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'in( P )*r no S*r##*, Oro+&i#* Ci*, -./Mi) 0i) Occi'#n* ! T#!#12on# No. /33-456-6.56 December 10, 2010 To: For the Record From: Ernesto T. Baz, President Subject: banez Ener!" Sa#er Forum The $re#ious Thursda", a re$resentati#e o% this &Ener!" Sa#er 'ad!ets( )ere $romoted and e*$+ained b" a re$resentati#e o% the com$an" durin! the ,it" ,ounci+-s Peo$+e-s Time Session. E. T. Baz )as $resent as an obser#er that time. The members o% the ,ounci+ ho)e#er, did not a$$arent+" react interestin!+" on the $resentation. .otin! the descri$tions, ,/0S12 %e+t necessar" to e*$+ore %urther on the %eatures o% the !ad!ets )hich i% %ound true as c+aimed, ma" he+$ ease our consumers the burden o% the increasin! costs o% e+ectricit". This )i++ be on the c+aimed reduction o% norma+ ener!" consum$tion. 1s $re3arran!ed b" ,it" ,ounci+or E. B+asco, 4r. )ith the $romoter o% the a++e!ed sa%et" !ad!et, a $ub+ic %orum )as conducted at the Senior ,itizens ,enter, +ast December 05, 2010, at 6:00 am. 1s President, E. T. Baz $resided o#er the %orum. The $ur$ose o% the %orum )as to determine i% the $roduct bein! $romoted b" its c+aimed in#entor En!-r. ,ar+ito banez is +e!a++" authorized b" DT2 %or $romotion and mar7etin! to the $ub+ic and i% the !ad!ets, as a++e!ed to be &Ener!" Sa#ers( are con#incin!+" true as $resented. That is, i% the !ad!ets are in con%ormance to the $ro#isions o% the &,onsumer 1ct o% the Phi+i$$ines(, R.1. 8965, Tit+es 22 and 222. The $artici$ants )ere attended b" more or +ess $ros$ecti#e bu"ers and members o% the ,/0S12 or!anization. The notab+e attendants )ere: 0r. 4ohn Ferraren3:P on ,onsumer 1%%airs, 0r. 0. Rojo3:P on Senior ,itizens 1%%airs, 0r. 1. .erida3:P on En#ironment 1%%airs, En!-r. 1+ B+anco3Director on Research and De#e+o$ment, ,it" ,ounci+or E. B+asco, 4r.30ember, ,it" ,ounci+or ;. Di!a+, 4r.3 SP ,hairman on Pub+ic <ti+ities and Ener!", 0r. E. Taban3ud, 4r.3 DT2 1sst. Pro#incia+ Director, and more others. 1%ter the usua+ o$enin!, 0s. =2 %or!ot her name> a member o% the banez Ener!" Sa#er /r!anization, introduced herse+%, citin! her $ersona+ e*$eriences )ith the com$an" but +ess em$hasis on their $roduct. She )as then %o++o)ed b" En!-r. ,ar+ito banez the a++e!ed in#entor o% the !ad!ets bein! $resented as c+aimed. ?e a+so $ut more em$hasis on their or!anization, the +ocation o% the %actor", honorar" and reco!nition certi%icates, etc. ?e a+so cited the di%%erent %eatures o% the $roduct and brie%+" e*$+ained on ho) the ener!" sa#in! is e%%ected. ?e e*$+ained that their $roducts are o% secret desi!n that hence, the" ha#e not a$$+ied %or $atent, and that e#en e+ectrica+ instruments cannot detect the desi!ned characteristics. 1%ter ca++in! the attention that )e are more interested on the $roducts bein! $resented rather than $ersona+ities, an o$en %orum %o++o)ed, )herein @uestions )ere ans)ered b" En!-r. banez thou!h not a++ satis%actori+". Some %unctions )hich he cited do not a$$ear to be in consonance )ith the basic e+ectrica+ +a), Po)er =Ener!"> e@ua+s #o+ta!e mu+ti$+ied =times> b" current =PAE2>, the /hm-s +a). Basica++", ener!" cannot be created or sim$+" disa$$ear but ma" be con#erted into one %orm or another. To %urther assess, )e re@uested %or ma7in! a#ai+ab+e these described !ad!ets so )e can ma7e actua+ tests o% its $er%ormance. /ur method shou+d be in t)o =2> )a"s )hich are b" com$arin! $er%ormances on e+ectrica+ consum$tion o% the a$$+iance a++e!ed to sa#e ener!": =a> Ta7e the

2 se$arate am$ere +oads on the current as su$$+ied b" the !ad!et #s. current su$$+ied )ithout the !ad!et. 2% the current readin! dro$s )hen the !ad!et is a$$+ied, it )i++ mean there is sa#in! in ener!". =b> ,onnect to a B)? meter )hich, )hen the !ad!et is connected and )hen not connected and ta7e both readin!s at durations o% about three =9> hours each. 2% there is a reduction in the tota+ 7)? consum$tion, there is sa#in!s in ener!". En!-r. banez a$$eared to ha#e not committed to +end us the !ad!ets %or our testin! and e#a+uation. 0ean)hi+e, ,ounci+or B+asco is %indin! some means )herein at +east one o% the !ad!ets can be made a#ai+ab+e %or our intended testin! and e#a+uation. The !ad!ets do not ha#e the BPS sea+ )hich is su$$osed to indicate that DT2 has c+eared and a$$ro#ed %or the $ub+ic3consumer-s consum$tion. 2t ma" be )orth mentionin! that des$ite o% man" recommendations %rom other countries on ho) to sa#e ener!", no mention is bein! made on the use o% s$ecia+ !ad!ets that can e%%ect the reduction o% ener!" consum$tion on an" e+ectrica+ e@ui$ment or househo+d a$$+iance. The sa#in!s are on+" on the desi!n o% the a$$+iance or e@ui$ment itse+%, not in%+uenced b" an" other %abricated !ad!et. 2t seems to be uni@ue there%ore, that on+" here in the Phi+i$$ines )herein so man" !ad!ets a++e!ed to sa#e on ener!", inc+udin! the banez Ener!" Sa#er but not to ha#e been du+" certi%ied are bein! to+erated in the $romotion and %or sa+e %or $ub+ic use. 2t is there%ore re@uested that the De$artment o% Trade and 2ndustr" =DT2> to in#esti!ate this $ractice and to immediate+" sto$ the $romotions and sa+e o% an" $roduct )ithout the Product Standard Sea+ )hich is su$$osed to certi%" that such $roduct is sa%e and #a+id as c+aimed b" the manu%acturer %or the consumin! $ub+ic. This sea+ is not on+" %or the $rotection o% the consumers on basic and $rime commodities but is a+so, %or the $rotection o% the consumers %or their sa%e use and #a+id @ua+it" to a#oid $ossib+e dece$tions. B" co$" o% this re$ort, the !o#ernment a!encies and the Baran!a"s are re@uested to ban and )arn the $ub+ic o% the a$$arent dece$ti#e se++in! o% DT2 uncerti%ied $roducts )hich are not stam$ed )ith the BPS sea+ o% the DT2 Bureau o% Products Standards.

ER.EST/ T. B1C, P0E PR, ;icensed ro%essiona+ 0echanica+ En!ineer ,,: DT+ Secretar" '. ;. Domin!o ,on!ressman 4. 1+monte Pro#incia+ 'o#ernor ?. Ramero :ice3'o#ernor ?. 1omina+ ,it" 0a"or 4. 1+monte ,it" ,ounci+ throu!h :ice30a"or ?. 'uantero ,ounci+or E. B+asco, 4r. ,ounci+or ;. Di!a+, 4r. DT2 Pro#incia+ Director D. 1"ano 0r. E. Taban3ud, 4r. 0r. ;arr" Enerio, /%%ice o% the ,it" 0a"or Rea+ Radio Broadcastin! ,o, ,D/ 0s. 1. 0a+ica" Rad"o 1 Broadcastin! station, DD/ 0ana!er Euiros 0embers o% ,/0S12 Board o% Directors Fi+es