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A total of 1 pound of two or more different varieties of meat or seafood: game (squirrel, rabbit, deer, raccoon, opossum, nutria),

poultry (turkey, duck, chicken, quail, dove), smoked meat (sausages, tasso, or andouille), and shellfish (crawfish, shrimp, crabs, oysters, or scallops). cloves garlic 1 large onion 1 1!" cups okra " ribs celery 1 large bell pepper 1!" cup butter 1!" cup flour " quarts chicken stock 1!# teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 bay leaf 1!" teaspoon black pepper 1 teaspoon salt " cups rice

$dit%ethod 1 of : &reparing the 'ngredients 1(eslime the okra. )resh okra has a gooey substance inside that many find unappealing. *he method of removing this substance is called +de,sliming.+ -ash the okra and place it in a bowl with a quart of water and a cup of vinegar. Allow the mi.ture to soak for an hour. -hen an hour has passed, drain the okra, rinse it in fresh water, and pat dry with paper towels. /hop the de,slimed okra into bite,si0ed pieces and reserve in a container.

"%ince the garlic and dice the vegetables. 1tart by peeling and mincing the garlic cloves. &eel and dice a large onion, a few ribs of celery and a large bell pepper , the /a2un +holy trinity+ , and reserve in a separate container. 'f you like more of one ingredient than another, feel free to add it , throwing in an

e.tra onion, celery rib, or pepper won3t change the rich flavor of gumbo. /hop the meat. 1lice any sausage, andouille or tasso you3re using into bite, si0ed slices, and store them in a container. /ut the whole game or poultry you have chosen to use into bite,si0ed pieces. 4inse the pieces, pat them dry with a paper towel, and reserve in a separate container. 4efrigerate the meat until you3re ready to compile the gumbo. #1hell or shuck the seafood. (iscard the shells and reserve the seafood in a sealed container. 4efrigerate it until you3re ready to compile the gumbo. $dit%ethod " of : %aking the 5ase 1%ake a rou.. 6eat the butter in a stockpot large enough to hold the gumbo. *urn the burner to medium high and allow the butter to melt completely. Add the flour and use a whisk to stir it into the butter. 7eep stirring as the mi.ture cooks and turns from gold to brown. (on3t overcook the rou., or it will change the flavor of the gumbo. *urn down the heat if it looks like it3s cooking too quickly. 'f the rou. overcooks, it3s best to start over with a new batch of butter and flour. "Add the stock. As soon as the rou. looks ready, ladle the stock to keep the rou. from burning. 1tir the mi.ture until the stock heats and begins to simmer. Add the vegetables. 1tir in the onion, celery, and bell pepper mi.ture. 1prinkle in the chopped okra and garlic. 5ring the stock to a boil. #5rown the meat. -hile the stock is coming to a boil, place a skillet on a burner and turn the heat to medium high. &our some oil on the skillet and let it heat up. 8ay the bite,si0ed chunks of raw meat on the skillet and let them brown on one side for a minute. 9se tongs to turn the meat over and brown it on the other side. -ork in batches if necessary, since crowding the pan with meat will prevent liquid evaporation and prevent proper browning. 't3s not necessary to completely cook the meat, since it will finish in the gumbo pot. :Add the meats and fish to the pot. 9se tongs to transfer the browned meat to the pot. Add the smoked meats as well. 9se a large wooden spoon to stir the mi.ture, and bring it back to a boil, then reduce it to a simmer and let it cook for one hour.


of : 1easoning and )inishing the ;umbo

1Add the seasonings. %easure in the cayenne, black pepper, salt, and any other seasonings you wish to incorporate. 1tir them into the gumbo. *aste the gumbo and decide whether to add more seasonings. 1immer the gumbo for another hour to give the flavors time to meld. "/ook the rice. 'n a separate pot or in a rice cooker, cook the rice. -hen it3s finished cooking, use two forks to fluff it up. 1tir in the seafood. -hen the gumbo is almost finished cooking, stir in the shellfish and let it cook for another 1< minutes. *his keeps the shellfish tender. #1erve the gumbo. 1poon the rice into bowls. 8adle the gumbo over the rice and serve it hot. %any /a2uns en2oy gumbo with 8ouisiana hot sauce on the side.