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1. It is such _____ news that a man carries a woman across threshold 632 times in two days.
2. In _____ talk (that is, talk in which the participants do not have equal power, status,
responsibility or control), we should apply the one rule for one and one for another principle
consistently. (SYMMETRY)
3. In managing _____, you should find ways to influence your seniors, and make your
relationship with them constructive and useful in order to do your job more effectively and to
get more satisfaction from it. (UP)
4. In order to reduce environmental impacts, its not only the responsibility of research labs to
maintain producing (A) _____ products but also that of the government to have disincentive
measures on (B) _____ ones. (FRIEND)
5. The study showed a significant _____ between the babys sleeping position and the risk of cot
death. (RELATE)
6. Countries in West Africa are suitable for rubber cultivation because the presence of Mount
Cameroon acts as a barrier for (A) _____ winds, resulting in the second highest (B) _____ in the
world (1,000 cm). (RAIN)
7. Students should learn how to open-mindedly embrace diversity, even when they come across
some people whose characteristic is so _____ that they have little friends. (PUT)
8. After the Second World War, there was indeed a/an _____ of developing nations that were
able to think up political institutions with a view to achieving independence from their prior
colonial and sustain mass engagement thereafter. (RISE)
9. The nurse gave him some _____ for smoking in the hospital. (TELL)
10. The _____ President is about to appoint a committee of five to take care of a serious political
problem. (COME)

1. record-breaking 2. asymmetrical/asymmetric 3. upwards 4. A. eco-friendly/earth-friendly B. non-ecofriendly
5. correlation 6. A. rain-bearing B. rainfall 7. off-putting 8. uprising 9. tellings-off 10. incoming
Ti Liu n Thi Vo Lp 10 Chuyn Ting Anh 2012 | 2012
neurology back intellect enunciate reverse dominate tend severe thesis process
Dyslexia, also referred to as specific reading disability, (1) _____ affects a persons ability to
read and write. Dyslexics have difficulty connecting visual symbols (i.e., letters) with their
corresponding sounds. Many people who suffer from dyslexia also have trouble with (2) _____,
organization, and short-term memory. Dyslexia is the most common learning disability in children. It
is not related to (3) ____ ability, vision, or access to education. Approximately 5-10 percent of
school-age children in North America suffer from the condition, with each case varying in (4)
_____. Children are generally diagnosed with dyslexia during the elementary school years when
they are learning how to read and spell.
Determining the definite cause of dyslexia is a difficult task since studies of the morphology of
the brain are generally conducted in an autopsy. One (5) _____ suggests that dyslexic children
suffer from strabismus, the (6) _____ of the eyes to focus on two different points. When reading,
for example, one eye focuses on the beginning of the word and the other focuses on the end. This
theory could explain why dyslexics have difficulty reading. Many dyslexic children read letters and
words (7) _____, often mistaking a b for a d or reading was instead of saw. These (8) _____ are
normal for children under the age of six, but indicate a problem if they persist beyond the early
elementary grades. (9) _____ research points to tiny flaws in the dyslexic brain called ectopias and
microgyria. These flaws alter the structure of the cortex, the area of the brain that is responsible for
connecting visual and audio (10) _____. Genetic research, often in the form of twins studies, shows
that dyslexia may be passed on in families.

PASSAGE 1. predominantly 2. enunciation 3. intellectual 4. severity 5. hypothesis 6. tendency 7. backwards
8. reversals 9. Neurological 10. processing