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Benefiting Beverages
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Ingredients for
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table of contents
new product trends
10 Hitting the Shelves
Drinking and giving; smoothie shake-up; gelatin grows up;
natural ice cream; and more.

13 Category Analysis:
Benefiting Beverages
Brain function and mood drinks, gut health and cardiovascular
benefits are just a sampling of the functional aspects of
certain beverages on the market. Some have a wide range of
research to substantiate their ingredient claims, while others
include ingredients with less solid health claims.

27 MarketWatch
Yogurt reduces calories and adds fiber; an all-natural
spreadable cheese; Dove adds peanut butter to its chocolate;
and energy drinks take on relaxation.
Cover photo by T. J. Hine

Sweetener Options: Sweet Cravings 30 Regulations: The Reportable

Food Registry
42 Whether accurate or not, robust sales of sugary- On September 8, 2009, the reporting requirements of the
tasting foods and beverages are being linked by many Reportable Food Registry will become effective. Companies
health professionals to a robust increase in waistlines. registered with the FDA should make themselves current on

Suppliers are stepping in to provide ample choices their reporting obligations.

to satisfy Americans’ sweet tooth.

4 August 2009 ●

culinary creations

33 Regional American Sauces

Traditional American foods, featuring sauces, regional and ethnic flavorings, and fruits,
result in distinctive regional cuisines.

41 On the National Menu

Americans may only eat healthy when at home; and favorite restaurant snacks make it into
the mainstream.

ingredient challenges
42 Sweetener Options: Sweet Cravings
Whether accurate or not, robust sales of sugary-tasting foods and beverages are being
linked by many health professionals to a robust increase in waistlines. Options to satisfy
Americans’ sweet tooth, without adding calories, are evolving by the bowlful.
51 R&D Seminar: Ingredients for Baked Goods ;jcXi^dcVa@ZgVi^c!VegdiZ^c[djcY
Formulation tactics for healthier baked goods—from fiber addition to reduced sodium cVijgVaan^ci]ZWdYn#8ncVi^cZ;AMž
content—were provided by speakers at Prepared Foods’ R&D Application Seminars.
r&d applications _d^cih#L]^aZdi]Zg_d^ciXVgZ
67 R&D Applications: Performing Rice Protein ^hZ[[ZXi^kZVhVhiVcYVadcZegdYjXi
68 R&D Applications: Pulses: Innovative Coatings
70 R&D Applications: Cookies Around the World š?cfhel[iCeX_b_jo

73 Abstracts/Post-IFT Report šFhej[Yjij^[@e_dj

Lower cost cranberries; the food-mood enigma; isomaltulose for confectionery; reliable HdaYjcYZga^XZchZ[gdb@ZgViZXAiY#

enzymes; new GRAS status for algae-based natural carotenoids; testing standards for
Roxlor International p. 302-778-4166
high-purity rebaudioside-A in the Food Chemicals Codex; and more. 1300 N. Market Street f. 302-778-4170
Suite 401 e.
Wilmington, DE 19801 Table of Contents
Get ready for the


by reviewing some trends of the past with

Prepared Foods New Product Trends Videos.
Click on
New Product new product trends
Trends Videos From Flavors to Food Solutions: The Impact of Millennials
Research shows that the eating habits of Millennials (those born between 1982 and 2000) will have a
tremendous impact on how food products and menus are designed. Their attitudes and actions require a new
and different approach to the development and marketing of foods in both the retail and foodservice sector.
Product Development Changes in a Changing Wellness Landscape
Wellness, a global mega-trend, is increasingly complex. Scientific advances, global travel, aging populations,
obesity and instantaneous communications have shifted consumers’ definition of wellness from reducing
disease risks to living longer with an improved quality of life. These changes mean the food industry must
change how products are developed, marketed, sold, and regulated. Case examples, including Campbell’s
recent efforts to lead in the health and nutrition markets, are presented.
Emerging Foodservice Trends, Operator Differentiation,
and the Impact on Food Manufacturers
Few foodservice operators can remember a business environment this challenging. The ability to offer menu
items that meet a variety of consumer needstates will be critical for operator success in 2008 and beyond.
Discover which emerging foodservice trends can establish Resonating Points of Differentiation for restaurant
concepts, and how food manufacturers can position themselves as partners in the operators’ quest to separate
from the competitive clutter.
Lessons Learned from the Natural Products and Dietary Supplement Industries
In the development of truly innovative products for health, a company must have the pulse of consumers, the
regulatory environment and emerging science. Learn how a related industry has excelled in quickly adapting to
changes in the market as it fast-tracked new products for the U.S. while working in Washington on initiatives
to provide affordable, science-based products improving consumer health and on efforts for self-regulation to
improve consumer confidence in product claims.

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More Than Words

Manufacturers and suppliers alike are realizing the
importance of sustainability to their consumers and
are implementing “green” measures to quell as many
concerns as they can. However, the question at hand is
whether these efforts will have any real added value.
The Shelton Group, in fact, has found that most
Smart Choices: Unveiling Americans are trying to purchase more green prod-
a Uniform, Front-of-Pack ucts but are doing so without enough knowledge to
Nutrition Labeling Initiative make informed and meaningful purchasing decisions.
Take the “natural” vs. “organic” debate. Organic may
The Smart Choices Program was developed based on the well have the most regulatory definition, but natural
need for a single, trusted and reliable front-of-pack nutrition may have the most weight to consumers. In a national
survey of 1,006 respondents, the Shelton Group asked
labeling program that could help guide consumers’ food American consumers to identify the best product
and beverage choices. The program’s nutrition criteria was description to read on the label. Some 31% chose
collaboratively developed by scientists and multi-sector “100% natural,” with 25% preferring “all-natural
ingredients.” The best organic could muster was 14% William A. Roberts, Jr.
food industry leaders and are based on the current Dietary Business Editor
for “100% organic.” “Certified organic ingredients”
Guidelines for Americans. was the choice for only 12% of respondents.
Further confusion rests in the notion of “green.”
Learn how this unique program offers a transparent, Some 60% of Americans claim to be looking for
greener products; however, judging by their responses
science-based solution to the food industry, consumers to Shelton questions, they seem quite confused in this
and health experts alike. They are united in their efforts to area. Shelton asked, “How do you know a product is
improve consumers’ dietary habits, while driving food and green?” Some 22% said they did not know or were
not sure, while 20% trust the package label. Only 15%
beverage product innovation. read the label or ingredients.
Speaker: Sarah Krol, General Manager, NSF For that matter, consumers seem suspicious of
International—Smart Choices Program manufacturers’ motives for going green. Nearly a quar-
ter of respondents have the rather cynical notion that
manufacturers are embracing sustainability to “make
Join us for an afternoon of golf at Polo Trace Golf Course, their company look better to the public,” while only
which Golf Digest rated “10 out of 10.” 7% believe it is because the company actually cares
about the environment.
However, this is not to say consumers expect less of
Relax and enjoy an afternoon of drift fishing and catch up manufacturers that claim to have gone green. Shelton
with industry peers. asked respondents what their reaction would be, if a
company that makes their favorite products and had
advertised itself as green were to receive a government
See the compelling list of New Products Conference speak- fine for failing emissions standards or for polluting.
ers and topics in this issue. Some 40% said they would cease purchasing the prod-
uct. In fact, 36% said they would not only stop buy-
ing the product, but they would also encourage their
For more information or to register, please visit friends and family not to purchase the product. The simple truth is that consumers may be largely in
the dark about what constitutes green or organic or sus-
tainable, but they know when manufacturers have tried
Register today and SAVE $300!
to take advantage of their trust. Any manufacturer
attempting to make such a claim had better be abso-
The Seeds You Need to Grow New Ideas! lutely sure it can validate and support any such notion.
In this economy, it could make all the difference. ●
August 2009 9
new product trends

Hitting the Shelves Meredith Hollihan, Mintel Global New

Products Database (GNPD)

Drinking and Giving Smoothie

Cause-related marketing marks one driving
force behind a rising number of consumer packaged
good items. An item that supports a charitable The concept of blending dry
cause is certainly one means to promote the feel- mixes to create frozen cocktails
ing of doing something right. In the U.S., bever- has unexpectedly moved into the
age company PurBlu Beverages introduced its frozen yogurt smoothies area. In
Give Natural Spring Water, a line of four drink the U.S., Yogurt Technologies
varietals that each benefits a separate cause. launched its Shake it Alive!
As stated on its company website, Give is “a frozen yogurt smoothie mix.
movement designed to bridge the for-profit and The dry mix powder is made
non-profit worlds, sustainably and transparently.” with organic and all-natural
This range houses the following varieties: Give ingredients, real fruit extracts
Hope to support women with breast cancer, and live yogurt cultures, and
Give Strength to fight muscular disorders, Give is free from additives and
Love to support environmental causes and Give preservatives to support its
Life to donate to children in need. By drinking “made-from-scratch” position-
Give, consumers are in control, because they ing tied to taste. Each carton of Shake it
can purchase water that promotes the cause of Alive! contains four 3oz pouches of the product. Consumers are
their choice. For every purchased bottle of Give instructed to add water to the pouch, shake the pack, place it in
Natural Spring Water, 10 cents is donated to the freezer for 3-4 hours, and then the frozen yogurt smoothie
a local charity specific to the water varietal’s is ready to drink. Yogurt Technologies’ frozen yogurt smoothie
overlying cause. mix is available in four flavors of Strawberry-Banana, Piña
Colada, Very Berry and Orange-Mango.

Gelatin A Natural List

Grows Up Manufacturers are
simplifying their formu-
Kraft Foods extended lations to satisfy the label-
its Jell-O brand’s reading consumer. A method
sugar-free range that companies use to reframe
with three new their brands’ ingredient lists
antioxidant-rich fla- is describing the components
vorings: Açaí, Raspberry Goji and in a most basic and natural-
Wolfberry. Kraft capitalizes on the thriving Superfruit istic form. Häagen-Dazs is
trend in a very clear attempt to market these Jell-O variants one manufacturer who has
as a permissible treat for health-conscious women. Gelatin is adopted the concept, with
mostly viewed as a snack for children, and Jell-O is one brand its launch of Häagen-Dazs
in particular that has long marketed its products as a healthy Five ice cream. Häagen-
snack for mothers to give to their children. More recently, the Dazs Five is a new, premium range
brand has broadened its consumer base, with the low-carb trend of all-natural ice creams, which are crafted with only five
in the early part of this decade and its sponsorship of NBC’s ingredients for incredibly pure, balanced flavor and less fat—a
The Biggest Loser for purposes of targeting more adults. With perk for those watching their waistline. This ice cream’s base
low-carb diets no longer in vogue, pursuing the Superfruit ingredients found within the range include skimmed milk,
stance was a logical next step for Jell-O. Though Superfruits are cream, sugar and egg yolks. Its fifth ingredient links to the
emerging in nearly every product group—from toothpaste to specified flavor (such as mint extract for the Mint varietal and
jelly beans—this is one of the first instances where Superfruits passion fruit juice for the Passion Fruit varietal). The ice cream
have appeared in the gelatin market, placing the Jell-O ahead of brand’s flavor names are Vanilla Bean, Mint, Ginger, Coffee,
its competitors in terms of innovative formulations. Passion Fruit, Brown Sugar and Milk Chocolate.

10 August 2009 ●

new product trends

Think of the Children

Children were one of the first consumer groups that firms pur-
sued in their marketing efforts. Though more manufacturers From its support of strong bones to the preven-
of healthier foods and drinks have repositioned their brands to tion of cavities, milk’s consumption is known
attract children, the majority of such kid-specific products con- to promote the body’s general well-being.
Muscle rebuilding is one common motive for
tinue to stem from their traditional, sugary origins of confectionery-
some to consume the drink. Suntory, a Japanese
based cookie and cold cereal segments.
manufacturer known for its unconventional
Among food and beverage items intended for kids, products line of beverages, introduced a Protein Water
fortified with vitamins and minerals are prevalent, with the pur- from the Dakara brand. Suntory’s Dakara
pose of supporting children’s growth and development. Firms Protein Water is low in calories, contains
regularly manufacture kid-based product ingredient lists with milk-derived protein and boasts a refreshing
low-/no-/reduced-fat formulations to help parents more easily aftertaste. Most interesting about the drink is its milky white
track their child’s nutrient intake. Ingredients that were “low-in” or color, which serves to stress Dakara Protein Water’s whey
“free from” sugar also were prominent within children’s food and protein ingredient content—a naturally occurring substance
beverage products. found in milk. The water is appropriately packaged in a plas-
ConAgra Foods’ Chef Boyardee brand expanded its product tic, dumbbell-shaped bottle—keeping with the drink’s target
line-up with new, hearty fork-sized pasta called Sealife Forkables. group of individuals who exercise.
Targeted to children (as observed with all Chef Boyardee dishes), Omega-3 has a recognized role in preventing cardiovas-
the pasta pieces are specifically designed to conveniently fit on the cular disease. This spring, the Irish manufacturer Batchelors
fork, making eating easier for kids aged 5-12 years old. The alter- launched Heartwise Baked Beans, a variety formulated with
ing of products to improve ease-of-use for consumers is one practice omega-3 and vitamins A and E, which contains lower salt
that more food and beverage companies are incorporating in their and sugar levels to fulfill its mission to maintain a healthy
manufacturing. Each Sealife noodle contains multiple tiny holes for heart. The beans contain 20% less salt and 20% less sugar
children to easily slide their fork through. In addition to its fun sea than Batchelors’ standard baked beans, as well as 20% more
creature pasta shapes, Sealife Forkables also contains meatballs. omega-3 and 20% more vitamins. Batchelors Heartwise’s
on-pack labeling serves to educate consumers about the
benefits of its ingredients, such as omega-3 can promote a
healthy heart, antioxidant vitamins may lower the risk of
Candy for Kids heart disease, and a low-salt diet is essential for regulating
blood pressure and cardiovascular well-being.
Global Incidence of Food and Beverage There are few dairy products marketed to men. However,
Products Targeted to Kids one product in Mexico that launched under the brand Lala
Vital Hombre (Vital Men) is a lactose-free, vitamin-
Top 10 Sub-categories 2009 2008 2007 2006 % Change enriched milk. This milk contains multivitamins for vitality,
(2008 vs. DHA and magnesium to strengthen the memory (with this
2006) being the main product stance also highlighted on the front
Pastilles, Gums, Jellies & Chews 143 441 522 526 -16.2 of the pack), added omega-3 and no cholesterol to reduce
the risk of cardiovascular problems, and B-vitamins for
Sweet biscuits/Cookies 167 425 362 317 34.1
increased energy. Consumers are informed the product’s
Cold cereals 138 275 388 400 -31.3 calcium and vitamin D help strengthen bones and increase
Lollipops 64 193 228 242 -20.2 bone density. All of these functionalities are usually found
Seasonal chocolate 122 267 185 113 136.3 in offerings that target to women, not men.
Boiled sweets 43 110 248 225 -51.1 Launching a New Product?
Gum 25 134 164 163 -17.8 If so, contact Meredith Hollihan at
351 W. Hubbard, 8th Floor
Cakes, Pastries & Sweet goods 55 158 94 108 46.3
Chicago, IL 60610
Flavored milk 41 103 116 105 -1.9 Call: 312-932-0600,
Fruit/Flavored still drinks 49 126 129 57 121.1 Fax: 312-932-0474 or e-mail Information
*Note: 2009 covers through May 21, 2009 in this column is from the Global New Products
Database, the premier source of global product
Source: Mintel GNPD
intelligence, published by Mintel International Group.

Need in-depth food & More than 90 Mintel Reports available at

beverage industry research... ●
August 2009 11
For reducing body fat

Newtrition TM

turns your yogurt into a fat fighter.

Newtrition from Cognis® is your opportunity to meet the

increasing demands for innovative, effective and safe functional
foods. Cognis offers naturally-sourced ingredients that can
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new product trends

Brain function and mood drinks, gut health and
cardiovascular benefits are just a sampling of the
functional aspects of certain beverages on the market
now. Some have a wide range of research to substantiate
their ingredient claims, while others include ingredients
with unproven or contested health claims.

William A. Roberts, Jr., Business Editor

arket analysts have long foretold of how With research showing chocolate milk defines nutraceuticals
consumers would move away from “low-in” as those items fortified
foods toward items with a positive health focus,
refuels muscles, reduces muscle “with bioactive ingred-
with added nutrients and functional elements. In spite of breakdown and rehydrates the body, ients including fiber,
a troubled economy, the market for functional beverages it was only a matter of time before probiotics, protein
continues to grow. While energy beverages rife with and peptides, omega,
caffeine, taurine and other energy-boosting benefits target functional chocolate milk formulated phytochemicals, and
young consumers, the functional beverage market as a toward sports recovery came to vitamins and minerals.”
whole is much more diverse, with antioxidants, vitamins In the increasingly
and minerals powering just a portion of the category.
market. Rockin’ Refuel, for instance, competitive world of
For example, heart health was the impetus behind boasts 20g of proteins and an functional beverages,
Tupperware’s Simple Indulgence Madagascar Spice Green excellent source of calcium. the mainstay remains
Tea. It incorporates flavonoids claimed to help support a sports drinks, long the
healthy cardiovascular system. While similar functional darlings of this segment
drinks are emerging onto the market, sports drinks and and proven to be one of the bright spots in the beverage
smoothies continue to lead the crowded market. category as a whole. For that matter, with the decline in
In fact, BCC Research forecasts the global market for popularity of carbonated soft drinks, manufacturers of those
nutraceuticals (foods, beverages and supplements) will reach products have turned to functional beverages. Coca-Cola,
$176.7 billion in 2013, for a compound annual growth rate PepsiCo and Dr Pepper 7Up have developed or acquired
(CAGR) of 7.4%. While foods will enjoy a CAGR of 6.9% leading functional beverage brands to diversify their
(to reach $56.7 billion), and supplements will grow 3.8% (to portfolios, with probably the most notable being PepsiCo’s
nearly $48.8 billion), BCC Research predicts nutraceutical acquisition of the sports drink Gatorade some years ago.
beverages will be the fastest-growing segment by far. The In fact, sports drinks command a sizable market share
segment will have the largest share of the functional market within the category, and the segment is almost completely
by 2013: $71.3 billion, a 10.8% CAGR over its roughly dominated by the Gatorade brand. However, while
$42.8 billion in sales registered in 2008. BCC Research sports drinks have long been the best-selling functional ●
August 2009 13
new product trends

Function Beverages include such varieties as Urban Detox, a

caffeine-free drink to “help fight hangovers and rid the lungs and
sinuses of airborne pollutants using the smog-scrubbing antioxidant
N-acetyl cysteine.”

more popular in many markets, with consumers looking to

regulate or select their own functional drink size from large
cartons or bottles,” Mintel has found. Consumers likely
would react favorably to the improved price-per-quantity
found in the larger containers.
Functional beverages also may continue emerging in the
foodservice arena. Jamba Juice may not be the rising star it
once was, but with an improved economy, it could well see
renewed interest, particularly if new efforts into probiotic-
enhanced yogurts prove successful. After all, digestive
health claims are well-established in consumers’ minds and
have clinical research support.
Gut health and probiotic drinks continue to be a focal
point for manufacturers of functional beverages, and the
digestive health trend is moving beyond its initial dairy
drink focus and into soy drinks, smoothies, fruit juices and
energy drinks. Interestingly, these tend to have benefits
beyond merely gut health and often claim to boost natural
defenses or immunity.

Lighter Mood
While functional beverages with gut health claims do
beverages on the market, energy beverages have emerged as have research to support them, a number of nutraceutical
a strong competitor. For that matter, even the somewhat vilified drinks on the market have been formulated with
carbonated soft drink has seen some functional innovation, as ingredients with less substantiated research in support of
in the recent launch of Cherry 7Up with Antioxidants, with their health claims, ranging from mood-altering natural
added vitamin E. and herbal extracts to free radical-fighting possibilities
Such a hybrid drink is one of the areas to watch in this from antioxidants.
category. According to New Nutrition
Business, hybrid beverages represent a
significant trend, blurring the boundaries
of the segment to offer more than one
benefit, such as merging the benefits
Functioning Well
Global Functional Drinks Market (in Billions)
of green tea with fruit flavors or the
hydrating qualities of soft drinks with $ Billion % Growth
functional or sensory benefits. Another 30 12.0
such trend the research group has seen is 25 10.0
% Growth

the encouragement of “daily dosing.”

$ Billion

20 8.0
Mintel Group, however, finds the 15 6.0
market for daily-dosage functional 10 4.0
drinks has neared maturity, but believes 5 2.0
opportunity may exist in larger formats. 0 0.0
“Consumers may well look more toward 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
longer, larger drinks that have thirst-
Source: Datamonitor,, accessed 7/7/2009
quenching properties, in conjunction
with health benefits. Likewise, multiple-
serve formats are expected to become

14 August 2009 ●

Tree Top Fruit Ingredients

From the Tree to the Table.

When beverage manufacturers need a “fresh-picked” taste that will make your taste buds
jump up and down, they call for Tree Top’s specialty juice concentrates. Natural juice
concentrates from Tree Top bring you the natural goodness of strawberries, blueberries,
peaches, dark sweet cherries, apples, watermelons, and mango. In fact, the incredible
versatility that Tree Top’s specialty concentrates bring to your products is limitless.

At TreeTop we’re taking an old tradition and


t id ea , bu t do n’t
If yo u ha ve a grea ui ti on ,
ma ke it co m e to fr
ha ve th e ti m e to .
0. 36 7.657 1 ex t. 14 35
gi ve us a ca ll at 80
See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 173-175
Concentrates Dried Evaporated Fresh Frozen Infused Low Moisture Specialty
new product trends
Flavors that A Matter of Function
Nature had Best-selling Sports Drink Brands, 2008
Sales (Millions % Growth

Always 1. Gatorade
of U.S. Dollars*)

Intended 2. Powerade
3. Gatorade G2
4. Gatorade All Stars
5. Gatorade Frost 124.7 -12.2
6. Gatorade Rain 102.1 -35.9
7. Gatorade Fierce 64.2 -30
8. Gatorade Tiger 61.9 n/a
9. Gatorade X Factor 49.5 -39.9
10. Gatorade AM 47.7 -31.7
11. Powerade Zero 275 n/a
12. Private label 8.2 -11.7
13. Gatorade Xtremo 7.3 -39.8
14. Powerade Option 3.1 -84.4
15. Fuze Vitalize 1.5 21.1
16. Accelerade 0.8 -69.8
17. Xzude 0.8 3.8
18. R.W. Knudsen Family Recharge 0.8 5.3
Savoury Systems International,® Inc.
19. Honest Ade 0.7 65.9
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August 2009 ●
100 YEAR
Although only recently accepted into the international food lexicon, umami, the fi ft h taste
stretches back into the annals of food history. Many popular foods and seasonings evoke

In the
the umami taste, although it remained unidentified in a scientific sense.

By Jeanne Turner A fermented or pickled fish sauce called garum, rich in umami taste and char-
acteristics, is one of the earliest recorded flavoring agents used in ancient Greece
and Rome when Aristotle identified seven basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, spicy,
astringent and sandy. Chinese records from as early as 1,000 B.C. documented five tastes.
Other ancient cultures also record more than four basic tastes.

Dashi ingredients from left to right:

Kombu (kelp);
Katsuobushi (Dried bonito);
Niboshi (Small dried fish);
Dried Shiitake mushroom;

Apparently the ideas of a different Greek philosopher, Democritus, held greater power
than Aristotle’s, as his identification of four basic tastes—sweet, salty, sour and bitter—
became the world’s standard for almost 2,500 years. As modern science progressed in the
early nineteenth century, giving us a better understanding of the human body with micro-
scopic views of the tongue and taste buds, all evidence appeared to confi rm the existence
of just four different taste receptors.
In 1903 the renowned French chef, Auguste Escoffier, published a cookbook including
his original creation, veal stock, suggesting a fi ft h taste was responsible for the delicious
flavor of this culinary masterpiece. But his assertions went no further at that time.
In fact, among culinary treasures to emerge in the last century, perhaps none has had a great-
er impact on the global community than umami—so complex it almost defies description, yet
the H I S T O R Y

so universal it is a wonder its secrets remained hidden for so long. Throughout the world, every
culture can identify indigenous sources of umami. Nordic lands have anchovies, cod roe paste
and dried fish. In South America and the Caribbean, dried shrimp improve the taste of soups,
stews and rice dishes. Tomatoes, another source of umami, are native to Peru and Ecuador.
What was the key that unlocked umami’s secret once and for all? It came in 1908 from
yet another culture familiar with savory sensations that formed the backdrop to traditional
dishes, as a Tokyo University professor decided to investigate the scientific explanation for
the intriguing taste of dashi.
The Root of Umami Discovery
RESIDENTS OF AN ISLAND distinctive that a good dashi helps reduce seaweed that helps lend dashi its distinc-
nation, the Japanese people resourcefully the need for salt and oil and helps create tive umami profi le, has the highest natural
use the bounty the sea provides to enhance healthier nutritional profi les. levels of glutamate in the world.
and enrich their cuisine. Not only do cer- Seasonality also plays an important Umami can be described as the savory
tain foods and ingredients play a role in the role in Japanese culture and cuisine. The taste imparted by glutamate and five
daily diet, they also have such an ancient garnishes selected, the food presentation, ribonucleotides, including inosinate and
heritage that they are interwoven into the even the dishes chosen to serve the food guanylate, identified in 1913 and 1957
history of Japanese culture. The best ex- are selected for their seasonal suitability, respectively, which occur naturally in
ample of this is dashi, a carefully prepared and food or ingredients used in their proper many foods, including meat, fish, certain
stock that forms the basis for multiple season are said to be in “shun.” Th is focus vegetables and dairy products. Another
nucleotide, adenylate, identified in the
1960s, is abundant in fish and shellfish.
While the Japanese have enjoyed the
benefits of umami in their cuisine for cen-
turies, the Western world only recently em-
braced the concept of umami. Professional
chefs in the West now experiment with the
types of ingredients that give the distinctive
umami signature to a prepared meal.
dishes within Japanese cuisine. on seasonality portrays the link between Further research in the 1980s solidi-
Dashi is a deceptively simple stock cre- nature and food that is deeply ingrained fied umami’s acceptance as the fi ft h taste
ated using carefully dried and prepared in- within Japanese cooking. Dashi might serve in the international lexicon. Umami
gredients. Dashi relies upon the combina- as the basis for various popular dishes eaten acts synergistically with other flavors
tion of kombu, or dried kelp seaweed, and in season, with winter dishes such as Pork to enhance and amplify their effect, to
katsuobushi, or dried bonito flakes, mixed and Miso Soup (Tonjiru) or Simmered bring out the full boldness and richness
with other ingredients as distinctive as the Daikon Radish; or summer dishes such of the entire formulation for a heightened
chef who prepares his or her own unique as Grilled eggplant in dashi, or Somen, a gastronomic experience.
variety. The kombu and katsuobushi are wheat noodle served with dipping sauce. In addition to its role as a palate pleaser,
carefully selected, aged and dried. In 1908, Professor Kikunae Ikeda of umami is beneficial for human survival
Whereas a Western bouillon might Tokyo Imperial University drilled down in the most primal sense. Each of the five
simmer any number of fresh ingredients to the bare essence of dashi’s ingredients tastes recognized by the human body has
for hours in a reduction, the dried dashi and identified a taste that could not be a special role to play. Historically, the tastes
ingredients are soaked in water or heated explained by any of the four traditional either encourage us to pursue the proper
only briefly to extract the bare essence of tastes—sweet, salty, sour, bitter—or any nourishment for survival or warn us away
flavor. Steeping the ingredients in hot water combination of the four. Dr. Ikeda’s investi- from harmful foods. For example, we
allows the amino acids to infuse the broth, gations led him to L-glutamate, the source desire sweet foods to help maintain enough
as amino acids are the basis of the stock’s of this taste, and he named the taste itself calories in our body and salty foods to help
unique taste. Th is taste is so rich and “umami.” In fact, kombu, the dried kelp us maintain a proper mineral 왘
Thai Salad

balance. Many sour or bitter foods were

poisonous or dangerous to humans, ssoo
those two tastes acted as a warning.
Our preference for and delight in
foods with umami taste helps us
ensure we consume the proper
amount of amino acids for our
bodily needs, which include,
among many other functions, the Atsukezuri, Katsuobushi shavings
right amount and type of proteins
to help rebuild muscle tissue after
exertion or exercise.
But if you talk to chefs or other
experts, they say a key characteristic
of umami is to make your mouth
water. Closely associated with foods in in
season that are ripened or matured, umamimami
is a taste that reaches its best potential
al Miso
through foods served at the peak of matu-
rity to help promote good health. As foods
ripen or mature, the amino acid content
increases, enhancing the umami effect.
When Science Meets
Culinary Arts

lutamate, otherwise known as L-glutamate or monosodium glutamate
(MSG), identified as the key amino acid responsible for umami flavor, is
not exclusive to kombu. It is also common in Western ingredients with
savory flavor, such as Parmesan cheese, asparagus, tomatoes, meat and
anchovies (which NPR science writer Jonah Lehrer termed “glutamate
speedballs”). Upon further investigation, research confi rmed that these
foods could also be included under the description of umami with respect
to their amino acid profi le. Th is could be one reason why, once Western chefs grasped
the implications of umami, it took the culinary world by storm—it was always present
yet unidentified; once acknowledged, it
allowed for discovery of savory food cat-
egories containing the essence of umami
that could enhance fi ne cuisine.
Just as with the other four basic tastes,
the tongue has taste receptors that are
tuned into umami. Scientific studies in
recent years have also shown that the
stomach contains glutamate receptors,
and that the amino acid glutamate plays an
important role in food digestion.
Molecular gastronomy examines the
link between the physical and chemical
processes that occur during cooking and
is becoming a focus of attention among
chefs, researchers and food writers world-
wide. It connects the scientific explanation
for food or ingredient behavior with the
social, artistic and technical components
of culinary processes. Some examples of
the types of issues examined via molecular
gastronomy might include the study of
how various ingredients change depen-
dent upon different cooking methods, and
investigation into the question:
Can we devise new cooking methods
that produce unusual and improved results
of texture and flavor?
As science continues to join forces with
the S C I E N C E

the culinary arts, Ajinomoto Company

Inc. is committed to assisting with the
development of healthier foods enhanced
with umami-based ingredients, to not only
help create better tasting food but to help
develop a healthier population as well.
The 21st Century –
“The Century of Amino Acids”
AMINO ACIDS, WHICH MOST in and essential to the human body. Water mapped out our DNA genetic make up
scientists acknowledge as the building accounts for approximately 60% of our body while the next project is determining the
blocks of life, are critical to life and function weight, followed by amino acids (proteins), proteome, or the make up of all the proteins
in a wide variety of ways in multiple indus- constituting 20%. Amino acids perform vari- that exist in the human body. Scientists
tries and within the human body, including ous important functions and make up vital suspected there were between 10,000 or
activity related to flavoring, nutritional func- body tissues such as muscles, the gastroin- 20,000 proteins; now they admit they don’t
tion, physiological well being, and reactivity. testinal tract, internal organs, hemoglobin even know the fi nal number.”
Amino acid-based ingredients provide a contained in red blood cells, and collagen, Amino acids play a role in areas as di-
wide range of tastes or benefits to foods, such the main component of our hair and skin. verse as seasonings, pharmaceuticals, nutri-
as umami or sweet taste sensations supplied Athletes were among the first to discover tional supplements, cosmetics, fertilizers and
by monosodium glutamate and aspartame and use amino acid-based foods and ingre- livestock feed. Some scientists and humani-
dients to help rebuild muscle during or after tarians believe amino acids hold the key to
a workout. Science confirmed that helping solve the global issue of malnutrition
the human body during exercise and due to inadequate protein intake. Amino
recovery utilizes most rapidly pro- acid fortification is a cost-effective, highly
teins that have a certain amino acid bioavailable method of maximizing limited
composition, specifically branched- food supplies. Ajinomoto Group also utilizes
chain amino acids (BCAAs such the nutrient-rich byproduct generated dur-
as valine, leucine, and isoleucine), ing amino acid production to convert food
which promote the protein synthesis supplies into valuable coproducts such as
of skeletal muscles. fertilizer or feed, which reduces the waste
Despite scientific advances, stream and helps preserve our ecosystem.
lately the research community has Overall, research proves that essential
discovered it has barely scratched amino acids are necessary for proper bodily
the surface of the vast universe of function and nutritional balance. The Aji-
respectively. In this capacity, amino amino acids and proteins that exist nomoto Group believes that amino acids
acid-based ingredients help enhance within the human body, or their hold the key to future development of food,
or highlight the natural flavors of other functions. “We have between 100,000 nutritional products and pharmaceuticals.
ingredients, foods and seasonings while or more different proteins that make our Ajinomoto will continue to be the world’s
remaining in the background. bodies function properly,” said Jack Heaton, premier company committed to providing
Far from being obscure synthetic sub- president of Ajinomoto Scientific Group, better health, nutrition and quality of life
stances, amino acids are naturally present LLC, Raleigh, N.C. “The genome project through amino acid creation and utilization.

1908 1956 1963

Dr. Kikunae Ikeda Ajinomoto U.S.A., Inc., Ajinomoto concludes tie-up
obtains patent formaa established
formally with CPC International Inc.
to producee (presently Unilever Bestfoods)
L-glutamate 1
as the source of ‘umami.’ Aj
Ajinomoto do Brazil Industria 1968
e Comercio, S.A established Ajinomoto del Peru S.A. established
Aji-no-moto, the product, 1
1962 1973
is launched as umami A
Ajinomoto concludes tie-up Ajinomoto concludes tie-up with
seasoning based on w Kellogg Company
with General Foods Corporation;
glutamate. reincorporated in Japan as Ajinomoto
General Foods, Inc.
SIMILAR TO BUILDING BLOCKS, populations such as diabetics a great deal human body metabolizes all essential ami-
which in multiple permutations can create of variety and flexibility in budgeting total no acids in the same way. When a person
myriad structures, amino acids in various carbohydrate intake without affecting consumes aspartame, the body breaks it
molecular combinations can create an blood sugar. And with an increased focus down into aspartic acid, phenylalanine and
astonishing variety of food ingredients. The on obesity within the general population, a small amount of meth
methanol, identical
o , id
ol iden
call to
same substance that creates the unique aspartame can help tame me weight manage- that found naturally in pectin-containing
c inin-c
- on
-c o taa in
savory taste of umami is also responsible, in ment issues by enabling product develop- food products. The restt off tthe
h diet
he iett provides
ie p ovv id
pr ides
a different form, for mimicking the unique ers to create foods with a sweet profi le much greater quantitiess off
taste of sugar. yet reduced calorie count nt compared to a these components than
Aspartame is approximately 200 times sugar-sweetened counterpart.
rpart. does aspartame.
sweeter than sugar, which means that 200 From frozen noveltieses to hard candies
kg of sugar can be replaced with 1 kg of as- to iced tea, cocoa mixes and carbonated
partame. Aspartame has an energy value of soft drinks, aspartame enhances
nhances the
4 calories per gram but, because only min- eating experience of consumers
umers world-
ute amounts of aspartame are required to wide without adding to
provide the equivalent sweetness of sugar, the waistline.
it can reduce a product’s calorie content by
up to 99%. It offers excellent solubility and
is suitable for most product applications
within a certain pH and temperature range.
Aspartame is utilized as a stable sweetener Aspartame is a dipeptidede
in products ranging from homogenized composed of two amino acids:
dairy foods to beverages, frozen desserts, L-aspartic acid and L-phenylalanine.
confections, baked goods, cereals and fruit Phenylanine is an essential amino
preserves. In addition, aspartame can in- acid, considered essential for
tensify and extend fruit flavors in foods and proper bodily function and
beverages. For example, aspartame makes good health. Many com-
chewing gum taste sweet up to four times mon foods, such as
longer than gum sweetened with sugar. meat, cheese, fish,
Aspartame does not promote tooth vegetables or fruit,
decay and is an FDA-approved, safe also contain these
sweetening agent, and thus offers special constituents, and the

1974 1980 19
EUROLYSINE S.A. established Ajinomoto Danone Co., Ltd.d. Ajinomoto opens pharmaceutical-
in France i
Established (presently Calpis grade L-amino acid manufacturing
Ajinomoto Danone Co., Ltd.) plant in Raleigh, N.C.
Ajinomoto Interamericana Industria e 1981 1983
Comercio Ltda. Established in Brazil Aspartame available NutraSweet AG established in
for tabletop use Switzerland (presently Ajinomoto
1975 Sweeteners Eur
Nissin-Ajinomoto Alimentos Ltda.
A Look Ahead
THE SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY Just as amino acids are the building ment, they also will live well, or live better,
of glutamate as the basis for umami taste blocks for so many unique and diverse and it is our goal to help them achieve this
and the foundation of Ajinomoto oc- products, they also form the platform for better balance,” says Yamaguchi.
curred within a year of each other. The fi rst Ajinomoto’s future plans. While in the last As part of its corporate mission, Ajino-
ingredient the company manufactured, century dietitians emphasized vitamins moto Group is working to help solve some
Aji-no-moto, umami seasoning based on and minerals, the next century will be the of the enormous challenges facing our
glutamate, reflects its contribution to the century of amino acids, according to Norio planet—adequate food resources, sustain-
food ingredient marketplace. “Aji-no-moto” Yamaguchi, Chairman of the Board for the ability, proper food and nutrition educa-
is written in three characters in Japanese Ajinomoto Group. tion, environmental pollution protection
that literally mean the “essence of taste.” The company has a new slogan to help and the fight against global warming.
The Ajinomoto Group not only has helped carry it and its customers forward into its While no effort is less important than
bring heightened flavor to the world, but so next century of business: ‘Eat Well—Live another, the focus on food ingredients
much more through its efforts in various Well,’ which expresses the link between includes a company growth strategy that is
industries, based on the amazing proper- our eating habits and their related effects in accordance with ecological principles.
ties derived from
amino acids.

Eat Well—Live Well

on health. “Instead of having to As the global leader in amino acid
visit the doctor for a cure, amino production and supply to the food chain,
acids can help bring us to the place the Ajinomoto Group offers irreplaceable
where the entire focus of medicine shifts value, especially in a world facing huge
from cure to prevention, a true focus on issues of whether adequate food resources
wellness through foods,” says Jack Heaton, can be secured for all humanity.
President, Ajinomoto Aminoscience. Ajinomoto works globally but thinks
“When consumers eat well, or eat the locally, bringing out the best in regional
right combination of foods for nourish- cuisines and helping food industry profes-
sionals create products that reach their
fullest potential.

1983 1986
Amino-acid based Heartland Lysine Inc., Eddyville plant
sweetener aspartame commences operations
introduced to revolu-
tionize carbonated
soft drinks, other beverages and
Ajinomoto U.S.A., Inc. Iowa MSG plant
sugar-free foods.
commences operations

1984 1997
Heartland Lysine, Inc. established
Ajinomoto Biolatina opens
in the United States (presently
Valparaiso plant
Ajinomoto Heartland LLC)
Home-use product line-up (ca. 1990)
GRA S Plus
MSG - the natural flavor enhancer
a safety factor greater than GRA S, the “generally Sound scientific evidence refutes the idea that monosodium
recognized as safe” designation from the Food and glutamate (MSG) can cause adverse physical reactions in
Drug Administration? When that agency reviews the people who eat it.
ingredient’s designation and calls for additional testing From a letter in the New England Journal of Medicine
by authorized, respected, scientifically sound principles containing one person’s musings about his experience in a
and discovers it is indeed a benign ingredient. Chinese restaurant, society threw science out the window and
In 1992, the FDA contracted with the Federa- and culturally fueled suspicion grew, with no basis in fact.
tion of American Societies for Experimental Biology The myth was thoroughly debunked in a 1999 Vogue article
(FASEB), an independent group of scientists, to by Jeffrey Steingarten entitled, “Why Doesn’t Everybody in
complete the most comprehensive review of available China Have a Headache?”
scientific data on glutamate safety to date. Glutamate, a naturally occurring amino acid in our bodies,
The 1995 FASEB report reaffi rmed the safety of is present in the first food we consume as babies. Human
MSG when it is consumed at usual levels by the general breast milk contains large amounts of glutamate at a level ten
population and found no evidence of any connection times higher than glutamate present in cow’s milk. Scientists
between MSG and any serious, long-term reactions. believe the glutamate acts as a taste enhancer to encourage
In 1991 the European Community’s Scientific babies to drink the milk so they can grow.
Committee for Food confi rmed MSG safety. Food A sprinkle of Parmesan cheese on top of a favorite Italian
Standards Australia conducted a review even more dish contains 1200 mg of glutamate per 100g serving, giving
recently in 2002 and concluded that MSG is indeed a the food a rich taste experience common to other foods high
safe ingredient. The Joint Expert Committee on Food in natural glutamate levels. The chart below displays common
Additives of the United Nations Food and Agricul- foods naturally rich in glutamate:
ture Organization and World Health Organization Food Glutamate (mg/100g)
consider MSG one of the safest food additives. And Parmesan Cheese 8,210
the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition reiterated Cheddar Cheese 6,090
recently that MSG can be ”regarded as harmless for the Walnuts 658
whole population.” Fresh Tomato 310
If Chinese restaurant syndrome were real, we Beans 880
would hear comments about “steakhouse syndrome” Steak > 2,000
or “Italian seafood restaurant syndrome” as glutamate White Mushrooms 400
is a natural part of these delicious dishes. MSG is made Salmon 3,840
up by the natural fermentation of glucose. Broccoli 950

2000 2005
TECUS (Technology & Engineering Ajinomoto Interamericana Limeira
Center) established plant starts production of amino acids
for foods and pharmaceuticals

Ajinomoto Biolatina opens 2009
Pederneiras plant (production of Ajinomoto Company Inc. celebrates
feed-use amino acids) 100 years of leadership decoding and
using amino acids in food ingredients,
pharmaceuticals and other key
2000 industries.
Ajinomoto Frozen Foods U.S.A., Inc.,
Tokyo Based, Global Focus

jinomoto Food Ingredients, LLC
Ajinomoto works continually to make it easier for its North American clients to
incorporate amino acid power into food and beverage formulations. Ajinomoto
Food Ingredients, LLC, recently opened its new application center in Chicago,
Illinois, dedicated to supporting formulation development for dry or liquid
beverage applications, seasoning blends and protein modification applications.
Ajinomoto also operates a facility in Ames, Iowa dedicated to meat applica-
tions and designed to help support the Activa® transglutamanase business.
Ajinomoto’s enzyme capabilities help meat processors make a better profit with beef
tenderloin. Typically the tails or narrow ends of the tenderloins are too small to cut fi lets. By
binding two tenderloins, head or thick end to tail or the narrow end, processors will obtain
full size fi let cuts. “Consumers cannot tell the difference between the fi let using Activa and
the ones that don’t use the enzyme,” says Brendan Naulty, president of Ajinomoto Food In-
gredients, LLC. “The enzyme binds the meat together seamlessly and has no effect on flavor.”
Formerly, due to quick enzyme reaction, that technology was only available for small
batch operations. However, by creating a system that has a buffered pH, the enzyme activ-
ity is slowed down, enabling its use in large-scale operations.
Enzyme technology is not exclusive to proteins. In a foodservice or deli application,
for example, when pasta is kept in a warming tray, Activa can help the pasta maintain
its al dente texture for hours. In the dairy industry, Activa enzyme technology can trim
costs while improving quality in cheese, cream cheese and yogurt products. The enzyme
addition allows for greater water-binding by cross-linking amino acids within the dairy
protein. Th is helps maintain texture in string cheese or lends a clean ‘bite’ to pizza cheese.
“Our team members and facilities in the U.S. stand ready to help food manufacturers
operate with the utmost efficiency while improving product quality and presentation,” said
Naulty. “We’re here to serve our customers in North America by applying a combination
of a century’s worth of tradition, reputation for quality, and exciting new developments in
amino acid technology to applications for today’s marketplace.”

Ajinomoto AminoScience, LLC

Ajinomoto AminoScience, LLC, in Raleigh, N.C., operates within four major market
segments. Overall, its purified amino acids help improve life, with a business model that
focuses on purity, consistency and quality.
Out of the twenty amino acids the company manufactures, nine are produced in the
Raleigh facility. It is the only U.S.-based manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade amino
acids (cGMP), supplying much of the world’s supply of amino acids for pharmaceuti-
cal purposes. Primarily used for nutritional therapy, they supply nourishment that goes
directly into the bloodstream or serve as raw materials for producing therapeutic proteins,
the B U S I N E S S

antibodies or vaccines via cell culture. Fift y years ago Ajinomoto was a pioneer in supply-
ing pharmaceutical grade amino acids to these key markets.
Other important markets include the nutritional industry, or amino acids for improv-
ing wellness, and the food industry, for infant formula, functional foods or functional food
additives. A recent company focus is the beverage segment, according to Jack Heaton,
company president.
Ajinomoto AminoScience has petitioned for GRA S (generally recognized as safe) cer-
tification for five of its amino acids. This will allow for broader use of its amino acids for food
Serves 2
2 cups narrow rice noodles
3 cups water
1 cup diced firm tofu
1 cup prawns, shelled and deveined
2 tbsp chopped shallot
categories promoting their functional ben- Amino acids can replace soybean meal 2 tbsp chopped garlic
efits. The beverage industry particularly is in in swine and poultry diets to provide the 1 cup bean sprouts
constant competition to introduce enticing animals with a more economical and better 2 eggs
new flavors and certain amino acids have a balanced diet. Produced in the form of a 2 seeded chilies, soaked and
basis of flavor either alone or in combination. dry powder, three pounds of lysine added squeezed dry
Amino acids stimulate certain taste recep- to 97 pounds of corn equals 100 pounds 2 tbsp dried shrimp
tors, sparking interest in their utilization for of soybean meal, supplying the vital amino 2 tbsp chopped pickled white radish
flavoring. To accommodate this growing acids the livestock requires in its diet, yet at 3 tbsp tamarind juice
interest in use as flavors the company has a cost savings to the producer. Additional 1 tbsp sugar or palm sugar
updated its FEMA GRA S status. soybean meal can be replaced by supple- 1 tsp soy sauce
The real excitement lies in the future menting more (> 3 lbs) lysine with the ½ tsp Aji-no-moto (Monosodium
of amino acids for better health. A variety second limiting amino acid (threonine). Glutamate)
of studies are underway on the benefits of As an additional benefit, the addition 3 tbsp chopped roasted peanuts
various amino acids for an expanding range of the amino acid lysine to the animal diet ¼ cup vegetable oil
of health benefits. Many scientists believe helps lower nitrogen excretion, of concern 1/3 cup Chinese leek, cut into
amino acids are the key to revolutionizing to both agriculturalists and environmen- one-inch lengths
our health care system, shift ing the focus talists. For every 1% drop in crude protein 1 lime, cut into 4 pieces
from curing illness to preventative care (lowering soybean meal), nitrogen excre-
with a dedicated emphasis on wellness. tion is reduced by approximately 10%. By Boil the water, pour it over the rice
“Most people today think of vitamins as utilizing lysine and threonine in animal noodles and leave until the noodles
a staple item that helps replenish the body’s diets, nitrogen excretion can be lowered by soak up the water.
supply of deficient elements in nutrition,” 20-30%. Amino acids increase the utiliza- Pound the chilies, garlic and shallot
says Heaton. “Amino acids are more basic tion efficiency of the nitrogen in feeds until thoroughly ground.
yet than vitamins. Our DNA tells the body (same animal performance with less con- Heat the oil in the wok. Fry the
which proteins to synthesize to perform sumed nitrogen). Adding amino acids to chilies, garlic, pickled white radish
necessary bodily functions. Now we’re the animal diet is highly beneficial for the and shallot until fragrant, then the
studying the metabolome, the metabolism animal, the farmer and the environment. tofu, dried shrimp and prawn. Season
and the proteins that defi ne the way our The animal feed grade lysine or amino with the tamarind juice, sugar, soy
metabolism works, since everyone’s body acid is produced in a U.S. based plant sauce and umami seasoning. Add
functions in a different way. The addition in Eddyville, Iowa. Another amino acid the noodles to the wok and stir fry
of amino acids into the body has a very real produced there includes threonine. well. To finish, add the bean sprouts,
purpose. It can, in fact, aid in wellness— Tryptophan and valine are marketed to the Chinese leek and egg. Serve with the
in the same way that people take vitamin animal industry by Ajinomoto Heartland peanuts and lime.
C to prevent colds, for example, arginine but produced in France. Feed-use amino
helps keep blood vessels more flexible and acids also help reduce the amount of land
branched-chain amino acids help build needed for grain production, achieving
skeletal muscle proteins.” the most economical and efficient use of
Ajinomoto AminoScience LLC can meet limited arable land.
any amino acid need, from initial research to For animal feed processors, the lysine
manufacturing, blending and pulverization and threonine substitution is an easy for-
through storage, labeling and packaging to mulation adjustment to ensure the animal
analytical and technical support. receives an amino acid balanced diet.
Primary markets include the U.S., Canada,
Ajinomoto Heartland Lysine, LLC Mexico and the Caribbean. Another plant
Ajinomoto Heartland Lysine, Chicago, IL, in Brazil supplies amino acids to the animal
supplies amino acids for animal nutrition. nutrition markets in South America.
Ajinomoto Group Philosophy:

Our philosophy is to contribute significant

advances in Food and Health on a global basis
and ultimately to create a better life for all.

Ajinomoto Food Ajinomoto AminoScience LLC Ajinomoto Heartland LLC Ajinomoto Co. Inc. Ajinomoto Interamericana
Ingredients LLC 4020 Ajinomoto Drive 8430 W. Bryn Mawr Ave. European Headquarters Indústria e Comércio Ltda.
8430 West Bryn Mawr Ave. Raleigh, NC 27610, USA Suite 650 153 rue de Courcelles Rue Joaquim Tavora 541
Suite 635 Tel: 919-325-1400 Chicago, IL 60631, USA 75817 Paris Cedex 17 Villa Mariana
Chicago, IL 60631, USA Fax: 919-325-1420 Tel: + 1 773 380 7000 France Sao Paulo, SP – 04015-901
Tel: 773-714-1436 Fax: + 1 773 380 7006 Tel: 33-(1) 47-66-98-63 Brazil
Fax: 773-714-1431 Fax: 33-(1) 47-66-98-56 Tel: 55-(11) 5080 6742
Fax: 55-(11) 5080 6739
Tokyo Headquarters
Tel: +81-3-5250-8111
Master the science of citrus
From natural flavors and ingredients to extracts and emulsions,
the flavor chemists and food technologists at Kerry can help you
squeeze more from citrus. Looking for the highest-quality flavors
at a competitive price? You’ll find it at Kerry. Scratching your
head for a custom formula that will give you a competitive edge?
Our team of experts at the Kerry Citrus Center — located in the
heart of citrus processing in Lakeland, Florida — can help you with
that, too. No matter what you need, no matter what your challenge,
Kerry is ready to partner with you to create products that keep
your customers coming back for more.

For samples and a technical consultation, call 888-547-8844.

Kerry Ingredients & Flavours I 546 US Route 46, Teterboro, NJ 07608 I phone: 201-708-9222 fax: 201-641-2689 Where it all comes together
new product trends

and Asia Pacific have seen robust activity in this area, with
Nestle introducing Chamyto Light probiotic drinks in Chile In the Drink
to improve the immune system and promote digestion. The Global Nutraceutical Market for Foods and Beverages
same company also introduced Milo Smart Plus + in India. (in Billions)
While these beverages must be mixed with milk or water,
Foods Beverages
they have been specially formulated for school children,
2013 56.7 71.3
with a formulation boasting iron and iodine, which claims
2008 40.6 42.8
to help brain development and concentration.
2007 39.9 38.4
Nestle has made similar efforts in the U.S., with Boost
Kid Essentials debuting late last year. It includes 25 essential Source: BCC Research, October 2008
vitamins and minerals, 7g of protein and antioxidants from
vitamins C and E. Most unique about the product is its
delivery method for probiotics, which the child consumes Thalgo Roquebrune sur Agens has released an infusion tea
via a patented straw. with green tea, orthosiphon and brown algae focus, said to
Mayfield Dairy Farms, meanwhile, had children’s mental “encourage elimination and weight loss,” while General
acuity in mind when launching Right Start Low Fat Milk Nutrition Corporation (GNC) has introduced Wellbeing™
earlier this year. The pasteurized chocolate milk features be-Fulfilled™ Weight Management Shake for Women. This
DHA omega-3 to support a healthy brain. meal-replacement shake, the company claims, has been
clinically proven to enhance weight loss and support a
Weighty Concerns healthy metabolism and lean muscle. The “balanced ratios”
With increased worries about obesity and the impact of its of high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats
related health problems, consumers naturally are looking also supposedly help the consumer feel fuller for longer.
for weight-loss measures that can be incorporated easily Antioxidants are well-established in the functional
into their lifestyles. Functional beverages are striving beverage segment. For its Vitamin Enriched Water brand,
to incorporate ingredients that will accelerate that goal. Live Young Forever (LYF) blended vitamins and the

HealthyChoices @ Jungbunzlauer ®
for Mineral Fortification
Jungbunzlauer is one of the market leaders
to provide highly bioavailable organic mineral
salts to the food and beverage industry

• Tricalcium Citrate
• Trimagnesium Citrate
• Tripotassium Citrate
• Zinc Citrate New!

• Calcium Lactate Gluconate

Antioxidative Activity • Potassium Gluconate
Bone Health
Heart Health
Immune System Mental Performance USA phone 617-969 0900 fax 617-964 2921
Joint Health Nerve and Muscle Health Europe phone +41-61-2955 100 fax +41-61-2955 108

Normal Growth

Skin Health
Weight Management

See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 108

PFX08094jung-SALT.indd 1 7/20/09

August 11:15:10
2009 AM 19
new product trends

EGCG antioxidant, said to stimulate Eye of the Beholder soft drinks and dairy products with such
thermogenesis, a process critical to Functional beverages have relatively cosmeceutical goals more than doubled
weight loss and fat burning. At the recently begun claiming beauty in 2008 around the world, with a strong
same time, LYF claimed another trend: benefits in the U.S., though it is a base developing outside of the pioneering
the beverage is all-natural, using fruits trend well-established elsewhere. markets of Japan and other Asia Pacific
and vegetable juice for color. Mintel found the number of new areas. Danone and Nestle have made
significant strides in cosmeceutical
beverages, with the latter initiating a high-
profile launch just last year.
Late 2008 saw Nestle unveil Glowelle
in the U.S., exclusively in Neiman Marcus
retail and online stores. Incorporating a
proprietary blend of antioxidant vitamins
(A, C and E), with real tea, phytonutrients,
and botanical and fruit extracts, the
product purportedly hydrates the inner
and outer layers of the skin and, it is
claimed, protects the skin from damage
caused by free radicals and nourishes the
skin from within. Unlike similar anti-
aging products on the market, Glowelle
was introduced with a fairly high price
point: $7.00 per bottle or $5.70 per
powder stick.
In contrast, Danone’s Essensis beauty
yogurt drinks and yogurts are priced
comparably to the company’s other
functional brands. Unlike those other
Danone entities, Essensis claims to nourish
skin from the inside, courtesy of borage
oil, green tea antioxidant, vitamin E and
proprietary probiotic strains. Essensis is
not yet available in the U.S., however,
and, in fact, was pulled from France due
to lean sales in 2008.
Another manufacturer working to
develop a mainstream cosmeceutical
beverage, however, is Coca-Cola. Its
Fuze Beverage division developed a line
to provide healthy skin and other benefits
and launched Fuze Slenderize Empower
Pomegranate Acai Berry last year, with
138mg of vitamin C for healthy skin and
vision, polyphenols, antioxidants for
heart health, chromium for “obtaining
energy from food,” super citrimax for
metabolism and L-carnitine amino acid
for an energy boost.
Most innovation in this area, not
surprisingly, remains concentrated in
the Asia Pacific region, with noteworthy
launches incorporating such ingredients
as collagen, hyaluronic acid, co-enzyme
Q10 and amino acids.

20 August 2009 ●

08094mult.indd 1 7/8/09 9:12:45 AM
© 2009 PURAC
The re ' s n ot h i n g
o r dinary
a b ou t wh at we d o.

With our unique approach to product innovation, TandemRain makes the ordinary extraordinary. We create and
innovate products that are healthier and more nutritious, adding the beneficial ingredients consumers are looking
for. Best of all, our process enables us to deliver your new product in a fraction of the time development has
traditionally taken. Now that’s out of the ordinary.

w w w.tande mr
new product trends

Shot in the Dark ingredients, new opportunities are years. “Market consumption
While the U.S. may lag somewhat in bound to emerge. volumes increased with a CAGR of
that segment of functional beverages, In its report, “Functional 6.9% between 2004-2008, to reach
the country is a leader in energy shots. Drinks: Global Industry Guide,” a total of 9.9 billion liters in 2008.”
In something of a smaller-is-better Datamonitor described the growth What area was responsible for
phenomenon, which until recently of functional beverages in recent much of that growth? Datamonitor
seemed relegated to electronics and
other segments outside of food and
beverages, smaller sized energy
beverages known as energy shots have
seen tremendous growth over the past
two years, to reach $350 million in retail
sales in the U.S. alone, according to New
Nutrition Business. This sales growth
comes despite the fact that these quick,
convenient bursts of energy sell at a
400% premium over their bigger sized
mainstream counterparts, such as Red leading edge innovation,
Bull and Monster. While the latter pair
and their ilk have targeted 14-25-year-
steeped in tradition.
old males almost exclusively, “this new
category in energy drinks...has been
developed to meet the needs of all those We travel to the ends of the earth in search of the ingredients that
people who are not served by the current will make your new product stand out. With more than 30 years
market,” notes Research and Markets. experience in tea, coffee, and functional ingredients, A. Holliday can
Leading the U.S. energy shot market, for help you succeed.
example, is 5-Hour Energy, which aims
to reach mothers, office workers and To learn more call (416) 225-2217 or visit us online at
“any mature consumer struggling with
a demanding day” seeking a sugar-free
pick-me-up. While 5-Hour Energy holds
a commanding 70% share of the U.S.
market, Research and Markets believes
there are still opportunities, if not in the
U.S., then certainly in other countries,
such as Australia, parts of South America
and the Middle East.

Functional Future
Considering the persevering growth of the
market despite the worldwide economic Leaf & instant teas EGCG, polyphenols & flavonoids
slowdown, functional beverages should Certified Organic ingredients Herbal & superfruit extracts
continue to see fortunes improve as Instant coffee & extracts Natural tea caffeine extract
economies do. That said, functional
dairy drinks, particularly dosage drinks,
have neared maturity in a number of
markets, but Mintel’s “Yogurt and Yogurt
Drinks—U.S.” report finds consumers are Innovative Ideas & Ingredients.
still looking for beverages (and foods, for
Serving Beverage, Nutraceutical, and Skincare industries.
that matter) with some degree of health
benefit. According to the November
2008 report, 44% of all yogurt users are
looking for “active yogurt cultures.” With
increased awareness of other healthy August 2009 7/14/0923

pfx08094ahol.indd 1 8:56:37
new product trends

DRAGON finds, “Energy drink sales proved the most lucrative for
the global functional drinks market in 2008, generating
I NC .


total revenues of $12.7 billion, equivalent to 47.3% of the
market’s overall value.” Datamonitor likewise predicts a bright future for
functional beverages. “The performance of the market is
Featuring Asian forecast to accelerate, with an anticipated CAGR of
10.4% for the five-year period 2008-2013, which is
YUMBERRY POMEGRANATE exotic fruit expected to drive the market to a value of $44.3 billion by
and vegetable the end of 2013.”
ingredients from
Taiwan, China, — Type “functional beverage” (with quotes) for a
Vietnam and number of videos and articles on the subject from Prepared Foods’ archives
main516698.shtml — CBS News report “Functional Beverages: Are They Worth
Your Money?” —
120 West Bonita Ave. #204 Functional ingredients for beverages from The Beverage Institute for Health
San Dimas, CA 91773-3035, USA and Wellness
909 394.5640 — Datamonitor — Mintel International

pfx08094enco.indd 1 6/25/09 3:14:37 PM

See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 5

24 August 2009 ●

Omega-3s never tasted so good.

life’sDHA by Martek TM
You can have the expertise of Martek’s food scientists in the
palm of your hand with one phone call. Working side by side with you, our experts will help you capitalize on all
the benefits of life’sDHATM Omega-3. Studies have shown that DHA promotes brain, eye and heart health throughout life.
Formulating with life’sDHATM Omega-3 will significantly increase your product’s nutritional value and marketability.
Made from a patented vegetarian source and production process, life’sDHATM will not adversely affect your product’s
sensory characteristics. And, because our DHA is from algae grown in fermentation tanks, not from fish, life’sDHATM is free
of any ocean-borne contaminants.

Have an appetite for giving your product the competitive edge?

Call 1-800-662-6339, visit or email us at

life’sDHA is a trademark of Martek Biosciences Corporation.

© 2008 Martek Biosciences Corporation. All rights reserved.
The premium
prebiotic fiber

FiberAid™ prebiotic offers evidence-based digestive health. Products carrying

the FiberAid™ Quality Seal on the packaging show the consumer that they
contain the premium fiber from Lonza.

Lonza’s FiberAid™ Quality Seal signifies:

– All natural prebiotic fiber produced via a unique patented process
(US 5756098, EP 86608 and other patents)
– Offers superior health benefits combined with excellent digestive tolerance
– Evidence-based ingredients you and your customers can trust

FiberAid™ prebiotic offers

evidence-based digestive health
and is a trademark of Lonza. Lonza Inc, Allendale, NJ, USA, Tel. +1 800 365 8324, contact.allendale @

The statements made in this advertisement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Lonza’s FiberAid ™ is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. No statement is intended or should be construed as a
recommendation to infringe any existing patent. The information contained herein is believed to be correct and corresponds to the latest state of scientific and technical knowledge. However, no warranty is made, either express or implied,
regarding its accuracy or the results to be obtained from the use of such information and no warranty is expressed or implied concerning the use of these products. The buyer assumes all risks of use and/or handling.

See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 122-125

new product trends
market watch

See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 68

PFX03094FLDY.indd 1
Reduced-calorie 2/10/09 9:26:13 AM

The 100-calorie package has become something of a
mainstay on store shelves, as consumers embrace the
ease of portion control. However, as with many trends,
there is always the desire to improve on the notion.
As a result, Yoplait has launched a line of 50-calorie
yogurts. The four flavors—strawberry, vanilla, peach and Key lime
pie—also boast no fat and 5g of fiber. While the 50-calorie serving may be one
trend, the product does target another: fiber requirements. Less is More
The Institute of Medicine advises 25g of fiber a day, but most Americans fall far short of that
goal. The new Yoplait product provides 20% of that recommendation and also promises to be a good
source of calcium and vitamins A and D.
T he NPD Group finds organic is the
top food trend expected to grow over
the next decade, outpacing restaurant
The product also features a “Hungry Girl Seal of Approval.” “Hungry Girl” has a website and meals eaten at home and light offerings.
daily newsletter that promotes and recommends low-calorie snack options. The debate about “natural” as compared
with “organic,” however, may well be
confusing consumers. Nevertheless, as
flavors as Luxe Milk Almond, Luxe Milk consumers attempt to grasp the nutritional
Hazelnut, Luxe Milk, Luxe Milk Crisp benefits of “natural” vs. “organic”—if, in
(with crisped rice) and Luxe Milk Duet (a fact, there are any—manufacturers con-
blend of milk and dark chocolate). tinue to launch products geared to that
Mars Snackfood U.S. has also natural consumer.
expanded its range of premium choco- Alouette, for example, is well-known
late. As Thomas Pinnau, vice president for its distinctive line of cheeses and
Dove Right In of Indulgence, Mars Snackfood U.S., specialty cheese products. Now, the
explains, “Our customers are passion- company has eliminated all artificial

P remium confections have increas-

ingly turned to augmented flavors in
recent years, as upscale chocolate lines,
ate about real, authentic silky smooth
chocolate but also want to explore
new flavor combinations, in addition
flavors, colors and preservatives from
its line of soft, spreadable cheeses and
claims it is the only brand to offer 100%
particularly, have added flavors to their to the solid milk chocolate that they all-natural spreadable cheese flavors,
offerings. Ghirardelli added an entire know and love.” Mars’ Dove line has including Garlic & Herbs, Spinach
range of flavors to dark chocolate a cou- been expanded to include Dove Silky Artichoke, Sundried Tomato & Basil,
ple of years ago and has now introduced Smooth Milk Chocolate with Peanut Peppercorn Parmesan and Light
Luxe Milk Chocolate to its line, in such Butter, the brand’s first such offering. Cucumber Dill, to name a few.

pany is attempting what could be con- 16K/cal, 4g of carbohydrates and 4g of

De-energize sidered the antithesis of energy drinks. sugar per serving.
Innovative Beverage Group is targeting Peter Bianchi, chief executive officer,

E nergy drinks have emerged as a

standout in the beverage category.
In fact, Datamonitor finds the trend is
consumers looking to relax in a hurry with
Drank, a beverage promising relaxation
benefits. Drank has what is termed an
explains, “Drank Deuce was a natural
evolution and a direct answer to customer
demand for something smaller, with
global, with total revenues of $12.7 bil- “extreme relaxation formula,” combining fewer calories. Plus, the product is highly
lion around the world in 2008. In this melatonin, valerian root and rose hips. portable, and under the specified liquid
crowded segment, manufacturers are Now, the brand is joining the energy shot limit for airport security, which makes it
turning to an increasing diversity of segment with Drank Deuce, a 2oz version the perfect travel companion, when cross-
energy-boosting ingredients. One com- of its namesake, promising relaxation with ing multiple time zones.” ●
August 2009 27
new product trends
market watch

There’s Comfort THE IN BOX:

in Eggs For daily industry news updates, see the homepage of www.PreparedFoods.
com and

 MGP Ingredients Inc.’s manufacturing site in Atchison, Kan., received

Comfort foods International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 and Occupational
that utilize the right Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001 certifications. The
company also announced that Kyungsoo Woo had been selected as winner
ingredients can of the 2009 Industrial Scientist Award from IFT.
allow consumers and  PureCircle added five key personnel to its U.S. operations: Dr. Sidd
formulators alike to Purkayastha, technical director; Jason Hecker, director of marketing; Mike
Wolff, sales director; Jacqueline Armstrong, sales director East Coast; and
have their cake and eat Mauricio Bacigaluppo, sales director Latin America. The company also
announced it expects a surge in full-year profits, helped mainly by higher
it too. Egg products sales of its reb-A products and strong demand from consumers.
are one of those
 Cargill launched a new oils and shortening knowledge center, www.cargill.
ingredients. com/food/oilsforhealthysolutions, to provide information to food manufac-
turers seeking to formulate healthier products. The company is also expand-
ing its capabilities in canola, with the opening of a new specialty canola
research and production centre in Aberdeen, Saskatchewan.
Comfort, value and
simplicity  Innophos Inc. is expanding its Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, facilities to
increase the site’s food grade phosphate salts and food grade phosphoric
Clean natural label acid capacities.

 David Michael & Co. promoted Olivia Klose and Matt Gieseke to account
High-quality multi- manager roles.
functional protein
 P.L. Thomas has introduced its new website:

 Ganeden Biotech launched its newest website:, a

...make it with eggs resource on the probiotic bacteria GanedenBC30.

 WellGen Inc. appointed Dr. Roderick (Roddy) Carter president and chief
Learn more about what executive officer.
eggs can do for you @
 Joy Gaze, deputy head of microbiology at Campden BRI, will receive the
IAFP 2009 GMA (U.S. Grocery Manufacturers Federation) Food Safety
Award, in recognition of her pre-eminence in and contribution to the field of
microbiological food safety.

 Sweet Green Fields opened a 160,000sq ft extraction facility in China.

 Johnsonville Sausage LLC added James T. Murray as corporate chef.

 Biothera received the 2009 Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Research Award
for the development of Wellmune WGP, a natural food, beverage and supple-
ment ingredient.

 Thomas Rabe was named a new member of the supervisory board of


August 2009 ●

new product trends

The Reportable Food Registry

Mark Hostetler, Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP

n September 8, 2009, the reporting When a responsible party becomes
requirements of the Reportable Food aware of a reportable food, it is to contact
Registry (section 417 of the Food Drug FDA within 24 hours. A report to the Registry
and Cosmetic Act) will become effective. Companies need not be made, if the concern or adulteration
registered with the FDA should make themselves current originates with the responsible party and the potential
on their reporting obligations. adulteration was detected prior to distribution and
Those companies required to report are called the responsible party has corrected the concern. The
“responsible parties” and are those facilities which FDA will then assign a number to the report and will
previously registered under the Act (i.e., facilities follow up with the responsible party for additional and
engaged in the manufacturing, processing and holding background information.
of food for consumption in the U.S.). Reports are to be filed electronically through the
A “reportable food” is an article of food “for which “Reportable Food electronic portal.” The initial report
there is a reasonable probability that the use of, or should include (1) the registration number of the
exposure to, such article of food will cause serious responsible party; (2) the date the food was determined
adverse health consequences or death of humans or to be a “reportable food;” (3) quantity of food; (4)
animals.” The criteria for reporting to the Registry is extent and nature of adulteration; (5) the results of any
approximate to that level of concern comparable to investigation undertaken by the responsible party to date;
classification of a Class 1 recall. Otherwise, “food” (6) the disposition of the food; and (7) the information
includes the standard definition of “(1) articles used typically found on the food’s packaging (i.e., product
for food or drink for man or other animals (other than codes, use-by date, manufacturer/distributor). FDA may
infant formula), (2) chewing gum and (3) articles used follow-up the initial report with additional questions or
for components of any such article.” requests for more data and information concerning the
The FDA has issued the draft guidance, “Guidance product or the incident.
for Industry: Questions and Answers Regarding the Reports to the Registry must be maintained by the
Reportable Food Registry as Established by the Food responsible party for a minimum of two years. Calling
and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007.” the FDA District Office or local health official does not
This article highlights sections of the Guidance and, relieve a responsible party from its obligation to report
although the Guidance represents FDA’s “current to the Registry.
thinking,” it does not “create or confer any rights” and Companies registered with the Food and Drug
“does not operate to bind FDA.” It should be reviewed Administration are encouraged to review the Draft
by all companies who are registered with FDA (see: 74 Guidance and to be prepared to comply by the September
Federal Register 27804, 06/11/2009). 8, 2009, deadline.
The emphasis of the notification process is on
identification and investigation of potential for more Mark Hostetler is an attorney at
serious health consequences, as a report to the Registry Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP.
is not/shall not be considered an admission that the Experienced in advising consumer
reported food or incident constitutes adulteration, or in product companies and focusing pri-
any way contributed to any adverse health consequences, marily in the food industry, he has
illness or death. The report “may be accompanied by guided producers, advertisers and
a statement, which shall be part of any report that is marketers through regulatory pro-
released for public disclosure that denies that the report ceedings, product recalls, new product introductions, and
or notification constitutes an admission that the product new advertising and promotional campaigns. He can be
involved caused or contributed to a death, serious injury reached at
or serious illness.”

30 August 2009 ●

Reducing costs is a business imperative in today’s economic climate. Kraft Food Ingredients
offers cost-optimized cheese products that can help lower your finished product cost by as much
as 10%–15% — without compromising your application’s flavor, texture and performance. KFIC’s
proprietary technology in process cheese, cheese powders and flavors offers maximum product
development options to help you reduce cost without sacrificing quality.

If your product applications include cheese, let Kraft Food Ingredients recommend
a cost-optimized, insightful solution for your next development challenge.
Visit or call 1-800-458-TECH (8324) to find out more.
See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 116-117
culinary creations

American Sauces
and Gourmet-
flavored Foods
Traditional American foods, featuring sauces,
regional and ethnic flavorings, and fruits,
result in distinctive regional cuisines.

Not long ago, Asian foods in America under three minutes. The
Wilbert Jones, Contributing Editor presentations include
consisted mostly of Chinese-style foods. Hawaiian huli-huli,
Today, Thai, Japanese and Korean Kenyan coffee barbe-
cue sauce and an Asian-
foods have joined the mainstream,

here are farmer’s markets located all across America inspired ginger flavor.
that feature vendors selling some type of fruit pre- and stir-fried dishes containing
serve, jelly or pickled product. For years, sweet fruit different types of protein, vegetables Sweet with Savory
sauces have been paired with savory entrées and side dishes. For years, Americans
Some classic examples are cranberry sauce with roast turkey and noodles are quite popular. have been enjoying
and stuffing/dressing, mint jelly with roasted lamb, sweet savory salads with sweet
cherry sauce with roast pork tenderloin and peach chutney dressings. At the popular Chicago-based Trotters to Go
with baked ham. gourmet store (owned and operated by celebrity chef Charlie
The upscale Chicago-based caterer, Jewell Events Catering Trotter), there are some carry-out prepared foods that reflect
(with annual sales of $20M), has been constantly re-invent- this trend even further, by adding heat to the sweet and
ing itself by exploring more exotic flavors of the Middle savory flavors. For example, a salad-style entrée consists of
East, India and Southeast Asia. According to vice president spicy chicken salad on romaine lettuce, with a black bean
Grey Jenkins and senior catering and event consultant relish and Black Diamond white Cheddar, served with chef
Tamara Goldstein, many signature foods that reflect these Trotter’s organic-chipotle vinaigrette. Another dish is the
regions of the world have a combination of sweet flavors, Thai barbecue beef short ribs. For a meal without the heat,
paired with savory dishes. there is a honey and lavender-glazed, split-roasted Amish
Shining Ocean Inc. produces a line of restaurant-quality, fro- chicken, one of the restaurant’s most popular items.
zen, flavored wild Alaskan sockeye salmon, coated in gourmet, Not long ago, the Asian foods eaten in America consisted
sweet-tasting sauces. The product line is called Wild Smart of mostly Chinese-style dishes, such as sweet and sour
Salmon, which promotes the fish’s high omega-3 fatty acid chicken, fried rice with a sweet and sour sauce or soy sauce,
and vitamin D levels. The salmon is sold in 6oz portions and and egg rolls with a plum sauce or a duck sauce (a thick,
packaged in a new microwave steaming bag, which cooks in sweet and pungent, orange-flavored Chinese condiment). ●
August 2009 33
culinary creations

Today, Thai, Japanese and Korean foods to the company’s marketing man- option than traditional takeout.”
have penetrated the palates of Americans. ager, Michael Morse, “These stir- One popular flavor is the Mandarin
Thai foods are by far the most popular of fry sauces appeal to individuals and Orange stir-fry sauce (made with
these newcomers. Dishes such as Pad Thai families wanting well-balanced, sugar, water, soy sauce, plum sauce,
noodles are not only served in restaurants, flavorful options that are quick and rice vinegar, pineapple juice con-
but are being manufactured by many main- easy to prepare and that deliver a centrate, salt, modified corn starch,
stream companies, both under national more cost effective and nutritious hydrolyzed soy protein, tomato
brands and private labels.
Following this trend, grocery retailer
Trader Joe’s sells its brand of frozen entrée
Pad Thai noodles in all of its stores, nation-
wide. There is another Asian-inspired fro-
zen main dish called Trader Joe’s Mandarin
Orange Chicken. This kit consists of pre-
cooked, breaded chicken pieces ready to be
heated in the oven, with orange sauce pack-
ets included. It is easy to cook, ready in close
to 20 minutes; as a result, for several years,
this product has been the company’s number
one selling product, even topping the iconic
“Two-buck Chuck” (a line of wines, labeled
Charles Shaw, priced at $2.00).
Simply Asia foods introduced a line of
packaged stir-fry sauces, under its Thai
Kitchen brand, at the National Restaurant
Show held in Chicago in May. According

There are pronounced regional differences in

American barbecued foods. The type of meat or
protein, the use of wood or charcoal, as well as
the seasonings and barbecue sauces, result in a
myriad of barbecue styles and presentations.
See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 82

PFX05084Garl.indd 1 3/28/08 1:40:01 PM ●
August 2009 35
%RXQWLIXO culinary creations


Southern cooks are known, rightly, for mouth-watering, traditional foods.

“Smothering” is simply covering one food with another food or sauce
and then cooking them by a variety of methods to produce rich, flavorful
dishes. (See “Website References and Other Resources” at this article’s
end for more information.)

paste, orange juice concentrate, onion, yeast extract and xanthan

gum). The other flavors are ginger teriyaki, spicy Kung Pao and
General Tsao (a combination of sweet and spicy flavors with a
hint of garlic). The sauces are packaged in 4oz aseptic pouches.
Recently, Pace Foods launched a line of upscale Southwestern-
inspired, flavored salsa products, which can easily be used for
sauces, topped on entrées, side dishes or salads. The flavors
include pineapple mango chipotle, tequila lime, triple pepper
and verde.

The Heat is On
There is still a trend for spicy flavors in America and also a
demand for gourmet-inspired, tasty products. La Panzanella
introduced a line of upscale, spicy crackers under its Fieri brand.
Flavors include Red Chili Basil (enriched flour, canola and extra
1RUWK$PHULFD·VJURZHUVWKDQN\RX virgin olive oil, sea salt, crushed red chili pepper, dried basil,
IRUVXSSRUWLQJUHDOEOXHEHUULHV dried garlic, cayenne pepper); Serrano Lime (enriched flour,
canola oil and extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, Serrano pepper pow-

See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 160
h bbusiness is so ddifferent
ff now, the
h change
h is staggering.
I think of Darwin writing about countless incremental changes
taking place in the evolution of species. The same can be said
aid of the evolution of our company.
- Michael Gilmartin, President

Talk to us if you need a sample of wholesome,

customized goodness. Whether you want a cheese powder,
snack seasoning or sauce name it. If you need a special
dairy ingredient, we can help. Call us at 800-541-0850 ext. 130.

See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 43

Custom dairy/cheese powders seasonings sauce mixes dairy ¾avors EMCs

© 2008 Commercial Creamery Company

culinary creations

der, dried parsley, lime oil); and Chipotle (enriched flour, canola PRODUCT SUCCESS BEGINS
and extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, dried chipotle peppers, dried ®
garlic, dried onion). Some of the other signature flavors include
tomato oregano, rosemary, fennel, onion and garlic.
The company 479 Fahrenheit has a line of gourmet-flavored
popcorn that stretches beyond the traditional butter, caramel and
Cheddar cheese flavors found on grocery store shelves or in food
court malls. The company was named by its founder, Jean Arnold,
who explained, “I discovered that 479 Fahrenheit is the optimal
temperature for popping corn.” Some of the popular flavors are
ginger sesame caramel, madras coconut curry and cashews, black
truffle and white Cheddar, and chipotle caramel and almonds. All
of the company’s ingredients are USDA organic-certified.

Further Reading: Nothing More American…or Regional

Grilling foods with barbecue sauces may stand alone as representative
of American cooking. Yet, each region of the U.S. has tended to have
traditional approaches to both. (See the “Website References” at the
article’s end for more details.) Additionally, such sauces can be cre-
atively customized through the addition of other food components.
For example, the cookbook, Smothered Southern Foods, by
the author of this article, provides a basic, consumer-friendly
BBQ recipe consisting of 2 cups ketchup, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/3 cup
balsamic vinegar, 1 tablespoon each of chopped fresh oregano,
rosemary and sage, and 1/2 teaspoon each of mustard powder and
black pepper. The herbs add earthy background notes. However, it
is also suggested that a variety of flavored sauces can be created
through the addition of fresh fruit (such as citrus-flavored) or Blend your vision with French’s Famous Flavors and

roasted garlic (with the addition of roasted garlic cloves). give your new product that something extra—built-in
As many consumers, restaurants and food processors alike
have discovered, the creation of unique and enticing sauces can
consumer appeal. Use the market-tested flavors of
be crucial to many a dish. French’s Flavor Ingredients to enhance the umami
experience with signature marinades, sauces, dressings
Website References and Other Resources: and more. — In the upper right hand side of the page, change the
drop down menu to “author” and type in Wilbert Jones in the search field below it to s Frank’s® RedHot® Cayenne Pepper Sauce—
see cookbooks authored by Jones, including Smothered Southern Foods the original Buffalo flavor that started it all — Type (with quotation marks) “Barbecue’s Regional
Roots” into the search field, for a discussion of barbecuing and regional s French’s® Mustard—America’s favorite line of
American cuisines mustards; French’s® Worcestershire Sauces — On the left hand side of the home page, click on > R&D and more
Application Videos to access a webpage with a secondary link for videos on “Sauces,
Marinades, Dressings, & Spreads” application information s Cattlemen’s® Barbecue Sauces—universal
appeal and regional preferences
Wilbert Jones is the president of Healthy
Concepts, a food and beverage company s Over fifty unique flavors in wet or dry formats
that provides menu, recipe and product See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 78
development consulting services. He has
authored four cookbooks, most recently America’s Famous Flavors
Smothered Southern Foods. He attended
Paris’ Ecole de Gastronomique Francaise
Ritz-Escoffier and was a food scientist for
Kraft General Foods. For more more information, call 312-
335-0031 or e-mail:

1-800-4-FRENCH ●
August 2009 ©2008 Reckitt Benckiser Inc
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Our master cheese graders then select just the right age
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culinary creations

On the National Menu

Healthy Only at Home? Restaurant Snacks

When asked directly, many American diners profess the desire at Home
to eat a healthier diet, but they find it hard to follow through with
actions. In a recent survey, Mintel Menu Insights found that only Americans are eating on the move, and snacking has
one in five (20%) diners ranked the healthiness of the foods they increased along with this trend. In many instances, snacks
ordered an important factor when they ordered dinner. When replace meals and now account for 21% of all meals con-
describing what they look for on a dinner menu, most important sumed, according to a report titled, “Snack Foods Culinary
to consumers was taste (77%) and hunger satisfaction (44%). Trend Mapping Report,” from Packaged Facts and the Center
While many restaurants have made a conscious effort to roll out for Culinary Development.
and then highlight what are perceived to be healthy menu items, As snacking has increased, so has the expectation of
only slightly more than half (51%) of the adults interviewed quality. Some higher end restaurant trends have contributed
actually said they order them, although some 75% said they to this phenomenon, such as “gastropubs,” pubs that sell
would like to see more healthy items on the menu. upscale snacks and small plates; cicchetti, small snacks
However, the blame may not lie just in the items presented. inspired by Venetian versions of foods, such as mini-sand-
Especially in a depressed economy, price matters. Over half wiches and olives; and izakaya food, the Japanese versions
(54%) of the Mintel respondents said it cost more to eat of bar food, such as chicken wings and grilled short ribs. A
healthy in a restaurant. Maria Caranfa, a registered dietitian surprising addition to the upscale lineup was artisanal pork
with Mintel Menu Insights, said, “When it comes to healthy rinds, presented in bags and oftentimes made from locally
menu items, the prices are often higher and less promoted.” sourced natural or heritage-bred pork.
Another contributing factor is that the sheer number of “regu- Other snacks were included in the report: high-end pop-
lar” restaurant items eclipses the limited “healthy” menu items corn for adults, in flavors such as curry, black truffles and
offered. Mintel Menu Insights discovered that, during Q1 sharp Parmesan cheese; and seaweed snacks, in the form of
2009, only 5% of new items carried a nutritional claim, while chips and crackers, inspired by Korean and Japanese ver-
one in five food items was fried. sions. Other snacks slowly making their way into the main-
While people do say they want to eat healthier, their stream include chips from different types of potatoes, such as
actions continue to say otherwise. “Over eight in 10 adults Yukon Gold and sweet potatoes, and crispy vegetable and
told us it is very or somewhat important to them to eat legume snacks that are baked or fried; ingredients range from
healthy, but when it comes to dining out, most people are soybeans to chickpeas to tomatoes. Also making headway are
really looking for taste, texture and experience,” stated snacks with higher protein and fiber profiles that have been
Caranfa. It is a challenge for foodservice operators to pres- sweetened, such as brown rice, soybeans and lentils. A peren-
ent menu items that satisfy consumer’s expectations for nial favorite, nuts are enjoying a revival with bold flavors that
indulgence, as well as their desire for a healthful meal. include wasabi, soy, lime, chiles and herbs. ●
August 2009 41
cover story


Options to satisfy Americans’ sweet tooth are evolving by Experts from the Harvard School of Public Health
Department of Nutrition believe so strongly in evidence
the bowlful. that sugary drinks are an important contributor to the
epidemic rise of obesity and diabetes, they have encouraged
Lauren Swann, Contributing Editor manufacturers, government, schools, worksites and homes
to help Americans choose healthier drinks by proposing a
new class of reduced-calorie beverages that have no more

ugary-tasting sweets commanded $9.7 billion in than 1g of sugar per ounce—about 3tsps per 12oz, 50
2007 sales from all U.S. retail, foodservice and calories, or 70% less sugar than a typical soft drink—and
industrial natural, refined or artificial sweeteners, free of non-caloric sweeteners. They also want the FDA to
including manufactured and finished products require calorie information for the entire bottle—not just
(such as beverages, confections, baked goods and for a single serving—on the front of drink labels, aiming to
snacks). Robust sales, however, are being linked by many “re-educate the American palate to a lower expectation of
health professionals to a robust increase in waistlines. sweetness, as well as to give consumers clear information to
The USDA reports that available calories from all forms help them make healthier choices.”
of added sugars increased 17% from 1970-2006, and The various forms of sucrose and/or fructose sweeteners
the country’s sweet tooth has become a prime suspect generally have 4Kcal/g, tend to digest easily and are quickly
in factors contributing to two of today’s top health absorbed into the bloodstream after eating, though their
concerns—overweight and diabetes. relative effect on blood sugar depends on their simple 6-carbon
A 12oz can of soda or juice typically has 10-12tsps of sugars make-up. Fructose tends to cause less of an immediate
sugar and 150 or more calories; the popular 20oz bottle size and sharp rise in blood sugar, as compared to glucose. Yet,
now prevalent on store shelves and in vending machines research from the University of California at Davis revealed
carries nearly 17tsps of sugar and 250 calories. However, evidence that human consumption of fructose-sweetened,
these concentrated packages of calories—especially when but not glucose-sweetened, beverages can adversely affect
habitually swilled in beverages—can easily add up over how the body reacts to sugar, handles fats and controls sugar
time and, depending on whether they are drunk with or in once in the bloodstream, potentially leading to heart-health
between meals and how much is consumed, can cause blood risks. (Kimber, L., et al. 2009. J Clin Invest. 119:1322-34.)
sugar spikes and swings. “Fructose is much more readily metabolized to fat in the liver

42 August 2009 ●

cover story

than glucose is and, in the process, can lead to non-alcoholic of both glucose and fructose. The National Honey Board’s
fatty liver disease, which in turn leads to hepatic insulin website
websi te ( reports that
resistance and type II diabetes,” said Gerald Shulman of honeyy averages 38.38% fructose, 30.31% glucose and minor
Yale University School of Medicine. amounts
amoun n of other sweeteners.
Thee most common forms of high-fructose corn syrup are
HFC C which is 42% fructose and 58% glucose, and
H which is 55% fructose and 45% glucose; the
la is generally used in most soft drinks and other
s beverages in the U.S. and is comparable
to the 50/50 fructose-glucose ratio found in common
tta sugar. Current public health advocacy,
pparticularly in the media, tends to correlate the rise in
HFCS consumption with the increase in diabetes and
ob b (though research in this area continues). In the
arrt “Dietary Fructose and Glucose Differentially
Af ff Lipid and Glucose Homeostasis,” published in
thee June 2009 Journal of Nutrition, E.J. Schaefer and
co ll from the Tufts University Department of
Aggr stated, “Sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup
(HF F contain approximately equal amounts of fructose
andd glucose, and no metabolic differences between them
havee been noted. Controlled feeding studies at more
Common Di
Dietary SSugar SSources physiologic dietary intakes of fructose and glucose need
of Glucose and Fructose
Both glucose and fructose are
constituents of common sweeteners. Sweet Taste Profile: Maximal Response
For example, table sugar, baking
sugar or cane juice are all sucrose, Sucrose Concentration
which is a disaccharide of glucose 2.5% 5.00% 7.5% 10.0%
and fructose units. Corn syrup is
primarily made of glucose, while Thaumatin 21,111 14,167 7,222 278
high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), in Neotame 13,736 11,013 8,278 5,556
which enzymes convert some of the Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone 1,377 906 434 —
glucose into fructose, is composed Sucralose 633 636 546 385
Sodium saccharin 515 444 247 180
How Sweet? Sodium cyclamate 28 32 29 28
Rebaudioside-A (Reb-A) 385 290 250 208
The need for information to be limited to
Stevioside 267 150 120 110
small “sound bites” (or “space bites” in the
case of print media) leads media to say a Monoammonium glycyrrhizinate 229 110 — —
specific sweetener compound is “X-times Fructose 1.3 1.3 1.3 1.3
sweeter than sugar.” However, the perceived Glucose 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6
sweetness of a sweetening compound is
impacted by extrinsic factors beyond how Source: “Stevia” presentation, V.H.Abelyan, PureCircle
much of the ingredient is put into a food
or beverage. Just a few such circumstances
include a product’s pH, flavoring system, other sweeteners, viscosity When comparing the sweetness of a compound to sucrose, the concentra-
and other textural attributes. One study found that even the choice tion in simple water must be considered. The chart shows that stevia steviol
of hydrocolloid gums used to produce gels with the same hardness glycoside compound reb-A was found to be some 208 times as sweet as
greatly influenced sweetness perception of sodium sucaryl. (Marshall, sucrose, when compared at 10% concentrations, increasing to 385 times,
SG and Vaisey, M. 1972. J Texture Stud. 3:173-185. Pub online: 30 when compared in 2.5% solutions.
Jan 2007.) —Claudia Dziuk O’Donnell, Chief Editor ●
August 2009 43
cover story

to be conducted.” The American Dietetic Association, American Medical Association

and Center for Science in Public Interest (CSPI) have all also stated that HFCS dietary
contributions are no different than other caloric sweeteners.
FDA also settled a labeling controversy last year: as long as HFCS has no contact with
synthetic fixing agents during the enzymatic process, the agency does not object to a
“natural” claim. However, it is consumer perception that drives demand, and all the fuss
over HFCS has ultimately moved some companies and restaurants to return to sugar. Pepsi-
Cola, Mountain Dew and Dr Pepper have “no HFCS,” sugar-sweetened-only alternative
products, and Snapple is permanently replacing HFCS with sugar in its entire premium
line. Starbucks has announced it is removing HFCS from its baked goods, and Jamba
Juice is taking it out of their drinks. Concurrently, several regional food co-ops, grocery
Marchand store chains and restaurants—such as PCC, Cabo Bob’s, New Orleans Pizza, Jason’s Deli
and Which Wich—have declared their products and menus HFCS-free.
d’Raisin Sauce
Americans consumed 44lbs of refined cane and beet sugar per capita last year, and the
INGREDIENTS health concerns over excess consumption continue to create a thriving and significant
1 bottle (750 ml) dry red wine,
demand for low- or no-calorie sweeteners. Projected by Packaged Facts to grow to a
reduced to 2 cups
1 cup veal demi-glaze* $3.2 billion market by 2012, alternative sweeteners have proven most profitable in diet
1 cup molasses soft drinks, tabletop sweeteners, sugarless gum and confectionary retail products.
2 tablespoons clarified butter
1 tablespoon minced shallot
Naturally Sweet Timing
1/4 cup mushrooms, minced
1/4 cup California raisin paste* Findings from The Hartman Group capture the essence of the most recent preferential
1/4 cup minced dry-cure ham tendency: “Moving beyond a singular focus on sugar, consumers also express concern that
Fresh lemon juice, to taste the combination of sugar and/or diet sweeteners, carbonated soda water, artificial colors
Cayenne pepper, to taste and flavors, and other artificial ingredients simply cannot prove beneficial to one’s long-
1 tablespoon butter, softened
term health prospects.” Some notable sweeteners have arrived on the scene with significant
Combine wine reduction, veal
presence to meet this contemporary and growing demand.
demi-glaze, and molasses in Stevia, derived from a South American plant, is some 300 times sweeter than sugar (see
3-quart saucepan; simmer over sidebar “Sweet Taste Profile: Maximal Response”). Formerly limited to dietary supplement
medium heat until reduced
by 1/3. Heat clarified butter in products, stevia debuted as a major player in the sweeteners category after FDA did not
12-inch nonstick sautépan over question manufacturers’ GRAS status conclusions for rebaudioside-A (reb-A) in December
medium-high heat; add shallot 2008. Reb-A, a highly purified form of S. rebaudiana, received no objection to being used
and mushrooms. Sauté over low
heat, stirring constantly, until as a tabletop and general-purpose sweetener in foods formulated to provide 30mg of reb-A
mushrooms are tender. Stir in per gram of finished product.
raisin paste and add minced
ham; heat through. Remove from
To strengthen the quality and purity of stevia-based sweeteners, the U.S. Pharmacopeia
heat and add to wine sauce. (USP) has made available new reference standards for rebaudioside-A and stevioside that
Finish sauce with lemon juice, complement the written testing standard for high-purity reb-A; the updated guidelines are set
cayenne pepper and softened
butter. Keep warm until ready to to be released in the August 31, 2009 edition of the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC). This will
serve. Drizzle over grilled steaks. help ensure and substantiate the ingredients’ identities, quality, purity, strength and consistency,
Yields: 3 1/2 cups protecting their products and brands from low-quality, potentially adulterated ingredients.
Erythritol, found naturally in pears, melons, grapes, mushrooms and some fermented
* Dem-glaze is available at foods, is a sugar alcohol with about 70% of the sweetness of table sugar and “net zero”
gourmet specialty shops or calories. Although it is a carbohydrate, FDA labeling is approved for 0.2K/cal per gram,
substitute well seasoned due to its uniquely rapid absorption and excretion process. This characteristic makes it
brown gravy.
more compatible with normal healthy digestion, when compared to more commonly used
* To make raisin paste, grind or sugar alcohols. Combining it with other low-calorie sweeteners, such as aspartame and
process in food processor
whole California natural raisins
acesulfame-K, results in improved finished product flavor profiles.
(1/2 cup) equal to twice the Agave, another choice gaining momentum, is the syrup or nectar from the Mexican plant
amount of raisin paste required with the same name. Although there is no reduction in calories (agave contains the same 16
(1/4 cup) until very finely
chopped and smooth. calories per teaspoon as sugar), it is more intense, so a lower amount can be used to achieve the
same sweetness without the disruptive effect on blood sugar. Because it is composed primarily
of fructose, however, issues in regards to health benefits are growing along with its popularity.
Brazzein, a small, intensely sweet protein from the African Pentadiplandra brazzeana plant,
is highly potent. It is reported to be some 500 times sweeter than a 10% sugar solution and
is heat-stable, water-soluble and reportedly reduces aftertaste from other sweeteners, such as
aspartame and stevia. It also features a complementary flavor profile closer to sucrose.

August 2009 ●


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California Raisins.


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Going Online: Genetics and Sweetness Perception

The ability to perceive certain bitter components varies among increased ability to taste sucrose, when compared to populations in
individuals, due to genetic differences, and this also may result in a other regions studied. They concluded, “We propose that inherited
greater preference for sucrose (Mennella JA, et al. 2005. Pediatrics. differences in [a gene variation] account for a substantial fraction of
115:e216-2221). It is also known that the ability to experience a sweet worldwide differences in human sweet taste perception3.”
taste differs greatly among mammals. For example, it is non-existent 1
in the household cat2. A recent study indicates that genetics also impacts 2
Type, with quotation marks, “Cats and Sweetness Perception” in the search field at
the ability of humans to perceive sweetness (Fushan, AA, et al. Curr See bottom of article page.
Biol. 19:1–6). The researchers report that European populations had
the lowest occurrence of a certain gene, which meant they had an —Claudia Dziuk O’Donnell, Chief Editor

Thaumatin is a sweet-flavored protein from a West African A Tax on Taste

fruit that is many times more potent than sugar, but builds A U.S. Senate committee is currently considering new
slowly and lasts longer. It is also noted to result in a taste federal taxes on sugary drinks, with intent to channel that
more like sugar, when used with sugar alcohols and intense revenue into national health care, something already under
sweeteners; this makes it a good choice for masking bitterness consideration in some states. The actual tax amount under
and overcoming off-flavors, and it is water-soluble and heat- consideration has not yet been disclosed. More than a dozen
stable. [Editor’s note: In the U.S., thaumatin is currently states already have taxes on soda and other snack foods.
approved only as a flavor enhancer in a range of applications. CSPI believes, “Federal and state governments should
Similarly, glycyrrhizin and dihydrochalcones, which impart levy excise taxes on soda and other sugary drinks both to
sweetness many times that of sucrose, are also approved in raise revenues to pay for health coverage and prevention
the U.S. only as flavors and/or flavor enhancers.] programs, and also to decrease consumption of products that

HealthyChoices @ Jungbunzlauer ®
Erythritol in…
…calories out!
Jungbunzlauer’s product for your low
calories sweetening solution

• clean sweet taste

• zero glycemic index
• high digestive tolerance
• excellent synergies with other
USA phone 617-969 0900 fax 617-964 2921
Europe phone +41-61-2955 100 fax +41-61-2955 108

See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 108

PFX08094jung-ERYTH.indd 1 7/20/09 11:17:41 AM ●
August 2009 47
cover story

promote obesity,” calculating that, “a new federal excise tax of

one penny per 12oz soda could generate more than $1.5 billion
dollars per year,” and “a steeper tax of one penny per ounce could
raise roughly $16 billion a year, also reducing consumption by
13% overall and perhaps more among children.” The American
Public Health Association, the California Center for Public
Health Advocacy, Consumers Union, Partnership for Prevention,
Shape Up America! and Trust for America’s Health are major
organizations among the supporters of CSPI efforts.
With such potential initiatives looming, the pursuit of more
naturally derived sweetening options in the competitively
thriving sugar-alternatives arena will likely continue,
particularly because traditional table sugar also provides more
than just sweet taste. Beyond just sprinkling it in beverages or
on cereal, sugar imparts volumetric and browning qualities to
baked goods, for example, and structural characteristics to
candies and confections. Market opportunities for high-intensity
blends with bulking properties are ripe for exploring, and all
these considerations will undoubtedly result in more product
and ingredient introductions to a category currently led by a
few major players. These include sucralose, which is produced
by chlorinating sugar and is calorie-free; aspartame, which is
made from an amino acid peptide and has negligible calories
from amounts typically used; saccharin, which is a chemical
compound originally made from toluene and is calorie-free;
and acesulfame-K, which is a calorie-free potassium salt.
[Editor’s note: Others in use in the U.S. include neotame, as
well as reduced-calorie sweeteners and bulking agents that add
“volume” when sucrose is removed. Polyols, tagatose, trehalose
and non-sweet polydextrose are part of this group.]

Website Resources: — Provides a list of suppliers of various types of sweeteners
and bulking agents; scroll to “Browse by product” and click on “ingredient product” then
find the “Sweeteners” main category under “S” — A short article on
new sweeteners for consumers looking for zero-calorie alternatives — To obtain information on the stevia
reference standards — Information on low-calorie sweeteners — Abstract of University of California
Davis research on fructose and glucose metabolism

Lauren Swann, MS, RD, LDN, is a free-

lance writer and president of Concept
Nutrition Inc. (Bensalem, Pa.), which
offers consulting services specializing
in food labeling, nutrient analyses,
marketing communications and cul-
See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 64
tural dietary practices. She can be
reached at 215-639-1203, or

August 2009 ●

We are Corn Products
Specialty Ingredients.
Our broad range of
polyols can help you
find the right balance
in your low-sugar
Our complete family of polyol-based ingredients,
as well as our technical expertise, allow us to create
custom-tailored solutions in response to emerging
trends among today’s consumers. With flexibility
and ease we can meet these needs, while providing
you with a superior product your customers can trust.
Understanding the market helps guide our vision so
we can offer you the service, support and solutions you
need. It’s what you can expect from the new Corn Products
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Polyols, and now a part of Corn Products International.

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See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 81

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R&D Applications Seminar

Banking on
Ingredients for
Baked Goods
Formulation tactics for healthier baked goods—from fiber
addition to reduced sodium contents—were provided by
speakers at Prepared Foods’ R&D Application Seminars.

Acacia Gum to Co-processed Fibers

Americans are interested in consuming foods with health
benefits. One of the most popular food components likely
consumed for a specified health condition is fiber, which
supports a healthy digestive system.
One commercially available acacia gum with a 90%
soluble dietary fiber content is useful for baked goods for- four-fold increase in ‘friendly bacteria’ occurred,” he said.
mulations. Its nutritional properties have been supported by Another study showed a prebiotic effect at 6g per day.
more than 80 in vitro and in vivo studies. At 6, 10 and 15g Other studies show adding acacia gum to bakery prod-
per day, research supports its ability as a prebiotic fiber. ucts can convert high-glycemic index foods to ones with a
It is all-natural, GMO-free, and has no chemical or enzy- medium-glycemic index. Adding up to 10.5% acacia gum
matic modification. Sebastien Baray, technical manager for to crispbreads resulted in a product with 11.3% dietary fiber
Colloides Naturels Inc., explained, “Acacia fiber has a high (AOAC 985.29), while at the same time adding crispiness,
degree of gastrointestinal tolerance in humans, promoting crumb homogeneity and dough elasticity. Acacia gum at
gut comfort and well-being.” This is a gentle dietary fiber 3% in chocolate chip cookies made them chewier and less
with no side effects below 50g per day, he added, during a crumbly and were judged to have superior eating qualities
presentation titled, “Exploring Natural Ways to Make Your over the standard product during the duration of shelflife.
Baked Products Tastier and Healthier.” Muffins with 1% acacia gum have a slightly more peaked
Acacia is easy to use and does not require heat to activate its top and softer chew.
functionality. It is highly compatible with other ingredients Overall functionality of acacia gum in bakery products
and many processing conditions and has a very low viscosity. includes adding soluble dietary fiber, improving texture and
For example, at 1% concentrations at room temperatures, the stabilizing moisture. Acacia gum enhances gluing proper-
viscosities (cP) of various gums are as follows: guar (3,500), ties as a binder in cereal bars, improves film formation as
locust bean (3,000), tragacanth (700), carrageenan-lambda an egg wash replacer at 25-30% in water, and also improves
(500) and acacia (5). (See chart “Hydrocolloid Viscosities.”) “toastability,” with faster surface browning. Additionally, it
It disperses easily and without taste or odor. promotes energy reduction during extrusion.
Baray went on to say a human clinical study con- Baray also discussed another innovative stabilizer that is a
firmed that acacia gum significantly enhanced growth of combination of two co-processed, all-natural dietary fibers.
Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli. “At 10 and 15g per day, a The insoluble fiber particles are uniformly encapsulated and ●
August 2009 51
A natural ability to add goodness.

It’s in our fiber.

For SunOpta customers, opportunity comes naturally. It’s all thanks to

an exceptionally broad offering of quality fibers that perform just the way

you want, in all kinds of applications.

We’ve got the solutions that will help you grow—whether you’re looking

to enhance texture, increase yield, extend shelf life, improve strength and

flexibility, or meet increased demand for healthy, high fiber foods.

And, we do it all while remaining firmly focused on our commitment

to social responsibility and the environment.

Canadian Harvest® Oat Fibers • Canadian Harvest® Stabilized Brans and Wheat Germ • SunOpta™ Soy Fibers
Beta-Glucan Soluble Fiber • MultiFiber™ Blends • OptaYield® • Specialty Starches • Ingredient Systems

SunOpta Ingredients Group • • 800.353.6782 •

See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 168
r&d applications
R&D Applications Seminar

Acacia has a very low viscosity, when compared with

Hydrocolloid Viscosities most other hydrocolloids. The chart shows the viscosity of
6,000 various gums at 1% concentrations in water at room
Guar gum temperature, using a Brookfield RVT at 20rpm. There
Viscosity (cp)

Locust bean gum was no significant increase in viscosity with acacia gum,
3,000 Carrageenan (lambda) until its concentration exceeded 20%.
Acacia gum
crust and muffins. These products enjoyed fiber
enhancement, caloric reduction and consumer-
0 friendly labeling.
1 2 3 4
“Exploring Natural Ways to Make Your Baked
Concentration (% Gum) Products Tastier and Healthier,” Sebastien Baray,
Source: Colloides Naturels Inc. technical manager, Colloides Naturels Inc.,
—Summary by Elizabeth Mannie, Contributing
integrated into the soluble fiber matrix. The innovation is Editor
manufactured using proprietary co-drying technology that
uses only water and energy. Baray stated that this instantized, The Benefits of Calcium-based Leavenings
dust-free and innovative fiber combination dissolves easily The bakery industry is decreasing sodium and increasing cal-
in cold water, and develops its viscosity immediately after cium in baked products. “Consumers care, and they are read-
dissolution. It requires no heat or shear for activation. The ing labels,” said John Brodie, technical service manager—
synergy between the two co-processed fibers results in a bakery, Innophos Inc. Using calcium-based leavening agents
higher viscosity than with the two fibers added separately. allows new, healthier muffins, pancakes and biscuits product
Nutritionally, this innovation combines the prebiotic and introductions. (See chart “Sodium and Calcium Claims.”)
GI-lowering benefits of acacia gum with the known positive Dietary guidelines for Americans in 2005 recommended
effects of insoluble wheat fibers on transit regulation. This choosing and preparing foods with little salt. The recom-
ingredient also has a guaranteed level of 90% dietary fiber on mendation is less than 2,300mg per day of sodium con-
a dry-weight basis, with a caloric value lower than 2Kcal/g,
and is non-cariogenic. FDA is asking for public comments on labeling of sodium. Current
Acacia gum can be used as a fat replacer in baked products, claims are listed here. Changes are expected in terminology and
in addition to acting as a water binder, enhancer of freeze/
thaw stability, texture improver or egg replacer. Products
amounts of sodium. The recommendations for calcium for ages
enhanced by the ingredient include bread, pizza dough, pie 19-50 is 1,000mg daily.

Sodium and Calcium Claims

Nutrient Content Claim Criteria for Claim

Sodium-free Less than 5mg sodium per serving

Very low sodium 35mg or less per serving
Low-sodium 140mg or less per serving
Reduced-sodium Sodium reduced by 25%, when compared with typical product
Unsalted, No salt added, Without added salt Made without the salt that is normally used, but still contains the naturally occurring sodium
Good source calcium 10-19% DV
Excellent source calcium 20% DV or greater

Source: Innophos Inc. ●
August 2009 53
The healthy

No sodium
leavening for
healthy baking

Across the globe, consumers are seeking healthier foods in response to current medical and dietary guidelines.
CAL-RISE®, a proven, easy to formulate, sodium free, calcium based leavening acid for healthy baking offers:
◆ Reduced Sodium: CAL-RISE® replaces standard sodium based leavening acid without changing
the taste or texture of your baking formulation
◆ Sodium Health Claim: CAL-RISE® may provide for a health claim of “reduced sodium” or “low sodium”
depending on formulation
◆ Increased Calcium: CAL-RISE® is a significant source of calcium fortification
◆ Calcium Health Claim: CAL-RISE® may provide for a health claim of “good” or “excellent” source
of calcium depending on formulation
◆ CAL-RISE® is as economical to use as SAPP 28
We’re dedicated to healthy innovation, while keeping an eye on your bottom line.
Call Technical Assistance at (866) 631-7394.
Call Innophos Customer Service today at (800) 243-5052 to place your order.
See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 104-105

Innovate with Phosphate ◆

r&d applications
R&D Applications Seminar
sumption, which is approximately 1tsp phates, sodium aluminum phosphate that a patented, non-sodium-based
of salt. Individuals with hypertension, and blends, and other acids (like glu- multi-functional leavening agent has
African-Americans, and middle-aged and cono delta lactone and sodium alu- been specially formulated to replace
older adults should consume no more than minum sulfate). Brodie mentioned sodium-based, slow-acting leaven-
1,500mg sodium per day.
The American Medical Association has
recommended revoking the GRAS status of
salt and targeting a 50% cut in salt intake by
2016. AMA wants FDA to improve label-
ing, so consumers better understand the
amount of salt in food, as well as to educate
consumers about the benefits of long-term,
moderate reductions of sodium.
Sodium reductions are happening glob-
ally, also. In the U.K., the Food Standards
Agency recommends less than 2,300mg per
day. Canada and the European Commission
are reviewing regulations. The challenge to
industry is to reduce sodium, while keeping
the product flavor and texture characteris-
tics. Minimizing or maintaining cost is also
an issue.
“Salt as an ingredient enhances flavors,
balances sweetness and is inexpensive,”
stated Brodie, during his presentation,
“The Benefits of Calcium-based Leavening
Agents to Reduce Sodium Levels in Baked
Goods.” Salt replacement can involve fla-
vor systems, but may create artificial notes
and increase ingredient costs. Other options
to reduce sodium include using other bicar-
bonates and various leavening acids or
combinations of acids and bicarbonates.
Potassium-based bicarbonate replaces
sodium bicarbonate and is a good option
for low-sodium applications. It is also a
source of potassium, but it is not a direct
replacement. Potassium bicarbonate con-
tains 44% carbon dioxide, when com-
pared with 52% in sodium bicarbonate.
Therefore, 19% more potassium bicarbon-
ate is required, and it is more expensive
than sodium bicarbonate.
Ammonium bicarbonate generates car-
bon dioxide by heat decomposition. No
leavening acid is required. It is typically
used in low-moisture products like cookies
and crackers. The moisture level should
be less than 5%, so the ammonia gas can
bake out.
Common leavening acids include the cal-
cium phosphates, sodium acid pyrophos-

PFX06094BRIE.indd 1 5/18/09 10:22:03 AM ●
August 2009 55
r&d applications
Your customers
want the best PREPARED FOODS com
ingredients… R&D Applications Seminar
Goat’s milk ing agents. It is a combination of calcium industry consultant for the California
gives it acid pyrophosphate and monocalcium Raisin Marketing Board.

to them… phosphate anhydrous. It not only reduces

sodium, but increases calcium at the same
Payne went on to explain, “As oxidative
stress might be an important part of many
time. In addition to providing a neutral human diseases, the use of antioxidants
flavor, fine cell structure, improved tex- in pharmacology is intensively studied,
It is pure, digestible and the most ture, moist soft finished product and a particularly in treating stroke and neuro-
healthy dairy ingredient available. dough conditioning effect, the ingredient is degenerative disorders. However, it is not
It’s what makes our Caprotein™ economical and can be used alone or with known if oxidative stress is the cause or
protein powder so good.
other leavening acids. consequence of disease.”
To make Caprotein, we start with all- Brodie noted that applications include Antioxidants are widely used as ingre-
natural milk from goats of our own free- layer cakes, pound cakes, snack cakes, dients in dietary supplements, with the
range farm. Then, we use a patented
Refractance Window® process that biscuits, scones, muffins, pancakes, frozen hope of maintaining health and prevent-
dries the liquid into a powdered form biscuits, frozen yeast bread products, bat- ing diseases, such as cancer and coronary
while retaining all of its healthy aspects. ters and breadings, dry mixes, self-rising heart disease.
It’s a passion for us to make. flour and baking powders. A specialty Some foods that contain large amounts
It’s natural for you to use in... blend of calcium acid pyrophosphate, of antioxidants come under the “antioxi-
• Whole Foods: Our products are created monocalcium phosphate anhydrous and dant halo,” and include raisins, pomegran-
specifically for the health and natural sodium aluminum phosphate is used in ates, berries, prunes and flax. The phenols
food markets. They are 100 percent freezer-to-oven products like frozen pizza, found in fruit have repeatedly been shown
all-natural, free from chemicals, pockets and Stromboli-type products, as to have antioxidant activity, and they help
pesticides and growth hormones.
well as frozen biscuits and sweet rolls. prevent oxygen-based damage to cells in
• Baby formula, nutritional and
diet drinks: Because goat’s milk is more It allows for reduced proofing time. This the body, Payne offered. The total antioxi-
digestible than cow’s milk, Caprotein blend can partially replace yeast, increases dant activity of many fruits and vegetables
is the perfect ingredient for infant and tolerance to abuse and allows for develop- has been found to be exactly parallel to
geriatric nutritional products. ment of new product types. their total phenol content.
• Sports Protein Drinks: With a Raisins take their place in this list,
combination of both milk and whey “The Benefits of Calcium-based Leavening alongside prunes and apricots, as an anti-
proteins, Caprotein, is a whole protein
that stimulates new muscle growth and Agents to Reduce Sodium Levels in Baked oxidant-rich fruit. The flavonols (a type of
suppresses muscle breakdown. Goods,” John Brodie, technical service phenol belonging to the flavonoid family)
• Confections, Dairy and Frozen manager—Bakery, Innophos Inc., john. in raisins appear to be least affected by
Desserts: Goat’s milk gives these the grape-drying process, but raisins do
fun snacks the extra protein boost. —Summary by Elizabeth Mannie, contain fewer phenols than grapes. Many
• Pet Foods: For years, Veterinarians have Contributing Editor of the phenols found in grapes are largely
been relying on goat's milk to protect the
lost in the conversion of grapes to raisins.
health of pets. Caprotein is the perfect
addition to any pet food formula. Fruitful Antioxidant Enrichment These phenols include the hydroxycin-
An antioxidant is a molecule capable of namics (caftaric and coutaric acids), pro-
— TRY US FREE — slowing or preventing the oxidation of cyanidins and flavan-3-ols.
We are proud of the full spectrum other molecules. Oxidation reactions can However, according to Oxygen Radical
goodness that goes into every Mt.
produce free radicals, which start chain Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) ratings,
Capra product, and want you to
be, too. For free samples of Mt. reactions that damage cells. Antioxidants raisins are an excellent source of antioxi-
Capra ingredients and product terminate these chain reactions, by remov- dants and a good way to add antioxidant
design help, contact us: ing free radical intermediates, and inhibit value to foods. Product enhancements can
other oxidation reactions, by being oxi- include breakfast, confectionery, cereals
dized themselves. As a result, antioxidants and snacks.
are often reducing agents, such as thiols or According to Payne, antioxidant-labeled
polyphenols. products have grown considerably since
Information on antioxidants in food for- 2001, and, in 2007, the largest segment
mulations, specifically raisin products, of products with antioxidant labeling was
was the topic of the seminar titled, beverages. Examination of worldwide
“Antioxidant Enrichment of Foods,” antioxidant-containing products shows
presented by Thomas J. Payne, food drinks in first place, with processed meat,
279 SW 9th Street •Chehalis, WA 98532
1-800-574-1961 •
August 2009 ●
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r&d applications
R&D Applications Seminar

Neutralizing Values for Leavening

dietary guidelines and
the Canadian Health
Ministries are encour-
Leavening Acid Neutralizing Value
aging reduction of salt
and sodium, along with
increases in potas-
MCP 80 sium. Processed food ANCIENT GRAIN
AMCP 80 is the source of 77% of
SAPP 72 dietary sodium.
CAPP 55 According to the
SAIP 100 National Academy of
DMP 40 Sciences’ “2004 Dietary
DCPD 33 Reference Intake for
Electrolytes and Water”
Source: ICL Performance Products LP report, recommendations
for healthy 19-50-year-
olds are 1.5g sodium
Neutralizing Value is equivalent to the number of parts of soda and 2.3g of chloride
neutralized by 100 parts of leavening acid. daily. This is equivalent
to 3.89g of salt, which is
fish and egg products, and meals and meal needed for replacing sodium lost in sweat
centers next in line, respectively. Snacks, and to achieve a diet that provides suffi-
bakery, sauces and seasonings, and con- cient amounts of other essential nutrients.
fectionery are also in the mix. The tolerable upper limit for salt was set at
New products containing raisins have 5.8g per day. “More than 95% of American
also continued to grow, opined Payne, men and 75% of women consume salt in
with cereals and cereal bars, bakery prod- excess of the upper limit,” noted Myers.
ucts and snacks continuing to prove that In baking, sodium is often a part of the
antioxidant enrichment sells. A ½-cup of leavening system that functions to form
raisins has an ORAC score of 2,490. This gas bubbles, creating a porous texture,
score can grow by adding pecans (6,340 increased volume and typical cell structures,
total ORAC score), cinnamon (5,968), cof- as well as modifying crumb color and/or
fee (2,843) or chocolate (4,376). Clearly, improving eating quality. Leavening forms
raisins are a great way to integrate antioxi- include physical, biological or chemical. An
dants into new products. example of a chemical leavening reaction
involves the neutralization of an acid salt
“Antioxidant Enrichment of Foods,” with sodium bicarbonate, in the presence The ke
Thomas J. Payne, food industry consul- of heat and water, to form a neutral salt.
tant, California Raisin Marketing Board, Leavening acid choice is primarily based
ingredient for nutritional
650-340-8563, on the timing of when the carbon dioxide comfort foods
—Summary by Barbara T. Nessinger, is desired to be released, which in turn
Associate Editor depends on the product type, the process Stabilized
and potentials for abuse. Nutritional, legal, Whole or Milled
Leavening with Less Sodium cost, flavor and texture considerations are O
Organic Certified Available
With 41% of the population stating they additional factors impacting leavening acid Gluten Free
check for sodium on nutrition labels, choice, said Myers.
sodium reduction is one of the top food Myers explained there are many types See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 65
manufacturer initiatives, said Nadeen B. of chemical leavening acids. They include
Myers, MTS—food phosphates specialist, phosphates, such as monocalcium phos-
ICL Performance Products LP, in a pre- phate (MCP), anhydrous monocalcium
sentation titled, “Low-sodium Leavening phosphate (AMCP), sodium aluminum
Alternatives.” Additionally, new USDA phosphate (SAIP), dimagnesium phosphate

1-800-962-9536 ●
August 2009
r&d applications

(DMP), sodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP),

calcium acid pyrophosphate (CAPP) and
dicalcium phosphate (DCPD).
MCP and anhydrous MCP are hydra-
tion-activated. SAPP and CAPP are time-
activated, and SAIP, DMP and DCPD
are heat-activated at approximately 38˚,
55˚ and 65˚C, respectively. The tim-
ing of the leavening reaction is critical,
with solubility being an important factor.
Solubility is impacted by leavening type,
particle size and dough temperature.
With the goal of producing certain
desired amounts of carbon dioxide gas,
leavening use level is dependent on fac-
tors such as product type, mixing and
handling, altitude, as well as the char-
acter and amount of various ingredients.
For example, the pH of other food ingre-
dients must be considered in balancing
the leavening in a formula. The goal is
usually to have the pH of the finished
baked product near neutral (pH 7), but
there are exceptions, explained Myers.
Leavening calculations are a starting
point, where the percent of leavening
acid is calculated by dividing the per-
cent of soda by the neutralizing value
(NV). The NV equals the parts of soda
CUSTOM COATED WHOLE GRAINS & CLUSTERS neutralized by 100 parts of leavening
acid. (See chart “Neutralizing Values
for Leavening Acids.”)
AVAILABLE IN ALL THE LATEST STYLES. Calcium acid pyrophosphate (CAPP)
provides controlled release in baking. It
is also a good source of calcium and does
21st Century Grain Processing provides creative not contribute sodium. It provides con-
solutions for customized product applications. sistent leavening rates and delivers fin-
ished products that are tender and have
Custom Ingredients. Innovative Ideas.© It’s our
uniform cell structure. CAPP can be used
promise to you and we make good on it everyday. in refrigerated and frozen applications
Find out more at or where SAIP and SAPP are currently
call us today toll-free at 877-984-7246. used. CAPP is allowed for use in applica-
tions in Europe, where SAIP is currently
not allowed, and it provides a neutral
flavor profile. A muffin formula substi-
tuting CAPP for SAIP goes from 15mg
calcium and 230mg sodium to 143mg
calcium and 139mg sodium. CAPP is a
useful leavening agent that can be incor-
porated into healthful, convenient prod-
ucts that must follow sodium guidelines
dictated by specialty food retailers.

“Low-sodium Leavening Alternatives,”

Nadeen B. Myers, MTS, food phosphates

August 2009 ●

Tell consumers when you add
PROMITOR™ Dietary Fiber.
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Give your consumers the fiber-enriched products they need, and the great
taste they want with PROMITOR™ Resistant Starch. It’s a dietary fiber with
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benefits of fiber when they choose your products? You’ll just have to tell them.

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© Tate & Lyle 2009
See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 171
r&d applications
R&D Applications Seminar
specialist, ICL Performance Products Sensory Shelflife Studies: What, flife decisions, said Julie Boutaghou,
LP, Why, When and How? sensory manager, rtech Laboratories,
—Summary by Elizabeth Mannie, Using a “what, why, when and at Prepared Foods’ R&D Applications
Contributing Editor how” model helps determine shel- Seminar-Chicago, in a presentation
titled, “Sensory Shelflife Studies:
What, Why, When and How?” The
“what” component asks, “What is the
acceptable shelflife of a product?”
The “why” asks, “Why look at shel-
flife?” and the “when” asks, “When
should shelflife testing be done?”
Lastly, the “how” relates to how a
company goes about answering shelf-
life questions.
When looking at shelflife, one might
compare the printed code/expiration


Practical, Useful
For everything you bake we can help you stay in
control with INNOVAPHASETM solutions.
Co nsis
tentnt qquau lility
ty is
i a challenge bakers face every da
d y. Food developers must spend time with their peers
So, wh
So, whet
hetheherr yoyouu wantt to enhance leavening (InnovaBake™ e ), to gain more specialized knowledge, inspiration
in crea
se sshe
helflf llife ((InnovaFresh™),), improve
p doughg pperformancee and to stay in touch with market trends. These
ld™)™),, or reduce sodium (InnovaFree™) we can he h lp
lp.. opportunities are available at Prepared Foods’
annual R&D Applications Seminar-Chicago, which
will take place at the Westin Chicago Northwest
in Itasca, Ill., from October 19-21, 2009.
A bakery-themed group of seminars will focus
on fortifying foods with omega-3s to using stabi-
lizers to cut costs to using low-linolenic specialty
soy oils; other areas that will be covered include
elevating fiber and nutrition functionalities in
foods and beverages, using inclusions and cur-
rent market information. There are specialty
“hands-on” lab sessions, where participants can
interact with prototypes and products that exem-
plify ingredient functionality.
To learn more about the conference, in
terms of attending the meeting or presenting
your company’s ingredient materials, contact

6 4
4 " Marge Whalen at 630-694-4347, or visit www.

PFX08094clab.indd 1 7/21/09 3:16:12 PM

62 August 2009 ●
the longer lasting energy

PALATINOSE™ from BENEO-Palatinit is the only low glycemic carbohydrate

for natural and prolonged energy. Functional products with PALATINOSE™:
• Provide prolonged energy in the form of glucose
• Support physical endurance
• Taste as natural as sugar
BENEO-Palatinit, Inc. · 2740 Route 10 West – Ste. 205 · Morris Plains, NJ 07950-1287
Phone: 973-539-6644 · ·
r&d applications
R&D Applications Seminar
date to whether or not the item ria,” said Boutaghou. “The decision (department) working with R&D for a
is still suitable for consumption. criteria are often business decisions, recommendation.”
“Defining ‘suitable for consump- but for the ‘how,’ business units Two common questions are: “Are we
tion’ becomes your decision crite- will usually rely on (the) sensory determining the end of shelflife?” and
“Are we trying to confirm shelflife?”
The following two case studies offer
varied approaches for these different
questions. Boutaghou suggests starting
with what is known about the product to
estimate how long to monitor its sensory
properties and/or acceptability over the
item’s shelflife.
In one case study, a new product, a
sauce in a pouch, was presented. The
company did not have much information
about how long it would last (“what”)
and needed to know how many months
to use for code dating (“why”). For this
product, the technical recommendation
was to hold evaluations every other week
(“when”). The “how” aspect resulted in
using a small panel of R&D scientists
and technologists to rate the product
acceptable or unacceptable, relative to a
blind control.
Another case study involved a snack
seasoning with a current shelflife stan-
dard of six months, at ambient ware-
house conditions. The company wanted
to confirm if this was appropriate and
see if the shelflife could be extended to
nine months (“why”). The “when” fac-
tor involved monthly evaluations, com-
paring the product to a frozen control.
Acceptance testing (“how”) was done
using 60 employees as a low-cost stand-
in for consumers.
Boutaghou recommends, “Gather
what you know about the product.
Clearly state why you want to do a
study, decide how long you want to
evaluate the product, and how often.
Finally, make sure the methodology
meets the objective.”

“Sensory Shelflife Studies: What, Why,

When and How,” Julie Boutaghou, sensory
manager, rtech Laboratories, 651-481-
—Summary by: Barbara T. Nessinger,
Associate Editor

PFX04084MAFC.indd 1 3/3/08 10:50:56 AM

64 August 2009 ●

Blue Diamond is MORE than an industry leader in food

safety and almond processing technology. We’re MORE
than a company with vision and a century of experience.
Blue Diamond is a family of MORE than half of the
industry’s almond growers, with a long term stake
in sustainable agriculture, who deliver MORE quality
and a MORE reliable almond supply year after year.

Blue Diamond. Now MORE than ever.

See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 56
r&d applications

Performing Rice Protein


tudents of nutrition are taught that, in order to get a
complete protein from vegetable sources, it is important
to combine groups of vegetable foods to obtain a “com-
plete” amino acid profile. However, it has never been common
knowledge that brown rice alone is a complete protein source.
Premium Ingredients International is trying to change
that perception, with its new whole-grain brown rice pro-
tein concentrate called Oryzatein™, which the company
claims is the first hypoallergenic, complete protein source
from whole-grain rice. It is produced through an all-natural,
patent-pending process that results in a coarse grade, beige
(light to medium), bland-to-sweet taste, suspendable powder.
Oryzatein is also available in 70, 80 and 90% protein levels
that are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, such as thia-
min, riboflavin, niacin, phosphorus, iron and potassium. reducing high blood pressure, as it has already been found
One of the benefits Premium Ingredients sees in the to reduce cholesterol levels, says the company. Due to its
use of this product is its hypoallergenicity and safe profile demonstrated ease in digestibility by infants and elderly
over certain other types of protein. According to David Jay adults, it may also have a future role in feeding the malnour-
Janow, president of Axiom Foods, the exclusive partner with ished and increasing vitamin absorption, especially in the
Premium Ingredients, rice protein provides a superior taste, nutritionally sensitive AIDS patient population.
has little to no allergenic issues and has not been involved The company notes it is the largest producer of whole-
in recent controversies—compared to certain other proteins grain brown rice protein concentrates in the world, with
experiencing increased use in the U.S. and Europe. strong R&D capabilities. As such, Premium Ingredients
Wheat, pea and potato proteins have complete amino acid seeks to provide a stable and quality supply of novel rice
profiles, as well. Although corn also is a good source of products to the food ingredient industry.
protein, it is currently processed using sulfides and sulfites,
which present potential GMO issues, says Janow. — Kerry Hughes, Technical Field Editor
Oryzatein is made from sprouted whole-grain rice and
includes the bran layer, as well as the endosperm layer of rice. It For more information:
is the first rice protein that combines both bran and endosperm, Premium Ingredients • Carol Stream, Ill.
thereby resulting in a complete protein. It is suitable for applica- Nic Dam • 630-868-0300
tions such as beverages, baked goods, confectionery, dietetic, •
infant/toddler foods, sports products, nutra-
ceuticals and ingredient substitutions (e.g.,
proteins such as soy, whey, wheat, pea, hemp, Protein Absorption Rates
casein and animal proteins). 120
Research on Oryzatein shows promise, Whey protein isolate
highlighting a number of other possible 100 Soy protein isolate
Absorption Rate

benefits, and is positioned to help change Rice protein isolate

the way rice is perceived. For example, 80
clinical studies have found it beneficial
in the diet for weight management, and it
may prove useful in diabetic products to 40
maintain and control insulin levels. It is
also being researched for its potential in 20

A study has shown that, when comparing 0

10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
protein isolates of rice, soy and whey, the Time in Minutes
body’s absorption of rice protein isolate Source: Proprietary Herbal Life Study, 2006

was more consistent over time. ●
August 2009 67
r&d applications

Innovative Coatings

In-house research (with chicken nuggets) showed that a tempura

coating made with pea fiber, flour and starch had increased total
dietary fiber and crispiness and exhibited a more golden color,
when compared to a control with wheat and corn ingredients.

in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, sponsored by the Alberta

Agriculture and Food Council, Newlyweds Foods and
pulse processors in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, is helping
pulses enter these non-traditional markets, notes Sawyer.
Besides Sawyer, others on the FDC research team include
Alphonsus Utioh, Janice Meseyton and Lisa Humiski. The
team is exploring the use of pea fractions (flour, fiber and
native starch) in pre-dusts and batters for meats.
Phase 1 of the research examined tempura-battered
chicken nuggets. Pea flour and pea starch replaced 100% of
traditional wheat flour and corn starch in the pre-dust and
tempura batter, explains Sawyer. Pea fiber was also added
to the coatings to raise the total dietary fiber content of the
nuggets and transform them into better-for-you prepared
foods. To date, the research team has established—through
bench and pilot trials—that pea starch, flour and fiber can
be utilized in tempura batter coating systems to replace tra-
ditional ingredients and to produce products that can attain
a fiber nutrient content claim.
Sawyer says the main research findings showed:
■ Chicken nuggets with native pea starch in the coating
showed no significant differences in overall quality and
sensory attributes after the chicken nuggets were held for

ulses (dry peas, chick peas, lentils and beans) are 60 minutes in a food warmer.
gaining ground as a valuable source of nutrients in ■ Chicken nuggets with pea flour and starch in the
the diet, due to their high protein, starch, fiber, vita- coating were significantly crispier and more golden in
min and mineral content, as well as their low-fat content, color. This suggests that pea flour can be used as a sub-
low-glycemic index and gluten-free status. Recent clinical stitute for corn flour to increase color development in
studies have demonstrated that pulses contribute positively wheat flour coatings.
to the management and prevention of chronic diseases, such ■ Chicken nuggets with pea fiber, flour and starch in
as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. the coating showed great potential, due to increased total
They also have been shown to assist with weight manage- dietary fiber, increased crispiness, a more golden color
ment and serve as prebiotic material for gut bacteria, says and equivalent product sensory attributes, when compared
Laura Sawyer, senior scientist, Food Development Centre at to control nuggets containing wheat and corn ingredients.
Pulse Canada. These nutritional and health attributes have Some of the pea flours and fibers tested increased batter
positioned pulses for use in the rapidly growing markets of viscosity and have the potential to replace gums used as
nutritionally enhanced and gluten-free foods. According to thickening agents in the batter.
a recent report from Packaged Facts, the gluten-free market Phases 2 and 3 of FDC’s research with pea fractions in
has grown at an average annual rate of 28% since 2004, coatings is continuing, with breaded fish and glazed
when it was valued at $580 million, to $1.56 billion in 2008. chicken breasts.
It is estimated it will be worth $2.6 billion by 2012.
Pulses have traditionally found their home in the soup and For more information:
chili category. However, they are rapidly expanding into the Pulse Canada • Portage la Prairie, MB, Canada
bakery, pasta and cereal food categories. A current research Laura Sawyer •
project conducted by the Food Development Centre (FDC)

68 August 2009 ●

where quality ingredients come naturally.

Vegetable Juices, Inc. offers a wide range of forms and flavors to help you add the
fresh taste and health benefits of vegetables to your products – from juices and
purees to dices and concentrates. In addition, our world-class Innovation Center is
committed to creating customized ingredients and new product ideas to meet your
specific needs. To find out what we can do for your business, call 888-776-9752 or
visit us online at
© 2009 Vegetable Juices, Inc.

See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 179

r&d applications

Cookies Around the World

the streets of Paris. In the 1590s, cookies
were even included in one of Elizabethan
England’s first recipe books. The inevi-
table progress of the cookie was traced
all the way to 1952 and the invention of
the modern-day Oreo.
International terms for cookies include
the English and Australian “biscuits;”
Spanish galletas; German kleingebäck
or plätzchen; Italian amaretti or bis-
cotti; and Belgium/Netherland’s koekje.
In Asia, cookies are typically not baked,
but are usually deep fried or cooked in
heavy cast-iron molds.
There are many flavoring opportuni-
ties in cookie formulations, according
to DeFusco. “Consumers want fresher,
bolder flavors,” she opines, and it is
important to have consistency in flavor,
even if the ingredients can sometimes
be inconsistent. Fat replacement flavors
(mimetics); sweet flavors for indulgence-
type-reduced-sugar cookies; and masker
flavors to overcome some harsh, bitter

veryone seems to love cookies—they are fun to grain and fortification notes were mentioned.
eat and make; enjoyed by all ages; can be eaten at Past trends in cookie formulations include reduced- or
any time of day; are globally consumed; and are sugar-free; reduced- or fat-free; reduced-carbohydrates;
considered by many to be the ultimate comfort food. indulgence and moderation; and whole-grain/oats/good-
A cookie can be defined as a small, sweet, typically for-you types. As far as the future of cookies, DeFusco
thin cake of differing shapes and sizes. They are hand- named the following trends: fortified and “free” prod-
held, usually flour-based, and the ingredients can differ, ucts; nutritional wellness (immunity, digestion, defense,
depending on region of origin. Cookie types include, but heart health, meal replacement); tropical and Superfruit
are not restricted to, bars, drop, pressed, refrigerator/ice- flavors; decadent flavors with complex tastes; organic;
box, rolled, molded, sandwich, fried and decorated. on-the-go packaging; and inventive flavors.
All things related to cookies were discussed by
Kelly A. DeFusco, senior food technologist, bakery & — Barbara T. Nessinger, Associate Editor
cereal project leader, for David Michael & Co. Inc., in
a presentation titled, “Cookies Around the World,” at For more information:
Prepared Foods’ R&D Applications Seminar-Chicago. David Michael & Co. • Philadelphia, Penn.
According to DeFusco, the key ingredients in cookies Kelly A. DeFusco • 215-632-3100, ext. 1547
are flour, fat and sugar (or a sweetener alternative). •
Minor ingredients can include flavors (vanilla, almond,
etc.), inclusions (nuts, chips, etc.), leavening agents, References:
salt, spices, eggs and cocoa. Sweeteners used can run The King Arthur Flour Company, Inc. The King Arthur Flour Cookie
Companion. Vermont: The Countryman Press, 2004.
the gamut, from high fructose corn syrup or sucrose, to
rice syrup or molasses. Readers Digest. Cookies: 1,001 Mouthwatering Recipes from Around
A brief history of cookies was also presented by the World. New York: Readers Digest Association, 2004.
DeFusco, who said they actually date back to the 7th
century A.D., in Persia (now Iran), where the Persians Stradley, Linda. “History of Cookies,”
were some of the first to cultivate sugar cane. By the end Wakefield, Ruth Graves. Toll House Tried and True Recipes. New York:
of the 14th century, little filled wafers could be found on Dover Publications, 1977.

70 August 2009 ●

Searching for ways to increase the
health benefits of your product?
Look to PLT for
Innovative Solutions.
GanedenBC30™ Probiotic, highly viable cells that sur-
vive food processing and gastric acidity. Self-affirmed
GRAS and Kosher. Can be baked, boiled, frozen
and squeezed into virtually any food and
beverage application.

Kaneka Q10™ self-affirmed GRAS

Coenzyme Q10, from natural yeast
fermentation process. Made in
the USA.

Tomat-O-Red® natural red color

made with lycopene.

Pomegranate P40p™, rich

with 40% punicosides and
Kosher certified.

Phosphatidylserine (PS)
self-affirmed GRAS (FDA no
questions). PS is recognized
by the FDA for improved
cognitive health.

Vivox®, Aquarox®, Synerox

and Inolens® Rosemary
Extracts from Vitiva S.A.
Innovative and application-
specific natural and kosher
ingredients with documented
anti-oxidant anti-rancidity bene-
fits. Inolens® provides full func-
tional benefits but with maximum

Call fple.
a sa 900 x214

M eet...
Where Food and He alth
Immune Enhancement • Cognitive Health
Anti-Stress • Digestive Health • Bone Health
Anti-Aging • Heart Health • Energy
See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 145
See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 146-147
abstracts/IFT Post-show Issue
Taking your flavor
concept to a higher
Lower-cost Option
A sweetened, dried cranberry (SDC) has been added to level…
a portfolio of dried fruit ingredients. Ocean Spray’s
Ingredient Technology Group has introduced new Choice
SDC, a low-cost option that delivers the same high qual-
ity as the Classic Soft & Moist SDC. Appealing to food
manufacturers wanting to improve the taste, appearance
and nutritional profile of their products, the Choice
SDC also meets demand for consistent, cost-effective,
value-added ingredients, says the company. Choice SDCs add distinctive flavor,
attractive points of color and real fruit texture to baked goods, cereals, bars and
trail mixes—without impacting processing. Ocean Spray’s Ingredient Technology
Group, 508-946-7606,

Sweet Chocolate Solutions

Interest in chocolate as a “healthy indulgence” snack has been partly driven by
consumers’ increased awareness of dark chocolate’s healthy phytochemicals. To
capitalize on this interest, food manufacturers can create healthier products with
BENEO-Palatinit’s next-generation sugar, Palatinose ™ (isomaltulose). Sugar-
based snacks result in decreased pH values in the mouth, which damages tooth
enamel. Palatinose, a disaccharide derived from beet sugar, is a teeth-friendly
sugar suitable for confectionery, snacks, cereal bars, dairy products and beverages. To achieve that
Its protective benefits for teeth have been supported by use of interdental plaque-
pH telemetry showing the pH value in the mouth remains at least 5.7 for 30 min- flavor profile your
utes after consumption of Palatinose products. Chocolates successfully tested for
teeth-friendliness can be labeled with the “Happy Tooth” signet of Toothfriendly
imagination desires…
International. BENEO-Palatinit, 973-539-6644,,

Reliable Enzymes
For more than 50 years,
one company has been
The Food-mood Enigma
helping its clients by
supplying high-quality
products for applications The very best nutritional,
in baking, dairy, brew-
ing, nutraceutical, flavor, food & beverage
tenderizers and more.
The July 6, 2009 issue of E-dition, Prepared Foods’ electronic news- flavors at a reasonable
Enzyme Development
Corporation’s classes
letter, carried an exclusive piece on foods and ingredients purported cost, with service and
of enzymes include: car-
to affect mood. In particular, the impact of caffeine on mental consistent quality.
bohydrases—non-starch alertness; chocolate and theanine on calmness; and simple sugars
hydrolyzing and starch on energy and mood was briefly discussed, including some dosage
hydrolyzing; proteases— information and theorized mechanisms. For example, chocolate’s Contact: Merzi or Karen
animal origin, botanical tryptophan plays a role in the production of serotonin, as perhaps 951-683-6245
origin, bacterial and fun- do complex carbohydrates. Chocolate also triggers release of endor- Fax: 951-683-3412
gal; lipases—esterases phins, natural opiates. 1762 Production Circle
(microbial); cellulases; The item was submitted by John J. Smith, Ph.D., Cantaleir Riverside, CA 92509
hemicellulases; pecit- International Inc., a company specializing in technology, product and
nases; and specialties. business development in the food and beverage industry. Smith can e-mail:
Enzymes for meat ten- be reached at or 847-651-1474.
derizing include Pano® To see the complete version of the E-dition article, type in “Mood
300, papain, Enzeco ® Enigma” in the search field at website:
Bromelain 240, Enzeco ● August 2009 Mack-FPDffa07-3V4C.indd 1 8/1/07 1:01:53 PM

abstracts/IFT Post-show Issue

Ficin 260 and more. Enzyme Development Corporation, 212- now self-affirmed GRAS for food and beverage applications.
736-1580, A natural colorant composed of high-concentration, algae-
based natural carotenoids in water-dispersible powders and
New GRAS Status oils, Betatene is safe for use in baked, egg and dairy products;
The spotlight was on one company’s natural, mixed caro- cereals; gelatins and puddings; processed fruits and juices;
tenoids at this year’s IFT Food Expo. Cognis’ Betatene® is meal replacements; medical foods; and much more, says the

Pectin is
everywhere ...

... and wherever pectin is added, the quality of food is Herbstreith & Fox Inc.
significantly enhanced. 570 Taxter Road
For decades, Herbstreith & Fox has been a leader in the Elmsford, NY 10523
development, manufacturing and application of pectin. We help USA
you to make your products even better. For more information
please contact the pectin specialists at: Phone: +1 914 345 9501 • Corporate Group Fax: +1 914 345 0919

Savory Sunshine
California sunshine makes tomatoes taste so delicious! Culinary
Farms’ tomatoes are picked ripe at the peak of flavor and dried in the
sun. Packed with vitamin C and the powerful anti-oxidant Lycopene,
our Sun Dried Tomatoes are a bounty of goodness. And the
reliable domestic source ensures consistent high quality.

To request samples or explore Culinary Farms’ entire

product range, including our authentic Dried Mexican Chiles,
call 916-375-3000.

See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 48 1244 E. Beamer Street, Woodland, CA 95776

74 August 2009
pfx08094culf.indd 1
● 7/14/09 8:20:52 AM
abstracts/IFT Post-show Issue

company. Products with Betatene can maintain healthy skin.” Cognis, 800- one company’s booth. David Michael &
say “natural beta-carotene” on the 673-3702, Co.’s Soup & Salad Savory Side Bars fea-
ingredient list and have other labeling tured Caramelized Onion, Garlic Butter
advantages, such as natural and safe Cool Flavors and Concepts Herb or Black Pepper Parmesan flavors.
source of vitamin A or the potential Attendees of IFT sampled savory While the baking process of side bars
use of claims such as “helps maintain side bars and experienced what is is similar to biscotti, they are designed
a healthy immune system” or “helps new in the world of flavor trends at to crumble with only a slight amount of
effort and remain dry and crisp in tex-
ture. Also available to sample was Sweet
Onion Vanilla Dip—a creamy, sweet and

Do you face savory vanilla dressing that is great with

vegetables, grilled seafood or salad, says
the company. Visitors were said to leave
these challenges? feeling recharged after washing it all down
with a Yumberry-flavored Red Tea slush,
We need a menu that delivers on which contained high levels of antioxi-
the 'all natural' trend! dants, had a smooth, sweet taste and was
caffeine-free. David Michael & Co., 215-
Develop an offering that is new, 632-3100,
different and easy to prepare!
Do you have the right consumer
guiding this product's development?

Product Dynamics
has the answers!
Inspiring Methodologies
Complete Persona Qualification™
Quant-Quali Optimization™ Overcoming Flavoring Challenges
In response to the changing needs of food
Red-Eye Protocepting™ and beverage manufacturers and consum-
ers, one company showcased an array of
Core Capabilities new product development and ingredient
capabilities centered on health, energy
Product Design & Formulation and sweetness at this year’s IFT Food
Custom Quantitative Testing Expo. Visitors to Cargill’s booth learned
about and sampled eight food and bev-
Qualitative Consumer Insight erage prototypes (focused on the three
Sensory Research & Training areas mentioned above), as well as learn-
ing strategies for overcoming techni-
cal and flavoring challenges associated
Experience the with formulating products that deliver
Dynamic Difference distinct consumer benefits. Cargill also
showcased its capabilities of rebiana-
compatible flavor solutions, based on
Phone (708) 364-7060 recently patented technology. The new flavor solutions are ideally suited for cereal, yogurt, ice cream and more.

10084RQA.indd 1
August 2009 ●
9/11/08 4:03:37 PM

Easy Riders
Drivers can improve their
ability to reduce glare and
recover from it more quickly,
without the use of sunglasses.
Recent scientific research
has revealed that FloraGLO® Add Culinary Quality,
Lutein and OPTISHARP ®
Zeaxanthin go beyond their Not Costs,
widely known eye protection benefits for mature adults to
provide the enhanced eye health advantages. In-depth studies To Your Formulation
show that FloraGLO Lutein and OPTISHARP Zeaxanthin help
to reduce the blinding effects of glare and improve recovery,
according to DSM Nutritional Products. Rigorous clinical tri-
als also indicate they help to improve contrast acuity, allowing Specialty Vinegars and Cooking Wines for
individuals to see images more clearly—even under low light
conditions. Furthermore, the company states, FloraGLO Lutein
Soups · Sauces · Entrées
and OPTISHARP Zeaxanthin have been shown to improve the
eye’s ability to filter blue light, the most damaging part of light,
which is abundant under a blue sky, reflecting off water surfaces
or in front of a computer screen. DSM Nutritional Products Inc., Wine

New Texture Systems Debut Vinegar

A new family of texture systems debuted at IFT Food Expo. National
Starch Food Innovation’s wide range of new, optimized texture sys-
tems has been developed for the North American market and will reductions
enable manufacturers of soups, sauces, dressings and dairy products
to transform the texture profiles of many foods or build back texture,

Making Blue Whoopie

The new/old tradition of whoopie pie was a treat for the senses at IFT. The U.S.
Highbush Blueberry Council provided tasty samples of the following big bakery
trend. The pies are small, portable, personal-sized and whimsical. Making one with
blueberries is sure to make people smile. U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, www.

Easy Blueberry Filling

Add a little blueberry happiness to any whoopie. This easy blueberry filling adds
beautiful color and luscious, deep-scintillating flavor.

60lb blueberries, frozen
25lb sugar (mix sugar with stabilizer)
1lb stabilizer–agar
16lb water
1lb 8oz lemon juice
6lb cornstarch
6lb water

Procedure: Combine blueberries, sugar-stabilizer mix, water and lemon juice in CORPORATE OFFICE:
1661 Feehanville Drive, Suite 300· Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
a steam kettle. Bring to a boil. Dissolve cornstarch in water and add to boiling
blueberry mix. Cool.
ph 1.847.590.0059 | fax 1.847.590.0405 ●
August 2009 See Food Master-INGREDIENTS, p. 134
abstracts/IFT Post-show Issue

when refor- Start using Fibersol -2 digestion resistant maltodextrin to add fiber
mulation is
needed, says the to your beverages and consumers will start looking at fiber in a
company. The new
whole new way. Fibersol®-2 is completely soluble, as well as
PRECISA™ Cling and
PRECISA Cream tex-
clear and transparent in solution so beverages will have a
ture systems, the first out-
puts of the company’s unique clean taste with no added flavor, odor or unwanted
DIAL-IN™ Texture Technology,
can assist processed food produc- texture. And with the other positive functional
ers in creating consumer-appealing
textures and also in reducing the use and physiological properties of Fibersol®-2,
of costly ingredients, while maintaining
excellent eating qualities. National Starch consumers won’t just want your products
Food Innovation, 866-961-NATL (6285), because they’re good for them…

Sodium-free Baking Powder they’ll want them because they’re

One of America’s leading producers of chemical leavening
systems for the home, foodservice and commercial baker- just, well, good!
ies is offering a competitive advantage with its sodium- and
aluminum-free baking powder. Clabber Girl’s InnovaFree™
Baking Powder, developed in conjunction with Innophos Inc.,
incorporates CAL-RISE® sodium-free leavening agent. The
new powder was introduced at IFT in June. InnovaFree Baking
Powder with CAL-RISE allows bakers to reduce sodium lev- starches it’s the fiber you want
els in finished goods by as much as 50%, says the company. was on
Clabber Girl, 812-232-9446, hand at

Fresh and Healthy Drink Technology

IFT. PURE- Only 1.6
Makers of a patented probiotic strain announced a new
GEL® stabi-
lized starches, Calories
probiotic-enhanced beverage with an innovative bottle cap INSCOSITY® per gram!
dispensing system. Ganeden Biotech Inc., along with Liquid cold water-swelling
Health Labs, has developed PowerCap® technology, which starches, PURE-COTE®
stores probiotics in the bottle’s cap and dispenses them into film-forming starches
water with the press of a button. This creates a new category of and PURE-DENT ® absor-
ready-to-go, healthy drinks. The drink, called FHS, or Fresh bent starches, all from Grain
Healthy Stuff, includes 12oz of ultra-purified water in the bot- Processing Corporation (GPC),
tle, and a powdered formulation loaded with GanedenBC30® were available in a myriad of prod-
probiotics, antioxidants from fruit concentrates, vitamins and ucts for IFT attendees. Delicious,
prebiotic fiber stored in the bottle cap. To learn more about organic lemonade made with MALTRIN
these beverages, visit Ganeden OR™ organic rice maltodextrin and high-
Biotech Inc.,, Liquid Health Labs, fiber bars made with TruBran® oat fiber are just two of the offerings available. PURE-COTE
and MALTRIN maltodextrin were also the featured
From Soup to Nuts ingredients in a sampling of seasoned California almond
A variety of tasty soups highlighting the thickening snacks. Grain Processing Corporation, 563-264-4265,
and stabilizing properties of one company’s stabilized

78 August 2009 ●

abstracts/IFT Post-show Issue

Value-added Ingredients and visual acuity, and they are available in both oil
Two new value-added ingredient solutions were show- and powder forms. GTC Nutrition, a business unit
cased at IFT. GTC Nutrition featured Purimune™ of Corn Products International Inc., 303-468-5077,
high-purity GOS, a prebiotic that supports immune
health by promoting the growth of beneficial
bacteria, and is available in powder form. Also Yeast Launches
featured was Nu-Mega® omega-3 DHA At IFT, one company presented new solutions with
microencapsulated ingredients—this natural ingredients for salt reduction, flavor enhance-
includes ThermoMAX®, formulated ment and preservation of food products. Biorigin’s
to tolerate baking temperatures— new ingredients were divided into three new brands:
and Driphorm®, suitable for a Biozalt, Bioenhance and Biogard. The company also
wide variety of applications. launched the inactive torula (Candida utilis) yeast in
Fortification with Nu-Mega the product line Goldcell, which also includes inactive
allows food processors to and autolyzed Saccharomyces cereviciae yeast. The
enrich everyday foods company presented yeast extraction solutions featur-
with omega-3 DHA ing their brands, and offered visitors a chance to taste
to support cogni- the final products. Biorigin, Brazil, +55(14)3269 9200,
tive function,
heart health
New Reference Standards
As the number of food and beverage products sweetened
with stevia-based ingredients continues to grow in the
U.S. and worldwide, the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP)
announced that new reference standards for rebaudio-
side-A and stevioside are now available. The reference
standards for these two ingredients complement the
soon-to-be-released written testing standard for high-
purity rebaudioside-A in the Food Chemicals Codex
(FCC), a collection of documentary standards for
food ingredients that allow manufacturers to
demonstrate the quality, and thus related
aspects of safety, of the products they pro-
vide to consumers. The written FCC test-
ing standard for high-purity rebaudio-
side-A is expected to be released
August 31, 2009. For more
information and to purchase
the reference standards,
v i s i t w w w. u s p . o r g /

P: 217.451.4377

ADM / Matsutani LLC ●

August 2009 79

for Corporate Chefs, R&D Specialists and Food Technologists
Worldwide Food Expo will expand your understanding of food
technology, manufacturing, packaging, safety and consumer trends.
Attend workshops on the manufacturing process, machinery and
handling for food and drink products. And don’t miss the innovative
products, recipes, and LIVE cooking demonstrations in the NEW
Seasonings, Flavorings and Ingredients Pavilion inside the exhibit hall.

Two c o -l o c a te d eve n t s :


F : KF 9 < IÛ  … ¦ €~• Û  ‡‡ † ÛÝ ÛDc :F I D@:BÛGC 8:< ÛÝ Û:? @: 8>F •Û@C•ÛL J 8

I]_ak l]jÛlg\YqÛYlÛoooogj d\oa\]^gg\[geÛLk]ÛGj agj alqÛ:g\]‘Û8G= G…
Web Locator

American Egg Board Bay State Milling Company Denomega Nutritional Oils

Eggs can perform more than 20 distinct functions in the Bay State Milling proudly provides exceptional Denomega Nutritional Oils is the pioneer behind
making and processing of food? Polyfunctional eggs quality flour and grain-based food products. It the premium taste and odor free Omega-360™
can leaven, bind, thicken, moisturize, dry, flavor, glaze, is a commitment that extends beyond our deep ingredients for use in Functional Foods and Dietary
clarify, emulsify, retard crystallization, color and add understanding of advanced milling processes and Supplements. Denomega’s range also includes
nutrients to your formulations. In fact, eggs can replace technologies, and draws upon our unique abil- Omega-3s for Clinical Nutrition and Pet Food. Contact
many additives on the food label, naturally. Visit http:// ity to understand and embrace the changes our us at Denomega, P.O Box 162, NO-1701 Sarpsborg, customers face. Contact us at 1-800-55FLOUR NORWAY, Tel: +47 69 11 81 11

The Food Source Intl. Inc. Ingredients Solutions, Inc. Kerry Ingredients & Flavours

SampleExpress is here… put in “The World’s Largest Independent Supplier of Kerry’s team of citrus experts can help you succeed in
your favorites now and become a SampleExpress member. Carrageenan” any of your citrus development projects. Located in the
Get hooked on fast samples, great service, GRADE 1 qual- ISI Offers a full range of cost-effective Natural and heart of citrus processing in Lakeland, Florida, Kerry is
ity and the most competitive prices. And, you’ll love our Organic-Allowed Carrageenans as well as Alginates, your complete citrus solutions provider. From natural cit-
new and improved site, with new lines, new products, and Xanthan Gums, and TextuRite Texture Systems. Full tech rus flavors to extracts, Kerry can help you squeeze more
news you can use with updates on crops, markets, and support available. from citrus. Kerry Ingredients &
price/supply trends. Go to and 800-628-3166 or Flavours. 546 US Route 46, Teterboro, NJ 07608.
SampleExpress. 888-547-8844

Martek Biosciences Corporation SunOpta Ingredients Group Tree Top, Inc.

Martek is the manufacturer of life’sDHA™ omega-3, a SunOpta Ingredients Group is the world’s largest Tree Top’s R&D team helps companies take a fresh look at
vegetarian and sustainable source of DHA (from algae). producer of oat fiber for the food industry. Canadian how fruit and fruit blends can be used to achieve flavor, piece
life’sDHA™ will enhance the nutritional value of your product identity, functionality and value in products. With innovative
Harvest® Oat Fibers are used to increase the fiber
without impacting its taste or smell. life’sDHA™ is available
content of foods and enhance texture. We also technology and pursuit of customer satisfaction, Tree Top
as either a highly purified oil or microencapsulated powder
and has been successfully added to foods, beverages, offer soy fiber, stabilized brans, beta-glucan soluble supplies virtually every available fruit form including frozen,
dietary supplements and infant formulas. fiber, and fiber blends. SunOpta Ingredients Group, dried, pureed and concentrated fruits. Tree Top, Inc. P.O. Box
Martek Biosciences Corporation - 1-800-662-6339 100 Apollo Drive, Chelmsford, MA 01824, 1-800- 248, 220 E. Second Ave. Selah, WA 98942-0248. Phone: 353-6782 800-367-6571, Ext. 1435; Fax: 509-698-1409 ●
August 2009 81
Prepared Foods’ 27th annual New Products Conference is the
food & beverage industry’s premier event for gaining valuable
insights into exciting global new products, culinary advances and
emerging consumer trends.

10:15 – 10:45 am
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 Refreshment Break
REGISTER TODAY 1:00 – 5:00 pm
Drift Fishing
Sponsored by Butterball Farms

& SAVE $300 Sponsored by Innophos

Relax and enjoy an afternoon of drift fishing as you get
10:45 – 12:00 Noon
Seeking Excellence Through Understanding
caught up with industry peers. Flavor Exploration
Speakers: Victor Gielisse, Ph.D., CMC, DBA, and Ron
1:00 – 5:00 pm DeSantis, CMC, MBA, The Culinary Institute of America
Golf Tournament This interactive tasting session will expand your flavor IQ
Sponsored by Chr. Hansen and stimulate your senses.
Join us for an afternoon at Polo Trace Golf Club.
12:00 – 1:30 pm
7:00 – 9:00 pm Luncheon
Welcome Reception Sponsored by California Raisin Marketing Board
Sponsored by Kikkoman
1:30 – 2:15 pm
Connect with attendees at this casual reception and
enhance your conference experience.

discover new products Thursday, September 10, 2009 2:15 – 2:45 pm

Refreshment Break
7:30 – 8:30 am
Breakfast Buffet 2:45 – 3:30 pm
Sponsored by Tree Top, Inc. MOMologue: Let’s Hear It From Moms!
Facilitators: Laurie Klein, Vice President and Amy Henry,
8:30 – 8:45 am Managing Director, Research & Strategy, Just Kid Inc.
Opening Remarks From organic to omega-3, explore moms’ attitudes
Michael Leonard, Publisher and Claudia O’Donnell, Chief towards ingredients, benefits, and the latest innovations.
Editor, Prepared Foods
3:30 – 4:00 pm
8:45 – 9:30 am Spirit of Innovation Awards Ceremony
Creating New Products in a New Economy Moderator: William Roberts, Business Editor, Prepared
Keynote Speaker: David Houser, Managing Director, Foods
Lincoln International Sponsored by Ventura Foods
Gain insights on industry deals from the past quarter Join us in celebrating the industry-nominated, innovative
including their significance and what new product product development teams that recently introduced a
network developers can learn from them. new product in foodservice and retail markets.

9:30 – 10:15 am 5:00 – 6:30 pm

Creating Kid Food Products in a Mom- Spirit of Innovation Celebration Reception
Driven World Sponsored by Ventura Foods
Speaker: Laurie Klein, Vice President, Just Kid Inc. Network and toast the 2009 Spirit of Innovation Award
What are some of the principles for creating successful winners. Enjoy drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and good conver-
better-for-you products in the marketplace? sation. Dinner on your own.
new product ideas
2009 Sponsors

The Seeds You Need to Grow New Ideas

1:30 – 2:15 pm
Friday, September 11, 2009 Driving Authenticity Through Ideation,
7:30 – 8:30 am Process, and the Consumer
Breakfast Buffet Speaker: Mario Valdovinos, CEC, Director of Culinary
Sponsored by ConAgra Mills Services, Research & Development, Tyson Foods, Inc.
See how you can leverage the consumers desire for
8:30 – 9:15 am “real” food and beverage products by learning about the
Structural Changes in How Americans Eat multitude of mechanisms and executions that trigger
& Drink authenticity.
Speaker: Joe Derochowski, Executive Director, The NPD
Group Inc. 2:15 – 3:00 pm
Identify new opportunities based on current trends as Idea mash-up: Adapting existing ideas into
well as think about how consumers behave which will winning new products
help interpret other research you may have. Speakers: Lynn Dornblaser and David Jago, Directors,
Custom Solutions Group, Mintel International
9:15 – 10:00 am Mintel’s trend experts will discuss some of the most
Successful Product Strategies for important trends affecting consumers and new products,
Launching Functional Foods and they have scoured the world to show attendees some
Speaker: Bob Jones, Principal, Scientia Advisors LLC of the products and ideas that fit those trends.
Learn common factors experienced by both successful
and unsuccessful entries into this marketplace. 3:00 – 3:30 pm
Refreshment Break
10:00 – 10:30 am
Refreshment Break 3:30 – 4:45 pm
Mintel Tasting Session
10:30 – 11:15 am See and taste dozens of products that may spur your
JUST ANNOUNCED new product development.
Transforming the Relevant Restaurant
Trends of Today into the Retail Products of 5:30 – 6:30 pm
Tomorrow Networking Reception
Speaker: Kevin Higar, Director Operator Product Dinner on your own.
Development, Technomic 8:00 – 9:00 am
Gain numerous “insight nuggets” ripe for future retail
product transformation. Saturday, September 12, 2009
11:15 – 12:00 noon Breakfast Buffet
Smart Choices: Unveiling a Uniform, Front- Sponsored by Mane, Inc.
of-Pack Nutrition Labeling Initiative
Speaker: Sarah Krol, General Manager, NSF International 9:00 – 11:30 am
– Smart Choices Program When Failure is not an Option-Improvise:
Learn how the Smart Choices Program offers a trans- Applying the Lessons of Structured
parent, science-based solution to the food industry, Creativity to Everyday Business Challenges
consumers, and health experts alike, in their united Facilitators: Christopher W. Miller, Founder, Innovation
efforts to improve consumers’ dietary habits, while driv- Focus; Sarah Finch, Director of Learning, The Second
ing food and beverage product innovation. City Communications
Learn how to combine a rigorous innovation process
12:00 – 12:15 pm with the art of improvisation to produce new products
Collegiate Education Awards and concepts.

12:15 – 1:30 pm 11:30 – 11:45 am

Luncheon Closing Remarks: Thank you from NPC
Sponsored by TIC Gums Organizers
Mintel Global New Products Giveaways

Network, Share Ideas, Meet New People and Ignite Your Creativity!


Classified For Classified Information, call Sharon Ward at (847) 405-4078 or fax (847) 405-4100



September 15, 2009

1000 West Pershing Road, Chicago, IL

Blending, Grinding & Hot Dog Production with Packaging
Equipment-For Complete Information Including the Inventory
with Digital Photos, Go To or
call (630)553-6992.
Online Bidding Through
Scott Swanson’s IL Auctioneer’s License #440.000558

Need Help Selling Products But Can’t Afford a Direct Sales Force?
t We are your “outsourced sales professionals” providing cost effective sales coverage
t Experienced in strategic selling, large and small account management, global customers,
supplier agreements and more
t Specializing in bakery, beverage, sweet goods, dairy, savory and foodservice customers
Contact Tim Ewen at
513-404-7322 s Ewen Industrial Ingredients


Optimum Search, Inc.
Excellence in Food Industry Executive Recruitment
Check our listings for plant/project engineers,
plant operations, QA, R&D, sales, marketing
and purchasing positions on our web-site.
Tim Oliver Dave Buergler
770-760-7661 919-557-5773


Get the most out of your

KOSHER certification!
Call us to upgrade and refine your program
PS Kosher Food Works Inc.
Tel: 310-717-2102 • Fax: 310-553-8989 • Email:

84 August 2009 ●


ESCA Enterprises, Inc.

Enhancing Food Industry Products and Profitability

Providing Customized Services to the Food Industry Through:

Contact Allan Samson, Ph.D.
Phone: 610-558-1902 Fax: 610-558-3306 THE MOST COST
NIMS a Network of
SUMMERFIELD Professional Ingredient
CULINARY SPICES Brokers Providing National
NO MGS * SALT-FREE * ALL NATURAL! Sales Representation
For Information Please Contact:
Ken Reynolds, Executive Director

47444 Kato Road, Fremont, CA 94538
Product of USA

DEHYDRATED Premium Quality Ingredients

INGREDIENTS Identity Preserved
Certified Organic & Conventional Non-GMO
• Dairy Products • Non-Dairy Products
• Soybeans • Vegetable Oils
• Fruit Powders • Cheese Powders
• Grains • Vinegars
• Cream Powders • Butter Powders
• Seeds • Brans/Germs/Fibers
• Custom Spray Drying
• Dry Edible Beans • Instant Powders/Flakes
• Flours/Meals • Split/Dehulled Soybeans WE BUY FOOD
• Rice Products • Sweeteners
Contact: Ned or Jennifer & BEVERAGE
Phone: 800.443.3445 Gluten-free • Omega-3's • Whole Grains • Trans-fat free
Fax: 847.918.9189 CLOSE-OUTS
Let us be your Best Value -
Quality, Service, Price - Out of code s Discontinued
ingredient supplier! O
Off Grade s Over Productions
Jedwards International, Inc. Retail s Food Service
4666 Amber Valley Parkway • Fargo, ND 58104 USA
Supplier of Bulk Oils. • 701.356.4106 TEL • 701.356.4102 FAX Call Jon at WHAM FOODS
Visit for our complete product listing!
Omega-3 Oils and Organic Oils. 954-649-7857

August 2009 ● 85

The 2009 R&D Applications Seminar Chicago is a technical, “how to” event designed to help further educate
bench-level R&D on practical solutions to specific application challenges. Join hundreds of your fellow formulators for 2½ days and over
50 technical sessions to choose from.
Don’t miss the Applications Lab Track, which will feature the use of product samples to more effectively demonstrate an
ingredient’s functionality or its application in a finished consumer product or model system.
Registration for 2009 is limited to 250 attendees to ensure an optimum learning environment, so register today. Bring the
whole team and save with our Team Discount.

2009 • Protecting your Products against Oxidative Flavors, Flavor Enhancement &
SPONSORS Application Labs Rancidity Using Mixed Tocopherols
(advance registration required) Speaker: Jessica Zielinski, Applications Scientist, Cognis Nutrition Colors
• Use of Carotenoid Colors in Foods & Beverages & Health
• Research on Heat and Light Stability of Naturally
DSM Nutritional Products • Private Label Leadership Derived Red Colorings for Beverages
Speaker: Greg Nutter, Vice President, LASCOM Solutions Speaker: Jody Renner-Nantz, Food Science Chemist, D.D. Williamson
• Novel Replacement for Gum Arabic in Coatings
Speaker: Maureen L. Akins, Lead Food Scientist, TIC Gums • The Embedded Consumer: Why the Inclusion of • Flavor Fusion (Culinary cultural trends through
Consumer Opinions Advanced the Stage Gate the use of creative flavors and flavor sensations)
• Reb A Sweetener Applications: Opportunities and
Process in Product Development Speaker: Cindy Cosmos, Senior Flavor Chemist, Bell Flavors
Challenges to Product Formulation
Speaker: Judy Lindsey, Vice President and General Manager, & Fragrances
Speaker: Sidd Purkayastha, Ph.D., Technical Director, Pure
Circle USA Inc. Product Dynamics, Div. of RQA Inc.

• Use of Dairy Proteins in Nutritional Functional Foods • New Product Development Automation – Soft- Meats & Marinades
Fonterra USA, Inc. ware to Manage Stage-Gate and Collaboration
Speaker: Sunil Thomas, VP, US Operations, Selerant Corp. • Meats & Marinades: Flavor From the Inside Out
• Versatility From The Vine Speaker: Eric Rubendall, Technical Sales Manager, Gilroy Foods
Speaker: Carol Borba, Innovation Manager, Mattson, California • Automating the Nutritional Claims Validation & Flavors
Raisin Marketing Board across the NPDI Process
Speaker: Carlo Colombo, CEO, Selerant Corp.
Baked Goods
• Barriers to Effective New Product Development

Prepared Foods


Speaker: Allan Samson, President, ESCA Enterprises • Low Linolenic Specialty Trait Soy Oil for Bakery
• Using the Latest Consumer Trends for New Product Applications
• The Lowest Linolenic Specialty Soy Oil! How Speaker: Terri Volpe, Technical Advisor, ASOYIA Inc.
Development Success
Specialty Trait Soybean Oils Add More Value to
Speaker: Greg Stephens, RD, Vice President of Strategic • Advances in Nutritional Ingredients for Shelf-
Your Product Quality
Consulting, National Marketing Institute life, Nutritional Category Focus and Process
Speaker: Terri Volpe, Vice President Oil Business, ASOYIA Inc.
• Fortifying Foods with Omega-3 Oils Application
Speaker: Brian Connolly, Technical Applications Manager, Speaker: Rodger Jonas, Director National Sales, PL Thomas
Denomega Nutritional Oils Starches, Gums & Fiber • High Fiber, Reduced Fat, Reduced Calorie Brownies
• Pectin 101 • Fruit Fibers: Nutrition and Functionality with Natural Resistant Starch and Soluble Fiber
Speaker: Bruce R. Gubser, Technical Sales Manager, Herbstreith & Fox Speaker: Bruce R. Gubser, Technical Sales Manager, Speaker: Lorraine Niba, Ph.D., Business Development Manager,
Herbstreith & Fox National Starch Food Innovation
• Sustainability of Ingredients; Fact or Fiction
Speaker: Marjorie Gilbert, Director of Food Ingredients, • Hydrocolloid Synergies: Their Applications in Foods
AarhusKarlshamn USA Speaker: Kevin Johndro, Laboratory Manager, Ingredient New Emerging Ingredients
Solutions Inc.
• Beauty From Within - Food & Beverage
• Gelatine & Collagen Peptides: Opportunities in Innovation Trend
Nutritional Beverages & Foods Functional Foods Speaker: Sharrann Simmons, Senior Marketing Manager,
• Fortifying Proteins in Beverages From pH 7 to 3 Speaker: Mindi McKibbin, Associate Chemist - Food Applications, Cognis Nutrition & Health
Speaker: Max Maxwell, Business Development Manager, GELITA
Glanbia Nutritionals • The Stevia Trend: Formulating with this Unique
• Food Texture Design and Optimization Sweetener
• Beyond Trans Fat: Reducing Saturated Fat in Speaker: Yadunandan Lal Dar, Applications Technology Manager, Speaker: Greg Horn, Sr. Director, Sweetener Technology,
Commercial Foods National Starch Food Innovation WILD Flavors
Speaker: John Keller, Food Applications Leader, Dow AgroSciences
• Liquid Nitrogen - A Beneficial Ingredient in the
• Consumer Trends and Application Challenges in Healthful Formulations Food Industry
Developing Beverages for Baby Boomers Speaker: Chris Johnson, Food Industry Specialist, Air Products
Speaker: Kimberly Carson, Director, Beverage Solutions, • Rice By-Product Ingredients Provide Natural
and Chemicals Inc.
Sensient Flavors LLC Functionality
Speaker: Steve Peirce, President, RIBUS Inc. • Unique and Innovative Opportunities for
• Physiological Benefits of Balanced and Sustained Dressings and Sauces: Enzyme Modified Egg
Carbohydrate Energy - Isomaltulose, the Next • How Taste Modifiers can Address the Top Issues
Generation Sugar in the Food & Beverage Industry: Cost Savings,
Speaker: Otis Curtis, Business Development Manager,
Speaker: Tonja Lipp, Business Unit Manager, BENEO-Palatinit Inc. Heart Health & Weight Control
DSM Food Specialties USA Inc.
Speaker: Mariano Gascon, VP of Research & Development, Wixon
• Formulating Beverages, Bakery Products and
• Solutions for Improved Digestive Health: Probiotics,
Snacks with Omega-3 DHA Microencapsulated
Prebiotics & Fiber
Breakfast Cereals, Snacks
Tuna Oil
Speaker: Cristina Munteanu, Senior Food Applications Specialist, Speaker: Connie W. Sindelar, Probiotic Format Development & Bars
GTC Nutrition Manager, Danisco USA Inc.
• Cranberries- Your Fruit Solution!
• Connecting Nutrition and Health: Developing • Galactooligosaccharides, Novel Oligosaccharides for Speaker: Kristen Girard, Principal Food Scientist, Ocean
formulations for today’s health conscious Immune Heath Support Spray Cranberries
consumer Speaker: Cristina Munteanu, Senior Food Applications Specialist,
GTC Nutrition • Nutritional and Technical Benefi ts of Inulin and
Speaker: Joseph O’Neill, Executive Vice President Sales & Oligofructose in Functional Confections, Snacks
Marketing, BENEO-Orafti Inc. • Overcome These 7 Product Development and Bars
Challenges…Naturally Speaker: Joseph O’Neill, Executive Vice President Sales &
Speaker: Steve Hvizdos, VP Strategic Accounts, Vegetable Marketing, BENEO-Orafti Inc.
Product Development Advances Juices Inc.
• Winning the Innovation Race: 3 Key Ingredients
for Out-Innovating the Competition
• New Products to Meet Healthful Trends Closing Speech
Speaker: Allan Samson, President, ESCA Enterprises Inc.
Speaker: Greg Nutter, Vice President, LASCOM Solutions • Emerging Trends in Challenging Times
Speakers: Claudia O’Donnell, Chief Editor, and William
Roberts, Business Editor, Prepared Foods Magazine

REGISTER TODAY AT PREPAREDFOODS.COM/RD Only $550 and $500 with 2 or more from the same company!
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The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach, FL /npc

Century Grain Processing....................................................................................2,60
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A. Holliday & Company Inc. ..........................................................................................23 Kerry Ingredients & Flavours ........................................................................................18
ADM ...........................................................................................................................46 Kikkoman International, Inc. ..................................................................... 3
ADM/Matsutani LLC ................................................................................................ 78-79 Kraft Food Ingredients ........................................................................... 32
Advanced Food Systems ......................................................................... 24 Land O’Lakes ...............................................................................................................40
Ajinomoto Food Ingredients LLC .......................... INSERT between pp. 16-17 Lonza, Inc. ............................................................................................. 26
American Egg Board ............................................................................................... 28-29 Mack Flavor Ingredients ...............................................................................................73
BASF Corp. ............................................................................................IFC MAFCO Worldwide Corp. ...............................................................................................64
Bay State Milling ................................................................................... 58 Martek .........................................................................................................................25
BENEO-Palatinit, Inc......................................................................................................63 Mizkan .................................................................................................. 77
Blue California .............................................................................................................75 Morinaga Nutritional Foods, Inc. ...................................................................................17
Blue Diamond Growers ................................................................................................65 Mt. Capra .....................................................................................................................56
Brenntag North America, Inc. .................................................................... 1 Multisorb Technologies, Inc............................................................................................20
Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. ........................................................................................55 P.L. Thomas & Co., Inc. .......................................................................... 71
California Raisin Marketing Board ........................................................................... 44-45 Polar Foods ........................................................................................... 72
Cargill ..................................................................................................... 8 Prepared Foods’ New Products Conference ........................................ 82-83
Clabber Girl ..................................................................................................................62 Prepared Foods’ R&D Applications Seminar Chicago ................................. 86
Cognis ................................................................................................... 12 Purac America, Inc .......................................................................................................21
Commercial Creamery ............................................................................ 38 Roquette America, Inc. ...........................................................................IBC
Corn Products Specialty Ingredients ..............................................................................49 Roxlor International, LLC ...............................................................................................5
Culinary Farms....................................................................................... 74 RQA, Inc. ......................................................................................................................76
Domino Specialty Ingredients .................................................................. 66 Sargento Foods, Inc. .............................................................................. 37
Edlong Dairy Flavors .............................................................................. 48 Savoury Systems International, Inc. ........................................................ 16
Encore Fruit Marketing .................................................................................................24 SunOpta Ingredients............................................................................... 52
Enreco ................................................................................................... 59 TABASCO Brand Ingredients ..........................................................................................34
Flavor Dynamics, Inc. ............................................................................. 27 TandemRain Innovations ...............................................................................................22
French’s Flavor Ingredients ..................................................................... 39 Tate & Lyle ........................................................................................... 61
Ganeden ................................................................................................ 50 Tree Top, Inc. ........................................................................................ 15
Garlic Company, The ............................................................................... 35 U. S. Highbush Blueberry Council ..................................................................................36
Grain Processing Corp. ............................................................................. 7 Univar USA Inc. ..................................................................................... 87
Herbstreith & Fox Inc....................................................................................................74 Vegetable Juices, Inc. ............................................................................. 69
Innophos, Inc. (formerly Rhodia Inc.) ....................................................... 54 Ventura Foods, LLC .......................................................................................................57
International Dairy Foods Association/Worldwide Food Expo..........................................80 Watson Inc. ..................................................................................... OBC
Jungbunzlauer .................................................................................. 19, 47

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