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2 Introduction Massachusetts general hospital can e descri ed as a medical center and an academic institution in !oston" The hospital has developed recruitment# training# research and outreach missions $hose main o %ective is to enhance clinical services and service delivery to the clients" Through its main campus# the management o& Massachusetts hospital has endeavored to provide a patient centered care'(CC) that has een e adapted y all sta&& mem ers 'Massachusetts

*eneral +ospital nursing# n"d)" The goal o& this piece o& $ork is to descri e the services provided y the hospital together $ith the supportive stake holders" Strategy for recruiting and retaining talent Massachusetts general hospital has developed standards and strategies aimed at ensuring that the e,isting sta&& mem ers are retained $hile at the same time recruiting ne$ trainees" The management o& the hospital has developed a multicultural A&&airs o&&ice $hose goal is to recruit# develop and ensure that minority physicians are retained" !esides# there has een a creation o& patient care service diversity committee that steers support programs that enhance nursing $ork&orce diversity" This committee &urther ensures pro&essional development especially &or the minority sta&& mem ers $hile at the same time ensuring cultural competency '.a re# 2//0)" Conse1uently in the recent past# a center &or solving con&licting cases related to cultural disparities has een developed" The center is committed to doing a research on the reasons &or the e,istence o& disparities in health care provision there y designing elimination methods &or the ine&&iciencies" This duty is per&ormed y the president o& Massachusetts general hospital together $ith the relevant su committees "The data collected &rom the research is analy2ed and

3 synthesi2ed a&ter $hich it is pu lished in articles so that a$areness can e raised on disparities regarding to culture and racism'Stepnick# 2//3)" The recruitment and development o& the nursing $ork&orce at the hospital is committed to ensuring cultural competence and diversity" There has een development o& onsite MSN and !SN programs that are aimed at encouraging and motivating minority nurses &rom &oreign countries"4A physician net$ork program has een developed so that it can &ocus on the

recruitment o& the minority group $ho are under represented 'Stepnick# 2//3)" The target has ho$ever een on the college and medical students $ho are potential employees to the hospital" There has een the initiali2ation o& an outreach program that introduces nursing students to the practical $orld via internships and clerkship positions" There has een a &ormal training program in the &orm o& $ork shops that has een providing training to the sta&& mem ers" (hysician &aculty mem ers have thus een undergoing training on ho$ to interact $ith patients &rom di&&erent religious ackground including ho$ to deal $ith the les ians and homose,uals

employing cultural competency '.a re# 2//0)" A ne$ training curriculum &or physicians has een developed" This ne$ sylla us &ocuses on training physicians on (CC and issues o& cultural competency in the health care" As a result there has een an introduction o& a program kno$n as 5medicine and society4 that is meant to initiate medical students to community ased health care" 6astly is the creation o& &ocus groups $hose main aim is to ensure that the local needs o& oth the patients and sta&& mem ers are met 'Stepnick# 2//3)"

7 Organizational Service delivery Massachusetts general hospital has developed a health care partnership program to ene&it the community" This program $as launched in 1880 as a result o& the attorney general to the hospital advised the management to take responsi ility so as to serve the minority groups $ho are under served" Since then the hospital has partnered $ith so many stake holders in an attempt to etter service delivery "There has een development o& many community ased

partnerships $ith schools #police departments and social services departments so that the 1uest &or 1uality services can e ans$ered" .urther partnerships et$een police and pu lic schools have een developed" .or e,ample" the Chelsea centers in colla oration $ith the police have intervened to do a pro e on those children $ho have een se,ually molested in the society" Similar partnerships have een $itnessed in the Massachusetts general hospital and especially in the developed ase centers &or the community" Technological advancements in healthcare have led to the etter health care and long li&e thus improving the 1uality o& living" The results o& ne$ innovations in health are longevity in li&e '.a re# 2//0)" Massachusetts general hospital has developed a patient empo$ering program that takes care o& health issues o& &amilies thus ena ling them to take more active roles" Among such programs are the Ma,$ell and 9leanor &amily and patient learning center that provides

education on a variety o& su %ects: '.a re# 2//0)" Through this center the hospital guideline has een translated into several languages so that people &rom diverse linguistic ackgrounds can have an access to it" Through the Chelsea health care center cancer therapy programs have een developed and this has helped treat incidents o& reast and cervical cancer"!esides#the reverse community center together $ith pu lic schools has partnered $ith Massachusetts general

0 hospital to esta lish clinics in pu lic schools so as to provide education on domestic violence and su stance a use" Disparities solution center is a culmination o& e&&orts o& M*+ and its

partners and its role is to ensure that racial and ethnic disparities are eliminated ";ts &ar reaching goal is to develop leadership in the training &ield &or the health care providers and physicians '.a re# 2//0)" Technological development As one o& the millennium development goals Massachusetts general hospital has undergone technological advancements as regards its treatment e1uipment" The &ocus has een on reducing maternal and child mortality ";nnovate technologies that are cost e&&ective have

een developed in the hospital and they act as catalysts in reducing death incidents "This has een through improved risk strati&ication and etter treatment services "Among the mostly used technology in the treatment o& cancer is the &luorescent tomography that employs the concept o& light dispersion 'ANN<N# 2//3)" This means that a ray o& light scatters so as to spot dangerous malignant gro$ths o& cells "=esearchers at Massachusetts &or e,ample have een a le to

overcome one o& the limitations o& this technology" They have used Monte Carlo method in simulating the gro$th o& cells employing the *CU system" This is among the advances made y researchers at Massachusetts general hospital" Anesthesiologists at Massachusetts general hospital have contri uted signi&icantly to the &ield o& pharmacology" The pharmacy in&ormation system ena les creations o& la els that can e printed on inter mark smart printers" The development o& &inger printing programming has ena led developers to run programs independently $ithout the re1uirement o& a net$ork &rom a host computer system" ;t has een possi le to develop a virtual in&ormation system that ensures correct coding o& drugs

> in relation to their e,piry date# dosage and dose tracking mechanism" The a ility o& a nurse to scan &or a certain drug is a very ig leap in medication as regards patient:s sa&ety" This kind o& a systems has success&ully eing a le to monitor drugs so that $rong drugs are not disseminated to patients "All this have een attri uted to the e&&orts o& the chie& pharmacist at Massachusetts general hospital '.a re#2//0)" Technological advances in health care are descri ed as the reha ilitation o& vaccines# pharmaceuticals# procedures and practices related to surgical operations as $ell as devices that are appropriate in protecting health care" The development o& ne$ medical technologies in M*+ have rought many ene&its to the patients# nurses# care takers and clinicians":This has een through the improvement o& health status o& patients via improved treatment services and this has enhanced home ased care ena ling patients to e treated &rom their homes" At the same

time# it has een made possi le y technological advancements &or doctors to treat many patients at the same time 'ANN<N# 2//3) "The areas o& technological improvements in the hospital have een in the &acet o& communication and the implementation o& support systems ";n addition# there has een developments in iotechnology that have made it possi le to e,ploit research on

genetics" This has helped in the gro$th and development o& ioengineering that has held to nurture the culture o& organ transplant "This has agitated &urther research on organ transplant as $ell as in ro ot surgery" As a means o& ensuring e&&ective service delivery# the hospital has een a le to create and develop health records ased on individuals there&ore ena ling easy tracking o& a patient:s history" Through net$orking and data ase management# various departments have een a le to share in&ormation a out a patient:s history $hile maintaining con&identiality so that the in&ormation is not disclosed to the pu lic 'ANN<N# 2//3)"

? Benefits of Technology in health care Technological advancement has acted as a means o& making health care a&&orda le and there&ore it has alleviated Medicare and Medicaid programs in United States" !esides# patients have een posed $ith various choices many modes o& health care are on the &orm o& medication to undergo" This is ecause e,ample eing that o& telesurgery and

eing provided

telemedicine "Devices &or home ased care have een ene&icial to the clients as mothers have een a le to carry out lood tests# pregnancy tests through medical diagnostic devices and therapeutic tools" This means that the magnitude o& health care has een enhanced oth in inhospital care and outpatient care 'ANN<N# 2//3)" Due to cultural competency in the nursing health pro&ession# health care providers are rapidly trans&orming as this has een activated y technological advancements "The results o& technological advancement in health care is there&ore advantageous despite the &act that there might e rising costs on provision o& health care though it does not al$ays happen" Ne$ technological development has led to changes in the 1uality o& sta&& as pro&essionals are eing given &urther training to enhance kno$ ho$" According to To$yle# minimally invasive techni1ues can lead to reduction in surgery cases as it can e incorporated in medicine to ensure that organ systems are treated in more a&&ected $ays '.a re# 2//0)" Conclusion =esearch on the development o& Massachusetts hospital health care delivery sho$s that# e&&ective health care delivery is achieva le $hen there are e&&ective strategies put in place" The organi2ational structure o& any organi2ation is there&ore a determinant on ho$ the goals and

@ o %ectives o& the organi2ation are to e achieved" Through a $ell coordinated organi2ational structure and stake holder involvement in health care delivery# it has ecome possi le to

e&&ectively e,tend oth in hospital and out patient health care at Massachusetts general "This has ho$ever een through esta lishment o& health care competency guidelines"

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