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The Jewish Holy War Against Goyim!

By Lt. Col. Gor o! "#$%&" Mo'r, A.U.S. R(t.
Distributed By Scriptures for America !ost "ffice Bo# $%% &a!orte '" 80535

()ou serpents you generation of *ipers how can you escape the damnation of hell+" (Jesus in Matthew 23:33)

,International Jewry Always Follow Four Pronged Strategy

A! A)*tr$l+$!,* Loo&* $t t'( I (!t+ty A! I (!t+ty Cr+*(*. E)ro/($! N$t+o!* I!0ol0( +! W$r* I (!t+1y+!2 H(+r* $! W'y

DEDICATED TO 'olonel John (Dic-( .iemela /SA0 1et2 1eston 3irginia2 Dic- is a newcomer to the 4dentity fold but as a dedicated 'hristian once he learned his 4dentity he has become an ardent student of 4srael history and a superb e#ample of "St) y to *'(3 t'y*(l1 $//ro0( )!to Go , $ 3or&4$! t'$t !(( (t' !ot 5( $*'$4( , r+2'tly +0+ +!2 t'( Wor o1 Tr)t'." With a military bac-ground consisting of years as a combat pilot and ser*ing in a staff capacity in 5urope he is a dedicated patriot and a man 46m honored to call my friend2 His research and reports ha*e been a blessing to me and many others in the 'hristian 4srael !atriot 7o*ement2 8signed9 Jac- 7ohr &t2 'ol2 A/S 1et2



This boo- was originally published o*er ten years ago and has been out of print for some time2 After many re:uests for this boo- and because of the seriousness of this time 4 ha*e prayerfully rewritten the te#t to bring it up to date2 4 pray that it will pro*e to be a blessing to you and open the eyes of some of our 5r$+!3$*'( 5r(t'r(!, in the Judeo;'hristian church who are 4sraelites and don6t -now it< so they will stop subsidi=ing their worst enemies and begin to sincerely ("ccupy until He comes!( (We are interested in the goods of others< we are solely interested in pure power2( >George "rwell in his boo- 6789? Today the 0ree World made up mostly of the basically White 'hristian .ations sometimes called C'r+*t(! o4 are drifting at an alarming rate into the totalitarianism of "rwells 6789. 4n one country after another opposition parties ha*e been banned and the press has been controlled while the people ha*e been depri*ed of their natural right of self protection by banning their right to (-eep and bear arms2( 4n each of these countries religions especially that of 'hristianity ha*e been banned as offensi*e to the state while an 5lite 4nner !arty has ta-en o*er complete control2 )et e*ery totalitarian nation flaunts it6s democracy2 The perfect e#ample is in Africa where e*ery Blac- nation that was once under White 'olonial control is today infinitely worse off in e*ery aspect under Blac- democratic control2 These are not speculations but obser*able truths2 What of America+ (Sweet land of &iberty+( 4s it possible that "6789" might happen here+ 7ost people including many who go by the name 'hristian will laugh at the dangers posed by @ionism and will label me as a '$t( 4o!2(r, or e*en worse an $!t+-S(4+t(, which is worse to many 'hristians than blasphemy against G"D2 The Apostle !aul warned us about this time in : T+4ot'y 9;<,9 where he says (0or the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine< but after their own lusts >longing for material things? shall they heap to themsel*es teachers ha*ing itching ears< And they shall turn away their ears from the truth and shall be turned unto >Jewish? fables2( He strengthens this statement in T+t)* 6;6=,66 where he says (0or there are many unruly and *ain tal-ers and decei*ers specially they of the circumcision >Jews?A Whose mouths must be stopped who sub*ert whole houses >households? teaching things which ought not for filthy lucre6s >money? sa-e2( Then in 0(r*( 69 in the same chapter he says (.ot gi*ing heed to Jewish fables and commandments of men that turn from the truth2( 7y how careful the church world is to bypass these *erses2 4n : T'(**$lo!+$!* :;7-6:, he tells us why we should heed this warning (...after the wor-ing of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders And with all decei*ableness of unrighteousness in them that perish< because they recei*ed not the lo*e of the tr)t', that they might be *$0( . And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should belie*e a lieA That they might be damned >Budged? who belie*ed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness2( Today in CDDD the 'hristian church faces the most de*astating assault which has been hurled against it in the EFFF years since the Jews first tried to stamp it out in the 0irst 'entury A2D2 /nless the 'hristian church is willing to +*%(r! t'( *+2! o1 t'( t+4(*, she could well end up being a willing agent of the enemy2 Already many so called 'hristians are without -nowing it2 She could easily find herself glibly mouthing enemy slogans in the name of our Sa*ior Jesus 'hrist2

W'o $r( t'(*( (!(4+(*>

4 ha*e before me as 4 write a letter mailed on August G CD%% from the Jewish 'ommunity 'ouncil of 7etropolitan Houston addressed to MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY RELATIONS COMMISSION OF THE #EWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL, and signed by

their chairman 7alcolm 02 Sher 72D2 Here are parts of this letter applicable to the subBect under discussion2 (The purpose of this meeting... at the Jewish 'ommunity 'enter is to note the intrusion of religion in the public schools specific the religious pageantry at 'hristmas time2 >'an you guess which religion they are referring to+? (We feel the time to understand and prepare for our role concerning this 'hristmas celebration in our public schools should be held now during the summer months so that we might be better prepared to ta-e a course of action2 .ow is the time we must discuss this problem2( This is a mild e#ample of the manner in which Satan6s Hids are harassing 'hristians while ultimately according to the word of their 4nternational leaders they are planning to (dri*e God from the s-ies and destroy White 'hristian 'i*ili=ation2( "ne of the most ama=ing phenomena of the Twentieth 'entury is how a group of people numerically small in number who hate our &ord Jesus 'hrist and His church ha*e so completely fooled the *ast maBority of 'hristendom into accepting them as God6s 'hosen while la*ishing on them countless billions of dollars which should ha*e gone for God6s wor- elsewhere2 While many 'hristian pastors bow down before the Talmudic idol of 4nternational Judaism and world politicians cringe before the power of the @ionist horde they are left free to destroy our most cherished traditions and our country itself2 What has brought about this curious and potentially fatal situation where God6s enemies are ele*ated to a position of honor by the *ery men who ha*e been ordained to /r($%' C'r+*t,* Go*/(l $! Co4+!2 K+!2 o4> Why do our politicians wal- in fear before this insatiable alien minority+ 'an White 'hristian ci*ili=ation be deli*ered from this bondage before it6s to late+ 4n this boo- 4 will attempt to discuss this tremendous problem in terms that the a*erage layman can understand2 As a foundation for this discussion 4 will use a boo- titled THE CON?UEST OF THE WORLD, written by 7aBor "sman Bey in the late CGFF6s and translated from 0rench into 5nglish by Dr2 02W2 7athias2 "riginal copies of this boo- may be found in the &ondon 7useum2 Strangely enough for ob*ious reasons it has disappeared from the maBor city libraries of .ew )or- 'hicago and other large cities2 The Jewish :uestion is one that must be faced and answered by e*ery 'hristian2 4f the power which is now attempting to strangle the 'hurch of Jesus 'hrist is to be defeated and the Hingdom 7o*ement on earth be set up as foretold in the Scriptures this e*il must be defeated2 4 pray that God through the leadership of His precious Holy Spirit will use this boo- as a means of educating our people to truths they may not -now and to dangers they face2 7ay it stiffen our 5$%&5o!( for the trying days which lie ahead and -eep us O%%)/y+!2 )!t+l H( %o4(*.


Strangely enough Judaism is the only religion you may not discuss with impunity2 )ou can go to the library and find boo-s on 7ormonism Se*enth Day Ad*entist 1oman 'atholicism !rotestantism 4slam Buddhism Satanism and Wicca2 When you loo- for information on what Jews belie*e and teach an immediate *eil of secrecy goes into place which conceals their real moti*es2 This in itself should arouse your suspicions2 Dr2 BenBamin 0reedman a distinguished Jew who ser*ed as an ad*isor to se*en presidents con*erted to 'hristianity late in life and reali=ing the danger posed by Jewry to his new faith began to e#pose Judaism for what it really is2 4n his boo- 0A'TS A15 0A'TS a letter written to a Jewish colleague who had con*erted to 1oman 'atholicism he re*ealed some secrets of Judaism that are important for our understanding of the problem2 0ully understanding the fact that the Jews of today are not the descendants of Abraham and -nowing the truth of 'hrist6s statements in R(0(l$t+o!* :;7 $! <;7, that refers to (Those who say they are Jews and are not but are of the synagogue of Satan( he refers to them as *o %$ll( #(3*. 4n FACTS ARE FACTS, he mentions a significant truth " institution in our modern society can long sur*i*e if its structure from the start is not erected on the FOUNDATION OF TRUTH. The 'hristian church was first erected on this *ery solid foundation by its founder Jesus 'hrist2 To remain so it must maintain this foundation2 The deterioration the disintegration and finally the destruction of this structure of the 'hristian faith will be accelerated in a direct ratio to the e#tent that misrepresentation and distortion of truth is allowed2 (Without you becoming aware of the fact the methods you employ contribute in no small degree to dilution of the de*otion of countless 'hristians for their 'hristian faith2 0or e*ery o)!%( of good you accomplish by the con*ersion of *(l1 *tyl( #(3*, you create a ton of harm in another direction2 4t is well -nown fact that many %o)!t(r1(+t con*ersions by Jews ha*e pro*ed to be infiltration 5y l$t(!t tr$+tor* 3+t' tr($*o!$5l( +!t(!t+o!*. ('ountless 'hristians standing on the sidelines in this struggle see their 'hristian faith 6withering on the *ine6 and about to drop into the lap of their dedicated enemies2 This cup is made more bitter for them as they obser*e this unwarranted and unBustified ignorance and indifference on the part of 'hristian clergy2( "n with our story about the control Satan6s Hids ha*e de*eloped o*er our 'hristian nation2 The Board of Go*ernors of the 0ederal 1eser*e Ban-s meets behind closed doors and has more power than our go*ernment2 They were responsible for the depressions of CDEC and CDED and are now toying with an e*er greater one which will cause the Great Depression to loo- li-e a Sunday School picnic by comparison2 4n CDFF an interesting document titled THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION, showed up in the literary world2 4mmediately World Jewry and their stooges in 'hristian pulpits declared it to be a forgery2 Apparently in their struggle to protect Judaism they forgot that in order to ha*e a forgery you must first ha*e an original2 The forger does his best to ma-e the forgery loo- li-e the original to 'oo 3+!& people2 The :uestion in my mind is not whether this document is a forgery or not but the fact that 4nternational Jewry has been following it point by point li-e a blueprint for the last hundred years2 PROTOCOL @@ saysA (5conomic crises ha*e been produced by us for goyim >non;Jewish animals? by no other means than withdrawal of money from circulation2( This statement made about CDFI referred to the panic of CGDI which was caused by the sudden withdrawal of a large amount of gold from the .ew )or- Stoc- 5#change2 The money panics of CDF$ CDEC and CDED were caused in the same way and thousands of Jews became millionaires almost o*ernight as they bought up property from ban-rupt Gentiles for a few cents on the dollar2 This same

manipulation is underway today where the same people are ma-ing profit from America6s blood sweat and tears2 To those of you who belie*e it can6t happen again let me say (enBoy the false prosperity you are recei*ing from the Jew controlled Administration of !resident 'linton for it6s shattering end is Bust around the corner2 4n line with the !rotocol !lot the 1othschild6s lent money to both sides during World War 4 and subsidi=ed Hitler6s rise into power in German prior to World War 442 Without these loans neither side could ha*e fought a war since neither side had fully reco*ered from World War 42 4nternational Judaism wanted a Gentile War which would bring the world into a state of chaos from which they could impose their "ne World Go*ernment2 They almost made it through their stooge Woodrow Wilson in CDCI2 He desperately wanted to get America into the &eague of .ations only to be stymied by a still then patriotic 'ongress2 Wilson brought us into World War 4 to bail out the Jewish ban-ing interests which had elected him !resident2 !owerful Jews as now in the 'linton Administration were put in charge of our go*ernment2 7en li-e Bernard Baruch who headed the War 4ndustries Board !aul Warburg head of the 0ederal 1eser*e and 5ugene 7yers who controlled the l(1t 3+!2 pro;@ionist Washington !ost and also headed Allied 'hemical and Dye 'ompany2 He was made head of the &iberty &oan Dri*e2 Baruch spent o*er CF billion dollars of Allied money during World War 4 gi*ing the choicest go*ernment contracts to his Jewish friends2 Baruch became a multi;millionaire by fleecing the American people and although these facts were well -nown in Washington D2'2 so great was the power of @ionism in our go*ernment that no legal action was e*er ta-en against him2 Baruch along with Henry Hissinger another Jew who came to prominence during World War 44 were probably two of the most dangerous @ionist plotters and both of them spent their li*es carrying out the !1"T"'"& !&"T while representing themsel*es as A4(r+%$! St$t(*4(! $! A 0+*or* to Pr(*+ (!t*. Both of them pretended to be patriots protecting American interests in wars their own gangsters had started2 4t was this same group of amoral >ha*ing no morals? 4nternationalists who s:uee=ed German financially as they laid the ground wor- for the destruction of this 'hristian country in World War 442 The Jew Samuel /ntermeyer brought about an economic boycott of Germany in CDII as 4 will discuss later and few Americans understand that as early as CDFF 4nternational Jewry had a war chest of a billion dollars set aside for the destruction of 'hristian Germany2 Their 3$r %ry at that time was (first we will ta-e 'hristian 1ussia then we will con:uer 'hristian Germany and go on to con:uer Asia and Africa finally when America is surrounded with no friends they will drop into our laps li-e o*erripe fruit2( We are *ery close to that point in CDDD2 The purpose of World War 44 was to do in Germany what Jewish plotters had done in 1ussia in CDC$ and e*entually established worldwide 'ommunism2 While we Americans ha*e been 5r$+!3$*'( into belie*ing that Adolf Hitler was an e*il man the proof of the matter is2 that he was destroyed because he was the head of a 'hristian nation who &+%&( o0(r t'( tr$%(*, and refused to obey their @ionist masters2 0or this he had to be destroyed2 Today this same group of 4nternational plotters is engaged in another effort to start World War 4442 4n fact this war along with World War 4 and 44 were planned by General Albert !i-e the former 'onfederate General o*er a hundred years ago after he became a leader in 4nternational 7asonry2 The aims of 0reemasonry and 4nternational Judaism for a "ne World Go*ernment are *ery similar and there is much cooperation between these two powerful groups2 Both of them worship &ucifer rather than Almighty God and are determined to bring the World under his control2 Their plan was for World War 444 was to bring the world under @ionist control presided o*er by 4nternational Jewry with 2(!t+l( *too2(* in go*ernment and religion to front for them2 They plan

to e#haust the nations through continuous warfare until we fall under their control2 This scheme is clearly shown in their te#tboo- on PSYCHOPOLITICS, >a*ailable from Scriptures for America !2"2 Bo# $%% &a!orte '" GFJIJ for a donation of KJ2FF?2 Here they say (We must be li-e a *ine upon a tree2 We use the tree to climb and then strangling it grow into power on the nourishment of its flesh2 We must stri-e from our path any opposition and use for our tools any authority that comes to hand2( This is why they show no mercy for those who are unfortunate enough td come under their control2 4n this same te#tboo- page IF they say ("bedience is the result of force2 'oncurrent with force is brutality... The most barbaric brutal use of force if carried far enough in*o-es obedience sa*age force sufficiently long displayed towards any indi*idual will bring about his concurrence with any principle or order2 (Any organi=ation that has the spirit and courage to display inhumanity sa*ageness brutality and an uncompromising lac- of humanity will be obeyed2 Such a use of force is itself is an essential of greatness2( This concept is so contrary to 'hristian teachings that it is difficult for our people especially those who ha*e been 5r$+!3$*'( by enemy propaganda to belie*e2 Why were the American people pounded with ('old War( propaganda against the So*iet /nion when Jews controlled not only 1ussia but 5ngland 0rance Germany the /nited States and a host of other countries+ The present crisis in Serbia is of the Jewish ma-ing and they brought it about deliberately to further wea-en us and place us in an (%o!o4+% *tr$+2't A$%&(t. While this 'old War was going on at least twel*e maBor occasions 4 can recall when this E0+l E4/+r( as it was called was on the *erge of economic collapse our go*ernment stepped in and bailed them out with billions in relief when we could not e*en pay off the interest on our national debt to the @ionist gangsters2 Ha*e you e*er wondered why !resident Truman formed a fi*e man ci*ilian Atomic 5nergy Board and then appointed four Jews as members+ Da*id &ilienthal who has -nown by the FBI to be a member of two 'ommunist front groups was made it6s 'hairman2 The other Jewish members were W2W2 Waymach 1202 Bacher and &ewis D2 Strauss2 Was it because he could find no 'hristian gentiles to fill these posts+ Don6t be silly! Why did he appoint the Jewish Austrian born !rofessor Arthur Burns as his economic ad*isor+ 'ould it possibly be because the PROTOCOLS say Jews must occupy the top positions as economic ad*isors of the country under con:uest+ Today our !resident William 'linton has gone o*erboard in appointing anti;'hrist Jews to high go*ernment positions2 Although he claims to be 5or! $2$+! C'r+*t+$! So)t'(r! B$/t+*t, he has not appointed one White Anglo;Sa#on to a high go*ernment position2 Here are a few of the Jews who now occupy high position in our go*ernment listed alphabeticallyA AD&51 Haren ; Director of State Department !olicy2 A&B14GHT 7adeline ; Secretary of State2 A!05& 1ichard ; 'hief of Social Security2 B51G51 Samuel ; Head of .ational Security 'ouncil2 B"SH4. Stanley ; 5conomic !olicy Ad*isor2 B15/51 &anny ; Special 'ounsel of the !resident2

B15)51 Stephen ; Supreme 'ourt Justice2 B1"7W4'H 7i-e ; 4nspector General of the 0B42 '"H5. Da*id ; '4A Director of "perations2 '"H5. William ; Secretary of Defense2 D4A7".D !aul ; Head of 5conomic !olicy2 54S5.STAT Struart ; /nder Secretary of the Treasury2 54S.51 Hal ; Director of Bureau of 4ntelligence2 G4.SB/1G 1uth ; Supreme 'ourt Justice2 G&4'H7A. Dan ; Secretary of Agriculture2 G155.S!A. Alan ; 'hairman of the 0ederal 1eser*e2 HA.S 5llen ; Assistant Secretary of 5ducation2 H"&B1""H5 1ichard ; Special 1epresentati*e to .AT"2 H5SS&51 Da*id ; 'hief of 0ood L Drug Administration2 H&54. Joel ; Assistant Attorney General2 &5H7A. Bruce ; Head of /2S2 !atent "ffice2 &4!T". Da*id ; /nder Secretary of the Treasury2 7AGA@4.51 4ra ; Head of .ational Health 'are !olicy2 !&T"0SH) 1obert ; 'hairman 0ederal Trade 'ommission2 1ABB4 1AH7 5manuel ; Director of 'ommunications2 1"SS Stanley ; 7ember of the .ational Security 'ouncil2 1/B4. James ; /nder Secretary of State2 SH51B/1.5 Jane ; White House 'ounsel2 S!51&4.G Gene ; Head of .ational 5conomic 'ouncil2 TA1."00 !eter ; Deputy Secretary of State2 T5.5T George ; '4A 'hief2 WAM7A. Seth ; Acting Solicitor General2 )5&&5. Jannet ; Head 'ouncil of 5conomic Ad*isors2 These are but some of the more than CFF Jews 'linton has appointed to high go*ernment positions2

Why did the Swedish Jew 4-e 5isenhower appoint the Jewess 0reda B2 Hannoch to be 'hairwoman of the 0ederal 'ommunications 'ommission and the Jew Samuel 02 Groner to be her assistant+ 'ould it be because the PROTOCOLS say (We must control all communications of the nations under con:uest+( When Anna 1osenberg >who had attended 'ommunist meetings and was a member of se*eral 'ommunist 0ront Groups? hired CF FFF people for the 7anhattan Atomic 5nergy !roBect >according to the NEW YORKER, September CJ CDNJ? these included the So*iet Jewish spies Julius and 5thel 1osenberg Greenglass Sobel Gold and Hlaus 0uchs2 Sidney 0ields writing in the NEW YORKER, .o*ember CJ CDJF described the power of this 'ommunist leaning Jewess in these wordsA (Tomorrow 7rs2 Anna 1osenberg assumes her duties as Assistant Secretary of Defense in charge of the nation6s manpower2 She will be in charge of CCJ /2S2 Go*ernment Agencies2( She went on to hire o*er a million people while she was in this position2 Since then >CDJF? the 1ed .etwor- she set up in Washington D' has ne*er been completely dismantled2 When Hlaus 0uchs the Jewish Atomic 5nergy traitor was Bailed in 'anada and brought to the /nited States for prosecution it was through the efforts of the Jew Albert 5instein that he was released2 This story has been repeated in e*ery Administration up to this time as they bowed under the pressure of 4nternational @ionism2 4t6s no wonder that a high ran-ing 4sraeli official could brag with impunity (We ha*e the best 'ongress money can buy!( Today at least $F of our CFF /2S2 Senators pretty much *ote the *tr$+2't I*r$(l+ t+%&(t. During the Hennedy era we had such Jews as Abraham 1ibicoff Secretary of Health 5ducation and Welfare and Arthur Goldberg Secretary of &abor2 /nder !resident Johnson we find men such as .icholas Hat=enbach Attorney General and Wilbur J2 'ohen Secretary of H252W2 While .i#on was !resident we had one of the worst of all who is still going strong in 4nternational Affairs the HGB o)5l( $2(!t and German Jew Henry Hissinger2 As some of you will remember he filled the powerful position as Secretary of State and another Jew James Schlesinger as Secretary of Defense2 !resident 0ord had William Simon Secretary of the Treasury< 5dward &e*i Attorney General while !resident 'arter had W2 7ichael Blumenthal Secretary of the Treasury< !hilip Hlut=ni- as Secretary of 'ommerce and .eil Goldschmidt as Secretary of Transportation2 The 2r($t %o!*(r0$t+0( 1onald 1eagan had a whole floc- of Jewish birds in his nest $E in all each appointed and not one elected by our people2 The Administrations of e*ery !resident since Woodrow Wilson during World War 4 has been under at least partial Jewish control2 The result as George Wallace once said (There isn6t a dimes worth of difference between the 1epublican and Democratic !arties ( in that time span2 .o matter which one has been in the dri*er6s seat the power behind the throne has been @ionist2 This is hard for patriotic Americans to swallow and is why Harold 1osenthal Administrati*e Assistant to the Jewish Senator from .ew )or- Jacob Ja*its could boastingly say (We Jews continue to be ama=ed with the ease by which 'hristian Americans ha*e fallen into our hands2 While nai*e Americans waited for Hhrusche* to bury them we ha*e taught them to submit to our e*ery will2( This is why God warned His 4srael people that they must not allow (strangers to rule o*er them( and why in D()t(ro!o4y :8;9<,99 we read the end result (The stranger that is within thee shall get up abo*e thee *ery high and thou shalt come down *ery low... he shall be the head and thou shalt be the tail2( 4f you can6t see how this has happened it6s because you ha*e 5)r+( yo)r '($ * +! t'( *$! 2 Today in CDDD the closing out year of this age we are a con:uered people and ha*e lost our freedom through default2 Not(; 1onald 1eagan is a 0reemason2 Today we see the confusing sight of a 'hristian nation of more than E%F million people as they are controlled by a minority that numbers less than EO of our population2 While 'hristians in America ha*e been willing to open our doors and share the benefits of America with the Jews they are not satisfied and want us to run things their way22 They want it all! The

Jewish author 7aurice Samuels in his boo- YOU GENTILES said (We Jews are the destroyers and we will remain the destroyers there is nothing you can do to satisfy us for we need a world of our own2( Today whene*er Jews are accused of doing anything contrary to 2oo or (r, they raise the plainti*e cry of $!t+-S(4+t+*4, which is a misnomer since the *ast maBority of Jews are not Semites but Turco;7ongolian by descent2 5*ery !rime 7inister of the (mini state( in !alestine has come from this "riental bac-ground2 This needs to become corrected in 'hristian minds with 'hristians not to become anti;Semitic but #(3 %o!*%+o)*. 4f any people or group of people are guilty of crimes against the American people they should be publicly tried condemned and punished2 The Jews must not be allowed to be free from this &aw of ci*ili=ed nations2 The Jewish Anti;Defamation &eague of the B6nai B6rith >7asonic? &odge and the American Jewish 'ongress are sub*ersi*e agents of a foreign go*ernment operating illegally on American soil without permits2 They operate contrary to the good of America and the welfare of the 4sraeli is the first order of business in their li*es2 They must not be allowed to continue this deception and should either answer for their many crimes or be forced to lea*e the country2 )ou may say as many 'hristians ha*e (Why condemn all Jews+( 4t is because the Jewish communities of America for the most part cooperate with the illegal acti*ities of @ionism2 After all REMEMBER it was ALL the Jews who condemned 'hrist to death and said (His blood be on our heads and those of our children2( >M$tt'(3 :B;:C? 5*en though an occasional Jewish *oice is raised against the e*ils of World @ionism still the Jewish people as a whole ha*e de*eloped an arrogance which places them abo*e the law or so they belie*e2 This can be emphasi=ed by a story that made it6s rounds in Washington D' during the 'arter Administration2 4t concerned a meeting that was supposed to ha*e ta-en place between God Breshne* 'arter and Begin2 The So*iet leader as-ed GodA (Will there e*er be a time when there is peace between the So*iet /nion and America+( and God repliedA ()es but not in your life time2( Then 'arter as-edA (Will there e*er be a time when Blac- and White people will get along on friendly terms+( and God repliedA ()es but not in your life time2( Then Begin as-edA (Will there e*er be a time when Jews and Goyim will be able to get along+ and God repliedA (.o not in 7y life time!( This high lights the statement made by our friend the Apostle !aul in 6 T'(**$lo!+$!* :;6C, where spea-ing about the Jews he said and they please not God and are contrary to all men2 While Jewish apologists li-e Jac- 3an 4mpe say the Jews were -ic-ed out of e*ery country in 5urope at some time or other because they are God6s 'hosen people and Satan hates them2 This cannot be true for it would contradict the words of our Sa*ior Himself in #o'! 8;99 when He told the Jewish leaders ()ou are of your father the de*il and the lusts of your father you will do2( 0or a second witness turn to M$tt'(3 :<;6C, where Jesus again spea-ing to the Jewish religious authorities accused them of going sea and land to ma-e con*erts only to (ma-e him twofold more the child of hell then yoursel*es2( 4t6s sad indeed that millions of 'hristians in America would rather listen to men li-e 3an 4mpe 1obertson 0alwell and others who bac- these 'hrist haters calling them God6s 'hosen when their Sa*ior tells them differently2 Not(; !at 1obertson has been gi*en a copy of the Talmud and still dose not condemn them2 0alwell is a 0ree 7ason2 BenBamin 0ran-lin our (elder statesman( during the 1e*olution had many encounters with Jews and warned the C$G$ 'onstitutional 'on*ention in !hiladelphia (Gentlemen 64n whate*er country Jews ha*e settled in any great numbers they ha*e lowered its moral tone depreciated its commercial integrity ha*e segregated themsel*es and ha*e not been assimilated2 They ha*e sneered at and tried to undermine the 'hristian religion ha*e built up a State within a State and ha*e when opposed tried to strangle that country financially2

(4f you do not e#clude them from the /nited States in this 'onstitution in less than EFF years they will ha*e swarmed in such great numbers that they will dominate and de*our the land and change our form of go*ernment2 4f you do not e#clude them in less than EFF years our descendants will be wor-ing in the fields to furnish them substance while they will be in their counting houses rubbing their hands2 4 warn you gentlemen if you do not e#clude the Jews for all times your children will curse you in your gra*es2 Jews gentlemen are Asiatic they will ne*er be otherwise2( "ur forefathers did not listen to this wise man and today they control this nation2 Jeremiah the "ld Testament prophet wrote about these people in #(r(4+$' 7;C,, where he said (They decei*e e*ery one his neighbor and spea- not the truthA they ha*e taught their tongue to spea- lies and weary themsel*es to commit ini:uity2( Any Jew who has been taught from their holy boo- t has been schooled in this deceit! The risen 'hrist further e#posed these /*() o-#(3* in R(0(l$t+o!* :;7D <;7, when He warns about (of them which say they are Jews and are not but are the synagogue >congregation? of Satan2( Not(; Would Jesus appro*e of 'hristians blindly supporting to pseudo;(4srael( and the )iddish Talmudic frauds + 4n L)&( 66;97-C6 'hrist said (Therefore also said the wisdom of God 4 will send them prophets and apostles and some of them they shall slay and persecuteA That the blood of all the prophets which was shed from the foundation of the world may be re:uired of this generation< 0rom the blood of Abel unto the blood of @acharias,... 4t shall be re:uired of this generation2( Their own writers ha*e said ("ur maBor *ice of old as of today is parasitism2 We are a people of *ultures li*ing on the labor and good nature of the rest of the world2 But despite our faults we would ne*er ha*e done so much damage to the world if it had not been for genius for e*il leadership... The shame of Jewry comes not from our being the ban-ers and old clothesmen of the world2 4t comes rather of the stupendous hypocrisy and cruelty imposed on us by our fatal leadership2 (1ead for yourself the story of the progress of Jewry through out 5urope and America2 Where*er they ha*e come they are welcomed permitted to settle down and Boin in the general business of the community2 "ne by one the industries of the country close to them because of their unfair practices222 until it is impossible to longer hold in chec- the wrath of a betrayed people2 There is *iolence and in*ariably an ignominious eBection of the whole race from the land2 There is not a single instance when Jews ha*e not fully deser*ed the bitter fruit of the fury of their persecutors2( (Their >Jew6s? disease is a sort of moral gonorrhea -nown as Judaism and seems alas to be incurable2 The results as any good doctor will tell you are in*ariably treacherous and unhealthy2 4f you are in doubt ta-e a loo- at any Jew ridden country in 5urope2 Then if you need any further con*incing ta-e a loo- at what6s happening in America2 (4t is my belief that nothing the Jew does in America is essential to its welfare2 "n the contrary a great deal of what the American Jew does is in sub*ersion of America6s best interests2( >The foregoing remar-s are not from an anti;Semite but came from a boo- titled "#EWS MUST LIVE", by the Jewish author Samuel 1oth published by the Golden Hind !ress of .ew )or'ity2? While the 'hristian 'hurch has gone into $ll t'( 3orl , to proclaim the Good .ews of the Gospel as our &ord commanded they ha*e ne*er been *ery successful in reaching Jews in spite of the e#aggerated claims of "#(3* 1or #(*)*". They are 1+E( /(o/l( when it comes to their hatred of Jesus 'hrist and 'hristianity and genuine change o*ers to 'hristianity are rare2 As BenBamin 0reedman said (There are many phony con*ersions for the purpose of infiltrating and destroying the church from within2(

4n fact as early as CEG% A2D2 a !rotocol to the Jews of 0rance ordered them (7a-e of your sons clerics and priests so that they may infiltrate the 'hristian church and destroy it from within2( 4t has been found in numerous cases that when Jews ha*e con*erted to 'hristianity it was because they were adopted children and had no Jewish blood in their *eins2 Jesus pretty well co*ered the reason why they did not respond to Him in #o'! 8;9< when He as-ed (Why do you not understand my speech+ 5*en because you cannot hear my word2( This was followed by His accusation in 0(r*( 99, F 9C ()ou are of your father the DEVIL and the lusts of your father you will do... And because 4 tell you the truth you belie*ed me not2( V(r*( 9B of the same 'hapter says (He that is of God heareth God6s wordsA you therefore hear them not because you are not of God2( How much plainer could He ha*e been+ Then in #o'! 6=;:G, to clear up any misunderstanding He said to the Jewish leaders (But you >Jews? belie*e 7e not because you are !ot o1 4y *'((/, Not(; 4f Jesus appeared today He would be called an anti;Semite belittled by !at 1obertson 1ush &imbaugh Sean Hannity e*ery maBor news paper in America and would face charges in 'anada Germany Span Swit=erland Sweden Austria 0inland etc2 He could not gi*e his sermon on the mountain because he did not ha*e a permit and would be labeled a conspiracy -ooThe Apostle John preached to a people who had been brought up in the Jewish faith in the (tradition of the 5lders( which meant under Talmudic teaching2 He had been an eye witness to the murder of His &ord and probably was present when they said (His blood be on our heads and that of our children2( 4t was impossible that he could ha*e had another people in mind when he spo-e about the murderous spirit of 'ain in 6 #o'! <;6:. He echoed about 'ain what His &ord had said about the !harisees in #o'! 8;99. This did not ma-e him a SEEDLINER. The entire boo- of #) (, is a fran- discussion of Jewish characteristics God had made many co*enants with 4srael and the original Judah but there is no record that He e*er made a co*enant with a people called the Jews2 .o where in the Bible can you find where people called Jews were defended as or called the 'hosen !eople2 This is a Jewish myth manufactured by the 1abbis for goyim consumption and 'hristianity has swallowed it 'oo&, l+!(, and *+!&(r. The Jews ha*e been a mi#ed people since they returned from Babylonian 'apti*ity2 H They came bac- >a tiny percentage of them? as a heathen throng with the new religion of Talmudic Judaism that superseded the old and respected religion of Hebrewism under 7oses2 When they bragged to Jesus in John J how they followed 7oses He replied in 0(r*(* 9C-9B. (Do not thin- that 4 will accuse you to the 0atherA there is one that accuseth you e*en 7oses in whom you >say you? trust2 0or had you belie*ed 7oses you would ha*e belie*ed meA for he wrote of me2 But if you belie*e not his writings >and they did not? how shall you belie*e my words+( H Not(; The mi#ed are the Sepheritic Jews2 The )iddish are a race of the Hha=a people2 Both boo-s of EIr$ and N('(4+$' show this mongreli=ed throng as they returned from Babylonian capti*ity2 They brought bac- with them a heatheni=ed religion that had admi#ed with the occult worship of Babylon against which God had warned again and again2 4t contained the worst features of Baal worship and heathenism2 The eighth chapter of EI(&+(l en*isions this abomination but it is to lengthy to :uote here in it6s entirety2 Here are some hints2 The angel who spo-e to 5=e-iel told him to dig in the wall of Jerusalem where he found a gate2 The angel told him (Go in and behold the wic-ed abominations that they do here... all the idols of the house of 4srael portrayed upon the wall round about2 And there stood before them se*enty men of the ancients of the house of 4srael with a censer in his hand<( and then the angel told 5=e-iel ()ou ha*e seen what the ancients of the house of 4srael2 do in the dar- ... for they say 6The &ord seeth us not< the &ord forsa-eth the earth!( 4n 0(r*( 6G of that same chapter he tells how he saw twenty fi*e men worshiping the sun with their bac-s towards the temple of the &ord and their faces towards the east and the sun so e*en though it mentions 4srael we -now 2he is spea-ing about Jews because this ta-es place in Jerusalem in the temple2

A close honest study of Jewish history will re*eal to any honest person that the tribe of Judah absorbed so many of the 'anaanites and became so in*ol*ed in 'anaanite practices that they completely lost their identity as Hebrews2 The 'anaanites following the lead of their father 'ain were a demon possessed people2 5*il spirits do not drown in a flood and while .oah was a perfect man in his BLOODLINE, there is nothing in the Bible which indicates that his wife and sons were perfect in righteousness2 The fact that .oah6s grandson 'anaan had a curse pronounced on him in G(!(*+* 7;:C indicates that e*il spirits were acti*e t'+* *+ ( o1 t'( 1loo . There was only one Jew among Jesus disciples and that was Judas 4scariot who was pic-ed by Jesus for the special purpose of betraying his 7aster2 Jesus said of him in #o'! G;B= (Ha*e not 4 chosen you twel*e and one of you >Judas? is a de*il+( 4n #o'! 6<;:G, we are told how Jesus ga*e Judas a sop >morsel of food usually soa-ed in wine? at the &ast Supper and when He ga*e it to Judas (Satan entered into him2( 4n other words he was (4o! /o**(**( . 4n A%t* 6<;G we read about a Jewish prophet who tried to hinder the wor- of !aul and Barnabas and spea-ing to him in 0(r*( 6=, !aul uses some pictures:ue language (" full of all subtilty and all mischief thou child of the de*il thou enemy of all righteousness wilt thou not cease to per*ert the right ways of the &ord+( This has been the Jewish way from their beginning when dealing with 'hrist and 'hristians2 Today the Judeo;'hristians church is ma-ing a bed;fellow of those who *owed to destroy them2 Strange and sad isn6t it+ There is no way you can e#plain Jesus6 statements in 7atthew :<;6C, and L)&( 66;C=, unless you understand that Jesus was spiritually correct when he called the Jewish people %'+l r(! o1 S$t$!. "ur 0undamental churches are inspiring the Jewish enemy to intensify their self rebellion against God by calling them His 'hosen2 4f the truth were told in Judeo;'hristian pulpits the Jew would come tumbling down from his lofty perch2 .owhere were the Jews and 'anaanites >and the words are inter;changeable? e*er promised rulership of the world2 The Judeo;'hristian world unsuspecting it may be but true ne*er the less has put a cloa- of respectability around the shoulders of the most *icious enemy the church has e*er had and are %)tt+!2 t'(+r o3! t'ro$t* in the process2 How the Jewish leaders must laugh in secret as they see the stupidity of the goyim sheeple leaders2 1eferring again to Harold 1osenthal he said (We >Jews? are ama=ed by the 'hristians stupidity in recei*ing our teachings and propagating them2 Judaism is not only the teaching of the synagogue it is the doctrine of most e*ery 'hristian church in America2 Through our propaganda the 'hristian church has become our most a*id supporter2 This has gi*en us a special place in your society as they belie*e that we Jews are God6s chosen people and they are Gentiles2 (The deluded children of the church defend us to the point of destroying their own culture2 This truth should be ob*ious to any dullard when one *iews history and sees how your wars ha*e been White fighting White in order to maintain control2 We controlled 5ngland during the 1e*olutionary War the .orth during the 'i*il War and 5ngland and America during World War 4 and 442 Through our influence on religion we were able to in*ol*e ignorant White 'hristians in wars against themsel*es which always impo*erished both sides >both money wise and manpower wise? while we Jews reaped a financial and political har*est2 Any time truth comes forth which e#poses us we simply rally our forces ; the ignorant 'hristians2 They attac- the crusaders e*en if they are members of their own family2( >Anyone who has e*er tried to tell the truth about Jewry can attest to this fact2? 'ain hated the 5loo *$%r+1+%( which was necessary for the remission of sin2 >see H(5r(3* 7;::? The 'anaanite Jews hate the idea of blood atonement and no people can be God6s people who hate the shed blood of God6s Son Jesus 'hrist2

Trace religious 4o (r!+*4 that scoffs at the 5loo $to!(4(!t, of Jesus 'hrist and nine times out of ten you will arri*e at a Jewish source2 4t was Jewish H+2'(r Cr+t+%+*4, that has done more to destroy true 'hristianity in the last 'entury than any other thing2 These blasphemers >many of whom are White 'hristian 4sraelites? ha*e gone so far as to ma-e plans for the remo*al of e*ery reference to Jesus 'hrist in the .ew Testament that is offensi*e to the Jews2 The Jews in turn has done nothing and will do nothing to remo*e much more offensi*e parts against 'hristians found in their religious boo- the Talmud2 This means that all references to the *'( 5loo of Jesus must go and there can be no 'hristianity with out this belief2 The Apostle John put it *ery strong in 6 #o'! :;::,:< when he said (Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the 'hrist+ He is anti;christ that denieth the 0ather and the Son2 Whosoe*er denieth the Son the SAME HATH NOT THE FATHER." >5mphasis mine!? How can you get around this *erse when dealing with Jews+ Then add 6 #o'! C;6= which says (He that belie*eth on the Son of God hath the witness in himselfA he that belie*eth not God hath made him a liar< because he belie*eth not the record that SATA.6S God of His Son2( 4 don6t see how it could be made any plainer2 )et such is the per*ersity of human nature that man will see the tr)t', and refuse to recogni=e it2 0or o*er fifty years 4 was in spiritual blindness2 4 lo*ed the &ord and said 4 belie*ed His Word yet 4 accepted the teachings of man rather than what the Word said as the prophesy of I*$+$' :7;6< came to pass ; (0orasmuch as this people draw near 7e with there mouth and with their lips do honour 7e but ha*e remo*ed their heart far from 7e and their fear toward 7e is taught by the precept of manA( "ur &ord :uoted this in M$tt'(3 6C;8, and went on in 0(r*( 7 to *$y, (But in *ain they do worship 7e teaching doctrines the commandments of men2( 7ost 'hristians would get angry if you accused them of doing this but this is e#actly what they do when they accept Jewish teachings in place of our &ord6s own words2 /nless 'hristians are willing to stand against this #(3+*' l( /ro2r$4 of humanism we will soon be unable to send a Bible through the mail or witness to a lost person outside our own home2 Already programs are underway as you -now to ta-e the .ame of Jesus out of public schools and remo*e it from go*ernment offices and public functions2 This *icious dri*e is almost without fail lead by the anti;'hrist Jews who control the A2'2&2/2 >American 'i*il &iberties /nion? Almost all cases to remo*e 'hristian symbols from public life at 'hristmas and 5aster are brought by Jews and prosecuted by Jews2 )et in many cases they ha*e the bac-ing of *o %$ll( 'hristian pastors2 They do not want to do away with these holidays as they ma-e too much money off the goyim who support them2 They Bust want to ta-e 'hrist out of all 'hristian celebrations e*en the church2 These once 'hristian festi*als ha*e been turned into a heathen saturnalia complete with a fat little Jewish god dressed in a red suit they called Santa 'laus magical reindeer and at 5aster time a bunny that lays colored eggs2 Tal- about Jews fables >T+t)* 6;69?2 The Jewish led 1e*olution in 1ussia cost o*er IJ;million dead far e#ceeding the 5lo3! )/ 1+2)r( of %;million Jews in the World War 44 Holo%$)*t. Since then o*er a CFF;million died and are still dying under this Jewish terror many of them 'hristians who were not RAPTURED, when the enemy too- o*er2 Ha*e you e*er wondered why the Jewish media T3 and Hollywood ne*er bring this to our attention while the Jewish HOLOCAUST, is constantly being pounded down our throats+ Why was the most *icious persecution by Jewish;'ommunism in 1ussia against 1oman 'atholics !entecostals and Baptist+ 4t was because these three groups more than any other 'hristians belie*ed in the necessity of 5loo $to!(4(!t. The *ery 0undamentalists who support the anti; 'hrist Jews and ha*e raised them to the position or respectability are the ones who will suffer most if World @ionism e*er ta-es o*er control of America2 The first one6s to go will be the Jerry 0alwell6s the !at 1obertson6s the Jac- 3an 4mpe6s and the Da*id Webber6s who brag about being 'hristian Jews2 )et these seemingly intelligent men ha*e allowed themsel*es to become blinded to the ob*ious truth and are heading our people down the pathway to 'ommunist and Jewish terror2

The *ery word C$+!, signifies a lo*e for worldly things and the Jews motto isA (The gelts the thing( >what you can get from the Gentiles no matter what you must do to get it2 4t permeates the teachings of their sacred boo- the TA&7/D?2 1eferring to Harold 1osenthal once again he said (During 'hrist6s time we Jews were see-ing a material and earthly -ingdom but 'hrist offered the Jews a spiritual -ingdom2 This they couldn6t buy so they reBected Jesus 'hrist and had Him crucified2( He went on to say (7oney is more important than morality2 We can accomplish anything with money2 "ur people are pro*ing themsel*es in 4srael and the -ibbut= raised intellectual elements are going to build that little country into a mid;east wonderland2 4t will e*entually be the base for World Go*ernment Head:uarters2( What does God6s Word ha*e to say about this+ Turn to 7alachi CAE;N as God spea-s to 4srael (4 ha*e lo*ed you saith the &ord2 )et ye say Wherein hast thou lo*ed us+ Was not 5sau Jacob6s brother+ saith the &ordA yet 4 lo*ed Jacob And hated 5sau and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness2 Whereas 5dom saith We are impo*erished but we will return and build the desolate places >what they are doing now in !alestine?< thus saith the &ord of hosts They shall build but 4 will throw down< and they >true 4srael? shall call them The borders of wic-edness and The people against whom the &ord hath indignation for e*er2( So much for 7r2 1osenthal6s predictions the Word of the &ord shall come to pass! The spirit of modern Judaism can be seen in many Jewish writings and in the actions of Jewish organi=ations such as the Anti;Defamation &eague2 &isten to this statement from one of their leaders (We intend to rule the world and nothing you can do will stop us2 We ha*e our defamation committees and ha*e all 'hristian preachers classified in our card inde# files2 4f any preacher dares say anything against a Jew we will fi# him2( When you consider that Jews ma-e up less than IO of America6s population doesn6t it seem strange to you that they ha*e ta-en so much power on themsel*es+ This is true not only in America but through the 4sraelite world of White 'hristendom2 There are many intelligence documents a*ailable which pro*e without a shadow of a doubt that Hha=ar2 >Ash-ena=i? Jews ha*e been and now are in the forefront of 'ommunist efforts to subdue the world2 4n spite of what you may ha*e heard e*en from conser*ati*e organi=ations such as &iberty &obby 'ommunism is not dead2 4t has Bust changed it6s name and is now called the .ew World "rder2 4t is still controlled by the same 4nternational Jews who ha*e operated it from the beginning2 4n the past there ha*e been men such as Sam 'arr >'ohen? the 'ommunist "rgani=er in 'anada< 0red 1ose >1osenthal? organi=er of 'ommunism in 0rench 'anada< the German 1abino*ich was in charge of American 'ommunists< John Gates >4srael 1egenstreif? editor of the American Daily Wor-er >a 'ommunist rag? and Gus Hall >Hallberg? the perennial head of the American 'ommunist !arty for many years who ran for !resident on it6s platform2 Hall was the man who braggedA (4 will li*e to see the day when the last preacher is strangled with the guts of the last 'ongressman2 (The 'hristians lo*e blood so much we will gi*e them all they can handle as we cut the throats of their children and drag them o*er the altar rails of their churches2 7ay the parents drown in the blood of their own children2( )ou fol-s who bac- the Jews better loo- at statements such as this for they reflect Jewish hatred for 'hrist and 'hristianity and are not idle threats2 The traitors to America in the last century especially those who ha*e gi*en America6s atomic secrets to the enemy ha*e been almost CFFO Jews2 There ha*e been men li-e Harry Golden >Abraham Brothmann?< 7iriam 7osc-owic=< Da*id Greenglass and Julius and 5thel 1osenberg who were the ones e#ecuted and who ha*e been made martyrs by the Jewish 'ommunity2 Dr2 William !erl of 'olumbia /ni*ersity was arrested as part of a 'ommunist spy ring2 He had changed his name from /tterperi2 The true head of the American 'ommunist !arty was another Hha=ar Jew named Gerhardt 5isler2

When as-ed why Jews often ta-e Anglici=ed names a Jewish spo-esman said (Jews are the most intelligent people in the world so if it benefits them to change their names they do so2 That6s all there is to it2 They mi# in your society which is plenty corrupt in itself ; so while the Jews are benefiting themsel*es the dumb goy doesn6t reali=e that these Jews with non;Jew names are Jews2 Don6t be concerned with Jews in the Go*ernment who ha*e changed their names because in the foreseeable future there will be no goyim !residential power in the /nited States2 "ur 4n*isible Go*ernment will ta-e o*er2( >4t should be noted that for years Jews in Hollywood and in the entertainment world ha*e changed to Anglici=ed names to hide their Jewish bac-ground2? 4t has only since World War 44 that Jewish power has noticeably increased in the /nited States2 As long as 0rance 5ngland and Germany were politically powerful the Jews Bumped on their 5$! 3$2o!, but as America became the most powerful nation internationally suddenly the seat of 4nternational Jewish power switched from &ondon and Berlin to .ew )or- 'ity2 Along with this switch of power has gone an interesting startling and dangerous phenomenon as we now see almost complete Jewish control o*er what was once called a Fr(( Pr(**. 4n CGNF a Jewish 'ouncil was called at 'racow !oland2 This was a sort of 5cumenical 'ouncil where the most prominent leaders of World Jewry from all factions sat down for consultation2 The obBect of this meeting was to find means of securing the triumphs of Jewry in their mo*e towards world dominion2 Different subBects were discussed2 Some dealt with theology< some were in the field of politics< while others dealt with finances2 A li*ely debate arose during which a clear *oice made itself heard in the form of one of the world6s most important Jewish authorities2 He said (What are we tal-ing about+ So long as we do not ha*e the world press in our hands all we say will be idle tal-2 4n *ain will you organi=e societies loans ban-ruptcies and the li-e< so long as we ha*e not the press in our hands to deafen and decei*e the world we accomplish nothing and our rule will remain merely the platform of our brain2( He was merely e#pressing what had been laid down in the contro*ersial PROTOCOLS, o1 :, C (4n the hands of the State today there is a great force that creates mo*ement of thought in the people and this is the !ress2 The part played by the press is to -eep pointing to our re:uirements2 The Goyim States ha*e not learned how to ma-e use of this power and it is now in our hands2 Through the !ress we ha*e gained the power to influence others while remaining oursel*es in the shade2( His listeners recogni=ed the Satanic wisdom of these words and a new light dawned in Jewry which sent them in a new direction2 They began an immediate campaign to control the world6s news media2 0rom that date in CGNF we ha*e seen the effect of that Satanic proBect to turn the press of the world into an engine of war a sort of artillery which can be directed against any -ind of obstacle that opposes Judaism2 46m sure that many of my readers ha*e had frustrating e#periences in dealing with the !ress2 While articles fa*orable to Jews are printed without problem it is li-e /)ll+!2 t((t' to get an article printed which discusses the Jewish :uestions with candor e*en when the facts presented are documented2 While many conser*ati*e 'hristian organi=ations are handled with contempt by the press the A2D2&2 the J2D2&2 and most Jewish organi=ations are handled with &+ 2lo0(*. 4t is rare indeed to see an article critical to 4nternational @ionism in a daily newspaper and the same is true in the field of boo- publishing2 The first class up for control became important newspapers such as the .ew )or- Times The Washington !ost The &ondon Times &es Debats and 664ndependence Beige in 0rance2

At t'( /r(*(!t t+4( J678:K, 4or( t'$! 9B 4$Aor 3((&ly 4$2$I+!(*, 3+t' $ %+r%)l$t+o! o1 o0(r B7-4+ll+o!, $r( (+t'(r +r(%tly o3!( or %o!troll( 5y #(3*. L+*t( 5(lo3 $r( $ 1(3 o1 t'(4;N$4( o1 M$2$I+!( C+r%)l$t+o! O3!(r*'+/ or Co!trol

T3 Guide 7c'alls Good house-eeping Time .ews weeSports 4llustrated /2S2 .ews and World 1eport 5s:uire Sports Afield


Walter H2 Annenberg 1obert Stein 5ditor Harrison Aaron 7itnicTresurer Andrew Heis-ell 'hairman of Board Hatherine 7eyer Graham 'hairman of Board Andrew Heis-ell 'hairman of Board &ester Tan=er 5ditor Stanley Spregel 32!2 Harrison Aaron 7itnicTresurer

I! t'( (0(! 4or( +4/ort$!t 1+(l o1 $+ly !(3*, 7=7 4$Aor !(3*/$/(r*, 3+t' $ $+ly +*tr+5)t+o! o1 97-4+ll+o!, $r( A(3+*' o3!( Lor %o!troll( $* !ot( ;
N$4( o1 D$+ly P$/(r Wall Street Journal .ew )or- Daliy .ews &os Angeles Times .ew )or- Times 'hicago Tribune Detroit .ews Detroit 0ree !ress 'hicago Sun Times !hiladelphia Bulletin Washington !ost .ew )or- !ost C+r%)l$t+o! C NF% CDE O3!(r*'+/ or Co!trol Warren Henry !hilip !resident

C DNC DC$ &2 W2 Gold Ad*ertising 7anager C FFF G%% DF% NDG $JF $F$ %E% GFC %EI GN% JJN IIN JJI IFN JIN NFF JC$ DGE Simon 1amo Director Arthur "chs Sul=berger !resident 5dward 5ngle 32!2 B2 Gingold 32!2 John &i*ingstone Weinberg Director Howard A2 Seit= Director Herbert Shugar Director Hatherine 7eyer Graham 'hairman of Board Byron S2 Greenberg 32!2

NOTE; There may ha*e been some change in ownership and control as this list was made some years ago and Jewish control has increased tremendously since then2 4n addition to the abo*e there are more than C$ daily newspapers with a circulation between EJF FFF and JFF FFF which are Jewish ownedPand controlled including such newspapers as the San 0rancisco 'hronicle the 7iami Herald the St2 &ouis !ost Dispatch the Atlanta Journal the 4ndianapolis Star the Boston Globe the Hansas 'ity Times and the "maha Herald2 Add to this the nation6s maBor T3 networ-s ; AB' 'BS .B' and 7etro;7edia and the maBor Hollywood mo*ie studios and you begin to reali=e the tremendous control Jewry e#erts o*er the thin-ing of the American public including countless millions of 'hristians2

!ublic attention was called to this fact a few years ago when General George Brown 'hairman of the Joint 'hiefs of Staff and former 3ice !resident Spiro Agnew were forced to lea*e their Bobs o*er remar-s they had made about the Jews which were not considered to be politically proper2 Both of these men suffered when they tried to warn their countrymen about the plans of @ionism2 A corporate director or an editorial manager of Jewish descent may not be @ionist but it is reasonable assumption that his sympathies will coincide with those of 4nternational Jewry especially when his Bob depends on it and this feeling no doubt will be translated into biased accounts which interfere with any obBecti*e reporting of the news2 The bias of a news director can easily be passed down to his subordinates o*er lunch coc-tails or e*en in the e#ecuti*e washroom2 As you must -now pay and promotions usually depend on the good will of the boss and *ery few reporters ha*e the 2)t* to buc- the boss6 wishes2 Within a large newspaper chain such as those owned by the .ew )or- Times or the Hnight;1ider .ewspapers 4nc2 indi*idual papers may *ary in their editorial positions on many issues some may be pro;1epublican while others will be pro;Democrat2 When it comes to Jewry they will be CFFO pro;4sraeli2 Word from the top has a way of filtering down to the lowest reporter and if he wants to -eep his or her Bob the must to( t'( Z+o!+*t l+!(. The three maBor T3 networ-s and Hollywood ha*e been under Jewish control for a long time and maBor newspapers such as the .ew )or- Times and the Washington !ost ha*e been under Jewish control from the beginning2 "ther once great newspapers such as the chicago Tribune which was at one &ime noted for its conser*ati*e 'hristian stand under the direction of 'olonel 7c'ormicha*e now been ta-en o*er by Jews and ser*e Jewish purposes2 The same is true with organi=ations such as Walt Disney World in 0lorida2 Today under Jewish control this once family oriented amusement par- has become the dwelling place of all -inds of 1o)l 4or$l 5($*t*, while it6s theme is now anti;'hristian2 4t is interesting to note that the so;called Wall Street Journal and the e#tremely liberal .ew )orTimes cooperated in the defense of the Jew Helmuth Sonnenfeldt who was counselor of the /2S2 State Department under the @ionist Secretary of State Henry Hissinger when he was opposed by some in 'ongress to an appointment as /nder Secretary of the Treasury for 7onetary Affairs2 These newspapers defended him when serious charges were brought against him accusing him of transferring highly classified military information to the 4sraeli go*ernment2 4n their defense the positions of these two newspapers were identical2 The impact of this influence in the newspapers is compounded when we add TIMES, NEWSWEEK, and U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, to @ionist positions2 The maBor Jewish influence is on the few non;Jewish newspapers and commentators who are often forced into ta-ing a Jewish stance in order to stay in business2 The late Dorothy Thompson who was an influential commentator for years lost all of her outlets when she spo-e out against @ionism2 Joseph Hraft and '2&2 Sul-enberger are two e#amples of pro;@ionists columnists who while their stand was repugnant to many 'hristian readers still held high paying positions because they are willing to 5ro3!-!o*( the @ionists2 There is no need to spea- out about men li-e !eter Jennings who ma-e great show on their T3 programs while being /$+ /ro*t+t)t(* of Judaism! The Jewish mechanics in controlling small newspapers is to cut off it6s ad*ertising and shut off it6s paper supplies2 As a result *ery few independent newspapers will buc- the @ionist line2 There are se*eral *icious Jewish commentators on T3 such as CBS S+Ety M+!)t(* the :=L:= S'o3, and at one time the PHIL DONAHUE SHOW. All these are distinctly liberal pro;@ionist and anti;'hristian and are all run by Jews2 This Jewish control did not come about by accident nor is it hapha=ard2 4t was a well designed plan to control the thin-ing of White 'hristians in particular through a process -nown as

PSYCHO-POLITICS. This is the art of controlling the thin-ing of a people under con:uest so that e*entually you can completely control them physically2 Not(; Through out Jewish literature Jews ne*er refer to themsel*es as White2 4n many cases the ma-e clear distinction between Jews and the White race2 Their constant campaign to brainwash Americans especially White 'hristians has brought about the conditions they need for complete world ta-e o*er2 Their te#tboo- states that the end result of PSYCHO-POLITICS is to (produce a ma#imum chaos in the culture of our enemy2 "ur fruits are grown in chaos distrust economic depression and scientific turmoil... so use the courts use the Budges use the 'onstitution of the country and it6s laws to further our ends2( A good e#ample is their lo*e for the 0irst Amendment as long as it applies to #(3+*' 1r(( o4 o1 */((%'. The plan to control national communications presented in !oland in CGNF and which was first implemented in 5urope too- root in the /nited States immediately following World War 44 when the head :uarters of 4nternational @ionism mo*ed from &ondon to .ew )or- 'ity2 The @ionists reali=ed that both Britain and 0rance were becoming *(%o! %l$** powers and that world power had passed into the hands of a few immensely wealthy powerful Jews in America2 Although both Da*id Ben;Gurion and Golda 7eier >the first @ionist Ambassador to the So*iet /nion and an a*owed 'ommunist Sympathi=er? wanted an alliance between the So*iet /nion and the 4sraeli nation in !alestine with a 'ommunist label they told Ben;Gurion that since most of his financial support would come from the /nited States they did not want any alienation of American opinion2 They argued that in *iew of the open democratic way of life in the /nited States they would be able to dominate our political life while this would be impossible in the So*iet /nion2 The use of the !ress by the Jewish minority strengthens my arguments concerning 4nternational Jewish control2 'oordinating business interests with those of politics the Jewish run media has profited immensely at the e#pense of truth for our people2 They ha*e used the media as a r+!2 +! t'( !o*( o1 $ 5)ll, to control American politics2 /ntil this Jewish 'ontrol is bro-en once and for all misfortune confusion and continued decadence will be the order of the day until our people will re*olt in a bloody re*olution or are lead docilely into their 4nternational Sla*e !lantation2 There will be no national liberation or regeneration as long as these %o!-$rt+*t* control American thin-ing2 That they belie*e a re*olution is in the offing can be seen by their *icious dri*e to get firearms out of the hands of the American patriot2 They cannot ta-e o*er control as long as $F; million Americans remain armed2 So they will use e*ery means possible including contri*ed *iolence to bring this about2 The /nited States is a nation young in tradition2 We belie*e rightly that (bra*e men should stand between their homes and wars desolation2( We are rightly being angered with being used as 2)+!($ /+2* to fight the Jews wars where only they benefit and we suffer the losses2 The nomadic Jewish people on the other hand are one of the oldest political entities in the world and Jewry was born under conditions that called for it e#tinction without a homeland2 7ay 4 suggest you study G(!(*+* 9;7-68. The Jews for centuries ha*e practiced the art of deception until it has become a *(%o! !$t)r( to them2 They ha*e waged war for o*er EJ centuries and are taught the art of deception from the day of their birth2 The *ery nature of their TA&7/D4' religion is one of deception of the goyim2 This means that there are o*er N;million %o45$t r($ y fighters deployed in the /nited States alone who will rape murder and terrori=e if necessary at the command from Jerusalem2 7any of these ha*e high positions in our Gentile go*ernments2 While the go*ernment goes out of its way to strictly control all so called r+2't 3+!2 C'r+*t+$! 4o0(4(!t*, and *iews with suspicion any mo*ement which is meant to protect 'hristian ci*ili=ation the Jews through organi=ations such as the #EWISH DEFENSE LEAGUE, are free to train their fighters using fully automatic weapons which are illegal for 'hristians to use2 They are free to bomb Jewish synagogues and desecrate Jewish gra*es and lay the blame on radical r+2't 3+!2 organi=ations such as the K) Kl)E Kl$! or the N(o-N$I+*. 0or the .ationalist Jews

(the end always Bustifies the means no matter how horrendous this maybe( and they ha*e been -nown to -ill thousands of their own l(**(r 5r(t'r(! >the little Jews? when it is deemed necessary for their success2 The startling thing is that they ha*e been able to fool most 'hristians into belie*ing that of all people in the world only they ha*e this right2


C2 ; 7anipulate members of the host nation into helping the Jewish people no matter how dangerous it may be to the welfare of the nation2 E2 ; 4f an indi*idual refuses to cooperate by;pass him and ta-e care of him during 4o/ )/ o/(r$t+o!*. This is an unbrea-able rule of warfare2 I2 ; 4f the enemy acti*ely resists mar- him for destruction and then destroy him through defamation brought about through control of the media or by using the nation6s )( /ro%(** o1 l$3 through Jewish controlled courts and lawyers2 &isten to this idea espoused in their handboo- on !S)'H";!"&4T4'S !age JEA (1ecruit e*ery agency of the nation mar-ed for slaughter into a foaming hatred of religion 2 2 2 )ou must suborn district attorneys and Budges into an intense belief 2 2 2 that 'hristian practice 2 2 2 is *icious bad insanity causing publicly hated and intolerable2 Just as in 1ussia we had to destroy after many years of arduous wor- the 'hurch so we 4)*t destroy ALL FAITHS in nations mar-ed for slaughter2 (This is the Jewish TALMUDIC plan for America2 N2 ; .e*er let any indi*idual or organi=ation in the host nation use the media or the courts to counter;attac- us or for their own defense2 Any close loo- at recent court decisions will show this bias against 'hristians since a maBority of the Judges and attorneys are Jews2 This theory has been eminently successful in America to the point that when a Jew attac-s 'hrist or 'hristians it is considered acceptable as 1r(( o4 o1 */((%', but if the 'hristian is unwise or bra*e enough to retaliate and e#pose the Jew6s nefarious purpose it is automatically classified as $!t+-S(4+t+*4, or a '$t( %r+4(. "ften 'hristians are ostraci=ed by their own people who are willing to belie*e the enemy rather than their own2 4 e#perienced this when 4 left the 0undamental Baptist 'hurch in CDGC for the Tr)t' of 4srael 4dentity and the Hingdom 7o*ement2 4 was immediately labeled an $/o*t$t( by my own pastor and in the inter*ening CG years not one Baptist pastor has attempted to show me where 4 was wrong from the Word2 They a*oid me as though 4 had the plague2 4f 4 as an Anglo;Sa#on author were to charge that my writings were not accepted in 0undamental churches not because they were unscriptural but because they would not pass Jewish censorship there would be a great ')( $! %ry coming from the 0undamentalist camp and 4 would immediately be labeled an apostate2 .ot because 4 had departed from the (fundamentals of the faith ( but because 4 no longer accept the anti;'hrists of Judaism as God6s 'hosen2 4s the most powerful nation in the world when measured by tangible armaments totally unable to defend itself against treason from within and an ideological war waged by a handful of aliens against our *ery foundations+ 'ertainly America is unprepared for this war when we ha*e traitors against the cause of 'hrist who stand behind the pulpits of this land e#tolling the merits of the enemy2 We ha*e been infiltrated and the church has become the main source of our problem2 We are told in #(r(4+$' :<;:: ; (But if they >the pastors of 4srael? had stood in my counsel and had caused my people to hear my words then they should ha*e turned them from their e*il ways and from the e*il of their

doings2 (This wasn6t happened in America and it shows by the fact that with JF;million 5or! $2$+! 'hristians in the country we are headed for hell faster now than at any time in our history2 7ost 'hristians including their pastors -now *ery little about the Jewish religion other than what they read in their Sunday School literature which may *ery well ha*e been written by an unsa*ed Jew2 The same is true of graduates from Seminaries and Bible schools which ha*e been hea*ily infiltrated by Jews2 7ost 'hristians belie*e that Jews follow the teachings of 7oses although their Bible clearly shows them that Jesus told the Jewish authorities (0or had you belie*ed 7oses you would ha*e belie*ed 7eA for he wrote of 7e2 But if you belie*e not his writings how shall you belie*e my Words+( >#o'! C;9G,9B? There are *ery few Jews of Abrahamic blood and these are to be found among the group called S(/'$r +4, M( +t(rr$!($! #(3*. The much larger group possibly DFO are of "riental Turco; 7ongolian blood and their fore fathers ne*er set foot in !alestine2 These are the ones who ha*e accepted the heathen teachings of the TA&7/D and are ruled in their religious life by it6s filthy anti;God teachings2 7ost of their ancestors came from a heathen group -nown as Hha=ars from Southeastern 1ussia who were con*erted to Judaism in the Gth 'entury A2D2 7ay 4 suggest that you read the Jew Arthur Hoestler6s boo- "THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE." The *ast maBority of Judaism are atheists and agnostics2 They belie*e the coming 7essiah is the Jewish nation as it rises to prominence and ta-es o*er control of the world and this is what they li*e for2 They loo- forward to the day promised in their TA&7/D when (e*ery Jew will ha*e E FFF goyim sla*es2( 4t is interesting to note that wealthy Jews in the fields of arts and culture refer to promising young talents as *t$5l(*. 'ould this ha*e something to do with the Talmudic teaching that ("nly Jews are men and that all others especially 'hristians are 2oy+4 $!+4$l*+ >TA&7/D 3olume H514TH/TH >%b page $G? or "1A'H 'HA47 >EEJ CF? where 'hristians and animals are grouped together for comparison2 &i-e all conspiracies the Jews ha*e one glaring wea-ness2 Their wor- must be done in secret to be successful2 This is why they raise such a *t+!&, when anyone e#poses their nefarious purposes2 Their *ictims must not -now what is ta-ing place2 They must be lied to or be made so confused that they refuse to accept the ob*ious truth when #UDAISM is E@POSED. 4f the 'hristian world e*er accepts the truth about Judaism they will be defeated! Jesus said ()ou shall -now the tr)t', and the tr)t' ma-e you free2( >#o'! 8;<:? Truer words were ne*er spo-en! This is why any honest attempt to e#pose Jewry is met with howls of anguish from both Jewish leaders and their 'hristian stooges2 They immediately react by pinning the labels of &oo&, $!2(ro)*-r$%+*t, $!t+-S(4+t(, or R+2't 3+!2 (Etr(4+*t on the e#poser2 The fact that he is telling the truth only adds fire to their accusations2 1eferring again to Harold 1osenthal he stated (Anti;Semitism does not signify opposition to Semitism2 There is no such thing2 4t is an e#pression we Jews use effecti*ely as a smear word ; used to brand a bigot ; anyone who dares to critici=e a Jew2 We use it effecti*ely against hate; mongers2( 4t is a term that has only recently been created and has little real meaning since the maBority of the people we -now as Jews are not Semites2 The Jews use this tool to control and silence opposition to their repugnant ways2 When Jesus spo-e to the Jewish leaders of his day they openly re*ealed that they were not 4sraelites2 1ead it for yourself #o'! 8;<< ; (They answered him We be Abraham6s seed and were

ne*er in bondage to any manA( Which could ha*e meant only one thing2 That they traced their ancestry to Abraham through 5sau which meant they were 5domites2 We -now from historical records that Hing Herod who -illed the Hebrew babies and the 'hief !riests of the Jews were 5domites2 Don6t let your pastor spirituali=e this passage away for it is essential in -nowing the truth2 Because the truth will ma-e 'hristians FREE, we see two Jewish programs at wor- in the world2 The one is intended for 2oy+4 consumption while the other is e#clusi*ely for Jews2 .o matter what a Jew may say to his !o!-#(3+*' %o)!t(r/$rt, he will always be see-ing a -ingdom to come on this earth o*er which he will be the Supreme 1uler2 This desire for a Jewish nation according to their own writers will be fulfilled when the wealth of the world is in their hands and all man-ind bows at Jewish feet2 This could account for Jewish statements such as that made by a 1abbi 1eichorn in CGJ% at !rague when at the funeral of another 1abbi he said (Wars are the Jews har*ests2 With them we gather up the gold of the goyim while destroying them2 We ha*e already -illed CFF;million of them and the end is not yet!( )ou will always find the desire for Jewish power and wealth accompanied by o%($!* o1 5loo ." Not(; As the EFth century comes to a close almost half a billion people ha*e lost their li*es because of Jewish dictators or ban-ers financing oppressi*e regimes2 5*ery nation on 5arth all races religions and peoples ha*e paid blood sacrifice so Jews can get what they want2 There is little doubt that Henry 0ord Sr2 the American 'hristian 4ndustrialist was right when he wrote in his boo- "THE INTERNATIONAL #EW," (4f the Jew were fully understood by the Gentiles if 'hristian 'hurches for e#ample were freed from the delusion that Jews are "ld Testament people and if the churches really -new what Talmudic religion is this misrepresentation would be impossible2 This policy of misrepresentation succeeds because there is a feeling strongly entrenched in Gentiles that somehow the Jews are 'hosen !eople and that it is dangerous to oppose them in anything< whoe*er opposes the Jews is damned2 The 6fear of the Jews6 is a *ery real element in their life2 4t is Bust as real among Jews as it is among non;Jews since the Jew himself is bound by fear of his own people and e#ercises in fear of the curse through the sphere of religion2 (4f the Jews were really "ld Testament people if they were really conscious of a mission to be a blessing to all man-ind the *ery things in which they offend would automatically disappear2 4f the Jews are being attac-ed it is not because he is a Jew but because he is a source and life of certain tendencies and influences which if they are not chec-ed mean the destruction of a moral society2( How true this 1$r *((+!2 man was2 After spending years in research and o*er G;million dollars studying the Jewish problem he came to these conclusions and as usual 4nternational Jewry attempted to destroy him for spea-ing the truth2 Not(; T'( tr+( t+ &+ll '+4. Another great American who li*ed many years before the time of Henry 0ord saw this same problem and came to2 the same conclusion2 This is ta-en *erbatim from the "CHRISTIAN LAW #OURNAL," .o2 IE CDGE the official publication of the GOSPEL OF CHRIST,S KINGDOM CHURCH; (As the American colonies rose in re*olt against political oppression occasioned by the attempt of Jewish ban-ing houses in 5urope to consolidate their economic foothold in the .ew World no man among the founding 0ather6s was more alert to the designs of 4nternational Jewry than that shrewd elder statesman of the American 1e*olution BenBamin 0ran-lin2 Writing to John Adams from !assy 0rance on .o*ember E% C$GC 0ran-lin declaredA6 4 thin- that -eeping us out of possession of fifty thousand pounds sterling worth of goods for securing of a demand for damages is not only dishonorable treatment but a monstrous inBustice2 4t seems to me2 that it is principally with John .euf*ille of Amsterdam Holland we ha*e to do< and although 4 belie*e him to be as much a Jew as any in Jerusalem 4 did not e#pect that with so many and such constant professions of friendship for the /nited States with which he heads his letters he would attempt to enforce his demands by a proceeding so abominable2 His proposition of terms on which he would borrow

money for us stamped his character on my mind with an impression so deep that it is not effaced2( 0rom Albert Smythe6s "WRITINGS OF BEN#AMIN FRANKLIN" .ew )or- CDFJ2 De .euf*ille was a Dutch Jewish 4nternational ban-ing house that wanted to ma-e a loan to 'ongress on the modest security of the entire Thirteen 'olonies and with the stipulation that all American trade and e#change pay a commission on them2 4n another letter to Adams on December CN C$DC 0ran-lin remar-ed that such blood;suc-ing traits dated bac- a long way2 4n another instance 0ran-lin re*ealed his loathing for Jewry in a poem on Benedict Arnold2 4t was replete with references to Arnold6s association with the Jews2 The ine*itable Jew in the Arnold treason case was a Da*id 0ran-s2 4t seems that 0ran-s and the British General Sir Henry 'linton were in*ol*ed in illicit trading acti*ities long before Arnold betrayed the American Army into British hands2 0ran-lin6s most damning indictment of Jewry was contained in his famous prophecy at the 'onstitutional 'on*ention of C$G$ in !hiladelphia2 4n one of the most anti;Jewish utterances of all times he declaredA (4 fully agree with General George Washington that we must protect this young nation from the assiduous infiltration2 That menace gentlemen is the Jews2 (4n whate*er country in which they ha*e settled in any great number they ha*e lowered its moral tone< ha*e segregated themsel*es and ha*e not been assimilated< ha*e sneered at and tried to undermine the 'hristian religion on which this great nation is founded by obBecting to its restrictions< ha*e built up a state within a state< and when opposed ha*e tried to strangle that country to death financially as is the case in Spain and !ortugal2 (0or o*er C$FF years the Jews ha*e been bewailing their sad fate in that they ha*e been e#iled from their homeland as they call !alestine2 But gentlemen did the world gi*e it to them in fee simple they would at once find some reason for not returning2 Why+ Because they are *ampires and *ampires do not li*e on *ampires2 They cannot li*e among themsel*es2 They must subsist off 'hristians and other people not of their race2 (4f we do not e#clude them from these /nited States in this 'onstitution in less than EFF years they will ha*e swarmed here in such numbers that they will dominate and de*our the land and change our form of go*ernment for which we Americans ha*e shed our blood and gi*en our li*es our substance and Beopardi=ed our liberty2 (4f were do not e#clude them in less than EFF years our descendants will be wor-ing in the fields >while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands?2 4 warn you gentlemen if you do not e#clude the Jews for all time your children will curse you in your gra*es2 (Jews gentlemen are Asiatics let them be born where they will or how many generations they ha*e been away from Asia they will ne*er be otherwise2 Their ideas do not conform to those of an American and will not e*en though they li*e among us for ten generations2 A leopard cannot change it6s spots2 Jews are Asiatics are a menace to this country if permitted entrance and should be e#cluded by this 'onstitutional 'on*ention2( We are now learning the truth of this statement which was written o*er EFF years ago2 These remar-s were recorded in "CHIT CHAT AROUND THE TABLE DURING INTERMISSIONS", a section of the diary of 'harles 'otesworth !in-ney of South 'arolina >C$N%;CGEJ? who attended this con*ention as a delegate and too- down e#cerpts of some of the outstanding addresses and discourses which he later published in his diary2 /nfortunately all copies of the !in-ney 1eport ha*e mysteriously disappeared from libraries during the CDIF6s and the only -nown copy was in the 0ran-lin 7useum in !hiladelphia2 46ll lea*e it up to you to decide why these remar-s were remo*ed from American consumption2

4f 0ran-lin were ali*e today 46m sure he would be in the forefront of a new American 1e*olution this one to free our belo*ed country from the poisonous influences and domination he warned about o*er ECF years ago2 4t might be well for you to -now that there are se*eral affida*its from well -nown and respected citi=en6s testifying to the authenticity of 0ran-lin6s statements in the !in-ney Journal2 As 0ran-lin predicted Americans now wor- fi*e months out of the year to pay off the Jewish money changers who hang around our nec-s li-e a smelly dead albatross and where generations to come will be saddled by a grie*ous financial burden we ha*e run up by catering to these *ampires2 4t can only grow worse until Americans are willing to "t$&( t'( 5)ll 5y t'( 'or!*", and do something to stop it2 This must begin with the curtailment of Jewish influence in our go*ernment and church2 4t is a gross understatement to say that 4nternational Jewry has trampled underfoot the rights of all Americans especially those of White 'hristians whom they hate2 4n their relentless con:uest for world dominion they ha*e 5r$+!3$*'( us into the deadly habit of issuing bonds not only by the nation but by municipalities school boards and churches2 By doing so they ha*e seduced us into mortgaging away our national wealth for sub*ersi*e purposes which are destroying us2 A few years ago before 4 got into 4dentity 4 spo-e at a large 7id;west 0undamentalist church whose pastor was prominent in the ran-s of the 7oral 7aBority2 This was during the first days when the Holy Spirit was opening my eyes to the danger from Judaism2 4 spo-e to him about what 4 had learned regarding the Jews and recei*ed a fa*orable response as he said ()es what you say about them is true and 4 ha*e -nown for some time that they could not be God6s 'hosen2( Being his close friend 4 as-ed (4f you -new this why ha*en6t you told your people+( With a rather crestfallen loo- on his face he replied (4 can6t! )ou see Jewish ban-ers in this city hold C2$ million dollars worth of bonds on my church and if 4 said anything bad about them they would foreclose and force me to shut the doors2( A perfect e#ample of (0or fear of the Jews( found throughout the Bible2 >See E*t'(r 8;6BD #o'! B;6<D 7;::D 6:;9:D 67;<8.? .ow the 4212S2 has stepped in with my pastor friend and is attempting to complete the nefarious tas- the Jewish ban-ers began2 The interest on these Jewish held bonds goes on continually day and night without interruption2 4t6s course sweeps li-e a tornado o*er the fair fields destroying e*erything in it6s path bringing death and destruction to e*erything it touches2 4t is the seat of World power that of accumulating interest and has become the most effecti*e weapon in the world as the Jews use it for their control of man-ind2 "ur 'ongress lead by a tr$+tor in the White House sold us out to the 4nternational Jewish Ban-ers in CDCI when they passed the 0ederal 1eser*e Act ta-ing the power to coin and control our money and ga*e it into the unscrupulous hands of the Jewish ban-ers of 5urope2 There were only two dissenting *otes against it by the only two Senators who bothered to read the Bill and see what it contained2 These facts are constantly staring us in the face and cry out for decent people6s recognition2 "ur only answer to the money problem is to -eep out of debt and many of you who read these words will understand how e#tremely difficult this is during these days2 The financial welfare of indi*iduals as well as nations demands this! The power of the usurer will be bro-en when our debts are li:uidated on a Bust an e:uitable basis2 'ongress could do it with one Bill Bust as they created this monster in CDCI if they had the courage to stand by their o$t' o1 o11+%( and oppose the 4nternational gangsters2 Here again we see the F($r o1 t'( #(3*. syndrome at wor-2 During the Dar- Ages men raised a great outcry against the /r+(*t %r$1t of the 1oman 'atholic 'hurch which was strangling old 5urope2 These were the $r& ol $y*, when it was against the law for a 'hristian to read a Bible if one were a*ailable2 The power of the priests was small when compared to that of the Jewish money changers2 'oncealed behind their office des-s and bancounters these heathen parasites gnawed into 'hristian wealth and destroyed the *itals of man-ind through their imposed A4or$l+ty2 They followed an unwritten TA&7/D4' law which

says There is no law which applies to me2 4 am a Jew and 4 am abo*e the law2 Therefore the end Bustifies the means as long as 4 get what 4 want!( This is the basic law of world Jewry and 'ommunism which comes from the same Satanic source2 While 'hristians may e#pel apostates from the church the Jews e#pel their opponents from the Stoc- 5#changes from social connections and finally condemn them to star*e with no roof o*er their heads2 4f we are to e*er restore the social balance of America we as 'hristians must ta-e hold of this obno#ious Jewish weed and tear it out by it6s roots2 We must direct out attac-s and e#posures against the enemies of 'hrist and His church no matter how loudly their friends in the Judeo;'hristian world may scream2 This e*il which has brought the world to the *erge of destruction must be e#posed and rooted out if 'hristianity and freedom are to remain in America2 There seems to be an unwritten law among man-ind which causes them to impose their own conditions e*en at the e#penses of others2 This has been the basis of personal wars which ha*e plagued man-ind since the beginning of written history2 We find the reason for this in the .ew Testament where the Apostle James tells us in #$4(* 9;6-< ; (0rom whence come wars and fighting6s among you+ 'ome they not hence e*en of your lusts >an intense cra*ing for material things? that war in your members+ )ou lust and ha*e notA you -ill and desire to ha*e and cannot obtainA you fight and war yet you ha*e not because you as- not2 )ou as- and recei*e not because you as- amiss >wrongly? that you may consume it upon your lusts2( &oo-ing bac- o*er % FFF years of written history we can see the truth of this statement2 There seems to be three maBor principles for warA C2 ; The PRINCIPLE OF PHYSICAL FORCE; The 'ommunist Te#tboo- on !S)'H"; !"&4T4'S puts it this way on page IF ; (4f you would ha*e o5( +(!%( you must ha*e no compromise with humanity2 4f you ha*e o5( +(!%( you must ma-e it clearly understood that you will ha*e no mercy2 7an is an animal and he understands in the final analysis only those things which a brute understands2( This is why we ha*e the theory of 5*olution taught in Humanist schools2 4f you can con*ince young people that they are nothing but 2r$ )$t( $!+4$l*, not worth *ery much in earth6s scheme of things then you can mold them to your pattern and they will commit horrible crimes on the Sla*e 7aster6s orders2 E2 ; The THEOCRATIC PRINCIPLE; in which the masses of a country are forced to accept a religion foreign to them2 This e#ample can be seen in many 7oslem countries which were forced by the /o3(r o1 t'( *3or , to accept 4slam2 4t can also be seen in many of the con:uests of the 1oman 'atholic 'hurch during the Dar- Ages when they forced most of 5urope to accept 'atholicism or be -illed2 They then carried it o*er to the .ew World among the 4ndian Tribes of 7e#ico and !eru2 I2 ; The PRINCIPLE OF MATERIAL INTERESTS; This is where people are ensla*ed not so much by war as by economic oppression and brainwashing2 The enemies are /$*t 4$*t(r* at 4+! %o!trol, for they ha*e been practicing it for millenniums2 This is why an influential Jew li-e Harold 1osenthal could say (7ost Jews throughout the world ; 46d say more than DFO -now what is happening among our people2 >This sort of e#plodes the Judeo;'hristian theory that most Jews are innocent of what their leaders in @ionism are attempting to do and why will seldom hear a Jew complain about the actions of his leaders2? We ha*e communications une:ualed anywhere2 4t is only Ber-s the ignorant and misinformed degenerates who can find peace in your society ; you bastards hide your sins by donning sheep6s clothing2 )ou are hypocrites ; not Jews as you write about! 4n 1ussia there are two distinct go*ernments ; one *isible and the other in*isible2 The *isible is made up of different nationalities where as the in*isible one is composed of all Jews2 The powerful Secret !olice ta-es orders from the in*isible Jewish go*ernment2 There are about se*en million communists in So*iet 1ussia >this was in CD$J?2JFO are Jews and about JFO Gentiles ; but the Gentiles are not trusted2 About once e*ery fi*e years the secret Jewish Board calls for the purge of !arty members an the Gentiles are eliminated!(

When as-ed (Why!( he said (When they begin to understand too much about the secret Jewish go*ernment and how it controls 1ussia they are eliminated2( He went on to say (There will be a forced class warfare here in the /nited States and many of you will be li:uidated2 The Jews will not be harmed! 46m not boasting 46m Bust gi*ing you the facts2 (4t6s too late for you 'hristians to put up a defense that time passed long ago2 &ong ago we Jews became the aggressors and that is undoubtedly one of our MA#OR purposes in life2( 7any Jewish leaders will and ha*e collaborated the words of this boasting Jew2 The first two principles are well -nown and appeared early on the stage of history2 They can be seen in the actions of 5gypt Assyria Babylonia !ersia Greece 1ome and in modern times in the !apacy and in 1ussia 'hina and Germany2 The con:uests of the "PRINCIPLE OF MATERIAL INTERESTS", while much more destructi*e than the other two has operated behind a *4o&( *%r((! so that few ha*e understood it2 The MATERIAL INTERESTS of man-ind are the focal point towards which all other desires point2 So to control material interests means total control of man-ind2 A con:uest founded on this principle is not a *ictory of armed strength o*er wea-ness or a *ictory of -nowledge o*er ignorance2 4t becomes a *ictory of %)!!+!2 $! +!tr+2)(, o*er %o!1+ (!%( $! %$r(l(**!(**2 This is why a *ery wise 0ounding 0ather once said (5ternal *igilance is the price we must pay for Fr(( o4." How many times when discussing the problems of 'ommunist control ha*e you heard Americans especially 'hristians say (4t will ne*er happen here!( )et while they repeat this trite phrase they are doing absolutely nothing2 to -eep it from happening relying on their pet phrases 2!6This world is not my home 46m Bust a6passin6 through!( or 46m sa*ed you -now and Jesus will come bac- and RAPTURE us before it gets all that bad ( or as one nai*e pastor said (Why polish brass on a sin-ing ship+( 4 agreed with him but what6s wrong with the man6s thin-ing when he refuses to chec- the lifeboats to see if they are in wor-ing order+ Not(; 4f you read the Ten plan-s of the 'ommunist 7anifesto you will clearly see that America as well as other Western countries $r( communist nations2 The trade treaties .A0TA and GATT are trade communes complete with So*iet Star chamber arbitration systems2 4n this boo- 4 will discuss how the con:uest of man-ind is now nearing it6s completion and the part being played in it by it6s principal actors Satan6s Hids >#o'! 8;99? sometimes referred to as 4nternational Jewry2 7any of you will be dismayed by what 4 say and some of you may be tempted to throw this booaway before you finish reading it2 4 will assure you that if you read it in an honest 'hristian manner and let the Word of God be the /mpire in the case that it will blast away the Jewish myths the Apostle !aul warned about in Titus CACF CN2 4t was not written for the purpose of ma-ing money as so many writer sin the Judeo;'hristian world such as Hal &indsey are guilty of2 4t was not written to lead you astray from the truth of God6s Word for that will be our foundation alone2 4t was not written because 4 hate Jews and want to harm them2 4t was written for the same purpose 4 might ha*e if 4 was dri*ing past your home early some morning and saw smo-e and flames shooting out of one of the windows2 As a decent 'hristian man 4 would be compelled to stop and warn you2 Suppose 4 was li-e many Judeo;'hristian pastors and as 4 hurried up the sidewal- to your front door 4 noticed the time was EAIF a2m2 and thought (They are sure going to be upset if 4 wa-e them at this hour2( So 4 turn away your home burns to the ground with your family in it 246d be as guilty of murdering them as if 4 had held a gun to their heads2 4 -now that some day 4 will ha*e to stand before the Hing and gi*e an account to Him2 4 am more interested in hearing Him say (Well done good and faithful ser*ant ( than 4 am recei*ing your praise now2

So 4 do not as- you to belie*e me or e*en accept what 4 say2 4 do suggest howe*er that you be honest with yourself and read this entire boo- before you ma-e up your mind2 Then ta-e the facts 4 ha*e gi*en you ; place them under the most powerful magnifying glass you can find ; the Word of God ; and when you find 4 ha*e told you the truth then ta-e a stand in proclaiming this truth for only as God6s people and 46m referring to genuine 'hristians *t$! +!2 +! t'( 2$/, can this nation of ours sur*i*e2 Today the Di*ine and Sacred mission of the 'hristian faith is in Beopardy to a degree ne*er before witnessed in it6s EFFF years of history2 4f the day e*er arri*es when 'hristians can no longer profess their 'hristian faith and this is what the enemy is wor-ing for then ci*ili=ation will go bac- into another Dar- Ages2 The malignant character of the malady that is afflicting 'hristianity today is as progressi*e as a malignant cancer2 4t will surely pro*e fatal unless we are obedient to the Hing and "ccupy until He comes2 While many may scoff at the idea of a great world;wide conspiracy to destroy the 1$+t' and C'r+*t+$! C+0+l+I$t+o!, it ne*er the less e#ists2 To bury our heads in the sands li-e the pro*erbial ostrich will pro*e fatal2 We need a spiritual !aul 1e*ere who will ride across this nation warning that our enemies are mo*ing against us2 Thousands of 'hristians in the Judeo;'hristian churches of our land are troubled by the mysterious pressure among 'hristian clergy that -eeps them from telling the whole truth2 4f our people were told the truth they would stand li-e the 1oc- of Gibraltar against the enemies of 'hrist and the 'hurch2 4t6s difficult to fight a battle when many of your spiritual leaders are on the enemy side2 The Jewish people alone of all people on the face of the earth ha*e disco*ered the secret of the /r+!%+/l( o1 4$t(r+$l +!t(r(*t* and how it can be successfully used in their search for world power2 4f you e#amine history closely you will find from the earliest times of their e#istence that Jews ha*e used this weapon in their fight against the world and 'hristians in particular2 4t was on this !rinciple that their entire religious social and political structures has been built2 At this point we will run into our first maBor problem in discussing Judaism2 As you study your Bible you will ne*er be able to understand it fully if you use the terms H(5r(3*, I*r$(l, and #(3* synonymously2 They are not one and the same people2 The word Jew does not appear in your Hing James Bible until : K+!2* 6G;G, CEFF years after the time of Abraham where we find them fighting against 4srael2 Not(; The word Jew did not appear in any Bible prior to the mid CGFF6s2 This first appearance came about C FFF years after the time of JacobP4srael and $JF years after the time of 7oses so to call these men Jews is a gra*e error2 )et it is common practice in the Judeo; 'hristian church to refer to the patriarchs as Jews2 This is +!t(ll(%t)$l +*'o!(*ty of the worst type2 Jews do not appear on the historical scene until after the Hingdom of 4srael was di*ided about D$J B2'2 and they were -nown as IOUDEANS, which simply means an inhabitant of Judea2 There was no religious significance to their name2 4t was not until the tribes of Judah and BenBamin >a small percentage of them? returned from Babylonian capti*ity that they became -nown as Jews2 The .orthern Ten Tribes which were ta-en into capti*ity in Assyria about $JF B2'2 disappeared from the Biblical scene and appeared later in secular history as they made their way north and west to the Appointed !lace of : S$4)(l B;6=. They became -nown as Scythians Gauls and Sacea from which comes the word Sa#on and literally means2 4saac6s sons2 They were the2 forefathers of 5uropean 'hristendom and are the only people in the world who fulfill the more than EFF Scriptural fingerprints which will identity tr)( I*r$(l, in the closing out days of this Age2 The people we -now as Jews do not fit a single one2 With a little effort on your part you can become ac:uainted with the spirit and character of the Jewish people and properly e*aluate their present purpose on the 4nternational scene2 4t is

unfortunate that in following this trail we ha*e only Jewish commentaries to go by2 4f the !hilistines or Babylonians had left reports of these people it is :uite possible that history would gi*e us a different *iew point than we ha*e today2 We are not sure from Bible sources why Abram left /r of the 'haldees other than that in G(!(*+* 6:;6, God told him to lea*e and he obeyed2 4n the great 0aith 'hapter of the .ew Testament H(5r(3* 66 we are told in 0(r*(* 8-6= ; (By faith Abraham when he was called to go out into a place which he should after recei*e for an inheritance obeyed< and he went out not -nowing whither he went2 By faith he soBourned in the land of promise as in a strange country dwelling in tabernacles with 4saac and Jacob the heirs with him of the same promiseA 0or he loo-ed for a city which hath foundations whose builder and ma-er is God2( .one of these men mentioned were Jews2 4f you loo- at a map of the Ancient world you will find that /r is located on the eastern boundary of Arabia southwest of Babylon2 4n all probability Abram was an Arab2 There are many similarities between Arabs and tr)( #(3*. There are also stri-ing differences2 There are some Bible scholars who belie*e the tr)( #(3 is a direct descendant of the murderer 'ain and that therefore they are a mongrel race since he was the first Adamite to inter;marry with other then Adamic people2 "b*iously from the scriptural account 'ain could not ha*e married into Adam6s family2 >G(!(*+* 9;6G-68K There is some scriptural basis for this and it has resulted in what is -nown as the TWO SEED LINE Doctrine which states that 'ain was the result of a se#ual union between 5*e and Satan and that this was the or+2+!$l *+!. 4 cannot accept this on the basis of G(!(*+* 9;6, which clearly states that Adam has se#ual relations with his wife she got pregnant as a result and ga*e birth to a son they named 'ain2 There is absolutely no scriptural hint of any third party in*ol*ement here and 4 can not accept this fable straight from the Jewish Talmud2 4 do not ha*e time to discuss this issue here which has caused a di*ision in 4dentity but ha*e a pamphlet a*ailable from SCRIPTURES FOR AMERICA titled "SEED OF SATAN - LITERAL OR FIGURATIVE>" When John the Baptist spo-e to the religious leaders of the Jews He was *ery harsh with them and called them a (generation of *ipers >poisonous sna-es?( in M$tt'(3 <;B. W'(! Jesus spo-e to them in #o'! 8;99 he accused them of (being of your father the de*il( and in M$tt'(3 :<;6C, He told the !harisees that they went o*er sea and land to ma-e con*erts only to (turn them into two; fold more children of hell than yourself2( Hardly a 'hosen !eople status2 )ou mil:ue toast 'hristians who don6t li-e to face up to the true facts about Jews please remember that these harsh designations are not mine but came from the lips of our &ord Himself2 Who are you going to belie*e+ )our pastor who says they are God6s 'hosen or your Sa*ior who said (But you >Jews? belie*e 7e not because ye are not of my sheep >emphasis added are mine? 4n M$tt'(3 :6;9<, Jesus told the Jewish leaders that the Hingdom of God was being ta-en from them and gi*en to a nation >not church? that would (bring forth the fruits thereof2( 'ould He ha*e had been referring to the present day White .ations of 'hristendom who bear all the 1+!2(r/r+!t*, of tr)( I*r$(l>These are the only people who ha*e spread His Gospel< they are only one6s who distribute His Word to all the world< they are the only one6s who ha*e (set the capti*es free ( and they ha*e become a Gr($t N$t+o!, and a 'ompany of .ations in the British 'ommonwealth all begun (for the glory of God and furtherance of the 'hristian faith2( .o other people anywhere including the Jews ha*e fulfilled these fingerprints2 0inally in 6 #o'! <;66,6:, the Apostle John admonishes 'hristians to "...lo*e one another2 .ot as 'ain who was of that wic-ed one and slew his brother2( 'ompare with #o'! 8;99. The Arab e#perience a beautiful almost spiritual re*erence for anything that is beautiful2 While the Jew on the other hand when stopping to admire a flower will at the same time be as-ing himselfA (How much can 4 ma-e out of selling it+(

5#cessi*e co*etness which the Apostle !aul calls + ol$try Colo**+$!* <;C is an inordinate >unreasonable? desire for the possessions of others and this is the Jewish *(%o! !$t)r(. The lust for material gain is so deeply ingrained in his organism that it e#tinguishes e*ery other passion2 Jews -now no *(l1 /r+ ( and if you sneer at him for any reason he will *ery probably (laugh in your face2( 4f you attempt to praise him he will ma-e you loo- li-e a fool2 4f you *enture to -eep him from getting what he wants he will turn into a tiger who will fight you to his last breath2 His maBor aim in life is gain and anything which does not ha*e this obBecti*e in *iew is worthless to him2 A story will suffice to e#plain this2 Two men lay dying on their death beds2 "ne is a Jew and the other is a 'hristian2 The 'hristian is disturbed because he may ha*e cheated his fellowman and wants to ma-e it right before he meets his 7a-er2 The Jew on the other hand gloats o*er his ill gotten gains and loo-s on them as God6s blessing because he is a Jew and therefore God6s 'hosen2 This o*erriding passion for material things places the Jews in a position of e*erlasting antagonism with the rest of man-ind or as the Apostle !aul said in 6 T'(**$lo!+$!* :;6C, "...they please not God and are contrary to all men2( 0or this reason he wages war with all those who do not belong to his clan and subscribe to his philosophy2 4n their religious boo- the "BABYLONIAN TALMUD", which Jewish authorities say is the heart blood of modern Judaism in 3olume "ABHODAH ZORAH" >E%b? we read (5*en the best of the goyim >non;Jewish cattle? should be -illed2( 4n 3olume "SEPHER OR ISRAEL" >CC$b?A (4f a Jew -ills a 'hristian he commits no sin2( 4n 3olume "ZOHAR II" >NIa? we are told (5#termination of 'hristians is necessary sacrifice<( while in 3olume "HILKOTH AKUM I" >C? we read (7a-e no agreement and show no mercy to 'hristians2 5ither turn them away from their idols or -ill2( These are but a few of the hundreds of Talmudic passages which deal with Jewish treatment of 'hristians2 The Jew is taught that he was created to cheat and ta-e ad*antage of all other people2 Again going to the TA&7/D for reference 3olume "ZOHAR I" >C%Fa?A (Jews must always try and decei*e 'hristians2 3olume "IORE DEA" >CJD C?A (/sury is permitted for any reason when dealing with 'hristians2( 3olume "BABA KAMA" >CCIb?A (the name of G;d is not profaned when a Jew lies to a 'hristian2( These teachings are hammered into the heads of Jewish boys and girls at a *ery early age until the Jew comes to belie*e that the more cunning and greedy you are the more you will recei*e the appro*al of God2 This is of course is diametrically opposed to what 7oses taught2 The Jew recogni=es no armistice in his unrelenting war with all other people2 We in the 'hristian world ha*e been led to belie*e that the Jew follows the teachings of 7oses2 Not(; No!-#(3* *'o)l $l3$y* )*( t'( T$l4) +! %o)rt %$*(* $2$+!*t #(3*. It 2o(* to 4ot+0(, $! 3o)l *'o%& $ A)ry tot$lly . 3ery early in their history world Jewry adopted a plan2 This was to sei=e the gold and *aluables of e*ery country they in*aded but to allow the inhabitants to li*e and retain possessions of immo*able property2 Their argument being (4f we ta-e their gold and the fruits of their labor we may safely lea*e them in their fields and *ineyards2 4f we succeed in ma-ing their riches our own we will be the masters and they will be the sla*es2( 4n adopting their plan for world wide con:uest they ha*e become most remar-ably successful usually with the help of the people they are trying to destroy2 &et us see how they ha*e applied their principle of MATERIAL INTERESTS in the Twentieth 'entury2 They ha*e not only plundered the world following t'(+r $2( ol /l$! o1 %o!M)(*t, but ha*e con*inced many of it6s people that they are morally right2 Here is where the falsehood of their

'hosen !eople status carefully e#ploited among the Gentiles especially 'hristians has been most successful2 They ha*e not only sold the world the idea of their superior status but ha*e won a moral *ictory by the ability to throw the blame for all their problems and persecution on the shoulders of their enemies2 They ha*e sold this idea to most of the 'hristian world2 &isten to these words from a well -nown Baptist e*angelist Jac- 3an 4mpe who has become a *ocal apologist for the *ery people who are trying to destroy e*erything he says he belie*es in2 4n his boo"ISRAEL,S FINAL HOLOCAUST", on page JE he says (Jews accusers today are simply following the lead of anti;Semites before them2 >4t6s interesting at this stage to point out once again that the *ast maBority of the people we -now as Jews are not Semites at all but are ASHKENAZI #EWS, of Turco;7ongolian blood2? !eople do not want to accept responsibility for the wrongs of society so they must ha*e a scapegoat and the Jews ha*e been a uni*ersal scapegoat2 They ta-e the blame of ignorant people for problems ranging from plagues to politics2( "n page JJ he states (The magnitude of Jewish suffering is difficult to ta-e in completely2 "ne may read of sanctions slaughters persecutions and preBudices but these are li-ely to simply mo*e through the mind as historical facts without telling the whole story2 The real account of the miseries of the Jews is one of feelings frustrations and fears2 That is the human side of the story2( He goes on to enumerate the woes of the Jews ne*er telling his readers that all these persecutions were brought about not because of their religion but because of their attitudes towards people among whom they li*ed2 3an 4mpe says that the Jews ha*e been persecuted because they are Jews ne*er telling his readers that all these persecutions were brought about not because of their religion but because of their attitudes towards people among whom they li*ed2 3an 4mpe says that the Jews ha*e been persecuted because they are God6s 'hosen and Satan hates them when the truth is found in the Apostle !aul6s statement in 6 T'(**$lo!+$!* :;6C "...they please not God and are contrary to $ll men<( They were -ic-ed out of e*ery country in 5urope at one time or another because of their immorality and croo-ed business dealings2 Dr2 "scar &e*y a notable Jewish author states (We Jews ha*e erred 222 we ha*e most grie*ously erred2 And if there was any truth in our error I FFF years ago nay CFF years ago there is now nothing but falseness and madness which will produce an e*en greater misery and an e*en wider anarchy2 4 confess to you openly and sincerely... We who promised to lead the world into hea*en ha*e succeeded in leading you into a new hell2 There has been no progress least of all moral progress and it is our Jewish morality which stands in the way of all future and natural reconstruction in this ruined world of ours2 4 loo- at this world and shudder at its ghastliness< 4 shudder all the more because 4 -now the spiritual authors of this ghastliness2( 3ery few Jews ha*e the courage to admit this Bust as many 'hristians will refuse to accept it2 )ou may ha*e -nown some nice Jews2 4 ha*e -nown some too2 The !roblem is that the most enlightened Jews cannot entirely di*est himself from considering the Gentile world from a Jewish perspecti*e2 This is true e*en of the Jew who con*erts to 'hristianity yet still boasts of his Jewishness2 This is the legacy of EJFF years of teaching and thin-ing2 4 ha*e -nown con*erted Jews who still consider themsel*es as Jews although Jesus said ( )ou cannot ser*e two masters ( and Judaism and 'hristianity are headed in different directions and are hostile toward each other2 4 suspect that many so called con*ert Jews when the %'+/* $r( o3!, will pro*e to be loyal to Judaism2 4t has been so pro*en o*er and o*er again2 3an 4mpe barely touches on 'hristian massacres by Jews on page JF of his boo- where he says (During the period between the resurrection of 'hrist and the destruction of Jerusalem in $F A2D2 the Jews imprisoned and e#ecuted many 'hristians2( He says nothing of the millions who were -illed by Jewish persecutions under Jewish run 'ommunism2 He is deliberately using an old propaganda tric- of ta-ing your mind off truth by leading it down the path he chooses2 4n spite of his intellectual genius and his -nowledge of the Bible he ma-es many +!t(ll(%t)$lly +*'o!(*t statements such as on page J% where he says ( Abraham the father of the Jewish race was gi*en an unusual promise by His &ord2 The guarantee of blessings pro*iding Budgment upon all who bring e*il on his descendants2( 0irst let me point out there is no such thin- as a Jewish race any more than there is a 'hristian race2 These are religions! 4t is also ob*ious to any honest Bible

student that Abraham 3$* !ot $ #(3. Since these people did not show up on the historical scene until CEFF years after Abraham6s time2 1ead the curse in G(!(*+* 6:;< against those who curse Abraham2 4t says nothing about this being carried o*er to his descendants2 4f you can find anything in G(!(*+* 6:;<, that deals with today6s Jews then 4 ha*e lost my understanding of the 5nglish language2 The policy of blaming others for woes caused by their own actions is a 7achia*ellian principle2 >7achia*elli was an 4talian nobleman noted for his cunning in politics2 &i-e the Jews he would stop at nothing to further his own aims2Q The Jews e#cel in this o)5l( %ro** and in our day it is the *ery soul of 4nternational Judaism and it6s illegitimate child 4nternational @ionism epitomi=ed by the bastard state of the 4sraeli in !alestine2 "ne of the reasons the Jew has been so successful in their double cross is the incredible nai*etR of the 'hristian world and it6s leaders who insist that those who are trying to destroy them are God6s 'hosen who must be treated with utmost respect and ne*er ne*er crossed2 Their success has also come from being able to con*ince most of the 'hristian world that 'hristianity is an offspring of Judaism although how any intelligent person can e:uate the teachings of the !harisees then and now with 'hristian teachings is beyond my understanding2 The 'hristians ha*e been led to belie*e that Jews ha*e been scattered o*er the world because of their stubbornness in failing to recogni=e the Di*ine mission of Jesus 'hrist when history and the Word of God itself pro*es without a shadow of a doubt that the dispersion of the Jews for the most part has been *oluntary and for a /r( (t(r4+!( /)r/o*(. 1eferring again to the 1osenthal 1eport he says ( We >Jews? are ama=ed by 'hristian stupidity in recei*ing our teachings and propagating them as their own ( or as Henry 0ord Sr2 so aptly put it (The 'hristian can not read his Bible e#cept through Jewish spectacles and therefore often reads it wrong ( >from "T'( I!t(r!$t+o!$l #(3," 3olume 43 page EIG?2 As a matter of fact many 'hristians do not li*e by God6s Word but by what Jews ha*e taught their pastors in their seminaries2 1osenthal continues (Through our propaganda the church has become our most a*id supporter2 This has gi*en us a special place in your society since you accept us as God6s 'hosen !eople2 (These deluded children of the 'hurch defend us to the point of destroying their own culture2 This truth should be e*ident e*en to the dullards when one *iews history and sees that all wars ha*e been whites fighting whites in order that we maintain control2 Anytime truth comes forth we rally our forces made up of ignorant 'hristians and attac- the crusaders2( 0our hundred years before the 1oman con:uest of Jerusalem in $F A2D2 during the time of the 7acabees the Jews were already scattering to the (! * o1 t'( ($rt'. 4t was an aggressi*e mo*ement with the final con:uest of the world in mind2 As 1oman rule began to wea-en the in*asions of .orthern barbarians many of whom were from the 4srael tribes who had escaped from Assyrian capti*ity and had become (God6s battle a#e and weapons of war ( J#(r(4+$' C6;C=K, brought a period of transition which was *astly fa*orable to the Jewish element2 While they were often opposed and e*en bitterly persecuted by the 1oman 'atholic church during the 7iddle Ages they were not held bac- by these obstacles and often held high positions in the 'atholic 'hurch such as 'ardinals with se*eral Jewish !opes2 The chief !rosecutor during the Spanish 4n:uisition was a Jew named TOR?UEMADA. The Jewish fears only one hostility and that is competition which attac-s them on their own /l$y+!2 1+(l , in the PRINCIPLE OF MATERIAL INTERESTS. As long as you allow Jews to :uietly ac:uire control of the national wealth and accumulate money they care for little else -nowing that with money control always goes /(o/l( %o!trol.

During the 7iddle Ages as 5urope was being separated into many nations and empires the Jews scattered throughout the trading places and made their homes there in order to carry out their trade and usury2 4t is true that their riches which had often been gathered by unscrupulous means were often confiscated in persecutions brought about by their a*erse and immorality2 This *iolence ne*er stemmed the rising tide of Jewish money power2 As a result Jewish establishments penetrated the chief commercial centers of 5urope2 "ne large body of Jews settled in 3enice 4taly< another in Genoa while at the same time Jewish colonies rose in all the chief cities of Spain the .etherlands Germany and !oland2 Although these were scattered they had an ama=ing method of communication which formed a homogeneous union2 "perating under a single impulse of (power through the control of material interest( they swept o*er 5urope until today most of that 'ontinent is under almost complete Jewish control and Gentile go*ernments are afraid to interfere in Jewish interests2 !ossibly the prime e#ample is Jewish control in Britain2 Although scattered world wide Jews are united through religious and historical traditions from the ci*ili=ed capitol6s to the outposts of Siberia and Tibet2 They are united in one faith2 .ot that of 7oses and Abraham but in their uni*ersal belief that they are especially 'hosen by God to rule the world and ha*e the treasures of the world at their command2 4n fact they do not worship the same God as the 'hristian world although they ha*e taught us that "C'r+*t+$!+ty +* t'( %'+l o1 #) $+*4." They worship &ucifer much as do the 0reemasons who also come from a Jewish source2 Jewish solidarity is so great that although they often fight bitterly with other factions in Judaism if they are opposed for any reason Jews on fi*e continents will rise up in their defense no matter whether they are right or wrong2 This is a lesson the 'hristian world has ne*er learned2 During the War Between the States sometimes called the 'i*il War General Grant was facing a 'onfederate force in Tennessee2 He became annoyed at the large number of Jews who were following his army li-e sca*enger crows and issued an order re:uiring all Jews to lea*e the army lines2 4mmediately a hue and cry was raised by Jews in the .orth and Jewish protest committees began to descend on Washington to confront !resident &incoln2 The !resident listened to them and told the General to modify his orders2 Grant reluctantly complied but added (The Jews in my opinion ha*e not changed for the better since the day they crucified Jesus 'hrist2( 4n the middle of the CGth 'entury Jews infiltrated and controlled 0ree 7asonry with their terrible order of the Ill)4+!$t+, presided o*er by the Jew Adam Weishaupt2 4t was Bust another step on the road to one world control and they used the 0reemasons much as they do the 'hristian church2 There are letters a*ailable in the .ational Archi*es that George Washington who was a 0reemason warned his 7asonic brethren about the inroads of a Satanic organi=ation which was attempting to control both 'hristianity and 7asonry2 0ew people who -now Jews intimately will belie*e you if you state that Jews are a *irtuous people2 This seems to be a parado# for a people who are so immersed in se# and many regard Jews as t'( 4o*t (0+l o1 4(!. Jews are both *irtuous and immoral2 "n one hand they may show their morality while in secret they are *iciously wic-ed2 4f the PRINCIPLE OF MATERIAL INTERESTS causes the Jew to run a /ro*t+t)t+o! r+!2, an $5ort+o! %l+!+%, or a 1+lt'y *'o3 o! N$t+o!$l TV, ma-ing money must ta-e precedence o*er what is right or wrong2 When this happens the *irtuous Jew become a *icious indi*idual who will trample on anyone who gets in his way for any reason2 Not(; To ma-e matters worse the notorious organi=ed crime group -nown as the 7afia is -now under the control of a Jew2 John Gotti Jr6s mother is a 1ussian Jew under Jewish law that ma-es him Jewish2

The Jew is /r$%t+%$lly 4or$l, when it is in his best interests because it can become a powerful offensi*e or defensi*e weapon2 With *irtue they will be bra*e and face losses and misfortune but if anyone stands in their way of ma-ing money they will use any e*il means of destroying them2 A good e#ample of this comes to us from the CDth 'entury when Hamid !ascha son of the 3iceroy of 5gypt inherited a *ast fortune from his father2 He entrusted it to a Jew named "ppenheimer who became his ban-er and administered his business affairs2 So brilliantly did this Jew follow his trade that within three years the young 5gyptian went into ban-ruptcy2 This e#ample has many modern day counterparts2 When this happens the *irtuous man becomes the *icious one2 During the 7iddle Ages commerce was the great battlefield of 5urope2 "n the one side were the !$t+0( 5or!, and on the other the #(3+*' +!0$ (r*. When the *4o&( o1 5$ttl( %l($r( , the Jews were *ictorious2 They had ac:uired control of the entire commercial world2 They loo-ed on this as being a mar- of God6s appro*al of their way of doing business2 )et a careful chec- of history shows that Jewish methods of doing business ha*e ne*er enriched a nation or a people or been a mar- of God6s appro*al on e*il but put enormous amounts into the coffers of a few2 As is well -nown Jews seldom engage in agriculture mining production of raw materials or e*en in the manufacture of things from raw materials2 He is mostly interested in the circulation of *alues e#changing worthless articles for good money2 4n a great maBority of cases Jews are parasites2 They recogni=e this2 4n his boo- "#EWS MUST LIVE," published in CDIN by the Golden Hind !ress in .ew )or- 'ity Samuel 1oth >Jew? said ("ur maBor *ice of old as of today is parasitism2 We are a people of *ultures li*ing on the labor and good nature of the rest of the world2 (4t is my belief that nothing the Jew does in America is essential to it6s welfare2 "n the contrary a great deal of what the American Jew does is in sub*ersion to America6s best interests2( >/.S? They appropriate what other people ma-e with the *3($t o1 t'(+r 5ro3. This is why they ha*e a tendency to -eep aloof from agriculture2 They want nothing that will tie them down to a particular area2 They must be free to mo*e at a moments notice heading for where the business action is2 This means that Jews always see- out areas where the most plunder is a*ailable and is one of the maBor reasons they ha*e become so prominent as leaders of *ice2 During the time when the 4talian 1epublics flourished 3enice Genoa and 0lorence were o*er run by Jews2 When these 1epublics fell the Jews pac-ed up their treasures and migrated northward to settle in Germany !oland and the .etherlands where commerce and industry was on the increase2 They were the least successful in Spain mainly because the Spanish royalty forced them to lea*e when they reali=ed that they were opening the gates of Spanish cities to the 7oorish in*asion from .orth Africa2 Jews are the same today as they were E FFF years ago when our &ord called them Satan6s -ids >see #o'! 8;99?2 They ha*e the same characteristics now as they had then and e*en their religion has not changed mo*ing down through the years from the Jewish priesthood to ancient rabbinism then to modern rabbinism2 As one eminent Jewish authority said (Down through the centuries the spirit of the ancient !harisees has remained intact2( .either time nor habit nor intercourse with foreign elements ha*e changed them2 They are the same 5loo *)%&+!2 /$r$*+t(* who Jesus 'hrist called /o+*o!o)* *!$&(*, >see M$tt'(3 6:;<9D :<;<<?2 1emember please that these are not my accusations but those of your Sa*ior2 .o wonder they are pressuring 'hristian authorities to re*ise the .ew Testament and remo*e these remar-s2 To a thin-ing man or woman these remar-s by our Sa*ior (shoot holes in the Jews 'hosen !eople 7yth2( 0or more information on this subBect may 4 suggest my pamphlet "E@PLODING THE CHOSEN PEOPLE MYTH", a*ailable from Destiny !ublishers !2"2 Bo# C$$ 7errimac 7A FCG%F2 They are JF cents each or IJ cents in lots of EJ or more2

Suoting from this pamphlet 4 ma-e reference to a statement made by Dr2 BenBamin 0reedman in his boo- "FACTS ARE FACTS". He says (The utterance by the 'hristian clergy which confuses 'hristians most is the constantly repeated utterance that 6Jesus was a Jew!6 This appears to be their theme2 4t is a misrepresentation and distortion of an incontestable historic fact... informed intelligent 'hristians cannot reconcile this unwarranted misrepresentation and distortion of the facts2( 7ost honest Bible historians will admit that at no time in the .ew Testament was Jesus e*er called a Jew although He called this by others >see M$tt'(3 :;:D :B;66D L)&( :<;<?2 The great Jewish historian Josephus called Him a #) ($!, ne*er once did he call him a Jew2 The *ery inscription o*er His cross in &atin said (4esus .a=arenous 1e# 4udorum( and any of you who understand &atin -nows this say (Jesus the .a=erene ruler of the Judeans2( By no stretch of the imagination can you get this to say (Hing of the Jews2( 4t was translated in the original C%CC Hing James 3ersion of the Bible2 4t is *lo//y scholarship such as this that often confuses our people and leads them to belie*e those who are their worst enemies Dr2 0reedman said that con*erted Jews had pro*en themsel*es too often to be spies of Judaism placed in the 'hristian church to cause trouble from within2 Jesus implied this is John CEANF when :uoting from I*$+$' G;7,6=, He said (He >God? hath blinded their eyes and hardened their heart< that they should not see with their eyes nor understand with their heart and be con*erted and 4 should heal them2( There are many who belie*e with some Scriptural support that a fa-e Jew >R(0(l$t+o!* :;7D <;7? those called Jews today cannot be sa*ed2 Because of Jewish ties with religion tradition and hatred of all non;Jews they will ne*er change >M$l$%'+ 6;9?2 )ou might as well e#pect a leopard to change his spots as for a Jew to change his grasping nature2 A Jew can be born in or emigrate to any nation and become a 0renchman an 5nglishman a German or an American but if you as- him what he is he will in*ariably say (4 am a Jew!( His alliance is to the Jewish people not to God or any nation not e*en the country where he was born2 Jews claim they can combine both :ualities and be good )$l %+t+I(!*, but it is impossible and Jesus Himself said (A man cannot ser*e two mastersA( >M$tt'(3 G;:9? 4 ha*e heard Jews boast (We are Jews to our fingertips ( and since there is little beyond the fingertips this lea*es no room for patriotism of any -ind only a blind loyalty for Judaism2 This trend towards treason can be seen in Jewish officials who ha*e ta-en the Hol .idre "ath on the Day of Atonement2 >4t is my understanding that e*en secular Jews ta-e this oath2? 4n their TA&7/D this is referred to as the "L$3 o1 R(0o%$t+o! +! A 0$!%(." The recital of this prayer called the $ll 0o3* /r$y(r, releases a Jew from any obligations under oaths *ows or pledges entered into during the following year2 This means that his oath of office to support and defend the /nited States against all enemies both foreign and domestic is meaning less unless he chooses to follow it2 Apparently !resident 'linton ne*er too- this into consideration when he appointed more than forty Jews to high go*ernment positions such as Secretary of State Secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Treasury2 "r maybe he did! 4s it any wonder our country is in dire trouble+ 4n CGNN a group of German 1abbis reali=ing the effect that -nowledge concerning the Hol .idre "ath was ha*ing on the German people tried at the 4nternational 'onference of 1abbis in Brunswic- Germany to ha*e it changed2 The preponderance of )iddish spea-ing 1abbis who were 1ussian Hha=ars >meaning they had no Abrahamic blood in their *eins? *oted it down and this oath remains an integral part of Jewish worship until this day2 Does this mean that a Jewish Judge is not to be trusted if he has ta-en the Hol .idre "ath+ How about a Jewish 'ongressman or lawyer+ Thin- about this! The Jews in America are the only ethnic group who are allowed )$l %+t+I(!*'+/. This means they can be citi=ens of the Jewish State in !alestine and at the same time ha*e the full benefits of American citi=enship2 4t has been pro*en o*er and o*er again that when the %'+/* $r( o3!, they

will almost in*ariably show their loyalties to the 4sraeli State2 This action can be seen in the many pro;@ionist anti;American actions of Jewish members of 'ongress2 Throughout the 7iddle Ages the Jews laid their foundations for future power2 They cle*erly arranged through their usury system to pile up treasures in e*ery country in which they settled patiently waiting for the day when they could emerge from the dar-ness and climb to the top of the (%o!o4+% /o3(r '($/. They ha*e reached the ape# now! "n a spring day in the late CGFF6s the old edifice of feudalism bro-e down with a crash heard round the world an political and ecclesiastical institutions ha*e ne*er fully reco*ered from the effects of the 0rench 1e*olution2 This was a Jewish re*olution so ac-nowledged by their leaders and was the same way they brought forth in 1ussia in CDCG2 The pathway for Jewish con:uest of the world now lay open before them2 /ndermined by the doctrines of Volt$+r( and con:uered by the power of #(3+*' l+5(r$l+*4, the national and religious limitations of the 7iddle Ages crumbled into dust and the past was gi*en o*er to Jewish reconstruction of the present and future2 .ot for the benefit of man-ind but for the edification and glorification of the Jewish people2 Just as they did later in the 'entury and at the end of the American 'i*il War so now the Jews led in the cry (&ong li*e tolerance! &ong li*e 0raternity! Down with ran-! Away with indi*idual rights!( While the South was sa*ed by the patriotic efforts of Americans who refused to buc-le under to the Jewish power in Washington2 With their ran-s closed Jews now opened attac-s on their enemies e*erywhere and as they o*ercame them one by one they erected their own standard the si# pointed star of Da*id which as far as 4 can find out was ne*er used by Da*id2 Since that date in the CGFF6s the standard of Judaism has been unfurled from the watchtowers of 'hristendom in 5urope and a few and far between ha*e been the statesmen who had the moral courage to stand up to their corruption2 With the e#ception of a few years in the CDFF6s when the German people under Adolf Hitler made a bid for national freedom and struggled to free Germany from Jewish oppression only to be whipped down by their own Anglo;Sa#on people who once again listened to the siren call of world Judaism o*er common sense and scriptural truth2 Today Hitler is hated by the Jews not because he tried to annihilate them as this has ne*er been pro*en but because he tried to brea- their grip on 'hristian Germany2 By stirring up re*olutions and then lending their support Jews assisted on one hand with the distribution of St$t( o0(rt'ro3+!2 Uto/+$*, while on the other they furthered their :uest for world power2 Jewish writers such as 7arcus 5li 1a*age and others ha*e admitted that Jews ha*e been at the bottom of nearly all the re*olutions which ha*e ta-en place in the .ineteenth and Twentieth 'enturies2 Another Jewish writer "scar &e*y in the preface to his boo- "THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION." said (There is scarcely an e*ent in modern 5urope which cannot be traced bac- to the Jews2 We Jews today are nothing else but the world6s seducers< it6s destroyers< it6s incendiaries< it6s e#ecutioners( and they glory in bragging about it! We -now that all go*ernments re:uire money to operate and that the men who lend are Jews ; thus they gain both in cash and it6s corresponding power and pri*ileges2 During the American 1e*olution both sides were financed by the Jews as was the 1ussian 1e*olution the War Between the States and World Wars 4 and 442 The Jewish ban-ers became fabulously wealthy off the gains they had made on the suffering of mostly White 'hristian nations

while they -illed off the %r($4 o1 4$!'oo and 1$tt(!( us for future con:uest2 4n the last CJF years the world has been drenched in mostly 'hristian blood as White nations ha*e fought White nations in Jew instigated wars and the Jews sat bac- and gleefully rubbed their hands at the destruction of their enemies2 As atoms are drawn towards larger masses under the law of gra*ity so nations drift towards the riches of the Jews2 /nder the same law the motion of attracted bodies becomes more and more accelerated and thus Jewish money power grows daily2 4t is simple fact which cannot be disputed that at the present not one single financial operation of any si=e can be carried out without ha*ing some Jew being in*ol*ed and profiting from it2 4n this manner Jews ha*e grown from a despised people the carpetbaggers and hated usurers of history to become the wealthiest most influential citi=ens often with front seats in our most prestigious churches and often with full support for their still nefarious enterprises coming from the 'hristian world2 A5ort+o! %l+!+%*D /ro*t+t)t+o!D r)2 tr$11+%D 4)*+%, (t%. After all they are God6s 'hosen you -now! 0rom the height of this economic pinnacle they command the entire Babylonian 7oney System of finance and industry2 There is not a man or woman among us no matter how anti;Jewish we may be who does not in some way pay tribute to Jewish money power2 5*en in the e*ery day necessities of life we purchase at the local grocery store we aid them2 )ou can count on your fingers the number of politicians preachers and educators who are not debtors to the Jews and therefore under their power2 Not(; 7any non;Jews are not aware of the great Hosher labeling scheme2 &arge food produces are force to place a H or a / on their products indicating they are blessed by a 1abbi2 4f a corporation dose not do this they are labeled anti;Semites and the full weight of world Jewish organi=ations 7asonic orders and useful idiots Judeo;'hristian groups come down on them2 There is e*en a brand of generic motor oil and toilet bowl cleaners with the -osher labels2 4n 'anada the 'anadian Jewish 'ongress gets -ic- bac-s this way2 Symbols differ from country to country< e*en in 4slamic nations this is going on2 Jewish financial power resembles an imp which cannot be seen who has his hand in e*ery poc-et2 He is especially e#perienced in the art of seduction ha*ing been trained directly by the 4$*t(r *( )%(r of all times #o'! 8;99. He spea-s to the 'hristian world today saying essence what he said to Jesus during His period of temptation >M$tt'(3 9;8,7? when he showed Him all the -ingdoms of the world and said (All these things >worldly -ingdoms? 4 will gi*e thee if thou wilt fall down and Worship me2( 3ery few so;called 'hristians ha*e the courage to answer him as the 7aster did when He said (...for it is written 6Thou shalt worship the &ord thy God and Him only shalt thy ser*e2( So instead of happiness he leads us into hell and a world sla*ery too horrible to contemplate2 Hand in hand with his phenomenal rise to power has been the rise of indi*idual members of his clan2 Those wandering Jews who used to be the crafty hated speculators old clothes salesmen and peddlers ha*e now opened elegant offices in the world6s most prestigious buildings2 At the close of the .apoleonic Wars in 0ran-fort Germany a Jew named 1othschild rose to power as the *isible head of world Jewry2 All other Jews bowed to his power2 As &+!2 o1 3orl 1+!$!%( he commanded the rallying masses of Jewish capital as surely as Hitler later controlled Germany and his subBects were countless millions who labored daily to support his splendor2 4t is impossible to calculate the powers of this family which was greater than that of any crowned head that ruled in 5urope2 !residents and Hings cringed before that power and bowed to their wishes2 4n the Twentieth 'entury this 5uropean Jewish family has been challenged by an American Jewish family named the 1oc-efeller2 These people ha*e successfully hidden their Jewishness

behind a facade of !rotestantism as they engaged in a l+1( $! counterparts2

($t' struggle with their 5uropean

The profits accrued by the 4nternational Jewish Ban-ers were used to impro*e their social standing and we see them today as they mingle with and inter;marry with the aristocracy of 5urope and America thus furthering their control2 They ha*e longed for a monopoly of the &iberal Arts and Sciences which at one time were open only to the higher ran-s of society2 Hnowing they could ac:uire these honors only by means of engaging in literature medicine and public education they set out to monopoli=e these professions until today they are almost completely in control2 The 'hristian world set complacently by or cooperated while their enemies too- control2 Today Jewish Bournalists in e*ery state form a closely -nit combine composed of some of the most cle*er minds in America who are dedicated to the furtherance of 4nternational @ionism by all means fair or foul2 They are men li-e !eter Jennings Dan 1athers and Sam Donaldson all on .ational T3 who control the thin-ing of large numbers of Americans who get their only news from T3 or the daily newspaper2 They ha*e appropriated the rights of inter*ention in foreign affairs to the point where the Anti;Defamation &eague of the Jewish B61igth >An unregistered agent of the 4sraeli operating illegally on American soil without a license? to all intents and purposes controls our 'ongress2 !owerful politicians li-e former Ar-ansas Senator J2 William 0ulbright ha*e tried to buc- them only to be *'ot o3! +! 1l$4(*. Today for a politician to critici=e Jewish interests is /ol+t+%$l *)+%+ (. As the Jews attained social status they began a determined effort to infiltrated the 'hristian social world brainwashing 'hristians of e*ery hue with the false theology that those who hated and murdered our Sa*ior were indeed God6s 'hosen !eople and as such can do no wrong2 They did this most cle*erly by infiltrating 'hristian seminaries until today *ery few seminaries or Bible schools e#ist that do not ha*e Jewish professors many of them who do not bother to say they are *$0( . Blinded by Jewish cries of the F$t'(r'oo o1 Go , and the brotherhood of all men coming from a *ariety of organi=ations designed to confuse 'hristian thin-ing and from apostate sources under Jewish control such as the .ational 'ouncil of churches< befuddled by the humane appeal of Jewish theories our churchmen for the most part seemed incapable of percei*ing the danger which threatened the 'hristian world from Jewish sources e*en though the Jews openly stated what they intended to (Dri*e God from the s-ies and destroy White 'hristian ci*ili=ation2( "ne loo- at the world of diplomacy will show that it has been o*er run by Jews2 4n 5ngland Dislraeli too- o*er as !rime 7inister during the reign of Sueen 3ictoria and &ord Beaconsfield later became !rime 7inister2 The "WESTMINISTER REVIEW" at that time :uoted Daniel "6'onnor as saying (4f Disraeli6s genealogy would be traced he would no doubt be found to be a true heir of the impenitent thief on the cross2( >L)&( :<;<7? There were others in 5ngland Sir .athaniel De 1othschild Bart< Josiah Wedgewood during World War 4< Theodore Her=l the father of modern @ionism who was a power in British politics at the time2 Samuel /ntermeyer who arranged for the "I!t(r!$t+o!$l Boy%ott Co!1(r(!%(" in Amsterdam Holland in July CDII stated "...this holy war ... in which we >Jews? are embar-ed is a war that must be waged unremittingly 2 the Jews are the aristocrats of the world ....this boycott must be against all German goods shipping and ser*ices... we will dri*e the last nail in the German coffin2( This was before Hitler began any mo*e to rid the country of these parasites2 At this time Germany was deep in a terrible depression which had been brought about by Jewish manipulation of the money mar-et2 4n CDNF the eminent 1abbi 7aurice !erlman head of the

British Section of the World Jewish 'ongress told a cheering 'anadian audience as reported by the Toronto 5*ening .ews Telegram 0ebruary E% CDNF (The World Jewish 'ongress has been at war with Germany for se*en years2( This means they set out to destroy Germany at least two years before Hitler came into power and used him only as an e#cuse for continuing the war which cost many Gentiles li*es2 3ery few Jews died in comparison during World War 442 4 can remember many occasions when Jewish boys headed for front line combat duty were rescued by Jewish Doctors who falsified physical reports so they ended up usually in the Suartermaster 'orps where they were the heart of the Blac- 7ar-et during the war2 Dr2 Donald '2 Blaisdeil professor of Go*ernment at the 'ollege of the 'ity of .ew )orpublished an important document entitled "AMERICAN POLICY FOR THE NEAR EAST." in the Jewish publication "ISSUES", the official organ for the American 'ouncil for Judaism in the fall of CDJD in which he stated (.o minority of 4rish of German of !olish 4talian or Greee#traction has been able to manipulate policy to its ad*antage as ha*e the @ionist leaders of the American Jews2( During World War 44 the Administration of >Jewish? !resident 0ran-lin Delano 1oose*elt was literally o*er run with @ionist Jews and more and more e*idence has surfaced through the inter*ening years to show that !resident 1oose*elt deliberately lead America into that war against the wishes of the maBority of it6s people and did it at the behest of @ionism2 The Hon2 Henry &2 Stinson Secretary of Defense during World War 44 wrote in his daily diary for .o*ember EC CDNC two wee-s before the Japanese attac- on !earl Harbor that the !resident had told his 'abinet that morning in a White House meeting that he wanted us at war with Japan but that he did not want it to appear that the /nited States had fired the first shots2 This was during the period of his fireside chats in which he told American fathers and mothers (4 hate wah and will ne*ah send American boys to fight on fawn soil ne*ah! ne*ah! ne*ah!( As he spo-e these words he was planning to get us in*ol*ed under hea*y Jewish pressure2 What better word for these actions than TREASON. After World War 44 >Jewish ? !resident Harry Truman carried on in 1oose*elt6s footsteps and used the power and prestige of American go*ernment to recogni=e an armed uprising of GFF FFF armed Jewish alien terrorists who had been transplanted as part of the @ionist plan2 "n 7ay CJ CDNG Truman ga*e official recognition to the "5$! +t *t$t( o1 t'( I*r$(l+", which has been a "t'or! +! o)r *+ ( (0(r *+!%(", and cost us billions in national wealth and possibly a Third World War in the near future2 Today the 4sraeli6s are carrying out a war of systematic genocide against the Arab people2 While !resident 'linton too- us into an undeclared war in Bosnia against genocide of 7oslem Albanians he seems to care little for what the 4sraeli6s are doing to the lawful owners of the !alestinian land they ha*e misappropriated and the 'hristian world has gi*en them it6s blessing based on God6s promise made to Abraham who as we -now was not a Jew G(!(*+* 6:;<. How awfully stupid can 'hristians become when they allow themsel*es to be seduced by 'hrist6s enemy2 When 5isenhower "t'( t(rr+5l( S3( +*' #(3", became !resident he was also faithful to the Jews who helped put him into office2 4n CDJ% he sent CN FFF American troops into &ebanon and stationed the Si#th 0leet in the 7editerranean to protect the 4sraeli6s2 Since then they ha*e "*t$55( )* +! t'( 5$%&" many times by selling our military secrets to our enemies and e*en attac-ed one of our unarmed na*al ships in the 7editerranean with the loss of many American li*es2 Not(; T'(y &!(3 $5o)t t'( 5o45+!2 o1 t'( M$r+!(* $! 'o)r 5(1or( +t '$//(!( . The pathway of political lies to the American people continued under John 02 Hennedy always under the guidance of Jews who were a power in Washington2 These were more interested in the welfare and safety of the illegal 4sraeli State in !alestine than in the safety of the /nited States2 At the same time while helping the 4sraeli6s to increase in military power Administration after Administration under Jewish pressure ha*e wea-ened our Armed 0orces until today we could not

defend oursel*es against a maBor attac-2 7uch of this wea-ening process too- place when the HGB " o)5l( $2(!t", >homose#ual? Henry Hissinger was in Washington as Secretary of State2 He still a power in the nation6s 'apitol2 The pathway to Jewish domination continued under the Administration of John 02 Hennedy who was always under the guidance of Jews in power in Washington2 They were more interested in welfare of the Jewish State in !alestine then that of the nation they had sworn to defend and while we armed the Jewish State with our most sophisticated weapons< already the process of destroying our own military was under way and has continued until today we can not be classified as a first rate nation as far as national defense is concerned2 4n CDIG the senior Hennedy Joseph was America6s Ambassador to 5ngland2 He reported to Washington that .e*ille 'hamberlain then British !rime 7inister had told him that it was the Jews in America who forced Britain into the Second World War and were attempting to do the same thing with the /nited States2 Since this information had to be suppressed at all costs 02D212 recalled Senator Joseph Hennedy to silence him and this was the beginning of his li:uidation as a *iable politician2 The story of Jewish control continued through the .i#on 'arter and 1eagan Administrations2 0rom the Administration of 02D212 which included JE Jews in high go*ernment positions out of a total of $E ad*isors ; and many of these were foreign born Jews li-e Henry Hissinger ; we went on to see the most conser*ati*e !resident in this 'entury leaning on Jews and @ionist stooges for his top le*el information2 There is much documented information which confirms these allegations and pro*es that the ideals of 1oose*elt6s .ew Deal were written by Jews2 .ot to mention a *ast amount of similar legislation put out by the /2S2 State Department which at this time was riddled with 'ommunist Jews2 When 02D212 was warned about this he turned furiously on the Senator reporting to him shouting (There6s nothing wrong with 'ommunist Jews many of them are my friends2( As early as CDI% the Jewish newspaper DER TAG, wrote on April D CDI% (The Jews of America because of their numbers interest and ability constitute a great political force2 They ha*e not usurped this power< it belongs to them as a right! They are going to e#ercise it as they see fit2 What are you goyim going to do about it+( This is typical Jewish %')tI/$'. 1ather than endure the smears that would come their way through the Jewish controlled media and the @ionist lobbyists many members of 'ongress ha*e been willing to sell future generations of Americans into *irtual sla*ery under the proposed "ne World Go*ernment of @ionism2 Spineless creatures engrossed with the egotism of the importance of their positions and belie*ing they are the $ll 3+*( mentors of the nation they ha*e become guilty of the grossest of hypocrisy as they ha*e often deliberately e*aded the one and most important foundation of most of our problems2 As a result of failing to stri-e at the root of the problem they are today presiding o*er the destruction of their own White 1ace with few :ualms of conscience2 7any members of 'ongress show by their actions that they desire this life of hypocrisy and lea*e this maBor issue to others2 Thus our internal enemy has had an open field in which he is mo*ing rapidly towards his goal of "ne World control2 'ommunism ; the maBor tentacle of the @ionist plan for world con:uest was set up by Jews in CDC$2 4n other places in this boo- 4 ha*e shown how they brag openly about their part in this conspiracy2 0rom the beginning it has been a Jewish plot to ensla*e "!o!-#(3 2oy+4" >cattle? and rule o*er them2 They will scream to high hea*en that this accusation is untrue but the plan is there it can be seen and understood if a concerned person will ta-e the time and effort to loo- for it2 This plan is clearly laid out in their holy boo- the TA&7/D and in numerous Jewish writings2 These pro*e that Jews

as a whole consider themsel*es to be a superior people who are destined to rule the world or as their TA&7/D says (When our 7essiah comes e*ery Jew will ha*e E FFF goyim sla*es2( That6s you brother and sister they are tal-ing about2 A careful study of the Scriptures will pro*e their guilt no matter how strong your pastor may proclaim them to be God6s Anointed! 4t would be well for me at this point to e#plain the meaning of se*eral words 4 ha*e already used numerous times2 The BABYLONIAN TALMUD, which Jewish leaders say is the (Heart blood of modern Judaism( is a collection of Jewish ci*il and canonical >religious? laws2 4t was begun during the Babylonian capti*ity when the tribes of Judah and BenBamin were ta-en capti*e for se*enty years2 A new sect rose among the Hebrew worshipers which became -nown as the !harisees and which rapidly rose to become the maBor power of Judaism2 They began a gigantic wor- which became -nown as the TA&7/D that was not completed until some JFF years after the time of 'hrist2 4t was what He fought against during His life on earth calling it the "tr$ +t+o! o1 4(!, t'$t !)ll+1+(* Go ,* Wor ." JM$tt'(3 6C;<,G,7D I*$+$' :7;6<D T+t)* 6;6=,69K This gigantic wor- of %I large *olumes fills a twel*e foot boo-shelf and is the final authority of Judaism superseding the &aws of 7oses in any matter dealing with the conduct of Jews worldwide2 0ollowing are a few of these Talmudic teachings2 4 will gi*e you the *olume and page where they can be found2 0irst let me tell you what some of the most eminent Jewish 1abbis6 ha*e said about the TA&7/D2 1abbi 4smael said (The teachings of the Talmud stand abo*e all other laws2 They are more important than the laws of 7oses2( 1abbi 7enachem commenting on the 0ifth Boo- said (The decisions of the Talmud are words of the &i*ing G;d Jeho*ah Himself as He as-s the opinion of earthly 1abbis when there are difficulties in hea*en2( >4f this isn6t the height of egotism what is+? Not(; They refuse to spell the word God with an o2 They also write #mass instead of 'hristmas2 This is one way a Talmudic Jew gi*es themsel*es away2 Tract 7echilla says (Jeho*ah Himself studies the Talmud standing as He has much respect for this boo-2( KEKUT CHADASZ >C$C I? ; (4t is forbidden to disclose the secrets of the law2 He who would do it TAs guilty as though they would destroy the whole world2( SANHEDRIN >JDa? ; (5*ery goy who studies the Talmud and e*ery Jew who helps him in it ought to die2( LIBBRE DAVID >I$? ; (To communicate anything to a goy about our religious relations wouldbe e:ual to -illing all the Jews for if the goyim -new what we teach about them they would -ill us openly2( SHALLOTH-UTSZABOT >C$? ; (A Jew should and must ma-e a false oath when the goyim as-s if our boo-s contain anything against him2( BABA MECIA >CCN %? ; (The Jews are human beings but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts2( SIMEON HADDARSEN >J% D? ; (When the 7essiah comes e*ery Jew will ha*e E FFF goyim sla*es2(

MIDRASCH TALPIOTH >p EEJ &? ; (Jeho*ah created the non;Jew in human form so that the Jew would not be ser*ed by beasts2 The non;Jew is conse:uently an animal in human form and condemned to ser*e the Jew day and night2( NADARINE >EF B? ; (A Jew may do to a non;Jewess what he can do2 He may treat her as a piece of raw meat2( MAMONIDES, #AK CHASAKA >E E? ; (A Jew may misuse a non;Jewess in her state of unbelief2( >4n other words rape of a Gentile woman is appro*ed for Jewish men2? TOSEFA, ABODAH ZARA >G J? ; (4f a goy -ills a goy or a Jew he is responsible But if a Jew -ills a goy he is not responsible2( MISHNA SANHEDRYN >J$? ; (Thou shalt not do inBury to thy neighbor but it is not said 6Thou shalt not inBure a goy(62 This is a good e#ample of what the &ord meant when He told the !harisees that they made the Word of God of non;effect by their traditions2 >7atthew CJAD? SCHULCHAN ARUCH ; (A Jew is permitted to rape cheat and perBure himself< but he must ta-e care that he is not found out so that 4srael may suffer2( SCHULCHAN ARUCH ; (Those who do not confess the Torah >law? and the prophets >religious law? must be -illed2( SCHULCHAN ARUCH >ING? ; (All property of other nations belongs to the Jewish people who conse:uently are entitled to sei=e it up without scruples2 An orthodo# Jew is not bound to obser*e principles of morality towards people of other tribes2 He may act contrary to morality if it is profitable to him or to Jews in general2( )ou wonder why the Jews treat Arabs with contempt+ They are taught that Arabs are mental sewage in their synagogues2 The TORAH is Jewish tradition and instructions or decisions gi*en to the !harisee priests now called 1abbis as Di*ine re*elation2 4t was to this group our &ord said (4n *ain do they worship 7e >God? teaching for doctrine the commandments of men2( The T"1AH contains the first fi*e boo-s of the 'hristian "ld Testament -nown as the P(!t$t()%'. 4 must mo*e on from this area of our studies there are %I large *olumes of this filth and the woris so pornographic in nature it may not be sent through the /2S2 mail2 How can a Jew ta-e an oath of loyalty to America when he is allowed by his religion to lie and disregard this oath if it benefits him or his people+ How can a Jew be e#pected to act worthy of his calling as an editor news correspondent a Budge a lawyer a ban-er an educator or a politician if he follows this religious belief+ How can a 'hristian minister be trusted who bac-s them in any way+ Why is it that the Jew who is an oriental is gi*en more rights than the Japanese 'hinese or Horeans among us+ Sounds to me li-e ran- discrimination2 )et the Jew is supposed to be the defender of 'i*il rights! What a hypocrisy! The Jewish founder of modern 'ommunism Harl 7ordecai 7ar# said of his people (4n *ain do we loo- for the -ey to the labyrinth of the Jewish soul in his religion2 "n the contrary we must loo- for the mystery of his religion in the mystery of his nature2 What is the basis of Judaism+ 4t is a practical passion and greed for profit! To what can we reduce it6s religious worship+ To e#tortion! Who is their real G;d+ 'ash!( So to accomplish their plan for world ta-eo*er Jews create wars re*olutions and depressions as a means of sei=ing power during the time of chaos2 4n the 'ommunist te#tboo- "PSYCHO-

POLITICS", which 4 ha*e mentioned before the plan for the ta-eo*er of the /nited States was laid down in CDIN2 They said ("ur chief goals are effecti*ely carried forward which is to proceed with a ma#imum chaos in the culture of our enemy2 This is our first and most effecti*e step2 "ur fruits are grown in chaos distrust economic depression and scientific turmoil2( 0or hundreds of years now this has been the Jewish plan for World con:uest2 "n instructions laid down by their Grand Sanhedrin in 'onstantinople from their VENGEANCE PROTOCOL in CEG% they ha*e infiltrated e*ery profession in America2 To do this they ha*e cornered the world supply of gold and ha*e sold the non;Jewish world the fiction that gold is wealth rather than land and commodities2 Today the entire world bows to the Jewish idol of gold as much as the Babylonians worshiped .ebuchadne==ar6s image of gold in D$!+(l <. By their control of gold they smear those who refuse to &!)%&l( )! (r to their desires and shut off the truth concerning news that our people need to -now2 Not(; To illustrate the power Jews ha*e in controlling money ta-e a loo- on the bac- of an American one dollar bill2 The CI stars form a larger Jewish star2 The 4nternational Jewish 'ouncil which met in Basil Swit=erland in CG$D drew up a far reaching plan entitled "THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION." This was a formula on which they would launch their world offensi*e2 While Jewry and their 'hristian *too2(* proclaim this document to be a forgery they seem to forget that in order to ha*e a forgery one must first ha*e an original2 The forger ma-es his wor- as close to the original as possible to fool people2 The Jews ha*e ne*er :uestioned the original PROTOCOL which was written in Hebrew only the 5nglish translation by the 5nglishman 3ictor 52 7arsden2 He was an 5nglish Bournalist who had li*ed in 1ussia for many years and was married to a 1ussian woman2 He was a correspondent for the "LONDON MORNING POST", a position he held during the Bolshe*i1e*olution2 He was harassed by the 'ommunists and thrown into the !eter !aul prison2 He escaped and e*entually was allowed to return to 5ngland2 His mastery of 1ussian and Hebrew made him eminently :ualified to translate the PROTOCOLS. 4 am inclined to agree with Henry 0ord Sr2 when he said (The only statement 4 care to ma-e about the PROTOCOLS is that they fit what is going on2( 4nternational @ionism has followed them li-e a blueprint for a hundred years so they could hardly be bogus2 The ELDERS OF ZION ha*e ne*er been re*ealed but are sometimes referred to as the H+ (! H$! o1 #) $+*42 They are not the Board of Deputies of the Jewish !arliament or the /ni*ersal 4sraelite Alliance of 0rance or the American Jewish 'ongress2 The late Walter 1athenau said of them (Three hundred men each of whom is -nown to all others go*ern the fate of the world and they elect their successors from their entourage2( As far bac- as CGNN the Jewish !rime 7inister of Britain under Sueen 3ictoria the Jew BenBamin Disraeli whose real name was 4srael wrote (The world is go*erned by *ery different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes2( Then he went on to show that all these personages were Jews2 There are documents a*ailable from Jewish sources such as the /ni*ersal Jewish 5ncyclopedia 3olume E CDNG edition page CFE which show this document and admit to it6s Jewishness2 There is much documentary proof that the 1ussian 1e*olution was planned financed and led by 4nternational Jewry2 Jacob Schiff "tto Hahn and !aul Warburg all members of the .ew )orfirm of Huhn &oeb and 'ompany ad*anced nearly KNG;million and trained E$% Jewish re*olutionaries from .ew )or- 'ity6s &ower 5ast Side and sent them to 1ussia to lead the re*olution2 They passed through Germany although we were at war with Germany at that time and recei*ed permission to do so from !aul Warburg6s brother who was Haiser Wilhelms 'hief of 5spionage and the German 'hancellor 3an Bethman;Hallwig who was also a Jew2 !resident Woodrow Wilson >Democrat? was put into office on the basis of Jewish support and KJF FFF was put into his campaign fund by the Jew Bernard Baruch2 This was in payment for

Wilson ha*ing signed the 0ederal 1eser*e Act of CDCI which placed 4nternational Jewish ban-s in charge of the economics of America and which was the fore runner of our present economic system which is still Jewish controlled2 1oc-efeller 1othschild Huhn &oeb and &ehman are Bust a few of the names which were in*ol*ed with the 1oc-efeller clan mas:uerading as !rotestant 'hristian Gentiles leading the way2 While most Americans belie*e the 0ederal 1eser*e is part of our go*ernment all of the maBor ban-s are Jewish owned and their geographical dispersion ser*es as window dressing2 All are independent of 0ederal control and are dependent for international control on the 4nternational Jewish ban-ers2 These ban-s collect di*idends which results in interest payments of the /nited States go*ernment on its bonds sold to 0ederal 1eser*e Ban-s and finances of course by commercial ban-s throughout the country using our money2 They ha*e usurped the 'onstitutional right of 'ongress to coin and print our money2 Today the /nited States go*ernment pays interest on its credit and the 4nternational Jewish ban-ers collect it and grow rich off the sweat and toil of the American ta#payer2 4n CDCJ our .ational debt was about KIFI million< by CDGE it passed the one trillion dollar mar-2 Add to this a state debt at this time of some KCEF billion plus God alone -nows how much is owed in personal debts and one can begin to scratch the surface of the robbery that has been carried on under the banner of Judaism2 These ta#es are collected by the 4nternal 1e*enue Ser*ice which is the 5)lly 5oy t$E /ol+%( of the 0ederal 1eser*e and enforces their ta# laws2 0rom a total of KCFI %JC JGJ collected in CD$F this has grown to K$NJ ICI E$% in CDD%2 /nfortunately the 4212S2 is often used by the go*ernment and special interests to punish those who do not 3$l& t'( #(3+*' l+!(. A good e#ample is my own case2 0rom CD%J when 4 retired to CDGC 4 was se*ere *ocal and written critic of the 0ederal Go*ernment6s ban-rupt 0oreign and 5conomic policies and was an embarrassment to the /nited States State Department on se*eral occasions2 This ne*er drew any unbearable penalties but when 4 began to spea- publicly on the Jewish perils to our go*ernment and the 'hristian church in CDG% within si# months 4 had my first audit and there ha*e been se*en of these in fifteen years costing this 'hristian wor- o*er KCFG FFF2 7any of you -now that in CDDG the 4212S2 placed a le*y on my 7ilitary 1etirement pay and stole o*er KEN FFF that year o*er the protests of se*eral /2S2 Senators2 These men were falsely told that there was no religious preBudice in*ol*ed although facts pro*ed otherwise2 This 'hristian wor- was -ept afloat only by 'hristian brethren who would not let it go down the drain2 Some of you who read this boo- were in this group and 4 will ne*er be able to than- you properly2 God -nows what the future will bring! Today in the face of almost unheard of economic woes which persist in spite of what appears to be a booming economy we see the strange sight of our go*ernment borrowing money from the 4nternationalists at high interest rates so that we can gi*e it away in 0oreign Aid often to countries who hate us and are our potential enemies while our !resident spends untold billions of dollars of national wealth on brush fire wars in which we ha*e no national interest2 All these Bosnia included are for the benefit of the 4nternationalists and is fattening their purses while bringing us closer to their .ew World "rder scheduled for completion in the year EFFF2 4t should be ob*ious to any intelligent person where the money power lies2 4t most certainly is not in the hands of 'ongress where it belongs and was meant to be2 By their control of gold the 4nternational Jewish ban-ers ha*e become richer in one hour as White 'hristians in particular sindeeper into the toils of their Sla*e State2 Today 'hristian America is bowing our bac-s in *irtual economic sla*ery to world Judaism and they glory in it2 Americans are today paying a higher percentage of their earnings into ta#es than was paid by the medie*al serfs2 This was the ultimate plan of PROTOCOLS, (Drain the entire product of materials and labor off the land and into our coffers2( How long will we be willing to li*e on our -nees when God meant us to be FREE. )ou may be one of those 'hristians who reasons (4f He meant us to be free why has He allowed our enemy to ta-e control2( 1ead the EGth 'hapter of Deuteronomy and see for yourself2 4t all boils

down to this TRUTH; "O5( +(!%( to Go , and the +*%+/l+!( it brings 4)*t come before we can ha*e 0+%tory.( /ntil we learn the lesson of obedience we should not e#pect to ha*e God6s help no matter how hard we pray! 4 ha*e 'hristians tell me (4f we could Bust get all the 'hristians in America to pray together God would hear and answer our prayers and sa*e us!( 0or this prayer to wor- you must mi# prayer with obedience in what God tells us to do2 4n I*$+$' C7;6 we are told that God has not lost His power to act nor has He lost His sense of hearing the prayers of His people2 V(r*( : of this same 'hapter gi*es us the answer (But your ini:uities ha*e separated between you and your God and your sins ha*e hid his face from you that He 3+ll !ot '($r.( Before we can e#pect God to hear and answer our pleas for deli*erance we must first return to Him in obedience2 While many so called 'hristian people recogni=e this fact it soon becomes e*ident that most of them including their pastors are only gi*ing God l+/ *(r0+%(, and want to continue doing their own thing! The only way we can be free from the Jewish plague is by remo*ing it and this will be impossible until we first learn obedience2 We -now God will be with us if we diligently and honestly *((& H+* 1$%(, : C'ro!+%l(* B;69. He has always been on the side of righteousness when it is e#ercised in the conte#t of obedience to His will2 .e*er during the trials of our ancient forefathers did He respond to their call for help until they came to Him in r(/(!t$!%( and ')4+l+ty and unfortunately 4 ha*e seen *ery little of this in the so called 'hristian world of CDDD2 "ne of our biggest problems in the 'hristian world is that we ha*e 2ro3! too 5+2 1or o)r 5r+t%'(*. God may ha*e to bring us down a notch or two before He can wor- His way with us2 He has done it before with His people and if He ne*er changes as we ha*e been taught it is *ery possible He will do it again2 4 ha*e stopped praying (God sa*e us instead 4 pray 6.ot my will but Thine be done2(6 We must not be led astray by our hatred for the Jewish people although we may ha*e good reason for it2 our battle must be against the forces of the anti;'hrist that their leaders ad*ocate2 Sometimes it seems that there are no solutions to our problems2 The problems are there and the milder solutions can only come as the Jewish leaders are willing to lift the cloud of censorship they ha*e placed on the 'hristian world and then bac- their words with good intentions2 As long as Jews insist on being a Jewish entity instead of being indi*iduals they will ultimately force 'hristians as a means of self defense into *iewing them as a foreign element hostile to 'hristian people and 'hristian *alues2 4f America allows a dual citi=enship to stand in the way of loyalty to America alone then Jews will continue not only to be a thorn in our flesh but an e*er increasing danger to our American way of life2 "ur 1r(( o4 was won at too great a price to allow it to be usurped by aliens in our midst who ha*e ta-en ad*antage of our hospitality2 This goes for other groups too2 The 'onstitution guarantees 1r(( o4 o1 */((%' $! /r(**, to American citi=ens2 4t does not allow an alien minority to ta-e this away by imposing their censorship2 4f we allow this to happen and it6s well along the way towards completion then we deser*e e*erything we get2 Today as the greatest drama of the Ages begins to unfold before us there are two paths we can choose2 The one is lined with the trin-ets and glamour of Jewry the 5+2 5rot'(r 3+ll t$&( %$r( o1 yo), philosophy which always leads to sla*ery2 Those who see- only personal pleasure and comforts those fools who belie*e ()ou only go around once in life so li*e with gusto for tomorrow you may die2( These will find only sla*ery and death at the end of their road2 4t is only the pathway of *$%r+1+%( and o5( +(!%( to God that comes from loyalty courage honor and a sense of duty that leads to a more abundant life2 We are offered two options 5ither ser*e God with gladness -nowing His word is true or follow a path which will only ser*e the oppressors of our people2

Today in America we are faced with oppressi*e anti;'hrist go*ernment2 Will we ser*e it+ "ur forefathers refused to do so! 4n the Declaration of 4ndependence Thomas Jefferson said that (We are endowed by our 'reator with certain unalienable >may not be tampered with by go*ernment for any reason? rights2 That among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness2 That to secure these rights go*ernments are instituted among men deri*ing their Bust powers from the consent of the go*erned that whene*er go*ernment becomes destructi*e to these ends it becomes the right of the people to alter and abolish it and institute a new go*ernment2( The fact that we are free today gi*es us the r+2't to establish and maintain a go*ernment which will enable us to enBoy these rights so aptly e#pressed by the political philosopher John &oc-e2 .ot only is it our r+2't, but it is our )ty. Jefferson said (When a long train of abuses pursuing in*ariably the same obBect e*inces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism it is their right nay it is their duty to throw off such a go*ernment and pro*ide new safeguards for their future security2( Today under the despotism of William Jefferson >Jewish?'linton we are li*ing under such a go*ernment2 "ur first allegiance must be to God2 4t is His law and the unalienable rights under that &aw which ma-e us a free people2 We cannot afford for our allegiance now or at any time in the future to come under bondage to an alien philosophy that see-s to ensla*e and destroy us2 4n 6 K+!2* 68;:6 the prophet 5liBah as-ed our forefathers (How long halt you between two opinions+ 4f the &ord be God follow HimA but if Baal then follow him2( 0i*e hundred years before 5liBah6s time Joshua told the people of 4srael (4f it seem e*il unto you to ser*e the &ord choose you this day whom you will ser*eD... but as for me and my house we will ser*e the &ord2( >#o*')$ :9;6C? This is the decisions White 'hristians in particular must ma-e today if we are to sur*i*e2 Will we ser*e Jeho*ah the God of our forefathers and His Son the &ord Jesus 'hrist and remain free+ "r will we bow the -nee to the false god of the Talmudic Jews and become sla*es+ "ur whole future and that of our race depends on how we answer this :uestion2 0or far to long we ha*e been under the spell of the Baal system of Babylonian usury 4t is in the process now of deliberately producing a (raceless soulless humanity ( that can be controlled by the elite in the .ew World "rder of Judaism2 This will mean control o*er income our children our entertainment our se# life our education our body our politics and our religion2 Already the .ew World 5lite ha*e openly stated that there will be no place for 'hristians in their .ew World2 4 say the time has come when we must stop it2 4t will only happen when 'hristian men and women -now the truth recogni=e it as truth and operate on this basis2 4t cannot happen as long as most of the church world is under bondage and control of Judaism as it is today! The time is late the situation seems hopeless at times but so was the situation in C$$J when !atric- Henry spea-ing before the 3irginia 'on*ention in an attempt to rally his people to the cause of freedom shouted for all the world to hear (They tell us sirs that we are wea- unable to cope with some formidable an ad*ersary2 But when shall we be stronger+ Will it be ne#t year+ Will it be when we ha*e been totally disarmed and a British guard is stationed in e*ery house+( This is what the Jews see- in America today2 They are in the forefront of e*ery effort towards gun control and total disarmament2 'hristian AmericaA (How long will you halt between two opinions+( Will you finally belie*e when you see enemy hordes marching through our streets raping our women and destroying our homes and churches+ Today our 'hristian people are asleep2 They are in a dream world where they imagine that bad things will not happen to them2 They see de*astating earth:ua-es in Tur-ey and Greece and say (4t will not happen to us!( They see mass murders by go*ernments in Southeast Asia and Africa and say (That will not happen here! We are born again you -now and Jesus will come bac- and RAPTURE us away before if gets all that bad!( Tal- about being 3r$//( )/ +! $ *'((t o1 *(l1-

r+2't(o)*!(**, those 'hristians are enclosed in a *'ro) $! don6t -now it2 &i-e the fol-s in I*$+$' :8 their church leaders ha*e (made a co*enant with death and with hell are in agreement< when the o*erflowing scourge >disaster? shall pass through >they say? it shall not come nigh usA for we ha*e made lies our refuge and under falsehood ha*e we hid oursel*es2( What does God ha*e to say about this complacent attitude+ The answer is in 0(r*(* 6B $! 68 (Judgment also will 4 >God? lay to the line and righteousness to the plummetA and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies and the waters shall o*erflow the hiding place2 And your co*enant with death shall be disannulled >canceled? and your agreement with hell shall not stand< when the o*erflowing scourge shall pass through then ye shall be trodden down by it2( Still so;called 5or! $2$+! 'hristians who say they belie*e God6s Word will tell you with a straight face (4t will not happen to America because we ha*e too many born again 'hristians here!( How dangerously complacent can we get+ While our preachers indicate that they don6t -now who the Jews are and erroneously call them God6s 'hosen our risen Sa*ior said of them in R(0(l$t+o!* :;7 - "...4 -now the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not but are of the synagogue >meeting place? of Satan2( He will ta-e care of them in His own good time as indicated in L)&( 67;:B, and in His P$r$5l( o1 t'( So3(r in M$tt'(3 6<;<=. He indicated here that if we attempt to uproot them before their time it will harm the wheat2 Will it ta-e God6s destruction of His enemies to wa-en our 'hristians or will it ta-e disaster to befall them+ Are you willing to ha*e your family li*e under the rulership of 4nternational Jewry now that you -now the truth about them+ 4n the face of sla*ery and *ery possibly death2 WHAT WILL YOUR ANSWER BE> The day of decision is fast approaching when Satan6s Hids will ma-e an all out effort to control the 'hristian world2 Their time schedule calls for it to happen in the year EFFF2 4t may be necessary for us to ta-e stern measures in order to stop this anti;'hrist scourge2 0or whether you want to admit it or not we are in e#treme danger as a free people2 Soon this war will end2 With promises li-e Ro4$!* 8;:8D : T+4ot'y 6;BD and L)&( :6;:8, we ha*e nothing to fear22 0or no matter how hea*y the odds against us may be we will be VICTORIOUS, 3'(! 3( l($r! to 5( o5( +(!t. Are you going to be on the winning side+ "r will you be one of the church rebels who refuses to belie*e God6s Word and will not ma-e into His -ingdom no matter how solid your church membership may be+ !lease ne*er say you weren6t warned!

C'oo*( yo) t'+* $y 3'o4 yo) 3+ll *(r0(.