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[PDF] 'The Right to housing' for Homeless People by S. Fitzpatric ! Feantsa Research ! """$%&#p'f#ch().p'f This article really helpe' me "ith a lot of my research it has a lot of interesting articles "ithin stating things about the *nite' +ation's thoughts on the homeless people. This article is about a man's e,perince of 'ealing "ith lots of homeless or -ery poor people an' he e,plains "hat they go through. &reene. /ames. an' 0athy Sibert. 'irs. 12hy Some Homeless 3hoose The Streets 4-er Shelters.1 Why Some Homeless Choose The Streets Over Shelters. +PR. 56SP5+. 2ashington. (7 Dec. 8(98. Homeless Choose The Streets Over Shelters. +PR. (7 Dec. 8(98. 2eb. (7 Dec. 8(98. :http;##""""hy6some6homeless6choose6the6streets6o-er6shelters<. This station Has a full story about ho" homeless people preferre' li-ing in the streets e-en "hen o-er =(( homeless people 'ie of hypothermia. The station also has many 'ifferent people sharing their o"n stories on "hy they 'i'n't "ant to li-e any"here but the streets an' their reasons. They also ha-e a hotline to get more stories on the homeless. a lot ha-e state' that the homes aren't comfortable. They also state' that it's not all ba' but a lot of them are lac ing in care for housing. This "as a really goo' site for me to get some actual insight on ho" the homeless "ere spo en from them an' not >ust any other person.

Pola . Hanna. 1Rights of the 3hil'.1 UNICEF. +.p.. n.'. 2eb. 8? Sept. 8(9@. :http;##"""<. This "as a page base' on all the homeless 3hil'ren in the "orl' an' ho" they shoul' ha-e the right to be ta en care of an' ho" most homeless chil'ren en'e' up being that "ay. This helpe' me get a little bit of info but mostly supporte' my secon'ary page for she "rites a lot of mo-ies an' screenplays of homeless chil'ren. %aire''ubht,. 1Fatima's Clog.1 Fatimas Blog. %aire''ubht,. 97 %ay 8(99. 2eb. 9D +o-. 8(9@. :http;##fatima'ms9?A?."or'<. This image "as useful in our presentation for loo s. 1To"nippro>ect 6 Homelessness.1 Townipproject Homelessness. 2i i Spaces. n.'. 2eb. 9D +o-. 8(9@. :http;##to"nippro>ect."i<. This helpe' our page loo better an' more professional.

1Facts 5bout Homelessness.1 Facts !"o#t Homelessness. +ational 3olation for the Homeless. 8) /an. 8(98. 2eb. 9D +o-. 8(9@. :http;##"""<. This helpe' us ma e our page better by a''ing pictures of the homeless. 1+ursing @88 Spring 8(9(.1 N#rsing $%% Spring %&'&. +.p.. Spring 8(9(. 2eb. 9D +o-. 8(9@. :http;##nursing@88sp9(."or'<. This "as another picture "e use' to ma e our "ebsite nicer "ith more pictures..