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AP Literature Group Members:

Mrs. Maurno Date:

Short Story Boot Camp


Over the next four weeks, we will be doing an extensive study of short stories with the end of
identifying elements of style, literary elements specific to fiction, figures of speech, and form. In
addition, we will be writing group essays to highlight critical interpretations of the stories, using
information gleaned from identifying the aforementioned items. We will be reading
approximately four to five short stories and writing at least as many essays. Although class time
will be allotted for group work, discussion, and formulation of the essays, pre-reading,
annotating, and filling out the short story study guides will mostly need to take place at home. At
the end of the boot camp, you will have several small essay grades and one large essay grade
based on the revision of an essay of your choice. Our study will be intense, and all the
information acquired will embark the class on a journey toward the mastery of identifying the
targeted elements AND relating them effectively to the work, resulting in a text-supported literary
analysis. Opportunities for comparing the stories, reading supplementary poetry, and producing
creative pieces also form part of the boot camp.


• Read and annotate the assigned short story of the evening. Be sure to complete you
assigned portion of the short story study guide.

• Find any quotes that are meaningful to you that may be used to develop a literary

• In class, you will meet in groups to share insight and information about the short story.

• Groups will be asked to participate in discussions and/or make oral presentations about
the targeted story.

• Group members will choose a focus for an essay about the short story based on group
discussions, the short story study guide, and meaningful quotes identified by the

• On Day Three or Four, depending on the length and complexity of the story, students will
write a collaborative essay based on the group’s chosen topic, theme, literary device,
• Before completing the first essay, the focus and thesis should be approved by the

• The essay will be completed in one class period, and one student in the group (this
responsibility will rotate) should type the essay and have it turned in the next day by the
3:15 deadline.

• The teacher will provide a grade and suggestions for revisions. Only one out of the four
essays produced need to be revised; however, the essay chosen for revision will carry
the most point value.

• In addition to short story boot camp, we will still be incorporating SAT practice and
journal work the first few minutes of class most days.

• At the end of the boot camp period, we will have a party to celebrate the end of this
grueling, but rewarding experience!