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Ashley Schirmer EDUC 121 Child and Adolescent Development Spring 2011

Kindergarten Lesson Plan State Standards

Reading/Language Arts Indiana Common Core State Standards EL.K.1.6 2006 - Recognize and name all capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet EL.K.1.18 2006 - Understand the alphabetic principle, which means that as letters in words change, so do the sounds. EL.K.1.9 2006 - Listen to and say consonant-vowel-consonant (cvc) sounds and blend the sounds to make words. Example: Listen to the sounds /b/, /e/, /d/ and tell what word is made.

Objectives: Teacher and students will begin by playing the Alphabet Game. Students will be able to identify the letters in the alphabet. Students will be able to pronounce them phonetically correct. Students will be able to make up words beginning with a letter from the alphabet. Students will be able to pronounce the letters correctly. Students will be able to make up their own words. Materials Eric Carles ABC book Blank Cards Sharpie White paper Stapler Markers ABC Coloring Worksheet/Packet

Whole Group Activity: Teacher will read Eric Carles ABC by Eric Carle We will then sit in chairs in a circle; children choose an alphabet card out the deck. After handing out cards, start with child that picked first card and have him/her identify the letter, give the sound of that letter, then give a word that starts with that letter. For example, A, ah apple. Progress in same order that cards were handed out and have each child identify letter and give a word that stars with that letter. Next, have children stand up and place their card where they were sitting. Start the music and have children march around circle while music plays. Stop music, instruct students to take the card in the spot that is in front of them, sit down, and begin the activity again. Do this maybe 2 or 3 times, whatever time will allow.

Send students back to their seats and pass out the ABC coloring worksheet packet for them to work on during small group activities. Small Group Activity: Groups are divided into four or five students, depending on their level. Each small group activity will last between 10 15 minutes. This is to work with each child individually and access their learning. Model the process of making the actual book, fold paper in half and use two staples to bind. Model how they will write each letter of the alphabet on each page first. Then instruct children to draw a picture of something that starts with that letter. Adaptions For groups that are higher levels, have them use both upper and lower case letters in their book. Have them sound out the word and write it under the picture they drew corresponding to the letter. Assess if capitals and lowercase letters were used correctly. For struggling groups, have an alphabet sound chart for them to use. Help them sound out pictures to see if they correspond correctly to the letter they are choosing. Help them understand differences between c/s c/k and g/j sounds.