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Whichof the followingforecasting methods takesa fractionof forccast errpr into trccounl lbr pcriod thenext forecast? ' (A) simple average method (C)'weighted rnoving average method (B) movingaverage method (D) exponcntial snroothening mcthrxl
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Whichtypeof motoris NOT'used in axisor spindle of CNC machine drivcs ttrols'l gpt) inductionmotor (C) stepper motor 3. (B) DC servomotor (D) linearservo motor

of carbonin Greycastiron is in the rangeof Thepercentage (A) 0.25to 0.75percent ( C ) 3 to 4 p e rce n t (B) 1.25 to | .75persent (D) 8 to l0 percent.


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A correctlydesigned convergent*d.ivergent rwzzleworkingat a designed load is (A) alwaysisentropic {ffieverchocked /
(B) always chocked (D) never isentropic




A Carnotcyclerefrigerator operates between 250K and300K. lt'scoefficient of pprformance is ( A) 6.0





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states of India, In which are most diamond mines t'ound?
(A) Bihar andUttar Pradesh (c) Madhya Pradesh






,jB) Uttar Pradesh andJharkhand i *.. t >.5 (D) UttarPradesh q andMadhya Pradesh t, - !t - r 4 2+ e'5 Find thp leastnumber of coryplete yearsin which a sumof moneyput out at2$o/o conipound interest will be rnore thandoubled.

(A) 3



(D) 6

A pair of words is given. Choose pair from the optionsso as to maintain the appropriate the same relationship. poke :Coal (A) bread : eat (B) bread : dough

{ffitead: flour

(D) bread: slice



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Fill in the blankwith the bestoption.
they are poor, they are happy. .:,:] ',(B) Though (C) Because

(A) As



point Thereorder leadtimeis 8 days. Delivery 2555unitsof anitemannually. A company uses (in number inventoV to achieve optimum of units) ..' @ ]1 tu g* J-. (q sft' ."., ._=rf-- (D) 60 (B) 8 (. , (A) 7
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In orthogonaltuming of a low carbon steel bar of diameter 150 mm with uncoatedcarbide tool, the cutting velocity is 90 m/min. The fepdA.24 mm/rev and the depth of cut is 2 mm. The chip thickness ob'tainedis 0.48 mm. If the orthogonal rake angle is zero and the principal cutting edgg angl'€is 90o,the shearangle in'degree is

(A) 20.s6


(c) 30.s6


IVhich one of the following is a criterion in the design of hydrodynamic.bearings? {A) sommeffeld number (C) specific dynamic capacity (B) rating life (D) rotation factor
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rt''l | i 13.,,' A Carnot cycle is having an efficiency of 0.75. If the temperature of the high temperatur reservoir is 727"C, what is the terhperatureof low temperaturereservoir? L-,0'.

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(D) 250'C

m2ls.Its kinematicviscosity at70"C Kinematicviscosityof air at20"C is givento be 1.6 x 10-s
will be approxirnately (A)2.2 x 10-sm2ls (C) 1.2 x 10{ m2ls (B) 1.6 x 10--s m2ls ,i ,,
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Which amongthe following soils is rich in minerals?



(A) blacksoil

gpfalluvial soil




(C) red soil

(D) laterite soil



In 3 hours a boat can be rowed 9 km up streamor 18 km down stream.Find the speedof the water in the stream.

(A) 1 kn/h

(B) 1.5kmlh

(C) 1.7skm/h

(D) 2.2s klr,lh



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.the P: handed Q: sheRSePT (B) TPRSQ ( D )5 . 2 : (A) ' . l." / / is (in the cycle pressure kPa) of Themeaneffective / '. ir sentence. thenthe togl WSg"r Hli * [uJ to be resPectivelY -/ (A) high andhigh (B) low andlow JSnignand low (D) low and high -A rotating disc of 1 m diameterhas two eccentricmasses of 0. | 6 . Arrangethe wordsto makea meaningful .. . Travel 2. . machining(EDM). . constant . From the options choosethe.i.5 kg each of radii of 50 mm'and 60 mrri at angular positions of 0" and 150".4.of 0.the compression In an air-standard volumeis 1500kJlk€. Reservation 6. What is the radial position of the balancing mass? (A) 50 22..r. :.6. while process is 100kPa and27"C.1 (C) 18.5. ' . (C)cadt iron * .order of words which makes it meaningful..1 kg is to be used to balancethe rotor. 3 .. 4 . (A) 2 \^ ^. . (A) 103 (B) 3r0 (c) 51s (D) 1032 20.287 kJ/kgKl. Payment No. :::' .2./: (B) .the tool is madeof In electro-discharge . 3 .The conditionat thebeginningof the Otto cycle. ends fixed and. \-/ 4 i (c) 6 (D) 8 . Berth/Seat 5. . A balancing mass. 5 : .3.. i.5.papkage T: me R:. : ' i . . if the thermal conductivityof tool is high and the In elecffo discharge rateandmatelialremovalrateareexpected specificheatof wikpiece is low. . .)2 . 4 .(ii) both endshinged is . s.. volume duringthe otherconstant 700kJ/kg of heatis rejected fol air :0. ' - Knsper f-t 'ttgJ \-/ ratio is 10. . * (B) HSS' . Destination 3. Availabilitv of berthlseat .. 4.3. respectively..Heataddedat constant compression (specificgas prQcess in the eyctre. I 23. ' (1 A.r J06. 6 6.e s 17.4. T* @) 120 mm (C) 150 mm (D) 280 mm The ratio of Euler's buckling loads of columns with sameparametershaving (i) boQ. machining.pxf"gpp". A seriesof words is given.

386 i l (u)r'ruo # W (c) 0.l A solidcvlinder (surface 2) is locatJd at thecentre sphere. Vehiclemanufact'ring. .lq_:.E is codedas66.assernbry line is an example of .686 ?co. a Choose the synonyrn of the givenword. .. : . ..::.! m3 and height60 mrn ig co.iitl .(D)l O" . ' r ' : . is :. . t r . g*- Jxfd./ gp) NadirShah 25. ryffi'"<t in.75 l'#' (D)0. _ fflw+tzs ' Findthemissing letters of theseries: cat[clbdca[dcabd d tqy-.riAp*. T[e diameler "r".-f.a disc of diameterzo." t)."* ofthe spherb'isI m.9 per centcanbe expressed as (A) 0. while the cylinderhasa diameter andlengirtorcs r-"Lu. a.t >:f-n i D'-' (A) Mahmood of Ghazni .e ' (B) 0. c.{pfrllo"ution 29. Quota (A) reserved (B) seat . """'| t*"' (A)0. 9+L r " l (Dlnnne of'thesrb. d.c 28.*.e&6 (D'' (B)1. a * (C) b.0e (B) Ahrned Shah Abdali (D) noneof these l\ :. j/<fproduct layout (B) process layout (C) man. . (B) c. . (B)0.24' Who amongthe following had plunderedKohinoor diamondfrom India..The flnal diameter of the discis 400 mm]the true strainis'' JN v ' ' '1 ' t._ (c) 1.allayout In open-dieforging. t .t :.6a2 t--+''J't A Wlt . . c.'rriuirarfiatio' configurationfactorF1 . If SINGL.d r t + .l : rCt - q.i t J i ifi-*n a3?l+0115 (c) 78 \ f. .r-npressed vvithout any barrelingeffect.375 * :.62s . .a b. whatcodeis givento WitttciEf (A) 76 27. 0. ' i i .

.'. "'. .The boy will do it alonein (A) 32 days (B) 40 daYs 14ruu* \441'$p'r (D). Cfioose Limpid (A) liquid (B) opaque (C) transparent (D) solid 6il1.8 differentfrom'theother \rlx't( I45?l a+ \ r. : r !e'i$ t-t"". 'r.2 7 (D) 0.'' i .oTig *.:.t48' -1.1 t\ :" r 1.-r n ..?. changein the life of a tool (t) with zero rake'angleusedin percentage What is approxirnate from 10otoTo? angle(o) is changed cuttingwhenits clearance ortlrogonai (A) 30%increase J{zO"t"decrease (C) 70%increase *th 34..1 t * . hut an outputof 950 kW at 2200r'prn'The mean to in MPais closest pressure effective (A) 2 (B) I (c) 0.rl{5 tnl ebnln -.'l''t (B)ADE\tx (c) ADMIr (D) ABUSE . m E ")yt E:"-? \.'.The engin..96dayp three? Which lettergroup . tr c with the help of a boy they finish it in 8 A can do a pieceof work in 16 days. 't*i-' volumeof hasa displacement dieselengine directinjection four-stroke A turbo-charged .t2."' (A)JqmmuandKashmir (C)Uttarakhand 35. fzls.qlitres). is machine usedin a shaping The mechanism (A) a closp d 4-batchainhaving4 ievolutepairs (B) a closed6-barchainhaving6 revolutepairs (c) a closed4-barchainhaving2 revoluteand2 slidingpairs chain of the singleslider--crank -tUf un inversion -).Jfio l ' . is in which state? ZojilaPass | (D) 70%decrease' \ ' ' €" l* * -:.B in 24 days.. days. i " @)3l G)32 {o)33 ia! the aiitonymof the givenword' hg. .. Safi*i* @) Assam ''. 4q :f How from the top and fifteenthfrom the bottomin a certainexamination' Ramrankssixteenth t! ' rd'\tr I i aretherein the class? manystudents 1'. "t 'f.

'i."'nt $: /"^q. All the activities can be crashedwith the same cras! cost per day.If the small plane flies 450 km./ JK)2s 46.. . .' X 44. (D) zero normal stressand zerc shearstress. .. ' w I r t ' b . > L . . It is further subjected to a torque of l0 kNm. \ 41i l ' r A solid circular shaft of diameter 100 mm is subjectedto an axial stressof 50 MPa.4 days..1.. The rhaximum principal stress experiencedon the shaft is closest to (A) 4l MPa (B) 82 MPa (C) 164Mpa (D) Z!4Mpa A projecthas six activities(A to F) with respective activity durations (A) 1 42.8. (B) negative normal stress and zero shearstress. C-D and EJ.ia e. The number of activities that need to be crashed to reduce the project durationby I day is .6. (C) positive normal stressand zero shearstress. . 1 areproduced by Qualityscrewthreads (A) thread milling (C) threadcuttingwith singlepoint tool chasing J6*"ud (D) threadcasting 3'&'" ..-.l .. {. \?f A t'r?.-<{.6*n'-r-.6. ?. consistingof 3 men and2ladies .i .. how mych distancewould the large plane have flown during the sametime? (A) l0s0km * .56 t r25km "/ (c) I lsOkm (D) 1200 km * . "#' ut." N n"a Y' vi.o { +z} A static fluid can have (A) non-zeronormal and shearstress.The network has three paths A-8. (B) Geeta Kumari (C) Namrata Gill (D) Shweta Pandit In how many ways a committee of 5 members can be selected from 6 men and 5 ladies.. f. . (B)s0 (c)100 (D) 200 The speedof a large plane is 1040km/hr and the speedof a small plane is 416funlfu. *-il" tuF . who among the following Indian women wrestler created a history by qualiffing for the London Olympics? lyld'sunita Kumari 45. (B)? (c) 3 (D)6 . .\{ x n* T" ' {._. { -.t". .

fo1 {f.Selectthe reiaJed../ d".easing center distance between gear pair (B) decreasingmodule (C) decreasing pressureangle (D) increasingnumber of gear teeth u*.Identiffthe typeof word/sthat is/areunderlined. *. (C) tusion 9 (A) corrosion {< (B) erosion Jfi"disptacement * .(E)spherodite. (A) verb 49. 9::-' 47it . martensite." .i^** qlg". Assuming a uniform pressure of2 MPa and coefficientof friction of liner materialOy'. fine pearlite. 6" J6'nj'i'. martensite 4rcn" { l o \ ^ ! OalLt .. (C) preposition @) adverb .titn - (c) 352 (D)2s2 .the torque capacity of the clutchi s "arryitg (A) 1a8Nm 51.the hardness of various structuresin increasingorder is (A) martensite.. He sawa parkingspace between two carsanddroveinto it. spherodite.. coarsepearlite. fine pearlite.? ri to* 53.{# .1 .tlumber from the given alternatives: 123 132::235:? (A) 235.spherodite .martensite (C)garse pearlite. In ECM.t.n A clutchhasouter and innerdiameters 100mm and40 mm respectively. spherodite @) fine pearlite.fine pearlite.l{o1 -t .'dr-$$.. t\tf. the material removal is due to @.36 tr 48. (B) 196Nm (C) 372Nm (D) a90Nm In an MRP system.componentdemandis A (A) florecastbd (B) established by the master production schedule by the MRP system from themaster production 1fQ calculated schedule (D) ignored 5) During heat treatrnentof steel...F \ \:h Toothinterference in an external involutespurgearpair canbe reduced by y{ .coarsepearlite.

i i !' (B)'oc.t.: I . r l ... i i t l ' a : ' : . 100mm diameter ' : . .-'?laar r l t 57. . Indonesia ' (B) Maldives (C) Myanmm (D) Sri Lanka \-i" : . . (B) 30 daYs ' ': (C) 32 days :: " .' .y') )).' (B) 20 minutes '(C) 25 minutes :' (D) 50 minutes of to produce'iriblank required metal300 Mpa.arriveat a qervigg -s{4tion At steadystate. * .Jo. 1 .. ".6 . i i .lyfl+days v \. : .. i .j r . . I I R: Trgder . .5.'-. hour. for 30 days. distributignwrlh amear! fat€ of 5 per accordingto Poisson's Cars.. t i : i l l t l (A) I 58.r.. . i . : : .magnitude 54..coast'of'siiirtatia of 8. .l . persons?'.earthquakbi : '? "" oe llowingAsiancountry l o c a t e d i n w h i c h o f tf h 2 0 1 2 .the with a meanof l0 minrrtes.. The servicetime per car is exponential is waitingtime inthe queue average (A) l0 minutes' . . i (A) 28 days . ' . 1! i can be formedby usingthe digits I and2? numbers 10 digtt digit numbersr How many many l0 { grf tot 56. " (A) 4s ld\ . (Blgaurd (C) goard (D) guerd i.-.. Theblanking:force of a sheet strength The shear mm thick sheetis closeto fror4 3 1. S : Rich people T : honestpeople T? : .. ' o ' l t T r I - I T I . i '=*"i** i i l'i-'a 6 x \n'r :fr i . .nolto . r . (B) 2 (c) 3 i 1 ! 'l i Choosethe correct spelling. .6 'and8.of. I i I r i ! | | l i l lI { . f . . (B)7okN (c) l4l kr{ 10 (D)3so0kN . s u m a its ra "''" . ofi tl2 AFil . : . i' lflff6ipowerful.1200maintainsa family of 4 persons .u o5 .. 1 ' l Which numberdepictsthosepeoplewho areboth honestandrich? 'i"r' i ' .how long will Rs 2040 maihtaina If Rs..* ! .. j .2.

/ (D) Sikkirn n* Zr In India. .'n (D)64Q )L:f. 6 1 .J g f- na 's (D) 300rnm .- the seri es with the correctalternativefrom the optionsgiven: '1: .rpf6"* 65' (C) Manipur . 5 g .'ilhqerystalstrtrcture:qfausteniteis (A) body centered cubic (C:)hexagional slosed packed cubic lpfface centered tetragonal @) body centered lt * * .t?o*> (+n*_3_ lU \ /S uloyru g -7 _t 76*'t I ^t " ''t'irinplete i-'rl : . (A) rvhcat ' {Sicotton ..-\!At t22 68.1 3 .involute profiled l9{ooth pinion and 37-tooth gear are in rnesh. (C) autornatic expansion valve llil. _ ^*- .een the gearpair will be (A) 140 nm ..1* t' PlanningCommission of lndia on l8 January 2012 approved Rudrasagar development' scheme. 'lhe scheme is relatedto which of the foilowing state? (A)TripuLa . (C) rice 4 (D) jute & Ff 1-. .r:- '1 ! 6 .s f r 5 .i:' . l 'roo\(d ''-^. .*trr . 62.J' s-" 1 (nft . (B) production inventory (D) routesheets \. (B) 150mm (C) 280mm /n *. . the centerdistance betw.t?cr..lf the \*-/' tnoduleis 5 mm. 66. 2 9 . fl'wcrrty ftill depth....[{rih c expans ionvalve ffi"^ostati @) floatvalve Production Flow Analysis(PFA) is a method of identifling partfamiliesthat uses datafrom (A )jilrgineering'drawing Sgtbillof materials 64.rr. ll'17 rnencan'builcl a wall 100m long. 2 b . fJ . .' 96 . (B)t2s (c) 128 ./. .**'p" ? ' ( 6fi. which of the following has the largest area under cultivation? . : '.how manymen will 4 +Pg * {: ' * build a wall twice in lengthin half the time? $o*' * (A) 34 67 t t . e. (q 6s t.I 0 . : r.4 m high and 3 m thick in. ln the wirtdowair conditioner.25days. .^ 4notc3 . the expansion deviceusedis (A) capillary'tube.

. f ..2joule (B) I joule (C) 5 joule (D) lOOOjoule 72. .he toses Rs 200.56 (D) The depth of cut. ff .Findthenrmberoflitersisacask.22 ' . ' ' (B) 0"26 . Theroomtemperafureatthe end.$\@ (A)so (B)roo. . .---^-^ havrngatemperatureof20"c. - : L3" rr! 12-iYr$. ' ' .e. of the following nationsdonatedI million US dollars to Nalandat"r.." cniptrricloress underorthogonai.9t_Y-_tl:""i: I -''r. .t .8mm.l . t ./-r eS+ r* es.of 24hourswillbe (c) 450"C (D) 470"C 'r I I l : .isRs 200 and the inventorry. L .Theshear angle is approximately (A) a.12 rakeans:eis usedto machine a steelwork-pi.46. gr ? \\\ * ' 51 .2 second. s: \\:b)d{yla1. (B)reflect : ' (c)copy 1^ 1 2. i r-t ..eujor -at'6* '* $'. annum rrthe u"iu"r a"'nunJ ner il +oo3 *t..c :]n b: arrvin4_ \gr( \r*r t).\" ..i .".'i l (A) 321"C (B) 341"C T-wo1 mm thick steelsheets areto be spotweldedat a cunent of 5000A. .2o}5 \'/ + -a An itgl purchased for Rs 100.i-- (B) France (c)UK (D) usA *: fig :v: ry: Thescientist whofirst discovered thattheearth revolves roturd thesunwas .rched on in a 2. :H:i.*.casks hesells it at Rs 5 a titer. $) china 74. :H:::J[HiHn:ffi".5m x 3 m x 3m sizetn"rnnutty insutared room I i.of 0.uncutthickness is 0.idi."'ivenwords' (A)glass.Itit^Hltli{lt|s r . l0./..5ce. @ A single-pofnt cuttingtool with"'l.. condition is 1. 1 (c) 0. ' ' (A)zs 76. heatgeneratedduiing the process will be (A) 0. "and s e l s r t a t K s o a l r t e r h e g a i n s R s9{ytl:.osr Y..fyrtoop.^.i"rtH". .i. (B)32 (c)35 n (D) 40 -'F ?o$ 'gJ r r n I - . . ' .i. .The orderingcost. (A) Newton (C)Dalton 1pf Copemicus l50. #:*":# uruversltYT "..5o' 75. Assumingeffective resistance to be 200 micro-ohms andcurrentflow time.76 bulb-was swi. . (q2n .filTri.' if he :. b.

a XO .Qyfhardenability (C) hardenability of high carbonsteels * @) machinability of low carbon steels @) machinability of high carbon steels l3 * . the forecastand the actual salesfor December 2002 were 25-_and20 respectively. Fill in the blankwith the bestoption. Rain:Drop::Snow:? (A) ice 79.2. Ask him (A) though he liked it.'s'-1) ^ r . (B) drop . such that the samerelationship is maintained. A lead-screw with half nutsin a lathe. The first pair of words provide a definite relationship. (B) that (c) if many a rupee must he sell them so as to gan 19 Yo? \6t / "gct $ (A)3i (B)3l (c) 30 (D)2e . If the-exponential soothing constant (a) is taken as 0./ 4r\'. of low carbonsteels ._i1B)206 (C)260 (D) 300 81.- 83.freeto rotatein both direciions has (A) V-threads (C) buttress threads . S (c)24 (B) 23 (D)27 SYfzr | whitworth threads @) acmethreads .pfmaximum shear :. then forecastiales fffanuary 2003 would be Z'e ('r . Complete the second phir from the options given." (D) white If a man gans SYobyselling nibs at the rate of 34 arupee. How many bones are there in an adult human being (A) 210 . Which theoryof failurewill you usefor aluminiumcomponents understeady loading? (A) principalstress theory (C) dtrainenergy theory (B) principalstraintheory stress theory .1ffi*.{l The main purposeof spheroidisingtreatmentis to improve t { '* tatf 84.t s 77.t 80. For a product.' q r'? c' 82.

* i.{ (c) 29W C l'l (D) 2550. 9|. lJxpress0..-1*t k-'\ V d\\ -q.. n _ \F a6 -q6 (A) 4e 8tt. (*) * (q* 6 92.a l .C * . I and-1 of the 8'.. \ 85. (iallant '/ F ' Il ^ (. (A) 3500" C * (B) 3200.size I unil aboutits diagonalis a J {A) -l .a Jtgfrourudry (A) courageous 87.. '-qc t i.. i . WhatWas theoriginalsum? (A) Rs92 ( t | ) R sl 3 E (C) Rs 144 ( D) Rs 160 r l ti9. (B) weak . Choosethe antonynrof the given word. lh oxyacetylene gaswelding. tentpernture at the irrs core of the flame is around r .*- A sumof moneywasdividedamongst 4 persons.#" (C) Sunejpur $'o 1 {'\ocl \rl +4 'ts (D) o ''oQ * qr 2l April2Al2 is the DistricrMagistrate Alex PaulMqnon. whilethe fourthreceived Rs46. I .r*tl) incrcasingthe cutting spced 86. r: : Select therelated number liom thegivenalternatives: 4:19::7:'l (D) majestic . {ccreusing the cuttingspccd -. i Ffiction'ot thetool-chip intertbce canbereduced by . _ .. 'fltc . "&fr 90' (A) Sukma. Threeof themreceived]. (A) dccreasing the rakeangle : thc depthol'cut 1l!f irrcrcasing (t'. . -/ (c)2s (D) 68 l ' 5: & . {v ..5 16 wholerespectively. who wasabducted by Maoisls 6f i whiehdistrictof'C'hattisgarh? ffionu^pu. .* --1a *_ ft. gvfsz .it: tn) rfr (B) Mungeli :1 e$& .(. f (D) areamttmcntut'inertiaof a square of. r .99 as a fiaction in its lowestterm.

of a schoolis 10.25.the time required fit^i^ 94. (c) l0 . vedr .pJions the appropnate A pair of w6rdsis given..3 mmlstrokeandthe ratio cutting speed of the plate is 20 mm.With enrolment ageof 600 students The average : new'students.The+plate A 600 mm x 30 mm flat surface beenfixed with the 600 rnm sidealongthe tool travel direction.1 (u) snell : snarr 98.75years.5year (B) 5. ] (C) lot (D) fe* ..If the tool over-travelat eachend is 8 m/min.4MJm-I. I don't have i' 'i .I mm of materialmelts from eachpipe of 42.8year (D\7. Indravati:hydroelectricproject belongsto which state? :.will ofthe i"tort time to cuttingtime of thetool is | :2.75year (C) 6. 6n iai @) qhapingwith rack cutter 110 mn eachjoined by flashbutt 100 mm andoutei'dianieter Twopipes of inner diameter *"fai"g using 30 V power supply.n so asto miintain the pair from the.$l5 years. | { .(5) 20 {t: n. ) 1 ' '. then time requiredfor uftich has a resistance t 1 i welding in secondsis (B)s Fill in the blankwith the bestoption.'1 .4Q . furniture. (A) many 91. (A) Tgil Nadu (B) Orissa lgfranxava l5 (D) AndhraPradesh I i 'i' * .' ageof the Find the average to rc. ageis reduced the average (A) 5. feedrate is 0. r.t t 93. of 40 new students.o. average be forlrnachining. 'l .Choose samerelationship. has of a plate is to be finish meCIhinedron'a'Shaper. (B) 12min (C) 16min Int€mal gear cutting operation can be performed by (A) miiling withpinion cutter (C) shaping 95. If the unit melt energyis 64. Rudder: Ship (A) sail : boat (B) wheel : car I ' .At the interface. gg..* .

Many adult dogs will be abl" to walk on a leash without pulling you to the other side of the dog.4 (c)20. tienaty. When you get a puppy. I I6 .s (D) 41. there is a good chance that it will already -when know how to do all o_f previously Many adult dogs have already been lhe housebroken. Many people who looking to get a pet dog get a puppy.Many adult dogs will notTenlioned'anrgr. puppies are cule. In a pulverized-fuel-fired large power boiler.0km long GI pipe of 200 mm diameterat the rate of 0. there a.8 (B) 17.07 rn3/s. anA piavnrl.the pumpingpower (in kw) requiredto maintain-the flow is (A) 1. you have to teach it how to behave.02 anddensity of water is -value 1000kg/m3. There are many reasonswhy fe people get-puppies. you get an.After all.lY*p up on your guestsor chew on your shoes.This is a lot of work.e good teiton* why you should considergetting an adult dog instead. jump on or chlw things thai yorido not want them to jump on or chew. But even though puppies make good pets. On the other hand. the heat transfer from the burningfuel to the walls of the fumace is (A) bVconduction only (c) bv conduction andconvection l0l ' (B) by convection only predominantly by radiation pl Largespeed reductions (greater than20)in onestage of a geartrainarepossible through (A) spurgearing (C) bevelgearing (B) worm gearing (D) helical gearing I02.tion factor rol tnis pipe is 0.You have to make sure that the puppy is housebrokenso that it doesnot go to the hthroom:inside the house.t c 100.You have to train the puppy to walk on a leash. . 105-114: Read the passage carefully and answerthe have to teach the puppynorJo. Misrun is a castingdefectwhich occursdueto (A) very high pouringtemperature of the metal (B) insufficientfluidity of the moltenmetal (C) absorption of gases by the liquid me€l (D) improperalignment of the mouldflasks 103' Which of the following engineering materials is the mostsuitable candidate for hot chamber die castins? (A) low carbon steel (B) titanium (C) copper (D) tin 104' Water at 25aCis-flowing througha 1.0 Direction for Q.If darcy of di.

.you shouldthink aboutgettingan adultdog.r'. u. (B) I andIr only (c) tr andIII only (D) I. which is the best exampleof a dog that is housebroken? (A) Spot goes outside to use the bathroom (B) Rex always breaksthings inside of the house -{ffiover neverjumps on guests (D) Muffin chewson people..a lot of energy and want to play all of the tirne.. rI. puppiesneedto rearnhow to walk nicery on a reash. iooting to get a dog for a pet.This means that manyuiutt aog. Theauthorapparently thinksthatpuppies are (A) badpetsbecause theytaketoo *u"t work to own will not arways. they will sleep when you are sleepingand are happyto watch television on irr"ionrt rigrrt uesiaeyou. II. anda lot of work (C) not ascuteasadultdoss (D) not asplaytul asadultiogs 106' As usedin oaragraph 2.s.. I07.and sometteu"i fino^gooa homes.t* .sshoes 109' According to the passage. ur time in the pound. .- It is harderfor adultdogsto find a homethanit is for puppies. why are adult dogs easierto take care of than puppies? l.i. ffiJr'to.l I Thereis onelastreason why you shtuld get anadultd. This can be fun. Adult dogs have less energythan puppiesdo.r *rt" needgoodhornes. but you might not want to play as much your puppy does.. most adult dogs will wait on you to play. which is the bestsynoqrq forbehave? (A)'listen (B) understand (C) hain Puppies also have .!il ls rn" night or let you relax as you watch t. playful.they get a puppy.t"uirion' on the other hand.They ur" goodp". what is more. if you u. andIII $l * only t7 * .st people go to the poundto get a dog. wh. Themainpu{pose of paragraph 2 is to explainhow puppies (A) arevery immature (C) canbe very destructive : (B)E notmake good pets i!frare a lot of work q I I 108' As used in paragraph3..

which is the best synonym for rerax? (A) work ll2' (B) leave (C)play lprest Theauthor begins paragraphs 3 and'5with'thephrase.r.:d'i*ru*". :. which ofthefollowing staternents is false? (A) Puppieshave a lot of energy i... #l#lt*. and homes'" sood sased o"'*tutfr'-h.irpw much (D) peopre do not wantto geta dogthatdoes nchne muchtime reftto rive.irii (c) Peo[!."!'"Hi:ifJ'"1-i:*r:e-::Fp:c-m-pretethesecondpairfr such thaithe same r.see : adultdogsas unhapay anddarrgerous. ll4."tfi."many adrlt. : (B\uppies need a lot of attention 1K) e. ruiffitrffi$1d why:i3 this most .. rroi*pt* usedto (A\ightight an exampte :: @) contrastprevious information p contradict a laterstatement @) support the upcoming paragraph In the final paragraph.the author says.. i:.f--t lff "rponsible Axe:Woodman::Awl:? (A) plumber option-s ! omthe given.i* . while'they see'puppies lr:rut" und to lv a rut lot ur of training tratntngbefore they understand : (B) People understandthat most adult dogs still Ed how to behave properly.Aultdogsdo not like to play (D) Adult dogs do not needeat very much II l' As used in paragraph4.i"ii""rn[ffiffi'"'" : (B) tailor re{.a6 Jt- I l0' Based on information in the passage. (B)serious .*r* IE (D) painter .a ". .{'Jr". "on the otherhana.dogs I 13' spend a lot of time in the pound. Based on information in the passage' it can bc dersood must be'very that someonewho owns a?uppy (A) strict I 15.e jlifr#tl"T:|n'n#: cute and tT- and donotarw'ys think abour.

ln PERTanalysis a critical activityh4s ' t 1 (A) maximum float (B) zerofloat l2l.and fbcecentered cubicspace lattices. .1..rUfirr$le Andaman (D) Noneof these The minimumnumberof teethon the pinionto operate without interference in standard full heightinvoluteteethgearmechanism with 20" pr. Where is the Vallabhbhai PatelStadium located? (A) Kolkata ffMumbai (c) chennai (D) Delhi t t S. Neglecting pump work. (c) 0. The valuesof enthalpyof steamat the inlet and outlet of a steamturbine in a Rankinecycle are 2800 kJ/kg and 1800 kJ/kg respectively. *G^ximum cost (D) minimumcost A 4 mm thick sheetis rolled wittr IOOmm diameter rolls to reducethickness without any changes in its width.bodycentered cubic. rr.4 123.l36 (C)Rs 142 (D) Rs 150 | 17. Whatdid it costhim? (A) Rs lls (B) Rs. 4 (D)2.4.2 . angleis ( A) t 4 (B ) t2 ( c) t8 ( D) 32 l2O.60 (B)0.0 mm (B)1. Theeffective number of latticepointsin the unit cell of simplecubic.a 6 i .4 . The friction coefficient at the work-roll interface is 0.01 :'.he wouldhavegainedt8i %. respectively.1 122.rr. a ' '1.36 . The minimum possible thickness of the sheet that canbeproduced in a singlepassis (A)1.06 t9 (D)0. PortBkiir is located on whichof the followingIslands? (A)Norrh Andaman (C) South Andaman t t9. the specific . ad bought it at 4Yolessand sold it for Rs 6 ' more.2.2.^$. ore l{l 1. * {6 .5'mm (c)2.5 mrn (D)3 7mm l. 3 ./ t ( c )2 .rut consumptionin kg/kW-hour is (A) 3.H 1.

(D) QPrsR 125.Protect 2. Arrange the words to make a meaningful sentence. Flood 2. 5 )r . (A) 25"C 129. A series of wordsis given.Fromthe optionschoose the orderof wordswhich makes it meaningful.2s krr4tl (D) 4. 1 . 7 126. 5 . Selectthe lowest possible condensing temperature from the following for an evaporative cooledcondenser. 4 . 3 5. 3 ( D )3 . Pressure 3. 4 .) s 124. 5 ( B )2 .2 . fA"n { is proportional to ot (A) I x AT (B) ^ ox rc\ ' O. Light year is a unit of (A) time (B) velocity (D) speed 128. P: been Q: I've R: Paris S: to T: before (A) sRQPr (B)RrQPS .ry/rrt*. Ambient air drybulbtemperature is 45"C and wet bulb temperature is 27"C.T 0x0t D4 0x" * * 2A .5 km/h 127. What is the speedof the carriage? (A) 3. I is a temperatureat positio nx. Relief 4. 3 . (B) a60m/s (C) 592m/s (D) 543m/s In case of one dimensional heat conduction in a medium with constant properties. H" could seethe carriage for 4 minutes and it was visible to him up to 100 m.4. A carriage driving in a fog passeda manwho was walking at 3 kmlh in the same direction.s km/h (B) 4 km/h (c) 4. 1. 5 . Rain ( A )2 .4 .4210kJlkgK)? (A) a92mls 130. attime /. 1 . (B) 30"C (c) 42C (D) 48'C What is the speed of sound in neon gas at a temperatureof 500 K (Gas constant of neon is 0.

42. Lumped heat transferanalysisof a solid object suddenlyexposedto a fluid medium at differenttemperature is valid when (A) Biot number < 0.1 number (B) Biot number > 0.s (c) 1. . r( 4 ) 2 4 5 m (C)22s m (D) 19sm 137. .(a). . 2.'(4l. Talkative 133.The lengthof the (B )2 7 5m .6. Findout themissing termin thenumber series.1 number *tt 2l * . '' ': (B) 30 (c) 32 (D) 36 136' Ata:.?.20.0 (D) 2.0 (B)0. How (A)736415 (B) 6734s1 TRIBAL will bewrittenin this code? (c) 4763rs (D) 7436rs 135. which oneof thefoilowing is a sorid joiningprocess? state (A) gastungsten arcwelding (C) friction wolding (B) resistance spotwelding (D) submerged arc welding r32' Minirnurn'shear strainin orthogonal turningwith a cuttingtool of zerorakeansleis (A) 0.2!..56.1 (C) Fourier < 0.1 (D) Fourier > 0.72 . Which the lightestgas amongthe following? (A) ozgne T{fuetium 6uyarrg"n (D) Carbon dioxide 138.0 Choosethe antonyrn of the given word.uumnng (B) silent (C) taciturn (D) vocal 134' In a certain codeLIRERATEis writtenas 56423172.t 3 I3l.^t'o Dfldge ls m long travelling at 45k<rn/htakes 30 seconds to crossa bridge.12.

(B)3s4 (c) 500 Dt707 : a 144. Assumingall the electricalenergyhasgoneinto heatingthe water. a < ^ : ! t { .' i.1 r':iliJ t{".7 (B)4:o (c) 14. 40 litre waterheater is switched on for 20 minutes.-" 139. } 141. pins of 15 mm diameterare producedat rate of 1000 p". wateris 4.. . A 2 kW. ':i . The heatcapacity Cofor.incredieof thb watertemperature in degree centigrade is (A) 2.. The downsprue ieedsa horizontal runnerleading inio the mouldSavitytof '' ":"i " :'i1 volume1000cm3.'.1-gduceto zero due to ctnsumption.:: : .. ti '. In a machine shop.' (A) 4. sons and daughters? (A) (B) (D) * 22 . the power developed (in kW) is I (A) r77 I43. A hydraulicturbinedevelops 1000kW powerfor a headof 40 m.05s (C)6.. ': .2kJ/kg-(.'.r inventory is allowedfo. If theheadis raauablio 20 m. which of the following alternatives shows the relationship between a family.. Thetimerequired to fill themouldcavitywill be .iher. / .. (A) guage (B) gage : t (D) gaige .If uacr<fogis *irili*"A.. The production and crinsumpticiii'eontinue sirirultaneouslytill the maximum inventory is reached. roq'1h and the same is consumed at a rate of 500 per month.ltmaximum inventory level is (A) 400 (B) s00 (D) '700 . '"?:n u i i I Choosethe correct spelling.::.. .{i' 142.0ss (B) 5...The lot size of production is 10'00. A mould hasa downsprue whoselengthis 20 cm and the crosssectional areaat the bage of the downsprue is I cm2.i.3 ( D) 252s 1i ruO.0ss ' / T \ \ ? .

f. when the plate thicknesschanges.26 (D)4.iscompressed to 500 kpa and thencooled to 35oCin an is closest to (A) 0.l3 (c)2.skw l5l' (B)ls. the water jet is 25 m/s and volumetric flow rate of thejet is 0. *"raing is achievedby (A) adjustingthe current (C) changing theelectrode size l4g..e s - .. lVhatis theHCF of (A) I 8 Y 4 +r lurialr 2 8 (" B 5) 2 (" O 8: ( )a 'D ."mes just saturated at the exit of the aftercooler. (B) adjusting the durationof current (D) changing theelectrode coating The S-N curvefor steelbecomes asymptotic nearlyat /^ Jr'. The saturation pr".rr" orwater at 35. The gir at the entry to the afteicooleris r. the power developedis (A) 7. 1 6 146' fn how many ways can l0 books be arrangedon a shelf so that a particularpair of books shall be never together? (A) 8! (B) 9! (C)2 x 9t (D) 8 x e! 147 ' ..s2 * 23 {< ... flow is ideal.5 kw (D)37.If tirejet deflectiorrangle is l20o undth.c is 5. (B) lOacycles (C) 106 cycles (D) 10ecycles In a Pelton wheel. virat Kohli has been slated the vice captain of Indian cricket team.103cycles 150..57 (B)l. the bucket peripheral speedis l0 m/s. r i : - = -16 145. The partial pressure of watervapour(in kPa)in themo-ist air entering the compresso...0kw (c) 22.1 m3/s.s kw Moist air at a pressure of 100kPa. he representswhich of the following states? '@ant 148' (B) Uuar Pradesh (C) Gujarat (D) Rajsthan Two plates of the same metal having equal thickness are to be butt welded with electric arc.

(C) ppeposition .diaroped in which National award winning actor as for improving the stateof sanitation in the country? the brand ambassador (A) ShabanaAzmi (C) Vidya Balan @) Ananya Chatterjee (D) Konkona Sen Sharma !L 24 * . The materialpropertywhich depends (A) fatiguestrength (C) fracturestrength : . Identify the type of word/s that is/areunderlined Sheran along the corridor and up the stairsto the secondfloor. (A) rad (B) ort (C) ear (D) and 155.1 (C) 4: davs 2 (D) 5 davs In how many ways caR aparty of 4 men and 4 urorhenbe seatedat circular table so that no two women are adjacent? (A) (24 x 24) (B) 2 x 4! (C) r44 (D) 4o only on the basiccrystalstructure 152. field? same | (A) 3ldays ) (B) 4 days ' . .-.@ adverb (B) ' " /work hardening jP) elasticconstant how manydayswill 8 men and6 boysreapthe .153.. / I (A) verb (B) conjunction . Union Rural development Minislry of In. If 6 menor 9 boyscanreapa field in 8 days. . Insert the three letters in the brackets that can be prefixedby St all of the letters on the left. t 156.

q _ :r 4 j ( D ) : \u. Choose the syronym.979 mm (D) 25.t ! 158' '{ gashaving a negativeJoule-Thompson coefficient(p < 0) 6 m s-t. (B) becomewanner. between two fixed parallelplates.021 mm (C) 25.A .27 G \ _) .000.000. when mm (B) 25.DWEXF. flow is (^)2 (B)3 (c)4 (D)s 163.25.ofthe givenword Hackneyed (A) carriage (B) stale (C) cart @) fresh 164.1 6 _.24.000.? (A) MQORN (B) QMONR (c) MQNRO 25 (D) NQMOR * . Findthemissing letters of the series: AYBZC.ating p to the life ratio of the life of bearing of biaring I is . . of . (C) remain at the sametemperature. g g ( .993 mm 160' Dew point temperafure is the temperature at which condensation beginswhenthe air is cooled at constant (A) volume I 6I ' (B) enrropy (C) pressure (D) enrhalpy Two identi:?l b"ll bearings P ald ur"^ at loads30 kN and 45 kN respectively.GUHVI. The dimensiirnal limits on a shaft of 25h7 are (A) 25.9 .rr"anv"lo"rty (. @) either be cooler or wanner dependingon the type of gas 159.oo"r. The .lt. The .a. JSKTL.2 162' The maximum velocity of a one-dimensional incompressible fully developedviscousflow.. 81 ( ).will (A) becomecooler.

which are not hot enough to fuseproperly.10 (D)0. It will treble itself in (A) 12years 167' $rU r"ur.neglecting frictionallosses.165' Two townsA andB are 60 km apart. Two streamsof liquid metal.35parts per minute'Processing time for partshaveexponential distributionwith meanof 2 minutes.A schoolhasto be built to serve150students from A and 50 students from B.0s76 (c) 0.2mls (B) 1. the flow velocityis (A) 0. The maximum clearance in mm between theholeandtheshaftis (A) 0.0247 169 ' (B) 0.0m/s 0. resultin a casting defect known as (A) cold shut (B) swell (C) sandwash (D) scab I 26 t .0 m/s l7I' A hole is specified ur 460'ooo mm.If the pressure differencebetweenthe pipe and throat sections is foundto be 30 kPathen. The tolerance on the shaft is 0.082 Maximum shearstress developed on the surfaceof a solid circular shaftunderpure torsionis 240 MPa' If the shaft diameter is doubled then the maximum shear stress developpd corresponding to the same torquewill be (A) 120MPa (B) 60 MPa (C) 30 MPa (D) 15MPa r70' A venturimeter of 20 mm throat diameteris used to measure the velocity of water in a horizontalpipe of 40 mm diameter. If the total distance to be travelledby all the students is to be as lessps possible. (C)24 years (D)32years Which festival is celebratedin North India when Pongal is celebrated in Tamil Nadu? (A)Holi ffiuuursankranti (C)Diwali (D)Dushera 168' At a production machine. partsarriveaccording to a Poisson process at therateof 0.1I I72.050 (C) La m/s (D) 2.04 mm.What is the probabilitythat a randompart arrival finds that thereareurruuov g partsin the system (in machine + in queue)? (A) 0.05 (c) 0.04 (B) 0.0173 (D) 0. whereshould theschool bebuilt? (A) in town B 166' (B) 45 km from B (C) in town A (D) 45 km from A A certain sum of money doubles itself in 8 years at simple interest.

. ln which stateof Indiawas the first papermill was started? . then the three parts are in the ratio of ? .Some Indian scientists are working Irtferehces: l. - (B) 5 (c) 6 (D) 7 Some statempntsare followed by one or morq inferences.1. l r :.Tn*uing 174' (B) clear (C) glowing (D) angry Howm:iny'such:pairs of letters are there in the word ''AppREHENSION' correct or incorrect. Somelndian scientists are talented. . t . (c) ' 1 . None of thb'lndianscientists is talented. . From the options choosethe one which containsthe correct inferences.l tirnes the third. 2. All talentedscientists are Indian. Which of tG'following materials requires the largest shrinkageallowance. . (A) WestBengat (B) Bihar (C) Orissa 178. each of which has as many lettersbefweenthem in the word as there are behveenthem in the English alphabet? (A) 4 175.ofthe given word. The infbrences may .. : .1 4 6 tl i ' l (D) none ofthese 177. ':Sj"F:-ys.' t If u'e divide 581 in threepartssuchthat 4 timesthe first may be equalto 6 timesthe second and 1. . .:'All scientistsworking in America are talented. - 4::SorfibtalentedIndian scientists have migratedto Arnerica. 3. j : .a 9 r Choosethe.' ii" . (A) | and4 (B)'2 only (C)3 and4 (D) 4 only 176' :.' rli (A) aluminium (B) brass (C) castiron steel JPf plaincarbon -/- {+ 27 {< . . while making pattern for castins? e .

.The l:*perature rare(i" kw) . An idear the Otto cycle?of percentage) (in efficiency thermal (V)is 1. India became (A) H5Nl (B)II4N1 (B) Dandi to SabarrnatiAshram @) Sabarmatito bardoli . (A) 0. . Whatis the smallestnumba|hatmustbe (A)244 (B) 88 (c)eo - (PJ85 .aperfect 184.. .7 (c) 52. :: .:If'the compr:-ioo a has cycre 'i 1:i:' otto standard air r. (c) 0.027 n v (A '-m cteel h .S.'''.ich tbe heatpump delwerq at tj"C and sink is l (D) 360 (c) 300 (B) 250 (A)so it? d the gapsin the givenword shallcomplete praced ufoensequentially 1g3. 1 .I ' . which setof letters sT_oL-GY (A) oRA (B) RAo . 185.. 75o/o For a typical sample i" ig po k! of dry air will be approxiniately ":(' trr" u*orrrrtl'rlio"ir*" pressure). .. ' . . . .25 (D) 0J5 "l The 1 8 l .002 (B) 0.. *orl outputof...7g..theheatengine heatto a sink ut u *t" oi andrejects liadt'ieservoirs g"gT" r *"i oiina"pendentisothernr-al heatpump operating drive a reversibre hi?l itt to heat j SoC. The ) a hydr'ostatic.. square? addto 6156tomakeit.. . . (c) ARo il (D) AoR ".-oiulrr* and ' ' . i i ' t : i sourceaI atate iif 100kw a high temperature from heat extracts engine heat is usedto |82.. ' . ^ . DandiMarchwasfromfte Ashramto Dmdi SaAatmati lA) t iC. . a t. rn" *il. ':.s (B)4s. !.5 (D)es atrnospheric humidity and standard rcrarive ' : .pressure of i15 MPa. (A) 8s (B) e0 (c) 100 (D) ll0 ! r . ' ' ''...' j': of ambientair (at 35oc.Ja ratio of the sp€eificheats ratio of g. Bardolito Dandi freefrom bird fttl'-' 186.. (c)HsN2 @)H3N3' {< 'n {< .'.1". ' .4. A 2 0 0 x 1 0 0 x 5 0 m mpoisson's s t e e l b l o c k i sthe s u material b j e c t e*L d t tZOO GPa and 0'3 respectively' ratio oJ young's.thenwhatis the (A)s7. .. ..' ' changeinttevoiumeoftheblocki"-*tit .. An irreversible jo tw.

in which full markswere500. At an examination. B 25%morethanC andc 20o/oless thanD. Environment friendlyrefrigerant Rl34 is usedin the new generation dornestic refrigerators. doze (A) drowse (B) catnap (C) snore (D) doze 193.A got l0% lessthanB.a e 187. respectively. Choosethe odd one out amongthe given words: drowse. The volume of the metal compensated from the riser is (A) 2% 191' (B) 7% (c) 8% G91 x40 240 (D) e% G02 AND G91 refer to In a CNC programblock. Two helical tensile springs of the same material and also having identical md weight. catnap.slumber. While cooling a cubical casting of side 40 mm undergoes 30 . A ring gauge is used to measure (A) outside diameter but not roundness but not outside diameter @) roundness (C) both outside diameter androundness threads @) only external 190.whatpercentage marksdid D get? (A) 64% (B) 78% (c) 80% (D) 82% * 29 * . N002 'G02 (A) circular interpolation in counterclockwisedirection and incrementaldimension (B) circular interpolation in counterclockwisedirection and absolutedimension (C) circular interpolation in clockwise direction and incrementaldirnension (D) circular interpolation in clockwise direction and absolutedimension 192. have wire diametercd anddl2.snore.4oA and 5Yovolume shrinkage during liquid state. The ratio of their stiffness is diameter (A) I (B) 4 (c) 64 (D) 128 188. Its chemical formulais (A) CHCIFz (B) C2CI3F3 (c) czClzFr (D) C2H2F4 189. phase transition and solid state. If A got 360.

05mm (B) 2-70mn mm (A) 1.tpt "# (D) 603 (c) 302 (B) s (A) 4s to an internalpressure l0 mm is subjected mm andthiclcress 5(X) i.on day is observed 194.'t . '.| ^ engine ic 60 mni and the dia tmeter of the cylinder I. I .lun*"tial(hoop)sEessinMPais (D) 1000 (c)5m (B) 25O (A) 100 * 30 ql'. ort" cylinderin 3 cm is is 80 mm. and (D) 5.-rrb of cylinder thin 200. A of5MPa. World Environment June (A) 5th lg5. Th.40mm (C) 4..200 kN. If the lengtrofrhe b*.rt'"""..-p. (B) 10ftJune January (C) 20th (D) 5thDecember scheme? govemmentslaunchedPanchParmeshwar which one of the following state (A) MadhYaPradesh (c)uP l96. . Duringthe execution NO20 GO2 x45'0 Y25'0 R5'0 of tool motionwill be ThetYPe (A) circular interpolation-clockwise (g) rir"olu' interpolatimounterclockwise (C) linearinterPolation (D) raPidfeed loadof to an axial compressive subjected t'qYY*n.theelongation .is x mm {) 40Inm of Ruare 198. A steelbar of thebarwill be E: 200GPa..c. ^--i-o is singte<ylinder e of radius irank The 199.. (B) Bihar (D) Kerala on mainlydepends andblankingoperations The cuttingforcein punching (B) the shearstrengthof metal (A) the modulus of elasticity of metal of metal (D) the Yieldstrength modulusof metal (C) the bulk of a CNC partpro$am block lg7.25 i" !: t: .