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Published on Jun 3, 2013 This is the email referenced in the video in its entirety.

Hi Kristina, Hope this finds you doing well, and your work on ESC moving along. I have some concerns that I had hoped to avoid bringing up, as we both have a gr eat deal of important business on our plates already. Unfortunately, those conce rns are starting to add stress and other demands on my time so I need to find so me sort of solution. As you know, I don't make it my business to insert myself into the business of o thers. At least I try to maintain good boundaries as much as possible. Recently, though, your public conflicts with others have time and time again found their way into my daily routine and into the public image of AVFM. So, I need to addre ss this with you. I find your provocation of the MGTOW community, as well as people of differing p olitical views than yours, to be divisive and diminishing of AVFM's relationship with its followers. As a part of my screening for the site, I find it necessary to reject material t hat is pointlessly divisive. One example of that is that I have several times re turned material to JTO that I found was gratuitously attacking people who follow a religious path. I do this, as an atheist and free thinker, because I know tha t there are people of faith that are genuinely concerned with the issues of men and boys and who support AVFM. I do not find it necessary to endorse their belie fs, but I also don't find it pragmatic to insult them without provocation. In the same light, I think you will recall coming to me with your concerns about the appearance of official endorsement of "First Principles" and my reaction to that, which was to agree with your logic. Even though I agree with those princi ples, a public endorsement would be divisive among people who follow the site wi th an interest in men's advocacy. Now, I know in this case I am referring to material that would have appeared on the pages of AVFM. That is not the case with the material that I am making conta ct with you about now, which makes this trickier and more uncomfortable for me. The bottom line is that as I look at your online exchanges with the MGTOW commun ity and with people who subscribe to Libertarian politics, I find that your divi sive conduct with them is contrary to the interests of AVFM. In short, it's hurt ing us. I don't understand your motives, nor do I suppose that they are any of my busine ss. But the things that impact my work and the image of AVFM are my business, an d we have reached that point now. I don't think I have any other rational choice other than to sever any official relationship we have, as your continued presence on the site as a senior editor now has a deleterious effect rather than the enhancement to AVFM that it should. To be clear, I disagree vehemently with your position on MGTOWs and on Libertari an politics, but it is not my agreement or disagreement with you that forms my d ecision on this. It is my concern over pointless ideological divisions in an alr eady stressed community.

I wish you the best of luck, especially in your work with the Earl Silverman Cen ter, and I hope you consider me at your disposal to that end. However, as of thi s message I am removing your presence from the masthead of the site and will pre pare a public statement to this effect. Best wishes, Paul