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Focused risk solutions for your business

Oval Risk Services

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Specialist commercial risk planning services for business

Risk in business is a given; insurance against that risk offers some protection. But its how well you understand the risks you face and how to mitigate them that makes the difference. Thats why its good to know you can rely on a specialist planning partner able to optimise those risks in a way that helps improve business performance, saves you money and protects your reputation.
99% of all UK businesses employ 249 people or less1. In 2011, business insurance premiums for the engine room of UK plc rose by 7.1%, making it the third fastest rising overhead after transport and energy costs2. Insurers paid out 15.6 million a day for commercial vehicle claims, business property damage plus business liability, professional indemnity and public injuries on commercial premises3. Thats nearly 6 billion worth of commercial interruptions a year across a wide range of severity in these categories alone. It begs the question: how much time, hassle and money could your business save through a superior understanding, mitigation and control of the risks you face? No organisation wants to fall foul of regulators, or lose the condence of its customers or people especially when the consequences of an incident can mean damage to sales, loss of trading ability or even imprisonment. A wellplanned and alert risk management strategy claries the varied risks you face and how they translate into clear and present threats to your business. Anticipating these threats is your key to best practice, a healthier bottom line and an enhanced commercial reputation. While you have to deal with risk in your business, risk identication, proling, audit, analysis and mitigation is our business. Part of Oval Insurance Broking, Oval Risk Services provides risk mitigation planning specialists to help you manage the risks you face innovatively, cost effectively and with a careful eye on your bottom line. With on-tap expertise from highly qualied and trusted specialists, we take the time to understand what makes your business tick and how we can go further to offset the risks you face. We link strategic thinking to your insurance arrangements, ensuring the risk management steps you take are clearly understood and appreciated by your insurers. Value and high performance, plus a core focus on service and relationship development underpin all that we do from full consultancy to self-service online tools. We deliver proactive risk management programmes that t every contour of your business, while anticipating emerging risks ensuring you can deploy the right cover for any given eventuality.
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Welcome to Oval Risk Services: risk planning and advice that strengthens your business
Spanning a wide spectrum of commercial applications, well help you quantify risk and mitigate losses using the following advisory and planning services:

Auditing, gap and compliance analysis/ consultancy

Bespoke planning

Training Loss control advice Training

Online and self-service risk tools

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, 2011 Business Cost Index, Centre for Economic and Business Research, 2011 Association of British Insurers (ABI) Key Facts Report, 2011

Intelligent risk management strategies contoured around your needs

Youll nd all the risk analysis and management services you need to help build your business for the future. Our approach is geared around a strong service ethic and focused on the risk advisory values you demand.  A safe pair of hands: a partner you can trust, backed by experience, commitment and a proven track record  Innovation that drives value for money: well help lower your risk prole sustainably for the long term  Partnership approach: a total commitment to understanding your business mean we can ll the risk gaps other strategies may leave behind  Your bottom line in mind: our lean business model keeps our structure at and overheads down. This lets us deliver more expertise for less face-to-face or using advanced, cost-effective online tools  Nationwide capability: part of a leading independent, national insurance broking business, were always able to deliver a local service wherever you are, whatever you do

hidden costs of claims, well help you reduce your risk exposure to enhance efciency and lower costs  Business Continuity Management: whether its re, fraud, natural disaster, intellectual property or supply chain protection, well help you deploy a business continuity plan that ensures your business is robustly protected against the external risks that threaten your stability and ability to recover  Human Resources Risk Management: the ever widening of employment and discrimination law, plus increasing employee awareness of their rights, means that employers of all sizes face the increasing risk of employee litigation. We can help with HR advice, policies and services, so you can employ staff knowing you have the right processes and support in place, allowing you to concentrate on your business

Insight. Service. Performance.

Oval Risk Services, is a leading UK risk advisory business. We are respected partners and advisors for a wide range of industry stakeholders and associations and we help to drive best practice and innovation. Above all, we employ quality people able to offer the authoritative advice and who blend the creative, technical and listening skills essential to delivering the exceptional levels of intellectual innovation you demand. Importantly, we keep workloads manageable so our people have the time and scope to listen, understand and deliver the insight and high service standards you expect.

Let us take the risk management strain

We have the practical and intellectual expertise that has made us the risk planning partner of choice for some of the UKs best and brightest rms. We can assist across the following areas from our in-house team, or with carefully selected partners:  Property Risk Management: recongure risk, with services ranging from property surveys and electrical inspections, to water leak testing and insurance valuations  Health, Safety & Environment: we believe Health & Safety should support your business, not stie it. From simple phone-based advice to specic consultancy and training, services range from Health & Safety planning, auditing and risk assessments, to specialist Legionella testing, noise testing, air sampling and asbestos surveys. We can also provide training courses and certication for your staff, accredited by the likes of IOSH (Institute of Safety and Health) and UKATA (United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association) to help you develop your in-house skills. We can help you set up environmental management systems and provide auditing and training  Fleet Risk Management: from regulation and operational practicalities, such as licence checks and driver training, including Driver CPC (Driver Certicate of Professional Competence) training, to day-to-day overheads and the

About Oval Risk Services

Oval Risk Services is a division of Oval Insurance Broking and is a leading UK risk advisory business. The strength of Oval Risk Services lies in designing bespoke, dynamic and keenly competitive risk solutions that t your needs exactly. Our skilled specialists take the time to understand those needs, simplifying risk to deliver a consistently innovative, high standard and high performance service that adds value, capability, agility and competitive edge to your business. For more information, visit us at

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Insight. Service. Performance.