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2013/11/4 -NO.


Thwarting an attempt to detonate a bombed car in Daraa Czech website.. The situation on ground in favor of the Syrian army

Daash is outside Hasaka


Chemical trucks to Syria

The resignation of commander of the military council in Aleppo

Lebanese university students to the Syrian universities



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Arabic passports in Damascus

A mortar shell fell in front of the church of Mar Elias, at the entrance of the residential neighborhood Al-dwylaa in Damascus, caused a large fire broke out in a textile factory, which led to completely burned, causing no injuries among the citizens. Syrian army targeted headquarters of al-Nusra front in Khan al-Shieh, Biet Gen farms, and Hiena in Damascus countryside. It also targeted gunmen of the opposition in Yabroud farms, al-Sahiel town in Nabk, in Zamalka and in the Eastern Ghota in the towns of al-Qasmya and al-Delba. Syrian army also killed 30 gunmen in northeastern Mesraba, and targeted gatherings of gunmen

in al-Sbaina. In addition, Syrian army thwarted attempt by gunmen to attack military points on al-Salam Highway, which links Qatana and Qunietra, it also thwarted an attempt to infiltrate into Kanaker. Sources in the Syrian army said that they found documents and passports of Jor-

danian and Tunisian gunmen, and leaflets of al-Nusra front include instruction about preparing the explosive devices and bombs. Sources in the opposition reported that fierce clashes are ongoing between the Syrian army and gunmen of the opposition in alYarmouk camp in Damascus. Daal village and east of Haritan, and destroyed a mortar cannon east of Aldwerenah. The army also destroyed cars loaded with ammunition of gunmen in Manbej- al-Bab Road, and rocket launchers in villages of Kweris and Arbid. while sources said that violent clashes broke out between armed groups from the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant in Al-nakarin and Al-haidariya and Hanano housing, resulted in a number of deaths. Al-Mayadeen channel reported that Daash arrested a commander of battalion Abu Obeida in Aleppo as a result of al-Sfiera battle.

The resignation of the commander of the military council in Aleppo

Colonel Abd al-Jabbar al-Akidi, commander of the Revolutionary Military Council in Aleppo, announced his resignation. He said that his resignation is because of the fragmentation of the opposition politically and militarily, and betrayal of the international community of the revolution. Sources in the opposition reported that members of the Martyrs of Badr Brigade detained civilians, and use them as human shields, which led to the injury of some of them during a clash with the State of Iraq and the Levant. Aleppo News network stated that the organization of the Islamic State broke into the

headquarters of Ahrar alSakhour in al-Shaar neighborhood. On the other hand, the Syrian army entered the village of Al Azizia, north of al-Safiera, in the south-east countryside of Aleppo, after fierce fighting with militants of the opposition. The army also targeted a number of armed groups in the surroundings of Aleppo Central prison, Kendi Hospital, Kafr

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )286)


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Targeting gatherings of al-Nusra in Homs

Six civilian, including 3 children and a woman, were wounded in a car bomb in alThabtya village, in the east-

in neighborhoods of Bab Hood and al-Qosour, inflicted the gatherings of al-Nusra heavy losses, in villages and towns of Khaldya, Dar al-Kabiera, Kesien, Mahien, and in Rastan, and destroyed their ammunition and weapons. People of the city of Rastan in Homs have reported that for the second day, about a thousand people, mostly women and ern countryside of Homs. A children demonstrated heading military source stated that the from Omari Mosque towards Syrian army attacked gunmen Muslbeh Biet Ashtar, chanting near Qaab al-Ahbar mosque, against the militants.

Thwarting an attempt to detonate a bombed car in Daraa

Syrian army thwarted an attempt to detonate a bombed car, loaded with a large quantity of explosives, near Blal mosque, in Daraa albalad. The army also targeted large number of gunmen of opposition in the surroundings of Hamza mosque, in Daraa and Atman on Damascus- Daraa old road, and prevented them of detonation number of explosive devices, and destroyed three cars equipped with machineguns.

In the countryside of Lattakia

Syrian army targeted armed groups in villages of Bieda and Rawda in the northern countryside of Lattakia, and destroyed cars loaded with rockets, weapons and various ammunition.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )286)


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Daash is outside Hasaka

Syrian army clashed with battalions of Qadseya brigade in the surroundings of the industrial institute, in alSenaa neighborhood, in Dier Ezzur, killed all its members. The army also targeted headquarters of gunmen in cinema Fouaad street, and broke into Rashedya neighborhood, and clashed with armed members, who have holed up in the Faculty of Arts, killed number of them. It also targeted a number of insurgents

in Tishreen oil field, on the road between Hasakah and Hool. Opposition sources reported that units of the Kurd-

ish Peoples protection have expelled militants of Daash from eight villages in Hasakah. In the countryside of Idlib, the Syrian army has destroyed cars loaded with weapons including gunmen, in the surroundings of Saraqeb and Bennish, and destroyed ammunition warehouse in the village of Badriyah, in the countryside of Idlib, killing a number of them.

Weapons warehouses in the countryside of Idlib

The presidency of Staff of Turkish army announced in a statement that a patrol of the second regiment in Chiljh near the TurkishSyrian border, seized before yesterday three trucks loaded with chemicals was heading to Syria, and twenty bags of sulfur, each one weighs fifty kilograms, and sealed barrels, but they didnt declare the published by American site quality of the material they W.N.D revealed that al Qacontain. A secret document eda-linked militants in Syria

Chemical trucks to Syria

possessed and made poisonous sarin gas in order to carry out chemical attacks.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )286)


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Czech website.. The situation on the ground in favor of the Syrian army

A Czech website, A-Repubblica, praised the advance achieved by the Syrian army defeating the armed terrorist groups and said The situation on ground change significantly in favor of the Syrian army, and the failure of extremist groups makes it depend on attacking the residential neighborhoods in various cities by mortar, which increases the renunciation of people against them.

The website revealed that Bandar bin Sultan, the engineer of war on Syria, began to lose his temper, so after his failed attempt to blackmail the Russian president, he began insulting America. And that Israel is constantly trying to implicate the United States militarily in Syria, and that Israel and Saudi Arabia founded together an alliance against Syria and Iraq.

615 billion pounds for social support

Total credits of ongoing operations, estimated in the draft budget, reached 1010 billion Syrian pounds, while credits of investment operations were es-

timated of 380 billion Syrian pounds, with an increase of 105 billion pounds more than the budget in 2013, while full costs of social support were estimat-

ed of 615 billion Syrian pounds, with an increase of 103 billion Syrian pounds more than funds allocated for this support from the current years budget.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )286)


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Lebanese university students to the Syrian universities

Council of the Higher Education Ministry issued a resolution allowing students registered in the Lebanese government university to move to Syrian government universities according to the parallel education fees. The Council in its resolution conditioned that the student must achieve 100 credits at colleges which adopt credits system, and 50% of hours in col-

leges where the duration of study is four years, and 40%

of hours in colleges where the duration of study is five years. In spite of the conditions in Syria, which led to the closure of many outlets to work for musicians, especially in the countryside of Damascus. Artists Association of Damascus countryside launched recently the first Orchestra for Oriental music with Coral and popular arts band.

The first orchestra in Damascus

Stealing warehouses in Raqqa

The General Directorate of historic building of Hercules Antiquities and Museums said storehouses, and burglarized that armed groups attacked their contents of hundreds of

historical pieces, including various potteries and plasters and parts of mosaic pictures.