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UNIT 1 Language Spot

Im writing to say thank you for the birthday car, and tell you how I get on. The course is hard work, but I enjoy it so far. We usually have classes every morning, but this week Im working in Geriatrics all day. Its interesting, although of course I want to work as a scrub nurse. On the geriatric ward Im making beds and checking patients blood pressure and temperature. I learn a lot, and the experience is very useful. I go out most Saturday nights, but stay in and study on other days. Tomorrow Im going to a restaurant for my birthday! Im making a lot of friends, but I wish you were here too. Write to me!

1. What is the NHS? The four publicly funded healthcare systems in the countries of the United Kingdom, and the overall system. 2. What is the starting salary for a qualified nurse in UK? You will enter as "band 5" as a newly qualified nurse, which a starting salary of over 21,000 per year. However if you were to take a job in inner London it will be higher. 3. How much annual leave does a grade B nurse get? 4. How many hours a week does a nurse work? Despite much speculation and apparent scare mongering we can confirm the 37.5 hour week will not result in any reduction in the annual leave entitlement for nurses. Depends on your schedule and if you work part or full time. Many nurses work 12 hour shifts and therefore only need to work 3 days per week. Very few nurses work full-time, 40 hours per week, because salaries are decent and most hospitals give you benefits at part time status. 5. What English language exam do you need to pass to work in the UK? You must complete the academic version of the IELTS test and achieve: At least 7.0 in the listening and reading section.1. At least 7.0 in the writing and speaking sections. An overall average score of 7 (out of a possible 9) 6. What grades can a staff nurse be? D Grade for newly qualified staff registered Nurses. 7. What is the salary range for a staff nurse in the UK? Staff Nurses (permanent) Salary range 22,348 - 26,812 8. Search the word nursing at the bookstore What is the first book that comes up? The first book that comes up is The Basics 2013 by Kaplan Nursing Test Prep (1 May 2013).

UNIT 2 Writing
Dear Mr Keane Here are the directions you asked for from the railway station to the City Hospital Renal Unit. Leave the railway station at the main entrance. Turn left and walk along Station Street for about 100 metres. Go through the road to the number 45 bus stop. Take the bus to the hospital. Get off the bus opposite the hospital. Walk along Byron Avenue and take the turn left. The door to Renal Unit is on your right. The Renal Unit is next to the hospital research library. Regards Alicia Marcos