jane? too? remem#ere0 a re0-glass #&il0ing $ille0 /ith strange #eings in /hite coats? li5e 0octors? 1!,

/ho /ere e.amining lines o$ earth people? all o$ /hom mo+e0 li5e ro#ots apparently in a 0r&gge0 state. Beneath all the hall&cinatory nonsense > co&l0 no/ percei+e the roots o$ many o$ the &$ological legen0s. A s&rprising n&m#er o$ contactees /ere orphans an0 thro&gh them the /hole <hy#ri0< concept /as la&nche0. -hey /ere tol0 that their parentage /as a cross #et/een terrestrial an0 e.traterrestrial? that slo/ly more an0 more earthly /omen /ere #eing impregnate0 #y spacemen an0 e+ent&ally the /hole planet /o&l0 #e pop&late0 /ith a hy#ri0 race. (ome o$ the games > /as in+ol+e0 in /ere o#+io&sly 0esigne0 to con+ince me o$ the reality o$ this cross#ree0ing e.periment. B&t > 5ne/ it /as B&st an &p0ate0 +ersion o$ the #i#lical #egatting theme /hen the <sons o$ @o0 /ent into the 0a&ghters o$ men.< > note0 that as soon as my attit&0e to/ar0 a game change0? the entities s/itche0 to a ne/ game. My pregnant contactees s&00enly #ecame &npregnant. > /as more concerne0 /ith sD&ee6ing acc&rate pre0ictions $or the $&t&re o&t o$ my mysterio&s $rien0s. -he 0ollar? > /as tol0? /o&l0 soon #e 0e+al&e0. 3>t /asnGt 0e+al&e0 &ntil years later.4 8e0 China /o&l0 #e a0mitte0 to the =nite0 %ations 3correct? #&t it seeme0 +ery &nli5ely in 19!74. 8o#ert Kenne0y sho&l0 <stay o&t o$ hotels< 3I4. Man sho&l0 not attempt to go to the moon 3they /ere apoplectic o+er o&r space program4. > /o&l0 soon #e mo+ing to a ne/ apartment on the gro&n0 $loor o$ a #&il0ing north o$ the =nite0 %ations. 3-his also seeme0 +ery &nli5ely in 19!7? #&t a year later > 0i0 $in0 a gro&n0-$loor apartment in &pper Manhattan an0 mo+e0.4 >n a00ition to the contin&ing /arnings a#o&t the 1ecem#er po/er #lac5o&t? the entities no/ #egan to tell me a#o&t a terri#le $orthcoming 0isaster on the Chio 8i+er. Many people /o&l0 0ie? they sai0. -hey implie0 that one o$ the $actories along the Chio /o&l0 #lo/ &p. Cn %o+em#er 3? 19!7? > /rote to Mary Ayre an0 tol0 her* <> ha+e reason to s&spect there may soon #e a 0isaster in the Point Pleasant area /hich /ill not #e relate0 to the = C mystery. A plant along the ri+er may either #lo/ &p or #&rn 0o/n. Possi#ly the na+y installation in Pt. Pleasant /ill #e the center o$ s&ch a 0isaster. A lot o$ people may #e h&rt.... 1onGt e+en hint to any#o0y anything a#o&t this.< 3-he na+al installation /as a $ence0-in area in Point Pleasant? $acing the ri+er an0 tightly g&ar0e0. -he men /ho /or5e0 there /ere s/orn to secrecy? #&t 0&ring my $irst +isit it only too5 me a $e/ 0ays to $in0 o&t /hat /as going on there. > am not going to re+eal any national secrets here? #&t my pri+ate concl&sion /as that some a0miral in the Pentagon sho&l0 get his ass 5ic5e0 $or /asting the ta.payersG money ... an0 $or p&tting this type o$ installation in a pop&late0 area.4 Mean/hile the P&#lic Broa0casting "a#oratories /as ha+ing secon0 tho&ghts a#o&t 1an 1rasinGs = C special. A$ter nearly a year o$ /or5? an0 se+eral trips to = C $lap areas? the program /as s&00enly cancele0. Aistory repeate0 itsel$ in 1973 /hen re0 ree0? an a/ar0-/inning pro0&cer? #egan /or5 on a /hite paper 0oc&mentary $or %BC %e/s. 8alph Bl&m an0 a team o$ technicians /ere in Mississippi inter+ie/ing


Aic5son an0 Par5er /hen they s&00enly recei+e0 /or0 that the program /as #eing cancele0 #eca&se %BC nee0e0 the money an0 personnel to co+er the Ara#->sraeli 7ar. > ha0 other pro#lems. > /as going thro&gh one o$ my #ro5e perio0s an0 o/e0 the staggering s&m o$ $o&r h&n0re0 0ollars in #ac5 -he >8( sent a representati+e aro&n0 to see me e+ery single /ee5. Cnce? t/o 0i$$erent >8( men t&rne0 &p in the same /ee5. 3-hey /ere not M>B ... #&t /ere 0e$initely $rom the >8(.4 Cne see0y little character /as so an0 ins&lting that > act&ally gra##e0 him #y the collar an0 physically thre/ him o&t o$ the apartment. Another let slip a remar5 a#o&t a mo+ie 0eal > /as /or5ing on 3it e+ent&ally $ell thro&gh4 /hich no one? not e+en my $rien0s? 5ne/ a#o&t. -he only /ay he co&l0 ha+e 5no/n a#o&t it /as thro&gh listening to my telephone con+ersations. 7as the >8( tapping my phone $or a lo&sy $o&r h&n0re0 0ollarsI 7as > on some#o0yGs <:nemies< listI > /as complaining to the telephone company a#o&t my many cran5 calls an0 telephone inter$erence? so > as5e0 them to r&n a chec5 an0 see i$ my phone /as #eing tappe0. A $e/ 0ays later my $rien0ly telephone representati+e calle0 me #ac5. <Eo& /ere right? Mr. Keel?< she sai0. <(ome#o0y is 0e$initely tappe0 into yo&r phone.< > s/itche0 on my tape recor0er an0 as5e0 her to repeat the statement? /hich she 0i0. -hen > as5e0 her to p&t it in /riting? #&t she he0ge0 there. <1o yo& ha+e any i0ea /hoGs tapping itI< > as5e0. <7e canGt tell that. All /e 5no/ is thereGs a 0rop in the +oltage that in0icates that someone is hoo5e0 &p to it.< (he promise0 to t&rn the matter o+er to a <(pecial Agent< $or in+estigation. %othing e+er came o$ that? either. 7hen > /o5e &p on J&ly 3? 19!7? my line /as 0ea0. > /ent 0o/n to the #asement o$ my apartment #&il0ing to call the phone company on a pay phone. As > /al5e0 along the #asement corri0or > sa/ the 0oor to the telephone room? /hich /as normally loc5e0? /as /i0e open an0 a man in co+eralls /as there s&rro&n0e0 #y the B&m#le o$ /ires $rom the h&n0re0s o$ phones in the #&il0ing. > tol0 him my phone /as 0ea0 an0 he only shr&gge0. <Eo&Gll ha+e to call the main o$$ice?< /as his not +ery help$&l a0+ice. My ser+ice 0i0 not res&me $or another t/enty-$o&r ho&rs.


Altho&gh all my contactee calls /ere incoming? my phone #ills starte0 to s5yroc5et that s&mmer. > /as o&t o$ the city an0 a/ay $rom my phone $or t/o or three /ee5s at a time? #&t /hen > ret&rne0 > /o&l0 $in0 a phone #ill $or T15,-T2,, /aiting. An0 that /as B&st the #eginning. >>> A reporter on the 1aily American in 7est ran5$ort? >llinois? pic5e0 &p his phone on e#r&ary 1!? 19!7? an0 hear0 a /eir0 echo cham#er +oice /hich instr&cte0 him to #e at a certain pon0 at 3*15 A.M. the $ollo/ing (&n0ay. -he reporter motione0 to his co/or5ers an0 they pic5e0 &p e.tensions to listen in. -he +oice imme0iately sai0? "'Tell them to put do!n their phones." :lectronic so&n0s #eepe0 an0 /histle0 #ehin0 the hollo/ spea5er. "$ring no one !ith you." -he ne/smen 0eci0e0 it /as all a Bo5e #&t that it </as a $irst-rate per$ormance ... /hoe+er that /as ha0 talent an0 electronic eD&ipment to /or5 /ith.< >n my tra+els > $o&n0 that ne/spaper o$$ices all o+er the co&ntry ha+e recei+e0 these calls? &s&ally hollo/ +oices that so&n0 "like they're in the bottom of a !ell," /ith #ac5gro&n0 so&n0s li5e electronic m&sic or -eletypes. -he p&rpose o$ the #ac5gro&n0 is simple eno&gh ... it ma5es it impossi#le to tape the +oices. >G+e trie0 an0 $o&n0 that the #ac5gro&n0 completely smothere0 the +oice on the tape. > 5ept a care$&l log o$ the cran5 calls > recei+e0 an0 e+ent&ally cataloge0 the +ario&s tactics o$ the mysterio&s pran5sters. (ome o$ these tactics are so ela#orate they co&l0 not #e the /or5 o$ a solitary n&t harassing = C #elie+ers in his spare time. 8ather? it all appears to #e the /or5 o$ either paranormal $orces or a large an0 /ell-$inance0 organi6ation /ith moti+es that e+a0e me. rom my years in sho/ #&siness > 5no/ that talente0 mimics are rare an0 that some +oices are almost impossi#le to imitate. %e+ertheless? o&r hypothetical Crgani6ation is a#le to mimic almost anyoneFincl&0ing mysel$. An0 > ha+e a $lat? colorless +oice some/hat li5e $ormer )ice-Presi0ent (piro Agne/Gs. Pro$essional mimics li5e 8ich< "ittle an0 1a+i0 rye /ere ne+er a#le to get Agne/Gs +oice 0o/n pat. At 1 A.M. on the morning o$ ri0ay? J&ly 1'? 19!7? > recei+e0 a call $rom a man /ho i0enti$ie0 himsel$ as @ray Bar5er $rom 7est )irginia. -he +oice so&n0e0 e.actly li5e @rayGs so$tly accente0 melli$l&o&s o/n? #&t he a00resse0 me as i$ > /ere a total stranger an0 care$&lly calle0 me <Mr. Keel.< At $irst > /on0ere0 i$ may#e he ha0nGt #een o&t cele#rating. -he D&iet? $amiliar 0ra/l tol0 me that he 5ne/ > /rote $or ne/spapers an0 he ha0 B&st hear0 a#o&t a case /hich he tho&ght > sho&l0 loo5 into. >t /as? he sai0? similar to the 1erenstein case. @ray an0 > ha0 +isite0 7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger together so > 5ne/ this /as not the 5in0 o$ mista5e he /o&l0 ma5e. Aro&n0 that time > ha0 recei+e0 a n&m#er o$ reports $rom people in the %e/ Eor5 area /ho ha0 #een recei+ing n&isance calls $rom a /oman /ho i0enti$ie0 hersel$ as 1!3

<Mrs. @ray Bar5er.< > 5ne/ that @ray /as not marrie0 #&t /hen > mentione0 these calls to this <@ray Bar5er< he pa&se0 $or a moment an0 then sai0? "*o, Mrs. $arker hasn't been calling anybody up there." Ae ret&rne0 to his recital o$ an a#s&r0ly insigni$icant = C sighting near 7est Mi$$lin? Pennsyl+ania. >t /as not the 5in0 o$ inci0ent that /o&l0 ha+e inspire0 a long-0istance call. "ater > 0i0 try to chec5 it o&t an0 $o&n0 all the in$ormation he ga+e me /as $alse. 7e tal5e0 $or a#o&t ten min&tes an0 thro&gho&t that perio0 <@ray< so&n0e0 li5e a man &n0er 0&ress ... as tho&gh someone /as hol0ing a g&n to his hea0. > tric5e0 him se+eral times /ith 0i$$erent meaningless re$erences an0 #y the time > h&ng &p > /as 0e$initely con+ince0 that this man /as not the real @ray Bar5er. An ho&r later my phone rang again an0 a yo&ng man sai0? "+ray $aker has been trying to reach you ... he asked us to give you this number and to please call him." Ae recite0 a n&m#er that /as i0entical to my o/n e.cept $or the last 0igit. -here /ere more calls $rom strangers that night? an0 more pointless messages $rom @ray Ba5er. -he ne.t 0ay > calle0 @ray long 0istance an0 he 0enie0 ha+ing place0 the call? nat&rally. (oon a$ter that > 0isco+ere0 that another <John Keel< ha0 #een phoning people aro&n0 the co&ntry? imitating my +oice an0 mannerisms e.actly. Mary Ayre recei+e0 one s&ch call. > phone0 her a $e/ 0ays a$ter/ar0 an0 she sai0? "I'm glad you're feeling better ... you sounded sick or drunk the other night." <7hat other nightI< <7hen yo& calle0 a co&ple o$ nights ago. 8emem#er /e tal5e0 a#o&t yo&r letter an0 /hat yo& tho&ght /as going to happen on the ri+er.< > ha0 not calle0 her an0 0isc&sse0 the letter. %or ha0 > 0isc&sse0 the 0isaster pre0iction /ith anyone other than the contactees /ho /ere tol0 a#o&t it. Jaye P. Paro calle0 me one morning to complain. <Eo& m&st thin5 >Gm cra6y. > /o&l0nGt go &p to Mo&nt Misery alone at mi0night.< <7hat are yo& tal5ing a#o&tI< > 0eman0e0. <"ast night. Eo& calle0 an0 tol0 me to meet yo& on Mo&nt Misery.< <> 0i0nGt call yo& last night? Jaye? an0 > certainly /o&l0nGt as5 yo& to 0o s&ch a thing any/ay.< <Eo&Gre p&tting me on. >t so&n0e0 e.actly li5e yo&.< 1!'

> spent most o$ March 19!; in 7ashington? 1.C. 7hile > /as gone an ol0 army #&00y? a serio&s? D&iet man /ho /or5e0 in a0+ertising? staye0 in my apartment. Ae /as totally relia#le an0 not a practical Bo5er. 7hen > ret&rne0 > $o&n0 a stac5 o$ messages $rom phone calls he ha0 recei+e0 /hile > /as gone. Cne /as $rom @eorge Clar5? a = C enth&siast in %e/ Jersey. Ae ha0 calle0 on March 23 an0 as5e0 $or me to call him #ac5. > ne+er got aro&n0 to it. (o a $e/ 0ays later he calle0 again an0 > apologi6e0 $or not ret&rning his pre+io&s call. -here /as a st&nne0 silence on the other en0 an0 then he slo/ly tol0 me that > ha0 calle0 him #ac5 aro&n0 1, P.M. on March 27. A +oice that so&n0e0 e.actly li5e mine ha0 tal5e0 to him at length? &sing my pet e.pressions an0 noncommittal statements s&ch as? "Well, !e'll 9ust have to !ait and see !hat happens ne1t." -/o 0ays later @eorge sai0 he calle0 my n&m#er again aro&n0 ; P.M. an0 a <hippie< ans/ere0. "*o, man, Mr. -eel ain't here right no! ... but he ought to be back soon. Would you like to leave a message, man?" @eorge le$t a message /ith him. -hat partic&lar e+ening > /as #ac5 in %e/ Eor5 an0 sitting ne.t to my phone. -hree months earlier? on Jan&ary 1;? 19!;? my phone /ent 0ea0 again. -he main o$$ice o$ my e.change co&l0 $in0 nothing /rong? so a repairman /as 0ispatche0 to my apartment. Ae e.amine0 my telephone #&t it seeme0 o5ay. > accompanie0 him to the #asement /here he &nloc5e0 the telephone room an0 #egan e.amining the ma6e o$ /ires. -he m&ltit&0e o$ connections are co0e0 in s&ch a +ag&e /ay that only a real e.pert can pic5 o&t an in0i+i0&al line. "This is !here your line is connected," he e.plaine0 to me. "6nd you see ..." Ae stoppe0 an0 stare0 at the /ires. "4ook at this. This !ire has been cut." Ae /a+e0 a neatly snippe0 /ire. (omeone ha0 manage0 to single o&t my telephone line in that ma6e an0 c&t it /ith a pair o$ pliers9 As soon as the /ire /as splice0 an0 my phone /as /or5ing again > calle0 my $rien0ly telephone representati+e. <-his > m&st ha+e in /riting?< > snappe0. A $e/ 0ays later > recei+e0 a letter $rom her stating that my phone ha0 #ecome 0isconnecte0 on Jan&ary 1; #eca&se a piece o$ sol0er in the main o$$ice ha0 loosene0. > 5ne/ there /as only one piece o$ sol0er on my line in the main e.change an0 > ha0 e.amine0 it personally only the month #e$ore. Bet/een the >8(? the phone company? Apol an0 his gang? an0 $lying sa&cers > /as rapi0ly #ecoming a can0i0ate $or the $&nny $arm. ---------------------------------


1; - <(omething A/$&l >s @oing to Aappen ...<

>. Mrs. )irginia -homas /as /or5ing in her 5itchen 0eep insi0e the -%- area /hen she hear0 a lo&0 sD&ea5ing so&n0 &nli5e anything she ha0 e+er hear0 #e$ore in her years there. <-he #est /ay > can 0escri#e it?< she tol0 Mrs. Ayre an0 me? <is that it /as li5e a #a0 $an #elt ... #&t m&ch lo&0er. > steppe0 o&tsi0e. >t seeme0 to #e coming $rom one o$ the igloos. -hen > sa/ a h&ge sha0o/ sprea0ing across the grass. >t /as B&st a$ter noon so there sho&l0nGt ha+e #een any sha0o/ li5e that. -hen this $ig&re appeare0. >t /al5e0 erect li5e a man? #&t it /as all gray? an0 it /as m&ch #igger than any man > e+er sa/. >t mo+e0 +ery $ast across the $iel0 an0 0isappeare0 into the trees. >t 0i0nGt seem to #e /al5ing e.actly. >t /as almost gli0ing ... $aster than any man co&l0 r&n<. <>t /as the h&nting season so > 5ne/ it /asnGt a h&nter. %o h&nter in his right min0 /o&l0 0ress in gray. Aro&n0 here they all /ear re0 coats an0 re0 caps. An0 it /asnGt a #ear or anything li5e that. >t really scare0 me.< (ince that sighting on %o+em#er 2? 19!7? Mrs. -homas ha0 #een plag&e0 #y #a0 0reams. <> see a lot o$ strange people aro&n0 the ri+er?< she e.plaine0. <>tGs li5e some 5in0 o$ in+asion or something. -hey come o+er the #ri0ge in tr&c5s an0 they po&r into the -%- area. 7e gra# the 5i0s an0 r&n. > canGt $ig&re o&t /hat it means.< > ha0 $lo/n to 7est )irginia a$ter a trip to Atlanta an0 a D&ic5 to&r thro&gh the Carolinas in+estigating some = C lan0ings. Mrs. Ayre ha0 pic5e0 me &p at the Charleston airport? an0 as /e 0ro+e to Point Pleasant she tol0 me a#o&t her o/n 0reams. <J&st #e$ore > got yo&r letter?< she sai0? <> ha0 a terri#le nightmare. -here /ere a lot o$ people 0ro/ning in the ri+er an0 Christmas pac5ages /ere $loating e+ery/here in the /ater.< <May#e yo& /ere B&st pic5ing &p my tho&ghts someho/?< > s&ggeste0. <May#e. B&t >G+e co+ere0 a lot o$ 0ro/nings on that ri+er? #&t ne+er anything li5e this 0ream. -here /ere so many people. >G+e #een $eeling &neasy e+er since. An0 e+ery#o0y else $eels the same /ay. Eo& canGt really p&t yo&r $inger on it ... #&t itGs li5e something a/$&l is a#o&t to happen.< Perhaps it /as only s&ggestion an0 an emotional hango+er $rom all > ha0 #een going thro&gh? #&t /hen /e reache0 Point Pleasant > co&l0 $eel a hea+y atmosphere o$ $ore#o0ing. > /an0ere0 aro&n0 the +illage &n0er an oppressi+e clo&0. Cne #y one? ol0


$rien0s con$i0e0 in me. "3ou kno!, -eel, something is !rong here. I don't kno! !hat. >ver since all that flying saucer business last spring things 9ust haven't seemed right." <7e 0onGt get many = C reports anymore?< Mary tol0 me. <An0 e.cept $or that thing Mrs. -homas sa/? Mothman seems to #e laying lo/. :+erything is D&iet. -oo D&iet.< -o/ar0 mi0night on %o+em#er 19? Mary an0 > /ere cr&ising thro&gh the -%- area. -he s5y /as hea+ily o+ercast. >t ha0 #een raining earlier an0 no stars /ere +isi#le. -he clo&0 ceiling /as pro#a#ly #elo/ $i+e tho&san0 $eet. <1onGt loo5 no/? Mary?< > sai0 lightly. <B&t thereGs one o$ o&r $rien0s straight ahea0.< A #rilliant light /as #o&ncing aro&n0 in the #lac5ene0 s5y o+er a ro/ o$ hills $ar to the east. Mary stoppe0 the car an0 /e /atche0 it silently $or a#o&t ten min&tes. >t 0roppe0 0o/n? then shot &p/ar0 again. >t sli0 $rom si0e to si0e? mo+ing se+eral 0egrees an0 then ret&rning to its original position. inally? Mary starte0 her car again an0 0ro+e slo/ly along the 0irt roa0? hoping to $in0 a #etter +antage point. 7e passe0 thro&gh a /oo0e0 section an0 /hen /e reache0 another clearing the o#Bect /as gone. <7ell? /hat 0o yo& thin5I< she as5e0 laconically. <>t 0e$initely /asnGt a star or a plane?< > o#ser+e0. <>t /as so lo/ some#o0y else /as #o&n0 to ha+e seen it. "etGs /ait an0 see i$ /e get any reports.< 7e 0i0nGt ha+e to /ait long. At 12*'5 that morning Mr. Al#ert Bro/n? a shi$t s&perinten0ent at a mine near :lm/oo0? 7est )irginia? /as 0ri+ing home $rom /or5 /hen he? too? notice0 an &n&s&al light /ea+ing aro&n0 the s5y. Ae stoppe0 his car an0 /atche0. <>t seeme0 to t&rn colors?< he tol0 &s later. < irst it /as /hite? then #l&e? then orange. >t loo5e0 li5e it /as going 0o/n on top o$ a hill.< Mr. Bro/n /as northeast o$ the -%- area on 8o&te 35? appro.imately t/enty miles $rom o&r position in a 0irect line. A$ter /atching the o#Bect $or a $e/ min&tes? he trie0 to $in0 a roa0 that might lea0 him into the hills /here the o#Bect seeme0 to #e <playing.< B&t he co&l0nGt $in0 s&ch a roa0? so he simply par5e0 an0 /atche0? enthralle0. inally he /ent home an0 calle0 the Ci+il 1e$ense in Charleston. -hey tol0 him to call the state police. A police car /as sent to the area #&t the thing /as gone #y the time they arri+e0. 7ho or /hat /as on that remote hilltop? > /on0ere0I 7as some little ca#in #eing #athe0 in an eerie lightI 7as some lonely person there staring $i.e0ly? paraly6e0? into the nightI


>> rom 7est )irginia > /ent to 7ashington? 1.C. Al Johnson? an ol0 army $rien0? /as /or5ing $or )oice o$ America an0 he ha0 #een 0oing a series o$ #roa0casts on $lying sa&cers? co+ering e+ery aspect. 3)CA is o&r o$$icial propagan0a o&tlet an0 JohnsonGs pro-= C programs /ere hear0 aro&n0 the /orl0.4 >n the )CA st&0ios /e tape0 an ho&r-long 0isc&ssion on the s&#Bect? co+ering e+erything $rom p&rple #lo#s to contactees. inally > ret&rne0 to my %e/ Eor5 apartment at 2 A.M. in early 1ecem#er? n&rsing a hea+y col0? a so&+enir o$ the $ree6ing 7est )irginia rains? e.ha&ste0. Be$ore > e+en ha0 a chance to ta5e o$$ my coat the telephone Bangle0. 1an 1rasin /as on the line an0 > ha0 ne+er hear0 him in s&ch a state. Ais normally calm +oice 0rippe0 /ith terror. <Ao/ can > stop all this? KeelI< he crie0. <(top /hatI< <All the things that ha+e #een happening. > /ant to D&it. > /ant o&t9< <"oo5? > B&st got in. 7hatGs /rongI 7hatGs #een happeningI< <:+erything. > canGt ta5e it anymore.< > 5ne/ 1an 0i0nGt 0rin5 or ta5e 0r&gs? an0 > certainly ne+er e.pecte0 him to go to pieces. <-hereGs only one /ay Go&t?G 1an. -his 0amne0 thing #ecomes an o#session ... a $i.ation. -he only /ay to stop all the nonsense is to stop thin5ing a#o&t = Cs. @et ri0 o$ all yo&r $iles. -a5e &p stamp collecting or chasing /omen. -he = C #&siness is emotional D&ic5san0. -he more yo& str&ggle /ith it? the 0eeper yo& sin5.< > $inally calme0 him. A $e/ 0ays later he ga+e me part o$ his $iles an0 0estroye0 the rest. > ret&rne0 his $iles to him a year or so later. > as5e0 him many times a#o&t /hat prompte0 that $rantic phone call #&t he /o&l0 ne+er 0isc&ss it. -he 0ay a$ter > ret&rne0? Al Johnson calle0. -he tape o$ o&r inter+ie/ ha0 #een acci0entally erase0? he sai0. Ae /ante0 me to come to 7ashington an0 0o another one? /hich > $inally 0i0 se+eral months later. An engineer ha0 acci0entally place0 the $irst tape on a pile to #e erase0. (&ch errors /ere #ecoming ro&tine to me. Cn one occasion? a @erman reporter came to my apartment /ith a camera cre/ to inter+ie/ me $or @erman tele+ision. Criginally he planne0 to shoot a#o&t $i$teen min&tes o$ $ilm? #&t > /as so #rilliant? charming an0 in$ormati+e that /e en0e0 &p 0oing a $&ll hal$ho&r. A $e/ 0ays later he phone0 me.


<7e canGt &n0erstan0 it? Mr. Keel?< he #egan? /ith 0ismay in his +oice. <B&t the $ootage /e shot in yo&r apartment isnGt &sa#le. Parts o$ it are o+ere.pose0 an0 sections o$ the so&n0 trac5 are $ille0 /ith static.< -he same reporter? inci0entally? ha0 +isite0 1eren#erger in 7est )irginia an0 /as present /hen 7oo0y anno&nce0? "0old is over the house right no!." -hey /ent o&tsi0e? an0? s&re eno&gh? a large l&mino&s #lo# /as soaring cas&ally o+erhea0. (trange things happene0 to the /ritten /or0? too. > /as at >+anGs $arm one a$ternoon /hen a %e/ Eor5 e0itor calle0 an0 0eman0e0 to 5no/ /hat ha0 #ecome o$ a = C story >+an ha0 promise0 him. <> sent it to yo& a /ee5 ago?< >+an proteste0. 7hen /e /ent into to/n to pic5 &p the mail there /as a large manila en+elope /ith a? lori0a postmar5. >+an opene0 it an0 thre/ the contents 0o/n in 0isg&st. >t /as the = C story /hich he ha0 maile0 to %e/ Eor5 the /ee5 #e$ore9 (omeho/ it ha0 gone to lori0a instea0 an0 someone ha0 remaile0 it #ac5 to him. My o/n pro#lems /ere eD&ally #i6arre. -he e0itor o$ a short-li+e0 occ&lt maga6ine as5e0 me to contri#&te an article? "anything ... it can 9ust be something from your trunk." > 0&g o&t a short? &np&#lishe0 piece $rom my $iles an0 maile0 it to him. -here /as a 0ea$ening silence. A co&ple o$ /ee5s later > met him $or l&nch an0 he p&lle0 o&t a shea$ o$ papers. "I'm afraid !e really can't use this, #ohn," he sai0. Ae han0e0 me a 0og-eare0 man&script? single-space0 in elite type. > ha+e al/ays &se0 pica type an0 a&tomatically 0o&#le-space my man&scripts. My name an0 a00ress /ere at the top o$ this masterpiece an0 it ha0 arri+e0 at his o$$ice in one o$ my en+elopes. As > rea0 it > co&l0 see that it /as a real piece o$ gar#age. -o this 0ay > 0onGt 5no/ /hat happene0 to my man&script? or ho/ the trashy s&#stit&te /as s/itche0 /ith it. 7hen > ret&rne0 to %e/ Eor5 in 1ecem#er > $o&n0 that my entire sta#le o$ contactees /as mo&rning my passing. Apol? "ia? Cloe? an0 their #an0 o$ pose&rs ha0 con+ince0 them all that > ha0 come to an &ntimely en0 in a mine ca+e-in. -his mar5e0 the #eginning o$ a ne/ phase. >t /as no more Mr. %ice @&y. -he entities sprea0 +icio&s r&mors? t&rne0 against the contactees? an0 terri$ie0 them. Jane /o5e &p one night to $in0 all the gas Bets on her 5itchen sto+e /ere t&rne0 on an0 the ho&se /as $illing /ith $&mes. -he same thing happene0 to (hirley? an0 on the same night. re0 Miller? an el0erly "ong >slan0 $anner /ho entertaine0 men in shiny spaces&its in his 5itchen? s&$$ere0 a rash o$ mysterio&s $ires. :+en the ol0 0e+il an0 1aniel 7e#ster theme /as 0&ste0 o$$. Aarasse0 contactees /ere or0ere0 to sign an impressi+e-loo5ing piece o$ parchment? allege0ly a contract $or their #eleag&ere0 so&ls. > /as ca&ght &p in the game? playing ol0 1anielGs role? arg&ing /ith 0emons to sa+e the contactees. -hey let me /in? o$ co&rse? ha+ing pro+e0 their point. @oo0 an0 e+il /ere synonymo&s in their phantasmagorical /orl0. 1!9

7hen "in0a (car#erry ga+e #irth to a #a#y girl that month she 0eci0e0 to name her 1aniella "ia. %o one other than a co&ple o$ contactees 5ne/ o$ the >n0ian-li5e entity name0 "ia. "in0a ha0 B&st pic5e0 the name $rom le$t $iel0 #eca&se she li5e0 it. "ater 1an 1rasin tol0 me his motherGs name /as "ia ... a $act > ha0 not 5no/n. %either ha0 "in0a. (ynchronocity all o+er the place9 Cn my /ay to see an e0itor o$ -r&e maga6ine one a$ternoon? the ele+ator in the a/cett #&il0ing stoppe0 ine.plica#ly #et/een $loors an0 the lights /ent o&t $or se+eral secon0s. -hat night a contactee calle0 to tell me she ha0 met Mr. Apol an0 he /as ch&c5ling o+er ho/ > ha0 #een "stuck in an elevator." -he #ig <:M e$$ect< slate0 $or 1ecem#er 15 /as no/ more clearly 0e$ine0. -he space people /ere timing it so it /o&l0 coinci0e /ith the ann&al Christmas tree ceremony on the 7hite Ao&se la/n? > /as tol0 at the +ery moment /hen Presi0ent "yn0on Johnson thre/ the s/itch to light &p the tree? the po/er all o+er the co&ntry /o&l0 $ail. Kno/ing the entitiesG per+erse sense o$ h&mor? an0 impresse0 #y the acc&racy o$ many o$ their pre+io&s pre0ictions? > #o&ght this loc5? stoc5? an0 #arrel. My #iggest concern? ho/e+er? /as my telephone. My #ills /ere no/ astronomical. > /as constantly #eing c&t o$$ in the mi00le o$ con+ersations? or $oreign so&n0s /ere inBecte0 into my line. (ome#o0y /o&l0 str&m a one-stringe0 g&itar or #lo/ a shrill /histle /hile > /as tal5ing. "i5e >+an? > o$ten hear0 the 0istinct so&n0 o$ an e.tension #eing pic5e0 &p or p&t 0o/n :lectronic #eeps? eerie m&sic? hollo/ metallic +oices? all #ecame common on the #laste0 instr&ment. My gentle protests to the telephone company t&rne0 into ho/ls o$ rage. > 0eman0e0 the pri+ilege to personally e.amine my telephone line $rom one en0 to the other. An0 the telephone company grante0 permission. Cn 1ecem#er 13 > +isite0 the main o$$ice o$ my telephone e.change a $e/ #loc5s $rom my apartment #&il0ing. A technician an0 a yo&ng <(pecial Agent< met me at the 0oor an0 escorte0 me thro&gh the entire #&il0ing. -he sec&rity meas&res /ere impressi+e. :+ery $loor consiste0 o$ a series o$ loc5e0 rooms. My escorts /ere constantly $i00ling /ith 5eys. My line passe0 thro&gh the /alls o$ my apartment #&il0ing to the telephone room in the #asement. -he lines /ere #&ilt into the /alls /hen the #&il0ing /as constr&cte0 so there /as no /ay they co&l0 #e tappe0 in the ho&se itsel$. -he #asement room /as al/ays loc5e0. -here my line /as hoo5e0 to a line /hich tra+ele0 in a t&#e &n0er the city streets to the e.change #&il0ing. Aere again? a tap /as impossi#le. >$ any tap e.iste0? it ha0 to #e in the #asement telephone room or in the e.change #&il0ing. >nsi0e the e.change? the t&#e came o&t in a loc5e0 room an0 my line /as separate0 $rom the others an0 sol0ere0 to a set o$ terminals /hich /ere connecte0 to /ires lea0ing to the 0ialing mechanism. > ha0 st&0ie0 #oo5s on the telephone system 17,

an0 > 5ne/ e.actly ho/ all this machinery /or5e0. -he only thing that impresse0 me /as the age o$ all the eD&ipment. Most o$ it ha0 #een #&ilt an0 installe0 in the 192,s. >t /o&l0 #e a compliment to call it B&n5. >t /as all antiD&e. (ome rooms containe0 apparat&s so ol0 it loo5e0 li5e yo&ng -om :0isonGs la#oratory. -here /ere coils? meters? s/itches? an0 rheostats that /ere o&t0ate0 /hen Marconi /as sen0ing his $irst signals across the Atlantic. Ao/e+er? all this ric5ety 0e#ris appeare0 to #e in goo0 /or5ing con0ition. >n another loc5e0 room a gro&p o$ people /ere /or5ing /ith a 0e+ice calle0 a <pen register.< -his /as a ga0get that co&l0 #e patche0 into any telephone line to recor0 e+ery n&m#er 0iale0 on that phone. A mo+ing pen /rote the n&m#er on a strip o$ paper. -h&s the telephone company co&l0 o#tain a recor0 o$ e+ery local call ma0e on a gi+en phone 3long-0istance calls are a&tomatically recor0e0 on another? more ela#orate 0e+ice4. >$ anyone /as tapping my phone? they ha0 to 0o it $rom the t/o terminals at the t&#e o&tlet. Cr a connection ha0 to #e ma0e at that point an0 the /ires str&ng to another room. -he loc5e0 0oors an0 tight sec&rity meant that only a&thori6e0 snoops co&l0 connect s&ch a tap. An0? as > learne0 later? the %e/ Eor5 -elephone Company /as +ery &ncooperati+eH e+en the B> /as re$&se0 access. Police tappers &s&ally ha0 to $ig&re o&t a /ay to 0o it themsel+es /itho&t the help o$ the phone company. > m&st a0mit > /as impresse0 #y the to&r. >t seeme0 impossi#le $or anyone to tap my phone. -hree months later? ho/e+er? > acci0entally 0isco+ere0 /hat /as pro#a#ly the ans/er to many o$ my pro#lems. A $rien0 0iale0 my n&m#er an0 her $inger slippe0. >nstea0 o$ 0ialing the last t/o 0igitsF$o&r eightFcorrectly? she 0iale0 $o&r 6ero. (he reali6e0 instantly /hat she ha0 0one an0 /as a#o&t to hang &p an0 re0ial /hen > ans/ere0 the phone9 (he tol0 me /hat she ha0 0one an0 > s&ggeste0 /e hang &p an0 try $o&r 6ero again. Again my phone rang. > ha0 t/o phone n&m#ers an0 ne+er 5ne/ it9 > as5e0 other $rien0s to try the $o&r 6ero n&m#er. (ometimes my phone /o&l0 ring an0 > /o&l0 ans/er. Cther times my phone /o&l0 remain silent #&t someone else /o&l0 ans/er an0 /o&l0 o$$er to <ta5e a message $or Mr. Keel.< > calle0 the $o&r 6ero n&m#er $rom a pay phone an0 someone pic5e0 it &p. <Ai? this is John Keel?< > sai0 cheerily. "6ny messages for me?" -here /as an a&0i#le gasp on the other en0 an0 they slamme0 the recei+er 0o/n. C#+io&sly > /as getting $o&r 6eroGs phone #ills. > as5e0 my $rien0ly telephone representati+e to trac5 0o/n the o/ner o$ that other phone. B&t? o$ co&rse? she co&l0 not <gi+e o&t that in$ormation.< (o > /ent to the B> to lo0ge a $ormal complaint. 7hen yo& +isit the %e/ Eor5 B> o$$ice yo& are &shere0 into one o$ se+eral small c&#icles /here a polite yo&ng man 171

hears yo& o&t sympathetically. Eo& can imagine the loonies an0 /eir0os /ho m&st pester the B> 0ay a$ter 0ay. B&t a$ter hearing a s&mmary o$ my story? my man escorte0 me to another room /here > /as inter+ie/e0 #y a gro&p o$ ol0er agents /ho /ere o#+io&sly e.tremely intereste0 in my pro#lems. -hey e.presse0 s&rprise that. > ha0 #een gi+en a to&r o$ the e.change #&il0ing. -his /as &nhear0 o$. -he B> an0 C>A hate each other? an0 they #oth hate the telephone company. -he telephone company? in t&rn? seems to hate e+ery#o0y. >n April 19!;? my o&trageo&s phone #ills /ere &npai0 so my ser+ice /as c&t o$$? #oth incoming an0 o&tgoing. > simply tol0 e+eryone to &se the $o&r 6ero n&m#er. Altho&gh my line /as s&ppose0ly 0isconnecte0 at the main e.change? > contin&e0 to recei+e phone calls. -he line sho&l0 ha+e #een totally 0ea0 ... #&t there /as po/er coming thro&gh on it $rom some/here. -echnically this sho&l0 ha+e #een impossi#le &nlessF&nless the %e/ Eor5 -elephone Company /as the one /ho /as tapping my phone9 Phones in the co&ntry are m&ch easier to tap. "ines str&ng across the co&ntrysi0e o$$er easy access. >t is e+en possi#le to mo&nt a small in0&ction coil ne.t to the telephone #o. on the s&#BectGs ho&se. Mo0ern technology is so sophisticate0 that a physical tap is not necessary. A panel tr&c5 containing the necessary eD&ipment can simply par5 near the telephone line an0 pic5 &p all the con+ersations li5e a ra0io signal. >n <the 19!,s there /ere many mysterio&s panel tr&c5s cr&ising aro&n0 $lap areas an0 sometimes they /ent to great pains to $oc&s attention on telephones an0 telephone lines. Cne tactic /as /hat > call the <sil+er tape gam#it.< "engths o$ sil+er tape are str&ng rather meaninglessly on the telephone poles close to the s&#BectGs home. > came across this se+eral times an0 collecte0 some samples o$ the tape. >t /as not electrical tape s&ch as might #e &se0 #y telephone repairmen #&t /as a common /eather ins&lating tape a+aila#le in almost any har0/are store. "There !as also evidence at this time that Mthe /itnessesGsN phone had been tampered !ith," Jenni$er (te+ens reporte0 $rom Al#any? %e/ Eor5? in 19!;. ")he observed t!o 'light *egroid types' !ith completely e1pressionless faces, stringing 'silver tape' on the !ires near her home. )ince they did not have an official telephone company car, she called the police. The men left before the officers arrived and the only comment made by police !asA ''h, the silver tape again.' " >n March 19!;? a large $o&r-engine0 plane /ith no +isi#le mar5ings s5irte0 the treetops o+er Aen0erson? 7est )irginia? B&st so&th o$ Point Pleasant? an0 0ischarge0 a large D&antity o$ sil+er tape o+er the trees in the area. (heri$$ @eorge Johnson collecte0 some o$ it an0 passe0 samples on to me. Matching samples > ha0 collecte0 $rom Chio? lori0a? an0 se+eral other places? it /as i0entical to the st&$$ #eing &se0 #y o&r mystery men. (ince the tapes are e.tremely stic5y 3the gl&e is a#o&t eD&al to the gl&e on Con--act paper4 one /on0ers ho/ a $ast-mo+ing plane /as a#le to 0ischarge it in a stream an0 /hat /as the point o$ the e.erciseI


>>> -he =.(. Air orce ha0 lie0 to me. -he telephone company lie0 to me. -he = C entities lie0 to me. My o/n senses ha0? on occasion? lie0 to me. As 1ecem#er 15 0re/ closer > 5ept my mo&th sh&t an0 tol0 no one that > e.pecte0 a maBor #lac5o&t. A$ter all? Pope Pa&l ha0 escape0 assassination in -&r5ey. %one o$ the chemical $actories along the Chio ha0 e.plo0e0. May#e this /as B&st another mischie+o&s error o$ prophecy or a 0escription o$ something in the past or $ar in the $&t&re. A sec&rity o$$icer $or the -ransit A&thority an0 an ol0 $rien0 o$ mine? Joe 7oo0+ine? happene0 to 0rop #y my apartment late on the a$ternoon o$ the $i$teenth. > ha0nGt seen him in a long time an0 he 5ne/ nothing a#o&t = Cs an0 my capers. > 0i0nGt mention the #lac5o&t &ntil 1an 1rasin stoppe0 in. Joe listene0 in open-mo&the0 ama6ement as > e.plaine0 to 1an that > e.pecte0 the nation to #lo/ a $&se the moment Presi0ent Johnson p&lle0 that s/itch. 1an /as as $ar gone as > /as. Ae glance0 ner+o&sly at his /atch an0 0eci0e0 that i$ there /as going to #e a #lac5o&t he pre$erre0 to #e in his o/n apartment. Joe #ecame +ery silent? pro#a#ly /on0ering i$ /e /ere 0angero&s. 1an le$t a#o&t 5 P.M. > s/itche0 on the tele+ision. At 5*'5 the #rie$ 7hite Ao&se ceremony #egan. > #ro5e o&t my can0les an0 $lashlights. Joe /atche0 me /orrie0ly. Presi0ent Johnson 0eli+ere0 the c&stomary little speech to the cro/0 on the 7hite Ao&se la/n? reache0 $or the s/itch? ari0 the Christmas tree #la6e0 /ith light. -he cro/0 oooe0 an0 ahhe0 as i$ they #i0 ne+er seen a Christmas tree #e$ore. My lights 0i0 not go o&t. Joe st&0ie0 me silently. (&00enly an anno&ncerGs +oice came o+er the cro/0 noises. "We interrupt this program," he anno&nce0 $latly? "for a special bulletin. 6 bridge laden !ith rush7hour traffic has 9ust collapsed at +allipolis, 'hio. &urther details as soon as they are available." > $ell #ac5 in my chair. -here /as no #ri0ge at @allipolis? Chio. -he only #ri0ge on that stretch o$ the ri+er /as the se+en-h&n0re0-$oot (il+er Bri0ge at Point Pleasant. -he #ri0ge > ha0 crosse0 a tho&san0 times. "They've done it again," > $inally m&ttere0 so$tly. "Those lousy bastards have done it again. They kne! this !as going to happen ... and !hen. 6nd they gave me all that bilge about a po!er failure. They kne!. They 9ust didn't !ant me to be able to !arn anyone." "They ... !ho's 'they,' #ohn?" Joe as5e0 gently. -he phone rang. >t /as 1an. ",id you hear?" "I heard. I guess that's !hat it !as all about, ,an. That's !hat it !as all about" ---------------------------173

19 - <7here the Bir0s @ather ...< 3O4

> -hirteen months to the 0ay 3%o+em#er 15? 19!!-1ecem#er 15? 19!74 the Eear o$ the @ar&0a came to an en0. "i5e some e+il specter o$ 0eath? Mothman an0 the = Cs ha0 $oc&se0 national attention on D&iet little Point Pleasant an0 l&re0 scores o$ reporters an0 in+estigators li5e mysel$ to the Chio 8i+er +alley. 7hen the (il+er Bri0ge 0ie0 o$ ol0 age many o$ these same reporters ret&rne0 once again to the +illage to re+isit ol0 $rien0s an0 to share the pain o$ that tragic Christmas. 7here+er yo& /ere? yo& /atche0 the agoni6e0 a$termath on national tele+ision an0 rea0 a#o&t Point Pleasant on the $ront pages o$ yo&r local ne/spapers. -he (il+er Bri0ge /as constr&cte0 in 192; an0 /as an engineering mar+el in its 0ay. >t #ecame a main artery $rom 7est )irginia to Chio? #&t ha0 not #een 0esigne0 $or the hea+y tra$$ic o$ the 19!,s. A&ge tr&c5s l&m#ere0 across it contin&o&sly. People on #oth si0es o$ the ri+er crosse0 it 0aily to shop? go to /or5? +isit $rien0s. -he ne.t nearest #ri0ge /as almost $i$ty miles &pri+er. ---MON Cn J&ne 1!? 19!7? Mrs. @la0ys &saro o$ A&ntington? %e/ Eor5? recei+e0 a phone call $rom a /oman claiming to #e Princess Moon C/l. -he princess ga+e her this statement to pass on to me* "The pebbles on the beach are !ashed under the bridge !here the birds gather and !here rays of light sho! through." ---Cn the Chio si0e o$ the ri+er? at the little cl&ster o$ shops an0 0/ellings calle0 Kana&ga? the stoplight at the mo&th o$ the #ri0ge /as mal$&nctioning that a$ternoon. >t /as st&c5 on green an0 the r&sh-ho&r tra$$ic along 8o&te 7 /as creeping past in con$&sion. -ra$$ic /as #ac5ing &p in #oth 0irections an0 at 5 P.M. the #ri0ge /as la0en /ith slo/-mo+ing lines o$ cars an0 tr&c5s in #oth 0irections. -he light on the Point Pleasant si0e ha0 al/ays #een recalcitrant? remaining re0 $or so long that many reg&lar #ri0ge &sers ha0 learne0 to ignore it. 8&nning the light -/as a common practice. ran5 7amsley? a t/enty-eight-year-ol0 tr&c5 0ri+er? /as on his /ay home to Point Pleasant? ri0ing in a gra+el? tr&c5 /ith a $rien0. -hey $o&n0 the tra$$ic #ac5e0 &p on the Chio si0e. >t /as to #e a #lac5 0ay $or the 7amsley $amily. Cn the 7est )irginia si0e? ran5Gs co&sin Bar#ara an0 her h&s#an0? Pa&l Aayman? /ere starting across the #ri0ge in their 1955 Pontiac. An0 his &ncle? Mar+in 7amsley? /as also on the #ri0ge /ith t/o $rien0s in a 195! or0 con+erti#le. Bill %ee0ham? t/enty-se+en? o$ Ash#oro? %orth Carolina? /as m&ttering &n0er his #reath #eca&se he ha0 #een ca&ght in the 5 oGcloc5 r&sh ho&r. Ae inche0 his loa0e0 17'

tractor-trailer $or/ar0 in a lo/ gear. Ais partner? 8. :. -o/e? sat #esi0e him in patient silence. "The old bridge is sure bouncing around today?< Ao/ar0 Boggs? t/enty-$o&r? commente0 to his /i$e? MarBorie? nineteen. (he /as hol0ing their eighteen-month-ol0 0a&ghter? Christie. -here /ere se+eral small chil0ren on the #ri0ge? ri0ing /ith their Christmas-shopping mothers. "The bridge !as shaking, but then it al!ays shook," 7illiam :0mon0son? thirtyeight? o$ King? %orth Carolina? sai0 later. Ais partner? Aarol0 C&n0i$$? /as so&n0 asleep in their tractor-trailer. -he tra$$ic Bam /orsene0. -he streams o$ cars an0 tr&c5s gro&n0 to a halt. -he ol0 #ri0ge sh&00ere0 an0 sD&irme0 &n0er the /eight. ran5 7amsley spotte0 his co&sin Bar#ara an0 her h&s#an0 an0 /a+e0 to them. J&st ahea0? he sa/ Mar+in an0 his t/o $rien0s. (&00enly the /hole #ri0ge con+&lse0. -he time /as 5*,' P.M. (teel screame0. -he se+en-h&n0re0-$oot s&spension #ri0ge t/iste0 an0 the main span split $rom its moorings at either en0. :lectric ca#les str&ng across the #ri0ge snappe0 in a #la6e o$ spar5s. i$ty +ehicles crashe0 into the #lac5 /aters o$ the Chio? tons o$ steel smashing 0o/n on top o$ them. "It sounded like someone moving furniture upstairs, and then the lights !ent out," (tate -rooper 8. :. CG1ell sai0. Ae /as in an ins&rance o$$ice a #loc5 $rom the #ri0ge. "When the lights !ent out, I guess they really 9ust flickered for a minute, I kne! something !as !rong. I thought maybe it !as a !reck, so I ran outside." Mrs. Mary Ayre /as in a 0r&gstore on the Main (treet? /aiting $or the tra$$ic to ease so she co&l0 cross the #ri0ge an0 pic5 &p the 0aily notes $rom the @allipolis Aospital. "There !as a sound like a 9et plane or a plane going through the sound barrier," she sai0 a$ter/ar0. "6 rumbling roar that hurt your eardrums. Then the lights flickered. My first thought !as that something had blo!n up. I thought, 'My +od, #ohn !as right/ )omething is e1ploding/" I ran outside and someone yelled, the bridge !ent do!n/'" A Christmas tree salesman in Kana&ga? A.". 7ho#rey? 0roppe0 the tree he /as hol0ing. "The bridge 9ust keeled over, starting slo!ly on the 'hio side, then follo!ing like a deck of cards to the West Birginia side. It !as fantastic. There !as a big flash and a puff of smoke !hen the last of the bridge caved in5 I guess the po!er line snapped. " "I sa! three or four people s!imming around in the !ater screaming. I couldn't do anything. I 9ust stood there and !atched. Then I sa! a 0ity Ice and &uel boat come and pick them up." 175

ran5 7amsley sa/ the #ri0ge in $ront o$ him tilt sharply an0 s&00enly there /as /ater all aro&n0 him. "I !ent all the !ay to the bottom !ith the truck. &or a minute I didn't think I !as going to get out. &inally I got out and came to the surface and I caught hold of something and held on and !as soon picked up." 7hen a #oat p&lle0 alongsi0e he $o&n0 he co&l0 not mo+e his legs an0 ha0 to #e helpe0 a#oar0. Ais #ac5 /as $ract&re0. Ao/ar0 Boggs $o&n0 himsel$ on the #ottom o$ the ri+er? o&tsi0e his car. "I don't kno! ho! I got out of the car, or ho! I got to the surface. $ut all at once I !as on top and caught hold of something, like a big cotton ball." Ais /i$e an0 chil0 0i0nGt ma5e it. Bill %ee0hamGs tr&c5 also san5 to the #ottom #&t he someho/ manage0 to $orce a /in0o/ an0 reach the s&r$ace. "3ou could see and hear people screaming for help?< Mary Ayre 0escri#e0 the scene. "I sa! a tractor7trailer that floated a little before it sank, and a car and merchandise floating on the !ater. 2eople on the West Birginia side of the river !ere so upset they could hardly reali.e !hat !as going on". "3ou could hear people saying, 'This can't be true ... you read about things like this in the papers, but it can't be happening here ...'" "i5e Ao/ar0 Boggs? 7illiam :0m&n0son s&00enly $o&n0 himsel$ on the s&r$ace o$ the /ater? clinging to a tr&c5 seat. Ae ha0 no i0ea ho/ heG0 escape0 $rom his +ehicle. Ais partner 0i0nGt s&r$ace. <When I got there I could see this truck floating in the !ater," -rooper CG1ell e.plaine0. "There !as a fello! hanging on the side of it. Then they sank. I don't kno! if he got out." People came r&nning $rom all 0irections? silent?- ashen-$ace0? 5no/ing their $rien0s an0 relati+es co&l0 #e o&t there in the icy /ater no/ co+ere0 /ith 0e#ris an0 soggy? gaily /rappe0 Christmas pac5ages. Boats o$ all 5in0s crisscrosse0 the ri+er pic5ing &p s&r+i+ors. Cn #oth si0es o$ the ri+er people /ho ha0 #een /aiting in the lines to 0ri+e o+er the #ri0ge /ere crying. (ome ha0 to #e treate0 $or shoc5. %ight /as closing in D&ic5ly. Boats /ith searchlights t&rne0 their #eams onto the #ri0ge an0 the s&rro&n0ing /ater. A horri#le silence $ell o+er Point Pleasant. (heri$$ JohnsonGs tall? spare $ig&re stoo0 on the /aterGs e0ge. "2ut out a general call for rescue units," he tol0 a 0ep&ty so$tly. "6nd get everyone here. $lock all the roads. ,on't let anyone but rescue units into to!n." 17!

Mary Ayre p&lle0 her coat aro&n0 her p&0gy $rame an0 /al5e0 slo/ly to her o$$ice? tears r&nning 0o/n her $ace? her years o$ e.perience o+erri0ing her emotions. (he p&she0 open the 0oor an0 /al5e0 to her phones. -hey /ere 0ea0. (he s/itche0 on the -eletype machine an0 starte0 to pec5 a/ay /ith t/o $ingers. <At 5?*,' P.M. this a$ternoon ...< (irens /aile0 o&tsi0e an0 the cro/0s gre/. A girl /as screaming hysterically in $ront o$ the o$$ice. "I almost got killed ... I could have been on there ... all those people dead... I could have been killed." >> -/o miles north o$ the #ri0ge? Mrs. Jac5ie "illy /as in a grocery store /aiting $or her teen-age0 chil0ren. -hey /ere planning to go #o/ling in the alleys on the other si0e o$ the ri+er that night. Aer h&s#an0? Jim? /as a/ay? /or5ing on his #oat. At 5*2, @ary an0 Johnny "illy r&she0 #reathlessly into the store. "The bridge 9ust fell in the river," Johnny 0eclare0. "That's not very funny," his mother replie0. "It's true. The old bridge 9ust collapsed," @ary sai0 grimly. "6nd it !as full of cars." Johnny? /ho /as marrie0? 0ro+e them home to their little ho&se on Camp Conley 8oa0. Mrs. "illy hea0e0 $or a phone. >t /as 0ea0. As Johnny 0ro+e o$$? 0ashing #ac5 to< Point Pleasant to #e /ith his /i$e? @ary? eighteen? t&rne0 on the tele+ision set an0 searche0 $or a ne/s program. A $e/ min&tes later @ary glance0 o&t o$ the pict&re /in0o/ in the li+ing room an0 gaspe0. "There's something out there/" he e.claime0. Mrs. "illy loo5e0 o&t an0 sa/ a $lashing re0 light 0isappearing o+er the trees. ",o you think those things are back?" @ary as5e0. "It !as probably an airplane," she ans/ere0. B&t she t&rne0 o$$ the lights in the li+ing room so they co&l0 see #etter into the 0ar5ness o&tsi0e. A $e/ min&tes later a secon0 light appeare0? mo+ing in the same 0irection as the $irst. >t /as one o$ those glaringly #right prismatic lights so $amiliar to the resi0ents o$ Camp Conley -8oa0. -hey /ent o&tsi0e to /atch it.


"It !asn't an airplane," Mrs. "illy ass&re0 me later. <>t /as one o$ those things? #o##ing &p an0 0o/n li5e they 0o. -here /asnGt any so&n0.< or the ne.t ho&r? Mrs. "illy? @ary? an0 0a&ghter "in0a 0i+i0e0 their attention #et/een the -) set an0 the eerie aerial acti+ity o&tsi0e. <7e co&nte0 t/el+e o$ them?< Mrs. "illy reporte0. "Most of them !ere 9ust above the treetops. They seemed to be coming do!n from up around the T*T area and moved south to!ard the to!n." -he h&n0re0s o$ people milling aro&n0 the streets o$ Point Pleasant 0i0 not see anything in the s5ies that night? ho/e+er. Perhaps the o#Bects $ollo/e0 their ol0 ro&te? 0ipping into the ra+ine #ehin0 %orth Par5 an0 c&tting east/ar0 to the hills. "I !as getting scared," Mrs. "illy recalle0. "We'd never seen so many of these things in one night. I kept trying the phone, !anting to get somebody to drive out and pick us up and take us out of there." inally aro&n0 9 P.M. she got a 0ial tone an0 /as a#le to place a call to a neigh#or /ho 0ro+e o+er? pic5e0 them &p? an0 too5 them to the home o$ Mrs. "illyGs mother in Point Pleasant. A $e/ months later James "illy mo+e0 his $amily a/ay $rom Camp Conley 8oa0. >>> Aro&n0 2 A.M. > $inally got a line thro&gh to Point Pleasant an0 /as +ery m&ch relie+e0 /hen Mary Ayre pic5e0 &p her phone. (he spo5e +ery slo/ly? o#+io&sly e.ha&ste0. "It's the most terrible thing I've ever seen," she tol0 me. "$ut I !as kind of prepared for it. 3ou kno! those dreams I had ... !ell, it !as e1actly like that. The packages floating in the !ater. The people crying for help. Those dreams came true." "Is everyone all right?" > as5e0 "The Mc,aniels, 0onnie, the others." "I think so. It'll be a!hile before !e kno! !ho !as on the bridge. There could have been as many as one hundred people. )ome of them !ere rescued. $ut an a!ful lot of them are trapped under all that metal." A$ter a month o$ #r&tally har0 /or5? 0i+ers an0 resc&e teams reco+ere0 thirtyeight #o0ies. (e+eral other people in Chio an0 7est )irginia /ere ne+er hear0 $rom again an0 it /as ass&me0 they also /ent 0o/n /ith the #ri0ge. A n&m#er o$ = C /itnesses /ere among the 0ea0. "I talked to one !oman !ho lives right by the bridge," Mary contin&e0. ")he says that t!o days ago she sa! t!o men climbing the bridge." "0limbing on it?" 17;

"3es. They !eren't !alking across. They !ere climbing around the sides of it" "Was she able to describe them?" "They !ere !earing checkered coats and black trousers. (he co&l0nGt see their $aces too /ell #eca&se they /ere so $ar a/ay. B&t she 0i0 notice their shoes. -hey /erenGt /earing #oots? B&st or0inary shoes. (he tho&ght that /as o00 #eca&se o$ me /eather /eG0 #een ha+ing.< "3ou'd better have the police talk !ith her, Mary," > sai0. "I !ill. There's 9ust so much to do. 2eople are coming from all over. 6nd as soon as my phone !as !orking again I started getting calls from ne!spapers and radio stations all over the country.@'" "3ou'd better try to get some sleep." "I kno!, but I 9ust can't leave the office no!. 6mbulances and rescue trucks are coming in from all over. They'll be !orking all night. I've got to be there." "ater the #ri0ge /as li$te0 $rom the /ater piece #y piece an0 reconstr&cte0 in a $iel0 near Aen0erson. :ngineers $inally 0etermine0 the collapse /as 0&e to metal $atig&e an0 str&ct&ral $ail&re. "#ohn," Mary #egan hesitantly, "do you think this had anything to do !ith %&'s and the '$ird'?" "There's no ans!er to that, Mary. Maybe there !ere people on the bridge that could have told us something. I kne! the condition of the bridge. 6nd I'd had !arnings about something terrible that !as going to happen. If I could have put things together sooner, maybe !e could have saved all those lives." "It's not your fault. )ome things are 9ust meant to be. 3ou can't change the future ... even !hen you kno! !hat is going to happen." > hear0 the so&n0 o$ a /oman /eeping in the #ac5gro&n0. "6 !oman 9ust came in. "er husband is missing," Mary /hispere0. A$ter /e h&ng &p > sat $or a long time #y my #ig glass /in0o/s? loo5ing o&t o+er the lights o$ Manhattan >slan0. or one long year my li$e ha0 #een intert/ine0 /ith the li+es o$ the people o$ Point Pleasant. > ha0 #een le0 into relationships an0 e+ents that seeme0 to $ollo/ a str&ct&re0 pattern #eyon0 my control. :+en #eyon0 my &n0erstan0ing. > ha0 stoo0 on those 0istant hills an0 /atche0 those /retche0 #o&ncing lights moc5 me. >n the months ahea0 there /o&l0 #e many changes in the 179

li+es o$ those /ho ha0 #een to&che0 #y the @ar&0a. 8oger an0 "in0a (car#erry /o&l0 0i+orce? as /o&l0 7oo0ro/ 1eren#erger /ho? in /hat has #ecome a tra0ition among contactees? /o&l0 remarry ... this time to a #ea&ti$&l yo&ng /oman /ho /as also a contactee. -hey /o&l0 slip a/ay to o#sc&rity in another state. Cthers /o&l0 e+ent&ally s&$$er ner+o&s #rea50o/ns an0 &n0ergo long perio0s o$ hospitali6ation. A $e/ /o&l0 e+en commit s&ici0e. 1eath /o&l0 claim too many o$ the participants in the 0ramas o$ 19!7. Mrs. Mary Ayre passe0 a/ay in 197,. >+an -. (an0erson le$t &s in 1973. 1r. :0/ar0 =. Con0on? re0 ree0? an0 many others /o&l0 #e gone long #e$ore the tenth anni+ersary o$ the appearance o$ the /inge0 thing in $ront o$ the ol0 po/er plant. (ome o$ the people /ho +ie/e0 the tall? hairy re0-eye0 monsters 0ie0 /ithin si. months. :+en Mr. Apol stage0 an o00 0epart&re? acting o&t a chara0e /ith the Men in Blac5 that le$t him #ro5en in spirit. Ae /aste0 a/ay li5e a h&man s&$$ering $rom a stro5e &ntil there /as nothing le$t #&t his Cheshire smile. C&t there in the night those p&66ling spheres o$ light still ply their ancient ro&tes in the Mississippi an0 Chio +alleys. A ne/ generation o$ yo&ng people stan0 on the hilltops? e.pectantly scanning the s5ies. -heir el0ers? Ba0e0 #y nearly thirty years o$ signs an0 /on0ers? no longer sco$$. Belie+ers in e.traterrestrial +isitants an0 sa+iors $rom o&ter space are no/ /elcome0 on the most respecta#le tele+ision sho/s to #roa0cast their propagan0a $or that imaginary /orl0 /ith its s&perior technology an0 its mar+elo&sly st&pi0 representati+es /ho a0opt the names o$ ancient go0s an0 moan they are prisoners o$ time. People as5 me still i$ > 5no/ /hat the $&t&re hol0s. B&t? B&st as > &se0 (ocratic irony in my in+estigations? > can only a0mit li5e (ocrates that the more > learn the less > 5no/. My glimpses o$ the $&t&re /ere all secon0han0 an0 /ere $reD&ently gar#le0 #y acci0ent or 0esign. All o$ the generations #e$ore o&rs /ere in$este0 /ith $alse prophets? /or5ers o$ /on0ers? an0 signs in the s5y. >n a sense? each generation is tr&ly the "ast @eneration $rom their microscopic +ie/point. B&t o&r mo0ern electronic comm&nications an0 sophisticate0 press agentry ha+e gi+en present-0ay prophets tools the ancients lac5e0. >0eas? no matter ho/ #i6arre or $allacio&s? can span the /orl0 in a $lash. An0 there are al/ays people rea0y to rally to any #anner? no matter ho/ a#s&r0. >n recent years /e ha+e seen a /orl0/i0e re+i+al o$ interest in psychic phenomena an0 the s&pernat&ral. (tern no-nonsense scientists no/ 0rag their #ear0s to "och %ess to search $or the monster? /hile others com# the /oo0s o$ the %orth/est see5ing the (asD&atch? an0 still others so#erly 0isc&ss ro#ots $rom o&ter space /ith Mississippi $ishermen. B&t gra0&ally all these men are #eing 0ra/n closer an0 closer to ontologyH to an e.amination o$ the D&estion that lies #eyon0 the simplistic? "0an these things be?" -he real D&estion is? "Why are there these things?" "i5e Mr. Apol an0 his merry cre/ o$ mischie$-ma5ers? /e 0o not 5no/ /ho /e are or /hat /e are 0oing here. B&t /e are slo/ly learning. Cnce /e #egin loo5ing #eyon0 the mere mani$estations /e /ill $inally glimpse the real tr&th. Belie$ has al/ays #een 1;,

the enemy o$ tr&thH yet? ironically? i$ o&r min0s are s&pple eno&gh? #elie$ can sometimes open the 0oor. A$ter spen0ing a li$etime in :gyptian tom#s? among the cr&m#ling temples o$ >n0ia an0 the lamaseries o$ the Aimalayas? en0less nights in cemeteries? gra+el pits? an0 hilltops e+ery/here? > ha+e seen m&ch an0 my chil0ish sense o$ /on0er remains &nsha5en. B&t Charles ortGs D&estion al/ays ha&nts me* <>$ there is a &ni+ersal min0? m&st it #e saneI< -------------------------ortean Crgani6ations 38emo+e04 :n0






John A. Keel Has Died

Posted by:

Loren Coleman on July 6th, 2009

John Alva Keel, 79, a friend, Fortean, fierce fighter for his theories, professionally a writer and journalist, has died. A fellow admirer of Mothman and the anomalies all around us, such as the name game, is gone. Keel, who lived most of his life in New York City, passed away on Friday, July 3, 2009, at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, after some months in a nursing home near his Upper West Side apartment.

In 1994, John A. Keel made a rare appearance at a birthday celebration held in his honor among a few of his closest friends. Pictured are J. Antonio Huneeus, Keel, and Loren Coleman. Photo by Patrick Huyghe. Born Alva John Kiehle in upstate New York on March 25, 1930, John Keel began writing at a young age. Indeed, Keels first published story was in a magicians magazine at the age of 12. Keel would go on to become a scriptwriter for radio and television, and a stringer for newspapers. He later moved to Greenwich Village and wrote for various mens and speciality magazines.


Keels first published book was Jadoo in 1957, which was quickly serialized in a mens adventure magazine. The paperback is his account of his journey of discovery to India to investigate the alleged activities of fakirs and holy men who perform the Indian rope trick and who survive being buried alive. In Jadoo, Keel also told of tracking a Yeti, an Abominable Snowman, in the jungles of Asia. 1;7

John A. Keels non-fiction look at the very real unplanned twists in life were recorded in his 1966 novel, The Fickle Finger of Fate. It is a rare book, and few realize that Keel wrote this book.

Keel was an early admirer of Charles Fort (1874-1932), and while still doing the mainstream writing, began authoring articles for Englands Flying Saucer Review (FSR) and a long series of columns for Saga.


Further influenced by Fortean Ivan T. Sanderson and ufologist Aim Michel, in early 1966, John Keel commenced a full-time investigation of monster, aerial and paranormal phenomena. Over a four-year period, Keel interviewed thousands of people in over twenty U.S. states, especially in the Ohio River Valley of the United States. More than 2,000 books were reviewed in the course of his investigation, in addition to thousands of magazines, newsletters, and newspapers. Keel also subscribed to several newspaperclipping services, which often generated up to 150 clippings for a single day during the 1966 and 1967 UFO wave. Besides FSR, Keel wrote for several magazines including Saga with one 1967 article UFO Agents of Terror referring to the Men in Black. He also wrote one of the first articles on Mothman in FSR, during this same time period.

Like other contemporary 1960s researchers such as J. Allen Hynek and Jacques Valle, Keel was initially hopeful that he could somehow validate the prevailing nuts-and-bolts, extraterrestrial visitation hypothesis for UFOs. However, a year into his investigations, Keel realized that the extraterrestrial hypothesis was untenable and did not explain, for him, based within his personality and belief systems, all the answers.


Keels insights also included his view of cryptozoology. I grew to know Keel after being introduced to him through mutual friends Brad Steiger and Ivan Sanderson. I worked closely with Keel on contributing as yet-unpublished material of mine for his book, Strange Creatures from Time and Space (1970), which would influence my and Jerome Clarks first two books The Unidentified (1975) and Creatures from the Outer Edge (1978). Keels impact is far-reaching. Keels book, Strange Creatures from Time and Space was the inspiration for Craig Woolheaters interest in Bigfoot and eventually would stimulate the creation of Cryptomundo. Love him or hate him, John Keel was popular and one of the most widely read and influential Fortean authors of the late 20th century. Although his own thoughts about aerial, monster, and associated anomalous phenomena gradually evolved during the 1960s, Keel remained one of ufologys most original and controversial researchers. It was Keels second book, UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse (1970), that alerted the general public that many aspects of contemporary UFO reports, including humanoid encounters, often paralleled certain ancient folklore and religious encounters. Keel also


argued that there is a direct relationship between UFOs and elemental phenomena. Keel informed me often that he did not consider himself a ufologist, but a demonologist. Ufology is just another name for demonology, John Keel told me, a week before the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center, which occurred just a couple of miles from where he lives. as noted in Mothman and Other Curious Encounters, page 114, (NY: Paraview, 2002).

As Keel himself wrote, I abandoned the extraterrestrial hypothesis in 1967 when my own field investigations disclosed an astonishing overlap between psychic phenomena and UFOs The objects and apparitions do not necessarily originate on another planet and may not even exist as permanent constructions of matter. It is more likely that we see what we want to see and interpret such visions according to our contemporary beliefs.

In UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse (1970), Keel argued that a non-human or spiritual intelligence source has staged whole events over a long period of time in order to propagate and reinforce certain erroneous belief systems (mirroring Valle). Keel conjectured that ultimately all anomalies, such as fairies, 1897 mystery airships, 1930s phantom aeroplanes, mystery helicopters, creatures, poltergeists, balls of light, and UFOs, are a cover for the real phenomenon. It was during this time period that Keel maintained an enormous and active correspondence with other researchers around the world. For example, I, Loren Coleman, was introduced to my now long-time friend Jerry Clark by John Keel, via letters. These exchanges between Keel and his fellow writers and researchers, even as 191

intellectual disagreements and different paths took many of us on varied journeys, cemented 40 years of solid friendships among a small group of dedicated Fortean writers. In Our Haunted Planet (1971), Keel coined the term ultraterrestrials to describe the UFO occupants. He discussed the seldom-considered possibility that the alien visitors to Earth are not visitors at all, but an advanced Earth civilization, which may or may not be human. Keel took no position on the ultimate purpose of the phenomenon other than that the UFO intelligence seems to have a long-standing interest in interacting with the human race. UFO historian Jerome Clark wrote that Keel was a radical theorist who believes that UFOs are ultraterrestrial rather than extraterrrestrial. By that he means they are shapechanging phenomena from another order of existence. These ultraterrestials are basically hostile to, or at least contemptuous of, human beings and manipulate them in various wasy for example by staging miracles which inspire unfounded religious beliefs. Ultraterrestrials and their minions may manifest as monsters, space people, ghosts and other paranormal entities. (The UFO Encyclopedia, Volume 1: UFOs in the 1980s, page 148, NY: Agogee, 1990).

After years of writing parts of the story in various articles and other books, in 1975, Keel published The Mothman Prophecies, an account of his 1966-1967 investigation of sightings of the Mothman, a winged weirdie reported in and around Point Pleasant, West Virginia.



Keel corresponded with Ivan T. Sanderson, quietly for months, trying to determine what kind of bird might be involved with the sightings. It was later, as Keel more fully revealed the tale of the sightings and concurrent phenomena, that other elements came into the mix.

The book was contemporarily adapted into a 2002 movie directed by Mark Pellington, starring Richard Gere, Debra Messing, Laura Linney and Alan Bates.


Two parts of Keels personality were played by Gere and Bates. Batess character was Leek, which was Keel spelled backwards, and Geres character was a newspaperman, John Klein, also a play on Keels name. Because Keel was ill at the time, Sony/Screen Gems cut back Keels schedule of public appearances to only a few televised ones. I assisted Keel by becoming the movies publicity spokesperson on 400 radio shows, and appeared with Keel in the David Grabias documentary Search For The Mothman, which is in the Deluxe DVD of The Mothman Prophecies.


Keel often played, with tongue-in-cheek, on the Men-In-Black interest swirling around his work. At the time of the release of the movie, a rumor circulated that Keel had died. On January 14, 2002, a story rapidly made the rounds via the web that John A. Keel had just died.

John A. Keel, in 2002. I quickly put the rumor to rest by calling Keel, and confirming that Keel was, indeed, still alive, although Keel quipped that everyone should be told, his funeral is on 19!

Saturday and he will be wearing black. Keel told me that this happened to him at least once before, in 1967.

In recent years, Keels appearances would be few and far between. But his sense of humor never left him, including wearing an all white suit to the Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia for the unveiling of the new Mothman replica. Keel suffered a heart attack sometime before October 13, 2006. He admitted himself to New York Citys Lenox Hill Hospital on Friday the 13th of October, and underwent successful heart surgery on October 16, 2006. Keel then was moved from the hospital to a rehabilitation center on October 26, 2006, as his close New York friend Doug Skinner told me soon afterward. Skinner became invaluable in assisting Keel, and passing along messages to and from Keels old friends.


Keels impact cannot be underestimated, especially in terms of his analysis of patterns. His work on windows (specific hotspots of combined phenomenal appearances), waves (cyclic appearances of the phenomena), and the Wednesday phenomenon (the theory that a disproportionate number of UFO events occur on that day of the week) are deeply influential across time and space. Generations of readers of Fortean literature often do not even realize that Keels writings may be behind name game discussions or authors speculations on the fact that a certain location on a ridge might have a high rate of strange events occurring there after the 21st of the month on a Wednesday in a high-frequency month such as April. Keel was there first trying to look at such patterns. The popular cultural influence of Keel has been enormous. It shall take future academic studies to fully realize his reach among the subculture that respects and are denizens of his ongoing intellectual playground. On July 6, 2009, as word swept through the Internet, from Phyllis Benjamin at INFO and others, that Keel had passed away last Friday, tributes and sorrow were shared online in overwhelming fashion from his followers, fans, and friends. John A. Keel will be missed. John A. Keel Bibliography Jadoo. (NY: Tower, 1957) The Fickle Finger of Fate. (Greenwich, CT: Fawcett, 1966) UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse. (NY: G. P. Putnams Sons, 1970) (reprint, Atlanta: Illuminet Press, 1996) Strange Creatures From Time and Space. (Greenwich, CT: Fawcett Gold Medal, 1970) Our Haunted Planet. (1971) (rev., Lakeville, MN: Galde Press, 1999) The Mothman Prophecies: An Investigation into the Mysterious American Visits of the Infamous Feathery Garuda. (NY: Saturday Review Press/E. P. Dutton, 1975; NY: Signet, 1975), (rev.. NY: Tor, 2002)


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