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Book Arts Workshop for Atlanta Book Arts Collective Jerushia Graham 2012 www.artbyjerushia.


How To Make A Portable Piercing Craddle with Slip Case

(Based on a Hedi Kyle design)

You Will Need: Boxcutter Metal Ruler with cork bottom Cutting Mat Bone Folder Polyvinyl Adhesive (PVA) Glue Brush *Note: PVA & Glue Brush are not necessary if using a self-adhesive book cloth

For Piercing Cradle: 8x10 book board (1) 5x4 book board (4) 2x21 strip of book cloth (1) Heavy Duty Awl, Spring Punch, or Hand-Drill For Slip Case: 8x10 tag board (2) 2x20 strip of book cloth (1) 0.5x4.0625 strip of tag board (2) 0.5x10.0625 strip of tag board (1) U-shaped Chisel / Notch Cutter

CREATING THE PIERCING CRADLE Body of the Cradle 1. On your 8x10 book board, measure in 1.5 from the edge of the long side and draw a line down the full length of the board. Do this for both long sides. 2. Mark the center of the board down its full length. This should be 4 in from the outside edge. 3. Measure in 0.75 from the edges of the short side of the 8x10 board and draw a line across the width of the board. Do this for both short sides. Then mark a board thickness in from these lines. DO NOT draw this line all the way across the width, keep this line between the 1.5 marks. 4. Once the board has been marked, drill holes in the corners of the slits outlined on your board. 5. Cut the 8x10 book board in half down the center line running the length of the board. 6. Now adhere the two 4x10pieces of book board back together using the PVA and the 2x21 strip of book cloth. Mark the center of the book cloth on the backside (the paper side). **Be sure to leave a board width space between the two pieces of book board to enable easy folding and punching. (The boards should lie flat when folded in half)** 7. Use a box cutter to cut through the cloth & boards along the lines marking the board thickness on the short ends of the boards. This will create two slits that are 5 by a board thickness. They should be 0.75 in from the short sides of the book board and 1.5 from the long side of the board. The openings serve as the slits for the legs of the cradle.

Book Arts Workshop for Atlanta Book Arts Collective Jerushia Graham 2012 Legs of the Cradle Mark and cut two of the 5x4 boards as outlined below: 8. Measure in 1 from the short edge and draw a line down the 4 length of the board. 9. Mark the center of the board by measuring in 2 from the long side of the board and drawing a line across its 5 width. Mark the center point of this line 2.5 from the edge with a dot or dash. 10. Draw a V whose lines start at the top edge at the 1 line and angle down to the center mark on the 5 line. Cut this V using a ruler and box cutter. 11. Mount each of the 5x4 V-cut pieces to the uncut 5x4 pieces of book board with PVA and set aside to dry. This completes the legs of the piercing cradle.

CREATING THE SLIP CASE 12. Create the strip of book cloth that will eventually be the sides and spine of the slip case. Adhere the tag board strips so that they are centered on the 2x20 book cloth. They should be ordered with a 10strip positioned between the 4 strips of tag board. Each of the 4 strips of tag board will be roughly 1 away from the short edge of the book cloth. ** Leave a tag board width between each of the strips to enable the book cloth to fold easily** 13. Snip the book cloth in a V-shape pointing to the spaces between the 4 strips and the 10 strip. This will keep the cloth from bulging when the strip is folded at a right angle 14. Fold the edges of the book cloth over the tag board and sharpen the folds with a bone folder. Set aside. 15. Fold each of the 8x10 sheets of tag board in half, length-wise, so that they measure 4x10 when folded. 16. Use a U-shaped chisel to cut a notch centered ON THE FOLDED EDGE. (The folded edges will be positioned at the front, open edge of the slip case) 17. Open the folded tag board sheet and glue the book cloth tabs so the right side of the strip is sandwich between one piece of the folded tag board and the left side of the book cloth strip is sandwich between the other piece of folded tag board. This completes the slip case.