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Quezon National High School Quezon, Palawan SECOND DIAGNOSTIC TEST IN GRADE 8 ENGLISH Name______________________________ Yr. & Sec.

__________ Date ________________ Score________ General Directions: Wrote the letter that corresponds to the letter of the best answer. PART I. From the Tale of Chunyang, Match the description with appropriate illustration.

a. Magistrate

b. Hasten Magistrate

c. Cangue Magistrate

d. Kisaeng

e. Defiance

_____ 1. Be quick to do something, (v), syn. hurry, speed, accelerate. _____ 2. A civil officer or lay judge who administers the law, who conducts a court that deals with minor offenses, (n). _____ 3. Open resistance, (n) syn. challenge, dare, provocation. _____ 4. Artists who work to entertain others such as the yangbans and kings, (adj./n). _____ 5. A heavy wooden yoke borne on the shoulders and enclosing the neck and arms, formerly used in China for punishing petty criminals, (n). Part II. READING SKILLS: B. Directions: Answer the following questions based on the reading selections. Write the letter of your answer. _____ 6. Which of the following collocations with the word time means to locate time in a busy schedule? I am gaining much weight this week, so I need to _____ time for a regular exercise. Maybe I can drop by a fitness center from school. a. Make b. Pass c. Press d. Stall _____ 7. In a TV advertisement during a senatorial campaign, Loren Legarda ate tajo with the street children, talked with the Manobo tribesmen, and joined the farmers in Cagayan Valley in planting rice. Which of these propaganda devices does the ad use? a. Cardstacking b. Namecalling c. Plain folks d. Soft soap _____ 8. Now the Sultan Schehriar had a wife whom he loved more than all the world, and his greatest happiness was to surround her with splendour, and to give her the finest dresses and the most beautiful jewels. It was therefore with the deepest shame and sorrow that he accidentally discovered, after several years, that she had deceived him completely, and her whole conduct turned out to have been so bad, that he felt himself obliged to carry our the law of the land, and order the grand-vizir to put her to death. (exerpt from Arabia Nights:Prologue). What character trait of the Arabs is best exemplified in the excerpt above? a. ird (a womans honor) b. Hadith (Communal consensus) c. Sabr (capacity to suffer) d. Sharat (a mans honor _____ 9. What do you mean by psyche and temperament? a. The heart, the life-force that drives a person to decide on things-bad or good. b. The inner self, the essence of the soul plus the strength of body and soul c. The mind, the deepest thoughts, beliefs plus the nature or character of the person d. The soul, the inner thoughts, outlook and humor plus the attitude of the person _____ 10. Burma, also known as Myanmar, has been in one of the longest running and unresolved civil wars among ethnic groups and still a country under military rule which retains enormous influence. This prominent individual continues to work for democracy and freedom in Burma. a. Nelson Mandela b. Aung San Suu Kyi c. Mahatma Gandhi d. Martin Luther King, Jr. _____ 11. After reading a Korean legend, you notice one striking similarity between Korean and Filipino legends. What similarity is this? a. Legends from both countries described the rich natural resources back then. b. Legends from both countries narrated ethnic rituals practiced by the natives. c. Legends from both countries were orally transmitted first before they were written. d. Legends from both were written by ordinary people. _____ 12. Which of the following statements best describes the arts and culture of Israel and Saudi Arabia? a. Saudi Arab traditions are rooted in a synthesis of ethnic and religious Hebrew Israelite traditions, and Israelite artists continually push the boundaries of their art forms. b. The culture of Israel developed long before the foundation of the State of Israel in 1948 and combines the heritage of secular and religious lives. c. The Israel, calligraphy is considered a major art-form, as writing has high status in Islam and is a significant form of decoration for objects and buildings. d. In Saudi Arabia, alcoholic beverages are allowed as are pork products. Women can ride a bicycle and drive a car. _____ 13. You have been asked by your teacher to make a report on the historic changes in Asia. When you used a direct quotation from a source, you need to cite following except the _____. a. authors name b. page number c. year of publication d. publishing company _____ 14. As the editor in chief of your school organ you will write a letter to the principal to send you to an international seminar on journalism. What kind of letter will you be writing? a. Letter of Request b. Letter of Approval c. Letter of Complaint d. Letter of Authorization

_____ 15. Which of the following choices refers to plagiarism? a. The paraphrased material used 80% of the words from the original source and includes parenthetical citation. b. The words taken from a source are copied exactly, enclosed in quotation marks, and followed by a credit. c. The writer did not acknowledge the source since only the ideas and not the exact words are used. d. The same requirement was submitted by the student to her two professors for an adjunct project. _____ 16. Enumerated below are activities the United Arab Emirates is known except: a. Boat racing, air shows, Red Bull competitions b. Film viewing, mailing, cooking and dining, travelling c. Falconry, dhow boat racing, camel racing, date festivals d. Sun watching experience, adventures in the desert, water sports diving _____17. What is common among Philippines, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia is that a. Education gets the highest share in the national budget b. Industrialization remains the top priority of the government c. Politics is very dominant and a common topic in the household d. Religion is considered vital and given premium in cultural preservation _____ 18. Which of the following is an example of correct bibliographical entry for a book? a. Dave N. Gonzales (2009). The Realist Perspective of Modern Day Fairy Tale. Bataan:AKB2 University Press. b. Gonzales, Dave N. (2009) The Realist Perspective of Modern Day Fairy Tale. Bataan: AKB2 University Press c. Gonzales, D.N. (2009). The Realist Perspective of Modern Day Fairy Tale. Bataan: AKB2 University Press d. Gonzales, D.N. (2009). The Realist Perspective of Modern Day Fairy Tale. AKB2 University Press. Bataan _____ 19. You were tasked to pass an output wherein you will give your personal views and comments about issues or current events, you will produce a. written impression b. prcis or summary c. editorial article d. evaluation paper _____ 20. John has read many Malaysian stories and has watched some Malaysian movies lately. One day, a Malaysian Student visited Johns place. It was the first time that John met a Malaysian but he knows what to do to make the visitor enjoy his company. How did John manage to do that? a. Filipinos are known to be hospitable just like John. b. John wants to ask a favour from the Malaysian c. John is just friendly, so he knows how to deal with people. d. John learned the traditions, beliefs and culture of Malaysians from his readings. Part III. Modified True or False. Read carefully each statement related to the personalities and the literature of the Arabs and Israelis. Write T if the statement is accurate and F if not. _____ 21. The periods before the writing of the Quran and the rise of Islam is known to Muslims as period of ignorance. _____ 22. The expansion of the Arab people in the 7th and 8th century brought them into contact with a variety of different peoples who would affect their culture and the most significance of these is the ancient civilization of Israel change to Persia. _____ 23. The terms Israeli, Israelite, Hebrew and Jew are synonymous and can be interchangeably used in literature, religion and politics. _____ 24. Jewish writers began to write in Hebrew in addition to their various national languages because Hebrew at that time was the language of holy scripture. _____ 25. A key ingredient of the Israeli public persona is that Jews are tough, emotionally hardened, and ruthless. Part IV. FACT OR OPINION. Below are statement taken from the speech of Abdur Raheem McCarthy. Identify whether the sentence expresses a fact or an opinion. Write FACT if the statement has a concrete evidence and OPINION if the statement is a belief or a position. _____ 26. The Western economy is based on rebate or interest. _____ 27. The only way for true happiness inside the peace in our hearts, in our minds and in our souls is through Islam. _____ 28. The problem of swine flu- the swine is one of the dirtiest animals in the face of the earth. _____ 29. Fifty-six percent of everybody jailed in America today is because of drug changes. _____ 30. Islam is not spreading as it should be because we are not implementing it in its proper form. Part V. GRAMMAR.. Read and analyze the sentences carefully. State what type each sentence belongs. Write your answer on the space provided. _____ 31. Mary went to the park, but John stayed at home. a. Simple b. Compound C. Complex d. Compound-Complex _____ 32. Tom wanted to exercise, so he went for a walk. a. Simple b. Compound C. Complex d. Compound-Complex _____ 33. The dog that ate my homework is sick. a. Simple b. Compound C. Complex d. Compound-Complex _____ 34. Mary likes reading; John likes television. a. Simple b. Compound C. Complex d. Compound-Complex _____ 35. Bill is the one who usually sits here. a. Simple b. Compound C. Complex d. Compound-Complex _____ 36. When the movie was over, we went to Moo Moos for ice cream, but my favourite flavour was all gone. a. Simple b. Compound C. Complex d. Compound-Complex _____ 37. John who sits behind me is on the basketball team. a. Simple b. Compound C. Complex d. Compound-Complex

_____ 38. While we were away, the girl who was looking after our cat discovered that she had an allergy to them. a. Simple b. Compound C. Complex d. Compound-Complex _____ 39. You can study now or pray later. a. Simple b. Compound C. Complex d. Compound-Complex _____ 40. All that glitters is not gold. a. Simple b. Compound C. Complex d. Compound-Complex Part VI. PRODUCT. (10 points) You are going to be involved in solving a simple problem. Read the situation of Leila and Geo. Think of the sample Korean masks and costumes.

Should I wear masks? I heard traditional Korean costumes would include a mask what will I wear?

2 points pppppp oints

Hey! Im Leila. This is my friend Geo. We want to attend a Korean traditional costume party tonight. Can you please help us to choose the right costume? We really need your help.

Which mask is appropriate for Geo? _____ Which mask is appropriate for Leila? _____ 4 points pppppp oints A

Here are sample Korean costumes. Do you think this B appropriate for Geo? Why? _____ is appropriate for Geo because __________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________.

4 points pppppp oints A

This costume is for Leila. Which one is appropriate for her? Why? B _____ is appropriate for Leila because ___ ___________________________________ ___________________________________.

Prepared by:

AVEGAIL A. CONSTANTINO English Master Teacher