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meets at the Farm Centre, 420 University Ave.

Charlottetown, PE Sunday mornings 10:00 am - 12:00 PM


Real Light



By Anne Lamott
This Sunday I was such a mess that I felt I couldnt even go to church. What a buzzkill I would be. Physically and emotionally, after 14 days on the road, and a wrenching disagreement with a friend, I was crying a little, selfrighteous,victimized, and isolated.You know the drill.

just showing up. I was enveloped by the love energy of the 30 or so people who are at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church. I sang, danced, listened, and could breathe again. I got my sense of humor back. I got my joice back, as Veronica put it once. I rejoiced.

Serving this Sunday

WORSHIP TEAM Tom Zawacki SPEAKER Tom Zawacki CHILDRENS & TODDLER MINISTRY Age 4 through Gr. 1 Shelagh Campbell & Natalie Simmons Grades 2-6 Laurie MacPhee Toddlers Elizabeth & Bethany Worship leader Errol Campbell CLEAN UP TEAM A John & Lori MacDonald, Blair & Chantale MacEwen, Tom & Jill Shultz, John & Jennifer Cudmore, John and Linda MacFarlane

The sermon was about how some I thought I should get it together. Im an denominations are waiting for the Apocalypse, while plenty of people in elder, and teacher. But with what? our church, our families and our lives My screwy mind and duct tape? are experiencing one, financially, or medically, in their kids lives, and their Then, in my car, I remembered friends. She turned the great Leonard something that my pastor Veronica Cohen words--that cracks are how the said, that you think you need to get it light gets in--upside down, and said that together before you come to God and cracks are how the light thats inside us community, but actually, you may not gets out, so people who are suffering be ABLE to get it together until you can see it, and know that the light is come to God and community. real. So I showed up. Like Woody Allen said before I turned on him, 80% of life is

Charlottetown Community Church

Part of the Vineyard Network in Canada P.O. Box 1081 Charlottetown, PE C1A 7M4 Pastor Tom Zawacki (902) 892-5001


Church Groups
There is lots going on, be free, go where the life is, family first. THE SHACK BOOK CLUB - Wednesday 7:00 PM Will be held at Tom & Nadine Zawackis home. Will be discussing Chapters 11 & 12 on Nov. 27. SMALL GROUP - QUESTIONS Thursday 7:00 P.M. Held at Megan Cunninghams home. For info, please ask Megan or Lisa Taylor. MOMS N TOTS Wednesday Mornings 10:00 A.M. Contact Trevena MacLeod for location.

Upcoming Changes
The prayer list will be refreshed at the beginning of each month. All existing requests will be removed. If you would like your request returned to the list or new requests added, please indicate on the Facebook page, or contact Tom Zawacki.


We are making a change in how we do communion. We will be changing it from weekly to monthly; first Sunday of the month. We are looking for volunteers to offer a meditation and lead us through that part of the service. Please see Tom if interested to be added to a schedule.


Church News
Church website is now updated with all activities. If you would like to get something in the newsletter (prayer request, announcement, etc.), please email it to by Wednesday of each week.

FREE CLOTHING GIVE-AWAY Friday, November 22: 5:00 PM 8:00 (Bring Clothes) Saturday, November 23: 9:00 AM 12:00 PM (Give Clothes Away) Gently Used Fall andWinter Clothing Only See Lindsey Perry for More Information CHURCH FINANCES Four Week Average: $1,690.36 Four Week Average Needed: $2,000.00 Lets keep praying for God to supply all we need!

We are looking for people willing to take up the offering and make weekly announcements. Please contact Tom if interested to be added to a schedule.

Prayer Requests
JoAnna Sudsbury & Family Support & comfort after losing home and a pet to a house fire. Mike Wilkins, Pastor of West London Alliance Church in London, ON Healing from cancer, comfort & encouragement. the family of Lennon Waterman Support and encouragement for the family during this time of loss. all those affected by the tragedy in the Philippines Safety, aid and recovery for those affected by the hurricane. Shirley Doucette Healing from small-cell carcinoma of the lung, comfort & encouragement, financial support. the family of Joy Mill (Faye Carters niece) Comfort and strength through their time of loss. Joy passed away at the age of 36 after being diagnosed with melanoma.

Get Involved!
OUR ELDERS TEAM The elders are: Wayne & Natalie Simmons, Errol & Shelagh Campbell, Greg & Debbie MacKinnon, Garfield & Brenda MacDonald and Tom & Nadine Zawacki.
Please feel free to contact us anytime with your thoughts, questions or ideas.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Positions we are often looking to have help with are: MEDIA,

With praise and thanksgiving

FACEBOOK Joining the Charlottetown Community Church Facebook group is the fastest way to get up to the minute news, prayer requests and get in on discussions. Check it out today!

we would like to share that Esther's last test came back negative and with that she is finished with her treatments. We thank you all for your support and prayers during this time. Bram & Willy