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Bringing Christ into the Marketplace and Winning the Marketplace for Christ Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and

Professionals Mactan Chapter

November 2013

BCBP Mactan Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Message for the Month: ""
The chapter anniversary celebration began with a special assembly night on October 11, 2013 with a very lively and powerful worship led by Music Ministry Head Jun Yap. During the assembly, former CH Jun Gula led the prayer for healing and deliverance. On the anniversary day, October 12, the community members, donning their assigned rainbow color, arrived early at the Crown Regency Metro Sports for the celebration

Special points of interest: .

The 3 sharers from the 3 outreaches of Mactan

that began with the Holy Mass. Bishop Emilio Boy Bataclan was the main celebrant with Fr. Martin O. Elo-

zue, Fr. Peter Nwanowanye and Fr. Raffy de Gracia concelebrating.

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Chapter Gives Help to Zamboanga

To love is to put the welfare of the other before ones own. That is what the chapter did during its 20th anniversary celebration. The chapter through CH Guy Ceniza endorsed Zamboanga Crisis to Boloy Mendoza of Zamboanga the financial help intended for the people of between the MNLF and boanga as an outreach in April 10, 1999, Boloy Zamboanga City who the military. To recall, Mactan Mendoza was its first were affected by the war started the BCBP Zam- chapter head.

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Start your day with a smile and enjoy each passing moments cause you know everything that may happen today may never happen again tomorrow .

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The big number of brothers and sisters that attended the celebration included a 26member delegation from Ormoc Chapter, a good attendance from Bogo Outreach and brothers and sisters from Mandaue and Cebu Chapters. It was a reunion of sort. A happy one at that. Honoring Gods The sharing proper came instruments in after an early and sumptuous establishing Mactan lunch fellowship. Brother chapter Mayong Rodriguez from Ormoc, Boloy Mendoza from Zamboanga, (who made sure he be in Cebu despite some travel set-backs), and Alex Mendoza from Bogo were the sharers on that special day. During the celebration the chapter honored Brothers from Cebu chapters who were responsible for bringing the brotherhood to Mactan. They are Tatang Kit Garcia, Tony Tagulao, Larry Veloso and Casi Nadela. The most prepared part of the celebration were the presentations. The presenters, grouped by BCLP number, danced to the beat of the hit songs during their CLP years. Ormocs Macarina number was well applauded and won a special prize. The BCLP11 -16 and the In-Formation Group were also among the best presenters. Indeed twenty years in the Brotherhood is life changing and full of promise like the rainbow.

The group presentations

Fr. Martin and the scholars of their congregation presenting a dance number

BCBP Toronto-Canada members from Mactan sent their wishes thru a video clip

Seeking help is not a sign of ignorance. It's an intellectual act that allows people to admit that some situations are not meant to be handled alone.

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BCLP20 Members-In-Formation Attend BCBR

Seventeen (17) BCBP Mactan Associate members -undergoing Formation program - attended the BCBP Christians in Business Retreat (BCBR) No. 20 which was held at DepEd Ecotech Center, Lahug, Cebu City last Saturday, October 26, 2013. The retreat enabled the participants to understand their vocation as businessmen and professionals in the context of the Lords plan of salvation. Six (6) relevant talks were ably delivered by select BCBP speakers who unselfishly shared their respective experiences and challenges encountered in the workplace and in the real business world. With dedicated guidance of Unit Information Action Group Leaders (AGLs), each of

BCLP20 Members-In-Formation with their AGLs and UL

the talks were immediately followed by very lively group discussion on the topic at hand. BCBR attendees were greatly inspired with the presence of Mactan Chapters very own AMD Kuya Nelson Dauz who

aptly delivered a very fitting message to formally cap the whole day activity.

Visayas Hit by Super Typhoon

While still trying to recover from the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Cebu and Bohol, the Visayas is hit by a super typhoon, Yolanda, with 315 Km/h max wind. Very badly hit are the areas of Samar and Leyte, Northern Cebu and NorthWest Visayas. In these areas the BCBP Chapters chapters affected are Tacloban, Baybay, Ormoc and Naval outreach, Bogo Outreach, and Roxas Chapter. Due to massive evacuation of typhoon survivors from Samar and Leyte, BCBP Cebu is helping in the feeding of evacuees, assist-

315 km/hour Super Typhoon Yolanda

The Devastation

ing in the repacking of relief goods, raising funds to rebuild houses, giving financial and material help and adopting families. This is the time to give and show our love.

The Lord gives us each day enough reason to thank Him; our health, family, wisdom, even the very breath we take, and our true friends who touch our lives giving us extra meaning.

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a time. Those who came did so as their time and personal schedules allowed them. Yet, there were those who started from the recitation of the first 100 beads until the 2000nth bead, to complete it, interrupted only shortly by a healthy wellness food preparation at lunch and light snacks at mid afternoon and dinner as each one took his/her turn to have his fill. A specially-made candle stand that held 5 rows of 8 vigil candles per row was used as the pair of leaders came to the front to light a candle. The activity ended at about 9 oclock in the evening with the last batch of attendees joyfully celebrating the completion and posed for the photos.

Intercessory Ministry Prays 2000 Hail Mary

The Intercessory Ministry successfully conducted the annual 2000 Hail Mary Devotion hosted by Bro. Vito and Sis. Nimfa Aballe in their home last Oct. 26, 2013, Saturday. It is held every October for 7 straight years now. The activity started at 10 oclock in the morning with Sis. Nimfa herself, after making the

unique rosaries of 100 beads available to the attendees, which was accompanied by a prayer guide, encouraged those present to write petitions which were to be dropped into a basket in front of the magnificent altar which was lavished with fresh and colorful gerberas. The attendees paired themselves so that 100 Hail Marys could be led by one pair at

BCBP Reintroduces Culture Talks in Formation Program

mation. The activity was joined in by Consolacion Chapter. The activity was held at Montebello Villa Hotel in Cebu City with Brother Fred Lanticse serving as Course Leader. Most of the speakers are the senior leaders of Cebu Region. In the new directive, the BCLP graduates can now commit to the Brotherhood after taking the culture talks. Mactan chapter is preparing to In adherence to the new direchave the same activity for its tive from ManCom to include the culture talks in the new BCLP members in Formation. Program, Mandue chapter conducted a one day Culture Talks session for the members in For-

Members-in-formation of Mandaue and Consolacion Attending the Culture Talks

When we do what we can, God will do what we cant. Our job is to take care of the possible and trust God with the impossible.

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Let Them Find Rest From Their Labor

Revelation 14:13
Fr. Martin Okafor-Ilozue CSSp - BCBP Mactan BCLP19

Fr. Martin

Our involvements in ministry of the Lord here on earth, serving our brothers and sisters, and doing our best in keeping the commandments are all it takes to be prepared for the inevitable end that will happen to all flesh.

I heard a voice from Heaven say, write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on. yes, said the spirit, let them find rest from their labors, for their works accompany them. Death is always seen as the last event in the life of every human being. When this happens, it brings about two things, one, the living being turns into non living, and secondly the person will be physically separated from those that are still alive. These are the two remarkable characteristics of dying that made it undesirable and in most part fearful, portraying death as a painful exercise to be avoided at all cost. Spiritually, we talk about death as the departure of the soul from the body, leaving the body to go back to its origin, the dust, and the soul is also expected to go back to its source, the ruac (spirit). This religious idea goes back to the creation of Adam in the book of Genesis where God molded Adam from the dust of the earth and breathed into the nostril to give him life, from that instant human being obtained its dual nature of body and soul. Our experiences of death on earth are not in any way desirable and fearful, but the text above brings in a spiritually and heavenly understanding of what happens after death. Here on earth we toil and labor, hence the idea of rest as reward makes sense, this time not temporary but permanent. For the so called rest to be nice and valuable, one has to merit it with good works on earth,to die in the Lord. As fearful as death appears to be, Christ in His ministry on earth tried to assure us of a better life with Him in heaven when He will come to take us in His glory. He used different human language to do that; in My Fathers house, there are many rooms, I will come back to take you so that where I Am you too shall be, welcome to the heavenly kingdom prepared for you before the creation of the world. All these words are meant to give us hope for eternal life with God which in turn supposed to allay of our fear of death. But despite all these assurances, we are still afraid. Does it mean that we do not trust Christ, or we so much like it here on earth that we do not want to die, or simply because of our sins which we know very well are obstacles for our resting in peace with the Lord? Our involvements in ministry of the Lord here on earth, serving our brothers and sisters, and doing our best in keeping the commandments are all it takes to be prepared for the inevitable end that will happen to all flesh. This is where we go soul searching, by asking ourselves; am I keeping the commandments of God? Do I serve my brothers and sisters? Do I live the life of love Jesus asked us to live? Our answers to these questions will definitely help us to know where we belong, to the Lord or to other things. Making use of our time here on earth doing good as Theresa of Avila would ask us to do is still the best option of not being afraid of dying, meaning, our service to our brothers and sisters, our loving others without reserve, reaching out to the needy among us and dedicating ourselves always to God through the Son Our Lord Jesus Christ are some of all it will take to possess eternal life with God. Then with St. Paul we will acclaim, O death, where is thy power, death where is thy sting, for dying is gain and not a loss, a reward of a well spent life on earth, a rest that will accompany our earthly good works.

Real life is not outside ourselves but within. The real possessions are not what the hand can grasp but what the heart may hold.

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BCBP Presidents Anniversary Message
October 12, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Manny Jimenez

Congratulations Mactan Chapter. God is so good! We thank the Lord for generously blessing you for 20 years, nourishing and nurturing all the members all this time with His great love, mercy and providential care. The years ahead are wider opportunities for us for greater accomplishments in the evangelization of the business world and the profession. We are challenged by the fruits of the efforts started twenty years ago by the Mission Team who worked in the Lords vineyard to establish Mactan Outreach and nourished it to be a strong chapter of warriors of Jesus Christ. The Lord is pleased as He looks upon this special occasion of the celebration for 20 years of service in His mighty name. The work in the Lords vineyard continues and we go with confidence of success because we have Christ who will guide and protect us along the way. So, as we remind ourselves on this special occasion that we made a commitment to Christ to live His life, to be like Him, let us share this gift with others. As Evangelizers, let us share this experience of a loving relationship with Christ with the men and women from the business world and profession. The message of Jesus is very clear. He commanded the BCBP to bring Christ to the marketplace to CHANGE THE FACE OF BUSINESS and win the marketplace for Christ. From the ManCom and BOT, congratulations. My wife Reggie and I share your joy and thanksgiving for this happy event. May the Lord bless and keep you and give all of you His love and peace. In His Service, Manny Jimenez

Joyful thoughts are morning dewdrops that wash away the burdens of yesterday. May God sprinkle much on you so you'd feel refreshed at start of this new day.

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"There is a danger that threatens everyone in the church,

all of us. The danger of worldliness. It leads us to vanity, arrogance and pride.
Pope Francis

Faith is confidence in the righteous character of God that fosters trust and hope even when our circumstances foster doubt and despair.

Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals

Our Vision: Bringing Christ into the Marketplace and Winning the Marketplace for Christ
Mactan Chapter The BCBP is a community of like-minded Christian Businessmen and Professionals who have consciously decided to band together to bring about the transformation of the marketplace.

Chapter Head: Guy Ceniza


BREAKFAST Venue: Crown Regency Suites Weekly Schedule: Saturday 7:30 - 10:00 AM 1st Wk: Mens 2nd Wk: Joint (Mens & Ladies) 3rd Wk: Mens 4th Wk: Simultaneous (Mens & Ladies) Contact Person: Leo Legara, Mobile: 09068876336

October Breakfast Sharers

Hector Tia (October 5) BCBP Mandaue My family was breaking up before my very own eyes and I felt totally helpless. But amidst all the anger, resentment, pain, and confusion in my heart, I found God Mayong Rodriguez (October 12, Anniversary Sharer) BCBP Ormoc BCBP has changed the way I look at life Boloy Mendoza (October 12, Anniversary Sharer) BCBP Zomboanga God truly works in His wonderful ways 14 years of BCBP in Zamboanga

Alex Mendoza (October 12, Anniversary Sharer) BCBP Bogo I brought my broken life to God for Him to mend. JR and Ching Chan (October 19) BCBP Talisay During the darkest moment of my life God finds a way to speak to me Roger Lucmayon (October 26) BCBP Talisay When I woke up I shook my head, it was a damn awful sight of me, a judge. I repented for what I have done. Pura Arriola (October 26) BCBP South I may stumble and fall but I will move on because God is with me

Appreciate life itself even if it is not perfect. Contentment is not fulfillment of what we wish for, but appreciation of what you have.