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5 Top tips to crack IAS Mains Every student appearing for IAS-Mains studies rigorously but not all

l get through, not all pass. The strategy that you adopt while studying is the deciding factor of your name being in the success list. IAS-Mains carry !"" mar#s in all. $ou need to plan carefully about each mar#. -mar# %uestions and "-word %uestions can be the deal-brea#ers or deal-ma#ers so pay attention on them. Always ma#e your own notes and #eep referring them. &ord limit in the e'amination should not be crossed as it will ma#e it difficult for you to complete the paper. (ew other important tips to crac# the mains are as follows) *now the syllabus) It is essential that you are aware about all that is included in the syllabus. There is no need to stress about the change in the syllabus. It+s common with ,ivil Service E'ams to have a changed and new syllabus. *nowing the syllabus helps you decide which topics are relevant and which are not. The portion is huge so you cannot study it entirelyselective study is a must. .eneral Studies) .eneral Studies is one of the most important segments in ,ivil Service E'ams. $ou cannot sit with a pile of maga/ines and newspapers and mug it all up at once. 0egular reading of newspaper is your only savior. *eep 1otting down important pieces of news and revise it at fre%uent intervals. This will help you recollect all the important issues when as#ed in the e'am. 2erformance) $our score completely depends on how you perform in the e'am. Everyone studies after the prelims up to the mains- how you put all that you have studied, on the paper, in those three hours decides your future. $our handwriting and presentation is e'pected to be neat. &riting the answers in point form rather than in paragraphs is suggested as it provides easy readability. &herever re%uired draw graphs, tables and diagrams, this will enable the e'aminer to understand your intellect. *eep practicing) The more you practice, the better you will perform. 2ractice gives you confidence, which is very important for such #ind of an e'am. 3on+t get influenced by what your other friends are doing. If they are studying for 45 hours, you should also do that. If they have revised the portion certain number of times, you should also do the same. 6o. $ou #eep on practicing as much as you can. The right approach is to #eep wor#ing towards your goal without pondering much about the outcome. Attitude counts) 7nly if you have a positive attitude towards the entire thing can you ma#e it till the end.

Someone with a pessimistic approach can never clear the mains. A tensed and negative mind loses the capability to thin# and analy/e properly. This results in poor performance. 8eing a little nervous is normal but don+t let it play with your head for long. After all, it is 1ust an e'am and you have been appearing for e'ams since childhood. 8elieve in yourself, if you are capable of reaching up till here you certainly hold the ability to go higher. 0emember, if you thin# you can+t, you won+t9 I will end this with a very beautiful %uote"There are no secrets to success: don't waste time looking for them, success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, lo alt to those for whom ou work with persistence! " #ollin $owell" %et The &est 'nline #oaching for IAS in (indi here )) Source )