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DATA CARRIERS, LLC, Plaintiff, v. EBAGS INC., Defendant. C.A. No. _________ JURY TRIAL DEMANDED

COMPLAINT FOR PATENT INFRINGEMENT Plaintiff Data Carriers, LLC ( Plaintiff!" alle#es t$e follo%in# for its &o'(laint a#ainst Defendant eBa#s In&. ( Defendant!". THE PARTIES 1. Plaintiff is a Dela%are li'ited lia)ilit* &o'(an* $avin# a (rin&i(al (la&e of

)+siness at ,-./ 0ennett Pi1e, S+ite 2/1, 3il'in#ton, Dela%are 145-67.-15. .. Defendant is a &or(oration or#ani8ed +nder t$e la%s of t$e State of Dela%are %it$

a (rin&i(al offi&e at 22-- Green%ood Pla8a Blvd., S+ite 19-, Green%ood :illa#e, Colorado 5-111. Defendant 'a* )e served %it$ (ro&ess via its re#istered a#ent In&or(oratin# Servi&es, Ltd., /2-- S. D+(ont ;%*., Dover, Dela%are 144-1. JURISDICTION AND VENUE /. T$is is a (atent infrin#e'ent a&tion. T$e Co+rt $as s+)<e&t 'atter <+risdi&tion

(+rs+ant to .5 =.S.C. >>1//1 and 1//5. ,. T$e Co+rt $as (ersonal <+risdi&tion over Defendant, )e&a+se Defendant &ond+&ts

)+siness in t$is <+risdi&tion, in&l+din# )* offerin# and (ro'otin# (rod+&ts for sale via t$e

internet, %$i&$ is a&&essi)le to and a&&essed )* residents of t$is Distri&t. T$e Co+rt also $as (ersonal <+risdi&tion over Defendant, )e&a+se it is a Dela%are &or(oration. 2. :en+e is (ro(er in t$is Distri&t (+rs+ant to .5 =.S.C. >>1/41()"7(&" and >1,--()",

)e&a+se Defendant resides in t$is distri&t and s+)stantial a&ts of infrin#e'ent $ave o&&+rred in t$is Distri&t. COUNT ONE INFRINGEMENT OF U.S. PATENT NO. 5,388,198 9. Plaintiff is t$e o%ner )* assi#n'ent of =nited States Patent No. 2,/55,145 (t$e

?145 (atent!", entitled Proa&tive Presentation of A+to'atin# @eat+res to a Co'(+ter =ser.! T$e a((li&ation for t$e ?145 (atent %as filed on A(ril 19, 144.. T$e (atent iss+ed on @e)r+ar* 6, 1442 and %as ori#inall* assi#ned to S*'ante& Cor(oration. A tr+e and &orre&t &o(* of t$e ?145 Patent is atta&$ed as EA$i)it A $ereto. 6. Plaintiff $olds t$e eA&l+sive ri#$t to ta1e all a&tions, in&l+din# t$e filin# of t$is

(atent infrin#e'ent la%s+it, ne&essar* to enfor&e its ri#$ts to t$e ?145 Patent. Plaintiff also $as t$e ri#$t to re&over all da'a#es for (ast, (resent, and f+t+re infrin#e'ent of t$e ?145 Patent and to see1 in<+n&tive relief as a((ro(riate +nder t$e la%. 5. Defendant $as dire&tl* infrin#ed, eit$er literall* or )* eB+ivalents, one or 'ore

&lai's of t$e ?145 Patent, in&l+din# at least Clai' 2, )* +sin# t$e &lai'ed 'et$od in o(eratin# t$e %e)site %%%.e)a#s.&o' in a %a* t$at a+to'ati&all* intervenes in a &+sto'er or (otential &+sto'er?s +se of t$e %e)site to s+##est or (resent feat+res )ased on infor'ation on t$e +se of t$e s*ste', in&l+din# )+t not li'ited to a+to&o'(lete feat+res. 3$ile a +ser is a&&essin# t$e %e)site, Defendant &ontin+o+sl* 'onitors and &o'(ares +ser 'ani(+lations and (ro#ra' &onteAt %it$ feat+re te'(lates stored in 'e'or* and (resents a+to'atin# feat+res if a 'at&$ is fo+nd. .


Defendant?s o(eration of its %e)site in t$e a)ove7des&ri)ed 'anner in t$e =nited

States is %it$o+t t$e (er'ission of Plaintiff and &onstit+tes infrin#e'ent +nder /2 =.S.C. >.61 for %$i&$ Defendant is lia)le. 1-. As a res+lt of Defendant?s infrin#e'ent, Plaintiff $as )een da'a#ed 'onetaril*

and is entitled to adeB+ate &o'(ensation of no less t$an a reasona)le ro*alt* (+rs+ant to /2 =.S.C. > .5,. JURY DEMAND Plaintiff reB+ests a <+r* on all iss+es so tria)le. PRAYER 3;ERE@CRE, Plaintiff res(e&tf+ll* reB+ests t$at t$e Co+rtD A. ?145 PatentE B. A%ard Plaintiff da'a#es for Defendant?s infrin#e'ent in an a'o+nt to )e Enter <+d#'ent t$at Defendant $as infrin#ed, eit$er literall* or )* eB+ivalents, t$e

deter'ined at trial, in&l+din# en$an&ed da'a#es, &osts, and (re and (ost7<+d#'ent interestE and C. A%ard an* ot$er relief dee'ed <+st and (ro(er. BAGARD, P.A. IsI Ste($en B. Bra+er'an (s),42." Ri&$ard D. 0ir1 (r1-4.." Ste($en B. Bra+er'an (s),42." :anessa R. Tiradentes (vt2/45" Sara E. B+ssiere (s)26.2" ... Dela%are Aven+e, S+ite 4-3il'in#ton, DE 145-1 (/-." 92272--r1ir1H)a*ardla%.&o' s)ra+er'anH)a*ardla%.&o' vtiradentesH)a*ardla%.&o' s)+ssiereH)a*ardla%.&o' Attorneys for Plaintiff Data Carriers, LLC

Nove')er 12, .-1/ C@ CC=NSELD Pa+l :. Stor' Sara$ F. PaAson GARDERE 3GNNE SE3ELL LLP 19-1 El' Street, S+ite /--Dallas, TeAas 62.-1 (.1," 4447/--(vstor'H#ardere.&o' s(aAsonH#ardere.&o'