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A guide to the Model United Nations

1. Introduction: Introduce the idea of MUN. How was it first made and why? (Talk about the history of model-united nations) How has it become so popular over the years today? The popularity growing over the years, why students participate and what its known for. Who its aimed at and why. 2. Importance and significance Why MUN is so important in high school? Why do a lot of high school students want to participate in MUN? What you will achieve by attending MUN? Talk about the skills you will learn, what extra educational aspects there are to MUN Skills you hope to enhance and learn as well? Introduce the ATLs, debate skills and public speaking skills first and then talk about approaches to learning as the finishing point in the section. 3. Skills Approaches to learning in the IB what it is What are the approaches to learning and why is it so important in the IB How does ATL link to MUN? How can you apply your previous ATL skills to do your best at MUN? How can MUN help enhance your ATL skills? Vice versa points 4. Preparation: Knowing about how MUN is organized How is the MUN organized? Committees and the people involved (write the most important ones, generalize, dont go into too much detail) How do you prepare yourself and your delegation? Check your area, once you choose your position Researching your country and its background, your committee position, what it does and the relationships with the other committees and countries. (Go into detail) o Sources and interviews will go into the designated sections o Bibliography at the very end.

Research Plan (Questions for structure)

Introduction to model UN: 1. What does model united actually do? When was it first made and why? How? 2. How has model united nations gained popularity over the years? 3. Who is it aimed towards? 4. Why do so many high school students want to join Model United Nations? 5. What is expected from students who participate in model-united nations? Skills and academic aspects: 1. What skills are already required to participate in MUN? 2. What skills will MUN help you enhance/develop? 3. Will you learn a new skill in MUN? Approaches to learning and Model United Nations 1. What are ATLs? 2. How are ATL used in the IB? 3. How will ATL help you in the conference? Organization of the conference/preparation: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. How does MUN work? How is it organized? What are the major committees? What are the most important rules/regulations? How can a student prepare themselves for their first MUN?

1. Any tricks and tips for MUN?