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A Merchant Selection and Cocktails”, printed in 1927.

Harry’s recipe calls for

Gin, Orange Curacao, Rose’s Lime Cordial and a dash
each of Angostura and Orange bitters. All recipes printed
there after substitute fresh lime juice for Rose’s Lime
Cordial leaving the true recipe up for debate and
speculation. I believe that fresh lime juice makes for a
much more pleasurable cocktail.

Hayden’s own creations

Available from Le Bon Lion for one night only World famous in New Zealand, notorious in Belfast

Jack Rose Erin’s Delight

Applejack or Calvados, fresh lime juice and house-made Gin, Crème de Cacao, fresh lime juice, coriander, sugar syrup
grenadine and Recreated Bokers bitters
This undoubtedly was one of the biggest drinks around from I named this cocktail after my lovely Northern Irish Wife
its inception in 1905 right through until the start of Erin. Erin is gin mad and taught me how to truly
Prohibition in 1919. Frank May is believed to have invented appreciate this spirit . I created this drink for a Martin
this drinks when he was employed at Gene Sullivan’s café in Miller’s competition and although I didn’t win the
Jersey City. competition my Wife loved the drink.

The Bentley P&G

Noilly Prat Ambre, Calvados and Dubonnet St. Germain, Fino sherry, fresh lemon juice, orange and
This drink was created by Harry Craddock on the 28th aromatic bitters
February 1922 to mark the wedding of H.R.H Princess Mary, The “Pomp and glory” is just simple re-working of the
daughter of King George V and Queen Mary to Henry, Bamboo cocktail which was created by Louis Eppinger at
Viscount Lascelles. This drink was first listed in The Savoy the Grand Hotel, Yokohama, Japan. I was introduced to
Cocktail Book (1930). sherry in cocktails by a very eccentric gentleman. He was
the sole inspiration behind this creation.
The Clover Club
Gin, Dry & Sweet Vermouths, fresh lemon juice and house-made The Celery Snap
raspberry cordial Gin, Orange Curacao, fresh lime juice, celery, sugar syrup
Albert Stevens Crockett who wrote the Old-Waldorf Astoria and soda water
Bar Book, states this drink was: “a Philadelphia importation, I created this cocktail after sampling a cocktail created
which originated in the bar of the old Bellevue-Stratford, by a bartender at Bugsy’s bar in Prague. It was a simple
where the Clover Club, composed of literary, legal, financial celery sour made with vodka. Much to the bartenders
and Business lights of the Quaker City.” The first annoyance I asked him to make his drink with gin. This
documented listing of this drink is found in Drinks by Paul is my humble attempt to create a drink that is a bitter-
Lowe from 1909, however the recipe that we have followed sweet symphony.
is found in Beverages De Luxe published in 1911 which has
two vermouths in the recipe The Ranfurly Cocktail
Bourbon, Aperol, cucumber, aromatic bitters and orange
Little Polynesian bitters
Appleton VX, Myers Dark Rum, Orange Curacao, fresh lime juice, I created this cocktail as in introduction to bourbon. The
kumquats, orange bitters and sugar syrup idea came to me when I was reading Bottoms Up by Ted
A Sean Muldoon original, created for the Merchant Hotel. Saucier (1951). It was based on The Christy Girl cocktail
The Little Polynesian was a carefully crafted twist on the Mai which was simply Irish whisky poured over a slice of
Tai. The simple and effective use of kumquats really sets this cucumber. I named this cocktail after a provincial rugby
apart as Tiki styled drink and has graced the Merchant menu match played in New Zealand. The Ranfurly Shield is the
since 2006 most sought after trophy in the NPC. The shield is
currently held by my home team the Wellingtons Lions,
The Martinez coincidence I think not!
Sweet Vermouth, Old Tom Gin, Maraschino, Recreated Bokers
Bitters Hayden would like to thank Mr Joerg Meyer and his staff
The Martinez is considered to be the first truly revolutionary for their wonderful hospitality
cocktail. The Martinez in its truest form first appears in print
in O.H.Byron book the Modern Bartender published 1884. It Check out www.Thepoetryofbartending/
later appears in Jerry Thomas’ book the “Bon Vivant Follow Hayden Lambert on twitter and on facebook
Companion” where Jerry Thomas takes full credit for its Contact

Pegu Club
Gin, Orange Curacao, Fresh lime juice, Aromatic and orange
The only legacy that survives from the club’s heyday is the
self titled cocktail “The Pegu club”. It is believed to have
been created during the 1920’s by one of the club’s
members and heralded as cocktail genius. The first original
recipe appears in Harry McElhone’s cocktail book “Barflies