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Drug Stud#

Drug Data Generic Name: Ziprasidone rade Name: Geodon Ma!imum Dose: 80 mg twice daily Minimum Dose: 10 mg/day A"ailabilit#: Capsules: 20 mg, 40, 60, 80 mg Lyophilized powde !o in"ection: 20 mg/#ial Route: $%, &' Classification $harmacologi c: (enziso)azole de i#ati#e herapeutic: *ntipsychotic $regnanc# Categor#:C Mechanism of Action +electi#ely ,loc-s se otonin and dopamine ecepto s in the mesoco tical t act o! the C.+, the e,y supp essing psychotic symptoms/ A: 60 0 a,so ,ed !ollowing o al administ ation1 100 0 a,so ,ed ! om $% sites/ D: un-nown M % E: 220 meta,olized ,y the li#e 1 3 10 e)c eted unchanged in u ine &alf' life: &' 4 5 h 1 $%: 267 h Route (nset $%: within h s &': apid $ea) $%: 168 days &': 60 min Duration 9n-nown Indication To treat schizophren ia To treat acute manic or mixed episodes of bipolar disorder As adjunct to lithium or valproate for maintenanc e treatment of bipolar I disorder Contraindications Concu ent use o! othe d ugs that p olong :; inte #al, histo y o! a hythmia, hype sensiti#ity to zip asidone o its components, histo y o! p olonged :; inte #al, ecent acute %$, uncompensated hea t !ailu e Drug Interactions: antihypertensives: *dditi#e antihype tensi#e e!!ects carbamazepine: &ossi,ly dec eased ,lood zip asidone le#el CNS depressants: $nc eased C.+ dep ession dopamine agonists levodopa: <ec eased the apeutic e!!ects o! these d ugs drugs that prolong !T interval "including #uinidine dofetilide pimozide sotalol thioridazine and sparfloxacin$: $nc eased is- o! p olonged :; o :;c inte #al, to sades de pointes, and sudden death %etoconazole: &ossi,ly inc eased ,lood zip asidone le#el *((DS all foods: $nc eased zip asidone a,so ption Side Effects CNS: neu oleptic malignant synd ome, pa esthesia, pe sonality o speech diso de , se otonin synd ome, somnolence, syncope, suicidal ideation, ta di#e dys-inesia, t emo C+:p olonged :; o :;c inte #al, tachyca dia, th om,ophle,itis , #asodilation EEN : *,no mal #ision, d y mouth, END(: <ysmeno hea, hype glycemia GI: *,dominal pain, ano e)ia, G,: & iapism, u ina y incontinence &EME: *g anulocytosis, leu-openia, neut openia MS: * th algia, ,ac- pain, dysa th ia, myalgia RES$: Cough, pulmona y em,olism, uppe espi ato y t act in!ection Nursing Responsibilities -efore: Chec- !o docto =s o de Chec- #ital signs Con!i m patient=s identity and ight dose and oute & otect zip asidone #ials ! om light During: Gi#e medication at the ight oute Gi#e the ight medication at the ight dosage Gi#e %edication at the ight time >econstitute ,y adding 1/2 ml ste ile wate !o in"ection to #ial and sha-ing #igo ously until d ug is dissol#ed Gi#e only ,y $/%/ oute/ >econstituted d ug may ,e sto ed 24 hou s p otected ! om light o up to 5 days i! e! ige ated and p otected ! om light/ *dministe $/%/ !o m cautiously to patients with impai ed enal !unction/ After: immediate documentation a!te medication administ ation %onito patient closely !o anaphyla)is *ssess ca diac hythm in patients with hypo-alemia o hypomagnesemia/ $mmediately epo t e#idence o! neu oleptic malignant synd ome, a a e ,ut potentially !atal ad#e se eaction including hype py e)ia, muscle igidity, alte ed mental status, i egula pulse, ,lood p essu e changes, tachyca dia, diapho esis, a hythmia, myoglo,inu ia monito patient closely !o suicidal tendencies


+i,ley, <onnelly/ .u se=s < ug ?and,oo;enth @dition Aones B (a tlett Lea ning, LLC 2011