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Horrifying Social Media Blunders in 2013 and What You Should Learn From Them

We have almost completed 2013. But let's not finish it so soon without a few social media fails. This year, many bi companies and or ani!ations suffered serious bac"lashes on social media platforms for #uestionable ad campai ns, offensive tweets, or irresponsible $aceboo" updates. %ome of the unfortunate companies attempted ood&natured mar"etin campai ns that too" une'pected turns while some other accounts suffered for sendin out wron tweets. (f there's a lesson to learn from 2013's social media fails, it's that companies need to be e'tra careful because they are bein monitored by thousands and millions of fans world wide. The followin few blunders from some of the bi brands have been discussed by e'pert mar"eters in di ital mar"etin conferences and events. )et's ta"e a loo" at some of the most horrifyin social media mista"es of this year and how you can avoid such blunders for your company* +ever use offensive and abusive words on social media unless it's your personal account. ,nfortunately, this was for otten by Walmart, the retail iant who used the forbidden '$' word in one of their tweets and was critici!ed by followers all over the world as -potty mouth.. (t's maybe a result of a di ital mar"eter thin"in that he was usin his personal Twitter account rather than Walmart's. /owever, it was received as an honest mista"e and was e'cused rather #uic"ly. The lesson for you? Check your tweets before you wreck your brand's image! Bac" in the 0anuary, the fast food iant 1c2onald's started promotin their brands on Twitter with the hashta & 3mcdstories. ,nfortunately, which was supposed to promote the brand became a hashta to share horror stories at the fast food chain by fans all over the world. (n fact, 1c2onald's actually paid to promote a hashta and ma"e it a trend on Twitter that only fetched them bad publicity. The mana ement of 1c2onald's later admitted that it was a blunder and this hashta didn't o as they have planned. The lesson for you4 5ou need a proper mar"etin strate y to succeed on social media. 2on't 6ust

thin" somethin out of the blue and implement it. There are words li"e mar"et research, customer behavior analysis, and strate ic mar"etin . 7merican 7pparel and 8ap for ot the death and loss caused by hurricane %andy and planned to use the situation to increase their sales. 7s hurricane %andy made its way up the 9ast :oast, 8ap sent out an email blast offerin discounts for customers and encoura ed them to do some online shoppin before the hurricane hits. This created a derision on Twitter amon fans and followers. )ater, the company too" down the tweet. The lesson for you4 While you should loo" for new opportunities to promote your brand on social media but never try to ma"e profit by playin with your customers' emotion. (f you can touch their heart, they will come to you for your products and services. But, let's not do that the wron way. These were some of the most popular social media blunders of 2013 discussed in some of the most popular di ital mar"etin events. (f you are a mar"eter or have your own business, there's nothin li"e attendin one of these events once in a while to brush up your social media "nowled e and s"ills. +ot 6ust that, you can also build reat connections and et to "now people in a digital marketing conference who can help your business row on social media.